Adventurer James Keziah Delaney returns to London from Africa in 1814 along with fourteen stolen diamonds to seek vengeance after the death of his father.





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  • Devil Movie Examiner
    'Taboo: Returning to Home Harbor'
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    Screenwriter for Sharp Peaks Stephen Knight and Tom Hardy, also appearing in Peaks, presented to the public the first episode of the Taboo project. The new series, like the story of the Shelby family, comes out under the auspices of the BBC television channel, and for the viewer, this is an undeniable brand of quality, from impressive funding to amazing attention to detail that competitors lack.

    The events of the series will unfold in London in the sample of 1814. Trade with India has become an established source of valuable cargo; the British East India Company is gaining momentum. Looking for new delivery routes, as well as ways to trade with previously inaccessible countries.

    The protagonist of the series, James Keziah Delany performed by Tom Hardy, was considered a missing traveler. For ten years there was no news of him, James’s track was lost in Africa and since then, relatives and friends considered him dead. All but his father, Richard Delaney, for whose funeral James returns to his hometown.

    The return of the younger Delaney puts the wheels in the wheel of the East India Company, which hoped after the death of the father of the family to get a piece of land, the island of Nutka, which belonged to Richard. But in the will, everything is not as the bosses of the trading company would like, because the deceased transferred all rights to the land to his “risen from the dead” son. And James is not stupid at all to agree to a deal. Now he wants to restore his father’s ship company in order to single-handedly explore the island’s surroundings.

    The frenzy of the protagonist, coupled with his primeval charm, will confine you to the screen throughout the pilot. The main thing is that the series evenly answers all the questions asked, without leaving behind rough, plot roughnesses.

    9 out of 10

  • antony1893
    Dirt, death and cultivated insanity
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    A dirty, dark and insane setting fully reflects the state of affairs of London in the 1800s. Tom Hardy (James Delany), plays himself in most of his recent works - a walking powder keg, calm and cold-blooded, but at any moment ready to explode and shred everyone and everything. A man with a dark past who has returned from the other world in order to honor the memory of his father and take his rightfully. The main antagonist is Jonathan Price in his crown role as a brutal and domineering English rich man, ready for anything for the sake of realizing 'insidious plans'.

    On the screen we see the classic confrontation of a loner and a millionth empire, but what makes this series different from all the others ?! And this is a unique atmosphere created by the genius of the entire crew. The camera work resembles a survivor, all with the same Hardy, the landscapes of poshomichnogo London are always shown in a dynamic shooting, which creates an incredible effect of presence. The robes, make-up and acting of the characters do not give a second doubt about the authenticity of what is happening on the screen, and attention to detail is simply beyond praise. With any shot, not a single “Hollywood” physiognomy skips over and the viewer honestly believes that he is observing the life of the true English of the corresponding era, and what’s so hard to find a character with even straight and white teeth. A clear distinction between ordinary people and nobility is demonstrated not only in the form of a change of scenery, but also in the style of shooting. All this creates a genuine picture of the life of London in the 19th century, in which a modern person can hardly survive. But for the creators, this was not enough, and in the appendage, to the "unbearable reality of being", they decided to add the horrors that occur in the head of a person who has seen everything that ordinary people see only in the worst nightmares.

    The series is an absolute must have for any viewer who is ready to plunge into the world of madness by James Delaney.

    8 out of 10

  • Max Burimov
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    The series fascinates with the gloom of the Pre-Victorian era, secrets and understatement. An unhurried form of narration, a magnificent soundtrack and an incredibly atmospheric picture of London in the 1800s, admiring the scope and detail.

    This is a story about the confrontation. A colorful and gloomy adventurer, returns home from the other world, right to his father’s funeral, which puts sticks in the wheels of the East India Company, claiming his inheritance. There will be no gentlemen’s agreements, and it will be a question of a battle not for life, but for death.

    50 minutes of great sight. From an artistic and aesthetic point of view, the series has everything for a complete immersion in history. I look forward to continuing!

  • Vattghern
    Tom is his mother Hardy
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    I watched the first episode with an anticipation of mysticism and a deep immersion in the atmosphere of that time - did I get it all? Of course yes! And even more than I expected to see, namely the believability of what is happening and the feeling of something unexpected.

    Actors. There are no complaints against the actors, and in general the castes turned out to be good. His Sparrowhood, it was wonderful for me to migrate to another big project, for which many thanks to him, because I still had good impressions of his character in the IP. Tom Hardy as always surprises, but this is natural for him, because his characters, as a rule, manifest themselves in actions, and not in beautiful words: sometimes these are cold-blooded murders, sometimes bold decisions, and sometimes only his heavy look is enough.

    The plot. It is full of hidden events, which, apparently, will be revealed in parallel with the main plot, and also, possibly, there will be 2 lines of narration as in the Strela series, which I really liked. And the actions of GG are difficult to predict - this adds the effect of surprise.

    Summary. In the end I wanted to say about the scenery, costumes and atmosphere, which are beautifully made and I didn’t notice any errors. In general, the series completely went to me on the most temporal lobes. I look forward to continuing and I hope not to be disappointed in the series.

    9 out of 10

  • Irina Rozum
    Give up hope everyone entering here (s)
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    Lovers of vanilla heroes Jane Austen or the idealistic martyrs of Dickens and the Bronte sisters will be disappointed - they are not in 'Tabu'.

    You are not waiting for the beloved creators of all time, the struggle of opposites.

    The noble hero does not fight with honor for the restoration of justice. James Kesaya Delaney is not at all noble, and he has his own personal notions of honor and justice. For the sake of his revenge, he goes over the heads of the uninvolved and the corpses of the innocent. Therefore, a big mistake, after reading the series synopsis, wait for the next story in the style of 'Count of Monte Cristo'.

    The plot of the first series unfolds like a slow dance. The melody is familiar and you confidently follow it, suppressing yawning and struggling with boredom.

    Here the prodigal son returned to his native shores to bury his father. Here he learns about the inheritance. And as it should be in the genre, there are other comers on this inheritance. Among which are Zilf's half-sister (Una Chaplin) with her arrogant husband Thorne Geary (Jefferson Hall) ...

    Here the plot melody is interrupted for the first time by an unexpected chord - we learn that James and sister are not connected by sisterly and sisterly feelings. The viewer, long brought up on tolerance for same-sex relationships on the screen, is still not ready to accept the theme of incest and receives the first click on the nose from the creators of the series.'Ah, that's why' Taboo '!' - The viewer decides and thinks that he has already unraveled the intrigue of the series. And the authors condone him and again lead the dynamics of the plot along smooth, unhurried notes.

    Until the next click on the nose and according to the expectations of the viewer.

    By the middle of the series, a measured melody is replaced by an increasing crescendo - everything we managed to learn about the hero, his goals and his environment, everything is a lie and an illusion. The images we had invented, cleverly modeled by screenwriters, are collapsing. Everything seen in the first series requires rethinking. Everything, including the mystical component of James’s abilities.

    Those who think that the main thing in Taboo is the London dirt on the streets and in the souls of people, naturalism in the frame of guts, blood and sex - he is deeply mistaken.

    'Taboo' is a prohibition to think rationally and to take for granted what is happening on the screen.

    'Taboo' breaks the boundaries of the genre of romantic, mystical drama. The creators of the series scoff at your imagination, rooted in the predictability of Hollywood stampings.

    If you are used to understandable plots and heroes, you are not here.

    Give up hope.

  • zahvatkin
    Old unkind England ...
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    The focus is on young James Cazaya Delany, who has lived in Africa for more than 10 years, learns that his father is dying in London and is returning to England. Deliney Sr., dying, leaves behind an inheritance - the island of Nootka Sund. This small piece of land at the Northwestern tip of the United States has a very favorable position and can bring the heir a fortune due to a trade monopoly. But a mighty East India Company, a kind of state in a state that controls almost all of Britain’s international affairs, is already licking a bold piece of inheritance pie. The stumbling block for the company is the heir to Delaney who suddenly appeared in the capital ... But we won’t talk much about the plot so that the grateful audience could follow the course of events on their own.


