The Legend of Korra

Avatar Korra, a headstrong, rebellious, feisty young woman who continually challenges and breaks with tradition, is on her quest to become a fully realized Avatar. In this story, the Avatar struggles to find balance within herself.





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    Action & Adventure, Animation, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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  • api
    Avatar is back! But is it an Avatar?
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    My heart bleeds when I remember watching the last episode of the story about Aang. I really didn’t want to part with the good-natured, charming, wise Aang, with the hilarious Soka, the sullen, but charming Zuko, with the amazing Toph, with cute Momo and even with Qatar. But everything is not so bad, because I was waiting for a story about a new Avatar, a new story about a beloved world.

    Frankly, I was disappointed. Of course, the cartoon is just as attractive, the same quality, the same kind and with the same jokes as before. But the plot and the characters are simply a mockery of the memory of the great Avatar. How could Aang and Zuko allow the world to turn into such chaos, could they let the magicians mock ordinary people like that? The answer is no! But all this can still be explained, who knows, maybe they hid it from them, or they were busy with something else. But people no longer honor Avatar as a savior, only a statue reminds me of this, from which I get goosebumps ... When Avatar, even an inexperienced girl, enters the stage, people stupidly look at him, waiting for some trick, like from the clown. Yes, and Korra herself does not cause positive feelings from the first meeting. Her causeless teenage stubbornness strongly resembles a mixture of Qatar and Zuko. There are not many other heroes, but they do not cause admiration. Tenzin, the son of Aang, probably did not like the most. Where are all the best qualities of his parents that should have been preserved even in him? But we see only constant despondency and the same facial expression. Bolin and Mako have not yet made any impression. And the animals, which were whole personalities in the first story, became ordinary pet animals, they have neither life nor character.

    Many of you may not like my review, but only love says in me. Love for that fairy tale, for those heroes who have been in my head for a long time and will forever remain in my heart. But I do not lose hope. And maybe by the end of the first season there will be another review of mine, painted already in green.

  • Ameriggio
    As summer replaces spring, Corra was replaced by Aang
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    'Avatar: The Legend of Aang' - one of my favorite animated series. It was everything - and cool characters, and funny situations, and much, much more. I looked forward to each series. But nothing lasts forever, and 'Aang' is no exception. Of course, I was just thrilled when the creators of the original animated series announced Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

    This is a completely different story about another avatar - Korra. She is a teenager, from childhood trained in mastery of the possessions of all four elements. And when Korra mastered the magic of earth, fire and water, she went to the Republican city to complete her studies. I immediately liked the new avatar. Not only is she a beautiful girl, she is also very cheerful. Almost never lose heart, always finds a way out of difficult situations.

    The first sight of the Republican city took my breath away - it would have been, because it is a huge metropolis full of cars, interesting places and people displeased with the government. From all that I saw, we can conclude that the creators of the animated series were inspired by San Francisco and New York. What is Big Avatar park worth?

    Naturally, a lot has happened in 70 years. Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye is cars. There are many of them, as in modern megacities. And makes them 'Sato Mobile'. The company, by the way, in one of the series will help the main characters in one situation.

    Perhaps, of the new characters, Bolin is most of all with me - a fighter in probing (this is such a sport in which elemental magicians fight among themselves). He, like Korra, is never discouraged, and childishly naive.

    And the main problem in The Legend of Korra is the Equalizers, led by Amon, who want to overthrow the magicians. Of course, Amon cannot be compared with the Lord of Fire in danger, but nevertheless, give him a chance. He will show himself.

    In general, great films with poor sequel are often released in our world. One exception is Avatar: The Legend of Korra. This beautiful and funny animated series will not leave you indifferent! Required to view.

    10 out of 10

  • Teoretik_v
    Everything has changed
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    This is not a children's cartoon about the adventure of children in the world of the four elements. You could watch the legend of Aang with a calm soul and just enjoy, indeed, a legend with an oriental worldview.

    In the new Avatar, we are thrown into a progressive industrial 'pro-western' city, which has changed a lot after the death of its creators. In the new world, the philosophy of unity with nature has been replaced by technological progress. A new way of thinking has appeared among people, a new way of life among the citizens of the Republican City. It is not so easy to survive here as, say, in the old Ba-Sing-Se, because other laws work here. There is an organized mafia, there is a more rigid division into classes. As already noted, spilled New York 30s-50s. Perhaps this is not the dream city that our old friends Lord of Fire Zuko and Avatar Aang built. But on the other hand, like any modern metropolis, the “Republican City” impresses with its grandeur, its industrial power, its scale and beauty. That is, the 'scenery on stage' is no worse than the old production.

    The characters, in my opinion, are no worse than the previous ones. Korr's new avatar is perhaps the opposite of Aang in character. She is quick-tempered, stubborn, pugnacious, but at the same time she is very cheerful, fair and incredibly beautiful. The authors tried to endow her with those character traits that are common to all 17-year-olds, but at the same time make a decent and fair avatar.

    Korra very quickly makes new friends. These are Mako and Bolin - two very bright young people who are also magicians. These are two brothers who are very different from each other in character, but at the same time get along well with each other. Tenzin is Aang's youngest son and Korra's new air teacher. It also has a unique and characteristic character. Also, the authors of the cartoon did not forget about the animals, which are also present in the series. And, I tell you, they are in no way inferior to their charm to Appe and Momo.

    In general, the picture has matured. This is not just a fairy tale, it is an exciting story that is closer to reality. But this does not make you sad, because the cartoon has cultural and funny humor, as before. There is great stylized music that is really nice to listen to. All this is accompanied by high-quality and beautiful animation. But and most importantly - this legend will not leave the audience indifferent. As before, all the action causes extremely positive and good emotions.

    The bottom line is simple: everything goes no worse than before - and this is important. But the only thing the new picture is still inferior to is that the love for the Legend of the Aang is too great.

    10 out of 10

  • Yuri Turlovich
    Return of the legend
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    I really liked the series about the adventures of Aang and his friends. Everything was there: a well-thought-out world, interesting characters, and most importantly, an interesting plot, so the news about the release of the sequel greatly pleased me, and the series itself exceeded my expectations.

    If the Legend of the Airang was perceived as a beautiful, sometimes naive tale, then The Legend of Korra is more like a work in the steampunk genre adjusted for magic. This move allowed us to create a more interesting and close to our understanding of the world, similar to Chicago of the 30s, with the mafia, cars and other attributes of that era.

    The characters have become more serious. Our hero is no longer a cheerful and peaceful guy, but a harsh girl who prefers a forceful method of solving problems. Her difficult adventures are accompanied by the brothers Mako and Bolin, two young men from the urban lower classes, trying to break through, participating in competitions in probing (a sport where three magicians compete in the combat possession of the elements). The opposing side is represented by a group calling itself the “Equalizers”, led by the mysterious Amon, who hates magicians and knows how to deprive them of strength.

    Unexpectedly gloomy and matured, in every sense, the sequel is definitely no worse, and in many aspects even better than the original, will appeal to both fans and recently joined spectators.

     8.5 out of 10

  • Lkun
    New Avatar, a completely different life ...
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    I was a little surprised to hear from a friend about the continuation of the animated series 'Avatar: Legend of the Airanga'. After the series ended, I had a chance to read some notes about the sequel, but all of them were based on the assumption. And why the sequel to 'Avatar: The Legend of the Aang'? But, apparently, the creators decided to take a chance, and what did they end up with?

    The viewer is presented with a completely different story, the fate of other heroes and the world is no longer the same as we probably would like to see him again. 70 years have passed since the end of the centennial war, scientific and technological progress is actively developing, new problems have appeared in people, enemies have become tougher and more aggressive.

    Despite the fact that I enjoy watching the series 'Avatar: The Legend of Korra' with great pleasure, some discomfort does not leave me. The overall picture of the series, in comparison with the first three seasons, is changed by the presence of the Republican city: it is as if transferred from another world to oust the world of magicians, in principle, the main enemy of the new avatar, Amon, is striving for this idea. If there were no statue of Aang, magnificent in scale and appearance, and the island of the magicians of the Air, then absolutely no connection can be drawn between the prequel and its continuation. In my opinion, the action of the animated series the farther, the faster they gain momentum. There is a feeling that all the characters are in a hurry somewhere and they simply skip from one episode to another.

    As a plus, I would like to mention the same amazing setting of battles. They are still spectacular and bewitching! I can’t argue with that!

    Korra, the new incarnation of the Avatar, emotional, cheerful girl. She has yet to hone her skills in managing magic. However, friends can not do anywhere! Mako, Bolin and Asami: they will be there and always ready to help!

    In total, each episode is swallowed in one fell swoop and I want to see more! In September, new heroes will speak Russian voices. And also soon will be the second season of 'Avatar: Legends of Korra'. And I hope the latter.)

