Prison Break

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside out.





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    Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama

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    United States

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  • asta
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/9

    Will give you a fantasy! Oh, what I'm skeptical of all the series, but this one is something incredible. I sat down before going to bed, thought I would watch a couple of episodes - and sleep ... in the end I sat hours until 6 in the morning - my eyes were already in a bunch, but there was absolutely no strength to tear myself away.

  • Lilia
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/10

    Cool series! When the first time I saw it was immediately attracted, I talked on the phone and looked at the end without a phone. Then she looked forward to continuing. Original idea, good actors, plausible stories. Impossible to break away and look with pleasure.

  • Yara
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/6

    I watched without stopping until the night, amazing series! Michael Scofield - Super! The word “series” in the meaning of “soap opera” is absolutely not suitable here. This is a full-fledged multi-part film, very high quality made, with excellent actors and a busy twisted plot.

  • Flexer
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/3

    I never liked TV shows. Rejected after watching everything I was recommended. Except for that. Masterpiece. It does not look like a series, but as a single film with all the details and a long duration. Not a single extra scene, even in flashbacks. No serious mistakes or mistakes.

    I appreciate films where qualities such as determination, quick wit, erudition, and decision making are brought to the fore. The acting is great, you can’t even discuss it. Great idea, every step is thought out and clearly implemented. In other words, this is not just a series, it is a project that many will enjoy. I recommend it.

    10 out of 10.

  • Angelofdeath
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/9

    Of course, I watched TV shows and I had the leaders 'Brigade' and 'Two Fates' in the lead. But after watching 'Escape', he undoubtedly took first place.

    The plot is 100% exciting, there are always a couple of options for decoupling. Each role has its own unique character, this series can be watched without interruption, a complete mixture of genres, in this film everything is in moderation. To do something new with a similar plot that transcends this is impossible. This is the best series for many years to come!

  • Froggg
    Very spectacular and exciting series.
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/1

    As for the series itself: planning for an escape cannot remain indifferent, in addition, an investigation into the crime, which was not actually committed, was introduced in parallel. We are given the full view of how dangerous it is to get involved with the government and be involved in politics. Every wrong step can be the last, you need to be very careful and be able to outwit the enemy.
    In addition, the very idea of ​​going to jail in order to organize an escape and save his brother from the death penalty encourages reasoning: will he be able to do this, will he have time? Throughout the series, the viewer may misinterpret the situation. I was convinced by my personal example. Until the last moment, I was sure that my elder brother, Lincoln, would be executed. But no, the series could not have resolved so easily.

    Planning the escape itself is very interesting: the younger brother, Michael, calculated the smallest details; He relied on people who did not initially participate in the escape, as if he knew that they would nevertheless join; I got into situations of which not everyone can get out of power.

    In general, the combination of all of the above makes this series unusual and makes me advise everyone to watch it.

    The actors, in my opinion, are very well chosen. The younger brother is pretty much like a genius, and the older one is like a criminal, but at the same time it is clear that he is innocent.

    I would like to hope that the series does not end up being as confusing and too long as Lost.

    10 out of 10

  • .: Nymph :.
    The series exceeded all my expectations ..
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/10

    If I honestly doubted at the beginning to watch, or not watch 'Prison Break'. It was just thought how you can stretch just one escape into so many episodes. But everything turned out differently. It turned out that in the film everything was grandly planned. Before, I didn’t really like TV shows, for some reason I associated them with Brazilian soap.

    Very pleased with the cast. Especially I no longer hoped to see Wentworth Miller. I remember he once terribly liked me in the series 'Dinotopia'. What is nice is that they fully revealed the stories of the characters. My favorite character was Lincoln Broughs, why I don’t know, I was probably very sorry for him at the beginning. I was also very pleased that they did not make innocence with Sarah.

    In general, I have no words, 'Prison Break' is my favorite series!

  • [Drop dead]
    Was this review helpful for you? 35/4

    After watching this masterpiece, this series can only be called that, my brain was paralyzed, because I now live with it and its heroes ... goes beyond the usual, each episode breaks the stereotypes of those screenwriters who are used to writing for the viewer only what the viewer wants to see. I don’t know which season I liked more than 1 or 2, but I can definitely say that when I watched each series, I was in suspense ...

    It was very disappointing to see when any 'detail' that appeared, and it seemed that just about everything would be revealed, died or she was simply not allowed to get out. But for this, we can only say thank you, although I still do not agree with several deaths, which, unfortunately, were carried out.

    One of these days I’ll start watching 8 available episodes of 3 seasons, and I half know that one more, in my opinion, unnecessary death will happen. In general, I can only say one thing: this series should be watched by everyone, since such works are rarely done when everything is perfect: directors, script, actors and, most importantly, an atmosphere that perfectly harmonizes with the audience, giving him the opportunity to empathize with heroes so much that begins to live with them ...

    Guys series for 10 points ... Even more ...
    Let's see what will happen next...

  • The fugitive
    I am not alone
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/10

    Having lived a not so long life, and having seen enough of different films and series, I thought that they are all the same in content and different in genres. Although undoubtedly it is, it is forced to disagree with this opinion. It turns out that all films are different and all films have different outcomes. I used to hate watching television series, thinking that boring and boring pastime. An amazing process, called growing up, really changes the alienated early. In the same way, my opinion about television series has changed. I will dwell on one that alone turned over all my concepts and the meaning of life, thereby forcing me to take a fresh look at the world around us. This wonderful film production is called “Prison Break” (“Prison Break”).

    The creator of this masterpiece, although I’m not a critic, but I’m not afraid to call it that way, nevertheless, the creator of this masterpiece did the impossible, bringing to the smallest detail in the series. Too good a movie, that everything else flew out of my head. I began to watch another 1.5 years ago, and over the past, the very plan of escape surfaced in my imagination. After watching just a couple of episodes, I couldn’t even think that it would go so far. Having run through various sources, I found 2 seasons, and began to watch from the first episode. And no one could stop me, even I was not able to look away. I am completely immersed in the world of Prison Break. " For two days I watched these two seasons, and still there is not a single minute in which I would not think about what is happening in the series. And it was hard to realize, and now to wait for the completion of 3 seasons, and to watch not the full season - my principle does not allow.

    Looking at everything that happened, I was imbued with all the main and secondary characters; experienced all the feelings. In general, I felt like a direct participant in this "game." Yes, I felt like in a movie, all the time I was next to my favorite characters. This is a film, and more. An interesting fact - thanks to the series "Prison Break" I began to feel more, much more than a person. I became a fan, and moreover, an ardent fan. I quit smoking, drunken partying ceased to interest me, more and more desire appeared on sports and logical tasks. I have changed radically. Independent of no one and nothing, I walk through life with my head proudly raised and the wind always blows in my back, and the stars show me the way, and the sun and moon illuminate my path.

    I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who participated in the creation of the television series. The cast is selected with the highest accuracy. Despite the fact that most of the actors saw for the first time, they all liked it. It feels like they lived the lives of those heroes who were so realistically portrayed. This I have not seen before, and probably will not see in the future. This can’t be removed better, and much better ...

    P. S.: and the most important thing is that my plan is also brewing ... Thank you for your attention!

  • Silent81
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/20

    This series is very interesting to me from a practical point of view. Probably, until now there was no film in which the escape would be described with so many technical details, taking into account random and unforeseen complications and the struggle of several completely different, complex and unpredictable characters.

    Now, if, God forbid, of course, they put me in prison and I want to escape from it, I will no longer stupidly look at the ceiling or randomly break a wall or arrange a riot or try to hide in boxes taken out of prison. No! With a strange smile on my face, squinting my eyes, I will touch the walls with my fingertips in search of weak spots in the masonry or glance at the ventilation pipe running along the ceiling.

  • Leeloo2525
    About the first two seasons.
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/55

    I can’t say how surprised I am: not a single bad review, but if the series is rated, then this is certainly 10 out of 10! I even came up with the idea that the 25th frame is inserted into the series, inspiring the audience that they like what they see on the screen. One way or another, I decided to watch the first episode and after watching it I was able to refute the words of those who said that “Prison Break” is different from ordinary soap operas: there are more of these moments than in the Brazilian series!

    So, not particularly remembering: the relationship between Lincoln and his son, as he did not recognize his father; Michael's cellmate offers his girlfriend to marry him, and she agrees, but they, like, are so complicated, since he is in prison; My aunt-lawyer Michael is a former girlfriend of either his own or his brother, and it seems like everything is not easy either ... The only cool thing that attracted me in the first episode is the encrypted prison plan.

    In general, this series did not have an obsession without looking up to see what would happen next (fans write about this). But since I needed to see something unobtrusive and not requiring special attention, while I embroider complex embroidery, I began to look further.

    I must admit that the characters there are excellent, with rare exceptions, and the prison is shown just cool, but the plot development spoiled everything. The series is divided into two parts: a prison and what is happening outside in the city, namely, a lawyer with some guy trying to figure out if Lincoln is guilty.

    Of course, I was wondering if Michael would prophesy his move and fulfill the escape plan, but the scenes about the lawyer are just an incredible tyagomotin. Perhaps they broke my spirit: when, due to some nonsense, they carried out the execution (I was just waiting for one of the two: escape or execution), I could not stand it and did not look further, angry at the cheap serial move: to tighten the exciting scene, and then not execute it. Probably two days passed, and the thought did not leave me: “But will the Italian survive with her throat cut, because he was taken away from prison and forgotten? Will the T-Bag get the newcomer Michael ordered not to touch? ', and, in short, watched the rest of the series.

    Maybe the creators wanted to attract two audiences at once, so they combined the interesting with the uninteresting? I can say that partly 'Prison Break' is a masterpiece, and partly such an uninteresting thing that I don’t want to waste my time on it. I'm talking about all this government fuss. From the very beginning, agents looked more like not “serious” things, but a parody of “People in Black” or “Matrix”: everything is so important and secret ...

    When in the first season, Kellerman’s male colleague doubted whether to kill his aunt in the forest, I thought: maybe not everything is so bad, and he will also confront the government, and even Kellerman will persuade, and it will all end in one season? But no matter how. Later in the series there were several more attempts to develop the plot in such a way as to bring everything to an end - several people changed their attitude to the matter and took the side of Scofield, but the scriptwriters seemed to whip for such plot moves, and they continue their endless story, reducing to zero all the good that you managed to write.

    In the first season, I liked only what was going on in the prison, and the disclosure of the Burroughs case from the very beginning seemed to me long, confusing and even boring. In fact, it turned out that the blame has not yet been removed from him, but they introduced new actors (Mahoney, the Chinese and those above them), thus wanting to further develop this plot without giving him a denouement. My opinion: this will continue, and the denouement will come very soon (I won’t be surprised if the third season is far from the last). In general, since the middle of the second season, I basically watched, so to speak, five million dollars and how the fugitives are caught.

    But despite the plot unsightly for me, I repeat that the characters turned out to be great, although I liked only three: T-Bag, Abruzzi and Crazy. As you know, only one survived, and with his survival he put himself even higher in my eyes: no matter what happens, he does not lose his temper (how could anyone survive with such a past!) And knows what to do in the future.

    I really liked T-Bag’s conversation with a psychoanalyst: he said that he felt like a coin on rails, and every day the train passes through it, but doesn’t crush it. In my opinion, this is a very accurate image, and the T-Bag deserves respect at least for the way he settled in his life, while she constantly presents him with some unpleasant surprises. I mean, he does a great job of what he has.

    Speaking of five millions: I personally think that the bag of money so often returned to Bagwell, and he put so much effort into getting it that he deserved it. But, of course, the negative character will never get it.

    At first, Scofield seemed to me who he was shown to be: a wise guy who wants to save an innocent brother from death, and who has everything thought out. But how many times his plans were frustrated, and the escape was on the verge of collapse! Without particularly thinking, I will recall a couple of cases: when a new pipe was welded under the infirmary room; when Michael was put in a punishment cell (everyone else had to figure out how to close up a hole in the security room); when he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital; when he was almost transferred to another prison (then he was just lucky) ...

    Once my faith in his foresight had run out, and I stopped taking him seriously, and then the plot twists and turns ceased to amaze me: I just knew that it would be so. But he had a good idea not to tell Sarah about where and how he received this or that wound: some wounds had nothing to do with it, while others could interfere with the escape, and he immediately prepared a doctor to say nothing about the first, not about the second wounds.

    Sometimes fans discuss the question: would it be better if he did not pull his brother out of prison? Indeed, with his brother and himself, he released six prisoners. Although not everyone was guilty of what they were convicted of, but as a result of the escape there were quite a few victims and many crimes were committed, such as car thefts. On the one hand, Michael could not have expected this, but on the other - he was so smart, he planned absolutely everything, which means he should have known.Consequently, before the start of the execution of his plan in action, he had a choice: to be or not to be, and the essence of such a choice was to not regret his decision and believe that it was right.

    It seems to me that supporters and just fans of Scofield need to believe in what he did right when he saved his brother, even if he sacrificed other people. In his place, I would have done the same, but as a simple spectator, I think that he could better think out everything and get out into the wild only with those people who are really necessary for escape.

    A little bit about the lawyer. In the first series, I reacted to her normally, because everything was new. Then I did not like the soap opera moment: she met with both brothers, decided to defend the youngest in court, and then tried to get to the truth about the older one (and she got to the bottom, which is surprising). If she loves them so much, then why not with anyone else?

    Okay, they would still leave it as it is: well, they remained friends, and that’s all, but no - the brothers’s memories of what they had with Veronika are often inserted into the series and they make the viewer think about it, ask questions like 'Is it possible return it all ',' why nothing happened '. In general, since 'Prison Break' comes with a claim to something new among the series, then it would be necessary to remove at least such moments, or, honestly, another Brazilian series. But I was distracted ...Yes, Veronica’s labors paid off - she found the vice president’s brother alive and healthy, proved Barrows' innocence and even found a couple of proofs (which were then destroyed), but how stubborn and annoying ...

    Maybe I just didn’t like the actress’s game: Veronika got into such a difficult and dangerous business, and she should look at everything optimistically and kind of with hope, and then she doubts, then she suspects nothing at all (and when you have to suspect - nothing doesn’t), it just slows down and plans everything badly ... And when she was killed, I took it as a normal and logical conclusion to her life. By the way, didn’t it seem to me that she was taken out of the house and put in the trunk in not one but two bags?

    I also want to draw attention to the fact that the prison in the series is shown to be too correct, sort of clean, calm. Basically, all the actions are in words: “Heard he stabbed that guy?”, “Look, they again curtained with a sheet”, “If I get caught for cheating - let's say they have a lot of knives in the kitchen ...”

    Basically, there are only conversations, and there are few of them, and all this makes a lasting impression of a calm prison, which is too implausible (even though I like this prison). Prisoners are not so intelligent people to politely shun the newcomer, giving him a normal life. And if he is also curtained with a sheet - then this is just a gift to lonely convicts, he would have been placed somewhere long ago. Of course, there is an option that Scofield has influential friends who defended him, but he did not have them for a long time, he was on his own and could easily become someone’s prey.

    There is another option: Fox River - a prison for intelligent prisoners. That is, all sane criminals of the country are gathered there, with whom you can negotiate, and who are aware of their actions. Of course, everything spoils the behavior of prisoners in the infirmary during the riot, but I am ready to believe the Fox River's intelligence, if everyone else is ready.)) But then the safety of Scofield will be explained.

    I personally give a rating that is different from everyone else. And if in the series there wasn’t all the unloved T-Bag, then “Prison Break” in my eyes would hardly pull on the “five”.

    7 out of 10

  • zviciousz
    Was this review helpful for you? 25/6

    The series is, of course, great. It’s hard to find plot twists like Escape anywhere in other films and TV shows. Even LOST, a series with an excellent plot, cannot be eliminated with Escape. Lost disappointed me already in the 2nd season in which he lost something, which is able to keep the viewer at the screen throughout the viewing. But this did not happen with the Escape.

    Of course, I was even lucky that I watched the first two seasons in a row on REN-TV, and I, like some, were not tormented by the fate of those who escaped immediately after the escape. Now, having watched the first 8 episodes of the 3rd season, he was not at all disappointed in the series. There is not even a hint of access to the circulation, the plot is still unpredictable and magnificent. At the same time, one can see an increase in the quality of camera work and directorial work, which is clearly related to the popularity of the series and the increase in its costs.
    As for the characters, I want to note such a pleasant moment that all the main characters are written out in a high-quality manner and at the same time, all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, they all have something that makes them love them.

    Take at least my beloved Michael Scofield. Yes, he is of course a character with the highest intelligence, almost unpredictable thinking (which only the addict Mahoney could figure out, the 3rd character in my personal rating). Michael is terribly honest, and this is both his strengths and weaknesses. He only went to the rescue of his brother when he found out that he received a ticket to life precisely thanks to him. But at the same time, it was honesty and a desire for justice that brought him to Sona, when he wanted to put Bagvel back into the trap of Mahoney and Company.

    10 out of 10

  • prankster
    Second season
    Was this review helpful for you? 44/3

    As the late Tony Montana said: 'You are worth something in this world if you have eggs and you are true to your word.' The creators of 'Escape' do not hold a word, because initially they promised us to put the whole story in two seasons; but they definitely have eggs: they are not afraid to take risks. Having brilliantly realized the plot worn down to holes in the first season, they took even greater risk in the second, completely changing the concept of the series. From the claustrophobic chambers, the action escaped to freedom, sending their heroes on the run throughout the country.

    Already the first episode shockes the audience with the death of one of the key characters, making it clear that the rules of the game have changed. Now no one is safe from death, which will be proved throughout the season, when the creators will slowly kill both positive and negative characters.

    The roads of the eight convicts parted after escaping from the Fox River. Each of them wants to start all over again, and the five million dollars stolen by Dee Bee Cooper is a great incentive. The thirst for money and the pursuit of their personal interests became the main factors in showing familiar characters from new points of view. In prison, they all had a common goal, now each for itself, which could not but lead to the development of characters from a previously unfamiliar side.

    Ironically, the most memorable heroes of the second season were either new characters or negative heroes who switched from the first season. Of course, the transformation of Michael from a purposeful machine to achieve the desired goal into a person whom conscience begins to torment for aimlessly ruined lives is indicative.But it’s much more interesting to watch Michael’s vis-a-vis FBI agent Alex Mahone. In the first season, Michael did not have an equal rival, but now agent Mahone is often much faster than Michael in solving insoluble problems and various intricacies of plot twists. Alex is a multi-faceted character who is neither positive nor negative. He also hangs on the hook of the mystical "Company." Yes, his goal is to kill Michael and the other fugitives, but he can’t help but worry, and showing this hero from different angles and explaining the reasons for his determination will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Paul Kellerman - became the second character who was able to change the attitude of the audience. Sex is the same somewhat non-negative hero. Yes, his methods are extreme, but he fully believes that his work will serve the good of the country. His hero will undergo a total evolution, torn between his former devotion and the desire for revenge for his employers, in the end to commit an act that no one could have expected when watching the first season.

    The only negative among the characters of the second season will be only William Kim, who came out absolutely uninteresting, one-sided and unforgettable. He is always the same. From him never comes a real threat, which is more than necessary for such a hero. In this regard, Kim's employer, silent and speaking only in specially designated places, is far more ominous and charismatic, he rarely appears on the screen, but from which the element of danger and unlimited power comes from.

    Of course, you can complain about the increased conventions and coincidences, numerous miraculous salvations at the last second, a conspiracy theory inflated to universal proportions, several stretched storylines ... But is it worth it? When the creators managed to make a super-spectacular TV show for the second time, introducing new ambiguous heroes into the story, deepening the relationships of their favorite characters and skillfully transforming the tension of the enclosed space into an extreme pursuit of dynamics, where everyone runs, but how they run!

  • Dr. Frankenstein
    Sometimes circumstances are stronger than ourselves ... (Alexander Mahone)
    Was this review helpful for you? 35/4

    Escape. The main characters are two brothers. One of them is framed Lincoln Burroughs, for the murder of the brother of the vice president. An electric chair shines on him. Upon learning of this, his brother Michael Scofield thinks about this super ingenious plan, draws on his body a tattoo card of the prison in which his brother is sitting. He makes a robbery sits down to his brother. The hardest part left. Escape from there with my brother ...

    The idea is interesting, isn't it? The main thing is to present the idea well and deploy it. The creators of 'Escape' did just that. You get involved in the series from the first series. Almost every episode ends with intrigue. You can watch without stopping. I watched all 3 seasons. In my opinion, the first season is the best. Well, this, in my opinion, is true in all the series. But still the other seasons are only slightly inferior to the first.

    Besides Scofield, I have another favorite character. Alexander Mahone is an FBI agent from season two. A person who is smart as well as Scofield, and their relationship is interesting to watch.

    Prison Break is my favorite television series. This must be seen by everyone who has eyes.

    10 out of 10

  • Trepachella
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/16

    I do not like prison subjects. I don’t know what made me take 3 seasons of this series: good reviews about it, free time or something else ...

    But I realized one important thing: if the film was shot well and interestingly, then even in those topics that are pathologically unpleasant for you, you can find a lot of interesting things.

    1 season. Captures, captivates, falls in love with the main character, arouses sympathy for the secondary "good guys" and righteous anger for the "bad guys". This was the only season when I could not tear myself away from the screen of my laptop - as soon as the next series ended, I included the next. The series is built in such a way that it breaks off always on the most interesting. It’s not even a series - but one long feature film.

    2 season. The 'coups' begin. Bad guys seem to be bad and remain, but for some reason they attract more attention than good ones. It turns out that everyone has their own story. Each of them is human. And you can understand each of you.

    3 season. Disappointment. It turns out that all the writers wanted to say - they said in the first two seasons. Perhaps, of course, in the third season they intentionally made the main character something jelly-like, came up with a completely uninteresting villain, and did not bring any storyline to any end. But the season was somehow passing. Probably, everything was shot before the strike, and the guys no longer wanted to work - that’s something they scribbled faster to take the posters long drawn with love and talent. 'and take a look at brothers by profession.

    Of the heroes, Kellerman was most sympathetic in the second season - charming, charming, damn villainous.