    This is something that can stick you to a chair in front of a computer or TV. The atmosphere of the series beckons with secrets. Almost all the heroes of Taboo have their skeletons in the closet. James has life in Africa and mysterious visions, somehow related to his dead mother, who visit the hero in England.Also, Deliney lives in England with Sylf’s sister, who hides a terrible secret from everyone ... The honorable East India Company also has secrets - fraud, terror of the organization’s enemies, trade in slaves from Africa - this is far from all that the company is trying to hide.

    The gloomy atmosphere in “Taboo” with dense London fog presses the viewer at the screen and does not let go until the end of the series. Not surprising. The screenwriter of the series was Stephen Knight, the one who wrote the script for "Sharp Visors." Whoever watched the last, is unlikely to forget the young guy on a huge white horse in the middle of the dirty street of Birmingham. In general, with the atmosphere in the Knight series, as you already understood, the full order.


    It's funny, but, in my opinion, there is not a single absolutely positive character in Taboo. Even the main character Hardy is almost a good fellow. Almost, because from time to time with burning eyes and African curses, he refreshes enemies and distributes the internal organs of the unfortunate to others. But, despite all his atrocities, James Delaney is not perceived as a negative character. He has a legitimate goal - to return his property.More dislike for the viewer is caused by dishonest businessmen, concurrently members of the East India Company.


    If you are interested in England at the beginning of the 19th century, you love Edward Thomas Hardy, or, at worst, esteem his acting talent and miss the first two seasons of Sharp Peaks - you need to watch Taba.Another such cocktail from history, mysticism and secrets,as well as a tense plot is not easy to find.

      10 out of 10

  • zyggi
    2 emotions of Tom Hardy
    Was this review helpful for you? 109/67

    I won’t rewrite the plot, it’s in the annotation.

    The series was intriguing at first.

    Mystical trailer, gloomy picture, ominous and hardy.

    But with each new series you understand that it is becoming more boring and boring. And you look only because you want to understand if something further will happen or not. You are waiting for the development of the plot, intrigue, twisted turns. But there is none of this. But there is enough gloom and dirt. Maybe it was like that in those days, but this damn little to make the film interesting.

    Tom Hardy has only 2 emotions in this series: poker face (impenetrable masculinity, stamina and composure) and big eyes (which apparently represents the madness and the presence of some mysterious abilities).

    I absolutely do not understand why such a high rating. I can only assume that viewers give ratings after the first watched series, which is basically nothing. But if not for Tom Hardy, I think the ratings would be completely different.

    I don’t even know why I put 6, except for the efforts of the costumers and the attempt to recreate the atmosphere of that era.

    Tom Hardy frankly disappointed. Waited for at least acting.

    There are TV shows that I want to review, but there are ones that I don’t want to watch. This series falls into the second category for me

    6 out of 10

  • Una_Loca
    'It is hell opened up ...'
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    After 1 season of the 8-episode miracle Tom Hardy, his father Edward 'Chips' Hardy and screenwriter Stephen Knight, you either want to read a similar novel, or watch something similar. This effect was planned because Stephen always gravitated to a more artistic form of writing ... You can find fault with any historical inaccuracies in this series or in 'Sharp Peaks', but why? Ultimately, you either like it or not - and that is the true measure.

    But it cannot be said that this project is organic. Many complained that Tabu harnessed for a long time, and this is justified - the plot in the first 3 episodes is really slowly developing. Perhaps this is the habit of watching more dynamic pictures, it is possible that the director of the first half of the series was too careful ... But most likely the solution to this “subsidence” lies in Knight’s tendency to “swing” the dynamics for a long time to shoot at the end - so it was in the 3rd season of 'Sharp Visors'. Apparently, dear Stephen forgets about his own relishing of the story, that the viewer sees it in a slightly different way on the screen ... But, anyway, from the 4th series the plot pleases with a brisker rhythm, interesting twists and more cruelty - a duel, jealousy, murder, espionage, secret deals ...


    What takes this series? The atmosphere and great actors.Yes, you feel a slight dissatisfaction without getting enough of the mystical moments with which the trailers were crammed. Knight tried not to cross the border of Yawi and Navi, although he came close to it. If Tommy Shelby from 'Sharp Visors' simply scared everyone with his supposedly real gypsy magic, then James Delany more often and more consciously resorted to shamanistic methods of influencing others and himself. Or is it just so presented? But what about Zilf’s dreams? And how does he know in advance about the events? And he sees the dead ...


    Stephen Knight does not move far from his habits here. Again, a whole group of women revolves around the central hero. Lady - Zilfa, his half-sister, with whom he had an ambiguous relationship; vulnerable, alien, forbidden and beloved. He aspires to her, she is his Lady (in the 'Sharp peaks' analog is Grace); Helper - faithful, faithful, in need of his protection, help, but not knowing his soul; rather, a friend - Lorna. It is unlikely that she will become a lady of his heart, but she can be useful in another way ... The Harlot - what good is in such women? They are honest, smart and not scrupulous, and in the case of Helga they are also strong. In 'Peaks', this role was played by Lizzy Stark.James, like Tommy, in his own way appreciates each of the women around him, but this creates a romantic conflict - with whom will the gg remain?

    Stuffy London.

    This is the Georgian era in which the concept of personal profit rules the ball. Before Victorian morality, there are still a couple of decades, so here you can not even compare. You will be introduced to the grassroots culture of English society - bandits who are ready for a couple of pennies to cut your foe’s throat and throw his body into the Thames, prostitutes who freely sell themselves, street marauders in tattered clothes, robbing corpses carried by the river ... And he controls everything - James Kezaya Delaney, either a dead man, or a shaman, or the devil himself ... Sir Stuart Strange, the head of the East India Company and, in combination, the main enemy of James, he called him the king of this world of lawlessness. There are no company laws, no laws of the Prince Regent ... Who are they? Planted puppets, legalized thieves and killers. So why are they better than those who are more at risk of being on the guillotine? 'Mere rats' - 'just rats' - sarcastically reads a tattoo on the joints of the fingers of Frenchman Bill, accomplice Delaney ... But the rats are damn tenacious. Eat your arsenic yourself!

    No rules.

    After season 1, there are a lot of unfinished stories, many questions and "misunderstandings" ...Without resorting to the end of spoilers, I can name a few obscure, but promising lines to continue.

    Salish - this is the name of the linguistic group of the tribes of North America, which, of course, is associated with Nootka Bay and with mother Delaney. And here lies a whole series of questions: Was she really crazy? Why did she behave so strangely with her little son? Is there even more sacred meaning of Sankofa that we know from Wikipedia? Does James really have any abilities? ... I think we will still be given a chance to understand something.

    Africa - perhaps the most offensive white spot in the series. Many wanted to know more about his stay in Africa, about captivity, about slaves ... At the moment, only a couple of moments from visions.

    Carlsbad and Colonnade are mysterious figures, informants of Delaney ... Nothing is known about them at all.

    On this I will end. 'Taboo' turned out to be a good, promising story, tied in part to a real story, partly to artistic additions. My advice to you is to endure the 4th series, because everything is much more interesting further. There have not yet been official statements, but season 2 is likely to be.

    7 out of 10

  • El_principe
    Taboo and Totem
    Was this review helpful for you? 18/5

    Tom Hardy.

    Well, honestly, I did not immediately recognize him as an artist.

    But Mad Max made me change my mind about it.

    Here he did not just brutalize the alpha male. Here he endowed his hero with amazing animal charisma - wild, natural. I won’t name the second actor who would succeed in that way.

    His hero is, on the one hand, Edmond Dantes, avenging his father, and on the other, the rebel is an anti-globalist who has challenged a powerful corporation.