    9 out of 10

  • Elanchanin
    Other blood, other wounds, completely different times ... (c)
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    A new legend is always 'weaker' than the ancient one. The experience of predecessors (Fantasy saga Dragonlance; fellow by genre, anime series Otogizoshi, etc.) confirms this. However, Michael Dante Dimartino and Brian Koniecko managed to do, it seems, the impossible.

    As Avatar Aang’s admirers grew, so did the heroes of the new Legend.

    It is difficult to give any estimates to the series, especially since only 12 of its series are available so far, but still I will try. Of course, changing the age of the target audience with a need led to an increase in the degree of tension, dynamism, action, which, in my opinion, somewhat spoiled the impression. Of course, in the 70 years that have passed since the end of the first part of the series, much has changed, progress has stepped far forward with seventy-mile strides. However, a certain generation gap is still felt, despite the fact that the main characters are the children and grandchildren of the heroes of the recent glorious past. The new world, built by the creators of the Legend of Korra, does not at all imply the thoughtful thoughts of Uncle Iro, if he could hardly survive there. Even the new Avatar is gradually losing its spiritual connection with its previous incarnations, although Aang, despite his so young age, resorted to these practices constantly. Corre is alien to the meaning of life issues and torment that haunted Aang throughout the war. And is it possible?Hardly. The excessively rapid development of the plot did not allow to fully reveal each character: it seems that they all operate according to a program written in advance for each and that they cannot go beyond the scope of the alternatives she offers, they cannot be unpredictable.

    The main antagonist Amon is also a product of his time. He is cruel and prudent, but his prudence and cruelty are one hundred times inferior to similar qualities of the main antagonists of the first part - Ozai and Azula. And I want to cry out: 'The rock crushed!' It is such thoughts that arise when looking at the children of the main characters of a glorious past - Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong. However, behind all this is the main, in my opinion, the message of the series. Dimartino and Koniecko colorfully and vividly show how, under the aggressive onslaught of technological progress, which comes faster than civilization manages to respond to the changes it brings, tradition is perishing. In the new world, there really is no place for magicians; it is alien to the capitalist world. Therefore, probably, the Avatar also becomes such a “soulless”, relying only on the strength of its muscles.

  • suzie_dreamer
    There was a wolf cub, a wolf will become .. (c)
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    A very worthy continuation!

    At one time I watched the story of Aang with great pleasure, sincerely empathized with the heroes and rejoiced in their victories.

    But Korra’s story is good too! Although, it really is very different from its predecessor. The plot became more adult, the humor became several times less, the drama was enough with the head, the action scenes came out great.

    The heroes, of course, are an order of magnitude easier than in 'Aanga', they lack a little the strength and originality of the characters, but I personally liked them, especially Corra and Lin. I almost cried for Lin, I recognize in her the strength, courage and loyalty that my favorite Toph had. Korra was very pleased as an Avatar, in particular, due to the fact that she did not have as many snot as Aang had. She is indeed an adult, strong and decisive Avatar. Naga and Pub were also pleased - a great alternative to our loved Appe and Momo!)) The rest of the heroes also became famous - Mako and Bolin, Tenzin with their crazy kids, Iro and Asami, even I liked Tarlock and Noatak!

    Now about the cons. Character characters and mythology. Few! I miss the tragedy, the self-discovery of the main characters, the path to becoming them as individuals! I understand that they are no longer children, but still, there must be some kind of background. Virtually nothing is said about their childhood, about their families. I sincerely hope that in the new season we will clarify all these points.

    Magic and atmosphere. Personally, I was always more attracted to the past with its traditions, legends, myths. I lacked magic, fabulous creatures, traditional music, the rustle of foliage, the murmur of water. Too much technology and progress. For all these benefits of civilization, that fragile connection of magicians and nonmages with nature has been lost. Science and technology rhythmically supplant magic, it seems that it has no place at all in this new gray world ..

    And yet, I hope that the creators will still remember the past and bring to the “Korra” the highlight that was in “Aanga.”

    My Verdict -

    8 out of 10

     I look forward to the 2nd season. I'm sure the Legend of Korra will surprise and delight us!
    P.S. I kept thinking, why is Iro's voice so dear and familiar to me? So this is Dante Basco, who at one time voiced the unique Zuko !!!

  • WonderfulOo
    New Avatar! A new Avatar has come! This is SPARTAAA!
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    I watched the first season of the Korra legend. The story is entertaining, the series look like hot cakes, one after the other, one after the other (as in the case of Aang, and this is cool), there are interesting pieces. But still, I most likely remained dissatisfied. Yes, more unhappy than happy.

    So, from the very beginning, I learn that the world has changed dramatically. However, the conclusion suggests itself that it has changed only within the Republican city. It is possible that beyond its borders, the Middle Ages still reign, gangsters rule, ancient families rule, at the North Pole water magicians also fish and scatter in the face of a machine (Korra was not afraid, of course, but she’s Avatar , guys). The atmosphere, recreated within the Republican city, was quite to my liking, as a lover of mechanics, steampunk and the like. Yes, this is an absolute plus that the creators, removing the sequel, decided to change the habitat. It’s as if they are telling us: 'Yes, we are gone from the past, this is a completely new story, we are changing everything we can change. " (We are changing, of course. It’s interesting that the creators of Soki are they could not say goodbye, having shoved his character into the young magician of the land of Bolin, and Momo fed him the fiery ferret Pabo.)

    But, returning to the topic of the new world, in series 4-5 I began to notice that I was madly missing the old world, for some reason he, in spite of the centennial war, seemed to me much calmer than this noisy city with a ruling elite, a bunch law enforcement officers and parking fines.

    And a huge mystery remains how in 70 years everything could have changed so much? Technology, skyscrapers, new social institutions, own Quidditch ... No, of course it could. Even in the first part with Aang, we were shown some advanced technologies, the mechanics that created these technologies. But still, it’s somewhat wild to watch, with Qatar still alive. (By the way, it’s interesting that everyone has already departed to another world, and Qatar has survived everyone. There is still gunpowder ... I think that it is energized by giving lectures to others. Or carrying some kind of heroic nonsense. It’s nourished by itself, and from the others, it draws. Poor Aang.)

    And now about Korra herself, the main character. Her first appearance in the form of a baby Zabake won me over. 'Power' , I thought, and began to look further. And then, over time, Corra turned into a pumped-up tank girl, hot-tempered, aggressive, without a hint of wisdom and judgment. Great Avatar, huh? Okay, we’ll write it all off to a transitional age and the lack of this, as hers, inner strength and harmony (of course, then, in the next episodes / seasons, she will acquire it, although not, it seems that the state of the Avatar in her was awakened by Aang, and not she , by force majeure or meditation) . Interestingly, the tank girl is unusually strong (This is SPARTAAA!) , but at the same time few are able to cope. So what? Aang at a more tender age, having studied 2 elements, he could do a lot and protect many. Well, okay, the character is not disclosed and will develop?So be it.

    Further, from annoying factors: terrible, slurred, incomprehensible, illogical love line? Love triangle, love trapeze .. What is it? Korra likes Mako; Mako met Asami. Asami has a lot of money, so Mako will probably be with Asami. But Korra is an Avatar, so she also has some feelings for her. Mako meets with Asami, but Korra is not averse to tarnishing her head either. Great protagonist, right?

    The most epic scene and denouement of all this riot opens in the final series.


    - great graphics, great music;

    - ease of viewing;

    - a good plot; You can guess a lot right away, but in this genre you don’t have to bother too much with plot entanglements;

    - a scene with Amon and Tarlock in a boat, now unexpectedly and really standing;

    - Asami, a great character; decided that Mako was not worthy of her, good genes should be preserved, so I’m waiting for the line with Iro II;

    - Cute , no comment, he is divine;

    - In general, the Tenzin family as a whole is very sympathetic.

    - the idea with the heirs of the main characters from the beloved first part worked, causes nostalgia and a certain heat wave.

    In general, the cartoon is not bad, it looks good, before going to bed in general - a great option. What is the problem? The fact that despite the fact that this is a completely different story, I have something to compare with, and, having compared, the legend of Aang is still better. Not because the first, but because it’s better.

    To be continued.

    It's only the beginning.

  • Spacezombie
    and the sequel didn’t work out
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    Inspired by the success of the first series, 'The Legend of the Aang' , its creators Michael and Brian give us a sequel five years later.

    The republican city, the unification of all magicians, the reincarnation of the Avatar in Korra - all this, according to the description, was even nothing, but after looking at these 12 episodes today, it is clear that the creators of the magical world of Avatar are bored, which is why they directed him in the direction steampunk. For 70 years, nothing was bewitching and atmospheric in magic in the Republican city; people live among skyscrapers, a huge statue of Aang, electricity, wires, race cars and airships. As you can see, progress is not always good: some magicians are bombing under the city, and crime is increasing. So not 'Welcome to the Republican City', but 'Welcome to New York, as if the mages lived in it.' There is no harmony and equality in it, but there are disturbing unrest in society and the main villain hiding behind a mask.