    Bellick is a terribly unpleasant person. I am amazed at the skill of the actor, who for all three seasons was able to play such a bastard. It arouses sympathy. To the actor. And the character is just fantastically disgusting. Vile, nasty, fat, greedy jailer ... brrr ...

  • Isador
    Thoughtful Plan Prevents Project Failure.
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/6

    Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burroughs are two brothers who have never experienced a special love for each other. They had a difficult childhood, in disputes and fights, and after the death of their mother, their father also abandoned them. Each of them would have lived his life if the Company had not intervened in it - the mafia structure that controls entrepreneurs and the government. And now Lincoln is sitting in the prison designed by his brother. And the latter is doing his best to get him out of there. But you can do this only by breaking the law ...

      Season One - Walking Road Overpowered.
      Lincoln Burroughs is accused of killing the brother of the vice president. The punishment for this can be only one - an electric chair. And Lincoln might have come to terms with such a fate. If he was guilty. I didn’t kill him, Michael - he admits to his brother. And Scofield believes him. Moreover, he intends to save his brother from unjust punishment by any means. The impudent and, as it seemed to many, senseless attempted robbery leads Michael to the same prison. Fox River - a place that he invented himself. But you cannot take the drawings with you, and therefore, the necessary drawing is depicted on Michael's body. The plan is ready, now it's up to the small thing to escape. But, as happens in such a situation, a similar goal pursues many more prisoners ...

      Fernando Sucre - what love doesn’t push a person to. Sucre was by no means a rich man.On the contrary, the money he earned was barely enough for food. Can a poor man impress an girl whom he loves? That's why Sucre decides to rob. Further, everything according to the scenario - robbed, got caught and sat down. And Maricruz, his lover, can hardly come to terms with the idea that Fernando is a criminal. To return to his girlfriend, Sucre agrees with Michael to escape. Wanting to pay for his freedom, the unlucky criminal becomes a faithful companion and faithful friend to the brothers for many years.

      John Abruzzi - this type went to jail quite deservedly. The head of the mafia structure, a man with strong ties. He lived well in prison. Only one thought haunted me - by all means put an end to those who betrayed him and surrendered to the authorities. Expecting to take Michael in a fright, Abruzzi miscalculated deeply. And so he changed tactics. You need transport , he told the brothers. - I can get it. There were more and more participants in the escape. But the longer John was in prison, the faster he lost power in freedom.

      Theodore Bagwell is a rapist and a murderer. He is not used to forgiving and does not want to forgive the betrayal of the woman whose fault he got here. However, his mind and quick wits are slightly inferior to Michael. A worthy opponent subsequently becomes an equally worthy enemy. Michael Scofield repeatedly condemned to eternal death. Now Theodore’s goal is revenge!

      Benjamin Franklin is a smuggler. For excessive credulity and unjustified risk thundered into the Fox River. Your father taught you how to drive? - they persuaded him. Yes, and he also taught me to look into the back! - But later, Franklin agreed. What prevented him? Happening? A setup? Be that as it may, his only goal is to return to his wife and daughter. And Michael is his ticket to freedom. Here is the chief Darwin, not Einstein.
      Patoshik - everything is much simpler here. The guy was crazy. He killed his parents, wanting to take revenge on those hard childhood. Father constantly beat the boy. Patoshik's incredible memory forced Michael to make an alliance with him. Making an escape together with everyone - the insane raved only one strange idea - to see Holland.

      Outcast - that's who got stuck, that got stuck on a large scale! The guy was engaged in petty thefts. And one fine and sunny day I decided to steal postage stamps. Rather rare collection. And for this he received a term of five years! Unfortunately, not wanting it, the kid was a very big obstacle in terms. It was because of him that the escape could be covered.

      Charles Westmoreland is one of the few who Michael himself asked for help. Accused of a major robbery, Charles did not seek to escape. He decided to live quietly the rest of his life in prison. But he had a daughter whom he was supposed to see. For she, alas, did not have much to live on. Five million dollars , he told Michael. - Take them, but promise that you will give part of this money to my daughter.
      Brad Bellic is the prison guard. His only goal seems to be to strive to ruin the life of each prisoner as much as possible. And first of all to Michael Scofield. With manic perseverance, Brad tries to break all the brothers' plans. Unfortunately for himself, he himself did not understand that he was just a pawn in this complex game of the Company.

      Sarah Tancredi is a nurse. And at first, for Michael she was just a connecting link in the plan. But love is an insidious thing. Seeking to be with Sarah with all his heart, Scofield almost endangered the escape itself. For he could not endanger the one whom he loved. Once - he promised. - It will all end, and we will disappear forever ...
     Everyone has a goal. There is a chance, and now an opportunity to escape. Michael Scofield's brilliant plan in action. And now everything is decided only by chance. Unexpected obstacles will arise in the way of the fugitives and every wrong word or action can put a fat cross on the whole plan. Prison is like a maze. And not everyone is destined to get out of it. 'Escape' is one of the most interesting and action-packed TV shows of our time.

  • Call Me Ismael
    Just a tip
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/8

    I do not pretend to be original, and writing a lot is not an expert, rather, I am writing this review for myself. About the series that impressed.

    In general, I have a rather skeptical attitude to the series, probably due to the fact that most of the series that are broadcast on our TV are terrible rubbish. Fashion series appeared, Lost, Heroes et., And I only crooked my face. He did not share universal enthusiasm. Entertainment for housewives - I rudely thought. And apparently wrong.

    It so happened that I managed to watch one of the masterpieces of the world cinema 'Escape from the Shawshank' not so long ago. My mistake. But the film impressed me. Even more interested in the topic. Do not think anything of the kind, such “planned” detectives have always always been attracted. And then I came across a series called Escape. Again, I downloaded a couple of episodes and put them in a box. I forgot, in general. And so I decided to deal with the files on the hard drive and found a couple. At first I wanted to simply remove them, but then I decided to look first, but what's the point. And carried away ...

    I will say so, madly carried away. Season 1 looked for a couple of evenings. The escape from the Fox River certainly seemed brilliant to me. I watched at the expense of sleep, walks and other equally useful activities. Damn exciting. Heroes fell in love, remembered. Even the outright bastard Tee Bag is charismatic in his own way.

    Season 2 was also exciting, though at first. The escape was a success, but not quite.The paths of the heroes diverged, but again, all appeared in the way of obstacles. All of this was just as exciting, but sometimes tiring. That drive was gone, the 'planned' detective was gone.

    Season 3 generally depressed me. It would seem that you should promote the storyline to full action, but something went wrong, if I'm not mistaken, the notorious strike is to blame for everything. Well, in general, a terrible tyagomotin was made from a completely fascinating story, accompanied by an absolutely inaudible escape plan and general dullness. I dual serial died ...

    But then season 4 arrived. It would seem that the search for this very Scylla - what could be more banal. But hell, but there was a drive. Planning, danger, picking up a puzzle! And again, waiting for series after series. Anticipation from watching. Enjoyment in time. Good aftertaste after. If the 4th season is not better, then at least at the 1st level. I hope the story will be brought to its logical conclusion, and there will be no crumple.

    Will there be a sequel? I would like to. True, it would be better if it were a continuation at the level of the 4th season, which itself has not yet ended. If it is possible of course. If you continue to suck from your finger and stir up it is not clear what .... Better then let them stop at this stage. But anyway, the series has already remained in my heart.

    10 out of 10

  • SuRRender
    The fourth season is completely optional
    Was this review helpful for you? 56/106

    To say that I like the project called 'Escape' (the language doesn’t dare to call it a once fascinating spectacle by the series) - this means to say nothing. I was literally crazy about the first season, I confess in confidence, I watched it on TV, once a week, late at night, waiting for each episode like manna from heaven. The next two seasons were able to compete with the first in terms of the dynamism of the development of the plot intrigue, especially the third, which looked surprisingly fresh in connection with the Latin American prison flavor. In any case, in the context of the whole history, their appearance was logically justified. And on this it would be appropriate to put a bullet, but ...

    Nine episodes of the fourth season of 'Escape' plunged me into terrible gloom, cruelly disappointed and convincingly proved by their example that there is sure to be some kind of 'genius' who, for the sake of rating, will ruin everything that started so well from the beginning. Not only did the unfortunate inventors of the fourth season in the first episodes exterminated some of the characters who managed to become the main ones, they did not deign to replace them with new types that could detonate somewhat, rock the fading intrigue (the colorful black killer is the only interesting instance, but he did not get enough screen time to fully reveal the created image).

    The plot itself, to put it mildly, is ridiculous and sucked out of the finger, the whole course of the action rests entirely on the hero of Wentworth Miller, even his brutal brother goes into the shadows, only reminding himself occasionally. Theodore Bagwell, having exhausted all of his snake essence over the past three seasons, seems to be a junior student in his futile attempts to once again misrepresent the heroes and the whole world as a character, he looks exhausted and has lost its former grip and aggression.

    The action develops extremely melancholy, stumbles about the complete absence of any healthy and interesting imagination of the scriptwriters who decided to reduce the entire plot intrigue to the banal exploitation of scenario ideas of the third season. The film introduces a new positive character performed by a good actor Michael Rappoport, but he also seems too inert and secondary, very unconvincingly registered, unable to support the dying story dynamics.

    The fourth season unexpectedly began its development surprisingly weakly with a noticeable tendency to simplify the plot models in favor of an elementary operational component. And it is unlikely that the remaining series will be able to correct the misunderstanding already created at the behest of greedy producers. The feeling of disappointment in this regard is simply horrific, the way it happens when you watch a boxer-professional who you have won all sorts of titles won over your old years, enters the ring again and goes to the knockout in the first round after hitting a novice jerk. < br>
    The fourth season - you are still in deep knockdown, and the account is open ...

  • DavidHayter
    Second season
    Was this review helpful for you? 26/4

    Second season , in my opinion, it turned out even better than the first. More scale, more open spaces, more plot twists, more dynamics. When watching the first season, it sometimes seemed to me as if the creators deliberately stretched the shoot so that it would last until the end of the season. There is no such thing in the same season. The action is constantly evolving, events succeed each other at an incredible speed, without giving the viewer a break.

    In addition, the second season gives us several more colorful characters, and killing at the beginning of one of the central characters of the first season immediately sets the viewer to see that there will be no compromise this season - absolutely everything is in danger.

    I am glad that in the second season the scriptwriters do not cease to amaze us with new and new secrets regarding a certain Company. And the relationship between Sarah and Michael Barrows does not stand still, because in the first season it again seemed to me that the creators specially stretched them.

    For me personally, the second season is much better than the first. The creators gained experience, mastered their own tricks and manner of presenting the plot, and now, they have given us what we actually expected from them: a high-quality and dynamic series without compromise. My applause.

    10 out of 10

  • Mexoc
    Season 1
    Was this review helpful for you? 21/7

    'Prison Break' is perhaps my favorite series. Having once caught a glimpse of several episodes, I soon managed to get the whole first season of this creation. So ...

    I think that enough has been said about the plot, therefore I will not retell it. I can only say that the development of two parallel storylines: lawyers and prisoners - was done very well, it turns out a kind of puzzle, which the characters of the film, as well as the audience, are trying to somehow assemble.

    As for the characters, they are played just superbly. Especially in terms of acting, I liked Robert Napper, who played T-Bag - a terrible, but at the same time very smart person. Oddly enough, but it was this character that seemed to me the most memorable and, to some extent, even attracting to itself, because the methods that he uses to get out of various situations and indeed his behavior as a whole cannot but surprise - how Dexter is a villain.

    I liked that throughout the season the action never stopped. In each series, the characters argued, then fought, united, rebelled, and, of course, thought out the escape.

    The escape itself, it seems to me, turned out to be just excellent - it was thought out down to the smallest detail. And the series in which the characters are trying to hide under cover of night is one of the best of the season.

    Bottom line: a great start to a great series. A fascinating story and a very tough narrative addictive and do not allow to come off to the very credits. The question instantly arises: 'What will happen next ??', and the second season will tell us this ...

    10 out of 10

  • mik6875
    Second season
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/6

    The second season, in my opinion, turned out even better than the first. More scale, more open spaces, more plot twists, more dynamics. When watching the first season, it sometimes seemed to me as if the creators deliberately stretched the shoot so that it would last until the end of the season. There is no such thing in the same season. The action is constantly evolving, events succeed each other at an incredible speed, giving the viewer no respite.

    In addition, the second season gives us several more colorful characters, and the murder at the beginning of one of the central characters of the first season immediately sets the viewer to see that there will be no compromise this season - absolutely everything is in danger.

    I am glad that in the second season the scriptwriters do not cease to amaze us with new and new secrets regarding a certain Company. And the relationship between Sarah and Michael Burroughs does not stand still, since in the first season it again seemed to me that the creators specially stretched them.

    For me personally, the second season is much better than the first. The creators gained experience, mastered their own tricks and manner of presenting the plot, and now, they have given us what we actually expected from them: a high-quality and dynamic series without compromise. My applause.

  • Neil McCauley
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/1

    The first season began as a strong gust of wind. Just as powerful and unexpected. It was a wonder for me to see such a dynamic development of the plot, which is confused as the thoughts of a drunk person. Such entertainment and not trivial events. Interest in the series grew with each hour spent at the monitor. I did not want to turn off the computer, even if on the dial, the hour of the night was replaced by three in the morning, then at five in the morning. And in the morning it's time to set sail for study. This series is like a breath of fresh air in the desert. So much it has turned out, new and original, that before him it is not bold to even dream of such a thing.

    The creators perfectly mocked the viewer, tugging at him with constant changes in the situation, unexpected turns of events, creating the effect when the viewer is in a vacuum looking for a fulcrum, but always to no avail.

    Incredibly twisted plot will make envy of the creators envy. They were able to create a multifaceted picture, devoid of ghostly meaning. Managed to make it so that throughout the series, all seasons, the disclosure of characters will continue uninterrupted. They did this with a tactically correct move, a return to memories. That allows you to make a deeper image of a hero. Since the disclosure of images lasts constantly, it is impossible to make one strictly true personal opinion regarding each. Because, for example, I was faced with such a situation that in the end I was sorry for the bandit. In fact, since the series is set, so you can shoot it indefinitely, without coming to an end. The only question is how much imagination is enough.

    The fact that the series is watched in one breath, and for many hours a day this will be confirmed by the fact that the already powerful plot is still filled with intrigue, which causes interest in further actions in the movie. And the series ends up at the most interesting as evil, from which this long string of watched series lasts a day without stopping.

    All four seasons were equally successful. But in the fourth, fatigue begins to overtake. No, not from hours of viewing, but that it was time to come to an end, finally.

  • gibbiz
    The finale is worth the whole episode ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 35/5

    Just watched the last episode ... Damn great ending, just a gorgeous script - it gets cooler than some Oscar-making creations. SHOCK. It’s worth watching the whole series because of the finale alone. It’s been a long time since I felt such a film on myself - I’m talking about emotions. For the series, this is beyond praise.

    Generally speaking, it is sometimes tightened, slightly extended from the finger, there are some inconsistencies, a number of film clips, but this is all the usual thing for long series. Anyway, the script is excellent - it’s worth a lot to rivet the audience to the screen for so long. And you look at the rating curve of the 4th season: first a complete decline, then an explosion, and the final, again, apogee. Summarizing ...

    Escape is a high-quality, professional, finished product that will sit in my head for a long time. I recommend viewing to fans of the genre. Most importantly, remember that when it seems to you at least for a moment that the series is losing, overpower yourself and you will be rewarded!

    9 out of 10

  • La Furia Roja
    Was this review helpful for you? 60/10

    I never would have thought that you can watch the series with such sincere passion and devotion, that you can cry and kill for negative characters, that you can drop everything in order to watch the next series. Such is the power of art, and I bow before it.

    Prison Break I really wanted him to never end ...

    Season 1 is my favorite. When I watch the video for Escape (Kaye Styles, 'Prison Break Anthem'), in which shots from season 1, such nostalgia breaks through, tears ask for themselves.

    Season 2 is a terrific sequel.

    Season 3 - everything is completely new, but interest from this does not fade away.

    Season 4 is the most difficult. And the ending ...

    Unexpected storylines, constant tension, ingenious plans, eternal riddles, shocking discoveries and favorite characters - this is what unites all 4 seasons.

    Now remember all the bright characters.

    Charles Potoshek. I remember well, although I played a little. Tears come when you remember how he wanted to Holland, was friends with the dog, and how Mahone caught up with him on the tower.

    Paul Kellerman. Honestly, he didn’t look like a cruel antihero: Such a nice face, manners. And in the end, he did not disappoint me. An interesting character, should have been held up longer in the series. I liked it.

    Brad Belik - I never would have thought, that is hiding under the guise of a vile overseer. The escape taught me that there is something good in every person. Simple truth, but we often forget it.

    Whistler ... Damn, but I forgot his name. It seems Jason. For some reason he didn’t leave good impressions with me. But there are no bad ones either. I thought he was on Escape for a long time.

    Gretchen Morgan. Say bitch? No, she's just a perfectly trained fighter. And therefore does not cause much anger. On the contrary, there is pity for her, as well as for all antiheroes, because they became so through no fault of their own. It’s especially sad to watch scenes with Gretchen and Emily ...

    Don Self. At first it seemed like a sloop, then when he deceived everyone, it turned out that it was that fruit, she hated it until she found out the reason that motivated them - he was to blame for his wife’s disability and wanted to ensure good for himself and her life ... A sad story.

    T-Bag. It’s not known who is more crazy - Potoshek or Teddy. Bagwell’s difficult fate makes us think of human cruelty. Yes, he is a criminal, but he could not have become so if it were not for the environment in which he grew up. Honestly - I cried when he released the supposedly minister of the church, who turned out to be the enemy ...

    Alex Mahone. How much I hated him when he, chasing the fugitives, unraveled all Scofield's plans - I loved him so much when he still found the way to himself, listened to his heart, although he paid dearly for it.

    Lincoln Burroughs. And I never liked him. I do not know why. And thoughtful thoughts about him do not arise.

    Sara Tancredi So fragile in appearance, but strong in character.

    Michael Scofield. They killed everyone, even Sarah, but not him. In the last series, he smiled as much as he did not smile for all 4 seasons. It was unusual, but touching. And then it really hurts ...

    Fernando Sucre. And here is my favorite character. For almost the entire 4 season I was very indignant when the name of the actor was in the credits, but the hero himself was not.

    Escape also teaches that true friendship is unbreakable. And that is wonderful. It is impossible to forget how Sucre was buried in the ground in Sonya, how he calmly talked with Michael on the phone so as not to betray his friends ... And there are many such moments.

    In general, Escape gave a lot of unforgettable emotions and experiences. Thank you so much for that.

    Many more could be singled out - Al Jay, Abruzzi, Apolskis, Franklin, etc.

    So many heroes, so many different fates, tragic stories - this is life. It may be difficult to meet such a genius as Malek, but the rest are quite realistic. In addition, Michael's genius was explained very convincingly, albeit sadly.

    The perfect movie. There is nothing to complain about, only one question: in my opinion, for all the turmoil, they forgot about an important detail - but at least some of the money of Westmoreland-Dee Bee Cooper went to his daughter, as he bequeathed?r>
    10 out of 10

  • kr15399
    Great series, great escape
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/4

    One day, walking in the bazaar in cool autumn, I came across a valuable find - a hundred rubles. And immediately I decided to put it into action, since the good I found was sorry for nothing ... More than once I heard about the television series 'Prison break' - 'Prison Break', that many who watched it were drawn into he and enthusiastically followed the course of events. I was also warmed up by one detail that poured in the inscriptions in newspapers, covers and CDs - 'From the creators of the series' Lost', from the creators of my favorite movie masterpiece ... I went and bought a CD with two seasons, I decided to watch this series - 'Prison Break' ...

     After the first episodes, I realized, firstly, that I was not mistaken in acquiring this series, and secondly, that now it seems I can’t tear myself away from the monitor screen ... As I acted, I realized that now I, like many other viewers are involved in a brilliant idea, multi-stage and consistent with a mass of charismatic characters and sharp turns of fate not only of Michael Scofield, but also of everyone who is close to him.

      Michael Scofield is a genius , I’m convinced of this through many episodes completely, but most importantly, this is an honest and noble person who decided to go for all this - applying himself a huge tattoo on the body, a bank robbery and deliberate imprisonment where his convicted brother is sitting, which by itself means that there is no turning back, the life that was before - a stable and adequate life - will no longer be. And Michael decided on all this after he realized that his brother - Lincoln Burroughs - Sr. - NOT GUILT.

     Michael goes to jail - he has everything planned and planned in advance, what, how and where to do it, get it, make it, with whom to make acquaintances and why they are actually needed - Scofield was preparing for a very long time in order to pull out his innocent brother. In this regard, the entire first season of the series can be tacitly marked with one name, what the plot and action revolves around - 'Fox River' - the prison where the brothers ended up, and many others ...

     I note the tremendous work of the scriptwriters, each episode, each episode is riddled with particles of a huge and phased plan for the escape created by Michael, in each episode the viewer needs to carefully monitor each detail and understand what is connected and what is being built and implemented . All this is an intellectual plot, and in order to fully understand and penetrate the series, you need to keep up with Michael Scofield - if you succeeded, you are lucky and you are destined to know the acuteness, danger and drama of each situation, every second and therefore - the whole story.

     The action takes place in prison, and naturally around Michael and Lincoln there are a lot of prisoners and guards, and not only. Meanness, deceit, cowardice, venality, betrayal, anger - everything hangs around. All this, and much more is inherent in the characters and personalities of the characters, all of them are part of a grandiose plan, well, or an obstacle to it.

     There is one who is a surviving worm and bitter than olive, one who is perhaps the most striking villain of the entire series, this of course Theodore Bagwell (T - Bag) - pedophile, killer and fraudster. This character, perfectly performed by Robert Knapper, remains in my mind the brightest, charismatic and odious villain of all the series that I have ever seen ...

     What else can be put in a bold plus to the creators - is the introduction of intelligible, and no less charismatic than before, characters. Alexander Mahoney is a clear example of this, a person who will also pass many tests, including various emotions from the audience - from irritation and hatred, to respect and pinning hopes on him.