    And there are few such heroes now.

    There is something in him from romantic heroes - well, after all, the action takes place at the dawn of the era of romanticism. But he is not a sufferer, but a brave protagonist - like Ivanhoe or Rob Roy. Something about him is from Robin Hood - nobility, unexpected moves and the ability to circle enemies around the finger.

    I note that the atmosphere of the film also matches the era - gloomy, somewhere mystical and in some places even the fear of the future - the industrial era - slides.

    I was very glad that my favorite Price and Graham also starred in the film. They, as always, demonstrated a high class of English acting.

    Here are the female images depressed. Well, really it was impossible to find the girls prettier? Watching is scary. And with acting talents in Buckley and (scary to say) Chaplin is not really. The latter should be ashamed of the fact that so the name substitutes. Potente. Well, the role of the old profursetki quite! Externally. She never had talent either.

    Also strange is the line with the dead slaves and Chichester. It is clear that this is fiction, but in the yard the beginning of the 19th century. Then the Negroes, then no one considered people, according to the Sim, it’s too much. Why organize propaganda of multiculturalism here too? Also, one cannot believe that the gentlemen from the East India swear (as I looked in the original) as shoemakers. And the company itself is presented as a SPECTRUM of the era of romanticism, which is also somehow strange.

    8 out of 10

    I underestimated the assessment due to weak female images and some far-fetchedness in a number of aspects of the narrative.

    In general, a great film with a bright and strong hero, a good story and drive.

    I would like to continue.

  • Morgan Freeman
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/8

    Yesterday (February 26), the Russian premiere of the last episode of the first season of the series 'Taboo' took place. I watched the season to the end, which is rare for me.

    All other characters in the series are overshadowed by the image of James Delaney. He returned from Africa, where in those days there was such a thing that you can whiten. And now he must correctly dispose of the large inheritance that has fallen on him. Delaney has a clear, prudent mind, determination, bordering on obsession, and there are no taboos for him. Of course, in the series there are a number of entertaining characters. But the main character is the best here.

    To urgent matters. The entourage of Great Britain of the sample 1814 in 'Taboo' realistic. That is, the country is dirty, fetid, deceitful, cloudy and generally depressive-suicidal. There is a bit of mysticism in the series. She does not affect the plot, however, she has a vocation. The plot is already very, very interesting, although sometimes tense.

    Actors Tom Hardy brilliantly played a brilliant image. Loved Jonathan Price. David Hayman was on a level without serious mistakes. I did not like the game Una (sorry) Chaplin. The rest were average.

    Great series. It is worth a look even to people who have a poor perception of TV shows.

    8.5 out of 10

  • arhey85
    Hardy Theater
    Was this review helpful for you? 30/9

    I repeat what he wrote in one of the reviews - Tom Hardy is a wonderful actor, over the past few years he has easily and unconstrained the title of the most brutal English actor from Gerard Butler. But, alas, he became isolated on this type, reducing his potential, in fact, only to show (sex) criminal elements.

    On the other hand, this turned out to be enough to start their own production activities and shoot series, as they say, 'for themselves'. 'Taboo' is just such a series, which, before the release, intrigued everyone, including the name, and a competent trailer only increased the excitement.And a number of expectations really came true - and the play of the actors is worthy (the type of the English aristocrat in the image of the husband of the half-sister Delaney is simply brilliantly displayed), and the picture quality is very good (especially when the gloomy sky of London clears up), and undoubtedly, the naturalness as European life as a whole, is comparatively recently departed from the Middle Ages, and the impact on living flesh, which is rich in visuals.

    Alas, the pluses end there, and not only the “theatricality” of what is happening noticed by other reviewers, but the scenario is much worse (I will omit purely historical mistakes, such as the interest of Americans in the territory in the area of ​​modern Vancouver as of 1812-1814 (2 Great Britain’s attempt to fight with its former colony) - at that time it would be more appropriate to steal these lands of the Russian Empire). For nearly 7 (seven!) Hours of screen time, in fact, they did not give us any development of the plot, however, the last one and a half episodes dispersed the plot straight to action, simultaneously turning on the “God mode” at Delany, but as a result of the inconsistency did not disappear ! What is the motivation of Delaney to fight against everyone and generally the motivation as such - remained behind the scenes.Why didn’t they quickly push him to the nail, sending only one killer? The East India company, for a second, de facto ruled half the world (this is not a figure of speech), and its leadership is depicted as a bunch of old people who have survived from the mind and their worthless sons, and representatives of the royal dynasty are shown in such a way that it is not at all clear how Napoleon did not smash them a few years before the events shown. But what about a person who has not been in England for about ten years (or is it a plot 'fog'?), And even with such a reputation, so many friends and connections in the right places?

    In one of the reviews, an analogy was made with the Nietzschean “superman” - I would not soar so high until the creators of the series managed to remove the “Chronicles of Riddick” in a wrapper of the pre-Victorian era - here, in my opinion, the closest analogue (even frames in the middle of the final episode one on one with the final shots 'Chronicle ...' with Riddick on the throne). The character of Tom Hardy here is the essence of the classic hero of Vin Diesel, a hefty guy with superhuman strength and endurance, without a shadow of a doubt, fooling everyone right and left.However, for Diesel, the crown of his career and acting ability, for Hardy, as for me, is stagnation, if not degradation.

    In general, in the “classical” English theater production it appears so far as in the Russian proverb - “swipe for the ruble, hit for a penny”, the bottom line only remembers the invincible James Delaney, the most intelligent and cunning, even on the torture chair in the Tower, and the number dirt in the frame, which would have been envied by the creators of the domestic, God forgive me, the Viking masterpiece ...

    6 out of 10

     an excellent book in the genre of 'fiction' would have come out of the script, but still I want to see what Hardard associates come up with there (although the main thing isto the BBC leadership it was interesting).

  • manfisco
    8 attempts of Tom Hardy to be a brutal sorcerer
    Was this review helpful for you? 47/99

    These attempts he made in the series “Taboo”, and all of them were not successful. Of course, the actor’s fans will not agree with this, and the audience has not yet received a high school diploma.

    Tom Hardy's Hero

    Hardy, in the series, is an evil drunk homeless man in a bowler hat who returned from Africa, where he committed such acts, did such things that we can’t even think about. Most likely, somewhere in Africa, he injured his facial nerve, because for the entire series he never smiled. What? Is he very cool to smile? Well, maybe .. Although not a single spectator with Aiku more than a hundred will not "believe" in this character. It seems that during the filming, the director constantly shouted: “You replay a little! Replay more! ”And Hardy tried his best. The hero Hardy gets absolutely everything that he planned while sitting by the fireplace on his Baker Street. And even if he were shot in the head with a ship’s gun, the miserable core would crumble about his brutal skull.

    Transmitting the atmosphere (actually not)

    There are a lot of vile scenes in the series: people boil sewage in cauldrons on the street, then a large (no - the largest) plan shows us how to gut live chickens and rabbits, rotten teeth of rotten prostitutes, the unthinkable vile prince suffering from syphilis, bubonic plague and scurvy (judging in his appearance), ragged children living in drain pits and much more. All these abominations are clumsy attempts to convey the atmosphere of "those times", although I personally did not ask about it. But, it’s worthwhile to pay tribute, the atmosphere of modern cinema for the masses is perfectly conveyed in the series - the creative impotence of scriptwriters and directors cannot be cured even by millions of millions of budgets.

    Refined Spoon

    Be sure to note the brilliant game of his sparrow - Jonathan Price (head of the East India Company), he was the only one giving me the strength to watch it. Also - Jesse Buckley (the wife of the protagonist), she at least tried, at least tried. Music is also nothing, nothing special.

    Say “shit” twice!