    Perhaps some are not ready to accept this completely new city, a mixture of magic and technology, but in general it fits the character of the new Avatar. Korra is impulsive, she is driven by a passion for life, she perceives any failures very emotionally, all emotional experiences are clearly visible in her. The characters of the rest of the new characters are still a little dull, but this does not mean that they themselves are boring, no, the main thing is the plot. They were not allowed to open up, there were no diverse clashes of opinions, situations for this.In 'The Last Airbender', absolutely all the heroes are inherently very multifaceted, their characters, thoughts, motives are very real. For these 12 existing episodes, more thoughtful characters could be presented. But then again, minus the plot. The very idea of ​​possible discontent among non-magicians as a result of cohabitation with people of all elements, satisfied in Amon, could stretch out for a full season of more than twenty episodes, or it could just have a different ending. Sugary happy endings are almost always evil, a crazy stamp that is so easy to stick to any film, and it is here that the twelfth series shows the audience purely that happy ending is a pure embodiment of evil for the plot. All of Korra’s espionage trips with friends, running around, subjugation of the elements, a revolution that made all magicians tremble with fear, and bombs fall epic into the ships at sea: all this seems insignificant after the blurring of the last series. The story of the revenge of the main villain smoothly spreads and bleaches, because after all there is no history as such, just as there is no villain himself. But revenge is a great option for all kinds of bad people, in a cartoon or a movie, with its help all the evil motives of the hero and his character are explained. But the villain is not here, although he forced to watch the series further, because he is all so mysterious and mysterious. Up to the latest episodes.

    There are too many romantic lines, they are in each series, immediately piled on all the heroes, and looking at these love quadrangles is boring. As in any magical world, it has its own Quidditch - pro-banding, but again, too much emphasis is placed on this game.Mages fight, and you sit and have already learned all the rules of this pro-bending, and you are waiting for the semantic load and active bursts in the plot. Such detailed battle scenes are good, but they should complement the series, and not be the only memorable element that remains after viewing. Indeed, in the adventures of Aang there were the same battles. Large-scale battles with a large-scale plot. And here is the last battle of Korra with Amon - just a pain.

    In general, there is no philosophy that was in the previous series. Constantly have to compare with the prequel, and the comparison of this series is clearly not good. There are graphics, music. But there is no that humor, plot, imagination. And in the absence of major disadvantages, this could be a worthy continuation. But after all, the cons are in the palm of your hand, and on the one hand, because of them it is already half uninteresting what the adventures of Korra will be next, and on the other, I want to believe that in the future the script will be put in order and the weak start will have a logical strong continuation.

  • portwine_live
    Is that an avatar?
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    Over the course of the 12th series, over and over again, I became speechless from the stupidity of what was happening, and the only words that spun in the language: “What the hell ?!”.

    On the one hand, everything is so crumpled that it becomes already sickening, and on the other, there are too many things that could be omitted.

    Some kind of ridiculous love lines, experiences ... ridiculous to outright laughter.

    None of the characters are remembered as the most minor of the Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    No morality, no sense, albeit childish, is in sight.

    The ridiculous, uninteresting villain, and the main character is not far away from him.

    All plot moves are absolutely illogical, not explained, just taken from the ceiling.

    And references to the previous part make you sad about how everything was fine before.

    In general, in comparison with the Legend of the Air, a complete slag, I will not even evaluate.

  • Timekepeer
    Another avatar.
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/9

    From the very first episodes, the new avatar simply impressed me. Of course, when I heard about the new Avatar, I could not even think what “industrial” miracle it would turn into. It seems to me that the prototype of the Republican city, in which the main action of the series takes place, was New York. But this is not the main thing, but what an unforgettable atmosphere of the beginning of the twentieth century the series is saturated with. The first cars began to appear, throughout electrification, the first aircraft. The authors, creators of the series managed to integrate the scientific achievements of mankind into the series about magicians, spirits, flying bisons. This, of course, had a major impact on the Avatar universe, which retained its originality, but gladly accepted new ideas.

    In the new characters you can find the features of our good friends from the first part, but at the same time they have their own unique properties that distinguish Bolin from Sokka, Mako from Zuko, Amon from Ozai and. etc. And the ending of the series will surprise and impress everyone who watched the series.

    Finally, I want to say that the Legend of Korra in some places surpasses the story of Aang, in its more concise, but no less profound meaning. Be sure to look at another legend about another avatar.

  • Blindly
    'I kicked the ass for a couple of fire magicians and passed the test'
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    Yes, and yes again. The long-awaited continuation of the exciting and beloved animated series still pleased us with its release. Already from the first series I want to applaud the people who created this magnificent story. So what are we talking about? Oh yes. Many years have passed since the restoration of equilibrium in the World by Aang and his friends. Everyone died long ago and there was only an echo of that time, which was shown to us in the first three books of Avatar: The Legend of the Aang. Only Qatar survived to this climax and saw the young, impudent, frisky and very burning girl Korra - a new avatar.

    This is not a reconstruction of the old story - it is the birth of something new. Originality slipped literally in everything. Let's start with the main character Korra. She is from the tribe of water, completely unlike Aang and much more talented than him. She has a pet Nagga, as I call him- “a mixture of a bulldog with a rhinoceros”, someone between a dog and a polar bear. The fact that, in comparison with Aang, Korra has no mastery of the only element is immediately striking, it is air. This is where the luxury of the further plot lies. Firstly, the air is the leading element of the first seasons, it constantly dominated them, but here it does not lend itself to study by the girl. Secondly, 'Air' is the only book that was not in previous seasons, which means that the directors make a logical continuation of the series in this way, linking some parts to another and, as it were, complementing. Mosaic assembled!Bravo! In this book (season), a new city is created in which all events unfold. The city is modern, mixed by people and the difference in the past tense is immediately felt. Everything became different and magicians had other priorities. Naturally, in the new city there are new problems. Korra immediately sets about solving complex problems for her and her peoples.

    As for the characters? They did not repeat the previous pack at all. Two brothers who own different elements (fire and stone), a girl who does not own magic at all, and, of course, the son of Aang and his family with talented children. On the one hand, Korra very easily enters into communication with anyone who she likes, but on the other ... she has a very complex and conflicting character. This makes her special. She is not naive, she doesn’t keep extra people around herself and she feels the enemies a mile away. Korra did not have such long-term contacts and contacts with her ancestors as Aang did and she did not become depressed for months or years. Her playfulness and pungency keep us tense for all 12 episodes.

    What really pleased me was the lack of storyline. No smearing semolina on a plate. It is very convenient that in one day you can enjoy a whole season without closing your eyes and not push your patience for each series and tyagomotin in it. But the main thing, finally, made a big emphasis on love, which intertwined in parallel with the main plot. Everything was easy and relaxed, kisses, intrigues, choice - and no one missed anything.A worthy and unexpected end. In general, it will not be possible to describe all this compactly, but in general terms the essence of what I have stated is clear. A low bow to the directors. Very pleased with this book (season) of many fans and met all expectations.

    So, you have not appreciated the new Avatar? I'm not talking about a James Cameron movie! I'm talking about Korra. No? Then cancel all your affairs and run to the viewing. It's worth it!

    9 out of 10

  • Morri Noa
    Old, kind Avatar went into oblivion
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    The series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' is really my favorite animated series. In the last episodes, I cried because I had to part with heroes so beloved.

    But when she learned that a new season was coming, she jumped to the ceiling with happiness. And what is the result? Instead of an epic and unrealistically cool continuation (and previous seasons are just that) we are presented with a series of solid three, so to speak. Yes, at the beginning of the first series (when I was still overwhelmed with emotions) it seemed to me that this season would be no worse than the previous ones, I was glad to see Qatar, and the son of Aang Tenzin (especially liked his children and wife), but the secondary characters can’t cover the shortcomings the main character. Ok now in more detail:

     1. Avatar itself . No Corra is certainly brave, strong and all that, but where is restraint, where is the ability to control oneself? I understand youth, but from childhood they educate her as an avatar, they could explain to the girl that you need to be wiser. Could make the main character more intelligent, otherwise I feel that if she had fallen into Aang’s place during the war, I would not have spent the day with her irresistible sense of truth.

     2. The situation in the modern world . I got the feeling that everyone has forgotten about the centenary war this season. It was as if everyone did not give a damn about the fear and horror that the country of Fire inspired and the wisdom and peace that the Avatar gave them.

     3. New Avatar Team . Yes, this bunch of friends cannot be called a team, and even more so an avatar (yes, I and Korra do not associate with an avatar). Yes, and the friends themselves, some strange.

     4. The relationship between the heroes . If the friends themselves are rather strange, then the relationship between them is generally beyond the reasonable. It seems that the author wanted to create something that harms Mexican passions and as a result, we get a love quadrangle. And everything that happens inside this quadrangle is so false and unnatural that it reduces the cheekbones. The creators of the film didn’t have time for roofing felts, roofing felts for desire (or maybe both), but none of the characters was fully disclosed.