     Over the entire duration of the action, many people died, Michael and his associates asked themselves the question - is all this justified? Was it worth it to go all this - an escape, the salvation of Lincoln’s brother, even if innocent? My answer is, of course, YES, because you don’t even have to live without a struggle, for which this struggle would not be waged - for love, justice, justice, for innocent people.

     The series is not only urgent and unpredictable, it is very moving and breaks through consciousness, makes you understand the actions and motives of each hero, understand their personality, their goals, which each has his own. Someone is fighting for a family, relatives, someone for money, power, while destroying everything and everyone in their path.

    Someone thinks and feels even more globally - because the situation has put the heroes, and especially Michael, in a position where they have to determine the fate of the whole country, and even more - of the whole history and the World, to some extent natural.

     As a result, after watching all the series, all 4 seasons, many feelings remain - sadness and sadness - because it all ended and the finale itself leaves its residue, joy - because after so many episodes and years the series hasn’t rolled down, yes, there were some troubles, but against the general background it’s like one prisoner against the green background of the Fox River field. The pride is for heroes like Michael, who are not only brilliant and talented people, but also reliable, like a brother , father, uncle, son, friend and citizen in the end. And in general - as a good person, the same applies to many of his friends and comrades.

     Pride in the fact that people are capable of creating such series, not only bright in their dashing and constructive plot, but also strong in their idea, which we can only understand and appreciate. Here it is - the end of the story, but rather the end of the series, because there is also a full-length tape 'Prison Break: The Last Escape', which will give fans of the series the opportunity to meet their heroes again, for the last time.

     The escape is over and everyone is free, but this escape will never free my heart - it is there forever ...

  • br00ke
    If you want to change the world, start with yourself (c) Michael Scofield
    Was this review helpful for you? 27/6

    Lincoln: 'Tattoos, they are not only for escape ...'
    Michael: 'Escape is just the beginning ...'

    Initially, I thought that the series was complete nonsense, that there was nothing interesting in it, prisoners escaping from prison, what's so special? But one of my classmate spoke so well about him that I decided to see what was good in this series, and so, there everything is not just good, but excellent. Idea (plot), actors ...

    There is no point in writing what the series is about, a brief description of the first season is on the movie search, and if you watched the first season, then the second and all subsequent ones are already on your list - 'see immediately'. Describing the characters also makes no sense, since you will discover their characters during the series, and besides, it is much more interesting than finding out in advance what is hidden under the 'clothes' of Lincoln Burrows. Therefore, I will say about the idea (plot) and actors, as I see it, what I liked and what not.

    The idea is quite interesting, I would even say a new one, since basically all the series are about love, youth problems, super-heroes, but not about convicts. The idea of ​​the first and second seasons is probably one of the most interesting, the younger brother decided to get the older one out of prison, because I’m sure of his innocence, having escaped, they still get to Panama, here it is a happy life ... but it wasn’t there, because the idea of ​​the third and fourth season is the destruction of 'Company'. “Company” is, in my opinion, the main trump card of designers, it appears throughout the series, but only in the third it begins to show “claws”, and in the fourth it completely opens the “mouth”.Personally, I liked the plot of the second and fourth seasons the most. The first is primitive, interest is fueled to a greater extent not why, why, when and who, but how, the plan itself, its minuses, pluses, obstacles on the way. Still others are boring, a lot of unnecessary information, as it seemed to me personally. But the second one is exciting, the interest is not how, but what, who, why, etc. You worry about the heroes, how will they escape, where, what will happen to them along the way. The fourth is intriguing, probably the most bewitching, although the Americans did not appreciate the idea. All secrets of the 'Company' are revealed, and the ending is unpredictable.

    Dominic Pursell and Wentworth Miller - the main persons of the celebration, their main task was to show the strength of Lincoln and the genius of Michael, which turned out excellent, besides Wentworth played excellently calm, forever thinking person .
    The brightest hero went to Robert Napper , his T-Beg was inimitable throughout all 4 seasons, he managed to withstand the hero from beginning to end, even when Begvel tried to recover, all his habits reminded him that he is still the same Teddy.
    I also remember the heroine of Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - Gretchen Morgan. Bitchy, but at the same time cold-blooded woman. Even in moments with her daughter, Jodie kept 'distance', because her main task is to be indifferent.

    And I want to add - the series Awesome! See, you will not regret it.

    10 out of 10

  • _Kristya_
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/4

    I rarely watch action films, and even more so series, where there is a lot of shooting and other things that are in the spirit of action films, but I watched this series to the end, although I think that after the first two seasons some kind of cutting down of money has already gone , for the main plot has exhausted itself. It was superfluous to put Scofield in another prison, and even more so to invent something about cards. But end the series earlier, what would we do without the adventures of brothers Michael and Link?

    From the very beginning, the genius of the younger brother and his will to achieve the goal are striking. But one mind is not always enough to do everything right. And on the example of Lincoln, who decides everything through force, it is clear that one force is not always enough. The brothers complement each other.

    And what about the other characters, they are also different, not similar to each other. Watching the actions of each of them never gets boring. One T-Bag of what stands with his hand. He has nothing to lose, but at the same time he has a goal, or rather a dream, to which he aspires and which can awaken at least something human in him. Another hero who always helped Scofield and Burroughs is Sucre. This guy did everything for the love of his girlfriend and child, as well as for his own honor and dignity, which did not allow him to ever betray his brothers, no matter how hard it was for everyone. All the heroes are different, but everyone has one goal, although the ways to achieve it are different.

    A good cast of actors, a coolly thought out plot (especially during the first seasons) make this series one of my favorites.

    9 out of 10

  • InForcer
    Was this review helpful for you? 83/4

    How many films have you watched? | I will answer myself: a lot, if you are not here by chance.

     How many heroes do you remember? | Again, I dare to assume: units.

     How to explain, for example, the popularity of the series Dr. House ? | Now I’ll answer for myself: because the main character is a personality .

     What can you remember about the main character of the militants? | Everything is simple: `a disappointed and very tough guy, carrying his revenge on the bad guys. ' Is that all? And that’s all ...

    The personality is something deep, something that every screenwriter wants to create. Paul Scheurring certainly succeeded, because a man came out from under his pen on the TV screens who had not yet been seen on television, but even in the movies. After all, some Stephen Seagal, of course, will kill all the terrorists and save the girl, but he hardly decides to ruin his life for the sake of his beloved. To be a hero, it is not necessary to shoot and fight, only actions can reveal him among the gray mass, especially those so desperate as Michael Scofield does. Personality.

    During the series, he influenced absolutely everyone who was with him for a long time. Thus, by the last season, Belik and Mahoney reveal to us their hidden side of the soul, which Michael himself has always been in the foreground. This aura is merciless for everyone and even T-Beg became its victim when he showed notes of sympathy and compassion for Gretchen and that `priest`. True, the world is often cruel and only people like Skofikd can withstand his attacks without losing dignity; Unfortunately, when trying to get better, Theodore was cruelly deceived and dropped his hands.

    You can talk for a long time about the artistic value of the series for the entire multimedia industry and elevate it to the rank of a masterpiece (which, by the way, I gladly do to myself). But I lead to the fact that everyone should be infected with this aura from the TV / monitor screen, or rather, everyone who knows how to listen and learns it will naturally become infected. It’s important not to give up and endure everything for the sake of loved ones.

    Best series, best drama, best character. Michael Scofield. Personality.

    10 out of 10

  • -dreamfall-
    If Michael Scofield is bleeding from his nose, then one of his red blood cells decided to run away and took ballast with him
    Was this review helpful for you? 49/2

    If you suddenly want to watch this series, be prepared to sit in front of the screen all day and all night, and a few more days, because it delays the 'Escape' almost like a drug.

    I do not want to spoil, so I will not retell the plot and characterize the heroes. I’ll just say that turning on the series once, you turn it off only after the final credits. Of course, like every person, I have my own sympathies, and I will reveal them later. First, go over the seasons.

    1-2 season. A masterpiece, no doubt. And although I watched them in reverse order, you know, it turned out to be even more interesting. Many of the motives became clear to me, many heroes revealed themselves from a completely different perspective. This is especially true of the Outcast. If I already knew WHAT Avocado did to him, I simply could not have imagined all the acts he had done in season 2. I would have committed suicide in his place while still in prison (again, I would like to blame it on his weak character). The first seasons go simply with a bang, the ending is amazing and makes you want more.

    3 season. I don’t know why many scold this season (few episodes or the plot seems to be 'far-fetched'), but I really liked it. “Sona” is very different from the almost sterile “River Fox”, there is a struggle for survival, there the boss will not let you into his office, and only the grave digger will provide medical assistance, therefore, as a model of a PRESENT prison, it fits perfectly. Many may disagree, but I think that after the federal prison in Panama, the US prison of the States seems almost Courchevel.

    Season 4 + Last Escape. Yes, they pulled for a very long time, of course, weary all the fans, but it was even watchable. The last escape is a separate story, where the denouement is very logical, in my opinion.

    What will I be about the acting, the work of the director, cameramen, etc., if I do not quite understand all these subtleties? I give my sympathies to both Lincoln (it’s insanely sorry for the elder - all the troubles of the world fell on him: no one needs him, eternal loser, accused of murder, even his girlfriend was killed! Now I understand why Dominic Purcell had such an expression throughout all 4 seasons faces) and Alex Mahoney (after season 3, although he immediately gained respect and admiration). I also liked that there are no ideal characters in the series, everyone has sins behind their souls, and the heroes’ egoism is perfectly shown that they are ready for anything for their own benefit.

    Of course, there is a bit of fiction in the series, the bloopers begin to annoy, but, as I have already noted, the first two seasons look in one breath, you don’t notice anything around, and there’s only one thought in your head “If only they hadn’t been caught”. And, in my opinion, 'Escape' deserves the maximum appreciation, if only for the fact that it was able to pull me out of reality for several days.

    10 out of 10

  • Iltigor
    The ingenious series
    Was this review helpful for you? 27/9

    The first season.

    The director’s insidious plan: so that the viewer does not drop the series in the very middle of it, we will make the ending of each series extremely interesting.

    Such insidiousness continues throughout the season! If you turn on the series at 12 a.m. with a plan to watch one episode, and then go to bed, then do not hesitate, you will go to bed at best at 6 in the morning. The first season is genius! Dozens of riddles and questions, and the answers to them are simply magnificent. At the end of each series, the blood in my veins really boils and I want to look further. I started watching the series and woke up only after the last episode of the first season.

    Second season.

    The long-awaited sequel. Although the season is not so much as brilliant as the first, but it is also magnificent and monstrously interesting. It looks in one breath. With such a series, you can often be surprised to find that you were late for work or did not sleep all night.

    I watched this season for the day. No respite.

    Third season.

    Worse than the second and especially the first. It would be logical to change the ending of the second season and end the whole story of two brothers on it. But apparently the creators of the series decided to cut down for more money ... the season is also good.

    Fourth Season.

    Better than a third. But worse than the second. This season, one involuntarily wonders: 'How much can you? When will they leave them alone? All of them deceive, betray and want to kill. And so indefinitely ... How do the Burroughs brothers and their friends stand it? '

    Fortunately, the fourth season was the last. A worthy end to a worthy saga of brothers.

    Bonus series.

    And again the good old prison. I don’t know why they shot these series ... also interesting, but nonsense.

    The actors played just great. I especially want to mention the actor ... to my shame, I don’t remember his name ... his name was Theador Bagwell or T-Bag. The actor played his part simply amazing! Neither Tom Cruise, nor Brad Pitt, nor Johnny Depp could play better.

    If it all ended in the second season, I would give my favorite mark

    11 out of 10

    But alas. The series decided to extend. My rating:

    8.5 out of 10

    Required to view.

  • Just Sawyer
    Farewell to the fugitive ..
    Was this review helpful for you? 43/2

    .. it is unlikely that today the phrase "TV shows are back" can surprise anyone. They did not disappear anywhere. It’s just that in our time there are completely different series than “Fire of Love”, “Land of Hope” that are watched and admired all over the world ..

    Everyone knows about megahit “To stay alive”, because it was shown on the First. Another great series - "Heroes" - in September launched in the United States for the third season - went on STS. But the most, perhaps, the smartest and most exciting of the entire galaxy of modern TV series - “Escape” It is worth noting that the original name Prison Break translates precisely as “Prison Break”, and not just “Escape”, as it was dubbed by Russian distributors. Is everyone ready? Let's run!

    Of course, Prison Break is the clearest example of prison films. It is a film, since the language does not turn to call it a series. Prior to this, Tim Robbins made the most ingenious escape when he starred in the best film of all time, the Shawshank Redemption. He will have to make room. Michael Scofield came. That is the name of the hero of the actor Wentworth Miller. Imechko something else. And the actor was not particularly successful in the field of cinema. As, however, and other colleagues on the "Escape". Michael, the former engineer who designed the Fox River Prison, sat in it himself to save his brother Lincoln Barrows (Dominic Pursell), who was framed. Having made an absolutely amazing tattoo all over his body, which was nothing more than a card, Scofield is sent to save the unlucky brother-criminal.Make-up artists spent four hours on a huge tattoo. And if you want to make yourself the same tattoo as Michael, then its pricking will take about 200 hours, and the cost will be approximately 15,000 - 20,000 dollars.

    Naturally, the plan is overgrown with all kinds of unnecessary witnesses and difficulties. Specifically, another six extra members, nicknamed the "Eight of the Fox River." Fans of the series will recall that in the "Lost" six survivors of the disaster were called "Oceanic Six." I think the parallels are obvious.

    Naturally, just so no one will let Scofield escape, everyone wants to be free, but thanks to his brother-thug and his exceptional intelligence, Michael established his own rules of the game, in which he is in charge. Of course, we saw a similar story more than once or twice. And with much more prominent actors, but not in vain, “Prison Break” is called one of the best series in the history of television. The film from a straight line is twisted into a complex spiral with many heads of minds. And for the actors of "category B" you begin to worry as if they are your own relatives. Despite the fact that nothing but the extension of one shoot for 22 episodes of 43 minutes can be distinguished in general terms from the standard Prison Break films.

    Hero or villain

    It must be said that it is impossible to watch the final scene with the escape at the end of the first season without yelling from the excitement: “Come on, run faster that you got up!” It is emotions that can determine the interest of the film, in this case, positive emotions. All the stunning success of the series can also be seen in just a few sentences of the gangster Licero in the third season.He turns to Michael and says: “Who came to us, Michael Scofield himself is a genius engineer. The one who saved his brother from the most cruel prison in America. Now the whole world knows you. ” Exactly. Wentworth Miller simply created a canonical image of a criminal.

    You can treat the main characters in different ways, who are also villains at the same time. Since the entire first season tells of the escape from the Fox River, the villain from Michael seems to be no. He only framed a nurse who fell in love with him (and his plan, of course, was built on this), and a boss who completely trusted him. Well, a few more corrupt cops lost his job. Even being inside the walls and not leaving them, Michael Scofield manages to control the fate of people. This is also very interesting because Mr. Scofield almost does not feel guilty. He is like a robot, which was mounted in the head chip with the program "Save Brother." And Michael goes almost over the head. Of course, among the prisoners there are those who were set up and who have little to sit, but unexpected circumstances interfere in their lives, because of which they tend to escape, despite the catastrophic consequences in the event of their failure. But Michael Scofield absolutely does not care, although he constantly raises his eyebrows, as if to say: “Yes, I'm really sorry.” After all, prisoners are people too, and even regret arises for them. Of course, it's stupid, but it turned out that they literally set everyone up, and in the wild they are wonderful people with wives and children.That is why Scofield’s selfishness can be seen very clearly.

    In season two, a company that puts itself above the president, a powerful corporation with tremendous power, subjugates everything in its path. And as the story unfolds, Scofield and her fellow escape will confront her, learning more and more details. It would seem that one in the field is not a warrior, but nevertheless, everything ends almost safely. Only Michael evolves into an ordinary criminal who is only hiding from the US authorities. He is no different from the rest of the country's prisoners. And instead, we begin to worry about minor heroes, such as Sucre, whose friend took away a girl who actually continues to love him. And also T-Bag (or Theodore Bevell), who, although he is an inveterate rapist, still has his own resourcefulness, cunning, and arrogance. Also black Franklin, who is waiting for his wife and daughter. Theodore, Lincoln, Franklin - the names were chosen for a reason, but in order to show the United States that even good people can be in prison. Franklin came up with electricity, Theo Roosevelt and Lincoln are the presidents of the United States. The creators of the series rather transparently wanted to show that the policy in the United States is clearly not the best now, and in general the whole system clearly deserves processing. This thread runs throughout the film.

    In the United States, eight prisoners escaped from one of the country's most guarded prisons, who over and over again manage to leave the government in the cold and slip from under their noses. A fairly obvious answer to everything that is happening in the country.If only one was able to pull out seven, then what 10 crazy geniuses will do, if they suddenly decide to settle in prison. Of course, such a dashing escape is a fairy tale. A fairy tale, during which some heroes find their face, and some lose it, and not only him, but also his family and life. By the way, the series was banned for showing in 13 prisons.

    Goodbye fugitive .. I have been with you for 4 years ..

    10 out of 10

  • Cybrthc
    Run Michael Run! (spoilers)
    Was this review helpful for you? 41/3

    I admit, I had a lot of TV shows, killing my free time, but none of them captured as much as capture Escape. From the first to the last series, the series keeps in suspense, I would even say, it simply hypnotizes the viewer. And now - in detail, with spoilers:

    Season 1: the most successful season. From the very first series, you succumb to the charm of Michael Scofield. He is brilliant, and every step he has painted in detail. The season is better than the rest in that everything here lends itself to logic, each move (and its consequences) are planned. There is a plan for everything, for every little thing, while in seasons 2-4 the hero increasingly relies on luck. I’m not saying that seasons 2-4 lack logic or zest with plans, I say that this zest is not as sweet as in season 1. Passion between characters, ingenious plans that go downhill - I think everyone’s first season will bewitch everyone .

    After all, if something does not fit in the hero, you try to remember what can save him, to predict the next step of the character, as you do with other American films. You remember the only, as it seems to you, option of salvation, but already in the next episode the hero is deprived of him as well. Then you are completely lost in conjecture, and you just have to watch.

    Season One - 10 out of 10

    Season 2: Heroes are Free, But Has Their Life Been Better? Constant chases and risk to life.Tension - there is, but not the same as in the first season. In addition, we get acquainted with some additional characters who will appear until the end of the series. Passion continues, and the whole interest of the season is that the fates of the heroes were divided, and each now has its own way. True, in more than half of the path intersect .... The Scofield-Bagwell-Bellic-Mahone confrontation only adds intrigue. A distinct division of the characters into “bad-good” is also inherent, and the good does not always outwit the bad, as is appropriate in such confrontations. Still, unpredictability is inherent, for the heroes did not acquire one specific goal. But even despite the fact that the image of the fugitives for the characters is new, you want to be returned to the Fox River. After all, it was more interesting in prison, though

    Season Two - 9 out of 10

    Season 3: Sona. A new plan, a new escape, new intrigues, new characters. More interesting than seasons 2.4, because Scofield's “ticking” talent looks much more dramatic in the mainstream of a prisoner, not a fugitive. It is a pity that only 13 episodes. I just liked Sona. And the 4th season seemed prolonged.

    Third Season - 9.5 out of 10

    Season 4: The first half is interesting, then the active process of exhaustion from under the finger began. Did not like. Particularly periodic zakos under the Mexican series, kind:

    -Michael, I have to tell you something
    -What mom?
    Link is not your brother!
    -You are lying !!!

    Fourth - 8 out of 10

    But in the ratings I put the top ten.

    Regarding the heroes - I got only a trinity of favorites. Namely:

    Michael Scofield - of course

    T-Bag - this one-armed bandit can bewitch everyone. Slippery and charismatic, he won the place of honor "favorite hero" on my list. Yes, and you also noticed that villains always like more?

    Alex Mahone - although his appearance in season 2 can be unpleasant (catches, nasty, Michael), already in the 4th he showed himself in all its glory. It remains, however, unclear why in the 3rd season he could not live without his pills, and in the 4th, without them, he ran like a bull

    With pets, that's it. I think Michael and T-Bag will be remembered for a long time by my brilliant game. We must now see the full length. U-uk

    Was this review helpful for you? 20/3

    I am really delighted with this series. I started watching it on TV back in 2006. But after they showed the first season, and then it was closed - I was in a panic! Then I searched for sales for several years (I saw the final series only in the summer of 2009)

       I can not disagree with those who say that the film could have been finished much earlier, well, after 2-3 season. Maybe ... But then he probably would not have left such a mark about himself, both in my memory and in the memory of everyone who watched it. Even despite the much-twisted plot, each series excites, attracts, interests ...

       I fully confirm the words of those who say that you can’t tear yourself away from the series. Watching the actions of the heroes, you completely forget about everything around you, you are completely absorbed in the development of the plot ... you do not look at the fact that your eyes are closed, demanding sleep, you do not look at time. You are completely absorbed in the film (you watched the final episodes at 3 a.m., shedding tears).

        The film is really gorgeous! Watching it, it is impossible to remain indifferent to both the brothers and all the heroes (Sarah, Sucre and others). At the end of the series, it just becomes unthinkable that they continue to believe, fight, and of course win! That is what they attract the audience with their strength.

    A great many moments when you think - the end. with it unhappy. But the heroes always found a way out, and there was a way out about which it is impossible to say: This is nonsense, this does not happen. Every detail, every moment - everything is so justified and realistic that the most complex tasks seem to be completely solved !!!

    I really recommend watching this movie to all lovers of action-packed TV shows, TV shows that leave no one indifferent!

    10 out of 10

  • andromeda11
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/9

    Amazing series! The best in the genre of action-packed series. I reviewed it many times, while watching again is not boring, you always find something new, it’s very interesting to watch the characters, listen to the dialogs, and most importantly, what I highlight in this series is the relationship between the two brothers - Michael and Lincoln. Such affection, love for each other, mutual assistance. I like all seasons, although, of course, the first is the most intriguing and intense.

    Many put this series on a par with LOST. It is impossible to compare with LOST, although they write that the latter is much more interesting. I don’t agree, watching several episodes from different seasons of this “Robinson's” series I was bored - I do not like the series about anything - running around the jungle, past-future, the actors were not impressed.

