The Vampire Diaries

The story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same girl, who bears a striking resemblance to the beautiful but ruthless vampire they knew and loved in 1864.





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    Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance

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    United States

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  • Ramo de Flores
    The eternal theme.
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    For some reason, the most pleasant and light films / books for me lately are simple stories about the love of a vampire and a mortal girl, somehow they manage to have a moral rest next to such works.

    I watched the pilot episode, I liked it, I didn’t read the book, so the perception is clear.

    Elena is a beautiful girl with tragedy in her heart, which makes her deep and touching. Her parents died, she lives with an aunt and a bad-looking younger brother. Returning to school after the summer holidays, she encounters a new student with a big name Stefan Salvatore. Love will certainly happen to them, because he is the same as she: beautiful and mysterious, with tragedy in her heart and a photograph in a diary for 1864 with a girl surprisingly similar to Elena. And it becomes clear that there are many secrets ahead. There is a really bad vapir Damon, the elder brother of Stephen, he drinks the blood of people and beats the younger ones. Vicky attacked by the vampire remains alive and understands who attacked her ... Vampires here are not as exotic as in Twilight: they look like normal guys, without crimson wet lips and painted eyes; they are afraid of the Sun, the ring protects from Stephen’s light, though technically I can’t imagine how. But it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that we are waiting for another interesting story about unconventional love, where the only value is human feelings that cannot be eradicated from those who once had a soul ..

    7 out of 10

    and then we'll see ...

  • NGH
    S. Mayer spun on the film, L.D.Smitt was only enough for the series.
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    The second time I am convinced that a person needs to choose one thing. In this case, either a book or a movie. I read a book, and now I can not watch a movie.

    Plot: She is Elena, a man. He is Stefan, a vampire that brutally kills squirrels, and there is a third person ... He is Damon (in this series Damon), not a man ... and surprisingly not even a werewolf ... but a vampire who prefers a little man for an appetizer .

    In addition to the already standard set: beauty; suddenness, speed and noiselessness, strength and bloodthirstiness; they can also sleep in bed; to be under the sun, while not shining like Kirkorov at a recital; their eyes are normal.

    The dialogs are awesome. The question arises, either our rich and powerful Russian language got to the United States, or it is a concrete banter of understudies: '- are you bumming?'

    Dialogues between Elena and Stefan, and all the others are banal snot, from which there is a gag reflex. And their monologues may suggest that they all should go to the fool, or at least hire a doctor.

    If you do not take into account the book, in the series Elena does not look stupid and naive, and can even use what God gave her - a gray matter called the brain. Stefan, poor fellow, I just want to feel sorry for him. And his eyes, what kind of eyes he has, when he smells the blood - the corpse decomposes right before his eyes, it is not known what year of origin. And this Damon is not with the smile of a pimp in the first generation. And how does he flirt with a girl in a cafe? ! It’s as if he doesn’t flirt, but takes it off.

    Dear Comrades: producers, directors, cameramen, screenwriters, actors and, most importantly, Writers! Are you now, this nonsense will be stamped to exhaustion?

    Pity you poor girls, they need to learn, Dostoevsky must be read ... well, at least see. And NOT THIS - weapons of mass destruction.

    I can immediately evaluate the entire series and all subsequent seasons.

    2 out of 10

  • Imaginary Place
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    This film cannot be compared to Twilight. Never. Although it is clear that all fans of the above series will say that all this is plagiarism. But in fact, although the main theme of the series / book is similar to a movie / book (he is a vampire, she is a man), but the ideas of the authors are completely different.

    Despite the difference with the book in the pilot series, by the third (which came out yesterday) something similar to the initial plot begins to slip, which cannot but rejoice.

    Actresses and actors play quite well. It can be seen that they are trying to convey all the emotions inherent in their characters. Paul Wesley (Stefan) is still perfect for the role. Nina Dobrev (Elena) - well, it’s generally nice to look at her: she plays so expressively. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) is also good, especially in that last episode of episode 3, where he looks at sleeping Elena. All in all, great actors.

    The soundtrack is great. The music is perfectly matched to the mood. Only, as the creators of the series themselves apparently understood, in the pilot series the music was not the background and even drowned out the dialogs. But with the second, everything has become perfect in this sense.

    And it’s very good that the series appear on Fridays. You can comfortably sit in front of a computer screen and watch the series, completely plunging into a fantasy world full of romance and soon dramatic events.

  • Gou Padipou
    And again about vampires
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    It seems that the love between a vampire and a man will soon officially become a classic theme for literature and cinema, like the story of Romeo and Juliet. Each time the plot is repeated, but each time different.

    So the creators of the series 'Vampire Diaries' took as their basis the names of the characters, the idea of ​​love and rivalry, stretched over the centuries, and came up with a completely new story. Reading a book after viewing it, as well as looking after reading it, will be definitely interesting. There are many differences, starting from the appearance of the characters and their family ties and ending with the development of the plot. So to speak, about the same thing, but in completely different ways. I was very pleased with both the serial version and the book version. I recommend it to everyone who loves stories about vampires and has not yet fed up with them.

    As for the comparison with Twilight, it's hard to talk about anything. Both the one and the other story are fiction of two American writers, respectively, that each reader (viewer) judges more according to his ideas. I personally was more pleased with the 'Diaries' - both the book and the film, primarily because of the image of the main character,

    far more powerful than Bella in Twilight. And the scene was really amusing when Damon (the vampire from The Diaries) criticized the main characters of Twilight.

    In general, I am glad that this series is, in any case, it will perfectly brighten up the time in anticipation of the "New Moon" to fans of the vampire saga.

    9 out of 10

  • Larusya
    The series, which will not let you sleep peacefully
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    "The Vampire Diaries" , I waited a long time. Even before the release of the first series, I managed to fall in love with him deeply — I liked the actors, the idea, the small commercials, and even the poster. The first series exceeded all my expectations. It was an unforgettable experience! From the first minutes you begin to get drawn into the lives of the heroes, their problems, you really want to watch them. And I love TV shows very much and watch it with pleasure, so I had something to compare with. With your permission, I would like to disassemble everything in pieces.

    Elena Gilbert / Nina Dobrev

    The book Elena is shown as a cold, popular, and incredibly beautiful girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. In the series, we see a completely different Elena - not only softer and more kind, but also a brunette with stunning chocolate eyes. Of course, many fans began to resent - this is not Elena! But I really like her. Nina Dobrev is a very talented, sincere and delightful actress. After The Diaries, I watched Love on the Front Line, Too Young to Marry, American Alley, Werewolf, Shards, and Far Away with Nina's direct involvement. She became my favorite actress. By the way, the historical meaning of the name Elena is “beautiful, but doomed.”

    Stefan Salvator / Paul Westley

    There is also a 100% hit. According to the series, his character is more developed and understandable to me than from books. Paul Westley, it seems to me that he just played a wonderful mysterious vampire Stefan. That is how I imagined him.

    Damon Salvator / Ian Somerhalder

    It is hard to notice that basically all the compliments go to Ian. It is understandable. Firstly, he will have more fans, and the actor is so talented and sexy that the screen just sparkles with tension!

    Other Heroes

    Actors playing "in the background" I also really liked. Especially Stephen R. McQueen , playing Elena’s brother, Jeremy. This is also the Kendes Accola , which the whole first series terribly annoyed me, but then I really liked it. And Kayla Ewell (Vicki Donovan).

    No, it's not Twilight

    I would like to emphasize once again that Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are completely different things, believe me. As many have already written, the similarities are only in the romantic relationship between the vampire and the girl. Should I say that the first book from the series “The Vampire Diaries” was published in 1991, and the notorious “Twilight” only in 2003? I do not blame the esteemed Mayer for anything, but the question immediately arises: did she not read the books of Lisa Jane Smith?

    TV Series Music

    The music is really worth highlighting. I am in love with almost all of the songs in the five episodes so far.They use the compositions of such bands and artists as Placebo, One Republic, Katy Perry. Personally, I discovered Mat Kearney. His song from the first series - “Here we go” still plays in my player.

    TV Show or Movie?

    It's good that they shot the series. Because it’s simply impossible to fit all six books into one, or at least two films. And then what would happen? And in the series everything is going in sequence, slowly, letting us enjoy every episode and watch the development of relations between the characters.

    And lastly ...

    The series is still worth a look. I think girls from 12 to 18 will especially like it, as well as everyone who is tired of the ubiquitous Twilight and just wanted a breath of fresh air in the topic of vampires

    10 out of 10

  • Evgenica
    Fifth episode - the plot is developing ...
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    Finally we waited when the general acquaintance with the heroes of the series was left behind in the first 3 episodes and at least some tangible complication began to occur in the film.

    Usually, such things are done in non-stop TV shows that go out every day, here we decided to use this maneuver so as not to puzzle over the plot for each series - we will quietly develop the plot, lure the viewer, tighten the 'loop' ...

    Let's just say that the scriptwriters got a little cunning here, they know what to build such things on. Again, using the topic of confronting vampires with a different attitude to the victims of their choice (although they could have bought blood in hospitals with their sickly cash for a long time!) - a bad vampire & an evil vampire, they managed to play this card quite professionally. If Damon, with his stubborn manic trait, did not bite his victims to death, as well as his vampire tricks, “I will bypass you and do everything my way!”, I think this series would lose 50% of its attractiveness literally right away. It turns out that he’s cloyingly positive Stefan, despite his vampire nature, can even surpass the mortality of any mortal, but without his older brother he would have looked like a 'golden boy'. The only thing that I liked in the role of Paul Wesley was that he managed to convey the age of his hero (without a smaller, 150-year-old experienced man), something that Robert Pattinson did not succeed in 'Twilight', although it is understandable, because Paul is already 27, and Robert is only 23 so far ... But Ian Somerhalder didn’t cope with this task - it looks too much like a stubborn, eccentric teenager.

    Nina Dobrev seems too girl too old for years, like family care after the death of her parents has not yet become the main part of her life (the term is still small), but her aunt looks really like a fledgling teenager against her background.

    But while the plot was just beginning to develop, a serious bloody confrontation between the two brothers is clearly waiting for us, I can say that the film draws on its well-deserved 10 initial points.

  • Man Overboard
    I like it!
    Was this review helpful for you? 98/19

    I will say right away - I liked the series. Just don't compare Vampire Diaries with Twilight. The only thing that upset a little was that the authors moved away from the book plot development. But despite this, the series turned out to be very exciting. Each episode is becoming more and more interesting.

    Actors are just great. They play very, very realistic, and especially Damon (Ian Somerhalder), the role of an evil guy really suits him. But Stefan (Paul Wesley), on the contrary, really plays the role of a positive hero.

    Also worth noting is a well-chosen soundtrack for the series. The main thing is that the music does not interfere, but rather allows you to relax a bit. For myself, I found many new good songs.

    In general, the series deserves our attention, I advise you to watch, you definitely will not regret it. It’s only a pity that each series needs to wait a whole week.

  • Samaah
    Let us burst from the heart over the 'masterpiece'!
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    I died. She revived and died again. And all this from laughter.


    Elena is a pretty pretty girl, but when she opens her mouth, this impression disappears. The actress does not play very well. More precisely, her game is terrible.

    Stefan - Oh my God! It is just something with something. Gait of a loose robot. The game is none. But the eyeliner in the eyes pleased.

    Damon - I can’t say anything concrete. Neither fish nor meat. Crab stick, as my friend says.


    Hold me three. There is a feeling that it is not 'Twilight' partially taken from here, but vice versa. I know that it’s not so, but the farther, the more tangible it is.

    The farther, the more dialogue primitive. What is the only conversation in the cemetery when Elena shows her terribly painted wound.

    It is completely invisible that the girl is saddened by the death of her parents. At school, she was cheerful and cheerful. Ahhhh! I realized: Elena is an amazing actress who hides true emotions in herself.

    Almost the only thing I liked was dubbing. I just died.

    I have not read the book, but having looked at this masterpiece of cinema, I will definitely read it.

    Bottom line: people, don’t watch this. there is nothing sensational in the film. The approach to vampires is completely traditional and mediocre. Pass by, do not be shy.

    My assessment and thanks to our dubbing:

    2 out of 10

  • Yulaka
    Was this review helpful for you? 103/18

    I absolutely disagree that the Vampire Diaries is a repetition of Twilight. This is all nonsense. Yes, there is one single scene in Episode 6, when Elena realizes who Stefan is, and only here the series resembles 'Twilight'.

    The Vampire Diaries is a completely new thing that we have not seen yet. Actors play their roles perfectly, they reveal themselves in them, put their soul in ...

    And we do not even pay attention to the fact that Elena’s books have golden hair, and the film has brown hair ... It doesn’t matter ... The meaning, the idea is conveyed. A lot of beautiful scenes, and the actors are perfect perfect. I admire this series, it hurts the soul ... I really look forward to when the season comes to the end.

    10 out of 10

  • Pipishkin
    Fans of dusk will understand me.
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    I heard that Mayer turned out to take some elements from The Vampire Diaries, but I must admit that if she copied something, it turned out better as a result.

        Initially, I came across this series through 'Twilight'. I became interested only for one reason: the actor who played Boone in 'The Lost'. After watching the first three episodes, I realized that there was probably no continuation. I was not mistaken in Jena. I'm afraid he is the only good actor in this series. Elena - mediocrity. Stefan is some implausible vampire with an eternally frightened look, and the description of 'handsome' is far-fetched. Damon is the most interesting and well-played character. There is also Elena’s girlfriend (I don’t remember my name) with the clairvoyant gift and a characteristic sigh from Phoebe from 'Charmed'.

        The plot is simple and painfully similar to 'Twilight'. Even Bella’s favorite book is copied. Only the factor is changed that the second applicant for the girl is not a werewolf, but a vampire.

        My advice is do not look, but I advise fans of Ian. You will once again be convinced that he is a terrific actor, and a negative character is crazy for him.

    3 out of 10

  • coldgirl
    Was this review helpful for you? 156/27

    -What is it about this Bella? Edward is acting so weird ...


    -And why don't you shine?

    -Because I live in the real world, and in my world the sun kills vampires.

    I am sure that everyone who watched this film, unknowingly, and perhaps consciously compared it to Twilight, and I am among them.

    Indeed, there is a lot in common, right down to the scene of explanation in the forest. however, in my opinion, the 'Diaries' turned out to be more successful.

    Firstly, the film was shot in bright and colorful colors, which is very pleasing to the eye.

    Secondly, in the 'Diaries' vampires look a little believable. Agree, the world where vampires walk around under the sun without a threat to life is frightening. What kind of vampire is this who staggers in broad daylight?

    I really liked Elena performed by Nina Dobrev. I see the actress for the first time on the screen, but still I liked her. Very beautiful, feminine. It could well fall in love with a stunning handsome vampire.

    I would also like to note that in the 'Diaries' absolutely all the main characters are very beautiful, which is undoubtedly nice.


    Probably collected all the best in himself. A sort of limit of dreams of the female half of humanity from 9 to 99.


    The most delicious, as they say, finally.

    Without exaggeration, I will say that he is my favorite character. It is the exact opposite of his brother Stefan. Narcissistic, selfish, cruel, bloodthirsty, but from this no less, and maybe more sexual. In general, a typical Bad Guy.

    The best friend of Elena, a hereditary witch hailing from Salem, adds a sharpness to the plot, the sizzling look of which can easily set Kamaz on fire.

    Even the town’s name is appropriate - Mystic Falls.

    There are, of course, in the film and its disadvantages. Elena’s gatherings at the cemetery near the graves of her parents look a little strange and unattractive.

    For the rest, the movie is worth watching for fans of vampire themes and, in particular, Twilight

    P.S.:- Next time, think about who you invite to your house.

    10 out of 10

  • Sokolenok
    Nothing special ....
    Was this review helpful for you? 88/312

    I have read all the books from the Vampire Diaries series so far, and to be honest, I'm not happy with the series.

    I understand that it was shot based on the book, and not like 'Twilight' in the book itself, but still this idea seemed wrong to me.

    I advise you to watch the series for those who have not read books - they will not have to be upset over trifles, and the characters for them will seem the way they should be.

    Regarding the comparison of the Diaries and Twilight:

    Stephanie Meyer, author of Twilight, was inspired by the Vampire Diaries books, and only after reading it began her book. I do not understand the assaults about the fact that the 'Diaries' are licked from 'Twilight' - because the egg was not the first chicken.

    But one thing can be said about the series: yes, they started shooting it because the Mayer vampire saga blew up the audience.

    From the series I want to mention Ian Somerhalder - he is handsome, and plays pretty well. If we compare his positive role of Boone in 'Staying Alive' and Damon in 'Diaries' - the role of a bad guy definitely wins compared to the first.

    My rating: 6 out of 10

    Of course, out of interest I will continue to watch the series, but I'm afraid my opinion will not change anymore.

  • Cinderel_La
    A completely different story ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 89/14

    I downloaded the first episode with an extremely pessimistic mood, because I counted 'Next Twilight', BUT everything turned out differently. The first episode inspired me, and I watched the second, then the third and away we go. Yes, I agree that some moments are remotely similar to Twilight, but it cannot be otherwise ... Both of them are about vampires!

    In Order

    Firstly, an interesting plot. Full of mysteries and every new series you look forward to.

    Secondly, this is a series, which in this case is definitely a plus, because it is perceived very easily, there is no 'trick', as in other series (we will not point with a finger).

    Thirdly, the cast is very interesting. Agree that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is incomparable! And the vampire brothers are in no way inferior to the image of the Cullens that has developed in our memories.

    Fourthly, the musical accompaniment is well-chosen, in my opinion. I always pay attention to it!

    Isn't that enough for the show?

    I liked what the scriptwriters included in the series and books by Stephanie Meyer. Thus showing that they are not afraid of comparisons with 'Twilight'. It deserves respect.

    What disadvantages would I note? The first is a too rare episode release. Once a week. But seriously, it’s too early to judge the minuses. We’ve twisted the plot very much now, let's see if the scriptwriters can adequately get out of this “dead loop”.

    My Verdict . The series deserves attention. Girls 13-18 years old should like it, for us, in principle, this work is designed. There is no need to think, as, for example, in the beautiful but philosophical series 'House Doctor', but you can just relax in front of the monitor after another difficult working-school day. Personally, I got and plan to get a definite aesthetic pleasure in the future from watching 'The Vampire Diaries', because this is a completely different story ...

    10 out of 10

    P.S. Do not believe the general description of this series. Not entirely true.

  • Katja91
    Was this review helpful for you? 36/69

    From the very first episode it was clear that the writers had deviated far from the book. Instead of a younger sister, brother Jeremy appeared. Aunt Jena’s fiance is gone somewhere. By the way, there is no Meredith, Elena’s best friend, and she was one of the main characters throughout all the books!

    The most important thing is that the main characters (both appearance and characters) are fundamentally changed. Elena suffered the most. Where is the golden hair ?? Where is the manifestation of spoiling from the attention of the opposite sex, etc. ?? We see in front of us a kind, gentle girl who is capable of the most - to flirt with Matt (her best friend, whom she met in the distant past) ...

    About Elena’s girlfriends. I already said that she was deceived by one of them. Not only that, Bonnie, the second friend, should be red and curly. Do they even know what red hair looks like? .. Caroline, an ex-girlfriend with whom Elena will 'fight', made her her best friend ... In short, everything is completely changed. Well, even though Bonnie was left a witch ...

    In recent episodes, she was amazed how Elena reacted to the fact that Stefan is a vampire. People, she didn’t avoid him for so long and didn’t push him away !! She was just frightened at first, but then he explained everything to her and Elena believed that he was not dangerous and everything was fine with them. And here she imagines Stefan as a monster ...

    Now for the good)))

    Nina Dobrev (Elena) plays well, at least now I can not imagine anyone else in her place. He and Paul Wesley (Stefan) look nice))

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon) fits into the role of the 'bad guy'. I heard somewhere that he himself enjoys this role. There can be no better candidate for the role. Both comic and creepy moments beat perfectly))

    As a result, it turns out that from the books the scriptwriters and directors took only some of the names of the main characters with a few facts from their lives and based on this based their vampire story.

