The Resident

A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good and bad, in modern-day medicine.





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  • dopedopedope
    Expecting the worst
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    Once again reviewing the Clinic, I came across 'The Resident'. For a long time I’m not waiting for something supernatural from the series of this genre, but still at my own peril and risk I decided to watch it. I can’t imagine how to make a high-quality and non-trivial series with a hackneyed topic about residency and brilliant doctors, because there were so many of them, and it would seem that all topics had been beaten for a long time, but from the very first series everything looked pretty good. First of all, I want to note the high-quality soundtracks selected for each series, very atmospheric, there is a fat plus.

    The cast is selected very competently, a complete picture is created for itself throughout all the episodes that have been released. I would also like to mention Bruce Greenwood. Each series needs a negative character, and it coped well with its task, at least in the series that I managed to watch. Having watched quite a lot of series with similar themes, not one of them possessed their own personality. In each, I noticed a 'long-forgotten old' from Doctor House or the same Clinic. There is no such thing in 'The Resident'. And it's great and it's good. With a clear conscience I will put 8/10. He more than deserves it.

  • Anyta Talalueva
    What is good about already hackneyed?
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    Now there is so much hype around this series, 'they say he is very good' that I decided to 'insert my five cents'.

    What exactly can I say about this serial work?

    -Nothing bad. Or, if you like a similar genre, at least, as it seems to me, this is not particularly important (because the series is really good). WATCH WATCH and again WATCH .

     For the first time in a long time I look at a truly independent project. And not another zakos under the famous, already beloved by everyone series or film. This is not a project re-shot from another work, but an independent suitable series that boasts from a good cast to the excellent quality of the storyline.

    The idea of ​​this series is simple and familiar to all of us: the hospital, doctors, nurses, intrigues, etc. In principle, nothing new, but it is still perceived somehow differently, somehow freshly. Despite the prevalence of the theme of this project and the huge number of its analogies, it’s worth watching, at least for the cast.

    By the way, as for the actors. Matt Zukri as if created for the medical profession. I did not observe him in other paintings, but with the role of a self-confident, determined, professional doctor, he managed all 99.99% with his demons in his head. Emily VanCamp is the very actress whom I have been watching for a long time and have warm feelings for her. I had no doubt about it, just like in 'Revenge' (TV series 2011 - 2015 'Revenge'), she just did her job perfectly, acting is up to par. I suppose that such roles are given to her especially well, as I have a feeling that in life she is just as strong, self-confident woman who knows what she wants and just goes to her goal. The rest of the actors, even though I’m not very familiar with their work, also shine with their work and I can only applaud the people who selected this composition.

    In general, if this series does not slide into vulgarity and misfortune, it will become one of those series that everyone is hearing about, a huge number of seasons lasts and everyone admires. I am sure that soon it will be, in quality, compared with Doctor House or, for example, Anatomy of Passion, because these are all the same legendary giants of the '' doctor's " series.

    9 out of 10

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