    For those who love an exciting, interesting movie with a plot that evokes emotions (without any fantastic nonsense), I recommend 'Escape'! You will not regret!

  • Dragon999
    Quality action
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/1

    A huge number of TV shows have been released. Eyes run up when choosing ...

    But looking at this one, you obviously will not regret it. The film will give a lot of different emotions. The plot is really twisted famously, almost on the verge between the "abstruse thriller" and the "heroic detective." But the line is felt very clearly. And the main character subtly conducts it under the gaze of the director.

    The result is worthy of the highest praise, because I want to watch series after series without stopping. The film has a lot of sharp turns, cruelty, rudeness, entertainment and charm of the characters. It is surprising how the creators of the picture managed to make the viewer in some series feel sorry and sympathize with the villains and maniacs. Nevertheless, by the end of the viewing, everything falls into place.

    To the best of tales and miracles. Lots of dynamics. In my opinion, to add a little more love, then the series would have gained more fans. But this is just my opinion.

    The girls will be delighted with Wentworth Miller, the guys will admire the courage of Sarah Wayne Callis. Both will worry about them throughout the course of the action. And most importantly - I love it when it is difficult to predict the ending due to quality intrigue. I have not seen a more worthy film in this role yet.

    9 out of 10

  • Born_In_Blood
    If you want to change the world, start with yourself.
    Was this review helpful for you? 23/6

    I have been putting off watching this series for quite some time. Although many of my friends advised him, but I looked at this venture disapprovingly. It seemed to me that the plot of the escape from prison was already jammed into holes. But recently there was a free evening, and downloaded the first few episodes. And you know what? I 'swallowed' them in one evening. It turned out to be so exciting that I probably would have watched it all night if I had it all season.

    Three weeks have passed since I first discovered this series for myself (it's hard to say otherwise!). I watched all 4 seasons, and it was probably the best pastime in the last few months. And now I can say for sure - this is one of the best, if not the best series that I watched.

    But now in a nutshell about each season:

    Season 1.

    A civil engineer (Michael Scoffield) goes to jail to release his older brother (Lincoln Burroughs), who was sentenced to death for not committing. Michael himself designed this prison and carefully thought out an escape plan. It remains only to implement it ...

    Dynamic, exciting season. Each series ends so that it is simply impossible not to start watching the next series. Great season.

    10 out of 10

    Season 2.

    After the escape, you also need to hide from the pursuit. But Michael also thought it out. 8 escaped prisoners. 8 different paths.And one “bloodhound” is Detective Alex Mahoney, who was the only one who could unravel Michael’s plan, so he constantly steps on his heels.

    An interesting, dynamic season, but he lacks the drive that was in the first season. but still

    10 out of 10

    Season 3.

    Michael, Mahoney, T-Bag fall into the Panama prison 'Sona'. This prison is under the supervision of the prisoners themselves. It is very difficult to survive in it, but it is even more difficult to remain human. The 'company' takes hostage of Michael and his nephew hostage. Michael must get one person out of prison, and only then his freedom will be granted to his relatives.

    An interesting, exciting season, but it seemed to me unsaid because of such a small number of episodes.

    9 out of 10

    Season 4.

    Michael and Lincoln, as well as other prisoners, will receive a full amnesty if they find and deliver the very heart of the “Company” - the mysterious “Scylla”, a database that contains all the plans of the mysterious “Company”.

    This season is most similar to the first season of all. It is dynamic, interesting, and the constant unexpected plot twists are simply beyond praise.

    10 out of 10.

    During the series, all the characters change. Someone for the better, someone for the worse. But only Michael Scoffield does not change - he still cannot forgive himself for the death of all the people who were somehow connected with him. He cannot betray or kill anyone. He is the kind of person who came to this world to do good.His own life does not cost him anything, but he considers himself responsible for the lives of all those people who surround him. He is changing the world around him for the better through hardships. But he is ready to go to the end, if only all his relatives would be well.

    I would also like to say about the wonderful atmosphere of the series. Each episode has a unique atmosphere, which is felt literally in every frame. It seems to me that this is the secret of such a series success on a seemingly already-worn topic.

    10 out of 10.

    Escape as a lifestyle
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/11

    Before the audience, a picture of the relationship between two brothers: Michael and Lincoln, who are experiencing not the best of their lives, unfolds: one of them is accused of killing the brother of the vice president, and the second is detained during a bank robbery and sent to the same prison, where the first is waiting for the death by electrocution. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance ...

    Before robbing the bank, Michael made a tattoo on his whole body: arms, torso, back, chest, on which he depicted a plan to escape from prison, and now, being next to his brother, he is trying to turn it into reality - moreover, he doesn’t push him not only an unpleasant stay in prison and communication with other prisoners, but also a deadline for the death penalty of Lincoln.

    The action develops very dynamically and beautifully from an aesthetic point of view: each shot is taken for a reason, but symbolizes something, it seems that there is some kind of global plan that the viewer does not reveal for the time being. The plot twists are unpredictable and interesting, the characters are vivid and memorable - each with its own story, unique character and features. Watching the planning and organization of the escape is fun and not annoying. But ..

    But the series is divided into seasons, of which the most interesting and memorable is the first, and the subsequent ones are not so emotionally and intellectually saturated. If at the very beginning of the series the whole charm of the series lies in clear planning, quick reaction to any changes, Michael’s sharp mind and ability to calculate everything ahead, then the following seasons are more likely to suck ideas from your finger and do not revolve around erudition, plan and calculation and hold on to Lincoln’s iron fists.Yes, during all the series the heroes run: they are saved from prison, the authorities, the Company and even their past, but not all the time this bustle is logical or interesting, although, as they say, “the felt-tip pens are different in color.”

    In general, the idea of ​​the series is very curious, the first season is beyond praise, and the rest look at the expense of good first impressions and just the thumb. It is interesting to look on the other side of the prison bars and fences: the manners and customs of prisoners, their types, problems, relationships - drag out and carry away. Also pleasant is the intellectual note in this series, which is not built on Russian “maybe”, but on accurate planning - Michael's abilities, his erudition and perception are amazing. A good series is also in terms of family relationships, perceptions of friendship and employees, useful people, and vice versa - so there was an instructive moment.

    As a result, I will say: the series is not bad. The first season is definitely worth watching for those who love mazes and think about their own decisions. Continued - only if you really liked the characters, but the spirit of the film is not the same.

  • Zik_UA
    3 ... 2 ... 1 ... start!
    Was this review helpful for you? 20/6

    The legendary project. Of course, he did not become such a cult in the US as Lost, but, nevertheless, made a huge contribution to the new century of TV shows. People are tired of stories about the Galaxy, laugh at 'Friends', all the vampires have already been killed; and now it is time to find a way out of a hopeless situation. One needs to escape from the island - the other from prison. Given the well-known circumstances - the first and second will not be sweet. However, on the side of our project is a brilliant engineer, and from that the chances increase. They increase by so much that to escape in just the first season is quite possible. And let them suffer in Lost ...

    You know, I watched the first season four years ago. At that time, I was just a fan of this project. I could not believe how everything done was calculated; why it turned out that way; it seemed - this is it, the most brilliant work of American TV. Now, revising, I understand that the series is not so perfect. So many little things that I missed at a young age - now I begin to call my eyes. One simple example - remember how professionally Sucre plugged a hole in the floor.

    At its core, a brilliant project - over time, turned into a predictable barren soap. In what makes you keep the viewer at the screen - relying on the occasion and strength of previous seasons, without any special expenses.

    A project claiming to be the best intellectual series in history has actually a bunch of flaws. It is not clear to me why sometimes it happens the way it should not be!There is no logic, banal judgment too ... fantastic!

    Now separately by season:

    First. This season is one of the best series seasons I've ever seen. Not only is the idea incredibly cool. No, not the idea of ​​escape, but the idea of ​​the very idea of ​​escape. All these prejudices, feelings and a beautiful textural story about how to do it. + colorful charismatic characters and most importantly - a red-hot plot that penetrates to the marrow of bones, making you nervous and empathize, not tearing off the screen and look into the depths of what is happening, imagining yourself as one of the prisoners (oddly enough). Fine. This is even more than 10/10.

    Second. The escape turned not only into an “escape”, but also a struggle against those same malicious villains who locked up Michael’s brother ... a bloody fight. Another intellectually savvy character appears in it, claiming the title of "elite" and even "first", but still he does not reach the level of Scofield, oddly enough ... Here the consequences of the escape and guilt come to the fore accompanying our genius during the series.

    Third. From the very first episode, the feeling of not having to continue the project just didn’t leave me. But really - if the “samurai” was in another place, everything would have ended ... but no, the series was rated in the top, so you need to continue. And so - the third season. All the same characters, but they run away not so briskly.The dynamics disappeared somewhere, and some of the actions of the characters take place on the brink of fiction (even greater than in the first seasons). They are not logical and primitive. Something has changed, the “escape” is not the same as it was before. What a pity ...

    Fourth. If the previous season could still be tolerated (ordinary viewers, fans liked it), then this season even fans began to curse. It was no longer an escape, it was a pursuit and theft. The actions took place in the best traditions of Ocean's Friends, but, with obvious trash from the scriptwriters, who after the strike, during the course of the 3rd season, apparently completely stopped thinking and simply began to recapture their salaries. And about people, damn it, who will think? The fourth season already looked out of habit and out of respect. The series began to turn into "Santa Barbara", the snot moved to the main plan, and all the spectator's holding threads broke off. This is perhaps the most disastrous season of any series that I have encountered in my life. Very disappointing, given my love for this project.

    In general. We have a very strong idea of ​​the struggle against the system. There are very few such films. And in this context - “Escape” in my personal top takes the first place in the fight against the government. On it could be placed "Law-abiding citizen", but the finale showed that the government is still watching cinema appearing on large screens. Everything is possible, you only need to give maximum effort. It sounds corny, but, - justice still triumphed. Hurrah!Long live the brain and heart - the fundamental struggle against everyone and everything.

  • ero
    The first season
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/2

    With a smile I recall the time when I hurried home to see the latest episode of 'Escape' by Ren-Tv. I then argued and now I will repeat that this is probably one of the best series of our time, because only the creators of Lost managed to twist the story, but it was interesting to twist it in 'Escape', and in Lost the scriptwriters, in my opinion, entered into the excitement that little by little they began to destroy their brainchild.

    The topic of jailbreak has already been raised in feature films, but in the series ... Something I did not watch. And the plan itself, ripened in the head of Michael Scofield ( Wentfort Miller ), cannot be called brilliant. Not everyone can flip so many articles, drawings, other information on their strengths, and putting so many tattoos on the body with a disguised prison plan is also a desperate act - here you can get rid of it. The actor for this role was chosen very accurately - he plays well, and he has an unusual charismatic look, and I would go for that if I were a prisoner.

    Among other actors, there are many very talented people who are very much loved by many viewers. This and Theodore Bagwell, in the brilliant performance of Robert Nepper , is a negative character, but probably one of the most beloved heroes. And Fernando Sucre is a friendly guy played by Amory Nolasco . Bellic, the chief of security ( Wade Williams ), although he arranges meanness and prevents the jailers from escaping, he also fell in love with his own way, and I want to see him in the coming seasons. All the actors created their own, unique character, with their own character and strangeness. Moreover, one of the series is a story from the past of each hero, and they are all interesting in their own way.

    I would also like to praise the work of the scriptwriters - the plot is extremely interesting, and the first season is definitely the best, I think everyone will like it. The composer worked hard for fame - a very unusual and unique musical accompaniment. These are the native and favorite sounds of 'Escape' - you can not confuse them with anything.

    Of course, the Americans’s prison is better than ours, although I haven’t seen it myself, and I hope I won’t see it. We probably walk in the pioneer camp on the grass like they do in the prison yard.

    But this does not spoil the series. On the contrary, it is one of the best series of our time, from which it is impossible to tear myself away.

    9 out of 10

  • I am happiness
    81 kilograms of pure adrenaline!
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/3

    One of the best series I've ever seen (not counting the first seasons of 'Lost' . Despite the fact that 'Escape' and 'LOST' are absolutely two different stories, anyway, comparisons suggest themselves, due to the resounding success of these two paintings).

    In principle, I'm not a fan of TV shows, as such. Why waste your time on many thoughtless episodes when you know the finale in advance? But 'Escape' is different from a similar genre. Despite the fact that there are already 4 seasons in it, this does not spoil the series. Yes, there is a certain delay, however, it was insanely interesting and exciting to watch every episode. The most interesting thing in this plot is that the series covers all the characters, it also has a central line, the most important, but in addition, additional branches about each character. In this picture, there are a lot of flaws, but they are all lost, faded and seem insignificant, due to the amazing drive, dynamics and original script. For example, an origami chip ... Such a small element, and what brightness it gave to the film.

    Properly selected cast. Wentworth Miller (Wentworth, left a lot of mixed feelings in my heart ... and I believe that not only in mine ...) and Dominic Purcell . I remember very much Amory Nolasco and Peter Stormare . I can’t but mention the negative characters: Robert Napper (The T-Bag is so bright that you don’t even take it like a monster and a villain), Paul Adelstein and Wade Williams (Bellick is generally dead. And laughter and tears ...). Sweetheart and clever Sarah Wayne Callis (if it hadn’t been on the series, everything would have looked differently. A romantic twig between Michael and Sarah looked very cool!). Marshall Ellman (the son of Lincoln , Al-Jay , perfectly conveyed the emotions of his hero), didn’t let Robin Tunney .

    I want to say about so many, because the series is filled with characteristic, charismatic and memorable characters. All of them evoke different emotions: empathy with one, desire for retribution to others. From the following seasons, William Fichtner and Jodi Lyn O'Keephy were very memorable and not indifferent. Wonderful actors.

    An exciting, thoughtful plot that now and then turns to us, the audience, a new side. A lot of puzzles, which at the end, will form a single understandable pattern. I’m not afraid of the word, the series - BOMB!

    9 out of 10

  • YOU
    Clockwork toy
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/31

    With the series “Escape” I have old and personal scores.

    For the first time, I watched part of it in snatches on one of the federal channels. Interested in. On New Year's Eve, I bought a DVD with three seasons. On the night of December 31, my wife and I started watching, on January 2 we finished. We watched with rare interruptions for a restless sleep and fast food, the benefit of a bucket of salads was cut in advance. Addictive series, you know. Especially us who were familiar with the series only through “Santa Barbara” and “Slave Isaur”. And here is such a multi-part adventure! It’s good that there was no fourth season - they would die from an overdose.

    I looked at the fourth season just recently, at the same time refreshing the memory of previous seasons. Apparently, my relationship with Escape was not simple. I went through a thorny path to view it in its entirety. My feelings for him are just as complicated.

    The first season is an unconditional masterpiece. The wonderful play of the actors, the thoughtfulness of the characters, the unusual location and simply the devilish ingenuity of the scriptwriters, makes him one of the most exciting, unusual and dynamic series. He is perfect!

    The second season, using the inertia of the first, is also not bad enough and sprightly: new characters are introduced, there is a development of story lines of old characters, which is also interesting both in the history of the series and in its “fans”. In principle, it was possible to end the series on this, because the main characters keep repeating: “We succeeded. We did it .. ”, but the commercial benefits were stronger and you understand that the main characters didn’t succeed ..

    The third season again repeats the location of the first season and benefits from this, because in confined spaces where you don’t especially run around, the characters of this series look much more advantageous than “in the field”. And here - again I need a plan. Voltage again. Again, the viewer is deceived in his expectations and enjoys it a lot. And here it was certainly necessary to finish, but until the clockwork toy finished the factory, it would run. So with this series. From season to season, the plot spring tightly twisted in the first season spins more and more, losing dynamism, logic and common sense from year to year.

    The fourth season is the weakest. The plot sucked from a finger. Crazy tasks. Apparently tired of all this, actors who play not so naturally and strongly as before. Some unthinkable villains and their fighters, shooting automatic weapons in the city from the hips, like the Nazis in the best traditions of Soviet cinema. The main characters who walk slowly during the shootings and as in a shooter, killing all their enemies with one shot. Zombie characters from previous seasons, who certainly died in front of all viewers, but it turned out that they did not die. Yes, and much more. And then, bam, and the denouement is like from premature ejaculation .. And you think: “And what ?! Is that all ?! ”

    But no!

    There are two more episodes of complete delirium and melodrama.

    What did you like. Of course, the plot of the first two seasons! Planning for shoots in the series is the most interesting and unpredictable. An excellent play of the characters of Michael Scofield, T-Bag, Alex Mahone, Brad Bellic and Gretchen for almost the entire series. The characters are very lively, changing depending on the circumstances in the storyline and from this the most similar to real people, not robots who put on a mask. I liked the drama and romanticism present in the series.

    What did not like. Storylines closer to the end of the series. I didn’t like the action scenes where the characters run, shoot, and race. Everything is somehow not natural and “wooden”. I did not like the resurrection of some characters. It remains a mystery to me why the fugitives, who in theory need to be inconspicuous, in the series traveled only in giant cars such as Toyota Land Cruiser or Cadillac Esquelite? It’s also a mystery to me why the “positive” fugitives so diligently maintain their image captured in prison photographs, and, for example, do not attempt to change their appearance: to grow hair, dye it, cut it, change the style of clothes, etc.?

    And most importantly, can anyone give an answer for what purpose the Company framed Lincoln Burroughs in the murder of the brother of the president of the USA ?!

    6 out of 10

  • SarychevGleb
    For everyone and for everyone.
    Was this review helpful for you? 46/1

    Having watched all the 4 of the 'Escape' season, I caught myself thinking that I had not received such great pleasure from watching any movie for a long time. From the very first episode of the first season, I could not tear myself away from the TV screen, I watched series after series. In my opinion, absolutely everything is at the highest level here: the plot, the music, the play of the actors, the scenery and so on. The film that got so deep into the soul that it definitely goes to the folder of my favorite films, and not from those films that I put a rating of '10', namely my favorite films, in this case the series will go to them, although I think that this it’s a serial film, although in fact it’s the same thing.

    The main character is Michael Scofield, an indicator of how a person should be, an intelligent, real friend and brother, whose person cares for the lives of his loved ones an order of magnitude more than his own. And it should be noted how chic it is, in other words I can’t say that Wentworth Miller played, it will be very disappointing if he forever remains 'Scofield from the TV series Escape ', because the talent is clearly visible in the person, perfectly integrated into his role, conveyed the emotions and atmosphere of the film at the highest level. I would also like to note all the true protagonists, namely Dominic Purcell, Amory Nolasco, Robert Napper, Sarah Wayne Callis - You are great, thanks for the excellent work. Especially along with Miller I would like to mention William Fichtner, in fact there are no words of my delight as he played Alex, there are simply no words. I sincerely say that in my memory this is one of the few examples of how a person fits his hero perfectly and how well he manages to play it.

    To say that I advise everyone to watch this multi-part film is to say nothing. I rather highly recommend it. 'Prison Break' teaches a lot and shows how you don’t have to be a person, how expensive things sometimes cost.

    Thank you very much to absolutely all those who worked on the 'Escape', you created what remains for those who looked in his head for a long, long time, and possibly forever.

    Bottom line: Great

    10 out of 10

  • Vedette Blanche
    Was this review helpful for you? 34/0

    It’s hard to evaluate something that you not just like, but insanely strong, like it before losing your pulse, because usually in such cases there are not enough words, except for something monosyllabic like: 'It's awesome!' < br>
    But still I will try to express what impression the Escape made on me.

    PLOT. A very twisted script, kept in suspense, looks with unflagging interest.

    Michael Scofield. The ideal man: a genius who knows how to control himself, brings what he has started to the end, attractive, caring, responsible, fair ... You can continue for a very long time. But the point is that the actor did an excellent job with his acting task and conveyed his remarkable charisma to his character.

    Sucre. Faithful and reliable friend, not capable of meanness. For him, his woman, and then his child is all. He embodies the qualities of an ideal family man. In this, he looks like another character in the series - Franklin.

    THEODORE. A maniac and a murderer, it’s still interesting to watch him, he has the so-called negative charm. Quirky and cunning, he is still very rarely capable of unexpected good deeds. Very tenacious and perhaps the only one of those fleeing from the Fox River that is completely socially dangerous. The actor, who embodied the image of Theodore, is worthy to take off his hat in front of him.

    LINCOLN. Michael's brother, actually the key link in the episode of the series, just like Michael is capable of anything for his brother’s sake. Possesses physical strength and kindness. To save him, I had to dunk half of America)

    Mahoney. It is very ambiguous, as in all the heroes of the Escape, it is intertwined both good and bad. He is a victim, a man who once stumbled and who had to pay dearly for it. Very smart, the only one who could unravel the essence and thoughts of Michael.

    All in all, Prison Break is definitely worth a look, but if you start it is already impossible to tear yourself away from it to the very end.

    10 out of 10

  • 500 Days of Summer
    'We are free, finally! We are free ... '
    Was this review helpful for you? 32/2

    After watching the series until the end, I was simply shocked. You experience so many experiences while watching ... Tears and joy: the whole gamut of emotions cannot be conveyed. 'Prison break' - a brilliant series with a brilliant plot.

    I don’t want to paint this series, since there are a lot of interesting and, say, smart reviews, where everything is described in detail: the plot, the play of actors, music. Everything is top notch in the film. I just want to say that much can be learned from this film for myself. Looking at the faithful and sincere friendship and pure love, you understand how all this is expensive and necessary for every person. How difficult it is to preserve, and how easy it is to destroy. First of all, we must fight not for ourselves, but for our most beloved and closest people. Indeed, without them, life simply loses its meaning. And value freedom!

    'Prison break' is one of those films that you will remember all your life.

  • RuSSian Girls
    Every person needs a special key - and, of course, a small separate camera.
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/5

    This series I love. I liked it because of its originality and unusualness. Finally we were able to see something new.

