Chicago Fire

An edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America's noblest professions. For the firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51, no occupation is more stressful or dangerous, yet so rewarding and exhilarating. These courageous men and women are among the elite who forge headfirst into danger when everyone else is running the other way and whose actions make the difference between life and death.





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  • Victoria Bouvier
    Ignition of medium power
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    Unlike the police and doctors who are the heroes of the series almost from the day the genre was founded, firefighters are almost forgotten by television people - for all the years of the existence of television, there are not a dozen series dedicated to them in while the rest of the heroic professions boast hundreds. The first serious attempt to illuminate the professional life of fire fighters was made by comedian Denis Leary, whose brother died at this job, in his 'Save Me', but it turned out that he was more likely to talk about personal and sexual life than to explore this undeveloped topic. The Chicago Firefighters make an interesting attempt to understand the features of the firefighter profession, devoting a lot of time to working moments and drama, both professional and personal. Another thing is that the air channels that are still riveting old-fashioned series, with all their minuses, platitudes and absurdities, are not the best place for such an attempt. And even though NBC once managed to create a project that was equal in strength and value to the products of cable channels when they showed 'The Slaughter Department', which became the progenitor of the genre of police drama in the form in which we now know it, the second time a miracle did not happen. < br>
    'Save me', 'CSI', 'Trauma', 'Shield' - these are just a short list of 'professional' TV series that began with death when a colleague of the main characters performed, and only half of them this death methodically went through all the shows, thereby proving its importance and expediency for the idea. The creators of the Chicago Firefighters decided not to be smart for a long time and squeeze the same topic into the first series, which instantly depreciates it, creating the feeling that in addition to this and the outline of romantic lines that will open later, the authors simply have nothing to say.What they chose as a start is an important issue that makes sense when talking about representatives of dangerous professions, but too often they use it simply because they don’t know how to make the first episode vivid and memorable. There is a lot of borrowing feeling in Chicago Firefighters - the lesbian Shay is the female version of one of the heroes of Trauma, with whom she is even the same profession, her partner is the Latin American version of the heroine Anastasia Griffith from the same Trauma, again with the same a profession, and the killer parent was already with Officer John Cooper in 'Southland,' and there it was of much greater value. Stereotypes are also used for many other moments of the show, which is not always so bad, because sometimes they reflect the actual situation in America, but this does not give a feeling of freshness, which is very important for the modern 'professional' drama, to distinguish it from a series of monotonous procedures .

    However, after several episodes, the series begins to level off, captures several interesting topics and reveals them with dignity. If in the first episodes the project focuses exclusively on the problems of the glossy casting of the young Chicago Firefighters guard, then he recalls other heroes who are more like real fighters with fire, and not just guys who left the catwalk or an advertisement for fashionable clothes yesterday . For example, the authors talk about how the modern American judicial system, which not only allows and encourages the constant filing of lawsuits against departments, can be adversely affected by saviors, but also makes this case extremely financially profitable. True, this inspirational breakthrough is not enough for a long time, and the problems that have been identified in the first series begin to remind themselves again, adding more and more new ones to their company with each episode.The creators of the project also don’t particularly talk about some characteristic features of fire work - the only new thing you will learn is that they go out not only to extinguish the fire itself, but this is a well-known fact. While in strong medical and police dramas, work moments are used to clearly talk about the chosen topic, in Chicago Firefighters they are mostly just present as a background to fill the space. Here we can again return to the comparison with 'Trauma', in which the creators simply set as their goal to show the most original catastrophe and miraculous salvation. And when it’s still mixed with a clean, undiluted melodrama, it turns out that the drama, which sometimes the creators of the series manage to grab well, is not so important.