    It's a shame to realize that TV channels feed us such fecal mixtures under the guise of a mystical and mysterious movie. I beg you - do not eat. After all, not everything is so bad in a modern serialomatograph, there is Fargo, there is Call Saul, there is the first season of Real McConnach, Homeland, and much more.After watching such series as “Taboo”, I am pleased that all the actors and staff received royalties, some acting experience (hopefully), and only the spectators who expected to see an interesting unusual film, but got a laugh on a stick, suffered.

    Of course, of course, it can be worse. But with such actors and such a budget, this film is just a failure.We’ll wait for the second season, I think after the creators of Tabu read my review,they will try to change something.

    4 out of 10.

  • MarinYanna
    Definitely! 10 out of 10 !
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/12

    Here I read all the reviews and I wonder. It turns out we have all the moviegoers historians, doctors of chemistry, psychologists and psychiatrists. Apparently, people have this kind of nature: they will always find at least one reason for discontent.

    Of course, in any film there will be blunders, inaccuracies in historical facts, inconsistency of images, underdevelopment (let's say) of costumes. Interestingly, at least someone can name me at least 1 film without a single error? AT LEAST ONE !!!

    I don’t understand something, of all those who showed their “fi” to this series, someone personally lived in London at that time, in order to assert that London was not so! What, is someone personally familiar with all the rituals of different peoples of the world to say for sure what James does in these episodes? Someone here is a certified psychiatrist to confirm the degree, and even more fun, the implausibility of playing the psycho-mystical state of the protagonist?

    I am not a film critic. I am a layman who, watching a film, analyzes it and gets an extraordinary pleasure. I absolutely understand the plot, I like its floridness in some moments, I like the notorious “Happy End” style, I don’t expect from the series the most accurate historical facts (so that this is not a documentary historical film that could be faulted for in this sense distortion of facts) and finally, I admire the game of all actors: even hens and horses running past. For all homegrown critics, an actor will always be either “too brutal” or “too sugary”, “too none”, etc.

    Those who think that the story is distorted, don’t watch this nonsense, turn on the “Culture” channel and drink tea under the monotonous stories of Edward Radzinsky. Well, where is you taking ?! Why watch a second-rate (in your "competent" opinion) movie product? Everything is clear from the first episodes there! Why rape yourself and inspect to the end ?!

    In my opinion, each of the actors in this series more than organically fit into his role.

    A very worthy film, with an open story!

    The acting is great!

  • ArdaTuran
    Hardy come, save the movie
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/23

    I watched, finally, this series ... Why finally? Yes, because after 3-4 episodes it became already boring. 'But since it has begun, it is necessary to watch through to the end' (c) Code of Honor for Serials.

    Tom Hardy is definitely one of the few TOP actors in the world at the moment. The film with him, a priori, is taken for validity, his appearance in rumors about the possible participation of the actor in a particular movie instantly attracts fierce attention from moviegoers to this project. Only a few can raise more “hype” in the world of cinema - Leo is our everything DiCaprio, Quentin is his mother Tarantinych and, perhaps, Gazholder.


    Simply put, I myself succumbed to Hardy's charms (without second thoughts, if that) and from the very announcement of the series I decided for myself - I have to see this. It should be cool, because what kind of series should it be so that Tom Hardy would pay such attention to him?

    And, raising his expectations, he began to patiently wait for the series. I waited - looked. Not that. Not at all what I expected.

    You see, if not for Tom Hardy, there would be no one to look at all there. Replace it with any other actor, but not of such high popularity - it would be a gray, absolutely gray little kinchik who did not give up to anyone.

    For some reason, I was waiting for some 'meat' from this film. Well, you know, a brutal gloomy trailer, Hardy with knives and tattoos, and the film takes place in severe times. However, alas and ah.

    Of the advantages of Taboo, several positive aspects can be distinguished, in addition to Hardy.

    And the atmosphere. Forcing, harsh. The manners of that era are transmitted very high quality, as well as her darkness.

    M is music. I’ll single it out separately, although it serves as a tool to underline the paragraph above.

    M is a hoax. The hoax of Hardy’s image, of course, was a success. The devil knows what he does and what all these shamanistic things mean, but it looks bewitching and frightening. And the very image of Hardy, a snorting, laconic and brutal businessman with a penchant for violence and hats, of course, was a success.

    The plot did not like, its development was delayed. The remaining heroes practically do not develop and are poorly disclosed. The denouement is not bad, but you decide. In general, I became a victim of my expectations. After the end of the last series, disappointment blew. I will put 7 out of 10.

    And yes, after all, why exactly 'TABU'?

  • Glowing One
    From enthusiasm to boredom
    Was this review helpful for you? 23/12

    The first episodes were watched “excitedly”, Taboo began very intriguingly and interestingly. Textured and mystical protagonist. Reliably transmitted atmosphere of England of the Regency era. Twisted Intrigue ...

    And then, with each new series, interest somehow faded and faded. The characters evoked less empathy. Moreover, outwardly the characters are bright and the actors are good, there are no special complaints about the game. But ... somehow everything is monotonous from series to series. Without much disclosure of characters. And without much charisma. Even Hardy in the series is too gloomy. His "African power and witchcraft" is always implied, but not particularly illustrated. And the extreme insight and the most accurate event planning in the end are simply tiring. “The Fair Half” in the series is also some kind of gray - not a single really beautiful actress. But whose appearance on the screen caused a storm of emotions each time - Prince Regent George. That's where the incredible combination of disgust and charisma is.

    In general, we can say that Taboo will repeat the situation with sharpened caps. There, the first season I looked excitedly, and I really looked forward to the second. The second one was worse, but OK. The third slid into some blatant bullshit ... Only then the change of sensations and impressions was compressed into one series - from enthusiasm to fatigue and boredom. And I think the ending of the first season of Tabu turned out just like that - frankly boring. The second season is not waiting. Although I’ll probably watch anyway :)
    7 out of 10

    (with a stretch)

  • Garfield81
    Scary tales (Penny Dreadful) from not included.
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/40

    Perhaps this is a syndrome of high expectations, but my opinion after watching the first season is the worst snowstorm! They promised 'Monte Cristo' with Tom Hardy, got 'It's hard to be a god' with Yarmolnik.

    The following stand out:

    1.) The depiction of London is very naturalistic (or exaggerated, who knows). In the process of watching 2 times went to the shower. Although it’s rather exaggerated, since if I believe that the protagonist, who is clearly not striving for cleanliness, walks with an always dirty mug, I can still, but I believe that women and men are quite high society and are close to the high society - few. By the way, a bunch of installation mistakes are connected with dirt, an example is Ch. the hero leaves the house in the morning, he is clean (relatively). The next frame - the main character came where he wanted, dirty face. Was he specially smeared with mud, or was a killer action scene cut out of the series, where he fought with five enemies in the Raid style and he was piled on the floor? It seems that all such scenes have been cut, but it's a pity.

    2.) Game actors (except for Tom Hardy). Jonathan Price - power (as always), even with Ronin, a chic virgin! Stephen Graham - fierce, not worse than Al Capone turned out (when you look, you want to check your wallet and cover your liver). Franca Potente got perfect. The rest is so-so. Tom Hardy ... Very ambivalent, becausehe’s a bad, very bad man in the film, but he doesn’t walk the whole movie with one dirty mug. A much better movie would be Ice Cube. He had just the right face, facial expression, and like a Negro, he would have been more logical in the role of a semi-Negro, whom some call a "Niger." By the way, it should be noted that Kristen Stewart is now in good company.

    3.) Logic. More precisely, its absence. It. This is an incredibly thick northern furry animal. The kingdom, or rather the kingdom of stupidity. And the main character is the king, although this title is small for him. The all-galactic emperor. At the same time, everyone else calls him "He is a cunning and extremely smart cattle raped us again!". Half of his actions are simply not presented to understanding, the other half is a heroic overcoming of the consequences of the first half. Each plot twist, I thought of something incredibly stupid, and I was expecting the sentence, “Well, it can't be, well, he won’t do it!”. He did! And this is in everything, starting with the relationship with my sister, and ending with the last series, from which I just banged my legs, twitching with laughter and breaking my forehead with facespalms. I would give you a couple of great examples, but they will be banned for spoilers.