    My opinion

    'Escape' I started to watch for a long time, but managed to watch only 3 seasons. Initially, the main theme and plot seemed to me not good enough, because I am not at all interested in such series. But once, when there was absolutely nothing to do, I made a company to my brother while watching one of the series. Throughout the viewing, I kept asking him: who is this? I think that he was very tired. Every minute I became more interested, because some new things were opening up for me. I really liked the fact that each series had an intriguing end, which is why I waited for the next to begin. To my great regret, I had to wait a very long time, since the series was shown only on the weekend. What final outcome I didn’t come up with for a whole week ... I would also like to note that there is no predictability in 'Escape', after all, it is IT that haunts me in almost every third such series. Of course, in places there was a complete fairy tale (I think you understand what I mean. Some of the 'tricks' of the prisoners seemed to be too much) It seems to me that this is worth finishing. I don’t want to discuss every nuance, as this will stretch for more than one paragraph.

    Such stories never attracted me, but I didn’t even know that once I would be interested in the series 'Escape' (even the name is kind of dumb), but as you can see, I started my viewing even despite the fact that I think the plot is not so stupid, but something like that. The series shows several storylines that are somehow intertwined. We are watching certain people who were put in a colony for their, to put it mildly, mistakes. And now, for about 2 seasons, they are trying to get out of there. But you would know how interesting it is to watch, even due to the fact that you can learn a lot of new things for yourself. Their plans for an escape, their calculations, their actions are so fascinating that with each new series, more and more I want to watch the series. Of course, there is one big drawback. 'Escape' can be watched by former or future criminals who, after the end of the series, will know what to do in a given situation. They will understand exactly where to trick or do some kind of 'trick'.

    The cast this time did not disappoint me. Wentworth Miller is a good actor (I simply can’t say anything else, even if my statement is very predictable), I was convinced of this after watching this wonderful series. But recently I saw him in the movie 'Resident Evil 4: Life After Death' and I think I overestimated it. His game was too sluggish, uninteresting, boring, etc ...I want you to understand what I'm getting at. I get the impression that Miller is a mood person. Wanted - played, wanted - cursed. In 'Escape' he got a good role, which he played appropriately, but sometimes he, honestly, bridges. Dominic Pursell played very convincingly, although it seems to me that something was missing ... Maybe charisma?

    As a result, it turned out to be a pretty good series, which is worth a look. And even though it’s not at all interesting for you to read my bullshit (which I know for sure), but I still write and write, as if you didn’t want that :)

  • MadSharky
    Was this review helpful for you? 33/2

    There are films that literally take them out of life. It seems you understand that things are up to the mark, but it is impossible to come off. The series 'Escape' is just one of those.

    The main character, Michael, intentionally goes to jail to get his brother out of there. The idea is naive, but it has its trump cards. Michael's main weapon is his engineering knowledge and tattoos throughout his body, which are the plan of the whole prison.

    Despite the simple complication, the series consists of a huge number of unexpected twists and hundreds of storylines, which are closer to the end and put together to form a complete picture.

    This tape catches up precisely because there are no frank stamps in it. Everything seems to be the same as in other films about prison life, only exactly the opposite. After all, a detailed escape plan and a huge number of trump cards in the bosom are not a guarantee of success. Michael will face many obstacles, and all of them lead to the long-awaited freedom.

    The second line is the brother himself, who was convicted of a crime that he did not commit. It’s quite difficult to prove something, because behind the fraud are not street gangsters, but a whole chain of people in senior positions.

    Everything, from the acting to the camera work, looks great. Even the most negative characters have their own charm.

    Prisoners are shown on both sides, not just negative. Everyone has their own story, character and outlook on life.

    The series takes precisely the fact that something constantly happens in it. You won’t be bored and relaxed. That is why 'Escape' delays from start to finish.

    I do not know what the budget of this film is, but everything is done in the highest class. There can be no talk of primitive and miserable special effects.

    It is recommended to all fans of a good series and those who appreciate the movie for the atmosphere and plot.

    10 out of 10

  • Elips_dark5754
    The best series of all time!
    Was this review helpful for you? 55/4

    “Escape” - This is the best series I've seen. And I can say with confidence that this is the best series of all time, I think many will agree with me. The first season of the series was released in 2005 and ended with a feature film in 2009. I happened to see it only in 2010. There are few such series that survive to the 3rd and 4th season and are still loved by many viewers from the first season. Series such as Escape had to be broadcast on TV and then more people found out about this Masterpiece. Why is 'Lost' considered the best? Answer: Because it was broadcast on several channels many times. If Escape were also shown on TV, I’m sure it would become even more popular than 'Lost' . And so, viewers are forced to learn about 'Escape' via the Internet or friends. I happened to see this Masterpiece after positive reviews on the Internet. And now about the series:

    1) The first thing I want to note first of all is the main idea of ​​the series . You just look how everything is thought out to the smallest detail. A tense atmosphere, unexpected outcomes, many storylines, many completely different characters who have their own game and their own end. I would say that the crew of the series 'Escape' is one of the best on-screen teams not only among series, but also among feature films. Perfectly crafted characters: Engineer-designer, trying to get his brother out of prison, Rapist - a killer who wants to take revenge on the woman who ended up in prison, Thief - who seeks to return to his beloved, Gangster - who wants to take revenge on the man who set him up, Former military man, eager for his family.

    I would give this series an Oscar in the first place for the best script, if it were possible. But this is not possible, and the Oscars are not given to the series. The script is better than in this series I have not seen.

    2) Actors - all made a huge contribution to the series, but most of all were remembered:

    Wentworth Miller - throughout all 4 seasons, he perfectly played the role of Michael Scofield, forever thinking engineer with high intelligence, ready to give his life for a loved one or his friends.

    Robert Napper - brilliantly played Theodore Bagwell, the rapist - the killer, probably the most charismatic character in the series, who can be considered one of the best villains in the movie.

    Amory Nolasco - perfectly played the role of Fernando Sucre. He made a loyal and very good friend with a sense of humor, who will never give up and betray his friends under any circumstances. The main goal of Sucre is to return to his beloved. He almost visited all the states, traveled from city to city, robbed a store in order to take a girl to a restaurant, even reached Mexico itself, and all this for the sake of her lover.

    Of course, every girl dreams of such a ...

    3) Soundtrack - I really liked the music for the film, especially the main theme of the series, the composer of which was Ramin Javadi .

    4) And, finally, the most important thing - why do I love this series? Except for the actors, soundtrack, script? The answer is: Vitality - the most important thing in the series, everything is done so realistic and exciting. Watching the events taking place in the film, the viewer cannot take his eyes off the screen from the first minute to the very end. In prison there are completely different personalities: drug addicts, rapists, murderers, gangsters, thieves and even not guilty as it always was. Vile and greedy guards work here, shaking money from prisoners and ready to betray each other for a salary, however, they are the most ordinary people in the series. The main character has a huge intellect, which combines psychological, physiological and other needs that the viewer can learn while watching. In addition, the film shows a love line, which further prevents the viewer from looking up from the screen, and all the dialogs have long been broken down into quotes. It makes no sense to describe too much, the series needs to be watched

    And in conclusion I want to say:

    'Escape' - The best series in the world, the best drama, the best main character, the best plot (script), the best series about devotion, hope, friendship, honor and love ...

    Huge bow: to Wentworth Miller, Dominick Pursell, Amory Nolasko, Robert Napper, Sarah Wayne Callis, Wade Williams, Paul Adelstein, William Fichtner, Rockmond Dunbar, Jody Lynn Okifi and of course Paul / b> to the main author of the idea and script that this Masterpiece presented to us. One wants to meet him, shake hands and say the following words:

    Gender - you are brilliant!

    TV series for all time. The series that taught me a lot and that will always remain in my heart!

    Now we are free - truly free!

    Undoubtedly, I give the highest score

    P. S 10 out of 10 It's a pity you can’t bet more

  • Dr. Nobody
    “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/2

    Before watching this series, and this happened for the first time two years ago, I heard a lot of positive reviews in his direction. And so, when I started to watch it, then I literally could not come off. This series is addictive from the very first series and does not let go until you watch the latest one, it is so interesting (at least for me).

    'Escape' is a story about two brothers, one of whom voluntarily goes to prison to get the second out of it. The two brothers were played by Dominic Pursell and Wentworth Miller. Perhaps the most interesting of these two brothers is Michael Scofield performed by Wentworth Miller.

    Wentworth was just perfectly able to play his character. For me, Michael Scofield has become the most important and most memorable character (I think he has become one for many).

    Also remembered is the character of Amori Nolasco. He played the character of Sucre, cellmate Michael Scofield. Sucre is one of the most charismatic and memorable characters in the entire series.

    In addition, the characters of Paul Adelstein, William Fichtner, Robert Knepper, Sarah Wayne Callis, Wade Williams are remembered.

    I especially liked and remembered the soundtrack in the series. Ramin Javadi wrote very good music. The main theme of the series is one of the best for me.

    Prior to watching this series, I was absolutely not interested in the prison theme, but now I will not miss the opportunity to watch some movie in which the jailbreak will be shown.

    Bottom line: 'Escape' is my favorite series, which I have already watched several times and will review as many.

    10 out of 10

  • Rasorium
    Keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even closer. (C)
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/1

    There are so many impressions and thoughts that it’s hard to keep yourself together so as not to pour them into a messy mess. 'Escape' is an example of the fact that you can shoot good TV shows with a minimal share of the soap opera. First of all, the series is designed to keep the viewer in suspense, so from the first series the active development of the plot begins, which was enough for 4 seasons. You could squeeze everything in 3 seasons and not reveal all the cards and all the characters to the viewer, but this minus is overshadowed along with a huge number of pluses.


    The plot is already distinguished by the unique originality of the idea itself - "a person intentionally goes to prison, then to escape from there." After four seasons, the viewer has to observe the whole story, revealed in small parts and connected into a single whole, from an unjust sentence to Lincoln and to the long-awaited moment of final freedom.


    In terms of characters, everything is so good that it can't be better. Everything, absolutely all the actors gave their characters brightness and originality. Each character, both main and minor, made something of his own in the series and did not go unnoticed. Personally, I want to single out Michael, T-Bag, Kalerman, Graham and Mahoney.


    In the atmosphere, I include both the scenery and the actions created by the characters. Combined, this gives an effect of tension. The prison riot against the backdrop of endless trellised corridors, due to the specifics of the series, creates a sense of danger for the heroes at every turn. However, the plot complements the atmosphere. When everything seems to go smoothly, a new, seemingly insurmountable obstacle arises in front of the heroes. Naturally, after the first season, the understanding comes that there are no hopeless situations for the resourceful engineer Michael, and this guy holds the situation 10 moves ahead, despite all its complexity.

    The dangerous gray Fox River prison, the road through all the states on the way to Mexico, the Sona prison with a fiery sun and Spartan orders, the hidden passages of the headquarters of the 'Company' - all these are parts of the general atmospheric picture of the series.


    The idea comes as an addition to the plot and characters. It has a deep character emanating from each colorful character. The main idea emanating from Michael is belief in freedom. From Lincoln, faith in supreme justice. From Abruzzi - revenge and a number of religious ideas. And each character carries his own idea in himself and all his actions are built based on it.

    In general, I want to say that the series is really good and exciting. Everyone should watch it without any restrictions.

    10 out of 10

  • Al Swan
    “If you want to change the world, start with yourself” ©
    Was this review helpful for you? 26/2

    When he just started watching this series, he dragged me from the very first series, just watched the first season in one gulp! I knew that I would like the series, because I love 'Shawshank Redemption' and such prison escapes attract me very much. After watching the finale of the first season, I was delighted with the indescribable! I sat looking at needles! Everything was used up simply! I haven’t been so nervous for the heroes for a long time.

    All the actors are smart, all the characters are interesting, everyone is remembered well. I will highlight the heroes I especially like.

    The hero of Wentworth Miller simply conquered me! Awesome man, how clever, brave this Michael is! And just such a gorgeous character, he will forever remain in my heart.

    Lincoln, or rather I note both Lincoln, I liked them equally well. Wonderful father and little son. And JJ is so cute in general, it was always nice to look at him. I don’t know yet, but from the very beginning Theodore fell in love with me, the maniac is still one, but simply cannot not like him, he is a very bright and interesting character, and most importantly how Robert Napper played him matchless! Just bravo! Fernando always liked the same, sweet, kind, brave guy. I cannot but mention Paul Kellerman. As I recall, I hated him from the very beginning! And then such a sharp turn occurred that I loved him so much who would have thought! Paul Adelstein remarkably conveyed the character of his Paul, the actor really likes.There are few female characters there, I note the most important of course. Sarochka, of course, a nice girl, but I won’t say that I liked Sarah Wayne Callis’s heroine so much, she’s boring, I’m rather indifferent to her. Here's who I especially liked, it's Gretham! Here it is so amazing! And what beautiful eyes the actress Jodi Lyn O'Keefe has! Her character was gorgeous for me like that! I don’t know, she liked everything, a cool character, a strong girl, a fighting one. Oh yes, I still have to simply mention John Abruzzi, Whistler. Both characters are very interesting. Brad Bellick is a separate issue, he infuriated madly at first, but then, apart from pity for him, nothing remained. Alex Mahone is such a hero who never became handsome throughout the series. I’m rather indifferent to him, I just didn’t like the character of Alex. Benjamin Franklin did not like him from the very beginning, and did not like him in the end. Although there seems to be nothing to love. Franklin’s character was just unpleasant.

    The series itself is very dramatic. The finale of each season is incredibly exciting! And throughout all the seasons, they never ceased to amaze me. I want to note the credits at the beginning of each series and the music, they are just beautiful! The best season is of course the first. There, the most important escape was committed, which I admire. There was the coolest Fox River prison. The rest of the seasons are also very good, but the first and then the first.

    The series finale amazed me, subdued and touched me to the core! Of course, I supposed maybe somewhere inside that something like this should be, but I was still surprised, as always. Now you understand that this series should be at this series. I was very happy, so happy for all the heroes ... who were already loved as relatives. And this ray of light, flashed and finally illuminated our dark kingdom in the face of one man who was no longer expected, and which I missed so much. Remember the finale and just tears in my eyes. And what a wonderful song played in the end!

    All in all, 'Escape' is one of the best TV shows I've ever seen. And now one of my favorites. Well this must keep the viewer in suspense!

    I advise everyone.

    10 out of 10

  • Rammstein
    ... - “I'll get you out of here!” - “This is impossible ...” - “For the one who designed this prison - no!”
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/4

    Having started watching the series 'Prison Break', I literally went crazy. .. He from the very first series got into my head so deeply that I could not think of anything other than 'Escape'. Every day, wherever I am, and no matter what I do: I sat at my desk at school, rode the bus, trained, I was there with all my thoughts, with the heroes of the series. Every second I thought about what happened, about what else would happen in the next episodes, and waited with anticipation for me to include the next Prison Break episode. This series just sucked me in, making me my fanatic!

    The story of the series is just incredibly interesting! The plot is amazing! Throughout the series I was overwhelmed with a sense of empathy for the heroes, the intrigue did not leave for a second, it was unrealistic to come off! So the series flew one after another, series after series, season after season. After finishing watching 'Escape', I walked like a dope for another week. All kinds of thoughts were spinning in my head that everything could be different. At some points, I really wanted to change the plot, but alas ...

    The series 'Prison Break' is a very complex and confusing, but at the same time incredibly interesting, amazing story stretching right up to 4 seasons, completely different seasons ...

    Season 1. Fox River.

    Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) deliberately commits a crime and is sent to the Fox River High Security Prison, exactly where his brother Lincoln Burroughs (Dominic Pursell) is sitting, for a crime he did not commit. Michael went to prison in order to get him out of there by escaping from this prison.The brothers will have to overcome many difficult obstacles in order to be free. Michael will do everything to free himself and Link.

    Season 2. Chase.

    The second season was a logical continuation of the first. A group escape was made from the Fox River Prison: eight prisoners escaped. Now, Michael and his brother will have to face a lot of difficulties in order to be outside the United States!

    Season 3. Sona.

    Michael goes to the Sona prison through fabricated evidence in order to get the person needed by the Company, the organization that runs the country, out of there.

    In my opinion, season 3 was less spectacular. Actually, I don’t think that he was needed, based on previous events ...

    Season 4. Scylla.

    The heroes of the series still can not return to normal. Someone constantly needs something from them ... This time Michael and his company will have to steal a special device for Scyll to destroy the "Company".

    As a result, it should be said that 'Prison Break' is the best I've seen in my life! 4 seasons fly by. I really liked this series! And I advise everyone to watch it!

    100 out of 10!

  • Dachnik
    We are free.
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/2

    The series is great! This is not a Chelentanovsky escape, not a Shoushenkovsky one, and not even a chicken coop escape, it is a real П-О-Б-Е-Г !!! No matter how stupid the idea would be to compare feature films with a multi-season series, but try worth it. So much blackmail, spectacular disappearances, interesting and unpredictable moves were not yet in any series. I wonder where the writers and directors have so many ideas and ideas, judging by this series they are simply endless! This is not to say that some season stands out from the rest. All seasons are balanced, look harmonious and very attractive to the eye. You just fall in love with each character of this series, and when he leaves the world of the series, it is very difficult to part with him. Every minute, with bated breath, I expected what would happen, what kind of turn of events the series would take, who would throw something out, who would come up with something, who would substitute whom, who would kill whom. I would like to watch the series constantly, thank God, I did not have to wait for the next series to be released, because I learned about the series late, so I had the opportunity to watch all the seasons at once, I successfully took advantage of this opportunity and watched everything in a short time. (It’s a pity that the LOST series had to wait for weeks, or even months, for the next series to be released, although this expectation gives a special piquancy and charm to the viewing, but you don’t torment yourself with thoughts about what will happen in this or that series. ) I was literally hooked on this series. How many threats, reprisals, money turns, plans, revenge, salvations - all this is so brilliantly done and beaten that speechlessness disappears, this must be seen. The storyline is not static, it has a constant, continuous development, which often takes a turn that is unexpected for the viewer. In the series, during all seasons there is a glow of passions: from escaping from prison to the third world (nuclear!) War. I want to shout about the series! I want to talk about him so that everyone can enjoy him to the fullest!

    P.S. don't forget to watch the full length movie.

  • rinatkhamatov
    Another Freedom
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/2

    What did you sacrifice for the sake of loved ones?

    Yes, we all ... and many. The hero of this picture sacrifices his freedom

    Victim. For someone ... it's money, health, time. But nevertheless, the notorious American word 'freedom' (freedom) becomes more expensive than life and all of the above - since the film comes from a country with a star-striped flag . How many times have we heard it (in voiceover) in a popular movie among spectacular battles, inspiring speeches and the 'true' love of the main characters of many blockbusters or other soulful, intriguing, deep and, for the most part, silent, but highly praised by critics. < br>
    So what did this series bring, besides some pleasant sensation of a good, intriguing movie like 'Escape from the Shawshank' was and is with its concepts of justice and the triumph of a certain higher justice; all the same pleasing to my hearing speech-dialogue? Never mind. And still a lot. For as a person’s life is similar one to another: birth, death, family, work, life - everything is different from a detailed examination.

    9 out of 10

    [review of the first season and the last episodes of the movie]

  • Torn Bayan
    “Just a little faith.”
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/4

    Michael Scofield is convinced of the innocence of his brother, who was framed and sent to prison. Soon the death penalty awaits him, and then Michael decides to take a desperate act - to commit a crime and go to the very prison where his brother is being held, in order to later release him. The plan is brilliantly simple, because Michael himself designed this building and knows how to escape.

     There are not so many films about the prison, but one has been leading the top 250 at Kinopoisk for a long time, namely, “Escape from the Shawshank”, and I can’t remember the series, because “Escape” is an excellent candidate to fill this gap. I already mentioned the plot, now I would like to run a little through the main characters of the series. So, let's get started:

      Michael Scofield - the protagonist of this series. By profession, an engineer is a designer, and by life a genius with an unusual mindset. It is the brain of all operations, on the shoots of which in the series will be quite a few. To tell the truth, Wentworth Miller is an average actor and this will be felt in those scenes where he has to throw out a lot of emotions that his character experiences, but he has another big plus that overcomes the lack of his acting abilities, namely, charisma. Yes, it is at the expense of her that he attracts viewers to himself.

      Lincoln Burroughs - Michael's brother, who was framed and sentenced to death. By level of acting Dominic Pursell is somewhere on a level with Wentworth Miller, and maybe a little lower, but he does not have what the first possesses - charisma. Not only is his character so poorly spelled out by the scriptwriters, the actor himself is also of little interest, so he turned out to be one of the most boring protagonists of the series.

      Fernando Sucre is a guy who once fell in love with a girl at first sight and is now forced to serve time in prison, as he risked robbing a store to give her a present. What can I say, the most romantic and good-natured character in the picture. All his thoughts are only about one thing - about his beloved. The series always helps Michael and his brother in their affairs and problems. Amory Nolasco is a good actor and he proved it for the roles that I saw with his participation, and “Escape” once again confirmed this. In the first seasons, it’s still interesting to watch how he tries to reunite with his lover, but then, to be honest, this is already starting to get a little annoying.

      Theodore Bagwell aka Sachet - the main negative character in the picture. A cunning and very tenacious character. I’m always ready to stab him in the back whenever possible and get out of any mess, though his limbs sometimes suffer, in one of these alterations he loses part of his hand, but this does not prevent him from building new intrigues and problems for the main heroes. Robert Nepper was another discovery for me in terms of interesting actors. If the main roles are played by medium-sized actors, then in the background there are very interesting characters, and Sachet is one of them. All the seasons, I admired and enjoyed the game of this actor, and he played really cool! All in all, one of the most powerful acting work of this series.

      Alex Mahone is an FBI agent tasked with catching prisoners after they escape by any means. In the first seasons, the audience appears as yet another negative character, truth, then his tragic story pops up, which shows that this hero was only a pawn in other people's games. William Fichtner just as pleasantly surprised me with his game. It is felt that the actor tried hard, working on the character in order to breathe life into him and distinguish him from the rest. In general, this work by William Fichtner was another pleasant discovery for me.

     There are a couple of characters who are interesting in their own way, but listing all of them will take a lot of time and text, so I decided to single out only the most important ones. The series turned out to be very interesting and exciting, but it could not do without minuses, and I would like to express what it seemed to me to be a fly in the ointment.