    If you don’t read books and don’t particularly find fault, then this story is quite interesting for viewing at your leisure)))

  • Nardina
    Worthy replacement of the dying 'FAMILY'
    Was this review helpful for you? 71/19

    I admit honestly that I have not read the book, the basis (based on some dubious comments) from which the series was shot. And even 'Twilight' did not look. But I am a fan of vampire themes, so I decided to 'check out' the series.

    Everything in this series resembles Smallville in the best years (from season 1 to 4 inclusive): both the scenery (which are Smallville by the way) and the scale of popular American hit songs, the girl Elena looks very much like Lana, and Stefan is as mysterious as Clark Kent. And Ian Somerhalder did so in Smallville in the third season, Adama played. But here he is more likely in the evil role of Lex acts.

    Judging by the open dying of Smallville (it was necessary to finish at season 6), this series is for him a replacement on the channel.

    Turning on 1 series, I stopped only at the 6th, and then because the time on the clock was 6 in the morning. The public from 12 to 18 will be accepted at the 'Hurray'. Me too. It’s not been so exciting for a long time.

    10 out of 10.

    P.S. Once again I repeat, I judge only the SERIAL as something separate from the book.

  • Samurai
    Was this review helpful for you? 38/24

    After watching the series, I was surprised, of course, everything is fundamentally different from the book. Images, appearance, character are all different

    But still the plot is very interesting. Also, any living person can not help but compare this film with Twilight, although the points of view of Stephanie Mayer and Lisa Jane Smith differ on the account of vampires, but the 'remade script' of the Diaries is not much different in this.

    I would also like to discuss the actors' play, in principle, everything is just perfect, but I'm probably not the only one who can say that Paul Wesley does not look like a vampire. It is worth noting the simply shocking work of Ian Somerhalder is simply a magnificent Damon.

    In general, the film is good, but you need less than a simple butcher! We look forward to continuing!

  • Fantasma_Arte
    How many films about vampires ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 61/12

    Quite by chance I came across this series, moreover, when not a single series was released. Naturally, I thought that it would be something like 'Twilight', and immediately abandoned the idea of ​​watching it. Thanks, enough and Twilight. But one fine day I decided to watch the first episode. I found nothing in common with the acclaimed Twilight Saga. Well, if you do not take into account the word 'vampires'.

    I was pleased with the actors. Pretty young, but at the same time they play pretty well. Well and beyond any competition Ian Somerhalder. Beautiful, talented actor, what else to say? His role of Boone in the 'LOST' was, of course, less winning. I also liked Elena. For all her doll looks, she did not look like a porcelain figurine. Yes, and Stefan is very good. At least I didn’t make myself so direct of everything mysterious, always bored and sad. All in all, I liked it.

    Special effects were also on the level. Well, not a suite, but still.

    And for me it was a big surprise and a positive point to the series that the film adaptation turned out better than the book. Yes, yes, this is the only case in my life. I read two books, but they did not arouse my interest, and there was no desire to read the third and subsequent ones.

    Of course, I will not call this series a masterpiece of world cinema, but I will definitely watch it, and will gladly advise lovers of mystical romance who have free time (after all, this is a series, after all).

    To summarize, my verdict:

    9 out of 10

  • Modest
    ... Now the whole world trembles before you And now the Vampire stands before me ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 91/18

    The Vampire Diaries is a love story, there will never be another one like that. It makes no sense to compare with books, and specifically with Twilight. Other characters, actions and incidents. And if I compare, I can say one thing for sure: in the Twilight film, I have not seen enough feelings and love, unlike the Diaries.

    Each story has its own negative character, a villain. Damon represents such a negative character. But if you try to understand his feelings, then it will immediately become clear why he is dirty. Mental experiences make themselves felt.

    Stefan and Elena , in my opinion, are very similar in character despite the fact that Stefan is a vampire. Lovers, but at the same time very alone in the soul.

    I think Vampire Diaries will win many hearts. Mine, for example, has already been subdued ...

    10 out of 10

  • phoenixpagan
    Vampires among us ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 160/19

    I must say I like the series! I love vampire themes very much, so I couldn’t get past this series. From the very beginning I really liked the picture, bright, beautiful, beautiful actors, especially Stephen and Nina, playing brother and sister.


    It all starts on the first day at school, when a new student appears, he is also a good vampire Stefan Salvatore. And off we go ... Vampires, witches, true friendship and love, intrigue, evil spirits, family relationships. .. What else is needed for a good series?

    About the book ... Yes, the series is very different, but after reading the first two editions, I can only breathe a sigh of relief about this, because I did not like the books. It’s not that I first saw the series, the works themselves are not very high quality, but these books are inspirational, they inspired Stefan Meyer to write Twilight, and I’m sure that Joss Whedon read a couple of books of this saga before how to break the script for the series `Buffy. Vampire Slayer`.

    Thanks to the screenwriters for:

    1. cheated on Elena beyond recognition. Not only the character of Elena, presented in the first book, changed, as a capricious, narcissistic and `most popular` girl at school, who almost went crazy from the fact that the` new boy 'did not notice her, but her appearance also changed. That's right, there shouldn't be any associations with that Elena;

    2. introduced the younger brother. I have nothing against my younger sister Margaret, but thank you so much for Jeremy. In my opinion, it’s much more interesting to look at the development of his character than at the games of a four-year-old child;

    3. Damon did not desire Elena;

    4. removed unnecessary characters and replayed their roles;

    5. diversified the plot.


    Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). The first thing that comes to mind, Elena is a beauty. The actress is simply amazingly beautiful and it is pointless to reject this fact. Although I admit that in the first series I didn’t like Elena in connection with what I reminded Lana Lang: the suffering about the death of her parents, the scene in the cemetery, the `golden girl`. But later it became clear that her image is deeper. Elena is responsive, caring, understanding, kind. It is open to people, so they love it. Perhaps the death of her parents made her grow up quickly, because by her behavior you can’t say that she is seventeen. Elena is strong and strong-willed, but fragile and feminine. The actress copes with her role perfectly.

    Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Also at first did not cause enthusiasm, the next suffering hero, but later he began to open from the best side. And with every episode Stefan likes more and more. He is calm, confident, reasonable, but too gloomy. As he relaxes, it was possible to see only at the day of his birth, when Lexi arrived in the city. I am neutral towards the actor, just before the Diaries I saw him in the movie Fallen, where he played the main role.Also a calm and unsociable supernatural creature, although Stefan looks older, Paul managed to convey it very well. This is especially striking during his conversations with Zach.

    Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). The most controversial character. You never know what is on his mind and what way he will go, even if he declares his ultimate goal. Mainly engaged in what torments the younger brother, but at the same time he also protects him. He is capable of any meanness for the sake of his goal, but at the same time the vampire of the word ... In general, I don’t even know how to characterize him, he clearly has his own code of honor, and he adheres to it, only he has a very specific one. Damon often gets bored, because he loves to play his vampire games, and out of boredom he chases Stefan ... From the charming Ian he turned out to be the perfect Damon.

    Jeremy Gilbert (Stephen R. McQueen). Handsome! This time, secondly, Elena’s younger brother, whom, however, with all desire, I can’t give fifteen years ... we’ll converge at twenty, but that’s not important. I like the character. At first, he is very worried about the death of his parents, uses alcohol, antidepressants (drugs), the only person who does not allow him to dissolve in all this is Wicca, who herself uses it. But she is for him, like a ray in the dark realm, but Wicca dies, and Jeremy is on the verge. Damon, at the request of Elena, erases the suffering of Jeremy, and we are already a different person. This boy strives for a good study, does not walk until late, talks with his aunt, instead of being as far away from home as possible.And if you believe what will happen, he is also a talented artist.

    Bonnie Bennett (Katerina Graham). My favorite character. A great friend, she knows how to listen, support, advise, she, like a beacon for Elena and Caroline, their support. They both share their feelings, feelings, secrets with her. In addition, Bonnie is a descendant of the Salem witches, and a very powerful witch herself, she is just beginning to comprehend the basics of witchcraft, but she is already showing clairvoyance, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis. Bonnie herself is a little afraid of her strength, but gradually takes them. Her conflicting feelings about her supernatural legacy are very well shown. I’ll say separately about Granny Bonnie - I really like her! Interesting woman. Wise and with a sense of humor. I would like her to be shown more often.

    Caroline Forbes (Kendes Accola). Caroline evokes conflicting feelings, probably because these are two book characters - cute Meridit and the bitchy Caroline. But the character turned out to be interesting and generally really cute. I hope she and Matt succeed.

    Vampires ...

    I really like the way vampires are shown in the series. A number of standard restrictions - cannot enter without an invitation, burns out in the sunlight, dies if you pierce a stake in your heart (but do not fall apart into dust), cut off your head, burn it. A number of standard advantages are super-speed, super-power, super-hearing, the ability to penetrate the human mind and inspire anything. From non-standard - vampires can turn into animals, so Damon turns into a crow, can walk in broad daylight with the help of a special ring with a special stone (this is where the legs of Amar's stone grow!(series `Buffy` and` Angel`)), weaken from exposure to verbena (a very good find). In this case, vampires are reflected in mirrored surfaces, can safely eat garlic and wear silver jewelry.

    For the entire series:

    10 out of 10

  • kaza4ka
    Was this review helpful for you? 90/10

    It was boring to somehow have breakfast under the advertisement, I think I’ll download something to watch, some new series, so as to wake up. I must say, I woke up. I turned off the TV at 11 pm, because I watched in a row all 9 episodes that were posted on the Internet! This is incredibly addictive! It is impossible to continue living until you find out what will happen next! I was so shocked by what people did, I expected no more than 50% of what happened from this series! There is such beauty here, who would have thought! ..

    I started reading the first book and dropped it somewhere near the end, because somehow the topic got tired, the main character annoyed me, who, it seemed to me, was not worthy of either Stefan or Damon ... Stefan was sorry, and indeed after Twilight, this was clearly weaker (although there was due respect for Lisa Smith, the original source, who was also sorry, she came up with a wonderful idea, a story that Mayer later rewrote and corrected better). It was interesting what they filmed there for this little book ... One of the few cases when a film is definitely better than a book!

    In my opinion, all inconsistencies in the book are justified and very accurate. The actors are so cool! All such fellows, each of his character reveals even more than, probably, was required from them! Elena is absolutely not annoying, dear girl, whom you wish all the best. Everything that did not like her disappeared: they added her mind, beauty, bright spiritual qualities, tragedy, a sneaker - and everything became just perfect!Wonderful friends, wonderful brother, and indeed the people around, Aunt, Mat, Vicki ... I don’t know what to say bad, because everything is very good! You sympathize with everyone, you worry about everyone, and you wait, when everyone will be happy! ..

    A separate paragraph about the Salvatore brothers. Such handsome men, both, are just super! So play ..! Stefan takes a soul, do not doubt his sincerity, not a bit, and so he wants everything to be good! .. It is clear that Paul is clearly likable to his character, he likes to be Stefan, he gives himself completely to this role, and this is very valuable . And Damon. Despite the fact that this is clearly a negative character, an immoral killer, he does everything so beautifully, with irony that he sympathizes with him, you wait for his appearance and what will happen ..! A complex character, deep, created by a really talented actor. It is strange that usually there is a character who discharges abstraction with jokes, there is a black friend of the main character / heroine, then here this joker is Brother Damon himself, he is both a bad and a joker. Due to this, you do not hate him very much. His humor reminds that all this happens on TV, everything is not serious, so do not look for vampires under your bed!

    - `Oh, don’t stain the sofa with blood, please!` , etc. ...

    I am pleasantly surprised that in the world, it turns out there are such cool TV shows where everything is so thought out, competently and efficiently, beautifully done. It affects the cast when EVERYONE plays perfectly!Directing, music, everything as a whole makes you watch and watch series after series and get 100% pleasure! The series does not come out with great philosophical meaning, it seems that this is another story about the struggle between good and evil, but still, it catches the soul, this story about the love of a beauty and a monster, tender and touching, catches your soul from time to time ... And you know that no longer a little girl to believe in fairy tales, but you sit and look and understand that ... you believe.

    P.S. I can’t help but add that it was in this series that I got everything that was not in the film adaptation of Twilight. It is these people, this particular view, the atmosphere of this series is sincere, there is no sense of falsehood that every frame from that film caused. If you didn’t like the Twilight movie, it’s possible that you like the Vampire Diaries. I look forward to the next episodes, I need to be able to relish the pleasure, which I’ll learn now: watch one episode a week, not 10 in a row ...

    9 out of 10

  • sundance
    Was this review helpful for you? 62/5

    The scriptwriters tried very hard and made an interesting sight out of a rather boring book. Many characters underwent dramatic changes, many were completely deleted, but the series from this, it seems, only improved. What really pleased me was the successful casting (I especially liked the way Paul Wesley plays, which I had a very negative attitude to). Adding to this a well-crafted soundtrack, many puzzles that are pleasant to solve during each episode, and not childish problems that teenagers who have not yet fully matured have to solve - we get a good series about vampires who do not stand out with pale skin color and cannot see the future, read minds or go into the house until they are invited. And yes, they don’t shine in the sun, because they live in a real world in which the sun kills vampires.

    my rating is 10 out of 10

  • Kylit
    Was this review helpful for you? 33/7

    I would not say that I was delighted with the series, but after watching episodes 9 and 10 it appeared interesting. The dynamics began, before that everyone was stamping out in one place, and this was causing boredom ...

    At first, only Damon liked it. Ian played a vampire very well. I was afraid that I would see Boone from Lost in him, but this did not happen, which speaks of talent.

    But in the end, I looked at Stefan. It also has something! Of course, he is not such a bright vampire as Damon, but this is already the cost of his lifestyle.

    There’s nothing to say about Elena ... Her witch friend is much more interesting. I hope she somehow develops her abilities.

    I would also like to note the music in the series. The songs are just awesome! The scene under Enjoy The Silence I really liked and shot beautifully, and the actors are great! Music - probably was one of the incentives to continue watching the series, and not to abandon it in half.

    Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) I did not read the book, but I know the author. I read her works from another cycle. Someday I will take up the `Diaries`.


    8 out of 10

  • Balamkadari
    Was this review helpful for you? 66/17

    I learned about this series from a friend who was very advised to watch. I admit, at first I also thought that he looked like Twilight. But this is not at all true. The only thing that unites them is only that there is love between a vampire and a person. The plot is completely different. It is interesting to watch `The Vampire Diaries` because a lot of secrets are kept by the Salvatore family, and half of them are not disclosed. The actress also pleases: well, firstly, she is beautiful, she behaves naturally, as a teenager should. Secondly, the plot itself is more realistic. Well, for example, the moment when Elena finds out that Stefan is a vampire, she is frightened, dumbfounded, she cannot believe it. While Bella from Twilight, finding out the truth about Edward, reacts too calmly, as if this is the norm of things.

    A separate topic is the vampire brothers. They are incomparable. There is something so attractive and frightening in Stephen that it is impossible to resist him. Well, about Damon, you can only say that he is incomparable. The role of the scoundrel to Ian Somerhalder succeeded simply brilliantly, at the same time, he captivates with his sexuality, so it is difficult not to love him, despite the fact that he is a negative hero.

    To summarize: if someone hopes to see a copy of `Twilight` in this series, I will disappoint you. It will not happen! This story is more interesting and exciting. I advise everyone to watch.

  • CrAzzZzzY MaN
    There are no words!
    Was this review helpful for you? 63/10

    I really like this series. He is so dynamic! He is keeping in suspense! It's just super!

    Great cast! Everything is just class. At first I didn’t really like Paul as Stefan, but then I realized that this is what I need. Elena is just beautiful, but Damon ... Damon is Damon. Nothing more to say. Ian was born for this role. It says on his face: "I'm a bastard!". And it really turns on.

    I liked the fact that the film exists separately from the book. This is something separate, something else, another organism. There are many points and facts that are not in the book, but this is only a big plus for this film. The plot is very dynamic. I look forward to 11 episodes. And I am very sad that it will be released only in January 2010.

    Well, if you compare the `Vampire Diaries` and` Twilight`, then these are two completely different stories. And I realized this after watching `The New Moon`. I believe actors, plot, books, etc. just can not be compared. These are two completely different times. But all the same, in the Vampire Diaries, vampires are all more real than in Twilight.

    There is no unnatural eye color, they are afraid of the sun, they do not shine on it, yet animal blood does not give such strength as human.

    Well, the actors ... Only a not very smart person will compare Dobrev and Stuart, Edward and Stefan.

    It seems to me that these are just solid advantages.

    I look forward to continuing!

  • serj27
    about the Book and the Series itself.
    Was this review helpful for you? 38/9

    Now I am reading the work itself and watching the series in parallel. Yes, indeed there is not the slightest resemblance to the plot of the book and the series, but so far I can’t judge, since only 10 episodes have been published. Personally, it doesn’t bother me that in the series there are no obvious correspondences, for example, that Elena does not have a sister Margaret, but a brother! Everything is simple! The scriptwriters decided to give life to another storyline, so that everything does not revolve around Elena, Stefan and Damon.

       The work is exciting and I can’t read it for hours and, nevertheless, I’ll repeat myself DO NOT bother me with the divergence of the book with the series! And I’m very interested in how events will develop in the series.

    And regarding the comparison of `Twilight` with the` Vampire Diaries`, I can say the following: in Twilight, everything really converges to snot ... I won’t say that I didn’t like 2 films, I didn’t read the book, I can soon start as I finish reading the Vampire Diaries.

  • Lenok2011
    Factory of vampires.
    Was this review helpful for you? 49/291

    I will not spread for long. I think it’s just not worth it. Honestly, I was surprised by so many positive reviews ... In my opinion, the series (at least the pilot) is just oak. The stereotypical hero is a beauty with dead parents, who thinks that she must now protect her brother in every way with unrequited love, a vampire who does not want to be bad and, of course, a seducer, bad, but so coveted .... who would you think? That's right, vampire brother ...

    True, the Danish kingdom was not without problems - the vampire family keeps some terrible ... That's right, love secret!

    I do not want to compare this series with the Twilight saga, but it is simply impossible to resist. This whole topic is with a forbidden love for vampires. I won’t hide it, the story of Bella Swan intrigues me, I didn’t even regret the dough to go to her movie theater, but it’s somehow frightening to stamp pictures on this subject.

    Okay, let's leave the idea alone and turn to the actors' game ...

    Oh yes! The game! I can’t say that they play very badly, but it’s somehow wooden. This `eye pain` just kills me. Everything is very naive and unambiguous.

    As a result, it turned out: wooden and American.

    I can’t say that I regretted the time spent watching the first series, but I spoiled my mood. Twilight was remembered all the time. There are enough films about vampires, but it is clear that the scriptwriters drew `inspiration 'from Mayer’s novels ...

    4 out of 10

  • stranger
    A pleasant surprise
    Was this review helpful for you? 64/13

    In the beginning I came across the book series "The Vampire Diaries". She lay with me for several months before I started it. And when she started ... She could break away only half past three in the night, and that was only because I got up at seven. The plot is quite ordinary (in our time) - a vampire and a girl, he doesn’t want to be a monster, she cannot leave him (viva, Mayer! It's funny that everything connected with vampires is certainly compared with Mayer “Twilight. After all, there is still“ The Kingdom of the Night "Smith," Sookie Stackhouse "Harris," House of the Night "Cast, but you never know what I haven’t heard about. But they certainly compare. It’s like Mayer is Shakespeare of our day. Do not think that I am against I am a fan of the Twilight book and I’ll kill anyone for Edward, but I’m curious: Twilight is a really brilliant book or is it so popular spine - the result of joint work of publishing, PR, marketing, etc. But I digress)
    I read 5 books, all that is still there, and then they just started talking about a movie adaptation. After the dirty tricks that we were given as an adaptation of Twilight, I did not expect more from The Diaries. But she was mistaken. The film is very, very good, a rare case when the film is not inferior to the book. Compared to the original, some things have changed in the script, but that doesn't spoil it at all.

    Firstly, great music, both on its own and in the context of the film. Fascinating but not distracting from the action.