    5. Villain . I’ll just expect more. Because the whole rhythm in the film is set by the villain. And here from the rhythm only the name. If Ozai could be hated, then here I didn’t even have time to get scared for the heroes, as they had already won. True, the story of Among really touched. But one tear story cannot raise the film to the level set by "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

    But the pros, of course, there are, for example, fights, and the whole picture has generally improved. But perhaps this is all that can be distinguished positive. But this is not the final verdict. I hope that new episodes will be released and the real adventures of the new Avatar will begin.

  • Methor
    The legend of the confused screenwriters
    Was this review helpful for you? 43/29

    At my age, it’s already hard for me to “collect cream” from the cinema, without thinking about the motives, premises, patterns and other nuances of its creation. In addition to this, I always try to separate the final meaning, which the director, scriptwriters and all this fraternity are trying to convey to the final viewer. Even in the Legend of the Aang, which at first glance seemed to be too simple and childish craft, in the third or fourth episode I could see the childish symbolism and got into the taste. In the end, it was nice to watch, fresh and original ...

    What do we see here? I will not go into the ups and downs of the plot or the description of errors, all this is done in a wonderful review from the user portwine_live

    I will say more simply - either the filmmakers instantly got spoiled, brainless daughters - or simply went crazy. Or they were sponsored by pro-feminist organizations. Or the channel’s management, Nickelodion, estimated that there weren’t enough young girls among their viewers and, under the threat of death, forced the “avatar team” to get this very beautiful, but banal sequel disgusting. If you watched it, then surely, besides all the other sad thoughts, the following occurred to you: “Why, instead of an atmospheric, charming and almost animated fairy tale, I just watched a worthless youth series?”

    And it’s okay that the avatar is now a girl - this can be understood. BUT is this an excuse to weave dumb guys drooling over it, love polygons, and this ... whoever looked in the original voice acting will understand - ' Well, emm, should we talk about us? '. What are they generally focusing on for the poor viewer for the sake of universal justice?

    Watch or not watch - your choice, I still recommend to watch: if you really liked the Legend of the Aang, the Legend of Korra will return you to the mortal world, finally introducing you to concepts such as 'zapadlo' and 'longing'. There are pluses too - a great picture, good music, a statue of Aang and a few flashbacks with your beloved old heroes.

    In general, we cross our fingers for poor poor Koniecko, perhaps he will think better of who to fight for in a moral war.

  • AlekSkyRock
    The new generation
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/7

    One of the main differences of the sequel is the more adult age of the main characters. If in the LOA people of primary adolescence and high age were considered, then in the LOK full-bodied teenagers and middle-aged people prevail. This gives the picture a more adult look, reveals the problems of both ages.

    The creators tried as much as possible to combine serious scenes with humorous moments. However, the fact that the animated series is shown on the children's channel greatly narrows the scope of the authors, but despite this, Michael Dante DiMartino and Brian Koniecko did an excellent job with this task - not too mournfully, but also without solid “hep endov.”

    10 out of 10

  • wakeuuuuuup
    Unexpectedly and absolutely unbelievable
    Was this review helpful for you? 21/8

    After watching, there was nothing left in my head but words of admiration. I expected from the continuation of the legend of the Aang all, but not this. To say that I am amazed is to say nothing. Well, let's distribute everything by points.


    This is something completely new. A completely different interpretation of the story. And the fact that struck me was development. Yes, that’s it. The development of the whole world as a whole, after the events of the first part. That is, the addition does not look like an absurd piece, somehow stuck to the original screenwriters. History smoothly flows from one to another and most importantly in an absolutely logical sequence. In the cartoon only light, absolutely unobtrusive hints of the days of the past are preserved. We are faced with a prototype of New York (you need to be completely stupid not to notice at least the central park and the statue of liberty) and, what is important, only developing New York. Medieval times are gone and replaced by technology and steam engines. Magic has been turned into a rather entertaining sport, policemen have replaced the warriors, shops, reteters and journalists have appeared, as well as a billion new important things that can be endlessly enumerated ... This changed new world cannot but be admired.

    Styling and drawing

    It is impossible not to notice that the picture has undergone major changes. And in this case, for the better, the best.People, architecture, landscapes, costumes - everything has become much better, livelier and more colorful. Separately, I want to note the anatomy. This is what has, in my opinion, suffered the most amazing changes. Perfectly built body proportions, expressive facial features, figures of ancient Greek athletes and plastic, it can be said, ideal movements lead me into a real aesthetic delight.


    Oh yeah! Now we are not children at all. And young people who have already left adolescence. Energetic and incredibly strong - this is good news. And of course the character changes of characters. The most striking example is Corra. Brave, strong, quick-tempered, ironic and knowing what he wants. A girl who from a young age declared: 'I am an avatar, come to terms with this!' Now remember Aang at the very beginning of the story. The exact opposite.

    What can be said at the end? Avatar: The Legend of Korra is a great example of modern animation (multi-part by the way). This is a completely new and amazingly interesting story that can be watched both separately and throughout the first part of the story of the Aang.

    Well, I have no complaints and in general, in this cartoon I can not find any negative points.

    10 out of 10

  • Nina Ryabchikova
    Another Avatar
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/4

    The world of 'Avatar' was and remains for me one of those amazing worlds that I love so much. This story is firmly embedded in my heart, and it doesn't matter that when I just started watching Avatar, I was only 13 years old. 6 years have passed and nothing has changed. 'Avatar' is a wonderful animated series filled with many right thoughts, philosophy and helping to know yourself a little better.

    When the first information about Korra appeared, I was delighted, but I was a little wary. New Avatar, the new protagonist. It seems to be a continuation, but the feeling that there will be something else settled already then. Having only Corru and Tenzin in the declared characters, with information about the time and place where this will happen, it was difficult to determine what will happen.

    But then the first season came out, and immediately it became clear - this is a different Avatar, this is a slightly different world. The philosophical subtext became an order of magnitude smaller, typical teenage problems were added. It was clear that Korra was not ready to be an Avatar.

    Hot-tempered, expressive, she did not fully understand what it means to be the hope of the whole world. She lacked motivation, unlike Aang, she was more careless. Maybe if she had not lived in seclusion at the South Pole all her childhood, she would have been a different Avatar. She did not face the problems of the outside world and the balance did not need to be restored.

    Once in the Republican City, she feels freedom. On the first day, she is faced with the fact that not everything is safe in the world - the upcoming revolution, mafia showdowns, the order in the city, dictated by the Council and the police.

    Air magic is not given to her because of the opposite of her nature. She cannot understand another culture and this prevents her from being the one destined for her by fate. Probending became for Korra what began to push her on the development of her abilities.

    It was only through the intrigues of Tarlock and the threat of revolution that Amon Corr began to realize her role as an Avatar.

    In the second book, her role as an Avatar is emphasized even more - released spirits, intrigues of her own uncle in the politics of the South and North Poles. The threat of the release of the dark spirit, the discovery of the history of the first Avatar - all this helps Korra to become stronger, to develop as an Avatar, to make important decisions that determine the fate of this world.

    Yes, she is not the best Avatar. She's just different, different generation, different people, different worldview.

    All new characters are beautiful. Tenzin’s relationship with his family, the beautiful Lin Beifong, whose patronymic is still keenly interested, the children of Tenzin, especially Ginor, who managed to achieve what is not available to her father. General Bumi, like his uncle, is trying to prove that even non-magicians can do incredible things. Mako, Bolin, Asami, who became friends for Korra. The terrible beast-keeper of Naga, a charming Pub.The ingenious Varik also delighted to pair with his assistant Julie. Showing the parents of Korra, they revealed the face of the nature of their daughter - at all costs to protect their family. Mysterious Eska and Desna, the frightening Amon and the slightly predictable Unalak. The fact that the characters appeared in Korra's flashbacks aroused nostalgic notes. Qatar caused a slight sadness - the realization that her friends and relatives were no longer alive ...

    All characters are beautiful. Beautiful cities shown in the series, the history of the main and secondary characters. Wonderful music.

    The minus that stood out the most is just brain-bearing love afflictions. In particular, Mako's constant throwing.

    In general, The Legend of Korra is a different story. This is similar to Tenzin’s thought in recent episodes. 'We are not a reflection of our predecessors' . As Korra is not Aang, so the legend of her is not the same as the story of Aang. She is different, and this is her charm.

  • feruz1f
    A worthy continuation, but not much like the previous cartoon.
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/8

    After reading all the reviews, I just could not write my own.

    Firstly, everyone is talking about the past Avatar, about its atmosphere, etc. I appeal to these people. Don't you think this is another cartoon? Why, since the main characters have changed, is it so hard for you to understand that this is not the 'Legend of the Airanga' !? Understand that if the author would like to continue the last part, then he would not kill Aang, he would just come up with a new villain, well, or something else.

     Secondly, the cartoon really changed, but it didn’t get worse, it’s just for an older audience. I liked the sketch quite a bit, but the plot is really not at the level of 'Legends of the Aang.' But this story is also pretty good, it's worth a look.