      The main and only minus that I noticed comes from the script. To my great regret, the scriptwriters devoted very little time to the relationship of the main characters. As a result, the connection that was supposed to be between the brothers Michael and Lincoln, between the son and father, and in the end the main love line of the series Michael and Sarah, is not felt.Where is their love? What is it based on? On a couple of meetings in the medical office? In general, I did not believe in all this. On the screen such words say, “- Michael, we are brothers” or “- Lincoln, you know, Sarah is everything to me!”, But where is the ground for all this? It was necessary to pay more attention to their relationship, so that the viewer empathize with their relationship, but, unfortunately, this was not done, and for me these words remained only as a concussion.

     The result is a strong series that does not encroach on something big and has a good cast, good and exciting plot, and also ends where it should, without swelling for many seasons.

  • Lyofik
    Jailbreak is just the beginning!
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/4

    For a long time did not want to watch this series. I thought that all four seasons two brothers will run away from prison. Still looked! And I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. Watch everyone!

    I liked this series. I looked at all the series in a month. The director knows his job. As in many series, of course, the first series are not very. But if you look further, you will drag out! Do not drop the series on the first episodes. 'Escape' is a great action movie that keeps us from beginning to end. In each series of action, the plot does not stand still, but moves on. Each hero of this series has his own drama: who is a drug addict trying to get rid of addiction, who has children and wants to escape to them, who wants to escape to his sick mother, and who just wants to be free! I looked and sympathized with everyone, as if I was there with them. Many, I'm sure, having looked at the name and number of episodes, changed their minds to watch the series! This is a gross mistake !!! In order not to spoil it, I can only say that you should not give up viewing if you think that the action of the series will only be in prison. No! See-you will like it.

    I liked the actors. Everything. Each of them has its own zest. I didn’t like Dominic Pursell’s game a bit. It seemed to me that he was much overacting when he portrayed anger. But still he’s great, like everyone else.

    There was one minus. It seems to me that season 4 dragged on! It would be better if there were 22 episodes in the third season and only 13 in the fourth. It was season 3 that could somehow be stretched, but not the fourth.

    So, 'Escape' is a dramatic, exciting and interesting series that will remain in my memory for a long time. I will never forget the heroes of the series and its strong ending! Bravo! I bet

    9 of 10

    'After all, we are all free now ... Finally! We are free ... '

  • Casper_khv
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/0

    I once saw an advertisement for the Russian TV series 'Escape', got interested, decided to watch ... Well, after watching the first episode, I thought: 'But it’s not bad, really, our people have learned to make high-quality TV shows ...' . But Google sent me down to earth - 'Escape' is an adaptation of the American series.

       I decided to get acquainted with the source, the name of which is 'Prison Break' ... and it started. From the first episode, it became clear that the Russian 'Escape' should be forgotten forever, because next to the original it looks, to put it mildly, faded. I won’t specify the disadvantages of adaptation, just believe me.

       So. 'Prison Break'. The series deserves attention and respect, if only because each of its series pleases with events, non-obvious plot twists, and generally rivets to the screen tightly. The narrative has never been strained, excellent dynamics remain throughout all four seasons. The actors played just brilliantly. Each of the characters is truly unique, has its own character and style. Emotions are conveyed perfectly, you really believe what is happening. The prisons themselves (there are 3 in total, considering The Final Break) also did not disappoint and create the right atmosphere. These are not just buildings, institutions that run in the background ... no ... they live their own lives, within each of them certain rules and customs reign. All this is organically woven into the plot.

       Michael is a unique person. He is ingenious, calculates everything two steps forward. Moreover, being actually a “runaway convict”, he does not depart from many principles that make a person a person, whatever the situation. He feels and realizes the burden of responsibility for each action, and not only his own. He is often tormented by remorse ... he is a hero, fully worthy of the series.

      'Prison Break' is a fascinating, and most importantly lively, story that touches on topics of justice, prices of freedom, friendship, family and much more. This is a masterpiece that cannot be passed by.

    10 out of 10

  • starkiller123321
    4 seasons of happiness
    Was this review helpful for you? 21/5

    A year ago, I did not even know about the existence of the series 'Escape'. But even when I heard about him, I was not going to watch him. And recently, I still decided to watch it. Honestly, until recently I thought that a better series than 'Lost' does not exist, but I was very mistaken. The series is so good and exciting that I watched all 4 seasons + a full-length film in two weeks. In general, I do not really like TV shows, but I wrote this creation in the category of my best film projects. The series hooked me so much that I started writing a book about the sequel.

    Let's start with the first season .

    In general, I consider the first season to be the best. Of course, the best impression always appears at the beginning, when you enter the atmosphere that the director wants to convey, when you get to know the characters, when there are a lot of questions. In season 1, we meet rapist Theodore Bagwell, Sucre, Franklin, John Abruzzi, Dr. Sarah, Link, and of course Michael Scofield himself, an engineer and designer of the prison from which he pulls out his brother. All these heroes are very interesting, everyone has their own story of how they went to jail. I was very impressed with the idea of ​​applying an unusual tattoo on Michael's body with a prison plan and various tips. The whole first plot kept me in suspense until the escape and looked in one breath. It is a pity that not everyone got an attempt to gain freedom.

    Season Two

    In the second season, small flaws, which are practically absent, are covered by a new hero - Alex Mahone, who has been chasing Michael all season. We also part with the hero nicknamed 'Outcast' and the head of the mafia John Abruzzi, which made me very upset. In general, the second season tells us that if you escaped from prison, then this does not make you free. Michael and his friends still do not abandon the hope of becoming free. At every step he encounters some kind of trouble, which he deftly circumvents. I want to note how the second season ends. The ending shows us all the horror that is happening behind bars extremely difficult position of our heroes.

    Third Season

    It is unfortunate that the director devoted so little time to the third season, only thirteen episodes. This season shows us Michael's second escape. We also get acquainted with new heroes, with a new environment. And here Michael with his new company commits his next jailbreak.

    Fourth Season

    I read a lot of discontent from the audience about the last season, supposedly this is no longer an "Escape", but some kind of "Mission Impossible". In fact, this is not so. I consider this season a worthy ending, where the director fully reveals his characters. Of course, it's a shame for the ending. So much effort expended ...

    The fourth season caused a lot of discontent from the audience, especially with regard to the ending. That is why the director decides to shoot the full-length film 'Final Escape', where Michael makes the next escape of his lover - Sarah, giving his life in return.

    After watching the series, I literally roared. It is unfortunate that the director did not continue the series, although this may be for the better.

    I also want to note the cast. First, of course, is Wentworth Miller. He did an excellent job. And I still can’t understand why it’s in the credits and stands after Dominic Pursell. Secondly, this is Robert Nepper, his hero seems to be disgusting, but somehow he attracts to himself. Robert just brilliantly played in this series. And thirdly, these are Dominic Pursell, Amory Nolasco, William Fichtner, Wade Williams, Sarah Wayne Callis and other wonderful actors. In general, the cast was very well chosen.

    Bottom line - there can be no complaints about the series. Movie worth watching.

    10 out of 10

  • yuliya_z86
    Trust me ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/1

    I confess, but the famous Prison Break I finished watching only yesterday. Having spent on viewing all 4 seasons 10 days. On the other hand, if I watched it earlier, waiting for the release of new episodes - my nerves simply could not stand it!

    I watched on my friend’s urgent recommendation, doubting for a long time before that the series are usually not mine. But this is not even a series - it is such a long wonderful film.

    Captures from the first series. To the credit of the creators, I must say that you immediately understand the motivation of the heroes. At least the main ones. There are a lot of them in the first season. Michael is sympathetic. I immediately liked Sarah, the director of the prison, and the old prisoner with a cat. But Lincoln somehow did not go, and the actor was not impressed. Some characters in general caused antipathy, both negative and some positive: for example, lawyer Veronika, Brad Belik and T-Bag. And the most mysterious (a kind of indestructible and impenetrable) was Paul Kellerman. And the actor himself is very, very charming - at first he smiled so mysteriously, fervently, and then he began to kill someone. In general, season 1 made a very positive impression by the plot and the actors. What is important is that the series takes for life, makes you empathize. You know 100% that in the end they will run away, and you are still afraid that everything will fail.

    The second season was marked by a chase - everyone ran from everyone and everyone followed everyone! Removed some old characters, added new ones.This is just one of the new ones that will be discussed. I’m not indifferent to FBI special agents since the time of the unforgettable Mulder from The X-Files. And here he is - a new favorite: Alexander Mahone! It seems like logically a negative character, but how strong. I don’t know what the matter is: in William Fichtner, who played Mahone, or in the hero himself ... But I just disappeared, it turned out to be a split personality. I didn’t want everyone to be caught (although some would still be nice to catch!), But I really wanted Alex to be at his best and transplanted everyone !!! And just as Mahone himself showed signs of drug addiction, so I myself became dependent on this hero. Now the series looks only for it. Especially (after mature thinking after watching the season) that his actions are humanly understandable. He is far from being a villain, he simply values ​​his family - his wife and son, while the fugitives (besides, we will not forget that among them the rapist and killer T-Bag, the mafiosi Abruzzi, who killed the parents of the crazy Patoshek - are far from white and fluffy! ) for him strangers. Alex is tormented and suffering, he is not heartless, but such are the circumstances. You know, in some moments I already burst into tears! .. I liked season 2 the most, it is very dynamic, but also tragic at the same time. Another interest was the transformation of Kellerman. This character aroused genuine respect. And to be honest, Michael himself by this moment already began to annoy a little with his smile of excellence.

    Season 3, although short, but dramatic. Here, finally, a prison is like a prison, and not a boarding house from season 1! Here, in general, the whole universe shrinks to the experience of Alex Mahone. Perfectly played his experiences, loneliness, fear, withdrawal. He no longer trusts anyone, he even begins to think that he deserves everything that happened to him. And the whole season, from series to series, you say, hold on, you're strong, you can! .. Moreover, in season 3, the appearance of a beautiful female face - Susan-Gretchen was pleased. Against the background of frankly faded Sarah from the memoirs of Michael and Hispanic Sofia, she clearly wins. Before her, the most beautiful of the women was only the fictitious wife of Scoffield from season 1. This season, in my opinion, has the most controversial and incomprehensible ending. And a character like Whistler is not at all clear - who, where and why? (looking ahead I’ll say that this is so until the end and it won’t be clear)

    You are waiting for season 4 simply because you know that this is the last one and you will receive answers to questions. Of the brightest - sharply wiser Sucre. It was a workhorse, but it’s a direct child prodigy! Belik (albeit positive) still does not cause sympathy, new heroes also do not catch. The appearance of Michael's mother is, in my opinion, a little out of the field of delirium ... During the first episodes, I (as a fan of Alex) generally worried that the scriptwriters were frank sadists! How much can you mock Mahone ?! Well, okay, not the most positive character (but who has already switched to the good side), a person made many mistakes in his life, but for what SO ?? True, by the end of the entire series, the scriptwriters in my eyes rehabilitated themselves a bit, both with the situation with Alex and with the end of the story as a whole.There was no classic - and they lived happily ever after. Everything is vital.

    But the Final Escape in my opinion was already superfluous. And it looked like an explanation for the end of season 4.

    Summing up, I’ll say that watching the series was really worth it, I’m not sorry for the time spent. A good play of the actors, in general, the plot is quite logical and without excesses.

    And my personal reason is Alex Mahone /

  • julie_julie
    Brother for brother
    Was this review helpful for you? 21/1

    'I put my soul into it' M. Scofield

    During the viewing of “Escape” I have accumulated a lot of questions and they all begin with the word “why.” Why did this series not gain popularity comparable to LOST? Why do I find out about him through an advertisement of the identical Russian version on TV? Why did they forget about him so quickly? Yes, this prison series is a very specific place. Nevertheless, he has an important advantage over all very mediocre films. Which one? He's interesting. Like this. Everything ingenious is simple.

    In order:

    Season 1. Well, gentlemen, this is exactly what we are here for: to trace all the secrets of the life of prisoners. And although we all roughly imagine what is happening there, we cannot deny ourselves the pleasure of looking at it again. In addition, here, to the main dish of the Fox River Prison, there is also a sauce in the form of a well-planned escape. Each series catches the attention of the viewer. The entire thought process of the protagonist, engineer, Michael Scofield, is visible at a glance and we understand that theoretically such a plan is really possible, since everything is calculated to the smallest detail. In contrast to Andy Dufrain ("Shawshank Redemption"), who literally paved the way to China with a spoon, Michael Scofield prepared everything in advance, calculated the points of least resistance, found out the weak points of the security system, found the right people, came up with a backup plan ... That what he did can be listed endlessly.What is the conclusion? Scofield created just the perfect escape plan. We believe everything that happens on the screen, because force majeure is not excluded. Even such a brilliant and, at first glance, an impeccable plan cannot go smoothly and he does not immediately overcome all the difficulties encountered in the hero’s path. I want to note that Wentworth Miller perfectly got used to the role. And it’s simply impossible to tear yourself away from his gaze (I just love the moment where Michael gets into a psychiatric hospital after an isolation ward: a sharp change of gaze and we are once again convinced of what genius he is after all!)

    Season 2. As a rule, here the fans of the first season begin the inevitable process of comparison and, as a result, the conclusion about significant changes for the worse. But what did you actually expect, citizens? The heroes, as expected, escaped from prison and the pursuit begins. Do not put them back in jail in order to preserve the familiar atmosphere of the audience. In my opinion, this is a very competent continuation and, in fact, is in no way inferior to the first season. Life on the run is also of particular interest, though of a slightly different nature. The downside of this season, in my opinion, is excessive tightness and a crumpled end. Due to the wider scope, some moments during the viewing were missed, and at the end of the season it became a little boring. Although, I repeat that the first half right up to the union of all the heroes to search for money D. B.Cooper watched with enthusiasm like the entire first season.

    Season 3. And the action goes back to jail again! Scofield, who somehow got here in a dubious way, is preparing to escape again, taking with him part of the old team and several new people. Obviously, it was planned to make this season identical to the first. Well, this is not a bad idea, given the past success. However, this season, perhaps, liked the least. The first minus is Sona. What kind of prison is this where prisoners live by their own rules? They have, one might say, their own state with wild laws and a clear class-class system. Honestly, I didn’t think that such a thing existed at all. It is more like the adverse areas of a big city. The second minus is predictability. We already realized that Scofield is an unsurpassed genius and no personal problems will force him to deviate from this word. This will not surprise the picky viewer. The effect of surprise was relevant only in the first season, when we only got acquainted with the characters. Although, of course, it pleases that the heroes do not change their role. Lovers of the second season, I think, like it.

    Season 4. The reason we started watching this series finally came to naught. There are no more persecutions, cunning plans, in general, all that distinguished “Escape” from other police films, where the bad guys are doing dirty tricks, and the good ones are trying to stop them. Initially, Scofield only wanted to free his brother and start a new life, and not save the whole world.Nevertheless, for such an ending you can forgive everything! In the final 24 episode, I even shed a tear, which is extremely rare. To some, the ending may seem commonplace, but still it is very emotional and, without a doubt, puts an end to the whole story.

    So to summarize. The series is excellent. Do not expect great action and plot throughout the series. That's why he and the series, in order to be better in some places, but worse in some places. This is an extremely rare case when subsequent seasons are better than the first and “Escape” is no exception. Definitely, the first season is worth your attention. Here is the head of the Italian mafia Abruzzi, and the pervert Teddy, and a lot of no less colorful characters. Look further at will. The only problem is that you can’t stop only for one season, you will want more! A great start and a chic finish determine my appreciation.

    10 out of 10

  • diman4ik11
    The best series
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/3

    After watching the series for the second time, I decided to write a review, but I understand that it will be difficult, because how can I describe what I’m already used to, what you know by heart. This series came into my memory, perhaps it changed the idea of ​​life, of people a little.

    They know how to shoot the series so that you can’t tear yourself away from it all 4 seasons. I agree, there were times when the series just stopped and lost its taste, but then it fascinates you again.

    The idea is simple, but at the same time brilliant. Often we hear the rhetorical question “What would an ordinary person do to save a loved one?”, But what would a GENIUS do to save a brother is more interesting.

    Briefly about the plot of season 1. Lincoln Burroughs is jailed for killing a 'big shot' that he did not commit. He turned out to be a pawn in the game of a major 'campaign' and the US government. After 3 months, Lincoln should be put in an electric chair, but his brother Michael Scofield comes to the rescue. He got into the prison, which he himself built and planned an escape. In parallel to the events in Fox River, Lincoln's lawyers unravel the case, but, of course, can do nothing. I don’t want to tell further, because the beauty of watching a film lies in its unexpectedness and rapid turn of events.

    Agree that the love of the series arises when observing the brilliant plan of the protagonist Michael Scofield. It was this detail that hooked everyone to this series.He thought of everything, well, absolutely everything, except for what could not be foreseen. Human feelings, the nature of different people and the unexpected huge influence of the authorities on the current situation every time interfere, change plans for Michael.

    In general, I want to say that there are very few people like Michael in this world. If there are no ideal people, then he is close to them. Scofield is not only a smart, calculating guy, he is a very good person. On the series, you can often see how Michael puts the lives of many people at risk, simply not able to refuse his heart, compassion for others. And this is his charm. Frankly, when I watched the series for the first time, I did not notice much of all the beauty of Michael Scofield. Only by looking closely you will notice WHAT THIS MAN IS.

    In general, the series contains a lot of different characters that evoke different feelings, but how beautiful and detailed they are for us to think about.

    Favorite series that can be watched hundreds of times, which will be so popular for a very, very long time.

    10 out of 10

  • Blaine Mono
    New season - new plan
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/0

    So my next series came to the end, namely, “Escape.”

    What a pity in the end to part with your favorite heroes. The series initially seemed to me to repeat the famous "Escape from the Shawshank", but no, I was mistaken. Although I was mistaken how to say it - after all, all films or books for the most part are the result of the action of a work (film) on a person who writes books or makes a film. So some repetitions are not so scary, another thing is important - how it is transmitted.

    And transferred here in my opinion is very worthy. Although in some ways each season is a kind of separate escape, but one without the other no matter how. The methods themselves, the plot itself is an excellent embodiment on the screen by wonderful actors: William Fichtner, Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Amory Nolasco, Robert Napier and others.

    It was not in vain that I put William Fichtner in the first place - for me this actor was a real discovery, although I already knew him from films such as "All or Nothing", several episodic roles in the films "The Dark Knight", "Equilibrium" and Ultraviolet. His hero, Alexander Mahone, suffering from a mental disorder due to a long series of failures in the search for a maniac and subsequent murder, begins the hunt for fugitive criminals-brothers Michael and Lincoln and their gang. What came of it - see for yourself - you will not regret it.

    Of course, Wentworth Miller - Michael Scofield - an amazingly smart engineer who calculates every step to the smallest detail and does nothing for nothing. His brother, Lincoln Burroughs (Dominic Purcell), who was unjustly sentenced to death, does not somewhat compare with his genius brother, because he does not have such a mind, but later everything becomes clear. But even without these abilities thanks to new friends, Lincoln copes.

    In general, an excellent series, with an incredibly attractive plot to watch. I would say the motto of this film is: “It’s just not possible to watch a new series.”

    Experiencing the whole series with the heroes, it was a pity to part with them.

    10 out of 10

  • FireFly_
    One salvation is flight.
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/3

    Despite all my love for TV shows and films, Prison Break didn’t go with me right away ... I don’t know why, but I can say one thing - I did not regret that I finally looked at him. The series is incredible and exciting, it is impossible to come off ...

    Events in the series are developing at an incredible speed from the very beginning to the very end. The plot is interesting, quite dynamic. The series looks in one breath. Actors for the role are perfectly matched. I would like to highlight the most beloved:

    Sarah Tancredi . Despite the fact that she is a woman - a weaker sex, I was struck by how much endurance and courage in her. Not a few experiences fell on her lot, with which, perhaps, another woman could not cope without support. But Sarah, acting alone while the guys were on the run, found ways out of difficult situations and fought desperately for her life and for the right to be happy.

    Lincoln Burroughs . Purcell dreamed of me, I'm so in love with his role. Lincoln is a man carved out of stone. I am surprised how he clearly played his role, the role of a man whom, it seems, is impossible to break. But at the same time, his eyes are a mirror of the soul. All experiences, all failures ... they were read in them and nothing else. Incredible power and steel ... he coped with the role.

    Michael Scofield . Man is a genius. Scrupulous, cunning, a man of incredible mind. Always silent and as if not causing suspicion, he turned an incredible plan escape ... And it seems that just about everything will collapse, everyone will know, but no ...

    Fernando Sucre . Fell in love with the character's facial expressions. I was not afraid to become a partner in Michael’s dangerous game and got the same freedom ticket. He had so many opportunities to leave the campaign, but friendship and a sense of duty did not allow him to leave the guys in trouble. And about her dedication to Mary Cruz ... you can write a book:)

    And the last one will probably be Alex Mahone . I did not expect him to take the side of the guys. It seems that he was ready to do anything for the capture of the fugitives, and subsequently the restoration to the FBI, but still did not betray them (3-4 seasons), which I am very happy about. So in his heart there is friendship, and love, and loyalty, and a sense of duty ... So he is a man.

    There are heroes in the series whose game can also be distinguished, both positive and negative: Gretchen, Bellic (I respect it very much), Sachet, Donald Self, Paul Kellerman, Barrows Jr., Abruzzi and many others. All the actors coped well with their roles, which I can’t imagine others.

    Everything is great. The musical accompaniment is excellent, it brings out certain emotions.

    I remember there were even episodes where I felt like in football, when you support your favorite team, I was so worried about my favorite heroes :)
    The series is suitable for viewing unambiguously.

    P.S.: At the end of the fourth season, I shed a tear ... it was very hard to understand that it was all so over.

  • ohlilian
    A question of faith
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/4

    The killer of the vice president, waiting for execution to remorse his obvious and not very sins in the prison church, stares at the painfully native face in an obscure crowd of identical robes. Within a second, the brother’s voice quietly minted in his ear confident: "I will get you out of here!". How did he end up here? Why take this risk?

    Suspense, worthy of the night broadcast of the NTV channel. All viewers who consider themselves to be bored intellectuals yawn together. But do not prematurely pass a sentence, as well as a fictional society from this series. Just give yourself a chance to get acquainted with one of the best TV projects of the last decade and you will understand that all the laudatory remarks addressed to him were not taken from the ceiling.