    Wonderful work of the actors. Elena is a sweet, pleasant girl whom you sincerely empathize with and wish all the best. Stefan is a clear positive character about whom one can say “a knight without fear and reproach”, of those who recognize only white and no midtones. A little boring, in my opinion. The most interesting hero in my opinion is Damon (and why is it called Damon in the film?) And Ian Somerhalder did an excellent job. His Damon is handsome, smart, ironic and ruthless. A bright negative character whose cruelty is equal to his charm, for which it is impossible to hate him. It was a little surprised that Shawnee turned out to be black, but you quickly get used to it. And Paul Wesley is a good actor, but still not handsome enough for the role of Stefan.

    There are a lot of funny phrases in the film, funny scenes, like the one where Damon reads “Twilight” or Stefan cuts off the historian (I have only seen 4 episodes so far). I’ll definitely watch the second season.

    Lovers of romantic vampire movies - watch. As they say, in “Comedy Wumen” - it’s not a shame to say either and it’s nice to remember.

  • LesHankO
    Was this review helpful for you? 36/8

    My acquaintance with the Vampire Diaries began with books. I read everything that came out (5 pieces). Really like this series. When I found out that the series will be filmed based on these books, I jumped with happiness. But the casting upset me a little. Elena is a brunette, Stefan is a 'strong' guy, Elena's little sister turned miraculously into a 14-year-old brother of a drug addict, Caroline is a blonde with a small brain volume. The only thing that pleased was Damon - he was exactly what he should be. Ian Somerhalder is just a born Damon, as if created for this role.

    My frustration with casting did not last long. Then I realized that it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that with these actors a good series is obtained. Actors are trying hard with their goal. They are different from book heroes, but they do their job well. I also regretted that the series was shot based on the motives, and not on the book itself, although some points overlap. And I realized that this is a huge plus. I watch every episode in suspense, I don’t know what will happen next and how it will end. And everything is clear what is happening at the same time.

    Many compare Vampire Diaries to Twilight, I read and watched both. and if I compare them too, I’ll say in favor of The Vampire Diaries that Twilight is less clear if the book is not read. For example, I watch 'The Vampire Diaries' with my sister and watched 'Twilight', in the 'Vampire Diaries' she understands everything, and in 'Twilight' she did not fully understand some points and I explained to her as it is written in the book . But I still would not want to compare them.

    my rating: 10 out of 10

    Welcome to Mystic Falls ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 53/6

    Lately I've been fascinated by everything related to vampire stories, legends - whether it be Stoker's 'Dracula' or Raymond McNelly's books ...

    But the novels attract the most)

    Recently I came across the 'Vampire Diaries' - on the series. I thought it was just something akin to Twilight, but still decided to take a look ... And I did not regret it!

    The first shots of fangs digging into the neck of a girl - and I got goosebumps - from how elegantly and attractively it was shot!

    All the series feature extraordinary landscapes, distinguished by the harmony of dark colors, tones, given that the most 'important' moments were shot in the forest, thanks to the picturesque panorama, everything looks even more frightening ...

    In the series, vampires cannot go into the house without an invitation - this is the belief that I saw for the first time in a film about vampires, but I remembered it and liked it, especially when Stefan first came to Elena.

    I was also attracted by a kind of 'innovation' in vampire films - this is a verbena scaring away vampires. Although the plant does not drive away vampires, it’s interesting to look at some new, albeit fictional facts.

    The actors are selected incomparably, and I can’t find fault with their game, I’ll list those whose game I most admire: a girl of incredible beauty - Elena , a good vampire with a piercing and somehow longing look - Stephen , his brother, with royal steps and manners, majestically bearing his name, which has two designations: in Greek Damon - deity and Demon - evil god. And Bonnie - the girl - the soothsayer with emerald eyes, who is also a real friend and guardian of the secrets of Elena.

    After watching about five episodes somewhere, I decided to read the novel, and the fact that the film’s discrepancy scares everyone (and I perceive 'The Vampire Diaries' as a film) with the novel I consider it to be the main plus: Elena herself - if there was a girl - blonde, similar on Caroline, everything would be unnatural - this is my opinion, Jeremy is a teenager whom his parents left too early and took the path of self-destruction, but what else can you do at his age? Bonnie - I really like her, with her eyes, behavior, her fears and conversations with her grandmother - a witch, and the moment with feathers simply beckons with her magic!

    I put down the book, first I watch the series, because it is about more hectic, modern youth than a novel written in the 90s. Of course, I want to know the “curls” and plot twists, but I want to see it, and not just read it dryly ...

    Now is the first season, it is not known how many novels will be filmed ... But in this series everything turned out like in a mosaic - all parts are ideally suited to each other and there can be no other arrangement! Whether it is a director, actors, landscapes, romanticism and music, it is well and precisely matched.

    To be continued ...

    9 out of 10

  • Madinchik
    “Why don't you sparkle?” “Because I live in a real world where vampires burn out!”
    Was this review helpful for you? 130/17

    The series really surprised and pleased me!

    I stumbled upon the Vampire Diaries somehow on the Internet, read the information about the series, comments on it and thought: “Yeah, nothing original, the next Twilight, only in a long version!” Nevertheless, I decided to look and did not regret it!

    Excellent cast, twisted plot, beautiful, attractive vampire brothers - all presented very competently!

    Firstly, a big, tremendous, just huge thanks to the screenwriters for NOT BLONDE Elena; for her brother Jeremy, who was supposed to be a four-year-old sister, for the very vivid image of Bonnie, for the clarity and ease of viewing, for the funny moments and special thanks for making an exciting series out of a boring, boring, drawn out book!

    Secondly, the actors were very pleased, to be honest, I did not see any of them in other films, but I liked them. Stefan, ah, Stefan! Beautiful, mysterious, thoughtful, with a piercing look ... In a word - cute! Damon - sexy, elegant, graceful, laid-back, insidious, cruel. BUT! It seems that the gentle and responsive at heart, who still can’t put up with the loss of her beloved vampire girl Catherine and despite the fact that 145 years have passed, still loves her. And he is trying to hide these mental sufferings under the guise of cruelty, sarcasm and coldness.Elena is very beautiful, cute, responsive, smart and charming! Looking at the beautiful Elena, you understand what makes guys like Stefan and Damon fight for her!

    And now, for the thousandth time we will return again to the ill-fated Twilight! So much has accumulated in my soul that I just can’t speak! Stephenie Meyer tried to move away from the traditional notions of vampires: icy iridescent skin, like marble, golden brown eyes, reading thoughts, predicting the future, giving birth to a baby (which, in principle, is not possible due to the physiological characteristics of the vampire body, well, you know, they don’t eat, they don’t sleep, and, excuse me, they can’t cope) - all this is nonsense, but an unthinkable number of people were led, strange, but true! And pink snot in sugar is pouring everywhere, in the book, in the movie! Edward ... hmm ... Excuse me, but Robert Pattinson is not a vampire, he didn’t even stand next to him, he’s a pretty, feeble little boy who tries to show his emotional feelings, suffering, love, by washing it not so much important, at least some feelings and emotions! And Bella is also some kind of neither living, nor dead, nor fish, nor meat, but just soy - fresh, rubber, tasteless! That’s all I can say about the main characters!

    For The Vampire Diaries

    10 out of 10

    I look forward to continuing! Lord, give me the strength to survive until January!

  • Menni
    I hope the writers continue to ignore the book. (c)
    Was this review helpful for you? 70/12

    The fact that recently in Hollywood, and indeed among young people and others like them, vampire themes is not a secret for anyone.

    And so, CW decided to join and film the books of L.D. Smith TV show.

    I admit, I did not read the book itself. But I heard enough reviews from those who heroically read at least the first book.

    What is strange - everyone, like one, says that the books are dumber than the same Twilight (but the Diaries and Twilight are compared by everyone who is not lazy), and the series is much more interesting and better.

    Let's take a closer look.

    Elena - According to the book , she is a blue-eyed blonde, Barbie and the most popular girl of the school. With logic stranger than Bella Swan (that's really weird). Actually, I began to creep up doubts about Stefan's logic - how can you fall in love with such a thing? ..

    In the series , a cute girl, a brunette with brown eyes, but this is no less attractive. Modest, friendly, and sooo sweet. Sometimes even boring.)

    Nina Dobrev is a good actress. As I said above, beautiful and sweet. It fits very well in the role.

    Paul Wesley - well, I will not write here that every time I see him drool over. Silent!) A good actor, very beautiful. When he cries, he wants to cry with him.

    And Stefan is just a miracle - positive, kind, caring, and even a vegetarian.

    Ian Somerhalder is a great actor. His facial expressions, his phrases, his crying, everything is so realistic and true. And he is really very beautiful and sexy.)

    Personally, I don’t like Damon , because of the simple reason that I don’t like negative characters. Although in some situations it can be understood.

    I know that some characters were cut out, some were added, but, again, according to eyewitnesses - all for the better.


    An interesting series, with breaking off (according to the classics of the genre) series at the most interesting moment, a dynamic plot and an interesting story.

    Comparing it with Twilight is the same as comparing 2012 and Apocalypse. The theme is one!

    10 out of 10

  • Mary Keks
    mmm ... Excellent.
    Was this review helpful for you? 122/21

    I once sat in a group and discussed the topic of who watches what series. She began to notice that it was not the first person to write about the Vampire Diaries. Hmmm ... The world is obsessed with vampire themes. Every week in the bookstores, another vampire nonsense appears, almost photocopied from each other. And the sensational Twilight set the start.

    I looked at the diaries and was satisfied. The plot is amazing, the actors are magnificent, there is a good, and most importantly literate, intrigue, which has recently been lacking in the series. Everything is on top here. Bravo!

    A little bit about comparison. But what about the Vampire Diaries or Twilight? I choose the first option. Do not forget that now we are talking about cinema. Why not Twilight?

    1) Too many pink snot.

    2) The main characters. Well, I don't like either Rob or Kristen. They could not convey the images described by Stephanie in the book. That they do not correspond outside (especially Rob), that spiritually is not what I wanted to see. They rebuilt the whole atmosphere of love between the vampire and the girl in their own way. I will not say that it is terrible. Just different. And in a different way doesn’t always mean what’s better.

    Why do many people like Twilight more?

    1) They are the first!

    2) PR. I do not want to row all under one comb. It’s just that many people don’t even suspect such a wonderful series as The Vampire Diaries. The Twilight Saga is as public as possible.

    But if you look on the other hand, if not for all this hype around the vampire theme, which began just because of Twilight, then you would not see the light and Diaries. After all, only after the resounding success of Twilight, the creators of the Diaries decided to forge iron while it is still hot. It is known that Smith's books were written earlier, but just no one wanted to take the risk and take on work that could fail.

    This is for the movie. Now ask the same question, only regarding books. The Vampire Diaries or The Twilight Saga? This time I choose the second option.

    After watching all the episodes that were currently published, I decided to take up the book in order to pass the time in anticipation of the continuation.

    From the first pages I was terribly disappointed.

    It feels like a 15-year-old girl wrote, who poured all of her unfulfilled fantasies about popularity into * an essay *, which someone called a book.

    As for Stephanie, maybe she took some moments from L.D. Smith, but in her book they are so beautifully made up and presented that it is a pleasure to read.

    I would like to say many thanks to the creators of the series for moving away from the images of heroes from the book. Absolutely The Right Solution.

    I liked that the action spins not only near Elena, there are a lot of plot lines from her, and it is important that they did not forget about other heroes and revealed them as much as possible.

    A bit about the main characters:

    Nina Dobrev (Elena).

    A real beauty. He plays very convincingly. It’s especially nice to watch moments where she struggles with herself when she is faced with a choice, listen to the quiet whisper of reason or the mad cries of her heart.

    Paul Wesley (Stefan).

    In his eyes immediately visible wisdom and experience of a hundred years of life. The actor himself is handsome. Overall good.

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon).

    By the way, I like the name Damon much more than Damon (that's his name from the book).

    mmm ... That’s where all sexuality, audacity, grace and treachery are gathered. A twinkle in his eyes kindles a flame in the viewer. The real bad guy! This is definitely his role. And he dealt with her * excellent *.

    The rest of the heroes are also with their own zest, and most importantly, everyone is in their place.



    10 and 10.

  • Sweetsone4ka
    This is the most beautiful series!
    Was this review helpful for you? 59/10

    To be honest, I didn’t want to watch this series, because many said that Stephanie Meyer took a lot from the Vampire Diaries ... but in vain that she did not want to. As soon as I watched the first episode, I started downloading the remaining 9 episodes at the speed of light! Just a great series! Music, actors ... Even the script pleased, because in it from the book only the names of the heroes and only some details are preserved.

    Oh chic Paul Wesley! For me, he eclipsed even Rob! Nina Dobrev is just playing great! Elena is such a closed, but very sweet girl, Catherine is self-confident, fatal, I would even say. And although these characters seem to have the same appearance, they seem to emit different energies! If compared with the saga, then the game Kristen, in my opinion, in this case she surpassed. She plays emotions, inner struggle better.

    Oh, and separately, of course, I would like to stand out Ian! He is beautiful! Before the series, I saw his pictures and he did not impress me, but as soon as he appeared on the screen! Oh my God! What facial expressions, movements! And his smirk! He's just great! True, if you do not like Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev, then definitely Ian definitely like! He just can't help but delight!

    As a result, having looked through all 10 episodes, I came to the conclusion that this is exactly what I was waiting for! A wonderful series about my favorite vampires! You can first read the book of the same name, and then view the series, you can do the opposite, because reading and looking you will not be bored. The plots are a little different.

    I look forward to new series!

    10 out of 10

  • Kitti_Smile
    - Is everything for you entertainment and games? But wherever you go, everyone dies around you. - It goes without saying. (c)
    Was this review helpful for you? 107/9

    - You are not very good person!
    - Because I am a vampire!

    To begin with, I did not want to watch this series. Firstly, as I thought, this is not a very high-quality parody of "Twilight" , which everyone is already tired of. Secondly, my friend, who, unlike me, read all the books, said that the series was shot absolutely not from the book, and is unlikely to be interesting and exciting, and the actors do not even seem to fit book heroes. Now I don’t even know why I decided to watch the first episode ... Rather, just out of boredom. I didn’t expect a good result, I just had to occupy myself with something. ... As a result, I radically changed my mind. I really liked the series, it is dynamic, exciting. Each series is completely unpredictable, it keeps you busy for 40 minutes, there are very interesting lines for the development of the plot, it’s not like in Twilight, where the emphasis is on Bella and Edward. We are shown the experiences of brother Elena, who lost his parents, and begins to take drugs, thinking that this will be the solution to the problem; The young witch Bonnie is shown, who only recently found out about her gift, and still does not know whether she wants to accept it. Aunt Elena is shown - Jenna, who became the guardian of two nephews at a very young age, and does not know how to deal with this. In the series - each problem is multifaceted, shown from different angles.Yes, of course, I will not say that the series is absolutely perfect, but there is something in it that caught me, the one that vampires Cullens brought to the point, and who thought that they would never contact the vampire theme again.

    It is pointless to compare this series with Twilight, these are completely different projects. Yes, if only because "Twilight" is a film, and "Diaries" is a series. I can’t argue that there are common points, for example, Stefan looks like Cullen, and I think that I’m not alone . But Paul Wesley was able to show his hero Stefan in a way that Pattinson never once failed. In general, my personal opinion is that, despite some similarities, the "Diaries" turned out to be better than "Twilight."

    [- And what is so special about this Bella? Edward is so uptight.

    - You must first read the first book, otherwise the plot is lost.

    - Ah, miss Anne Rice. She wrote much more truthfully.

    - Why don't you sparkle?

    “Because I live in the real world, where vampires burn out in the sun.]

    Only for these words you can fall in love with Damon and the entire series.

    Now, as for the actors of the series. And here I can’t say anything bad. Everyone is pretty good at their roles, even minor characters such as Matt, Bonnie, Lexi , and many others. Here everyone plays at the level, while in Twilight very often minor heroes replay Stuart and Pattinson in many ways.

    Elena Gilbert / Nina Dobrev

    I have not read books, but I know that Elena must be a bitchy blonde, at least in the first book. I don’t know about you, but I really like that they didn’t do it to the “golden girl” who gets everything she wants. In the series, we see a beautiful, pretty girl who is very worried about the death of her parents. She is kind, gentle, responsive. Trying to help brother, girlfriend, who turned out to be a witch. Frankly, I have not seen this actress in other projects, but I like the way she conveys the character of Elena. A pretty and talented girl, Nina played Elena very well.

    Stefan Salvatore / Paul Wesley

    Well, I can’t say that I really like him in the role of Stefan, but there is something about him ... mysterious, intriguing. Of course, sometimes it’s boring to look at his sufferings and thoughts about how unhappy he is, but Elena needs just such as Stefan. Loyal, loving, ready for anything for her.

    Damon Salvatore / Ian Somerhalder

    So we got to the "bad vampire" performed by Ian. For me, he is the most versatile and interesting character in the series. 100% hit when choosing an actor whom I remembered as Boone. You can look at his grin and little devils in his eyes forever. Ian is a spilled Damon. There are so many hidden traits in his character that you never know what he will do in the next moment. For example, Stefan says that Damon is a monster and there is no humanity in it - and here is a shot where Damon gently strokes Elena on the cheek.He says that he hates Stephen, but, nevertheless, saves him from death. The disclosure of this character is most interesting to observe. I may, of course, be mistaken, but it seems to me that he will have more admirers than Paul-Stefan. I hope Ian will not disappoint us with his game in the future, but for now, “Bravo, Ian!”

    A couple of words about other heroes.

    I especially liked Stephen R. McQueen (Elena’s younger brother Jerimi) . So I was surprised when a friend told me that Elena’s book has a four-year-old sister !!! Although, of course, looking at another talented handsome guy, with a bunch of problems that he is trying to solve, is as pleasant as possible than a little girl.

    I also like Zach Roerig (Matt, Elena’s ex-boyfriend and childhood friend) and

    Katerina Graham (Bonnie, a witch, and part-time friend of Elena) . Actors do a wonderful job with their roles.

    TV Series Music

    This is really something to be noted! Music perfectly matched! Fell in love with almost every song that sounded in the series. I especially remember the songs from the first, sixth and tenth series.

    Bottom line: the series is good, it's worth a look. For me it is much more interesting than the Twilight Saga.

    9 out of 10


    I was already in love. This feeling brings pain, it makes no sense, and people overestimate it. (c) Damon.

  • ainusya_one
    Was this review helpful for you? 54/5

    There are many who compare the Twilight Saga to the Diaries.

    Yes, a lot of similarities! And someone said that it’s stupid to compare - but our whole life goes by comparison.

    I like both projects, each interesting in its own way. Many will argue, but Diaries as a series is more interesting than Twilight as several films. I like several storylines, a variety of actors, and although all the actors look much older than they are, they are just like the actors are much more convincing! Stefan, for me it is much cooler than Edward, and as a person prettier (millions of girls just tear me to pieces for these words!) And as an actor more convincing. And Damon, just lovely - this role was ideally suited to Ian Somerheleder!

     At first I looked at the first season, and then, having learned that there are books, I got ready to have fun. What a pity that my expectations did not materialize. In the book version of "Twilight" is much stronger, thought out the plot, all the details. And "The Vampire Diaries" read almost like a children's book - stupid, naive, and did not drag out for a second!

    And I look forward to continuing!

    10 out of 10

  • Ariane
    Viva la vida !!!
    Was this review helpful for you? 201/240

    Yes, that's how I want to start: long live life! Because after numerous films about vampires, you begin to understand that life is good, and the suffering girls with the suffering young people began to be a little annoying.

    Therefore, the series The Vampire Diaries was pleasantly surprised solely by the fact that in addition to the presence of the latter, Damon is present in it - the character of John Somerhalder, the evil brother of Stefan, who dreams of avenging his wounds for a very long time and thereby introducing diversity into the life of the town of Mystic Falls, as well as into the process watching the series.