    In one of the interviews, the creator of the series was asked why there are so few television shows dedicated to firefighters, to which he replied that it was because they came and went, not following the people who called them. But the series shows an understanding of this fact only in words, but in fact it turns out that the American firefighters continue to communicate with their fire victims almost every single day, saving them not only when it is in their competence. What follows from one of the main problems of the Chicago Firefighters is the excessive heroism that is so characteristic of live TV shows about representatives of different professions. For them, there is only black and white, as well as a strong belief that if the characters do not broadcast every episode about the importance of saving lives, the viewer simply will not watch it.The study of all shades of gray is much more interesting - we will be honest, always assembled, and always ready to sacrifice themselves, firefighters can only be found on advertisements urging young people to join these guys smiling at the camera, but in real life there is everything - doubts, mistakes, bad moods. The authors of the series use this, but they do it in such a way that at the end of each episode the hero understands that he was wrong and very pathetically acknowledged his new-found heroism and composure. As a result, amateurs to look at cops always investigating cases and doctors always always correctly diagnosing got fire heroes for themselves, and lovers of serious 'professional' drama were left with nothing on the ruins of a good idea.

  • amilucky
    When finally everyone will calm down
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    I watch the fourth season of the series. And I think - well, when, finally, Chicago will burn out in the fire - so many fires per square meter of a quarter - this, perhaps, looks like domestic terrorism. Otherwise, there would be nothing to show.

    In general, the series is not bad. A huge plus is that they show the ordinary life of ordinary people who, like us, have doubts, financial difficulties, clashes with snobbery and bureaucracy. Because the idealized life of wealthy majors and careerists is already becoming nauseous.

    I really like the character of Metta Casey - a real man, moderately soft, moderately purposeful. All seasons sincerely empathize with him.

    The first two seasons were very worried about his relationship with Gabriella Dawson. But by the end of the fourth, I sincerely wish them to part. Matt doesn't need that kind of girlfriend.

    Gabriella Dawson - at first glance very kind, positive, responsive. But delving into the essence of her actions, you understand that this is a tank that will pass through the tracks of its egoism over any obstacles and will not look back. As she got into the head, she will do it, reckoning with the feelings of anyone, but not Matt. She loves to be positive towards the audience, her zeal for the right actions looks like an unhealthy fanaticism.

    Absolutely not suitable for Matt. It remains only to wait until he ceases to stand on ceremony with her and allows her to leave - which she has repeatedly done for any reason that you won’t pull on your ears in real life.

    Take at least the last - the adoption of the child of a drug addict, with whom she spent just half an hour, and now she already feels obligated to become his mother, having removed Metta. After all, he does not have enough time ... And who pushed him into politics? She shoved it herself. Now I'm ready to jump and do everything SAMA. Then piss off.

  • ShelestLera
    The series is about the present.
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    This series was advised by a friend to watch, I could not get ready to turn on the first series for a long time, I thought that this was a little remarkable series, without sharp turns ... I got used to the series The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, wherever series, so straight trouble, suffering, someone dies every time. I was wrong. The series was captured immediately, you watch without stopping, you worry about each hero!

    The fire brigade of one of the Chicago districts is a standard of masculinity, forces ready to risk themselves, if only to save their neighbor, stand up for their honor, for the honor of colleagues, units! There are no good or bad ones, everyone has their own fate, with their skeletons in the closet, and difficulties in their characters. They can swear among themselves, but they are always together, ready to support each other and help in any situation. A great team, managed by a fair, demanding, but ready for anything for the well-being of his part and its people, boss!

    In the Series there is a place of joy, happiness, laughter, but also tears and grief ... there are very touching moments when it is simply impossible to restrain oneself so as not to cry! Life series, which distinguishes it from many others. Just life, just people. Firemen and rescuers together go hand in hand to save the lives of the inhabitants of their city, they go, knowing that they may not return, but they don’t know another life, they chose this path! And these are the true heroes of our time! Of course, it happens that the saved one dies, they need to survive it, it's hard, but that’s their job, their calling. You look and have no idea how they deal with this ...

    Separately, I want to say about the actors, an amazing game, without exception! Alive, real, amazing! I watch season 5 with pleasure!

    I advise you to watch, take a break from vampires, werewolves, the inexplicable, superhumans saving 10 times in the 12th season the world from Satan and darkness! Pay attention to ordinary life, with human problems, where there is something to think about, something to learn. You won’t regret it.

    'Never doubt anyone's kindness.'

    10 out of 10

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