    Prison Break - a series that has become the leitmotif of freedom and justice (which is why it was banned from being shown in a number of prisons), presented many new talents to television, generated a number of disputes and discussions, as well as an almost parody Russian remake.

    It looks either binge or nothing. The plot captures, immerses itself completely, rinses the brains. In the first few minutes, so much is happening that the moment comes when you want to press the 'stop' and leave. To return with a two-week supply of food and handkerchiefs.

      When I was young, I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought there was a monster in the closet.But my brother told me there wasn’t anything in the closet but fear. And fear wasn’t real. He said it wasn’t made of anything just ... air. Not even that. He said you just have to face it. You just have to open that closet and the monster would disappear.

    Michael Scofield (discreetly played by Wentworth Miller with his photosensitive face and the eyes of a Basilisk), up to thirty years of age diligently playing the role of a small screw in a streamlined mechanism, spoke out against the system. The catalyst for the protest was prompted by the conclusion of his brother and, in combination, the main 'ax' of the brewed porridge - the unlucky killer Lincoln Barrows (played by the gloomy Dominic Purcell), who should learn to think about his actions.

    The former life - well-fed, safe, consisting of graphs and drawings - disappeared in a distant view mirror (as soon as the bullet drilled the ceiling), and Fox River prison opened its gates to Michael. But even in the world of official blue shirts, he continues to follow the postulates: to help his brother, to act according to his conscience, to give girls paper flowers. And most importantly, never give up. Little by little, his fortress is being built, his architectural masterpiece erected in the middle of the kingdom of lies and revenge on the foundation of family values. With each step, he approaches the fulfillment of the goal, more deeply bogged down in his own fears.

    He meets people: good, bad, evil. Crosses and noises around the neck, postcards from Iraq and baseball cards, hands in pockets and bloodied hands, more like tattered scraps.Friends at the call of the heart and friends in misfortune, and the one who “fell in love with torment”. Yes, as it often happens, especially in the cinema environment, the fragile girl with heavy life baggage, Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Kellis), becomes the companion of the hero in his hard way, supporting him with her love. And the cheerful, passionate Latinos Sucre (Amori Nolasco) serves Michael as a faithful support and that rare person you can really rely on.

    The web is intertwined tighter, and just right to think: is it worth someone to trust? Even the serial killer and pedophile Theodore Bagwell (the best image of the incredibly talented Robert Nepper) does not cause disgust, but pity; prudent genius Alexander Mahoney (William Fichtner) drowns in the darkness of dilated pupils; greedy sneak Brad Bellic (Wade Williams) joyfully runs to meet his out-of-age brisk mother ... Scriptwriters juggle characters, casting them into incredible, deliberately unrealistic situations, drawing new dimensions to the light. Over time, unexpected actions cease to be such, and the viewer begins to feel the catch precisely from whoever is needed and when it should. This is one of the unpolished moments of the series. In fact, behind the layer of hyperbolic fiction lies a rational kernel: we feel that somewhere this is. Selling power, quiet betrayal and loud lies - alas, are familiar to the inhabitants of the real world. And this gives the series a second bottom, turning it into a kind of call to action, a case in point. Let it be rather rude (be honest, kind - and you will be rewarded), but existing, unlike.

    Every life he takes, that's blood on our hands. And for what?

    However, do not go deep into philosophy. In fact, the whole concept of the series is quite simple and is fully displayed in its name: in prison - on the run - in prison - on the run. They are running! Burning bridges, accelerating trains along sparkling rails, stuffing shoes with dust. Leaving bloody traces (who knows, the lives of enemies or friends were spilled and mixed with ashes), they run ... towards what?

    Freedom is just a fiction, faith is a silly axiom. You either surrender yourself completely or renounce it. And even in the most ideal plan there are flaws. Not all details can be drawn with blood-blue patterns on the skin. And even when the Panamanian sun scorches your shoulders, it's too late to relax. Sooner or later, your breath will be lost, and you will stop. Running forever is impossible.

    And here lies the main, actually fatal mistake of the creators of the series - instead of honorably completing the series, having played the full respiratory cycle, they took it to the second round, having replayed the plot that became the hit again. Deja vu. What a pity.

    Any road, no matter how difficult and long it may be, converges on the horizon to a single point. The most important thing is to deliver it on time.

    Season One: 10 of 10

    Season Two: 10 of 10

    Third season: 6 of 10

    Fourth Season: 4 of 10

    Final Escape: 5 of 10

    Final grade:

    7 of 10

  • KarinaValo
    Prison Break
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/2

    I resisted for a long time and did not want to watch “Escape”. Well, judge for yourself: what might a girl like in the series about runaway prisoners? It turned out a lot ...

    About the pros:

    Plot. The plot moves of "Escape" (especially the first and second seasons) are so well written that you wonder. It is difficult to imagine how much imagination and erudition it takes to register at least a pilot series!

    Characters. Lively, interesting, original, ambiguous - the characters of "Escape" forever fall into memory. The way their relationship will change over time is almost impossible to predict. Friends will become enemies, enemies-comrades-in-arms ... and maybe they will remain enemies? See and find out.

    Actor play. Of course, the best images were created by actors who played the roles of Michael Scofield, Brad Bellic, Alex Mahoney and one of the best serial villains - T Bag. The latter is a kind of Jack Sparrow, who was jailed.

    Dynamism. I watched all the seasons for about a month. It is simply impossible to break away!

    About Cons:

    Tightness. Despite the great play of the actors, the fourth season is a little “sagging”, the creators clearly took time, deciding how to finish the series.

    The ending. No comment.

    9 out of 10

  • Greyeyed
    He set a goal - go to her
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/3

    My weakness has always been the series with a medical bias: 'Anatomy of passion', 'Doctor House' .. What was my surprise when I decided to move away from my favorite subject, just ' hooked on 'Escape'!

    The series is great! Even more - not a single plot “hooked” me enough to experience every event of their life together with the heroes and to despair jump up from a chair when this or that “prisoner” was in the balance of death or exposure.

    Well, now about the main thing. Of course, about the main character of the series - Michael Scoffield. I, as a female representative, he managed to turn his head from the moment he appeared in the plot, which means - from the first minute of the series. Such a brutal, intellectually-developed and decent criminal simply can not be found in this world! The didactic abilities of the character lead to such confusion that, unwittingly, you begin to think about how his brain works and you come to the conclusion that an ordinary person simply can’t notice and compare such an incommensurable amount of details, analyze them and make them a piece of the genius plan about Escape!

    And I want and prickly say that it would be nice if the “Escape” never ends, but the mind tells us that even the most ingenious series will not be able to maintain such high ratings going further and further for the season.

    Goldfish, fulfill my wish - erase the memory of this series to be able to enjoy it again!

    10 out of 10

     while no plot is compared!

  • ReskatorDZ
    So much fiction
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/5

    I started watching this series solely due to the large number of positive reviews.

    The idea was quite interesting, but the number of illogical actions just goes through the roof. In principle, it would be possible to make an excellent series if the scriptwriters did not try to facilitate their work.

    The biggest stupidity in the film is his 'horse', tattoos on the body of the protagonist. If he is so smart, then why does he need a complete escape plan on his body? Not a prison communications plan, but everything about escape. Street names, places where he was and where he should come. It all looks so unnatural that it's just scary. The second thing that killed was when a hard drive was taken out of the river. At that moment, I just fell under the table. The probability of finding an item in the silt is close to zero, but then during the day everyone found it.

    In short, the scriptwriters were too lazy to come up with detective moves, and they helped them in every way. Because of this, the series turned out to be not detective, but pseudoconspirological.

    7 out of 10

  • bordgiya
    - I am outraged that of all in this room I am considered the worst. Unlike all of you, who are sitting behind the theft of cookies from Girl Scouts. - None of us in the process killed a single Girl Scout. (T-Bag)
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/2

    Oh yeah! One of the favorite TV shows. Well how? How could I not love this series if the main role is played by the sexiest Wentworth Miller!

    I watched the series more than once or twice. Although for me (regardless of assessment), he has two sides - the most excellent and so-so. The first and third seasons are super great when Michael is in prison and trying to survive + get out of it. “So-so” - when Michael was outside the prison - 2 and 4 seasons, sometimes I even missed them, they didn’t attract me.
    I must admit that not only Miller fascinated me, the selection of actors is simply amazing. True, I did not like his brother and brother's girlfriend at all. Dominic Purcell and Robin Tunney were not at all pleased ...

    But everyone else is just a 100% hit! As I was admired by the acting of Robert Nepper, his T-Run is impossible not to believe! In general, this character was at first secondary, but it is impossible to keep such a vivid image in the backyards, so the viewer was given a real pleasure to see Bagwell throughout the series. I really liked William Fichtner.

    Of course, if you peer into the details, analyze everything and approach the series critically, you can find a bunch of flaws and inconsistencies. HOWEVER, please don't do this, just watch and enjoy!

    10 out of 10

  • sweinsteiger
    Escape as a lifestyle ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/2

    TV shows ... a disrespect for some, a true art for others. In fact, TV shows are a very entertaining thing. And if the series is also not quite bad, or even causes increased interest, then there should be a place for controversy. One of these series is Prison Break, which, in my opinion, was once underestimated and was subjected to ridiculous criticism. Many hut Escape for the allegedly unintelligible last two seasons, but in fact it ended where it was supposed to end. Without the third and fourth seasons, the series would not have been clearly told, this fascinating story about two brothers would be incomplete and very short. Escape is the best series. Escape is the series of the decade. Escape - TV Series Art.

     I think Prison Break is the best show so far. Why? Typically, in popular TV shows / films, the plot, the game of actors, unpredictability, etc. are distinguished, but they do not talk about the main thing. In the Escape, all this, of course, is done at a decent level. But the main thing for which I fell in love with him is the dialogue. Here they are simply out of competition for other series. It was thanks to the dialogues that this series captured me so that I simply could not help but review it over and over again. In general, dialogs are a global problem for almost all series. They say basically what you want to hear, or have already heard it more than once. Here colloquial speech causes wild admiration. Sometimes heroes speak with hidden quotes that fit perfectly into certain plot moments and at the same time can exist outside the series.Obviously, many TV shows 'crash' and fuel despondency, largely due to banal and boring dialogues. In this series, they are excellent, they cause some kind of over emotions that are possible and will not be noticeable to someone with a single viewing.

     Now you can return to standards. I will not say that the actors here are perfectly matched and all that ... This is self-deception in fact. Yes, they are ideal for me personally, because I already fell in love with Escape for dialogs, and this is like a priest without faith. You can get used to any actors, you can be interested in any. And in the end, you'll be glad that there is ... Wentworth Miller and William Fichtner are some of the most charismatic actors from all the series. They play their heroes so that in captivity you begin to believe that they have always been characters from the series. Michael Scofield's gaze and his manners are unique, his actions and actions are forced to imitate, his dialogues about sincerity and feelings make you think. Actually, I don’t really want to single out the actors, you just need to look at them, at their game, and everything will become very clear.

     Next story. He’s not so veiled here, which doesn’t mean that he is bad. Perhaps for some he is banal ... not true ... Perhaps someone will admire him ... But I will tell you this: it is not the plot that is the main thing in the series / film, but its presentation. Filing through specific epic scenes (which Escape is rich in), through dialogue, again. You can’t just come up with the main thing and go with the flow.In the first season, we are witnessing a 22-series development of a jailbreak plan that is saturated with genius. Which was thought out in detail in each series, which at the final stage was close to failure, and which at the last moment changed the plot by 180 degrees ... What could be better? Escape only the first season removes many other TV shows. In the future, perhaps the plot began to take a little. But until the very end, the series did not for a moment lose my favorite dialogues, for which it can be watched forever. Prison Break has two worthy competitors - Lost and Spartacus. But here is a matter of taste. For me, Escape will always be a little higher.

     One important detail. Prison Break needs to be watched exclusively in the voice acting of NovaFilm. Not what LostFilmov and others. Not because they are bad, but because Nova is much better. Yes, she’s not so pretty in general, but she has no equal for Escape. I watched the series in three different voiceovers, I know what I'm saying.

     In conclusion, I want to appeal to those who have not yet watched the Escape (and are there any?). Finish reading this review, immediately grasp watching the series. Do not read anything else. Watch this story about brotherly love and the instinct of freedom, and perhaps Prison Break will become an integral part of your life for you, as it has become for me.

  • ortoptaz
    To crucian carp do not doze off - they give him a pike.
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/2

    Yes, I agree here the confrontation 'System and Personality' is very well shown. Everyone has the right to freedom. And when he was not condemned for anything. This is not just a miscarriage of justice. This is arbitrariness on the Person.

    And no matter what the System may be, it is a set of people. Who studied to think, make decisions correctly, someone took an oath, etc. And when the authorities do the total evil according to the orders from above.

    Because of this, someone may die. This is not justice, not a system, not a president. These are riotous bandits in ties and riding limousines. And from the scumbags they left exactly half a step.

    Heroes are selected from a rabbit hole, an intricate system of mazes, and fall into another network. The machine is designed so that, because of pride and blindness, it will never admit its mistake. Someone must be punished according to her rules.

    And no matter who. The main thing is punished. And accepting the terms of the game. The brothers only delay the inevitable. They leave their destination only for a short while. Any race ends, gasoline ends.

    And until Man becomes a Person, and finds true freedom, he will be a puppet in the hands of any system, any egregore.

    Heroes' mistake is a game of hide and seek. Instead of moving 100 steps forward, stop and think about the values ​​of life they run. This is the concept of the whole movie.

    Run and do not look back. He stopped and they were already right there, and were ready to take you by force. All series, this is a survival race, a marathon safari system in relation to conditional fugitives. While they run around, the system wakes up, taxes increase, rearmament and evolution are going on.

    Such runaways, and the more they are only played into the hands of the system itself, only the system wins from similar projects of both real and movie images.

    Persons at the Archi level say that you do not conceive, we are always there. We always wait around the corner. How many do not run and one end. We are the rules of the game, you are a pawn (mouse). We skillfully place mousetraps and it's up to you to check how effective they are.

    There is a policeman and they pay him to catch. Sometimes it is necessary to release part of the mice so that the police of the whole country train to catch, not in gyms but in the field. And it turns out that the crucian did not doze off they give him a pike.

  • svetkastar
    What is freedom, know only those who are ready to die for it
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/1

    A stunning series: struck, made to worry, touched for the living, left beautiful memories. Many praised Escape, but I didn’t think it was so good.

       Delight for all women in the person of 2 main characters - the Lincoln brothers and Michael. A terrific action movie - swift, dangerous; there are many skirmishes and conspiracies, unexpected meetings and brilliant plans, there is something to worry about, and something to smash his head about. Amazingly dynamic plot - with each season the space expands, and the tasks become more global. It all starts in season 1 with the closed world of the Fox River Prison.

       Stunning heroes are very colorful, multifaceted, it is nice to look at them, you are worried about them with all your heart (for good ones, of course). The series is surprisingly unpredictable - there are a lot of surprises, unexpected discoveries, new friends and old enemies, but the most important thing is that there is so much action, you can never fall asleep for such a series - it keeps it so intense. I watched the entire series in a week - I couldn’t tear myself away from it in any way, and the series rushed swiftly - they were so interesting. The plot of all the seasons is very original - all new enemies, all new goals, fears, etc.

       Amazing actors! I am amazed at their mastery - it’s even hard to imagine that all this is not real, such complicated scenes played, this mastery! (ours, of course, will never play like that), which alone Bagvel is worth - a rapist-scary person. But as an actor, he worked out his image - you look at him and already goosebumps (here speech, and look, and manner of speaking, walking, characteristic movements, facial expressions - movements with his tongue - all this creates an amazing image of a killer maniac.

       The creators did a great job - there is nothing superfluous, but everything that exists - plays the best way possible - excellent musical accompaniment retains a sense of danger, intrigue, keeps you in suspense (just an amazing topic!) The delightful work of the directors, etc. (original shooting techniques - varied blurred , 'blinking' shooting and much more). Make-up artists (what one Michael tattoo costs!) Thanks to all those who had a hand in the creation of this series.

    In general, now one of the most beloved TV shows

    10 out of 10

  • Navrotskaya
    Better less, but better
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/0

    Prison Break aroused quite conflicting feelings in me. But, unlike many TV shows that I started, but have not mastered more than 2 episodes, I watched this series to the end.

    I would like to note two of the four seasons - this is the first and third, but about each in more detail.

    The first season was exciting, every idea of ​​Michael was even more impressive than the previous one, and his genius, equanimity and composure, getting along with a good heart are very captivating. Dynamics, tension, impressive plot twists - this is the first season.

    The second season did not impress me much, but he was appropriate and logical - to escape is not to run away. In fact, just now, in the process of writing this review, I realized that I can’t remember a single important scene from the second season.

    The third season is a season about how Michael goes to jail again and tries to escape. This season reveals heroes to us in new conditions - Michael without a plan, Bellick, who once had power in the Fox River, turned out to be on the other side and still the same Ti Beg who could find a way out. In the same season, the character of Dominic Purcell was revealed and I at least started to believe that he really was Michael’s brother, because a genius cannot have such a gray mind, brother (and in vain did she believe, by the way).

    The fourth season I watched for a very long time and literally through a dream. I think it was removed only because of the high ratings of previous seasons.Some fresh breath was not enough - each series exacerbated the situation more and more, no light at the end of the tunnel, and every plot twist was ridiculous. I was looking forward to when the series ends. And in the end, after more than 20 episodes of gravity, they shot a very oiled finale.

    Of the actors, of course, it is worth highlighting Robert Nepper, who played the role of T-Bega. How can an actor who plays the role of such a bastard pedophile rapist captivate someone? Until the last season I hated him and admired his resourcefulness, and I didn’t want to be killed. Stunning acting, real genius. Unfortunately, I was not able to see his other works, but either this image suits him 100%, or he is really so talented that looking at his eyes alone you believe that he committed all these crimes. And even Sarah Wayne Callis, playing Sarah, wasn’t annoying just like she was in the image of Laurie in The Walking Dead, which I was surprised at.

    In general, what I did not like: the evidence of what is happening, but I think so in all the series where the main character is one. We initially understand that Michael will run away, that they will not kill him, that his brother will not be put on an electric chair. And, of course, a lot of mistakes, inconsistencies, this also spoils the impression of the series. There was no sense of reality of what was happening. I did not plunge into this atmosphere and did not live it together with the heroes. I watched the film, a fictional story.

    To summarize my review, I want to say what I was thinking about over the past season - the main thing in creating the series - to stop in time, which the creators of Escape could not do.

    My rating

     8 out of 10

  • polinychd
    You won’t even guess what will happen in the next episode
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/1

    Once my friend told me that she recently watched the series 'Escape' and she was delighted with it. Well then, I thought. 2 years have passed since then. Accidentally recalling our conversation, for the sake of interest, I turned on the pilot series ... And now I say: 'This is really something!' I never thought in my life that I would be interested in a thriller. How wrong I was. From this series is simply impossible to break away. Heroes matched incredibly accurately. Each character has his own unique destiny, his own charisma. But they are united by one thing - they are all in one way or another involved in the escape conceived by the main character.

    I want to highlight the heroes I liked most:

    Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) - honestly, I never considered him handsome when I came across his photos on the Internet. Miller's hero is a civil engineer with a unique mindset. In my opinion, this role is very suitable for Wentworth. His Michael is mysterious, he attracts attention, falls in love with himself. He sees the invisible in everything. Sacrificing himself and his career for the life of his brother, sentenced to death by electric chair, commits an armed robbery of a bank. Scofield does not think about what consequences this could lead to. He has a clear plan for everything he does. In one of the episodes, the brother even told him: "You don’t even go to the toilet without a plan." But often you have to retreat from it.Michael is different in every season. In the last episode of season 4, he admits his mistakes. And it was in the last minutes that I realized that for me Michael - if not an ideal man, is very close to being considered. He is really ready for anything for the sake of loved ones.

    Fernando Sucre (Amory Nolasco) - an ordinary guy who believes in God, a great romantic. Shares a camera with Scofield. I went to jail for robbing a liquor store to buy my beloved Maricruz’s ring. Sucre has a big and bright soul. He will never betray, although there were many reasons for this. Fernando is very cheerful, kind and sometimes naive. But in recent seasons, he really grows up. And it was this guy who became Michael's most faithful friend.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell (Robert Nepper) - maniac, killer, rapist, pervert and pedophile. It is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in America. Serves in the Fox River for life. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Michael has to include him in his escape plan, which he will regret until the end of the series. It seems that he has nothing to lose, there is nothing sacred in him. This is a real monster. But after a while, you understand that he also has feelings, albeit scanty, but, nevertheless, he does. As a child, Teddy had success in school, but his life became what it is because of an alcoholic father. Robert Nepper just did an excellent job with his role! You believe his hero, and it really seems that he is a real killer.At the same time, T-Bag is almost the most important comedian of 'Escape'. His sharp jokes and jokes make you not just laugh, but really laugh! Bagwell's trick is ... his tongue! And then another unfortunate hand. In general, it’s scary to admit, but Theodoro, as he is called in season 3, is the most charming hero of the series.

    Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) is a special secret service agent who believes he works for the president and the country. For 2 seasons, kills everyone indiscriminately. But there is something in it. Paul has a very kind face and for good reason. During the series, he reassesses all the events taking place with him and around him. An ambiguous and controversial hero.

    The 'Escape' is an incredibly interesting, thoughtful and exciting plot. The series is very high quality shot. He is realistic. You believe him.

    At the same time, I would note 2 small minuses:

    1. I didn’t really like the game of Dominic Purcell ( Lincoln Burroughs ). He is some kind of 'dry' or something. Well, all right, but big and strong.

    2. And yet I didn’t have enough love scenes between Michael Scofield and Sarah Tankrady (Sarah Wayne Callis). A couple of kisses for all 4 seasons.

    Enjoy your viewing!

    10 out of 10

  • olyabumbum
    Do you remember how it all began ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 9/0

    How sad ...

    When living and already very native heroes are turned into mannequins ... They can be placed in any scenery and situation, but life leaves them. And only sadness-sorrow remains. It’s necessary to organize some kind of trade union that would control when it’s time to put an end to it.