    Bottom line: In general, look through gauze (so that the dirt does not fly through the screen).To techies who love logical actions - only under a dose of alcohol,or something else.

    4 out of 10

  • Alexandr Kinolove
    In the black top hat, in the old outfit
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/40

    I don’t want to call 'Tabu' a hopeless insignificance, or mediocre misunderstanding, but so far, in the first couple, the series gives the impression of a dirty tractor skidding in place. The same heavy and clumsy. It seems to be laying claim to something more than it really is. I suspect that if it were not for Tom Hardy in the lead role, and Stephen Knight, who composed the popular 'Sharp Visors', the project would not have received such attention and rating at all. I haven't watched 'Peaks' yet, so I can’t compare both of these projects, or draw any parallels in Knight’s writings (can it be better), but Tabu wasn’t surprised with anything special. For now. Because it is likely that further the story will gain momentum and acquire certain details, but now its time has not come yet.

     You might think that Tom Hardy, the leading actor in the poster, is already a guarantee of quality and motivation for viewing. Is it so? Not really. The fact is that James Delaney is an outwardly curious concept of the character, but inside, it is much simpler and more boring. They try to imagine him as a mysterious gloomy person with a difficult past (including a mystical one).However, it quickly becomes clear that the character Delaney just forgot to register in more detail and varied.

     Chunky, with a dirty and eternally gloomy face, Hardy, slowly and tossing out like a bear, trampes dirty wet streets of the same (but expensive) scenery with his shoes. He forever drills and burns with the repulsive lost look of those around him, often growls and growls, sometimes he casts a spell on something and shaman (it doesn’t look inventive), and sometimes he skillfully guts enemies and traitors with his crooked knife hidden in his bosom. Unfortunately, nothing more is happening under the dangerous mask. Throughout the eight episodes, Delaney does not reveal, does not transform. The authors also almost nothing really mention about his past, giving some fragmentary facts as information and strange glitches of the protagonist. Hardy is not deprived of charisma, but, alas, for him, so far, there is nothing special. The set of emotions of the adventurer Delaney is ugly to the ugliness, and the inner world is boring. And it's not that he is more likely an antihero than a hero. I see no obstacles to draw an interesting multifaceted antihero.There are plenty of successful examples in the cinema.

     In general, the first season left a feeling that it was filmed to promote the project in the future, to show their vision and style, to gather an audience and prepare for something more. Scenic material was not enough, but Knight and Hardy still decided to hurry up and turn what was already available into a full season of eight episodes, each hour. In fact, you can watch only the first - fact-finding and the last two - meaningful. Anyway, in the remaining time, in the other five, little happens - conflicts are brewing for too long, political confrontations are not large enough, dialogs do not cause much enthusiasm, because the protagonist is not eloquent; the fuss of all the key characters manages to get fed up by the 4th series, and the rhythm of the story stretches sluggishly. As for the atmosphere, everything here is also strange. On the one hand, artists, decorators, make-up artists and directors tried to make the picture dark, cruel, mystical, but on the other hand, it doesn’t really hold it. For mystical history, mysticism, witchcraft, and special charm are not enough here, and political intrigues and intrigues are arranged very average, we saw abruptly. In addition, for a project with such potential, one beautiful picture and a gray cloudy atmosphere is not enough.Yes, the scenery was made skillfully, investments and works are felt, as it should be, we are faced with a city of whores and thieves (as in a famous song). The streets are dirty and damp, the dank weather makes you sad, the dirt squishes underfoot, and people scurry around like rats. And still, it’s not the background that decides, but the content.

     The series was lucky with the selection of actors, and some play really masterfully. But most characters sag. We either know little about them, or they are absolutely predictable, or they do not have enough screen time. Accordingly, it is not possible to worry about them, or wish them death. Who is all this background cardboard and why should I be interested? This is a significant drawback for a movie with dynamics like Tabu. After all, first of all, it is the characters, and not the costumes and scenery, that enliven such a production, make it interesting. This is not an action. It is the interaction between the characters, dialogues, plot moves and intrigues that are required to move this project to success.

     The first season of 'Taboo' is not to hit the target. This, for the time being, is a blunder. Not what I would expect after such attention to the project, and the cast.Of course, the charismatic bastard Hardy enjoys the character at his disposal and diligently plays the cattle, but by no means a stupid player, strategist, adventurer who, with all his urine, is trying to win in a dangerous game where the stakes are high - right down to his head . Stephen Knight also plays on an interesting field, where he had already visited before him, at least, Dumas with his 'Count of Monte Cristo'. And in general, for their efforts I would like to keep my fists, because there are probably not enough such paintings now. Now especially. But the first season did not produce much enthusiasm. Knight has some good storylines hanging in the air and gone nowhere. This is unfortunate. Of course, this could have been conceived initially. There is little hope for the second season. I wish that the plot was further twisted better, added to the action of the dynamics promised by the genre and the idea of ​​'toothy' adventurism, the dialogs were written more witty, and James Delaney was opened from different sides of his soul (if he has one), so that under the black top hat and tattoos hiding something more. Let's see what Knight and Hardy will do in the future.In the meantime,for a peppy and thoughtful denouement in the last series

     3 out of 10

  • GreatThorny
    An empty theater of one actor: “Taboo”
    Was this review helpful for you? 39/22

    If for theater artists the production of Hamlet serves as a test of charisma and mastery, then for film actors monofilms have become such a challenge. The tradition, which originates from solo performances, in the cinema was skillfully spread by the recent favorite of Oscar Alejandro González Iñárritu : his “Birdman” and “Survivor” were not pure monofilms, but concentrated on the powerful personal works of Michael Keaton and Leonardo DiCaprio, becoming their benefits. The commercial success of both paintings and the triumph of DiCaprio opened the gold mine to the epigones, and Tom Hardy in Lok, James McEvoy in Split and Hugh Jackman in Logan began to test their skills one by one. Tom Hardy did not stop at “Lock” - together with his father, he wrote the script for the series “Taboo” and played the main role in it. The Taboo previews collected enthusiastic press, and then unthinkable audience ratings, but upon completion the series brought the creator considerable (2.5 million pounds) losses. What is rotten in the kingdom of England?

    Unfortunately, almost everything, but the plot turned out to be especially terrible. The stern wanderer James Cazaya Delaney returned to London to honor the memory of his deceased father and inherit the Nootka archipelago, a stumbling block to the interests of the British crown, the East India Company and the young United States.History promised a gloomy confrontation between the Byronic antihero and those in power against the backdrop of majestic London, but turned into tiring and pretentious Hardy's wanderings around the dirty outskirts. Tiring - because Hardy's wanderings occupy 80% of the screen time, pretentious - because of jerky, pathos, stupid dialogs. In conversations with opponents and allies, the protagonist invariably hints at his own danger and insanity, which in fact he manages to demonstrate extremely rarely and modestly, and as a result, inexpressive, crumpled action makes Delaney’s speeches empty bragging.

    It aggravates the scenario problems of the mystic - pagan spells and rituals do not add to the series of mystery, but, on the contrary, spoil the beautiful Victorian setting itself. The “Survivor” Inyarritu had similar flaws that successfully overshadowed the acting work of DiCaprio and Hardy. In his own series, Tom showed an amazing acting impotence : his passionless hero, whose motives remained unclear, does not cause any empathy, or at least interest in his future fate. The only cute characters were the energetic widow of Delaney the elder Lorne, whose screen time is criminally small, and the wonderful Jonathan Price, whose angry curses can be heard endlessly.Partially correcting the tediousness of the series, capturing the gloomy, imperial atmosphere of Victorian England, could also be camera work and editing, but the frequent change of angles and twitching storyboards complete its confusion.