     The characters all turned out to be so fervent, in the past there was only one such character. Some kind of villain is not quite a villain, it seems too kind, but according to the yin-yang rule, there is good in every bad and bad in every good. Also pleased with the new animals, also turned out so cool.

     Since this cartoon is similar to anime, I thought of finding some nyashka (for example, in the last part it was Uncle Zuko, General Aero), but I could not find one (well, okay).

     Bottom line: by and large it turned out such a special cartoon, which included both Western and Eastern culture. This is quite difficult to do, since these are two opposing cultures, but the author is well done, and he coped well with this.

    P.S. Why is Korra so muscular? Could and more feminine draw.

    P.P.S Bolin turned out very funny.

    8 out of 10

  • Niviu13
    Time is changing, and people are with it. Alas.
    Was this review helpful for you? 43/36

    My first, and, apparently, will be the only review. For I could not pass by this animated series.

    I will express a little my opinion on the Legend of the Airang, so that the description of the sensations from watching Korra is clearer.

    What is so exciting about the seemingly seemingly animated series for the age category up to 14 years old? Why does it find a really interesting story for itself and people who are far from children? When I saw the first series of the avatar, I was, it seems, barely 13 years old.

    For the teenager of that time, it was, first and foremost, an interesting, intriguing and fascinating story. Which seems to be designed for children. But I watched this cartoon is not alone. My older brother, who was already over 25 at that time, was watching the rapidly developing history with the same interest, and went into discussions with me about certain characters, elemental magicians and other things. Then it seemed ridiculous to me this behavior for a person of a scientific and pedagogical kind of activity. But when I myself passed over twenty years, I partially understood it.

    The Last Airbender.

    A flurry of philosophical problems of this world as if interwoven in one frame. But all this does not depress you, it seems that you see all the pain of this world. You comprehend and draw your conclusions, but it is as if hidden. So subtle that it does not stop you from enjoying the moment and does not constitute a desire to turn off the series after 5 minutes of viewing.On the contrary, it’s as if a charge of fresh air, as if an extra hope for a new, joyful day. Heroes suffer, lose, fall. But they are fighting. Rise and go again. And with all this, gloomy people do not go with a great thought, but take the time to simply LIVE .

    Rejoice and laugh. Help and support. They give a second chance to even former enemies, because they are all PEOPLE . And, in the end, even the seemingly main villain, whose goal is to catch and kill, understands that this is not an option. That the problem is not in his father and someone else, but in his own choice. What fate does not tell him what to do, but he creates his own destiny.

    And, of course, when I found out that my beloved series has a sequel, I wanted to watch it.

    The Legend of Korra.

    And ... test. This is not the animated series that I would advise to see a close friend or colleague. Not the one I would like to show my children. This is a dummy. I honestly tried to look at all this as completely new, not continuing and having nothing to do with any other animated creation. And here again failure. Therefore, I will nevertheless make out the cartoon precisely from the continuation of the history of the world of Avatar.

    World and surrounding reality - Drawing yes - at a level even perhaps higher than its predecessor. But .. everything looks so gloomy, gray, faceless. It’s as if I’m watching not an animated series, but from a factory window.Yes, time goes on, 70 years have passed, and, no matter how sad it is, the person is such that even in the animated series he managed to spoil everything - both nature, people, and even spirits.

    About the characters - to be honest, there’s nothing special to say. They are absolutely not memorable. Ordinary teenagers who have a new love every Friday and a broken heart every Monday. And the difference is a few days in order to grieve over all this. And not a gram per soul. In Aanga, love was presented to us as something important, valuable, something that must be carefully preserved. In Korra, everyone loves each other. But they are not so fond of how we are accustomed to see it in the Aang. But very briefly. 'I love thee, but her identity. We shouldn’t be together, see. ' - That's how I represent half of the dialogue of the main characters between themselves. It remains only to transfer all this action to the garages or to the entrance. Just fits the general style of the world.

    Events - Events..Events..Remind me why they all gathered there? If there was one specific storyline in Aang that reached the end (and which other serial branches did not interfere with, even the other way around.), Then here it is not at all. Well, rather, it seems to be there, probably. But it is not fully disclosed. Called guess yourself. It seems that everything breaks off at half the word. Of course, I was interested to hear about the 1st avatar and everything that was specifically related to it. But what went further about Korra was simply stupid.And about the levellers, I generally keep quiet. Thanks to their good daddy. I’ll just express my opinion about the family.

    Family Relationships - You know, maybe I still have a painful psyche, but watching the animated series, I would like to believe in the good and the bright - like with Aang. Here everything is shown differently. The kind, optimistic boy whom we all knew and loved, became a completely useless father. He turned so on the air nomads that he completely forgot about his first two children as soon as the air mage was born. It doesn’t fit in my head that in all his trips and campaigns he took only his youngest son.

    My head does not fit Toph , which gave birth to daughters from the holy spirit. Not only that - there were two spirits. And besides, she immediately forgot about them, so much so that the youngest daughter went on a slippery slope, if only her mother would give her attention. And the eldest up to 50 years old puffed up at the police just to be proud of her. In Aang, it was like that too - with Zuko. But he managed to take the right path by the age of 17, if I am not mistaken.

    The relationship between the Beifong sisters causes only pity, and between the children of Aang and Qatar - the desire to just turn it all off.

    The only one who pleased me was the elderly Qatar . Which has already lost all relatives and friends, and still smiles at the new avatar. And at the same time, she was very sorry for her amid quarreling aboluses - children.

    If Aang was designed for a younger audience, but it was to the taste of people much older than this mark. That Korra , on the contrary, was designed for more adults. But I don’t understand how people over 16 can like it. Perhaps all this only seems to me, but I would not advise watching this animated series. First of all, those who liked the The Last Airbender .

    And even better, he will remain the only avatar in his memory, the best, the kindest and inspiring so much hope. The only legend in the world of Avatars.

    3 out of 10

     Only for the musical accompaniment and impressive, but meaningless, pictures.

  • RikkiMangust
    The legend of uselessness.
    Was this review helpful for you? 58/33

    ' Mixed Martial Arts Specialists ' were invited to set up fights on the team of creators. Why?

    Unnecessary sequel.

    Corra involuntarily is a sequel to one of the most successful and warmly received animated series of the 21st century. And like any sequel had every chance to fail. Judging by the average score on this site, the series escaped this fate. But here's the catch ... I did not like him. Absolutely. And that’s why.

    For starters, it’s worth saying that the first part of the franchise, 'The Last Airbender', is an amazing animated series. I’ll try to talk about all its advantages in a review of it in the neighborhood. In short, in the mid-zero, it was rarely possible for anyone to create a multi-season franchise with a universe, characters and plot worthy of a film adaptation, which Aang ultimately received. But what about Korra?

    Everything is much worse with her. Firstly, the plot is now not cross-cutting. In all three seasons that are currently completed, the storyline fits into the allotted number of episodes. Let me remind you that there was a cross-cutting plot in the Aang with the 'party line', i.e. war with the people of Fire. In my opinion, avoiding the cross-cutting plot is the first mistake of the creators. Secondly, the series was heavily Americanized. Surely there were reasons for this, but I personally did not expect such dramatic changes regarding Aang. How did all this explain? But no way. Think for yourself why in the 70 years since the end of the Aang, the Avatar universe has changed so much. Moreover, reasonable questions like 'what happened to the heroes who did not live up to the events of Korra' do not give normal answers.Scanty flashbacks and character dialogs, that's all.

    Now it’s worth throwing a huge gag at screenwriters, directors and the rest of the team of creators in general about, in fact, the script, logic and adequacy of what is happening. Yes, the series is designed for children's audiences, has a corresponding rating, but ... Where, excuse me, divide the operating time of the original? They made a teenager suffering from complexes from Korra who solves all problems exclusively by force and independently. From Tenzin (Korra’s mentor), greatly exaggerating his importance as a bruise and so on. Absolutely all characters are either undisclosed or stupid, like traffic jams. All problems are solved exclusively by force. Dialogues boil down to quarrels / showdowns. No philosophy, no instructive morality. Just a pointless chatter.

    Completely gone humor. More precisely, he, like everything in the series, became American. He is dumb, he is not funny, he is unicellular. Like dialogs. In Aang, the characters grimaced 'in theme' or just funny. Here they are joking either out of time or simply off topic, especially Bolin.

    Strongly got the battle. not in vain did I put in the epigraph the question of why mixed martial arts specialists participated in the creation of the series. In the series, where all the fights are built on a non-contact basis. What came of it? Nothing smart. Not only that, the organization of fights at times loses to Aang, because all the physical and logical laws inherent in the Aang are violated. In one episode / scene, a character can use an ability or feint, but in another it can’t.Not to mention the violation of the integrity of the narrative. And so in all seasons.