    On the one hand, I am glad that I do not have to spend many more hours of my life sitting magnetized to the screen. Because the first two seasons left me no choice. And here from the first minutes of season 3 - o-hooray! - freeing up. This is no longer interesting to me.

    But how insulting. Already the second season was, that for me, so overly action-packed, in some places it would be possible to slow down for the sake of at least some credibility.

    Well, now the praises:

    Season 1

    It's great. This is a great protagonist, from which you do not want to take your eyes off. This is a love line, quiet, fragile and completely vital. This is a whole set of diverse, convincing and colorful secondary characters. In the end, it’s a great idea and a dynamic plot. And even the gray interior of the prison becomes native.

    Season 2 also deprived me of sleep and peace, but caused more and more questions and suggestions. It seems easier to die than to run so much, leaving behind a sea of ​​blood and loss, which is quite reasonable from time to time the main character thinks about. Somehow, it would be simpler, more humane or something ... If only they would give a minute or two, they would like to drink coffee for another person and hug with their beloved woman. Well, okay, they gave a minute, but more, no, no, no time. And an overwhelming amount of improbability and fatal accidents was poured onto the viewer, but still remaining viable, the season ends within the walls of the Panama prison.

    And then I did not run after the heroes. Out of breath. It seems immediately after the creators.

    It remains only to sigh: if this series were really 12-serial, as originally planned, it would be a masterpiece devoid of optional heroes, endless flashbacks and frankly fabulous turns in the form of characters resurrecting at a convenient time.

    And still it will be a positive review. In memory of the first season and in honor of the sweet, kind, brave superhero Michael.

  • ThePisikak
    The best series
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/2

    Well, first of all, I’ll start with the fact that I'm lazy enough to write all kinds of reviews and reviews for films, music albums, TV shows, books. And if I even bothered to sit down for writing a review, then either I grabbed the deep butt-hook from what I saw, or went into a fury from the rapture and admiration that gripped me.

    Secondly, let me know that 'Escape' is the only series that I watched from the first to the last series. In my deep conviction, it will be difficult to create at least something nearby on the same topic. I liked all, without exception, the seasons of this series to the same extent, despite the conventional wisdom that the first season is cool, and everyone else is lining up for it. I do not agree, all seasons are good, but in different ways. The main difference between this series and all the others is that it does not become boring and monotonous with every season, there is no self-plagiarism of ideas. Amazing complex and incredible stories in each new series, sincere and honest play of actors, excellent directorial and cameraman work - they will not let go of the monitor, if you still have at least a modicum of strength to watch.

    Reading the reviews before writing my own, I realized that I would not be original, since almost everyone noted a great acting game. The most memorable character, to whom I was imbued with sincere sympathy, was not at all the protagonist of the series, but the special agent FBI Alexander Mahone , which was perfectly played by William Fichtner. The most magnificent acting game, in my humble opinion, belongs to him and his character you believe in absolutely everything. I find two reasons for this:

    a) The character of special agent Alexander Mahoun is elegantly designed. The difficult life situation in which he found himself, the psychological internal contradictions, the torment between his relatives and justice, which he, as a servant of the law endowed with authority, could violate - all this characterizes the FBI agent Mahone .

    b) 'The idea is nothing - the realization of everything' or as it was said there. The subject is that without proper implementation, the most detailed study of the character can be merged into zero. And it was William’s magnificent acting abilities that made it possible to accurately convey the complexity and inconsistency of this character.

    All other actors also played their characters at the highest level, there is not one who would stand out for the worse. The only thing that played rather dull and monotonous was Sarah Wayne Callis, who was in the role of the lover of Michael Scofield Dr. Sarah Tancredi , but she, if not to find fault, looks good.

    Well, in general, summing up my thoughts, I want to say more that I personally regretted, watching the last episodes of the 4th season, that the world was breathtaking and stunning the imagination Paul Scheuring is coming to an end for me.

    See everyone.

    10 out of 10

  • KsAndR705
    Having created “Escape”, they created the legend
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/3

    It is extremely difficult to say anything about such a work of art as “Escape”, it is almost impossible to transform into words an uncontrolled stream of emotions that cloud the mind and heart, but I’ll try to outline the consequences such expressive reactions in the clearest possible text.

    The plot of the series is simple and at the same time unique. The story of two brothers ... And before continuing, it is worthwhile first and foremost to pay attention to the characters of these two heroes, to assess the quality of their study. This circumstance will eliminate any possible misunderstandings in the future and will serve as the best key to understanding the genius of this creation.

    The older brother of Lincoln Burrows is a dysfunctional link in the family chain. After the departure of his father and the death of his mother, his life tipped not for the better. Having dropped out of school, Lincoln is closely associated with the underworld and thereby provides himself with a variety of drives to the police. But such an unreliable lifestyle did not prevent him from raising a diametrically opposite brother.

    The younger brother Michael Scofield (bears the name of his mother), as I noted above, is the clear opposite of Lincoln, who, so to speak, has all the qualities of a true “heir to the throne,” graduated from school with a gold medal, graduated with honors, a successful employee of a large construction company. In general, his life lined up in an incredibly straight line, and did not give a single chance of this straight line to turn into a broken line entirely by his elder brother. But the versatility of the brothers is not the main thing in the series, there is no question of any opposition, but their unanimity is natural, namely, that the brothers will do anything for each other.This pure self-sacrifice in the name of a loved one is the main leitmotif of the project, carried by scriptwriters through all seasons.

    So, after conducting a small psychoanalysis of the main characters, unraveling all the intricacies of their characters and thereby determining, without any errors, the main idea of ​​the series, I can return to the plot with full rights.

    “Broken” leads Lincoln to the highest point, namely, the death sentence for the murder of the country's vice president. The irony and horror is that this time the accusation is completely false, all the evidence is professionally fabricated, and the events preceding the murder are perfectly planned. Burrows is on death row awaiting execution. Meanwhile, Michael conducts his own investigation, based on trust in his brother and his own intelligence, and eventually comes to the above conclusions. But the problem is that there is simply no pure legal evidence of Lincoln's innocence. And having no other choice, Michael decides to say little about a desperate step, he decides to pull his brother out on his own, that is, arrange for him to escape. But to call Michael’s act desperate is not entirely true; rather, on the contrary, it’s a carefully thought out incredibly sophisticated, in a word, brilliant plan. And yet, for even greater clarity, I will again have to resort to an analysis of the personality of Michael.

    Having lost both parents, not being in the best foster families, and because of his natural compassionate nature, Michael never remains indifferent to the problems of not only his relatives, but even outsiders, helping them in every possible way. Belief in the brother’s innocence and the pain of losing his only family man are pushing Michael to commit magnanimousness, an unprecedented act, namely magnanimity, even despite the fact that his manifestation is a jailbreak.And in general with regards to Michael - he is an absolute embodiment of morality and justice. But one kindness, as you know, is not enough. Along with a strong-willed character and a good heart, Michael, as I mentioned above, is not very stupid, and even more is a creative genius from birth. Therefore, do not question the flawlessness of his plan.

    A similar psychological portrait can be made for each of the characters in the series. And this is his first strong point, not blindly following the generally accepted pattern, not trampling in its tight framework, but a rich story behind each of the characters. Of course, the direct participation of the actors made the stories and images as a whole more vivid. And this is the second strong point of the series. I will say briefly about the actors, but as informative as possible: they will forever remain in memory and in the heart.

    They say about such a movie as “Escape”: it has an atmosphere. And this is the third strong point. The "dive factor" when viewing the "Escape" is 100%. The high value of this “coefficient” is primarily ensured by the musical accompaniment. And this is the fourth strength of the series. Ramin Javadi wrote one of the most memorable and unique melodies in the history of cinema, which is simply impossible to forget. Besides the main theme, the merit of Javadi is all the unusually atmospheric instrumental music that sounds in the series. In addition, it is impossible to ignore the sound of other popular compositions, correctly selected for the "tonality" of the series.

    And finally, the strongest side, of course, is the plot. Such a level of implementation of scenario ideas is very rare. The plot potential is revealed in its entirety. Each branch of the narrative is given a perfectly balanced amount of time, each has received proper development and outcome. And a filigree balance is also observed between all the heroes. Each story is rich enough and not too intrusive, fully disclosed and expertly told to the very end. The cornerstone of the scenario - the escape itself, its implementation, was carried out by truly creative geniuses. No, of course, an escape plan, like any other planning process, is not a priori ideal. But the directors and scriptwriters did the main thing for the audience - to predict what the next stage of Michael’s plan is is damn difficult, because the scriptwriters used their life experience, so to speak, it’s impossible to foresee everything, so the heroes of the series often had to improvise and deviate quite a lot from the intended plan , which, in turn, made the project original, extremely unpredictable and, as a result, passionately fascinating. Of course, in the script there is a place for romantic lines, yes to a few and all are appropriate. Moreover, in the series, another main character is a certain political force, a powerful transnational organization with a hint of world domination, which, in fact, acts as a key antagonist and which the brothers will resist by the will of fate, which also gives rise to a strong intrigue.

    “Escape” is the best movie production in its genre and one of the best results of filmmaking in general. The phenomenon of television and cinema in general. The project, which at first shone with a weak ray of hope, but subsequently gained incredible success and cult status, is fully deserved. The ingenious and to the smallest detail worked out script, intense and fascinating staging, unusually atmospheric music, successful cast members - simply could not fail to provide the right path to world fame. Of course, the series is not without many cinematic conventions and other weaknesses traditional for all series, but for such a case there is one banal extremely hackneyed, but at the same time relevant expression: “They don’t notice flaws in good cinema.” They also say about such films: “I have to see everyone, ”which I sincerely wish for all.

    10 out of 10

  • Egorrriy
    So strange ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 20/40

    I read the reviews - even the 'negative', in fact, the film is praised. At least the first season. I looked ... More precisely, I withstood 10 episodes. Spitting, turned off. Moreover, the first 3-4 series were really good. Delayed. And then went more and more ridiculous and boring nonsense. Not that a stylish thrash, or a postmodern game of subtle irony. No, just stupid plot twists, in the midst of which the main character makes one and the same face, like, he despises everyone.

    The main hero, of course, has everything 'turned out', but the scriptwriters forgot to introduce a magic wand and a couple of standing spells from Harry Potter into the plot. Because without spells, everything is too illogical. Spells would add to the series of truth of life. Or an alien. They could help out the plot by acting as deus ex machina, working at full speed.

    The film could be saved by dirty orgies, since the context is most suitable. First, the scumbag pedophile rapes the convicts, but the good ones raped him himself. For edification, so to speak. But alas, none of this. And I wouldn’t even think about finding fault - porn should not be logical, because sexual arousal is difficult to combine with logic.

    As a result - a boring, incredibly tightened film without drama, style, intrigue, suspense, realism, vivid phrases, waving legs, chases and other Hollywood delights. The Soviet 'Taste of Bread' is even wiser and more interesting.

  • berezyanskiy92
    The main thing to believe. (c)
    Was this review helpful for you? 2/1

    Season 1

    I chose a series for viewing and accidentally stumbled upon Prison Beark .

    What to say about the first season? Literally from the first episode, I realized that until I inspect, I will not calm down. The first season is quite rich in intrigue, emotions, captivates and falls in love with the main character from the very first series. In addition to the "good guys" there are so-called "evil guys" to whom you will not remain indifferent. This season is the only one that looks in one breath that you forget about all your affairs. The series is built so that each series ends with the most interesting, and I want to watch one by one.

    Season 2

    The Pursuit Begins

    The second season captures the beautiful game (William Fichtner) . The 'evil guys' still remain themselves, but for some reason they are riveted to watch and worry much more than for the 'good guys'. Each of them is not an angel and has his own life story. Which only says that they are primarily people who have emotions and a heart.

    Season 3

    A season that has disappointed. It’s pretty clear what this is all about, just a matter of time. One gets the feeling that the scriptwriters were not ready for the series to succeed. All episodes of the storyline do not have a definite ending, and the actors' game looks squeezed out, as if they were forced to, but everyone clearly understood that the viewer needed to be continued!

    Season 4

    Put it all together to finish the series with a positive rating!

    Of the characters I note Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) . Who played the role of a ruthless guy with a prefix: neither love, nor longing, nor pity, but with a big and kind heart.

    Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell - a terrible, monstrous person.

    Playing such a disgusting character: rapist, pedophile. A person who is ready to kill, substitute anyone who gets in his way. Causes a lot of sympathy. Such a moral, abnormal daredevil, in my opinion, is the hardest thing to play. So as (Robert Knepper) did it gracefully

    Brad Bellick - a character who left the fate of the campaign of the entire series. He survived so many things and who was not the current. It certainly expresses great interest in watching him. Wade Williams did a good job.

    10 out of 10

  • carrot and stick
    dessert failed
    Was this review helpful for you? 0/2

    Smart idea of ​​the series. Which shot and absorbed completely. The first two seasons are not possible to come off. Diving deeper and deeper into this atmosphere. And I want to applaud while standing. How atmospheric everything turned out for the creators.

    But in the third season, it seems like there was a global reshuffle in the crew and the script was already written on his knee in haste. In other matters, the initial idea of ​​a holistic scenario is still felt.

    Fourth season, complete disappointment. The script is already vaguely reminiscent of the original plot and the cycle around it. This is a completely different story with a chaos of events. Where in each series is the same dish that a tired cook is trying to teach us, as something special. But in fact, this is the same annoying cooking.

    The bad become good. Good become traitors. And so constantly ... In the end you are already tired of such a set of spices. Why was it necessary to emphasize non-siblings and was crumpled to forget about it ?!

    The last two seasons have greatly spoiled the impression. If they had left as originally thought, only the first two. That would be the right decision. Which would leave a pleasant aftertaste. It was a very good start, and the dessert failed.

    7 out of 10

  • Layvendor
    Bad luck island
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/8

    I have to say right away - the series is good. Watch interesting. No wonder he was awarded such a high rating! And I would not click on the keyboard, but simply put on a well-deserved figure of eight and went to see something lyrical.

    But “Island of bad luck” is haunting - a song successfully sung by A. Mironov in the unforgettable “Diamond Hand”. Because the entire series “Prison Break” (we have “Escape”, not to be confused with the needlework of the same name by Russian scriptwriters and directors of the same offshore plot) is a line-by-line illustration for the musical number on the ship “Mikhail Svetlov”.

    There is an island of bad luck in the ocean

    The plot of the television series boils down to three simple statements: the government is bad, so it set up an innocent citizen and wants to execute him instead of another; the citizen’s brother is smarter than the rest of humanity and dreams of saving an innocent relative; there is a Big Bad Corporation, which is even worse than the government, so it does not give the heroes life. These three plot messages are spread over 88 episodes, which can already be considered a great creative success.

    To keep the viewer all 88 forty-five minutes, do you need what? Clear business - suspense (in our opinion, tense moments) and cliffhanger (in our opinion, open denouement) at the end of each series. And, we must pay tribute, the creators of "Prison Break" managed to shove suspense literally every minute of the series, even if the action boils down to banal eating of prison pasta and washing it underneath.

    The authors of the series had one more trick up their sleeve. Actually, he made me sit down at the keyboard. Namely: the heroes are chronically unlucky. Never. In no episode. Whatever they take. They will whisper - they will eavesdrop. Just yesterday, the completed manhole is closed today. You need to climb through the overhead cable - it will certainly break off. It is enough to walk along the street, and you will be recognized and reported to the police by a dozen or two citizens. I'm not talking about the fact that after flying thousands of kilometers to another state, the hero immediately, right at the airport, will encounter a detective tracking him. And by accident.

    There are so many similar accidents in each of the 88 episodes that gradually (I’ll even say for sure - from the 14th episode of the 1st season), the action begins to annoy at first, and the further it gets, it is perceived as a bad comedy. By the end of the second season, I was already laughing out loud.

    There live unhappy savage people, terrible faces - kind inside

    Wild metamorphoses occur with the heroes of "Prison Break" literally at every turn.

    Here, the head of the prison is a servant to the king, a father to the soldiers. Today he gives indulgences to the brother-rescuer (because he is conditionally “smart”), tomorrow he sends him to the punishment cell.

    Here is a pedophile maniac. Today he rapes and cuts left and right with the face of Hannibal Lector, the next day - sheds a burning tear and lets go of his aunt with children on all four sides.

    Here is a looking mafia with an Italian surname. In the last series, he cuts off his fingers with nippers, after two - already wears a cross and fervently prays, just not forehead on the floor.

    And here is the main character - a genius whom no light has ever seen. The first 14 episodes. Then he quickly becomes stupid and turns into an eccentric from the “Naked Pistol” - funny, tearful-sentimental and even silly, and remains free only thanks to the even greater stupidity of his accomplices.

    And here is the passion of the protagonist - a beautiful doctor from a prison outpatient clinic. For half a season she watches a suspiciously clever prisoner and wants to bring him to clean water, closer to the end ... Guess yourself. In the circus, this is called "somersault-mortal."

    There is no calendar on the damned island, children and adults die in vain

    I don’t know if the lack of a calendar or some savage errors are to blame, but our heroes die like flies, and out of the blue.

    The aforementioned chief Italian mafioso, passing through all circles of gangster and prison hell, defeating powerful bosses, an iron man and a ruthless killer, is suddenly ambushed in the manner of a chess “childish mat” and, gracefully kissing the cross, crawls under police bullets.

    The agent of the Big Bad Corporation - a scoundrel, the embodiment of a diabolical mind, a cruel torturer - suddenly realizes what he has done, admits everything, and like a ram substitutes a trained body under the long arms of a vengeful Corporation.

    A kind lawyer, clever, honest and truthful, crawls wherever necessary, and she is slammed like a fly for no reason. Rumor has it that they should have killed the doctor, but she turned out to be more attractive, and the scriptwriters decided to sacrifice a lawyer, but leave the doctor for future love scenes.

    By the way, about the calendar. The degree of logical mistakes in the series reaches 451 Fahrenheit. One could write a couple more pages, but I will limit myself to the most characteristic. The innocent brother must still be executed. And our ingenious hero is tormented by conscience, walking in a thin shirt on the green lawn of the prison yard. A week passes (which is directly indicated in the plot), and now there is a fierce winter, snow, frost and Siberian forecasts. Huh?

    In a word, I will say this: 88 episodes, this is not seventeen moments of spring for you. To keep the viewer, requires a lot of resourcefulness, a storm of imagination, a willingness to neglect common sense and an acute thirst for money. Apparently, the creators of Prison Break had plenty of all this, especially the thirst for money. Otherwise, the series would have been exactly eleven times shorter - eight episodes would have been more than enough.

    Yes, watching “Prison Break” is interesting at first, even very interesting - until it becomes funny. How many episodes will suffice you, I will not undertake to predict. Personally, I was not enough until the end of the masterpiece.

    4 out of 10

  • EugeneHarris
    Season 3 and 4
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/2

    The adventures of Michael and Lincoln continue, but I still do not understand why this series does not let go. At the beginning of season 4, I was about to quit watching, but I gathered my strength and finished it off. Sometimes cool, sometimes depressing.

    Third Season

    It turned out to be not easy for our heroes. New prison - new rules. This time, our brothers will not save each other, but those who are very dear. The season itself seemed a little crumpled to me, and the story was fleeting. If in the first season there was an ingenious plan that was developed by Michael for months and it aroused admiration, awe and a little uneasy from the fact that it was hard to imagine how it would be implemented. Here everything turned out to be a bit messy and didn’t even cause such close emotions.

    Of the characters I remember, I can only mention Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). Such an imperious and uncompromising lady. I even believed her. Given the fact that there are not so many strong and memorable female characters in the cinema, she does not hold so badly. And also the general, who is so confident, loud and merged so quickly that you can hardly keep up with him. Damn, the strongest character of the season. Aha ha ha We saw such people confident in their imagination.

    Many other characters are outdated and did not influence the plot, but the scriptwriters did not want to bring them out and they came up with at least some line for them to be. I did not like the line with Sarah at all.Not even amused. Cheap welcome guys. Only a person of near mind will believe. Although it may be as intended.

    And I just can’t understand why the characters of Robert Wizdom annoy me so much. He also played a smug, imaginary man in 'Supernatural' . This is probably because he does it always the same. Here to take Uriel and Patron, well, one character, exactly the same, one grimace, one emotions. Just circumstances and setting are different.

    Fourth Season

    Seriously, it was hard to inspect. Everything looked far-fetched and it is no longer easy to find a place not from Michael's genius, but rather from the far-fetchedness of the season itself. It begins as quickly as possible. The scriptwriters completely forgot about some of the storylines and did not begin to develop, and the line with Sarah continues to be amused only and no more. I began to be hurt that the characters did not grow or develop at all. Confused that intrigue for the sake of intrigue. At the end of the series they give not a bad start for the continuation, but, at the beginning of the next, very often, all this comes to naught and we understand that everything is not at all scary. They play with our feelings, they want to keep us longer at the screen.

    I did not like the season itself, it is the weakest of all that I watched. Ahead is the newly made fifth, but I'm a little scared. You see, I don’t really like when TV shows roll down. And when they slide down and meet, I can put up a tear and stingy. Well, this is a pattern already, probably.Literally every second series begins to slide after the first seasons. Not that atmosphere, far-fetched plot. Or we just start to wait too much. How to know.

    The black killer did not convince, well, at least kill, but I do not believe him. Without emotional, not amenable to feelings, cruel. All the makings of a killer, but something was wrong with him, as if someone else should be in his place. This character looked like something foreign.

    'Company' - as it was omnipotent, it remained to her. It will have to be bent by the whole team, yes, she has gathered and is ready to tear her butt, but she somehow gathered by chance. All of them were suddenly taken and brought to the same place. No matter how, friends. No matter how. Here for whole seasons they can’t find a person, but here bam and in 10 minutes of timing they catch in the car. It seems that they decided to simplify the situation. To confront the fact, so to speak. Sucre continues to whine over Marie Cruz. It starts to annoy, I must say. So I want to shout: 'Where are your eggs, your mother? Be a man! '

    It remains only to check out the 5th season and add up the general opinion, and to the 3rd and 4th season:

    6.5 out of 10