    Therefore, the high ratings of critics and viewers look strange - in my opinion, the potentially powerful series-one-man show turned out to be an expensive and incredibly boring buffoonery . But, although failure hurt the finances of Tom Hardy, she did not take away his undoubted talent and brutal charisma. Let's hope that the next challenge to his skill, whether it be Nolan's “Dunkirk” or the new Mad Max, will bring Tom well-deserved rewards and laurels.For gloomy Victorianism, let other talents be responsible, good,there are enough of them in the literature.

  • plantasy
    Season 1: The Return of the “African Devil”
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/0

    The eight-episode television movie Tabu , before becoming fully acquainted with the first season, inspired confidence and confidence in the upcoming interesting viewing, since such creation took part Famous and respected people like Ridley Scott and Stephen Knight, who shared production and screenwriting responsibilities along with Edward Chips Hardy and Tom Hardy, where the latter played the main role. Of course, there were some doubts about the quality of the production, based only on the general plot of the story of Tom Hardy himself, but the presence in the foreground of one of his favorite actors overshadowed the mind in anticipation of a long-playing story, shrouded in the atmosphere of the beginning of the nineteenth century in the territory of royal Britain. According to the unspoken tradition of series covering historical events, brightened up by the presence of fictional characters among real-life personalities, which is typical of Uncle Ridley's selected projects, the television films of the FX and BBC One channels, responsible for English and American rental, respectively, remain at the proper level of quality set for example urban “Sharp peaks” or island “Black Sails”.He exploits gloomy realism, mixed with mysticism to such an extent that at first it becomes a kind of chamber and even intimate story, turned deep into the protagonist, so that by the end he plunges into an adventure rhythm and takes on a different size of narrative scale.

    The protagonist of the series, James Kesaya Delaney, who suddenly returned after ten years of wandering, during which all of London considered him dead, has many secrets and mysteries, as evidenced by the strange behavior associated with his recently deceased father by Londoners, who had time to make a negative impression on the townspeople. James inherited from his father not only a decrepit and overgrown house on the banks of the spilled Thames along with the butler Bryce, but also the territory of Nutka Bay, which is located on the modern island of Vancouver near the borders of Canada and the USA, which is a strategically important place for the Venerable East India Trading Company , well known to viewers for the Verbinsky pirate trilogy, and for the American Navy.Hardly letting out the hidden facts from the past hero regarding the wreck of the omnipotent company’s ship, the subsequent “terrible events” in Africa and the mystical connection of James with the witch-mother, who comes through semi-narcotic visually-felt bursts of visions, "Taboo" inexorably monitors every movement of the hero, not being shy about spending a third of each episode on a tattooed and eternally dirty Hardy on a bear walk. The patience in watching the swaying plot slowly overgrowing with such desired details is facilitated by the directorial work of the Danes Kristoffer Nayholm and Finn Anders Engström, who, due to their Nordic moods, are monotonous but trample the street sewers of London with boots of heroes.

    The entourage of the era represented here shines with all its pretentious ugliness, where the streets of the central part of the city are found in the frame much less often than the dead landscapes of suburban rocky marinas covered with silt and other natural and human substances.Max Richter regularly plays music gloomily, complementing the sullen looks with his low notes, rattling his violins, allowing the screen to fill with all shades of dark colors, every second frame of which is able to stay in the frame or just be remembered, especially when Tom Hardy once again appears as a dark figure in a coat and a hat or a company mumble something indistinct, but in the context of the scene is definitely understandable. "Taboo" contrary to the name, has no taboos in demonstrating cruel murder or copulation scenes, of course, without going beyond the bounds of an adequate adult rating and the absence of the need to bleed once again in the frame, in addition to the wild “arrivals” of the protagonist, correctly moving the line with Sister Zilfa, with fear of lust trembling every time, seeing the silhouette of James Delaney. By the way, the acting role of sister Una Chaplin, the granddaughter of Charles Chaplin, whose mother was a patient of the Betlema clinic for some time, is called “bedlam” in the common people, which is shown in the series as an abandoned establishment that has a direct relation to the mother of the protagonist.In addition to the children decorated with pirates who find corpses on the shore during the next game, conspiracies against the heir to the East India Company in the person of the strong-minded person, Chairman of Strange, who was played by Jonathan Price, who is familiar with such roles, the first season does not forget about alcoholic butchers and port prostitutes with sodomites from the office.

    But ... not everything is so spoiled by vice and blood, because the most significant character of the story under the guise of Tom Hardy, always on his own wave and developing his plans for a profitable inheritance, lets close only selected people and being the most inadequate, retains a bit of meaningfulness in not predictable actions. The notoriety and fear of Delaney, justifying the equanimous cold-bloodedness and calculation only confirm that the protagonist is negative, forcing him to watch with impatient interest how the company representatives and the swollen prince regent are furious. Contrasting with the main character, the remaining characters do not become pale, interest in the roles of Jesse Buckley, Franky Potente and Tom Hollander.The first season of “Taboo" , having excessive repetitions and extremely slow dispersal, which naturally eliminated a good half of the audience, answers only the smallest share of questions that arise when viewing, obviously leaving the right to do so in the expected sequel, the second whose season will fit even for a full prequel, when as the third one will lead the story forward, in any case, the creators have where to turn around,for the foundation of this untold story is laid very strong.

    7 out of 10

  • Temirlan Hafarov
    A demon with a thousand faces
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/4

    Taboo - the series the main character was the character James DeLaney, played by Tom Hardy. Actors such as Una Chaplin and Jonathan Price also starred in the film.

    The script of the series was written by Stephen Knight, known to many on the series 'Sharp Peaks'. The series tells about the character James Delaney was considered missing and returned after 10 years of travel. James appears at the funeral of his father, who bequeathed to him the island of Nutku. In the course of the plot, we will see the confrontation of James against the East India Company, which wants to get the island. The picture is filled with the same gloomy, but the truth is more dirty (literally dirty) England of the 1800s. Everywhere there is intrigue, conspiracy, fraud, murder. There are holes in the script and there are many of them, the past of the characters is revealed very poorly. Flashbacks were disgusting that didn't carry a clear meaning.

    The game of Tom Hardy does not need comments, this is not his best role, but worthy. Una Chaplin and Jonathan Price known for the series 'Game of Thrones' did not stand out. The game of Una Chaplin lacked more emotions. The heroine of the entire series walks with the same and unemotional face. Jonathan Pras's game lacked drama. I would like to mention the game of David Hayman and Michael Kelly.

    According to some information, season 2 will be possible in 2018. I hope they close all the gaps that were in season 1. Overall my rating is positive 8.5 / 10. If you are a fan of the 'Sharp Peaks' and a fan of England from the 19th and 20th centuries, viewing is a must.

  • lobzel
    Was this review helpful for you? 1/8

    Despite the excellent acting, successful images and high-quality scenery that create a gloomy atmosphere, the plot is rather linear and predictable. Many actions of the heroes are not motivated, and the dreams or delusions of the protagonist are not fully explained. But if you don’t think about it, then the series is worth watching at least for the sake of a juicy picture, for the sake of immersion in the era of the beginning of the XIX century.

    7 out of 10

  • KimLi
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/3

    A very atmospheric series from the creators of my favorite 'Peaks' with beautiful actors, from Tom Hardy to the almost unrecognizable Mark Gatiss. The action takes place in London during the Napoleonic Wars, that is, at the beginning of the century before last, and covers almost everything - from dirty dens to the royal court. And I would love to call 'Tabu' a masterpiece, if not for one problem - the plot.

    The first series of 'Taboo' promise very, very much. A very colorful protagonist, fanned with notoriety, full of mysteries, and of a mystical nature. A gloomy house where his demented father recently died. Ominous old servant. A young sister who married a pretty but disgusting man. And so on and so forth - the plot is simply magnificent, promising a stylish Gothic novel.