    And finally, the logic and plot. There is no desire to talk about a scanty script for every season. If the first season could still be grasped at the expense of the tie (the evil genius wanted to equalize magicians and nonmages, depriving the first magic), then the remaining two seasons are completely drained even by this indicator. The main villains in all three seasons are boring and inexpressive nerds, not a couple of Azayu from the original series. Each of them pursues its own, small goals. One wanted to equalize magicians and non-magicians and extended his aggression only to the republican city, the second wanted to become the antipode of Avatar and again attacked only the republican city, and the third wanted death to Avatar himself and for this attacked his friends. Nobody even close wanted absolute power or death to all living things. That is, no madness that passed through in the speeches and actions of Azai, the owner of the Aang Fire. Worst of all, with the logic of the characters and Korra personally. Not a single hero of the series was able to make an adequate decision in any more or less serious situation. The dullness of Korra, the inaction of other heroes, all this gave me reason to doubt the smartness of these people.

    I frankly enraged that the series was attended by flawed detective episodes. Annoyed that the characters completely refused to listen to each other and how the sheep butted, defending their innocence. It froze me that Korra, being able to control the state of the Avatar, did not use it where it was really necessary.Like other characters who did not use magic where God himself commanded and vice versa, they used it in unnecessary situations. And during the battles, they forgot some tricks, because it was so necessary for the plot. Yes, the children are unlikely to be able to notice all these flaws and will not ask questions. But it’s hard for an adult to understand most of the actions committed by the heroes of the series and give them a clear explanation. Why does it hurt and his brother the fire mage, are in prison, did not use magic to melt the grate or break the prison wall, although they were in a regular prison with stone walls? Why did Bolin, hanging upside down in one of the episodes, not use magic and correct his position? There is only one answer to all such questions. The screenwriters just didn't think about it. And they hoped that the children would not even think. The dumb, stupid American humor and action left characters and viewers no opportunity to think ...

    Of the seasons currently viewed, the first season is the most holistic and somehow tailored in terms of logic and plot. The second is the most delusional and idiotic (about spirits). It violates absolutely all the foundations of the world of the Avatar. The third is sucked from the finger and if 'Legend of ...' was a manga, then the third season of Korra would be a large-scale filler in its structure. A conditional plot, the basis of which was ignored in the previous two, but sewn with white thread to the general state of things. Faceless and stupid villains (albeit quite powerful).And stupidly set fights.

    If you find fault, then Korra is a boring and faceless sequel that loses to the original idea in everything. From plot and characters to staging and drawing. But if you hammer a bolt on the logic and plot and enjoy the world of Avatar, then you can get pleasure. Especially if Aang is peered through holes.

     Thank you for your attention.

    5 out of 10

  • spillik
    Stupidity on stupidity, violation of the canon, but why? Patamushta!
    Was this review helpful for you? 41/30

    I'm a fan of The Legend of the Airang. Not that I wrote boiling water from any mention or every series. Yes, some moments were not at all very good, which is already there - I did not like the denouement. Too simple, wrong and stupid. But overall, I really love this series. For a long time I could not start watching 'Corra'. I heard a lot of negative reviews, and I don’t like steam-punk (all these steam engines, strange robots that also work on steam). Also, the new main character scared me - Corra herself.

    The whole story boils down to the fact that the people of this world have neither brains nor fantasies. They built New York and called it the “Republican City”, and instead of a statue of liberty they slapped a statue of the past Avatar. Our young, but already ready for Santa Barbara from the most stupid plot relationships, Avatar arrives in the most developed city in the world. She's so whole: 'Oh! I’ll come to Hollywood and become a great actress! ', And then she realizes that in this city everything is a little different than we would like. If you change Hollywood to Republican York, and the actress to Avatar, then we get the plot of this animated series. Korra declares to the city that everyone owes her, saying to everyone left and right “I am Avatar”, but for some reason everyone literally doesn't give a shit about it. Who is an Avatar? Just the most famous person in this world.

    An avatar is a teenager 'in the juice' in a tight T-shirt. She appears a little girl with a belly, like a pregnant woman, using magic left and right.Korra undeservedly owns three elements at once, but for some reason the magic of air defies her. It somehow creates a conflict for us out of the blue. “I have overcome difficulties all my life!” She wanted to say, but she would have looked stupid, because in one of the episodes she would be deprived of the ability to use all kinds of magic, but she, like a real protagonist ... Turns into ... an air mage and distributes the lyule to the villain And then, since she lost all her abilities, including her connection with past incarnations, she simply cries. Then suddenly the spirit of the past Avatar comes and returns her abilities with a small bonus. TA-dah! The scriptwriter wrote this: 'And here she will regain her abilities ... Because ... Because? Let it be simply because ... '

    All the "canons" of the past animated series are violated. Here you can write out all non-dockings for a very long time, but I will tell those that I remember, as I try to forget them ... All past unique abilities have become commonplace. If at the time of Aang every magician had to spend a huge amount of time in grueling training, then here anyone can do everything too, what “special” characters could do without any effort.

    The prince of the people of fire, Zuko, spent a lot of time learning how to emit lightning from his fingertips. Let me remind you that he had an explosion almost all the time, instead of pure energy. And the lightning itself was released exclusively after concentration, and not like a queue from an automatic machine. Long training led to ...Moreover, every fire mage can now emit lightning without any effort. Don't know what to do? Wipe your nose to that Zuko-rye - put thirty lightning bolts into the air in one go. Although why do this? After all, fire people now work at power plants - they (it’s in the cartoon, I’m not taking it from my ass) are crashed with lightning into things that resemble Tesla’s transformer. So in their New York electricity works ...

    Blood magic ... This is such super magic that controls the blood within people. Comes from the magic of water, but can only be used during the full moon. We have two characters who use blood magic at any time of the day or night and they wanted to shit on what was said before. Everything is explained very well here - it is all up to their father. He could do the same thing and it was passed on to them, but why can he do this? Because. We are alluded to as if hinting at the complete indifference of the authors. One of the characters says: "I've seen a lot of things in my life, so everything is okay." Then we are told something like: “Train for a long time and you will be able to do everything”, for example, to manipulate blood inside people.

    The magic of metal - yes, there is such a thing. When you are a superfood earth mage, then you can control the metal. Toph, a blind girl from the past animated series, learned this technique, but before that no one could do that. Here ... Only the lazy earth mage does not own this magic. But that's not the point. In New York there is a police who is dressed in metal and ...In short - they are local Spider-Man - they fly around the city on steel cables ... The whole point is that all these guys do not own the magic of the earth, for some reason ... Because! Metal magic is a kind of supreme mastery in the magic of the earth, but here it is somehow not taken into account. In battles, metal mages do not use land at all. There is also a snag - the screenwriter hit his head on the corner of the nightstand 78 times. 78 is the platinum number in the periodic table. Children, the screenwriter will try to confuse you and say that platinum is not metal, but you do not believe it. There will be a moment when robots attack policemen and the villain says: “These robots are from platinum, it is not subject to you” and they are like this: “Well, we are stupid, we don’t know anything.” In general, they believed his word and, standing on the ground, which they can use for various purposes, did nothing and they were captured. At this time, Avatar showed mastery of the magic of the earth, but that's another story ...

    In general, the stupidity of absolutely all characters is simply amazing. Absolutely every character impresses the viewer. For example, its dullness or worthlessness. It seems that some characters are added just so that they can be associated with the characters of the past animated series.

    In general, I did not inspect and do not regret it at all. And yes, I got burnt. For the nice graphics and sound component.

    4 out of 10

  • BroonCard
    “So be it. I will help you ”© Zahir
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/2

    Just a day ago I watched this animated series. And now, when thoughts have calmed down and there is an opportunity to express my opinion in a more or less holistic way, let me share my impressions.

     In general, the plot of this creation is rather secondary, but it is very multifaceted and widespread. That is: every season adheres to its own scenario line. However, the general synopsis usually remains unchanged: there is an Avatar, that is, the main protagonist, and there is some kind of villain - an antagonist. The second one way or another is trying to conquer the world, thus making it, in his opinion, better. The protagonist, together with his friends, overcoming difficulties and various fateful turns, stops him accordingly. That's somehow actually so ... In this general retelling the very secondary and monotony is visible. But that does not make the series bad. Why? Because he has many advantages and good points, looking at which the eye rejoices and rejoices.

     Let's go in order. First: of course, these are characters. The people who created the 'Legend of the Airang' simply could not make cardboard heroes without their Personality, history and their own unique self-identity. Yes, this has little relation to villains, except for Amon - he generally seemed to me the best antagonist of all seasons. But to the minions of the bright side - oh, how they are painted. You believe them, you feel them, you worry and rejoice for them general, when viewing, a literal physical relationship with the viewer is created - it is very pleasing.