    To be honest, the whole series rests on the hero of Somerhalder, because looking at Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev is a little boring due to their constant attempts to portray a work of thought that they do not have. Not because they are stupid, but because, it seems to me, they do not quite understand what they should play, and most importantly how. 170 years of experience and severe psychological trauma after the death of parents - agree. difficult, even for very experienced actors! Although I must admit that Dobrev does a little better than Wesley, who at times resembles a Greek statue with horror paintings on his face.

    The first episode of the series frankly disappointed. I did not expect to see games like Dr. House, but I could not have foreseen such a primitive plot. Everything changed at the moment Damon appeared, but even his speeches (albeit very fervent) could not make the first series more dynamic. Then it became more fun, and the character of Jeremy, the younger brother of Elena, who famously takes drugs and hits the local waitress Vicki, began to help the ubiquitous Damon. He looks LIVE in the series, although if you think about it, then he is the shitty thing of all. Only in the third series, in my opinion, began to appear what the creators saw in the series, and what the audience would like to see. The plot took shape, there was an intrigue, and it became really difficult to guess what would happen next. As a result, the first impression was corrected, but if it were not for the trio of the main handsome actors (especially Jon Somerhalder), it would be extremely difficult to watch.

    The result is as follows: a cute series that does not carry a special semantic load, but perfectly meets the latest vampire fashion. watch for all lovers of mysticism and melodramas.

    P.S. But Damon still has something complicated ...

  • Kira Keehl
    I expected the worst
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/28

    I read books much earlier than I watched the movie. and frankly, I did not expect anything good from the film. I thought they’ll remove it just like Twilight, that is, bad. But watching the first series was pleasantly surprised.

    Elena really disappointed. Still, I would like to see Elena the canonical. That is beautiful and bitchy. But in the series, she turned from a cold beauty into a gray mouse.

    Stefan. Yes, that’s how I imagined Stefan reading books. Beautiful, but not bright as Damon, but more mysterious.

    Damon. Here Damon in the series made more interesting. in the series, Damon appeared humor and sarcasm. In the book, he is more obsessed with achieving his own goals.

    Changes in other heroes, the general plot did not change very much. But I threw attempts to figure out who whom whom to whom have to fall back on the second series. The three-year-old sister of Elena from the book turned into a fifteen-year-old brother. Where did Meredith go, I did not understand, but still.

    in general

    9 out of 10

  • Miss DLS
    Twilight or not Twilight?
    Was this review helpful for you? 55/302

    Nowadays, a new genre in literature and cinema has appeared. And now everyone realized that I'm talking about a novel involving vampires. It all started with a very gifted writer with wild imagination. And now, books are being published all over the world, films are being shot about the difficulties, passion and danger of love. And 'Vampire Diaries' is no exception.

    Before watching the series, I read all the books and found them quite tolerable. And what? Stephanie wrote, and the rest is worse. After reading, it became terribly interesting: what does it look like in the film adaptation?

    The series did not cause such violent emotions as books. I imagined all the heroes differently: the creators didn’t have character, behavior, even appearance.

    Elena is a strong, independent and impregnable girl. The first beauty at school by the book. In the film, the most ordinary girl you can imagine.

    Stefan - a cold, impregnable, dark person with a piercing gaze of bright green eyes - according to the book. In the film, a guy with Pattinson-like eyebrows covering his 'piercing' look.

    Damon - a brutal, bloodthirsty vampire, using his sexuality as a weapon - according to the book. In the film - well, basically, there’s nothing to complain about.

    And these are only the main characters. I am silent about the rest. But if you close your eyes to all this, then this is the most ordinary series about teenage love with elements of mysticism in the American style (I mean sex and drugs). I think that if I hadn’t read the book, the series would have suited me, and so I rate the series on

    3 out of 10

  • Flmaddict
    Was this review helpful for you? 67/273

    Surprised by American producers and directors!

    Before they died (sorry for the pomposity) 'Twilight', as people hungry for quick fame, began to stamp films of the same caliber. What can I say? Well done, they forge the iron while it’s hot, in this case they cut the ratings.

    Whether the Vampire Diaries are similar or unlike the well-known film - the opinion is common. But really, are the fantasies of countless Hollywood writers and screenwriters just enough to 'come up' with a story about the love of a vampire and a man, or rather a little rewrite of Stephanie Mayer?

    I looked at 6 episodes of this creation. Somehow boring, as my teacher used to say: 'Where is the action?'.

    When Stefan was revealing his secret to Elena, an unrestrained laughter seized me: I was amazed how the director did not hesitate to borrow this scene from Catherine Hardwick. Well then! “What if they don’t notice?” He must have thought. Yes, no one noticed.

    I would also like to draw attention to the fact that Lisa J. Smith (author of Far East books) used to write Stephanie Meyer a book about the love of a vampire and a girl. And the film adaptation was awarded later. Perhaps if the DV series was released before the Twilight Saga, now angry fans would discuss how it is not a shame to steal from honestly earning money and winning spectator hearts (set your own priorities) writers and directors.

    But closer to the point. Of all the casting, I liked Ian Somerhalder the most, in my opinion, a brilliant find! He is the most striking character, charismatic, while others (including the main characters) behave like sleepy blacks. Stefan has one expression on his face throughout the whole film.

    I hope that soon the society will “eat up” with paintings of this type, and something new, exciting and more interesting awaits us!

    In the meantime, my assessment

    4 out of 10

  • Lissa_shaonell
    Love sucks
    Was this review helpful for you? 48/13

    Honestly, I was afraid to watch the first episode: I thought that they would screw everything up just like Twilight (You can still tolerate a new moon, at least there is no action). And so, with shaking hands, I sit down at my computer, and I think something like this: “if I don’t like it right away (from the first shots), I won’t even watch the series” But the series didn’t justify my negative thoughts, moreover I’m absolutely delighted ! Even cooler than the book itself!

    And this is what we see (and not only) on the screen:

    - from the very beginning, the viewer is “shaken” (remember these murders of tourists by Damon?) And this already creates a certain mood

    - great soundtracks that just fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the film. How many films have I already watched, but in no one music has been so harmoniously selected, I would like to say THANKS for this

    - changes in the storyline (differences from the book). In my opinion, they are clearly for the better, for example, Elena’s brother - Jeremy (in my opinion, this is just a find for scriptwriters and a director, because it’s more interesting to watch Elena’s brother as a teenager, and even a drug addict, than for a little 4-year-old sister) .

    - A beautiful, bright picture also deserves close attention. And the fog in the cemetery? Very impressive.

    For the entire technical part of the picture - 5.

    And now, the cast.

    In my opinion, the actors are pretty well matched

    Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)

    Very beautiful, feminine girl. Kind and sympathetic, but a little sad. Nina turned Elena, and it even seems that she survived all these events together with her heroine. Nina probably has a great future in the movie ahead.

    Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Convincingly, even very, only at first I didn’t like him at all, then the thought came that he should be like that: calm, reasonable, and ... a little boring

    Jeremy Gilbert (Stephen R. McQueen). A very handsome actor is the first, and the second is how the actor convincingly shows us the hero’s suffering, his pain, his love for Wicca - which is for him the sun to which he reaches ... Well done.

    Bonnie Bennet (Katerina Graham). Just charming in this role. According to the plot, Bonnie is a good friend, she will always help, advise, and she is also a descendant of the Salem witches, which makes her character ambiguous. She coped with the role for all 100.

    Caroline Forbes (Kendes Accola). A very colorful character. As for the character, for the appearance, but I imagined it a little differently.

    Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). This is my favorite character on the show. Ian is as if born for this role - a kind of attractive, cruel villain, but at heart, gentle and sympathetic. A very bright, ambiguous role, it’s hard to play, but Ian did, and did just fine

    For the cast - 4 (for Paul and Kendes - well, I don’t really like them, at least kill them)

    Overall rating 10 out of 10 For the incarnation of Damon as I imagined him.

  • Skarlet
    Real vampires
    Was this review helpful for you? 58/11

    I write this review not as a fan of 'Twilight' in the distant past. It is rather my new outlook on the world of vampires. Finally, I realized what I was so lacking in the Stephanie Meyer novels. I missed the real vampires that burn in the sun, do not eat garlic and die from aspen stakes. You can’t just change the way of life of night creatures described by many authors. Well, if you change something, then to a small degree and clearly explain the reason for the change. That's exactly what I liked about The Vampire Diaries . This is not a snot like 'Twilight' . This may be a fictional story, but still, if I want to believe in vampires, I will represent them as described by L. J. Smith . This applies to the novel itself and vampires. I would also like to say a few words about the series itself.

    At first, the first episodes seemed rather boring to me. The only thing that prevented the end of the viewing was that I was wondering what would happen next with real vampires. To my surprise, then everything was very exciting and interesting. An idea, meaning and mystery appeared. This made me very happy, the man who still chose vampire-like vampires.

    What I really liked besides the script was the actors. Especially Yen Somerhalder . I am absolutely delighted with his Damon, because that's how I imagined a vampire. He does not sparkle in the sun and is very cruel, but he is real.His brother Stefan, performed by Paul Wesley , at first was quite annoying, but then I got used to his marble face and eyebrows 'ala Brezhnev'. For a vegetarian vampire, he looks very impressive. The only one who did not please at all was Nina Dobrev . Well, she really doesn’t roll me a vampire girl. And I didn’t notice any special talent for acting, which is very pathetic. I would not want her to spoil the entire viewing with her mine. I won’t talk about other actors. Although they play secondary characters, they do a great job of that.

    And in the end I would like to touch upon another topic. The topic that 'The Vampire Diaries ' is similar to the 'Twilight' ... This is complete nonsense, I think. These two films are similar except in the fact that there are vampires and that the main characters read the same books. Everything, on it similar qualities end. Judging by that, then all the vampire-themed movies are the same.

    That’s probably all. I liked the series. Not a bad story about vampires, and I think that it deserves attention. And not only among lovers of 'Twilight' , who, like me, are watching this creation in order to compare it with the saga.

    My advice: do not try to look for similarities while watching. Just watch and enjoy real vampires.

    9 out of 10

  • Elizabeth Volturi
    'Why don't you shine? - Because I live in the real world ... '
    Was this review helpful for you? 70/10

    Shortly before the premiere of the series, she read the first two books of Lisa Jane Smith. I can’t describe how pleased I was that the books I liked were going to be shown on the screen. At first I didn’t know that the series was based on the book. Yes, I was disappointed. Waiting if not an exact copy of the book, then at least not such global changes.

    But then carried away. It is interesting to know what will happen next. How rich is the imagination of the screenwriters. You never know what to expect from the next episode. How far away from the plot of the book. Addictive. But it’s hard for me to watch as a lover of books. But I still like it, I'm waiting for new episodes.


    Interesting, as I said addictive.


    Perfectly matched. Perfectly plays its roles. I especially want to mention Ian Somerhalder ( Damon. ) Wonderful work, perfect vampire. This is not the sweet, naive Boone from Lost. In the beginning, she didn’t even recognize him. In addition, insanely beautiful and sexy, you can not take your eyes off. Just for the sake of it, you can look further.

    Paul played exactly Stefan . As it should be. And Elena of course. Kind, lovely girl. And Bonnie is a perfect friend, always ready to support. And all the other characters are played with a bang.


    What you need. Gloomy. mystical, frightening and alluring.

    9 out of 10

    But only because she was waiting for a film adaptation.

  • ViewSonic
    Was this review helpful for you? 50/6

    I read the book of L.J. Smith long before watching the series and I liked it. Yes, I do not argue there is something in common with Stephanie Meyer, but not too much. The series really liked and despite the fact that the main characters are not similar in description to the characters in the book, the actors are no worse.

    Nina Dobrev, in my opinion, played very well, I like this Elena much more.

    Paul Wesley is a true Stefan! It just perfectly conveys the feelings of its hero, although initially I didn’t like it, over time I really got into it.

    Ian Somerhalder is a real Damon, an evil, treacherous and beautiful vampire.

    The plot is intriguing, there is no predictability, good music and a picture.

    10 out of 10

  • Distroyer
    Was this review helpful for you? 56/4

    Well, the vampire fever blew up the hit parades of the masses, vampires are bowed right and left and in all other directions, what else can you think of? Yes, anything, if this curse does not leave us, then having exhausted all the plots, it will be possible to shoot the eternal, for example, Turgenev, where Bazarov will rush about in search of human blood. Unlike, as I looked, from many unsubscribing here, I have not reached the book yet, but I am already close to this step. I do not want to start comparison, but still, what can I say about the Saga and the Diaries. And you can say the following, a vampire fashion started a very long time ago, there were simply few adherents, but then people showed a glimpse of charming merciless and fast heroes who couldn’t slobber a sin, in the case of films, especially with Twilight, it turned out that they overexposed this dish so that no one "had such interest" wanted him already. The series still looks more advantageous in the sense that the series are released more often than parts of movies, which means that interest is heated, the intrigue is sustained, and what else is needed? Well, perhaps the actors are prettier and that’s all. The Vampire Diaries delight with an incredible amount of events and an overabundance of the same action in search of which lovers of similar genre biases rush around.

    Still, I want to say about one moment in the life of a vampire novel and its adaptation, I somehow came across an opinion, something like: "Well, where have you seen such vampires?" Still, I want to ask a counter question: “Where did you see the vampire at all”?A vampire may have some classic features, but as a creature is a hero of science fiction novels, she’s also a fantasy to come up with anything to the extent that hands can be swapped with legs and there is every right to it, I personally like these various transformations, in some they burn in the sun, in others rings, some shine, someone eats, and someone does not, someone died, and someone as alive, here he is revelry of the author’s idea.

    Regarding the characters, there are a lot of them, absolutely for every taste: there are people, there are people, there are half-people, witches, and anyone and everything on the topic. I don’t want to sing songs of praise to the ingenious play of the actors, but it is still at a high level, maybe some of the Salvatore brothers share it very much, but despite the fact that Damon is played very well, by virtue of his addictions, I’m closer to Stefan, maybe he spent half the season with one expression on his face, but for that he and Stefan, his fate is this. Unlike Damon’s volcano of passions, Stefan is still more reliable, maybe anyone for a girl, he will listen and help, and will not deprive him of affection, otherwise I really don’t want to lose any limbs or organs in a fit of passion near Daiman . Multifaceted and sincere characters are drawn very skillfully and thoughtfully. You hardly even pay attention to the kind of pretense of these dialogs, although as they say “snot” in the Vampire Diaries is a minimum, and the action is maximum. The only thing that confused me was the behavior of Elena’s 15-year-old brother Jeremy, something doubtful he spent time with Vicki>
    I hope there will be a continuation and I doubt very much that it can disappoint, nevertheless I think the book can wait. I really liked the soundtrack, usually I am against a million and one songs sustained in the same style, but everything is different, everything is in the theme, everything is under the feeling, so I can only rejoice, for us they made an excellent quality product: long-lasting (not a movie on 2 hours, leaving once a year), sincere, pleasing both hearing and eye, and of course touching and vampire. So my rating is

    9 out of 10

    And don’t invite anyone at home!

  • Chankin Tanya
    More realistic and real
    Was this review helpful for you? 43/4

    I really liked the series!

    It differs from many other vampire series and films. Vampire diaries are more plausible in content, so he has so many viewers, and many American channels spin it. Let the series and strongly departs from the books of L. D. Smith, but you do not know what will happen next, it is even more exciting. For example, Elena had a younger 3-year-old sister in the book, and a 15-year-old brother in the series, and you don’t know what to expect from him. Many other scenes and characters invented by scriptwriters are added. Some viewers do not like the series due to the fact that it does not correspond to books, but this is even more interesting! I do not agree with them.

    Nina Dobrev in the roles of Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce , are completely two different characters, and it’s great to play. They are two completely different opposites in both character and manner. Only similar in appearance, like two drops of water. Played just with a bang. This is another plus.

    Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore . The long-term vampire, who turned out to be a puppet in the hands of Katherine, but after many years, met Elena and fell in love with her.

    At the same time, their union is hindered by Stephen’s cruel, but very handsome older brother Damon Salvatore , played by Ian Somerhalder . Yes, there it was, something. He cannot forgive his brother centuries later.

    In general, to understand everything, you need to watch the series. I highly recommend everyone.

    All the characters are chosen very correctly and do their job well. This is probably one of the best series I've watched.

    I bet

    10 out of 10

  • Atani-san
    Oh, these vampires, oh, that love ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 63/7

    For starters, I can say that I decided to watch the series solely because of the rating on the movie search! Honestly, even the acclaimed Twilight has a lower rating here.


    Very interesting! Although Sammari didn’t really attract me when I saw the first episode, I almost immediately got hooked on this series! Yes, the love of a man and a vampire, yes, the theme would seem to have been riffraff, but everything was so cool played that I fell in love with The Diaries and much more films in the Twilight saga (although there’s nothing to compare here, the New Moon was terrible anyway )! And of course, the unpredictability of each series attracts even more!


    Well what can I say, of course, the mega-sexy-bad-vampire-Daiman conquered from the very first series! Ian played the best! I also liked Elena, unlike Bella, she is beautiful (ho-ho) and smart, and the reaction to the fact that her boyfriend was a vampire was much more realistic! Stefan ... hmmm, I don't really like the actor outwardly, but he played, in my opinion, well. Heroes of the second plan also went out with a bang.


    Honestly, I have not read books. Firstly, of course the series will be very different, but I do not want to spoil my impressions. Secondly, many believe that books are tedious and monotonous, so why? I have no desire to read, I’m quite glad of the series too.

    10 out of 10

    Py. Sy: but Ian is still gorgeous ....

  • Elena BeFee
    My IMHO
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/39

    9 out of 10

    The series is liked, but it is far from its plagiarism, Twilight.

    In The Vampire Diaries, a selection of actors disappointed me. The only one who looks good IMHO there is Damon.

    The series was made only remotely like a book, and in my opinion this is even good.

    It’s a pity, of course, that Meredith was removed, Caroline is sweetly kind and poor, in every episode she is sorry, drug addicts Jeremy and Wicca, who made Matt’s sister, and Bonnie has become quite some kind of fairy managing the fire ...

    But if you read the last books of the series, then it looks more like a children's crappy (sorry) Winx series that my 5-year-old sister watches.

    I was amused that in one of the episodes, Damon reads Twilight, and speaks very unflattering of them, saying that Edward is a "fake vampire."
    I liked the way Damon and Stefan are made up when they smell blood.

    So I hope the series will be completed not so childishly magical. And that will not be surprising if you look at the mark: 'under 16 years.'

  • pupsik6988
    Was this review helpful for you? 44/3

    When I saw that the series of the vampire diaries would be filmed, I was skeptical. The boy is a vampire, the girl is a man. Thought it was a 100% twilight parody. In this case, I did not read the book The Vampire Diaries. And here, just from doing nothing, I decided to watch this series. Honestly, I did not expect this at all. I really liked this series. In it there are real villains and tangled love, but beautiful.

    This series is tougher than Twilight. Here are the vampires with FANGs, as they should. Heroes are interesting each in their own way. Damon is a sexy handsome man with a very bad temper. Elena is a confident girl. Calm and cute vampire Stefan. I really have a lot of good impressions from the series. Moreover, there is no negative at all. I also really liked the selection of actors.

    I’ll tell you so - if you like mysticism, vampires, unusual love, then the series is worth watching!

    10 out of 10

  • Izabella_Fatale
    Vampires do not sleep
    Was this review helpful for you? 69/17

    Bloody insanity. Stupid, manic, crazy. When my friends went out after watching Mayer’s “New Moon”, they could see from their eyes how to survive until June.

    They then count the days until the appearance of the Eclipse, and because of my curiosity I found The Vampire Diaries . I found and understood that now Stephenie Meyer sucks. To begin with, because the series was removed from the series of the same name by L.J. Smith's novels “The Vampire Diaries” (books were written and published in 1991 - approx. aut). Well, and also because the plot is more interesting here, and the authors do not focus on the inflated bodies of the actors, in order to attract as many young fans as possible.

    Although, of course, the actors here are all very beautiful. Elena Gilbert, she is Nina Dobrev in her life, a charming young girl whose parents died in a car accident.