    Unfortunately, the style in 'Tabu' is much more than meaning. The series has luxurious scenes, even luxurious series, dozens of colorful characters, and all this leads to nothing. The scriptwriters simply abandoned the line with their sister. A line with the late father of the hero in general, too. And most importantly, over and over again does not leave the question: what was all this? Why so much intrigue, when there is - and it is quite used - brute force? And so on - sometimes all this fuss seems just ridiculous. Again, nothing is clear with the mystical component either.

    Despite questions to the plot, 'Taboo' is worth a look. At least for the sake of an excellent cast and a gloomy, even surrealistic picture, completely unlike the adaptations of Jane Austen and even Charles Dickens. I hope that in the second season the authors will draw conclusions and propose a more dynamic and more meaningful story.

  • EdwardRyabinin
    “For Tom Hardy I drink Bacardi” © D. Zhizhin
    Was this review helpful for you? 2/2

    We are presented with a new creation and a new story with the participation of the magnificent British actor Tom Hardy, telling us about adventures in the dirty royal land of James Kezaya Delaney. James Delaney, after 10 years of wandering in Africa, returns to his homeland in England, in the turbulent Age of the Regency for the funeral of his father, and immediately we see many knots and riddles that Delaney, the character is not so simple and carries a lot secrets ...

    The first thing that can be distinguished is the plot itself, which was written by Tom Hardy himself and his father, Chips. The plot of the series tells us not at all a thriller or a detective story, how much a simple but very gloomy historical drama connected with the Delany family in England of the XIX century. We see a simple man eager to build his own ship company in a very risky way, from this comes the very name of the series - “Taboo”, which means “ban”. A path that goes beyond the law and can be dangerous for the upper classes of English society, which can have terrible consequences.

    The second thing that can be distinguished is the atmosphere of the series itself. The 19th century in cinema has always been associated with the word “dirt”, the beginning of the industrial revolution affected the lives of all the people of that time, and the creators of the series perfectly presented us with the very dirty, vile England, whose streets are filled with rats and stench. Musical accompaniment in the series, also as part of this atmosphere. But music, by no means, is not the most important thing in this series, it was made just to characterize that era, there is not a single character in the series that could be characterized by music.

    And finally, the most important thing about what, you just need to tell, for which I am ready to drink Bacardi, the main part of the entire series, on which the whole world of this story rests - Tom Hardy. James Kezaya Delaney is a personal independent creation of the actor. Delany appears before us as a very smart and cunning person, capable of circling anyone around his finger, even in the most difficult situation, a person who respects no one except his butler and his estate. As I said, Delaney remains one of the most mysterious characters in this dark and dirty story written by Tom Hardy ...

  • TheFurry
    The world of pigs
    Was this review helpful for you? 7/3

    They talked a lot about this series, constantly praised, gave high marks. The series is short, the series is only 8. It looks simple, there is nothing to think about. No matter how many people write about the incredible talents of Tom Hardy, they are not visible here. Perhaps because there is simply nothing to play here. Now, in order.

    Welcome to the world of pigs. Dirty, smelly, always excited. Mother made them like that.

    And this can immediately and briefly characterize the entire series. Indeed, if in the case of our wild and greyhound hero this can somehow be justified, then it’s impossible to believe that high-born lords are pigs. Absolutely) Dirt for dirt. This series is so distorted that it becomes a parody to the ridiculous. The desire for trash, so that “everything is like adults”, is simply striking here.

    The plot focuses on the East India Trading Company. Which the scriptwriter is familiar only with, apparently, from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and he only knows about her actions that they are against Jack Sparrow.) Such game and nonsense ... This company needs a piece of land somewhere to complete business success far away in the distant kingdom. You don’t notice that piece there, removed from the card, but they are rubbing at us how much it means. And this is during the war.Yes, even if England gets this land, it doesn’t cost anything to take it away, there’s a war in the States, and England is taken away from everyone in the States, because the war is against England, but here with serious mines we have a lot of dirty and swearing the pig lords (cream of management of the East India Company, so here you are!) looks at the map with this piece of well, just super-earths every batch. And now they almost came to get this piece of land, as our hero, who was considered dead, arrives in London and takes this piece of mega-earth by inheritance. Hurts, doesn’t want to sell, he wants to trade there himself (what expanse for business on 3 square meters should be)), and in general he lived in Africa and he was a savage man.

    GG Taboo is just a song. They collected all the pathos stamps and multiplied them by three. But for starters, like everything else in this world of Taboo, he is a pig. He doesn’t wash, smears his face, swoops in the mud, walks at home in the same shirt with his bare ass and smears ash, paint, shit ... than he smears there. Kneading on the fact that it is mysterious and dangerous, came from wild Africa, etc. Here they are betting that he does terrible things, that he is just a beast, what he was taught in Africa, and that, standing on his road, you do not become against a man, but against a monster.In fact, this is reflected in the fact that he walks in a dirty face and threatens everyone, saying what he did, does and will do terrible things ... only he does not. True, once he kills and gutting someone. But let’s take it seriously, you don’t need to be from Africa for this. If you expect to see a mystical story with magic, then roll your lip, because the scriptwriters obviously did not manage to come up with anything on this topic, and then they force a pathos fog with all their might to hide it like "and then we'll figure something out." Although, once magic appears. What do you think, in what? You think that in order to gain an advantage in the war with the company? To be one step ahead? But no to you. This deliberately did not come up with a discharge.

    A good half of the series consists of walks, walks, WALKS of a hero with an evil mug. By the way, in his wardrobe, it seems, two raincoats, self-clothes (one dirty and one not) and one shirt, self-clothes.

    Watching him walk, and he walks along the floor of the series, it becomes boring pretty quickly, and therefore you start to get distracted or look at something else. Because of this, a lot of jambs are noticed, by the way. But my favorite jamb is a self-washing cloak. As I wrote above, gg has only two raincoats, and it’s funny when he comes out in the dirty and comes in clean.

    Against the background of what is happening, Gg has a love interest, without this in any way.From this love interest as a guard of cabbage from a goat)

    Other characters are also good - not to describe, but from them I remember my royal person. King of all England, who is apparently sick with syphilis, smallpox, scurvy, bubonic plague and herpes. And this is only if judged by one person. Make-up artist, they probably have a rare prankster.

    A little bit about the plot. Stupidity reigns here, and since our Messenger is the chief here, then he is the chief stupid person, which, obviously, as the scriptwriters intended, should be "the very one who will make everyone." But our hero is simply the King of stupidity. For the whole plot of the series is that he drags on the first half of the series and stupidly runs up with a pathos mug, and in the second part, he with the same heroically pathos mug rips it all up, digging deeper along the way.

    Nevertheless, for some reason I do not want to completely trample Tabu in the mud. There is something in it that makes you inspect. And yet, the authors’ efforts are evident to create something strong, dark, gloomy, dead and worthwhile, even if they do not succeed. This is even a claim to the Gothic, but the Gothic novel needs content, it needs meaning, but this is not in Taboo. This series was made immediately with an eye on several seasons, because the division into seasons in meaning and plot is almost absent here. As a result, we have 8 hours, when almost nothing happens, very little action.Of course, the characters move from location to location, make their speeches, but they have no meaning or perspective for the plot. If you collect the entire Taboo season 1 and throw out walking, fermentation and reeling, you will see that there remains only one page of the cinematic scenario, hardly more.And this is weak, something needs to be filled in.

    Taboo is narcissismwhere form prevails over content.

    5 out of 10

  • KirGirod
    To gloomy London from faded Africa
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/2

    A kind of Gothic mini-series with stunning actors, excellently built decorations, and the lively atmosphere of London from the beginning of the 19th century. This is all the series 'Taboo' .

    Many praise this series, someone does not like it, someone does not understand, most love, but do not understand ... You can go on ad infinitum. Show the era of that time - the real era - the series 'Taboo' definitely succeeded. Impunity, eternal filth, hunger, emancipation of the aristocracy, thoughtless play by other people's lives - this is Britain of that time. And this is one of the strengths.