     Secondly: animation. In the first Avatar, this item was also noted by me, because such a high-quality visual range is not seen in every product of modern mass media. So - this time this side has exaggerated its Q-factors and has risen to an even higher level! I literally enjoyed close to exaltation when I saw this miracle. And the battles ... Well, here without comment: the way they are drawn and filed, with which storyboard of movements and the professionalism of the tricks that were copied from real MMA fighter people. In general - I can praise this part for a long time, persistently and persistently. Because it’s something, and this page of creation is certainly beyond praise.

     But is there anything else to brag about The Legend of Korra? Generally yes - this is the surroundings. 70 years have passed since the Legend of the Airang in that universe, so much has changed, and much has been created from scratch. But all the same, the general atmosphere of the first series, that is, that kind of secret inspiration in everything, that oriental specificity and the like, has been preserved. Yes, she is now a little less noticeable behind the setting of the industrial revolution. But the creators managed not to lose such an interesting and specific detail - also a plus, albeit to some extent controversial, because some people are of the opposite opinion.

     But I consider a much more controversial act by a group of creators a scenario. He is good, original and mysterious at the same time, and at the same time quite one-sided. What I mean? Remember the Walking Dead - just an example. There, in every season, the enemy of the main characters is usually new. And almost always the same line of narration follows: getting to know the enemy, revealing it on a larger scale, plot twists, winning or losing the main characters. There is something similar here. But only disclosure is less, and dating is also a bit. That is: in the same Walkers, we are usually presented with the future villain as an ordinary person, and with it several more equivalent characters, so you don’t know for a long time who will become the main opponent. Then we are immediately thrown into the eyes of the true antagonist. And yes, we can say that, they say, 'This is a show for children! What's the difference?'. Well, the story of Aang was also for children, but it still revealed and animated equally “exactly” all the characters .. Corra loses to her ancestor in this.

     As in relation to the viewer. No, I do not want to say that he scornfully addresses the people watching him. Just the thoughts and conclusions that are displayed in the 'Legend of Korra' are more understandable to a little older viewers. That is, when Aang was equally serious with both children and adults, Korra even pushed her subjects to a slightly older audience: somewhere around 12-13 years old ... And yes, to some extent I’m talking about possible same-sex love, whose presence seems to be officially and confirmed, but still refuted by some short - a muddy topic, so I won’t focus on it, just take note. In general, I hope you understand what I want to say: in this sense, The Legend of Korra again loses to its ancestor.

     Well, in the end, what do we have? And we have a uniquely high-quality, interesting and fascinating show that you want to watch for a very, very long time. The concept of the general message is correct and clear: friends - this is extremely important, value a family, do not put people's lives above ghostly or physical values. In general, I really liked this animated series, which is why I recommend it to anyone who is at least 12 years old. Yes, to some extent he loses 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', but what can you expect when the first is almost the best animated show in history, so I'm not disappointed in any way, and I hope that you are also will not.

     P.S. Didn’t notice that in some ways Varrick resembles Vint Razboltaylo from Duck Tales? But it seemed to me something similar ... Thank you for your attention.

  • Imperatorstep
    I am an Avatar, come to terms with this
    Was this review helpful for you? 9/7

    The animated series 'Avatar: The Legend of Korra' is a direct sequel to the previous series 'The Legend of Aang.' And in my opinion the sequel came out great.

    70 years have passed since the moment when the avatar Aang put an end to the 100th war, but, like everything in this life, his death hour came. In his place came a new avatar - Korra, a girl born in the Southern tribe of water. Impulsive, lively, always in action, it differs from the peaceful Aang by as much as possible.

    The magic of water, fire and earth, Korra mastered without any problems, under the strict supervision of the Order of the White Lotus. She remains to master the magic of air, with which her adventures begin.

    The cartoon itself is childish, perhaps for a little older ages than Aang. But, that Korra and Aang were conquered by absolutely all ages: my father at the age of 50, as soon as he goes to the 2x2 marathon, does not stop looking, my boss at the age of 34 also loves this cartoon, etc. etc. I am not talking separately about Korra or the Aang, because they are both connected.

    It is worth separately mentioning a completely new world, the Industrial Revolution has passed, now magic is not some kind of imba, magicians can easily be disabled by equipment, which Amon proved with equalizers (season 1) and Kuvira (season 4). There were cars, fighters, robots, airships, skyscrapers, etc. All the action takes place mainly in the United Republic, in the capital, called the 'Republican City'.

    I will also highlight the most beautiful musical accompaniment, which unfortunately did not exist in Aang (it was but not very), to watch Amon's fighters destroy the fleet of the United Republic to the music of 'Jeremy Zuckerman - War' - it is a pleasure, the scale, atmosphere and tragedy are felt.

    Personally, I liked the Legend of Korra more than Legend of the Aang. Not because Aang was not opposing me, but because Korra is more realistic, so to speak. For example, the state of the Avatar in Aang is one, in Korra it is different. In Aang - this is imba, it is worth entering into the State of Avatar - Aang can destroy the whole city and even it with the Earth. This is not present in Korra, especially since it rarely enters the Status of the Avatar. If we talk about the companions of Avatar, then in Aanga they are better disclosed.

    I wanted to write more and more clearly, but then the whole review will turn into a huge spoiler)

     10 out of 10

  • Yemao
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/2

    So, Korra ... What can you say about her? She's worse than The Last Airbender. And I do not mean the absence of an end-to-end plot, a diesel-punk setting and an ending (well, you know). No, I did not like the series for specific reasons and I will try to convey them. But about everything, as they say, in order.

    The first is a shortened number of episodes, compared to The Legend of the Airang. Do not get me wrong - on the one hand it’s good, since there are no filler episodes, but on the other hand, the reduced timing negatively affected the characters who are simply not allowed to reveal themselves and this applies to both heroes and villains. Just for 12 episodes you do not have time to properly penetrate the characters. It was then that filler episodes would be useful for relaxing after some episode that is important for the story.

    The second is much more serious - this is the whole story and everything that concerns Van. You see, in The Legend of the Aang, all magic was of natural origin, and this was explained. In particular, animals were clearly called in which people learned magic. It was also said in passing that the Avatar is the embodiment of the spirit of the planet, which is given the opportunity to control all four elements in order to maintain balance in the world. Immediately, all the mythology associated with this (key to the world, mind you) is simply merged.

    The third point is the characters. I love the characters of 'The Last Airbender'. They are well written, have character, motivation and develop during the series. In Korra, this is much worse.Let's start with Korra herself - she was created as the antipode of Aangu. If he was a boy, then Corra is a girl. If Aang was actually a child, then here we have a completely mature girl. If Aang was peaceful and calm, then Korra is impulsive and constantly gets into a fight. True, the remaining positive characters are practically copies of the original team: There is an impulsive fire mage (Mako = Zuko), a techie (Asami = Sokka), a merry fellow (Bolin = the same Sokka), a hard earth mage (Toph = Lin) and a wise mentor (Airo = Tenzin). At the same time, the characters turned out to be slightly paler than the original - Mako practically never develops during the series. Much better in this regard villains. Yes, there is no 'archivist', but they tried to make each of the antagonists unique, to prescribe their motivation and character. True, this did not work out very well, but here the fault, rather, the already mentioned reduction in timekeeping. Zahir was especially remembered, who really wants to be made the chief leader for several seasons - he is worth it. We should also mention the cameo Zuko - he was the most interesting character in the Legend of the Aang, and then Zuko appears in two scenes and ... that's it. He especially does nothing for the plot and appears, rather, 'for show'.

    The remaining characters are very good and not annoying.

    The fourth of the disliked moments is magic. The combat is still good, no questions asked, but something incomprehensible is going on with the magic itself. Firstly, its power was greatly reduced, and secondly, some magical techniques became 'publicly available' and if the presence of a large number of metal magicians in the series was explained, then there aren’t so many people who own lightning.In the original, it was the highest form of fire magic and it was owned by only a couple of people and it was explained in detail why. There are a lot of them right there and they ... work at the power plants in the city.

    What can the series be praised for?

    Firstly, the visual part. She is good. Landscapes and living organisms, as before, are painted with fantasy. I liked the Republican city with its amazing stylization under the 30s and Zaofu.

    Secondly, as already mentioned, the action game is very good. If in the first seasons it sags, then later it becomes very close to the original.

    And thirdly, I like the characters. Despite everything, they still feel the 'hand' of the original.


    The Legend of Korra is a great series. The quality bar is still high and without viewing the 'Legends of the Aang', it will look very good. But after watching the original series, 'The Legend of Korra' is much worse.

    6.5 out of 10

  • Hiltguy
    Best animated series?
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/6

    To begin with, I'm a fan of 'The Last Airbender'. And having heard about a new project on this universe, I was in seventh heaven with happiness. Actions take place 50 years later, when Aang has already died, and a new avatar appears. I was full of expectations from this animated series. And my expectations were more than justified. But it is worth noting that comparing the Legends of the Aang and Korra is the most stupid thing in the world. Aang explains to children the meaning of friendship, love, kindness. 'The Legend of Korra' is a more mature and bold cartoon in which villains are not badly targeted, where sensitive topics are raised. Equality, harmony, freedom, patriotism are the goals of the antagonists. They just do it in the wrong ways. And in the end, the topic of same-sex relationships is even touched.