    But as expected, there will be no peace and quiet. Stefan is visited by his cruel brother-in-law Damon, who also finds reflection in Katherine in Elena. And in the beginning he even tries to take Elena and Stefan away, but it wasn’t there.

    Love confrontation, witch magic, life difficulties and many vampires. Oh yes, a little banter on the Saga: “Aren't you shining in the sun?” All this makes us wait for each episode with impatience.

    Look, you won’t regret it.

    I put my hard 10 out of 10

  • Ritochka27
    For many years I kept in the background, but now I have to recognize her ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 37/11

    When I heard about this series, I thought that this was another tasteless saga about vampires. It seemed that the plot was taken from Twilight, and that the series could not have its own personality. But now I can safely say that I was wrong!

    The first , which surprised and simply touched to the core, is the game of Ian. I am simply amazed at how correctly the actor was selected for this role. He is sexy, handsome and immortal, but at the same time, behind all his cruel nature and not pious deeds, he is hiding a very cute guy who just wants to return his love. The actress for the role of Elena is also not bad. A pretty face, but somehow overly naive behavior! As for Stefan, then the actor was not very pleased, because the image should be unusual, should have a resistance to the nature of a vampire with the nature of man, but this was not possible to show Paul Wesley. It seems to me that this is simply not his role. Instead, it is more reminiscent of a boring vampire who seems to love, seems to be worried, seems to be good, but it seems not. In general, this image causes a lot of “like”, although it should cause a lot of “interesting” or, at worst, “unusual”, but unfortunately this does not happen. Not bad, even the actors were very selected for secondary roles. Wonderful game and credibility, again pleasing new fresh faces.

    Second , the plot is completely individual. This is naturally a big plus. From the first viewing episodes, it seemed that half of the plot and situations were taken from Twilight, but after watching the 10th episode, you understand that in this case, the situation is much more interesting. Characters of the heroes are not immediately revealed, events do not flow in a thin stream, but boil the river, which naturally makes you count the days until the next episode of the series.

    Third , music. I am simply amazed at how accurately and correctly selected compositions are for moments of love and sentimental scenes.

    But as for dangerous and intriguing moments, sometimes there’s still not enough music.

    In the end I can say that if I had to make a choice between Twilight and the Diaries, I would obviously choose the Diaries. So

    8 out of 10

  • Timurchik
    A new word about vampires
    Was this review helpful for you? 46/27

    Already, probably, only the lazy one does not know that the series is filmed from the series of books 'The Vampire Diaries'. Books, I’ll tell you, are not very good, and therefore I’m glad that the creators of the series “don’t copy them”. With each series, the series is becoming more and more interesting and exciting. But I’m afraid that in the pursuit of rating and profit, the series will turn into a “sort of soapy thing”, which almost all American TV shows become.

    Plot: uniquely redone and different from books.

       1) It is interesting to look at the relationship between Caroline and Matt and how it all ends.

       2) I really like that Stefan lives in a modern house, and not in a hut.

       3) A well-thought out storyline with Bonnie's grandmother.

       This list goes on and on. One thing is not happy that the creators introduce new heroes, making the series more fun, and then get rid of them, because they are "not in the book." An example is Lexi, Bonnie's grandmother, Matt's sister ...


       Elena: an independent and independent person. I praise Nina Dobrev for the game.

       Well, now everyone’s stumbling blocks: Paul and Ian.

       Damon (Ian): Many people like that he is more emotional than Paul. I will honestly say my opinion: "He infuriates me." First, People!, He plays a negative character. and everyone will play such faces, because we all know how to hate and despise. And this in no way shows, in my opinion, his acting abilities. Secondly, it turns out to be too one-sided. He hates his brother because he once betrayed him, and now he spoils his life. I believe that if Ian tried and could reveal his character in this way, at least a little sow doubt that there is something more behind hatred of his brother. And so it turns out the standard villain.

       Stefan (Paul Wesley): it is clear that the actor is trying to reveal the image of his character. Keep in mind that goodies are much more difficult to play. Thousands of fans say he has one expression on his face. I wonder how you would behave if you constantly had to fight with your crazy brother, if you were tormented by a conscience for the past. BUT? So do not rush to judge another. Therefore, Paul Wesley plays pretty well. 'Keep it up, Paul!'

       Matt (Zach Roring): in principle, I imagined him that way when I read the book.

     Conclusion: definitely look.

       10 out of 10

  • Jukikate
    Nothing at all!
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/38

    If you compare the 'Vampire Diaries' with 'Twilight', then 'Twilight' definitely wins, although not in all points. The cast in the Diaries really liked, especially Damon. His facial expressions are simply stunning, it feels that he feels excellent in this role.

    As for the plot, there’s some kind of zest in it, and I think that I’ll watch through to the end. Of course, there are some minor flaws, well, where without them, but they are so insignificant that you get used to and do not pay any attention to them.

    So I bet

    7 out of 10

  • Remember Me
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/4

    The series won my heart. Great actors, special effects, music. Everything is done at the highest level.

    The actors had a wonderful life in the role. Nina conveys the feelings of the main character well, Ian is just as created for this role, damn beautiful and charming, he just got used to the role of Damon, Paul also played beautifully. In general, the cast did not disappoint.

    The series looks in one breath, in one day I watched 10 episodes at once, and was not at all disappointed, but on the contrary advised my friends about this series.

    In vain, everyone compares it to the Twilight Saga, they have only one similarity: both there and there are the main theme of vampires. The rest cannot be compared.

    It’s also not worth comparing books, Stephanie Meyer has one, Lisa Jane Smith is different.

    In general, I advise you to watch the series on top.

    10 out of 10

  • girl8861
    Twilight before him, oh, how far ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 97/10

    Well, another vampire novel has appeared. And where do they blurt out? The multimillion-dollar audience has still not moved away from the thundered “Twilight Saga”, which fell like snow on his head, blowing away from reality all teenagers and not only them.

    And here the director Marcos Siga makes, as it seemed to me, an unsuccessful move removes a similar story, only stretches it to the series. Most likely, he hoped to attract Twilight fans, but is that possible? Now they have their favorites in the person of Bella and Edward, who cares about the relationship between Elena and Stefan, who will always be second-rate heroes for them, a miserable likeness of their idols. Although if you look at everything exactly the opposite, after all, Lisa’s novel Jane Smith came out much earlier, so it’s not known who stole from whom.

    But now we are not talking about a book, but a series. The Vampire Diaries is an intriguing name, isn't it? So the thought visits - what can the bloodthirsty killer write there?

    For a long time I did not dare to watch the series, I don’t even know why, but I constantly came across it on a particular site, but somehow I was skeptical about watching it.

    The first episodes didn’t really inspire me, the plot turned out to be very familiar: the girl, the vampire guy is someone tritium, or even the fourth. As the saying goes, you won’t make a first impression the second time.

     But the series bribed me with the cast. Stunning, interesting, charismatic actors played just splendidly, not only the main characters, but also supporting and supporting actors, by the way, which Twilight lacked.

    Having watched several more episodes of me, I was pleasantly surprised by how exciting, unpredictable and dynamic the story was. Here time does not stand still, it is rapidly rushing forward, with all this leaving everything in the unknown. Every minute you wait for something unexpected, a new round of plot - and the most amazing thing is that you get it.

    “The Vampire Diaries” is a multifaceted series that is bright in structure and remembered for its unquenchable desire to survive, rather than find a loved one. It is with his reality that he catches, you already begin to believe in the existence of the dark side of life. I think DM is one of the best modern series, I have no doubt that we will see almost a dozen seasons, but he still will not lose his high position.

    I give him a top score of 10 out of 10. The series won my heart.

    10 out of 10

  • Hope C
    It's time for Twilight to get nervous!
    Was this review helpful for you? 66/5

    I have never noticed such a thing, but this is the first series that I watched in one gulp in two days. The story was really impressive, and after viewing it left a good mood and a pleasant sediment inside.

    The atmosphere of mystery and danger is transmitted one hundred percent. This is largely due to the landscapes of the forest, ruins, cemeteries and, of course, well-chosen music.

    I really liked the cast, they revealed their characters perfectly. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) would like to say - I believe the guys really pleased. Nina Dobrev (Elena) also did not disappoint.

    After watching, I realized that the Vampire Diaries and Twilight is better not to compare - Twilight will lose (yes, fans of S. Mayer will not be offended at me).

    In general, the series is good, it’s worth a look, especially for fans of vampire themes.

    10 out of 10

    Was this review helpful for you? 36/21

    I will not be verbose and I will say frankly: the film is really very good! For many viewers, this picture is associated with 'Twilight', but I believe that these are completely two different works and both of them have a right to exist. It all depends on who the hero, heroine or plot is more impressed with.

    Although I liked Twilight more, the Vampire Diaries didn’t leave me indifferent. The acting was just exciting and after watching one episode I wanted to see the next one right away!

    But in this series, in my opinion, there are two big minuses:

    First: Too long. In most cases, TV shows generally have an interesting beginning, but somewhere after the 20th series you start to get tired of it.

    Second: I really didn’t like the fact that when there is a mention of twilight heroes in the series, Damon says that they are simply not real and that everything connected with luminous vampires is an ordinary fairy tale. It immediately seems that the creators of The Vampire Diaries wanted to offend the creators of Twilight.

    But, despite this, the series is interesting and memorable! I advise everyone to watch it!

    10 out of 10

  • Nordi
    When the film adaptation is better than the book ..
    Was this review helpful for you? 61/7

    Initially, I really did not want to watch the series because of a certain resemblance to the film with the letter 'C'. However, it turned out that the books of L.J. Smith, which I read, came to hand, so I wanted to see a couple of episodes - to laugh purely.

    To my great pleasure, the series took not so much from books: the names of the main characters and the plot of the plot. The plot and characters in the series turned out to be much more interesting and livelier (even undead) than book ones. Unexpected turns, details, sagging and dynamic plot. A separate plus to the creators for what they are trying to explain with what fright Elena is so similar to Katherine. L.J. Smith didn’t even think of that, she calmly wrote to herself about Elena who lost gravity and about different wings, prostagospadi, which she changed like gloves.

    Elena (Nina Dobrev) is not a smug infantile girl fixated on the guys ’attention. She is kind, outgoing and quick-witted. With the right reactions to events (after learning that the boyfriend is a vampire, she does not throw himself on his neck, but runs away in fear). Nina copes quite well with the role, she does not demonstrate any special somersaults in acting, but she does everything that is required of her in the framework of this role. Nina’s Elena turned out to be much more charming than the book one.

    Stefan (Paul Wesley) just the same from the book is not very different. A kind, noble, 'vegetarian', with signs of sorrow on his face and some kind of thought that he has been thinking for apparently more than a dozen years, but he still cannot think of.By God, every time I looked at him I had the impression that he had been solving some very complex and long algebraic equation for about 20 years. I don’t know whose fault it is - an actor or a director. However, it is very noticeable that Paul himself is very bored playing his role, and comes to life only in very rare moments of the active actions of his character. As a result, Stefan turned out to be a very boring and uninteresting character who does not even want to empathize with.

    Damon (Ian Sommerholder). A typical vampire. Exactly what is typical. He is not evil, he is what a vampire should be like - he eats blood, enjoys life and has a big view of everyone. Damon, unlike Stephen, was a very interesting and lively character. Despite all the nasty things that he does to him just empathize. His character is multifaceted. He is not a sad sufferer, he is cheeky, funny, but at the same time vulnerable for those to whom he opened his soul. He is a cynic and romantic at the same time. Absolutely dangerous and cunning. It doesn’t cost him anything to kill a person just like that, much less for betrayal. However, honor is also inherent in Damon.

    Katherine , unlike the book in the series, has a much stronger character and charm. It is understandable why the brothers fall in love and quarrel with her, it is understandable that Damon’s love, preserved even after 145 years.

    Minor characters are also almost all good: cute, charming and generally not stupid Caroline , the kind kind hard worker Matt , cool aunt Jenna , strong and brutal Alaric , cute and lost in himself Jeremy (how Elena’s 5-year-old sister’s book turned into a 17-year-old forehead - this is a separate conversation, but in general it is probably even a plus).

    The only character I didn’t like at all was Bonnie (Katrina Graham): that the storyline of this character, that the actress is to hug and cry. She and Stefan would make a gorgeous couple.

    Bottom line: a good series is not without meaning and interesting storylines, of course not without a share of the nonsense that is inevitable in this genre - mystical melodrama. And it’s much better than the book, on the basis of which it was removed, and which at the time to put on the shelf “The most ruthless nonsense”

    All of the above pure IMHO.

    9 out of 10

  • Julia (Pugovka)
    Well, what can I say ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 30/22

    This is not the first time I will repeat that I love fantasy, mysticism and fantasy just because they help to distract from reality. Compared with the problems of the heroes of this genre, the real problems immediately seem to be somehow minimal and boring.

    'Vampire Diaries' do not directly resemble the acclaimed Twilight Saga. There are details that can be called similar, but nothing more. Evaluating this series as plagiarism is simply stupid. But if you compare the movie plot with the book of the same name by L.J. Smith, then there are even more differences. The result was an independent series with some similarities in detail. But these little things are as old as the world and unchanging. Without them, just nowhere.

    Actors picked up pretty well. Personally, I like Ian Somerhalder. He perfectly got used to the role of the charming scumbag Damon Salvatore. Nina Dobrev is beautiful and sweet. She, by the way, had a similar experience in the movie 'Werewolf'. You can't really call Paul Wesley handsome, and he shows little emotion in the game, but when paired with a partner, they look pretty good.

    I watched 14 episodes. I will gladly see the continuation.

    7 out of 10

  • my_cat_is_black
    10 out of 10
    Was this review helpful for you? 53/12

    Just a terrific movie, yes yes, it’s a movie, in spite of the fact that it is divided into series, and is called a series. It looks holistically and somehow adds up to the overall picture with a look at each new series.

    Initially, I was actually an ardent fan of Saga Twilight, read all the books, watched Twilight, and the New Moon, and looked forward to Eclipse ... but somehow, when I reviewed the first season of Lost, I noticed one well, just the stunning handsome man who played Bun , and in the 20th episode, when he was dying, I sat and just roared in front of the screen, he was already so handsome and so pathetically dying. And somehow I decided to delve into Kinopoisk and find out what his name is and where he still played. That is how I came across the Diaries. I made inquiries with a friend, a specialist in vampire films, and after advice and looked at the allegations that the Diaries were much more interesting than Twilight (I certainly did not believe it at first), I decided to see what kind of Diaries they were.

    After watching the first series, I just stuck to the monitor. The plot is much more interesting and very obvious that Twilight 60-70 percent is completely copied from the Diaries. You say, hey, Twilight was filmed earlier, etc., but I’ll answer that the Diaries book was written for a fairly long period of time from Twilight, so it’s already possible to figure out who copied what from anyone, and the fact that Twilight was the first to be filmed is generally the greatest injustice .

    Pattison didn’t even lie around with Wesley and Somerhalder !!! True, Lost Somerhalder looked prettier, and he was overshadowed by the handsome Wesley in the Diaries, who plays excellently, and he just manages to show this whole pain and that his hero Stefan has a pretty big life experience! Nina Dobrev and Kristen Stewart in general can not be compared, as without this it is clear who plays better! Of course, Nina completely wins everything - both in appearance and acting.

    Speaking of the plot, and again comparing it with Twilight - much more interesting! If in Twilight Bella is generally exposed as a fool (especially in the book, in the film, of course, easier), then in the Diaries - Elena is quite reasonable and much more resolute and interesting. Stephen, of course, is kind, good, ready to sacrifice his happiness and what he wants for the safety of others (by this he looks like Edward, or rather Edward to him). And if in the first episodes Damon shows us as completely devoid of heart, then he begins to show his good qualities and it turns out that everything is buried rather deeper than you expect ... and with each series deeper and deeper, more and more are attributed to new lines, new stories ... For this I like the Diaries so much, well, apart from the excellent cast, of course, and the Twilight Saga faded a little in my eyes, but I’ll go to Eclipse!

    10 out of 10

    10 out of 10

  • Aleera06
    DV is one of the best series about vampires
    Was this review helpful for you? 64/5

    Currently, the vampire theme has become very fashionable (of course, thanks to Twilight) and the series The Vampire Diaries has started on this wave. It was based on the books of L. D. Smith, but the big plus of the series is that the plot goes far from books and develops completely unpredictably.

    Another positive point is the selection of actors for both the main and the secondary roles, because their play does not leave any spectator indifferent, causing positive or negative emotions. Now more about the actors:

    Nina Dobrev: for such a young actress, she copes very well, especially considering that she has to play characters with completely opposite characters - kind, sweet Elena and the capricious, spoiled Katherine.

    Paul Wesley (Stefan): of course scolding is easier than praising, but it is worth noting that if the first episodes of the hero did not have enough emotions, then by the 17th episode a noticeable improvement can be noted. Stefan became more emotional, and at some points he is even very good. In general, you can give him a rating of 5 out of 5 for his efforts.

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon): this is the carnation on which the series rests, in my opinion if there weren’t this harmful, reckless, unpredictable handsome, the series would have lost a lot. Without him, the relationship of Stephen and Elena would have developed smoothly, without any adventures, and Damon, in most cases, is the reason for everything that happens in Mystic Falls. In addition, the unique game of Ian gives his hero that charm that reflects the essence of a real vampire (cruel, sexual and very dangerous) and at the same time reveals the bright sides of his soul. Damon is a very complex character, and it is very difficult to imagine someone other than Somerhalder in his role - he absolutely got used to the character of his character. Emotions are all genuine and no hack.

    In general, the Diaries create a unique atmosphere, the plot is twisted incredibly, but at the same time, the storyline is not lost, merging into one film broken into many episodes. Special thanks to the creators for the soundtrack, the music harmoniously flows into all the events of the series.

    I highly recommend watching the series, especially for those who love mysticism, romance, and generally just a good movie.

    10 out of 10

    P.S. Do not compare the Far East with Twilight, these are absolutely different films in style.

  • annet_lady
    I was already in love. This feeling brings pain, it makes no sense, and people overestimate it. (c)
    Was this review helpful for you? 54/4

    'The Vampire Diaries' is the story of two Salvator brothers who were in love with one girl, Catherine, back in 1864. And since the life of vampires is eternal, Stefan, the youngest of two brothers, meets in the recent 2009 beautiful girl Elena, who is just a copy of their passion.

    And here begins: love, passion, eternal experiences and sadness, the struggle for happiness, devotion and betrayal. I would like to dispel the misconception that the Vampire Diaries is a saga about vampires, about how they drink blood and how they consume them. No, this is a story of love for a girl and devotion to friendship. And vampire things are just the background on which the action takes place.

    One cannot but pay attention to the cast. The main characters are selected to 'cheers'. The Salvator Brothers are two opposites. So the acres of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley completely conveyed the characters of their characters.

    I would like to dwell on Ian and his hero Damon. Damon is an unleashed, selfish and arrogant vampire who kills people for blood. But at the same time, he is so tender and reverent towards Elena (actress Nina Dobrev).

    Minor characters play a significant role. The humble Matt, the witch Bonnie, and the eternally sad Jeremy and others seem to complement the entire series, without them it is impossible to imagine a storyline.

    Vampire Diaries is a youth series that is not only interesting and easily perceived, but also very instructive and vital. I advise everyone who has not yet seen. Well, for fans of vampire sagas, viewing is required :)


  • American Dream
    The Vampire Diaries.
    Was this review helpful for you? 52/11

    I watched this series later than others because I thought I couldn’t survive the next vampire story, but I liked the Vampire Diaries more than the Twilight Saga.

    From the first episode, it’s breathtaking, I want Stefan to finally get close to Elena, to be together, but I don’t deny that several episodes seemed boring to me, but then, all that seemed to me was simply lost in admiration for this series. From this story.

    Stefan is the opposite of Damon.

    Stefan is a very smart, reasonable, calm guy. He really wants to protect Elena from his dangerous world, where she is in great danger. I can say that with such a guy you can feel like behind a wall.

    Damon-oh, this damn beautiful and sexy vampire who loves to drink blood, erase the memory of his victims, and enjoy it. He is very charming for girls, but he wants to ruin the life of Stefan, who once betrayed him.

