Prodigal Son

The son of a notorious serial killer becomes an acclaimed criminal psychologist who uses his unique insight into how killers think to help the NYPD.





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    Crime, Drama, Mystery

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    United States

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  • mariinna2018
    Oh, how many miraculous maniacs the spirit is preparing for Hollywood ..
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    After the absurd end of 'Hannibal', the entire audience has stood in languid expectation - when will a new worthy maniac appear? Maniac - heir, baby - epigon, where are you? The audience loves murderers, the cries of victims, the murmur of leisurely flowing blood - all this gives the boring, uninteresting life spicy and spicy. And so, at that moment when it would seem that there was nothing more to hope for, the “criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright” (so to speak in the description!) Enters the scene who is “the best versed in the behavior of maniacs” because his own father is a serial killer by nicknamed the Surgeon '. Hurrah! Our prayers are heard! The first series is very good. Family secrets, a demonically smiling daddy - a maniac, juicy, vibrating from unquenched melancholy and excessive tenderness, mommy, a son experiencing childhood trauma - a profiler, chilling blood kills ... We waited!

    But, at that moment, when the timid, stunted hope for a worthy continuation flooded in the soul of the viewer, the creators spoiled everything. It turns out that daddy can do nothing but smile. The series counter is spinning, and he smiles and smiles, affectionate as an oligophrenic. Oh yes! He also conducts heartfelt, enlightening conversations with his son, revealing to him the foundations of the universe.The following topics are deeply covered; Why is sugar sweet? Why is salt salty? Why does pubic hair not grow on the forehead? With this, the papal murderer’s contribution to the investigation of the terrible murders is limited.

    Excited mother reprimands terribly, her made hysteria evokes boredom by the third episode (and there are still nineteen ahead!). In addition, she (due to some kind of anatomical features) can not close her mouth. Well, here it does not close, even though you crack! The poor woman grimaces all the time, causing pity, and the desire to pull her upper lip onto her lower.

    All cases (and each series is devoted to a new case) are revealed not thanks to deduction, and other fashionable perversions, but due to unexpected insights that visit the main character. “Here I had a cat, he had a charming habit of licking eggs, and then he scratched the wall with his claws. It seems to me that these scratches left here were left by the killer with the same habits! ' Detectives - idiots joyfully wave their handles, the maniac immediately confesses everything, spreading tears of remorse over his bristly face. And so from series to series. Yes, maniacs are pouring out of the bag, but they are somehow dumb, and at the same time malleable.

    They hint at some terrible family secret (all these flashbacks, comebacks), but she doesn’t add much charm to the series.If the creators do not find for 'Malcolm Bright' a worthy rival, a cunning, dodgy bastard who can hold attention for the remaining series, then the series can be closed.


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