Murdoch Mysteries

A Victorian-era Toronto detective uses then-cutting edge forensic techniques to solve crimes, with the assistance of a female coroner who is also struggling for recognition in the face of tradition, based on the books by Maureen Jennings.





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    Drama, Mystery

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  • Pepilotta
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    Someone said that all human interests can be described as follows:
    -on himself, beloved
    to bust
    - tickle nerves.

    And the cinematic tastes of the human viewer fully correspond to this classification ...

    From my point of view, detective series are out of love for themselves. We like to feel smarter, more perspicacious than the heroes, like when they know how to surprise us, like when we, deceived together with the whole world, put together the puzzle a second before the whole world ... The detective genre is 100% cinematic. And I, a typical viewer, love detective series. Crammed with scientific and technological progress (between us, usually pseudo-scientific and technical), classic, ironic, fantastic and stylized ...

    Here is one of the stylizations in question.

    “Filmed by Maureen Jennings novels” (in quotation marks because I didn’t read it), the series tells about the unusual everyday life of an unusual Toronto police detective of the late nineteenth century.

    Stumbled upon a review,

    that this creation is for the unassuming and unenlightened,

    that the set of plots is standard, like a set lunch: Jack the Ripper, a villain-scientist, a holy pervert, amnesia and a split personality, murder in an enclosed room, separated twins, senior pedophiles and sodomites, swapping babies, frozen corpses, boxing fights, fugitive criminals , backstage theater intrigues, dogfights, palace secrets, mediums, changing clothes, closed clubs, the Masonic lodge, Chinatown, circus tent, werewolves (with fangs and uniforms), illegal medical operations, robbery Nia banks stash of gold stolen paintings by Rembrandt, spies, conspiracies, and even terrorists (well, as much without them),

    that all 'deductive' solutions are drained from the finger,

    that along the way, all modern forensics techniques are easily 'invented' ...

    And it's true.

    But for the indigenous inhabitants of the 1/6 part of the land, where the two main criminal plots are drunk and on household soil (or both together), detective series are almost intellectual food, and such a vintage as Poirot, Agatha Christie or here 'Murdoch' is a completely elegant aesthetic ...

    You can, of course, give preference to action. Of course, it is best to investigate a case under a hail of bullets, in beds with enemies, when the whole family is held hostage ... But it's great to imagine that a person who is progressively ahead of his environment can try his guesses and someone’s scientific achievements with the most reliable way - revealing crimes ...

    Anyway, when even the villains are totally gentlemen, and in the allies Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Harry Houdini and others - prototypes of a lie detector, rifle with an optical sight, night vision device, etc., compiling a photobot from puzzles , a telegraph novel (I almost wrote on the Internet), not to mention fingerprints, chemical analysis of tissues, the beginnings of trasology, ballistics and toxicology do not look alien and far-fetched. The authors managed to resist the attempts of excessive credibility, managed not to slide into a frank banter, leaving a subtle irony: tasting absinthe ('the green fairy didn’t appear ...'), anaphylactic shock due to 'hypersensitivity to food' and an excellent sedative ('heroin is a wonderful medicine , just knocked her off her feet)) ...

    Separately, I want to note that the Canadian serial production manages to make thin, devoid of vulgarity and trash products, from the naivety and purity of which we, sophisticated moviegoers and burnt cynics, enjoy sincerely ... For example, in which modern series the viewer will forgive the heroes for such a long prelude to the novel ? And not because the scenery is binding, not to drag out the plot. It’s just somehow quite obvious that they don’t need to rush at all, that in this period of doubt and hidden courtship for the heroes there are more feelings and passions than in any tumultuous novel of a modern type.

    And I definitely like the Canadian constellation of serial actors

    I am not familiar with the other works of Yannick Bisson, but this acting work delighted me.

    In a word, if you have time and mood, you will not regret getting to know detective William Murdoch.

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