    Elena is this girl who lost her parents, who tries to show everyone that she coped with this grief, but it turns out that she is not very convincing, because grief is grief, and there is nothing to be done about it. You just need to live on. She is trying to establish a relationship with her younger brother Jeremy, who fell in love with drug addict Wicca, who even began to use drugs. It’s not easy for Elena, but she can do it, and Stefan helps her in this.

    The acting is very impressive. I am delighted with Paul and Ian, you can also say about the beautiful Nina, who plays Elena beautifully.

    I heard that some events in the series were invented, but this does not spoil the picture, on the contrary, the picture becomes better.


    I really liked this series. In my humble opinion, it seems to me that the Vampire Diaries is inferior in the Twilight Saga books, but on television, on the contrary, they overtake the Twilight Saga.

    10 out of 10

  • Bella_Callen
    Vampires, witches, people, werewolves ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 55/11

    I downloaded a long time ago. Recently found on a computer. I decided to look from nothing to do.

    And here:

    The Vampire Diaries is a series that is completely boring to watch. It is not protracted and does not contain a million series, as in many of our series. No, there are actions in it, there are horrors, there are vampires.

    I like Twilight . But I would still give preference to Diaries .

    I will not even compare them, since this is pointless. Two completely different stories. At first it seems like Twilight (and the Diaries were written earlier), and then the opinion changes dramatically.


    Elena \ Katrina: I like her game. Although she does not really convey hatred. And her Katherine is impeccable. So graceful, domineering. And Elena is the exact opposite of her.

    Stefan: Well, here I have a lot of complaints. But when he is with Damon, he plays well. Ok, let’s lower it. The game is weak, but in some places there are still some good points.

    Damon: just say it. Excellent. Perfect game. Liveliness, charisma and facial expressions.

    Very pleased with the soundtrack. Great music.

    After reading 2 books and 92 pages of the third, I can say that he does not look like a book. I perceive them as 2 separate entities. The book has its advantages, here its own.

    My rating for this series:

    10 out of 10

    At least for the fact that it can be reviewed more than once. Unfortunately, twilight is impossible. Gradually bored.

    Waiting for the second season and the remaining series of the first. The series that are at the moment, I absorbed instantly. In just a week.

  • chima
    What would you do with eternity at your disposal ...?
    Was this review helpful for you? 54/9

    Many in reviews write 'vampires again' ... - how wrong you are! If you read, you will find out that the Vampire Diaries book was written long before the twilight saga of Stephanie Meyer was written. Although, Anne Rice's books were already there then. But, on the other hand, books on this subject have been written for more than one hundred years.

    About the series - she began to watch only because of Ian Somerhalder, and was completely drawn in. It is worth saying that the series was getting better with each series, and, looking back, the first series seem ... a little ridiculous. This white haze in the cemetery and strange dialogs. But now (by the end of the season) everything has become much better)

    Actors Very good cast. Ian, who plays the bad guy, manages the role masterly. His plasticity, charisma, his thousands of variations of smiles and raising eyebrows will drive any girl, woman crazy, that he does not get tired to show throughout the series. He plays a very strong character, his hero wants to be loved, hated, despised and admired. His story is not as simple as it seems at first, and with each episode, the scriptwriters add something new, as if they are making a snow globe - his personality is becoming more and more new and more interesting.

    Stephen. The actor plays very, very well, he wants to believe, and if you add his excellent physical shape, which is constantly shown in the frame ... Characteristic of his boyfriend, the exact opposite of his older brother, he loses a little to Ian, but this is not the fault of the actor, rather, a flaw in the script - his character is a little damp, he does not know what he wants.

    Helena. The Bulgarian actress is a very fresh and pretty little face, a little not a standard face.

    Plus, the series is constantly introducing new heroes - literally every episode a new hero appears, many of the old ones leave - this does not stagnate and allows you to avoid a situation when everyone has met each other, slept.

    There are enough vampire paraphernalia in the series - amulets, silver bullets, verbena, sunlight, blood, fangs, but all this, mixed with modern presentation (sophisticated technology, modern cars, fashionable clothes) creates a unique style.

    Personally, I would like to see a pair of Elena - Stefan. They are bright, beautiful, interesting, complex, strong-willed - they would be a complex, but very entertaining couple.

    10 out of 10 contemporary exposition of faith myths, legends, legends performed by incredibly sexy vampire brothers.

  • Manolo
    'Love sucks'
    Was this review helpful for you? 54/12

    The main slogan of the series is very suitable for him, it actually describes a love that I would hardly want to survive myself, but it is fascinating. It seems to be a banal story where a simple girl falls in love with a cold-blooded vampire creature, but there is something here ...

    Stefan Salvatore is supposedly a “vegetarian”, he does not kill and does not drink human blood, he tries to fight the demon who sits in it. Romantic, beautiful and keeps a diary for 140 years. And then he decided to return to his hometown, where he became a vampire, Mystic Falls. His ancestors were the founders of this city. Stefan meets Elena, who is incredibly similar to one friend from his past.

    Elena Gilbert is a sweet and very sad girl, as she recently lost her parents in a car accident. As soon as the new school year began, she decided for herself that she would smile and answer everyone that she was fine, revealing the pain of her soul only to her best friend.

    Bonnie is Elena’s best friend, as well as a hereditary witch who, as soon as she saw Stefan, felt that something was wrong with him. She will go through a lot and only after that she will open her strength.

    Damon Salvatore is Stephen's older brother, angry and treacherous, and incredibly sexy. He devoted almost all of his existence in order to make Stefan miserable, to avenge his past mistakes. And he came to Mystic Falls, as it seemed to me from the beginning, to erase this city into powder.Ian Sameholden incredibly well conveyed the character of Damon. I believe that he is the brightest character in the entire series.

    Katherine is the main problem of the entire series. Elena and Katherine are like two drops of water, which is actually very, very strange. It was Katherine who became that apple of contention between the two brothers. From the beginning, she seems incredibly kind and full of love, but as we all know, in a calm pool ...

    I liked that L.J. Smith did not make vampires shining in the sun. They burn up on it, but they have enchanted rings by a witch that allow them to walk among people. They also have a peculiarity - they can inspire people with anything they want ... something like hypnosis.

    The series has many secrets that need to be unraveled, but are the main characters really ready for the bitter truth? I watched the first episode just for fun. I heard many times that it is compared with Twilight, but there is only one thing in common between them, vampires. And that's good, because the story of Edward Cullen is already fed up ...

    If you are just going to watch this series, be sure to do it !! And I really envy you, I would like to see it again and not know everything ... Oh, and of course there just has to be a love triangle. How without him? My rating

    9 out of 10

    Enjoy watching.

  • Moulin Rouge
    Was this review helpful for you? 58/258

    I must say right away that I am a fan of Twilight, and therefore, after numerous publications that Mayer almost licked them from the Vampire Diaries. really wanted to watch this series.

    I rarely watch TV shows. You can count on your fingers when this genre attracts attention so that you can not tear yourself away from the TV. Most successful ones are based on books.

    About this series, I can not say that he is successful. The criterion is that I could not watch two episodes for a whole week. Stupid dialogues, emotionless actors.

    Elena walks with a mysterious smile, Stephen with an eternally guilty expression. Of course, Damen draws a little picture on himself, but it is not enough. Most of all, the raven escalates the atmosphere.

    Let me remind you of the scene where Elena came to Stephen's house for the first time and met Damon.

    Well, with Damon, they were still battling about something, but when Stephen appeared, the following dialogue took place between them:

    - Hello Elena, thanks for coming.
    - Yes, I have come. but I have to go, I'm leaving.

    Content conversation, do not you think? What did you come for?

    Further, the action expands, but still does not cause a desire to stick to the screen. Buffy was a little more interesting.

    In my humble opinion, this series gives away some cheap stuff.

    Total - 1 point for Damon

    1 point for a crow

    1 point for an addict’s brother, he’s a more or less adequate man here

    3 out of 10

  • AngeL VooDoo
    I can’t watch how this outrage occurs
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/59

    My acquaintance with the diaries came from reading all the currently published books “The Vampire Diaries”. Of course, before I read them, I was an ardent fan of Twilight and thought that this was their next plagiarism in the likeness of the “Impulse” not unknown in Russia. But I will not deviate from the topic, because this is not an article about attraction.

    To begin with, I’m hurt that the aforementioned comparison with Twilight went. At 19 ** (I don’t remember the exact date) Lisa Jane Smith's book “The Vampire Diaries: Awakening” was published. Everyone else goes out. And Twilight began to appear only in the 200s.

    Twilight is a film, Diaries is a TV series. Also, the Diaries were filmed simultaneously with Twilight.

    I can enumerate their differences for a long time, and the same question will be raised edge-to-side: who and whom are plagiarized.

    But if another fact is shown, then the series is very different with the book. And if you start the conversation with this, then the main character should be a blonde. You can find further examples in the book yourself.

    The series tells about the life of young Elena Gilbert and how she falls in love with the vampire Stefan Salvatore who arrived in the town of Mystic Folks. All sorts of mystical things happen there. Then Damon appears and everything falls into place. The plot is simple, you can immediately see who is good and who is not. The idea is “Poor good vampire.” But you can’t say that this is a bad series. A great game of actors, sets and everything else ... In general, I will say briefly and clearly: 'Watch is recommended, but only to lovers of vampires. And to those who have not read the Vampire Diaries books.

    5 out of 10

  • yoursmilelive
    Was this review helpful for you? 38/9

    So ... I started watching this series just like that ... I heard about it once, but then forgot < , and one day I came across when I was looking for music, I remembered it, decided to watch the first episode ... and rushed ... I got involved from the very first episode, and when I saw Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at the end of the first episode, I started watching the second episode, etc. .

    Series al.

    Everything is well and well constructed here - the plot is exciting, not one episode cannot be missed, since then you can get lost, and, in principle, it’s shot well, but it seemed to me that it’s still dark. The script is cool.

    Sumer ki.

    This is generally a separate issue! People! Are you crazy at all? What Twilight? These are completely different things! No, of course, there is also the 2nd fighting for love, but still! Before, she herself was carried away by them, but then ... after watching 2 parts ... no, thank you! Some kind of horror! Bella, the poor woman, is losing her mind, and this Edward is really jerking and crazy, and when he said goodbye to Bella, he almost sobbed! And when is the mobile phone soft-boiled? The question is, why did he leave? Could calmly score on Victoria ... although ... oh, yes, we are not talking about that ... So, there is a difference, and that’s it! A normal person will understand, and a fan of Robert Pattinson will say that this is not so.

    Book and.

    I can’t get myself accustomed to them ... no, of course, I like to read, but I only read the first book, although I downloaded it right after the first episode, I really agree that Elena looks better in the role of a brunette than a blonde, Jeremy - well done too ... Bonnie - great, it turned out very interesting, Keterina played her very cool. I just don’t know how Pearl and Anna are described in this book, but I really liked the actresses.

    Muses ka.

    A lot of things. I generally love Paramore, and when they sang my favorite song, at the moment when Damon was talking to John ... it was very cool, also 3OH! 3 when Stefan and Elena met at a car wash. I really liked the song Viva Voice - Beliver, I recommend.

    In general - the series is very interesting and exciting! I recommend to everyone!

  • 0ne_Reas0n
    I like it! :)
    Was this review helpful for you? 82/9

    To begin with, the Vampire Diaries is the third series that really fascinated me. Who wants to watch again and again. Which is fraught with a riddle.

    Of course, when viewing the Diaries, Twilight immediately comes to mind. Yes, I read somewhere that these two projects were even filmed almost in neighboring pavilions. And something similar to each other came out. Similar. Yes, not really.

    If you compare these two films , Twilight is a film, rather for the romantically minded young ladies and their gentlemen who wanted a little thrill. And after viewing Twilight, they will receive them.

    The diaries are another level .

    More riddles, more romance, more harsh scenes, frankly more excitement from the film.

    Actors play brilliantly, starting from the main ones and ending with the secondary ones. For a long time I tried to understand how I knew the actor playing Damon. Ah, here it is! This is Boone from Lost. Boone, who in that same Lost was assigned a very strongly secondary role. In the Diaries, Ian Somerhalder revealed himself truly. Great facial expressions, great phrases, not without irony. An ironic and in some places cruel vampire who will do anything for love. Brilliant look.

    The series definitely attracted me to itself. And very much. For which he is grateful. We look forward to continuing.

    Season 1 Score

    10 out of 10

  • Dankey
    Everything is sad ... and pretended
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/135

    I watch the film to distract from the difficult everyday life of a student - the brain relaxes. The only thing in it that is worthy of attention is the biceps and bare torsos of the main characters and good musical accompaniment. Paul and Nina are frankly underestimating, artificially smiling and portraying the pangs of passion, Ian is very much outplaying in places, which is also impossible to respond positively. The plot is fascinating, but devoid of semantic load and the ultimate goal as such.

    You can watch those who like to admire cute boys, and not their talented game, and just people who are easily addicted.

  • Vampirka_09
    I'm a vampire, and what is your excuse?
    Was this review helpful for you? 49/4

    It seemed that everything had already been said about love. Especially about such an impossible and mystical! She is a man, and he is a vampire. She is beautiful Elena, kind, brave. About her we can say: "If he does not fight, she will fight for him." He is a seemingly ordinary guy, but with a dark soul. Although in the course of events we see that he is not like that. Stefan is another embodiment of the vampire fantasy. New interpretation. Notice that it’s not bad!

    The series captures 100%! I looked in one breath! The plot is incomparable! Maybe because there is more than one handsome man in him - a vampire! Exactly! The authors of the series made the right move !!

    “What can be done with two, which cannot be done with one? Same thing, only twice as much! ”
    (Caroline and Meredith when they first saw Stephen as a whole company)

    The plot is probably not twisted, but it is very interesting! Many destinies, many options! You sit at the screen and wonder what will happen next, sincerely worried about each hero. Unforgettable energy for each episode gives a well-chosen musical accompaniment. With awe I look forward to continuing!

    9 out of 10

  • Flashed
    Was this review helpful for you? 40/5

    So bewitching, so alluring, so real ...

    Yeah, this series is really worthy of attention. I watched the entire first season.

    There are a lot of characters and over the course of all 22 episodes (so far I only judge the first season), completely different impressions of them developed.

    But first things first ...

    The first 3-4 episodes are rather boring, but you can’t do without them, unfortunately ... They have the plot, the story of the story. However, not the most important thing.

    It becomes interesting after the main character ( Elena ) learns that the Salvatore brothers ( Damon and Stefan ) are vampires ...

    And away we go!

    A friend has magical abilities, her troubled brother has problems with girlfriends ... And relatives are declared unsolicited.

    In general, the whole story, which, in my opinion, is worthy of being a TV series and bearing the interesting name 'The Vampire Diaries'.

    I won’t tell anything more, but my verdict is: Watch!

    After all, this is life! Not just snot or horrors about vampires and witches, but a real (well, almost real) story!

    Z. S. The plot twists are exciting and the series is fraught with a lot of things that it’s impossible to even imagine.

    10 out of 10

  • LoveX
    Diaries I would like to read
    Was this review helpful for you? 42/7

    Not being a fan of TV shows, even though about such mysterious and magnetically attractive creatures like vampires, for some reason I do not understand, I watched with enthusiasm the entire first season of the swim, for a couple of days. At first the film seemed to be nothing, but after 4 episodes, interest arose in me. No, the series does not pretend to be the laurels of the scientific documentary film 'How I Lived with a Vampire: The Art of Cooking Without Garlic', everything is very classic here: a vampire falls in love with a mortal girl, but hides her essence from her, she learns everything with fright and with anger in his eyes he comes to him, screams, waves his hands, but the very next day he questions him with interest “about the other side of death”. 'How trivial everything is!' - the majority will say, and they will be right, I myself repeated it more than a dozen times, but the film, with all its plot, however, turned out to be extremely adequate and not cloying. Classic design: a good vampire is a bad vampire. Temperamental and such a 'vampire' Daiman and such a 'more like a vampire fighter' Stefan. And their long, long history. What is this story about? Of course, about love, but only about the kind that you will not meet in life - about the true eternal love. And everything in it is not as it seems at first glance. And evil is not what is considered to be under this; it can suffer and suffer , and good may have fangs . Anyway ... The film is actually dramatic and soulful. Let at times with the next plot twist predictable, but there is something in it. And not something so vampire or mystical, but something so simple and understandable.

    Yet 9 out of 10.

  • daimy_vampire
    Was this review helpful for you? 32/6

    As soon as I heard about books and the series, I thought: “Well, another topic about the love of a vampire and a girl, licked by Stephanie ...” But when she climbed on Wikipedia and found that the books were written in 13 years before Twilight, I decided to read and watch the series. As a decent person, I first read books (and was satisfied), and then my hands reached the series.

    The plot of the series has been changed, but this does not in the least spoil the idea of ​​the books themselves, but on the contrary, they add pepper to it. After watching series 1, I immediately wanted to look further - everything is so interesting. Now a little about the actors.

    Damon Salvator (Ian Somerhalder) - I should write about him first. The actor was still remembered by me as my favorite character in Lost - Boone Carlisle. And here Ian plays a sexy, bad vampire - insidious and cruel, but at the same time sensitive, because he hides all his feelings behind a mask of indifference. He trusts no one but himself, but with every episode Damon appears on the other side. The positive side or the negative is the main intrigue. My favorite hero played by my favorite actor is simply incomparable!

    Stefan Salvator (Paul Whitz) - Yes, the resemblance to Pattinson cannot be overlooked. But only unshaven Robert annoys me, like his cute hero Edward, but I can’t say that about Paul / Stefan. Yes, he’s such a big boy and against the background of his sexy bad brother Damon (my favorite Ian) is a little lost, but still this is a very bright character worthy of attention. Paul is a good actor and coped with his task ...

    Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) - before starting to watch the series, I went nuts on the movie search of all the actors, and when I got to Nina, I was amazed. The actress has amazing external data. Moreover, behind a beautiful face hides the lion's share of talent. The heroine Dobrev - the blonde with blue eyes in the series appears as a brunette with dark eyes, and this gives the series some zest. Nina’s character is a beautiful and kind girl, mired in a whirlpool of vampire secrets and sensibly looking at what is happening. She is alive!

    Of course, you can paint about all the characters and actors, but that would be too much. In general, watch the series and do not compare with Twilight! Far East and Twilight are like heaven and earth, and the Diaries appear in brighter light and against their background Twilight seems almost a kindergarten.

    Certainly 10 out of 10!

  • cattyx
    Was this review helpful for you? 37/7

    I learned about the 'Vampire Diaries' when the series was still under development. I decided to start reading the source. I will say right away that the series is much better than a book. Of course, Stephanie Meyer was inspired by the prose of Lisa J. Smith when writing her saga, but it is at least easy and interesting to read. And this work is almost unreadable, I was able to master only 2 books out of 5.

    In the series, the characters are more fully disclosed, there are not only good and bad characters, they are all multifaceted. The perfect Stephen is able to attack a man, Damon, who is trying to ruin his brother’s life by all means, at the same time constantly saving him.

    Of the pluses, the disclosure of secondary characters can also be noted. If in Twilight everything revolves only around the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle, then here they manage to show the life of Elena's friends and relatives. This is probably the advantage of the series over the film.

    Nina Dobrev is quite suitable for the role of Elena. Lovely, pretty girl. I am glad that she is just as good at playing the vampire Katherine, whose character is the exact opposite.

    Paul Wesley, let’s say, did not impress me. Like his hero. In my opinion, he is some kind of fresh, of the two brothers more interesting than Damon. Yes, Stefan is always nearby, always ready to help Elena and her friends. But Damon rescued her more than once.

    You can talk about Damon for a long time :) Ian Somerhalder pleasantly surprised me! In the series, sexuality and danger blow from him. Plus a great sense of humor.

    The plot is quite confusing. Therefore, you are looking forward to each series to find out how it all ends.

    My rating is 10 out of 10.