    The main character is a separate issue. She turned out not only beautiful, but also with character. She makes mistakes, but remains true to herself. She is like us, gives us hope that maybe our destiny will turn out interesting and exciting. She wins not only physically, but also spiritually.

    It is very nice to see some of the heroes from 'The Last Airbender' and the references to them.
    The only minus for me is some characters that 'roll' to the end (like Mako).

    9 out of 10

  • Geralt_of_Rivia
    Could have been better, but it’s alright
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/0

    I am a person who is far from anime series. But 'The Last Airbender' is one of the best series I've ever seen. Over 3 seasons, they managed to tell us an amazing story about Aang and his friends. What about Korra? History at the beginning is fascinating, intriguing, even amazing in places! But the further I went deeper into history, the more boring I became. Interesting characters began to merge, add more tedious and not interesting. The story does not have integrity - it is falling in pieces, even after the final the whole picture is not going to. The fact is that most of the characters are clones of the heroes from the original: Korra - a mixture of Qatar and Aang, Mako - Zuko, Bolin - Sokka. The only characters - whom it was nice to follow: Varik - with his crazy and at the same time brilliant actions amazes, and makes you laugh; Amon - which reminds me of Jack from Shadow (fans of the game 'Fable' will understand), an interesting but at the same time intriguing villain, but alas, they quickly merge him without letting him open. As for the Avatar team, they work better separately than together, so what kind of team are they after?

    But with all the shortcomings - the cartoon will complement the universe of 'Avatar', reveals the reason for the power of avatars and gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with the very first avatar. We can also see the characters of the old team, whom are in the form of a memory, and someone in the form of elderly heroes.

    7 out of 10

  • Vitanija
    “I am an Avatar! Accept it! ”...
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/10

    ... Or don’t watch it. In the end, I chose the second. However, what I watched managed to leave such a nasty sediment that I absolutely need to speak out.

    The main question tormenting me: Why is such a disgusting protagonist needed in all respects? Having not yet managed to do absolutely nothing, this narcissistic, arrogant snot already considers itself entitled to teach and chastise adult honored people, and even to endlessly dare them. Corra, apparently, believes that avatar gives her continuous privileges, but not responsibility. Otherwise, how to explain her aggressive unwillingness to fulfill the requirements of a teacher, to whom, by the way, she herself was imposed on wards? Or an infantile attempt to slip away and not be responsible for the destruction she inflicted? Our Avatar also does not want to work on improving talents, give her everything right away on a silver platter with a blue border, and if this does not happen, she will cheat on the mentor with a light soul (well, do not blame herself for it, right?).

    Well, maybe Korra then realizes his mistakes, learns from them and gets better? No matter how! Subsequently, the heroine will also apologize and even be praised for her "heroism". Saying, acting on the principle of “I do what I want, I spit on wise advice, if they come to exhort - it’s rude”, Korochka understands the true essence of the Avatar. Whoever has not forgotten is a person who keeps everything in harmony. The perfect destination for this jerky, lazy girl, nothing to say.

    But, probably, under the guise of supernatural arrogance and mystical bad manners hiding a strong character and resistance to any blows of fate? Also past! When one of the villains deprives her of some magical powers (note, not all!), Korra squirts snot within a radius of several kilometers and laments that she is - oh-oh! - no longer an Avatar. Well, so what, Corra? Did you really like to feel superior to others solely because of the abilities for which you didn’t hit a finger on a finger? It looks especially wretched against the background of another character who, unlike Korra, has lost all his magical powers, but behaving much more worthily. And what is the episode where the heroine heals her legs! For the entire time of treatment (lasting a total of 2 minutes), she manages to literally be let down by self-pity and envy of comrades acting without her. And this despite the fact that Korru is always surrounded by a crowd of sympathetic friends, relatives and mentors.

    In light of the above, I can’t help but take a look at the arguments in favor of the series made by various YouTube critics (and because of which I decided to watch this squalor):

    1 - “Korra is a very lively and non-sleek hero.” It is a great misconception to think that an aggressive and hysterical character will be more “alive” than clinically kind and ultra-calm. After all, it is not the manner of behavior that makes him alive, but the versatility of character and development that occurs due to the interaction of the hero with the world and other characters. If the hero is static - kind or aggressive - he will be made of the same matter - cardboard.

    2 - “Korra is masterful and acts according to this line of her character.” But no. Self-will means that the character has a will that Korra does not have. Although where does this will come from, if the events around in a fantastic way always develop in a way convenient for the heroine? Settled the destruction - a good mentor discouraged her from the police, wanted to free of charge for the match - she was taken to the best place, cries about the loss of avatar - the good uncle, the old Avatar, came and returned everything to her on the move.

    3 - “Korra instills in children a tolerant attitude towards sex minorities.” But what kind of tolerance can we talk about if Korra supposedly set himself the main goal to piss the audience as much as possible? In addition, somehow this crap under LGBT looks very much like a dirty trick in order, firstly, to raise the rating of a rapidly decreasing franchise, and secondly, to shut up all kinds of critics, accusing them of homophobia.

    All these far-fetched arguments cannot hide the truth that Corra is a vulgar and carelessly cobbled together Mary-Sue.

    I admit, merry character can be forgiven if the work has an interesting plot. But this is not the case. The first series form exclusively hostility to the main character, and what follows is both predictable and stupid.

    How do you like this turn? - There is a brutal and, sort of, a cool villain. Suddenly, for no reason, he makes puppy eyes and prays to his brother, whom he personally deprived of his magical gift, to become his loving family. And when the little villain with a bright face and affectionate speeches carries his brother on a motorboat, the latter, nodding and assenting, takes and blows up the boat with all its giblets.Since when did Korra turn into a black comedy? The funny scene, planned, in fact, as tragic, speaks very badly about the quality of the series.

    Short summary - do not watch Corra, do not waste precious time.

    2 out of 10

  • Masha Kaplya
    Brave new world
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/2

    From the first minutes, you pay attention to the schedule that has changed for the better. The movements became smoother, the characters traced and the colors brighter. Images of nature and the Republican city are simply amazing. But despite all this, the general style of the cartoon continues the line of its legendary predecessor.

    Music should also be given special attention, as it creates a special surroundings and immerses you in this wonderful world. As a musician, I consider it necessary to pay tribute to the composer. As well as with graphics, the music continues the line of 'The Last Airbender' but also makes changes, since the world in the cartoon has also changed a lot.

    In style and atmosphere, The Legend of Korra reminds America of the 1920s and 1930s. This is also indicated by the explicit allusion of the Republican city to New York.

    Now about the main character. Reading many reviews, she noticed that many did not like that Corra was overly self-confident, quick-tempered, hot-tempered and wayward. Everyone is accustomed to a balanced and wise Aang. But for me, Corra is a great example of character evolution. After all, Korra in the first season and in the last are two different people. All the events that take place in the series change the character, make you grow up and become more responsible. This is indicated by Tenzin in one of the series where everyone remembers the past.

    Conclusion: in my opinion, a worthy continuation, which brought a lot to the show and left all the best that was in it. It is felt that the creators put their soul into their creation, and this is almost always the key to success.

     9 out of 10

  • Vyacheslav Lebedinsky
    Let's leave the past in the past
    Was this review helpful for you? 1/2

    A lot of time has passed since the victory of Aang over the Lord of Fire and the establishment of peace. The main characters grew up, created families and together with them an industrial peaceful society was formed, where events of continuation with other characters begin.

       Significant changes have undergone animation and drawing, and, fortunately, for the better. The picture is alive, rich, colorful.

       The main character, the avatar of Korra, is a careless, wayward, impudent and at the same time sweet girl, who is steadily confronted with dangers every day. Through sports, difficulties and trials, as well as adventure-filled action, Korra will learn the limits of her capabilities, learning new things.

    In the cartoon, as in its predecessor, a beautiful dubbing, perfectly suited to the characters. But then comes the “but” ...

       There are unexpected twists in The Legend Of Korra, but they do not touch or surprise, alas. Personally, I did not have a vivid desire to watch the next series, as it was in Avatar: The Last Airbender, to continue the journey through another world.

       The plot in importance and presentation is inferior to its predecessor. Everything is known by comparison, and The Legend of Korra is much weaker than its predecessor due to less interesting characters and their plot component, as well as the presentation of the story, but this is another creation that you can compare it by feeling the difference with the sustained original. The cartoon is by no means bad, no, it’s just about something else and is presented differently. It has a lot of new component (creatures, completely different stories, more deeply revealed tribes and cities), but the subtle atmosphere of its predecessor, in which you have a genuine interest in the cartoon, is lost.

       Nevertheless, The Legend of Korra deserves attention, but after watching it, he didn’t bring anything to me, left nothing behind, neither warmth, nor impressions, nor cold.

       7 out of 10

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