    The second strong point is a successful cast. I won’t list, I’ll walk through the good qualities of the game, and the failure of the entire line of the series.

    It seems that Tom Hardy took on the image that he always wanted to play (this can be traced) , but which moved to another actor in his time. James Kazaya Delaney - Bruce Wayne of that time, rich, indifferent, vengeful, harsh, but fair, cruel and caring at the same time. In general, the series is held in the style of DC, London at that time is Gotham, and there is only one way to everything. Violence, violence, violence.What could be wrong here? The problem is that Delaney’s motivation is not completely clear, the character is not disclosed from the emotional side, and therefore the hero Hardy does not want to empathize, he plays a stone, an inhuman vessel that does not want to show at least some human feelings. His self-confidence in his abilities, thinking through actions ten steps forward is too dull, so you can not sympathize with the character, on the contrary. The fall-up scheme doesn’t work here, Tom Hardy is a superhero who did not know defeats. Even the same Batman, if you look, has so many internal problems that he can become an excellent treasury for a psychologist. Hardy is harsh and charismatic, but not alive, as a result of which his character does not live, but only exists.

    A huge plus was Jonathan Price , he is Sir Stuart Strange (for those who do not know, this is 'Oh, Father Elizabeth' or 'His Sparrow'). With his charisma, price takes precedence over everyone, the game is at its best, for the most part I want to watch it and his retinue. How will the second season be without him - we'll see.

    Talking about the rest - does it make sense? I play everything convincingly, perhaps if Delany were brought closer to humanity, he would become closer.Here and Mark Gaitiss - the infantile prince regent, and Jason Watkins - the provocateur manipulator in the service of His Majesty, and David Hayman - the stern Alfred of that time, but of all the other actors, only he stands out by his liveliness.

    A huge drawback is female characters. These are the tools of the series, its decoration, perhaps this is the idea of ​​the authors for running the plot, but whether they cling to it - no, whether their actions are adequate, and as a result of which they look at them as individuals - no. These are just cliched pictures for working with male characters. Maybe this is the idea of ​​the authors, maybe the scriptwriters' omission.

    The so-called 'love line' of the characters of Hardy and Una Chaplin, alas, slurred, empty and irrevocable. Why is it inserted here? For timing, to show that Delaney is still a man, Zifa again serves as a tool, but not a character. And the denouement is so stupid that you want to laugh and cry. Perhaps if Unu Chaplin is introduced in the second season, then this could be an ideal foundation for the continuation (sort of Cersei or Nigan in a skirt). If you think about it, you can work with it. But so far this line is the weakest in the series. A tribute has been paid to the Game of Thrones , in which moments you can see the connection between the two series.

    The denouement of the season, unfortunately, has become a trite and slack of the entire last series.This kind of cheating doesn’t fit into an intense series, everything gets away with it, the villains are defeated, the truth has triumphed ... And we will end here.

    The bottom line is: the series is dynamic, atmospheric, exciting, but in some places hasty, stupid and unreal. More perceived as a book story, but let's see what happens in the second season.I liked the 'taboo'but if I would watch it again - definitely not.

  • klaverian
    Indeed, 'Taboo' ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 18/17

    From time to time, when I want to watch a new series, I turn on the search for a high rating and look in the list for something that I have not watched. So I do in order to avoid danger it is useless and boring to spend my time on some nonsense. Recently, the serial genre, as you know, is experiencing its rise. In the series, stars of the first magnitude do not disdain to appear, budgets are off scale, the picture quality is not inferior to many feature films. However, as the 'Taboo' example shows, the high rating and participation of eminent actors does not guarantee that you will enjoy watching it.

    First, the good, the benefit is not so much. What can not be taken away from the series is atmospheric. It can be seen that the creators made a lot of efforts to recreate the color of the era, the authenticity of the costumes, the appearance of London streets of the early 19th century, etc. The pluses of the series include music, which is very consistent. As for the acting, here, without any doubt, Jonathan Price shines. The image was also successful for Mark Gatiss, who, after the role of Mycroft Holmes in 'Sherlock', showed himself to be a very promising actor. Steven Graham, a sort of London gangster, showed himself well.Jesse Buckley also attracted my attention, which I had not noticed anywhere before, and only after watching 'Taboo' I looked for her profile on imdb. That's all, on the whole.

    The rest of the review, I’m afraid, will not mention the good.

    The script of the series, as for me, is very mediocre. Despite the fact that there are a lot of sidelines in the series: love for my sister (hello, “Game of Thrones”!), A Negro girl, etc., they are all torn, illogical and break off illogically, so it’s not clear why they are were generally needed. At the same time, tyagomotin, into which the development of the plot spills, is simply unbelievable. For good, the series should have 3 episodes instead of 8: the first, last, and one episode in the middle. The entire action of the series is based on the repetition of the words 'Nootka Bay' in different tones by different characters, discussions about which Delaney is a dangerous person, and endless wanderings around London, during which some fights, attacks and murders occasionally occur.

    Having said above about atmospheric, as a positive feature of the series, I must now add that everything has boundaries and the creators of them have crossed this.Still, even in the early 19th century, people washed themselves in the mornings, Prince Regent George was not a leper of syphilitics, and evening receptions did not resemble a brew from a huge crowd of sweaty people in crowded rooms.

    Sweetie on the cake (alas, not from honey and sugar) is the main character performed by Tom Hardy. For a long time I suspected that Hardy is an overrated actor, the series strengthened me in this opinion. Hardy did not fit into the atmosphere of the series. He does not look like a man of the beginning of the 19th century. He looks like Tom Hardy, an artist of the 21st century, for some reason put on a stupid hat. The motives of his character, except hatred for the whole world and stupid obstinacy, are completely unclear. No personality development, which the first series seems to have promised, is happening. He constantly emphasizes how evil and gloomy he is, what vile things he did in Africa, as if trying to convince himself of this. His futuristic-looking tattoos and gloomy spells, which he mutters in the language of the antipodes, sitting in a dirty shirt, not erased, apparently, for all ten years of his wanderings, only emphasize his implausibility and pathos. However, pathos is generally a distinguishing feature of this character. Starting in the middle of the second series, I watched the series simultaneously with the unfolding of the Spider solitaire so as not to dislocate my jaw from yawning. The series was made by Tom Hardy for Tom Hardy, starring Tom Hardy ...My conclusion can be only one: viewing the upcoming second season should become a personal 'taboo' for a normal viewer who is not a fan of this great talent ...

    3 out of 10.

  • kaana
    Patterns of some series of the Air Force
    Was this review helpful for you? 2/5

    Screenwriters of the series of the Air Force use a very original trick in their series - the deep development of details, the world, the atmosphere, the era in which the characters of the film are placed. Moreover, even secondary characters are developed deeply and reliably, for them new moves and new explanations are found. Where does the basis for such scenarios come from? This is either the original plots of the series, or the literary basis. As obvious examples of the series are Sherlock and People. So the Air Force scriptwriters are super script improvers. And it's cool and cool. So none of the critics of the series recognized the literary basis (in any case, did not note this in the review), the world built in the film, perfect in its detail and equipped with new explanations of the characters and their conflicts so captured everyone. And the basis: the Count of Monte Cristo A. Dumas. Pure water. Transfer from lace France to the stench of port London, castle-slavery, abandoned love-abandoned love with the soul of England, revenge, wealth acquired in the colonies, its own team.

    Here, by the way, about the refinement of the plots and portraits of secondary characters - Dumas, if I remember correctly, says little about the recruitment of a team, but here, no new series is selected in it and all textured, convex, with history.

    When viewing the drawbacks, the critic reviewers noted earlier, but the plot was intriguing - as soon as the lines of the past, present, future connected in one rope - the storyline - the interest faded, therefore:

    3 out of 10

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