  • 2299676
    When you lose someone, this feeling always remains, constantly reminding you how easily you can get burned. (Elena)
    Was this review helpful for you? 107/11

    In fact, there are a lot of good series, they can be counted on the fingers, and believe me, ten is enough! No matter how it sounds, but the series is a very complex artistic film production, especially when the purpose of the series is not only personal relationships between the characters. “DV” is an integral work, but at the same time incomprehensible and inexplicable. I guess I have such thoughts because this series is of many genres. These are horrors, and fantasy, and drama, and in some places comedy. He really is amazing! An unpredictable and intriguing plot (I only saw this in Lost). This picture captures from the first seconds and makes us empathize with Elena, who has lost her parents, and Stephen, who can not cope with her thoughts about the past. It struck me that their thoughts literally flow in unison!

    “Dear diary, I have never been so wrong. I thought I could smile, nod, go through it, pretend that everything would be fine. I wanted to change, start my life as someone new, someone without a past, someone without pain, someone alive, but this is not so simple. Bad things stay with you, they chase you. All that you can, be ready for the best, so that when this “best” comes, you invite him to come in, because you need him. I need him. ”(Elena)

    "I had a plan. I wanted to change, start life as someone new, someone without a past, someone without pain, someone alive, but it’s not so simple. Bad things stay with you, they chase you. You cannot run away from them as far as you would like. ”(Stefan)

    And that seems impossible! I have not seen such soulfulness and sincerity in any film production. Thank you so much Lisa Jane Smith ! I read the first two books, now I'm reading the third. I can’t judge that the book and the series are better, this is an ungrateful thing! I can say that the books are good, but I am not happy with many of them. I think the scriptwriters and directors took all the best from the DV books and added something that made the series more interesting! Probably the advantage of the series over the film is that the series shows offshoots from the main story! An example was the relationship between Anna (Malez Jow) and Jeremy < (Stephen R. McQueen) , Jenna (Sarah Canning) and Alaric (Matthew Davis) . I like the fact that in the series Caroline (Kendes Accola) Elena’s friend is not a sworn enemy, as is the case in the book, which only does what it’s trying to ruin life to horror ex girlfriend.

    Nina Dobrev. (Elena Gilbert) Performer of the main female role in the series. The actress herself struck me not only with remarkable external data, but also with an excellent acting game (we’ve already seen enough of the first, but with the second it’s not so good yet!). Nina's brown eyes captivate with her beauty and depth.I cannot but note how Nina Dobrev showed us Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce . To play two completely opposite girls, who are connected only by an unearthly beauty, you need to have the greatest talent.

    When I saw her, my breath caught in my throat. Elena - she's an exact copy of Katherine. (c)

    Paul Wesley. (Stefan Salvatore) For such a short time I really fell in love with this actor and his hero. Stefan is a dark-haired handsome man who wears dark glasses. He wants to hide behind them not only his own, full of pains, eyes, but also the secrets of his soul. He is silent, but always knows the correct answer to any question. Stefan is removed from the general company of schoolchildren and this causes a storm of indignation and interest! Stefan is a very romantic guy who has been writing diaries for many years.

    If I don’t write it down, I will forget it. Memories are too important. (c)

    He is the one Elena needs to protect her from everything that happens. But to the whole sea of ​​pluses, there is something that he hides from everyone. He is a vampire. But that does not make him bad! And even this factor is not a hindrance for the relationship between Elena and Stephen. Everything would be fine if it weren’t for Stefan’s elder brother - Damon Salvatore , who is completely different from his brother.

    [- I was amazed. My rating is 6. Lack of style, but I was pleasantly surprised. Very good and that face. Not bad at all.

     - For you, this is all entertainment and games, but wherever you go, people die.

     - It goes without saying. ] (s)

    Ian Somerhalder. (Damon Salvatore) Here he is, the one and only! From the first seconds of the appearance of Damon, you can already call an ambulance. He is incredibly beautiful, sexy, dangerous and cruel. He is like a magnet for girls. But this is not the most important thing.

    Damon has a trait: he’s not angry, he settles accounts. Damon usually does what he wants. (c)

    The most important is the character of Ian. This character is multifaceted. Ian has invested so much dynamics in Damon. And Yen's facial expressions are just amazing! You will never forget his smile, eyes and face in general! These brothers cannot be divided into “good” and “bad” brothers. This is what Ian himself says: "It seems to me that in Damon there is as much room for kindness as in Stephen for anger. With this comparison, I want to point out that both brothers have both of these principles. ”

    Love the sense of humor in Damon! I love it when Damon teaches his little brother.

    [- Very poetic. You pour out your soul in such a style. So many epithets.

     - What do you need here?

     “I came to apologize.” I have made some conclusions, sincere searches and I want us to start again. We must leave the past behind. You are my little brother. And if you want to live a normal, happy human life, then I want all this for you.Maybe I can do it, I can learn to be a living person. Maybe there is hope for both of us.

     “You know, we have different paths, Damon.

     - Yes, of course.] (C)

    Damon is capable of sacrifice, although he denies it. It seems to me that Damon falls in love with Elena, but what will happen when he finds out that he kissed Katherine? What will happen next? This is a mystery to everyone.

    Damon is a fatalist. No one is to blame. It’s just that his life has brought him up.

    I already loved. Love is painful, meaningless and its value is overestimated. (c)

    Other heroes also deserve our attention, and the actors - applause.

    The Soundtrack is awesome! I discovered many new artists and bands. "The Vampire Diaries" - Paradise for the music lover! For this series have collected music of different genres, and it pleases.

    10 out of 10

  • Eillin
    Well, what can you do, this is fashion. Fashion for vampires.
    Was this review helpful for you? 47/8

    Once again I am convinced that mass culture cannot be diverse, multifaceted. Once Bruce Willis introduced the fashion for action movies, then he was replaced by numerous fantasy, and now mysticism and vampires have come into fashion. I do not want to say that they were not there before. There were of course, but not in such numbers! Of the many books and films, I am most impressed with this series ... after the Twilight Saga, of course.

    The plot is famously twisted. The beautiful Elena with an angelic face and far from an angelic character, kind and loving Stefan, who, by the way, I don’t like at all - is too helpless and weak in character, impudent and persistent Damon and, of course, mystical Katherine, ruthless and treacherous - that’s all what makes the film interesting and exciting.

    I like the actors. Nina Dobrev is a true discovery of Hollywood. She is beautiful and talented. I hope she will not remain an actress of one role and she will succeed in many other films. Ian Somerhalder is a professional and seducer. I love his game very much. He organically looks in the role of Damon and plays simply amazing. I won’t talk about the rest, because they didn’t make much impression on me.

    In conclusion, I add that one of the main highlights of this series is the interweaving of antiquity and our time. Very good weave.

    So, the series is interesting and unusual, for which:

    9 out of 10

  • KoSka38
    This is not Twilight
    Was this review helpful for you? 46/4

    I decided to watch the film on the advice of my sister, in the beginning it seemed to be like twilight, but I was wrong. Although I am a fan of twilight, but the diaries are hooked and how. Throughout the film, we observe the development of relations between Elena and Stefan, as well as the wild life of his brother Damon.

    If you compare the love triangles of twilight and diaries, it may seem that they are similar as two drops of water, but they are similar only in that both girls are in love with vampires, the plot in both films is different and addictive in its own way.

    The life of vampires in both films is different, because each film dictates its own rules and it is impossible to understand which of all this is reality and what is a lie.

    The film was liked by its intricate plot, it is intriguing and with each episode delays more and more.

    Honestly, I saw the actors for the first time. And now a little about them:

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon) - this hero simply dumped on the spot with his phenomenal game, although he is an eccentric and selfish hero in the film, he likes the audience for his behavior. Although in films we do not always love bad heroes, but in dv everything is a little different, there is some kind of speck in Damon that attracts viewers to it and in the film it is simply irreplaceable. I want him to continue to please us with his appearance in the Vampire Diaries, and in other films.

    Paul Wesley (Stefan) - perfectly fulfilled his role as a good vampire and in some way liked the audience for his correctness, he fit very well into the cast of diaries, delighting us in every series.

    Nina Dobrev (Elena) - at least I saw this actress for the first time, but after watching it she became dear to me and really pleased me with her play in this film, because she had a very emotional and romantic role with which she did an excellent job.

    I invite everyone who loves vampire themes to watch this series, but even if you are an ardent twilight fan, do not be lazy and take a piece of your time to the series and I promise you will like it!

    10 out of 10

  • Mellammory
    Vampires, vampires, vampires - the world is crazy!
    Was this review helpful for you? 86/174

    Well, what can I say. Charming nonsense. Vampires, vampires, vampires - the world is crazy! The creators picked up this fever and decided not to miss their chance. Bravo! That current is insulting. The Vampire Diaries was written as far back as 1991, and it was just Mayer who had studied the diaries and wrote her damned Twilight, but certainly not the other way around ...

    Well, now about the series. Here I will not be original, and I agree with the opinion that the only living character (as it is not strange, given that this is a vampire) is Damon. Most importantly, he is not a hypocrite. He clearly realizes who he is, accepts his essence and does not struggle with it. And the fact that there is nothing human in it, personally does not surprise me a bit. That is probably what it should be. He lives in the world for 150 years (or something around that), and the past century has been rich in cruelty and violence, how can people be believed after that ??? And who is there to look at without Damon? On a porcelain doll, represented by Stefan. A vampire who does not drink human blood, but tortures the poor deer. Where does Greenpeace look current ??? And anyway, why a 'good' vampire can't eat bad people. Maniacs, bandits and other scum, at least some benefit would be. And what common ground can a 150-year-old 'old man' and a 17-year-old girl have ?? What Stefan saw in Elena, I don’t understand.

    Probably, I need to say something about the main character, but I don’t feel like at all.

     7 out of 10

    (only for Damon, and the picture is not bad)

    P.S Interesting, and we will see another creation about vampires 'House of Night'.

  • Claire_Winchester
    Was this review helpful for you? 29/3

    Just dare not compare the ' The Vampire Diaries ' with the ' Twilight '. These are completely different films, although the story is almost the same.

    I didn’t think that this series would affect me. I made a mistake. Affected.

    Incredibly exciting story. My attention has been occupied literally from the first or second series.

    Surprised by Ian Somerhalder . In Staying Alive, he played a sort of boy-son Abramovich, not sinless, but good. And here you are, get it - an insidious and heartless vampire who returned to his hometown not for kindred impulses, but with his purpose, indulging natural needs and leading a depraved way of ' life ' (so to speak). He greatly expanded his repertoire. (Damon, however, with his ' Turn Me ' reminded me of Bella)

    Paul Wesley .. Well, what can I say, I have not seen a single movie except Far East with his participation, but here I really liked his game. True, he didn’t cause much sympathy for the first episodes: too serious a melancholic . Although, on the other hand, it is understandable why he has such a state.

    Nina Dobrev

    For the first time I see the following picture: the actress is endowed with natural beauty and talent (although, usually, everything happens without the last. Or the first). A kind of middle ground, which was able to feel your heroine and show her the way she is. Pleased with the reaction of Elena to the fact that Stefan is a vampire. Quite ordinary, as it should be, in theory, and not enthusiastic exclamations: ' Honey, yes you are beautiful! Oh, turn me, huh? I want to become the same as you and be with you forever! 'Elena lives a reality and appreciates every moment spent with Stefan. All without pathos, nice.

    After watching ' The Vampire Diaries ', I completely forgot about 'Twilight'. This film has more real facts about them (for example, the sun and circulation. I also liked the fact that a vampire cannot enter the house where people live.).

    I liked humor , I liked music (I downloaded many songs to my computer), I keep the story in suspense to the last.

    Naturally 10 out of 10

  • Pe4eNKo
    Living between two fires ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 51/6

    Probably should start with the fact that the series captured me from the first minute, and in two days I watched all ten episodes that were released at that time. Now I just can’t find the words to describe all the feelings that I feel when I mention the “Diaries”. From the banal story about love between a man and a vampire, the writers made not just a candy, but a cake! A huge cake of mysticism and love, decorated on top with a touch of humor and sadness. Thanks to them for that! I read books, but to be honest, I was not as impressed with them as the series. In books, the plot is rather boring, but in the series, he keeps in suspense every second.

    Now I will pass to the most pleasant. Characters and actors who played them.

    Elena Gilbert - a girl who lost her parents in an accident and, with the advent of Stefan Salvatore, was drawn into the cycle of mystical and mysterious events taking place in the small town of Mystic Falls. Nina Dobrev perfectly coped with her role as a cute girl, while playing the role of Katherine Pierce - an evil vampire psychopath, love of the Salvatore brothers.

    Stefan Salvatore - a vegetarian vampire (i.e., who doesn’t drink human blood) who came to Mystic Falls to continue his quiet life and meets Elena Gilbert, an exact copy of the vampire girl who once converted him and his brother with whom he has been at enmity for one hundred and fifty years, sincehe believes that it was he who was guilty of imprisonment. Very correct and pensive "young" man. Paul Wesley gave Stefan his appearance and this appearance is ideally combined with the character's character. Paul's game deserves credit.

    And for dessert ... Damon Salvatore is an evil vampire. He humiliates, corrupts and kills girls, he is narcissistic, sarcastic and often behaves like the last creature, but no less than half of the female audience of the Diaries are in love with him and know that a sensitive soul is hidden behind a terrible character, which, albeit rarely, but still peers through the dark wall of protection. His witty remarks, spontaneity in almost any situation and corporate smirk give the series a special charm. He is very beautiful, insanely sexy and incredibly charming. Ian Somerhalder I applaud while standing for an excellent game and a dazzling smile. He is my idol and my love.

    Edward Calen and didn’t lie next to next to the Salvatore brothers. I’m telling you as a lover of the Sumectomy Saga.

    Alaric Soltzmann (Matthew Davis), Bonnie Bennett (Katerina Graham), Caroline Forbes (Candes Accola) and other minor characters are also shown excellently.

    And I would also like to say bravo for the best phrase in history . Vampires cannot breed. But we love to try ... (Damon Salvatore. 01.11.)

    I will end this phrase. Put less 10 is simply not possible.

    P.S. With all my arms and legs I am behind Delena and I really hope that they will someday be together.

  • Firen Al
    A passion for beautiful pictures will ever ruin me ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/30

    Yes, yes, yes, I was flattered by the mass insanity, the mysterious posters and the cover of the disc - I liked it. I looked through the first season. There was some strange ambivalent feeling when “like - not like” changed with the speed of the episode change.

    The first episode ... and now I roll my eyes in a silent groan: "Is it really the next parody of Twilight, ololo, it's time to leave here ...". But ... something caught me. Maybe a pretty crow, whose acting talents I rated higher than the similar data of the main characters? Who knows ...

    Only later did I find out that the Diaries were written first, and only then Twilight, and the first ones were only late with the film adaptation. So what is the adaptation in that case? I understand everything, strike the iron (and at the same time money and the gullible hearts of fans), while it’s hot, but letting the idea onto the assembly line, with which it’s so obvious and undisguised ... As an excuse, I can say that the words pleased:

    [- And what is so special about this Bella? Edward is so uptight.

    - You must first read the first book, otherwise the plot is lost.

    - Ah, miss Anne Rice. She wrote much more truthfully.

    - Why don't you sparkle?

    “Because I live in the real world, where vampires burn out in the sun.]

    At least, while we are able to laugh at ourselves and what we are doing, not everything is lost. I liked and made me think that drawing parallels does not make sense.What for? Why, pray tell, it is a long and tedious decision to decide who over whom, who slammed what, and in general, what was the first - an egg or a chicken? It makes no sense. Both there and there are pluses and minuses, and most importantly - fans, fans, amateurs. There are books, there are films, and there are TV shows, and most importantly - the opportunity for everyone to find what they like best.

    Soundtrack. This is the box in which I would put 10/10 without hesitation. The music just fits perfectly, creates an atmosphere and very organically complements each series, in many ways it is the musical accompaniment that makes empathy with the heroes. One of the unconditional advantages of the series.

    Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). An insidious fatal seducer, dangerously charming in his image. In my humble opinion, he's the most ... vampire vampire. And he draws on himself almost the entire series, because only his game really believe what you say - just perfectly accustomed, felt his role. Bravo!

    Well, now about the sad, that is, about the main characters Elena and Stefan (Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley). Frankly, I didn’t absolutely like the game plan. Pretty pretty, but who said that was enough? Nothing, absolutely nothing but antics and attempts to portray emotions and the work of thought, I did not see. I do not like to scatter these words, but sometimes the game of both borders just mediocrity, when you want to howl “Who let them in here ?! How did they even get here ?! ”In general, in the best traditions of Stanislavsky, I do not believe it! It seems that they can, but do not want. However, the romantic scenes played surprisingly well. Unlike the same Twilight, forgive me for comparing, but it asks. The above does not apply to them (scenes).

    For the technical embodiment of the idea I put objectively -

    6 out of 10

    Still, don’t say, but you can make a masterpiece from the series if you want, and in this regard, directors, cameramen, screenwriters and all-all-all still have to work and work ... BUT! Since the series did not cause particularly negative emotions and left a light, unobtrusive and, to be honest, pleasant trace in the memory, then, according to the subjective feelings , all the same, the review is positive , as well as the overall impression of the film.

  • ixora
    'Pierrot, Malvina, Harlequin'
    Was this review helpful for you? 37/6

    Oh my god emotions overwhelm me - save me! I don’t know how everyone is, but this series simply attracts me.

    You know, I consider myself a big fan of the Twilight Saga. I'm just crazy, though not in the movie, but in the book. But now, when I saw the series 'The Vampire Diaries', guess for yourself - I am an endless fan of this series. Twilight just fades compared to the Vampire Diaries. The truth is, I’ll say one thing: first I read Lisa Jane Smith’s books “Awakening” and “Hunger”, and then accidentally found out that the series was shot from the book and began to search for this series on the Internet.

    And after a couple of watched episodes, I no longer have to drag me away from the TV. All episodes keep you in suspense, there is something mystical and fantastic in everything, but you believe this fairy tale, they probably use 25 frames! The actors are selected - accordingly, there are no complaints to anyone. I am just fascinated by how this trinity play their roles (Nina, Paul, Ian). Each manages his role for five with a plus - a big plus. As they say - respect and respect for you guys - keep it up!

     And for the role of Damon, Ian Somerhalder was invited by the coolest actor. I remember him for the role of Boone in the series 'Lost'. I am simply amazed at his acting work. Well, it was like this, reincarnated: his facial expressions, smile, eyes and eyes - they just fascinate you, just goosebumps. Nina Dobrev is so nice: firstly, her first and last name Russians appeared directly pride and secondly she plays Elena (by the way my name is also called) I have no complaints at all. So what if it’s not like in a book, I think it’s not so important here. Paul Wesley - he’s just born into the role of Stefan - it’s so cool.

    If a secret, then the main characters remind me of someone: Stefan is a sad Pierrot, Elena is Malvina, and Damon is an evil Harlequin.

     And, by the way, I like the series more than books. And that says a lot. Thanks a lot to the director and screenwriters, and the whole crew for such a wonderful job.

    P / S: I haven’t watched the series yet. Thanks for your attention! All gone to watch the Far East!

    10 out of 10

  • _Nimeria_
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/13

    When she realized that I was completely overwhelmed, she tried to give the series an objective assessment. And she came to not very flattering conclusions. What is striking in the first place is of course the appearance of the characters. Very beautiful actors , I give them their due. But this, alas, is not the main thing in the film. The second is the torn plot . It is divided into several parts, the first of which carries the notorious Twilight so much that you begin to doubt the ability of living people to create something more or less original and worthwhile. This creates a illusion of a game in the style of a quest - due to the Bonnie medallion - when each item found is sure to be used somewhere, otherwise - ay-ay-ay! (this is the third). The connections between the parts of the plot seem to have been sucked out of the finger - “and everything was fine with them, but evil aunts came and then everything was fine again, but something crawled out of the tomb.” And cutie Lexi seems to have appeared only to die, for even her speech to Elena does not sound very convincing. However, there is still something in this plot - intrigue, action, action - especially in the latest series. Speaking of persuasion (fourth): alas, I don’t believe Stefan at all. Some prim character turned out, the expression of physiognomy does not change a bit, only in some scenes did he stir. On the faces of Tyler and some vampires, I did not see emotions at all. They may not be needed everywhere, of course, but who will play? Damon saves the situation - this is a wonderful character. He is the embodiment of my ideal vampire. Narcissistic, cruel, spitting on everyone and everything, leading his own game, incredibly sexy, sparkling with an insane look and splashing cynical ridicule, with a sense of humor and at the same time somewhere deep in his soul quite human, it seems that only he amuses everyone else characters on something. Oh yes, he's great. For me, Elena chose the wrong brother ... Still (fifth): she is definitely pleased with the past of the Salvatore brothers, which opens in parallel with the main plot - the story with Katherine. And what really pleases is the intriguing ending with its appearance.

