Catfish: The TV Show

Nev and his co-hosts -- from Max to Kamie to celebrity guests -- help people in dubious online relationships track down their baes IRL so they can sort out what's fact and what's fiction.





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  • Leo Vladimirov
    Who is on the other side of the screen?
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    For the first time I learned about this show from a promo on the British MTV. Yaniv Shulman got the idea to shoot the reality of relations at a distance, after the release of the screens of their collaboration with his brother - the documentary 'How I was friends on a social network'. With the recent launch of the original MTV Russia, channel projects broadcast in other countries have migrated to our updated channel, including Catfish.

    Each series begins with the fact that Niv and his friend Max read letters from people who doubt their “virtual” soul mate and rush to the rescue. Like Sherlock and Watson, with the help of Google and ingenuity, they check a suspicious social media page for lice and try to get in touch with a potential fraudster. As a result, 2 people separated by megabytes of traffic are met live, but the meeting does not always satisfy both partners.

    To me, as a person who had experience of such relationships in adolescence, the project is very interesting. It makes you think about the nature of feelings, which drives people crazy, because we can fall in love even with a picture.

    7 out of 10

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