    And now, in spite of the above, I nevertheless put a series of 10 stars, realizing that I most likely overestimated it. But, you need to give him his due, beautifully shot. Highly. Yes, I fell in love with this series. (And in Damon, but it's secondary) And I look forward to the second season.

    10 out of 10

  • HotFox
    Let Me Into Your Life
    Was this review helpful for you? 47/8

    I will say right away that the series has nothing to do with Twilight, so you can and should watch it. You say: "Oh, again, about vampires." Well, your right, but you should not judge by name alone, you should look and then decide for yourself.

    Story and Characters

    Everyone for themselves can choose their favorite character and image. Someone likes a positive pretty character like the vampire Stefan . He chose a more difficult path for himself - he decided to abstain from human blood and not kill. But his own brother - Damon does not resist his natural instincts at all and loves to declare a hunt for people. Elena is an ordinary American schoolgirl who will one day find out the terrible secret of her new boyfriend Stefan, but this does not scare her away, but rather attracts her with her mystery, and the girl tries to understand and accept new events, yet not understanding what all this can lead to. Around these three characters and the events of the series unfold. With each series I wanted to learn more and more mysteries from the past of the Salvatore brothers.

    During the first season, the veil of secrets is opened to us; why did vampires return to a small town, the reason for the long feud between the two brothers, who is Katherine, why do vampires calmly walk around the streets during the day ...


    I think the cast is not bad. I knew only Ian Somerhalder by his role in LOST. It was interesting to watch the game of little-known young actors. Secondary heroes appeared periodically, which can be observed in other modern series. In general, the picture was quite interesting.

    P.S. I look forward to the second season of The Vampire Diaries.

    9 out of 10

  • CherryYlya
    The Vampire Diaries is something ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 45/4

    At first I was interested in this series by the fact that, as it seemed to me, it has something in common with Twilight, but ... And then begins ... Twilight is just babble on compared to the Diaries. I fell in love with this movie

    Firstly, this is a funky plot, everything is so twisted, interesting, dynamic, beautiful, unexpected, the series is constantly in suspense. There is enough of everything and love, and jealousy, and thrills. I watched the entire first season in just a day, I just couldn’t tear myself away, each series does not let me relax and can’t wait to include the next one.

    Secondly, these are actors, they just brilliantly play. each 100% revealed himself in this series. Beauty Elena, calm and attractive Stefan, and of course Damon’s sexual magnetism, in general this trio is simply incomparable ...

    I look forward to the next season. Watching everyone who loves films of this genre is a godsend.

    10 out of 10

  • captive
    Fascinating ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 45/4

    I am absolutely delighted! I had heard about the series, but was not going to watch, because the twilight phenomenon gave rise to many projects on vampire themes. There was a suspicion that the series is another twilight parody! But she was very mistaken, it’s even better. Twilight is resting ...

       I watched the whole season in two days, to be honest, I couldn’t come off! The film directors did their best, the plot is twisted so much ... - no words! You can say a good detective with elements of fiction. The plot is dynamic and it rushes like a fast train from series to series. It is intriguing, fascinating. A very confusing interesting story, and not just about love. The stunning atmosphere of the film, when you watch, you forget about everything in the world. Decent music, several songs even entered the list of my favorites!

      Actors played by five points. Damon is a bad guy, but damn attractive and sexy. Ian Somerhalder played this role perfectly, his negative character attracts him like a magnet. Nina Dobrev (Elena-Katherine) is a talented actress, what else to say ... Perfectly played the kind and responsive Elena and the selfish, insidious Katherine! Stefan is a kind of antipode to his brother. But a surprise awaits you, both brothers will change roles, so it is not known which of them is good and who is bad.

     Books by Jane Smith on the series of the same name are complete nonsense, I do not advise reading. The common between books and the series are the names of the three main characters, otherwise there is nothing in common. It’s good that the series was shot not according to the plot of the book, otherwise it would have failed miserably.

      I advise everyone to see, I personally was satisfied! The first season ends at the most interesting place, the final of the last series is a bomb. I look forward to the second season ...

    10 out of 10

  • Roknrolla
    Alone all over the world up to this point. He is a vampire and here is his story.
    Was this review helpful for you? 20/28

    Vampires, vampires, vampires ... Creatures that have long been causing fear and horror in people, but have again come from the depths of eternity and conquered the hearts of a new generation. What is it? Fashion for vampire aristocrats by Stephanie Mayer? Or another desire to make money on such a popular image of a noble vampire?

    Salvatore .

    A family that has long been sensational in Mystic Falls, who became the founders of a small town, who had two lovely sons, who were famous in the district. Brothers from childhood were not spilled water, but she came a vampire with her damned life, captivating them with heavenly beauty, lured into a world full of darkness and murder, into a world of endless eternity. That's where it all starts ...


    At first glance, we see an impudent, selfish, insensitive, reckless, but damn beautiful vampire. He doesn’t give a damn about the rules, he is merciless to others, but in the future we see another Damon - a vampire, deeply filled with hatred, with a heart long dead, but pouring out in pain, unpleasant past and more unpleasant present.

    -What, what, what can I say? Yes, damn it, I like it! Whoever is needed: not a drop of pretense and disappointment!

    Having analyzed all the characters and their performers, I came to the general conclusion: Ian is the only one who fully got used to the role of his hero and was able to convey all the emotions, all the emotions and all the charm of Damon that everyone loved.


    The good girl is a vampire who lived one and a half centuries in splendid isolation, one can say a kind of modern Robinson Crusoe, with only one correction, he is a child of darkness. A pensive, quiet boy, with always a sad face and a lonely look, lost in another time. At first it seems like he's too good.

    But in the development of the plot, we understand that he suffers from the mistakes of his innocent "youth."
    -Somewhere I already saw it ?! Almost Edward, but only almost, sorry Stefan, you still have to grow and grow!

    As for the actor himself, yes, Paul is good, but he did not really succeed in becoming Stefan for a while.

    - Why so dramatize experiences? Too much.


    Strong, strong-willed, purposeful, just smart, but only according to the book.

    In the series, we are faced with the usual, not intricate, far from a leader, although a little sad girl, exalted by some heroes, who lost her parents.

    -Aaa ... where is the promised "golden girl"?

    Well, a simple girl, sometimes striking with the stupidity of her actions, does not pull on the star of the school.

    Nina is an actress with a pretty face, with a regular “ok” on the show, but no more.

    In general, Elena turned out as a "baggy" girl with a pretty face.

    - Blah, blah, blah ... I’m not convinced!

    After looking and thinking, well digesting the whole plot, all the remoteness from the book, I came to the conclusion:

    Elena - 4, Stefan - 6, Damon - 10, plot - 7.

    Total: 6 out of 10

  • Yale
    And did you think that Twilight was beyond competition?
    Was this review helpful for you? 35/5

    Without digression, I admit that this series is my favorite. How else? An exciting, entertaining plot, unexpected twists and turns of events, favorite characters and a great soundtrack.

    The Vampire Diaries has hooked me since the first episode. It would seem that the vampire Stefan falls in love with a simple girl Elena, and his treacherous brother Damon returns to ruin his life. In the course of the plot, we understand with Elena that not everything is so simple. The turbulent “human” past of the brothers intervenes, vampires who were buried alive for several hundred years in the tomb, witches, even the police of a small town in a hurry to get involved in this whole commotion, only complicating the matter.

    Each series, one after another, is simply saturated with strong emotions. Here you can both laugh and cry. Someone dies, someone suddenly appears and leaves again, turning the whole plot upside down, and you never know what will happen next. Each series ends in the most interesting, sometimes shocking, place. The Vampire Diaries has set such a high bar for themselves that they only go further up. For a year, they broke all kinds of records, set the highest rating on the CW channel, won the hearts of millions of viewers and have never failed.


    Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

    I immediately liked the then-little-known actress Nina Dobrev. Not only that she is incredibly beautiful, cute and charming, but also a very talented girl. I think Dobrev understood Elena, her feelings, her devastation from losing her parents. She keeps herself naturally, plays like a real professional, and she just fit perfectly into the picture.

    In particular, the heroine herself liked. She is strong, courageous, adult beyond her years and knows her worth. I think it’s worth leveling up with.

    Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce

    Nina probably got the most difficult and interesting job. To play two completely different heroines in one show - have you seen this somewhere?

    Katherine is a sexy, prudent, dangerous, and cruel vampire who, in the distant past, ignited the struggle between her brothers for her heart. Personally, I like to watch Katherine more than Elena. Heroines like this always attract special attention. I also really like to watch historical films with their costumes, manners, beautiful scenery, but here it could not do without it.

    Stefan Salvatore

    Stefan wants to live a normal life, and probably would have given everything to just become a man again. Because of many mistakes in the past, because of many human victims, he uses only the blood of animals and constantly monitors his every step.

    Damon Salvatore

    Probably the most difficult character. Under the mask of anger, self-interest and hatred, pain, disappointment, resentment are hidden. His heart is broken, he is deeply disappointed in love, and the wounds from this still have not healed. Therefore, it is very interesting to observe how this character gradually reveals, showing himself from different angles. Better than Ian Somerhalder no one would have played this character.

    Other Heroes.

    The remaining residents of the town, who play an important role here, also cause special sympathy. I especially like Jeremy, Anna, Alaric, Caroline and Wicca.


    Thanks to the series, I met many wonderful bands and compositions. What does Within Temptation alone cost - “All I Need”, Anberlin - “Enjoy The Silence” or Jason Walker - “Down”? Definitely a wonderful soundtrack!


    A high-quality, smart, captivating, dynamic series undoubtedly deserves your attention. Never boring, never cloying.

    Only the highest score, 10 out of 10!

  • Peolar
    Vampire Time
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/23

    To tell you the truth, the first time I heard about the series 'Vampire Diaries' from a friend who is an ardent fan of this topic, but didn’t react to it in general, then I saw an advertisement for but I decided to read the book, nevertheless, with all the advantages of the current cinema, I prefer the movie to the book, I read several books from this series, but I couldn’t read it to the end, I just couldn’t absorb all the nonsense that started where after 3 books, but the film, the film, to my surprise, turned out to be much more interesting than a book, or rather rather not at all like a book that loses to him with its twisting and a huge accumulation of everything that could be drained there, I won’t write a lot about the film, just before me there were many who wrote about its pros and cons, I’ll say it’s just that the film, or rather the series, having a rather banal basis in our time, is very original, with unexpected twists and just a cool musical selection, the only thing I don’t really like in the series is one of the main characters, Stefan, I’m according to the book lyalsya somehow po- beautiful, but it is a question of who has what tastes.

    In general, my assessment of the series, well, I think 8 points

  • vilgelmina95
    This is not Bella and not Edward, thank God.
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/30

    To be honest, I started watching this series from boredom. Summer, the absence of any activity, a positive attitude to the work of Stephanie Mayer - all this had a beneficial effect on this new hobby. But not here, it was.

    At first glance it seemed to me that a hundred is just a vulgar parody of Twilight. In the game of actors, especially the character Stefan Salvatore, the “twilight” style slips all the time, take at least his appearance: eyebrows, a thoughtful look, etc.

    But with each new episode, I found more and more highlights in this episode. I would like to especially note the game Ian Somerhalder. He plays a sexy, dangerous and at the same time devotedly loving vampire, the mixture is explosive. He attracts the attention of the viewer in each scene with his participation.

    I don’t think that the series should teach us anything, introduce the masses to art, or fulfill a noble role. First of all, he must entertain, capture, and arouse a lot of emotions in the viewer. He completely coped with this role.

    6 out of 10

  • freaky person
    Again about vampires: P
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/6

    I think it's better than Twilight at times ...

    Well, firstly, the actors, they play better and their appearance is more pleasant. I’ll talk about each individually:

    Nina Dobrev (Elena) - of course she’s done, beautiful, sexy, excellent and believable. It’s the ideal of the girl who is much prettier than Kristen Steward, and in this role she showed herself well. She's 10 out of 10

    Paul Wesley (Stephen) - I like him as an actor, but his appearance let us down. They could find someone prettier in the role of the main vampire. His face is always too displeased and these shifted, frowning eyebrows threaten to grow into wrinkles. He would have to smile more; D Him 6 out of 10

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon) - well, he’s just handsome, that’s how a real vampire should be, ruthless, cruel, but at the same time beautiful. That's what a normal girl should dream of, not Robert Pattinson. And this despite the fact that he is already 31. According to a recent survey, it was him who was recognized as the sexiest actor, and not Robert who lost him. He is 10 out of 10

    The idea of ​​the film is very interesting, because this series was shot from a book that was written back in 1991, so it’s stupid to continue to prescribe Stephanie Meyer to create this new genre.

    In general, this series is very different from the Twilight Saga. It is much more bloody, they show blood, fangs, veins, etc. And the reaction of people to vampires is believable.

    I advise everyone to watch this series, I think everyone will like it)

    10 out of 10

  • Tonusik
    Another parody
    Was this review helpful for you? 35/195

    It looks like the age of advertising enjoys its fruits very well. The moviegoers, saturated with action movies, have long wanted romance, and it was so lacking in the vampire genre (Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have nothing to do with this). The first attempt to create something interesting failed for those who are at least a little critical in choosing the movie “Twilight” not only did not reveal the ideas of fantasy, but they do not smell of romance because of the disgusting play of the actors, and the make-up artists failed. Again, the age of advertising and the cult of the body - acting talent is a mediocre thing.

    The vampire diaries began to look purely out of curiosity, look at the actors and find food for moral spitting, and found it!

    The first episodes were hard to watch — the banal beginning was immediately evident with an eye on the notorious Twilight, and the selection of actors was not at all surprising — the same look a la Kristen Stewart, Pattinson’s Brezhnev’s eyebrows and the beginning - “Oh God, are you a vampire? '. About monologues and the rest of the 'talents' of actors have written well in previous reviews.

    Frankly, I’m watching because Ian is cute, he has the film role of a “bad brother” on him, clearly to his face, but the guy still re-plays: an eternal smirk, cheeky behavior, the look “want me”, he seems to have gone too far in the role of a seducer and his game quickly gets used to, alas ... maybe we will wait for progress, it seems to give hope.

    I won’t conceal that by the end I was still interested, but maybe I’m looking out of habit. I can neither advise nor dissuade, because I don’t understand the Twilight fans, and I don’t think this is a good series.

    I'd like to wish modern filmmakers and producers not to look back on fashion, and if you keep up with it, it’s not on the principle of “feed a bunch of rubbish in a good wrapper, so she swallows it with her hand.”

    Priceless movie with a bad sense.

  • Paranoik-kinofan
    “Boredom is the pitfall of eternity.”
    Was this review helpful for you? 51/4

    To confess since the world was enveloped in 'Twilight' , I became somewhat skeptical about vampire-themed films. The tearful love story of a vampire and a man has already gotten many, but has not lost popularity, therefore, having learned in general terms the contents of the series 'The Vampire Diaries' , I thought that this was just a multi-part clone of the Twilight Saga. < / i>

     But one day there was nothing to do, I decided to watch one episode of the 'Diaries' . Frankly, I was disappointed. But fortunately, I was disappointed in my conviction, since it was not a snotty semblance of a well-known “masterpiece” that appeared before me, but a completely independent story with a rather interesting, sometimes even tough plot. In the center of the story is the relationship between the girl and two vampire brothers, but I was pleasantly surprised that the whole story does not revolve around them, they are not the only noticeable heroes. A peculiar protagonist of the series, which is of very great importance, is Mystic Falls , a small quiet town in which the main development of history takes place. The line of love is not so noticeable, it is skillfully woven into the plot course of events taking place in a town that has kept many secrets since the 19th century. It is these secrets and secrets, coupled with the relationships of the characters that make up a pretty good combination that can attract even a skeptical audience who is ready to defy the long-suffering 'Twilight' for hours.

     As for the actors. Almost all of them are young, little-known, and therefore not particularly callous eyes of the viewer, accustomed to only Hollywood stars. I cannot fully judge their game, for I watched the series in a dub, which unfortunately does not always convey the full emotions of the characters. However, in especially sharp and critical moments, it is clear that the actors are trying and playing very well.

      Paul Wesley . His character is Stefan Salvator, a relatively peace-loving and honest (compared to his brother) vampire who does not like people and drinks animal blood.

      Nina Dobrev . The young actress had to realize two images at once on the screen - the modern girl Elena Gilbert, who is an outwardly exact copy of her ancestor - the vampire Katherine. However, having a striking resemblance, both girls are strikingly different in character. Elena is more calm, friendly and reasonable. Katherine is selfish, emotional and somewhat eccentric. In my opinion, it was the second image that Nina worked best for and seemed to me, despite the small amount of screen time, more interesting and impressive.

     And of course, I can’t but mention Ian Somerhalder . His hero is Damon, the second of the Salvator brothers, a sort of spoiled half of Stephen. But it is he who is the main highlight of 'The Vampire Diaries' , probably the brightest, most open and, in my opinion, the best character in the series. The cynicism, sarcasm and irony of Damon are shown at the height and worthy of praise.

    In addition to these three characters in the series, there are many other interesting characters who gradually replace each other throughout the series, providing a dynamic plot flow of 'The Vampire Diaries'.

     The setting of the scene is also pleasing. A small town looks pretty good. The main advantage of the creators is that they managed to make a good atmosphere of what is happening, especially felt during critical story moments. There is also a good dynamic action for the series. The creators manage to skillfully maintain the intrigue, showing at the end of each series something new, something that will interest the viewer to watch the next series.

     In general, 'The Vampire Diaries' is a pretty good modern series. Of course, it is more focused on adolescents and young people, but this in no way affects the quality of implementation. Atmosphere, dynamism, an interesting story that does not stay at all due to the love line - all this favorably sets out 'The Vampire Diaries' compared to other similar stories. I recommend to view all fans of the genre.

      8 out of 10

  • Sleeping_imp
    Was this review helpful for you? 39/8

    Hmm. Done! I’m hooked on the series about vampires! There is no excuse, but I will try. While I naively believed that I was indifferent to the fashion trend, the cruel word advertising was merciless and reached its goal. I give up.

    Not to say that against the series, on the contrary, sometimes they are better than films that are so time-limited, reflect the essence, reveal the idea and development of the storyline, with the exception of sequels, etc. For example, my favorite X-files, House M.D, Lost, Lie to me, Smallville, Supernatural, Prison Break, etc.

    Now about the series.

    However, whoever looked and knows everything, and who is going or not going to - and the current vampire fashion will get to you, will not go anywhere.

    Of course, the plot is more than twisted, it will pull another three seasons and, whatever I say now, I will watch, because it is curious, oh how curious how this whole story will end. So the scriptwriters did their best, the audience is clearly delighted, and yes, I am among them too. Between the seasons, it would be necessary to read a book, on the basis of which these Diaries were removed. For now, I only read that the Diaries and Twilight were filmed in parallel. It is ridiculous that the actors, both of them, lived in the same hotel. Honestly, breaks out in a laugh. Perhaps there was something to laugh at)

    I will not be original, distinguishing from the love trinity - Ian Somerhalder . But I’ll leave my five cents to the praises of the praises. Just shine! Full hit in the image. A kind of charming, charismatic reptile. And sarcasm, facial expressions and bastard nature - very convincing, well, just bravo! Words are superfluous, seen, know.

    Nina Dobrev - beautiful, bright, interesting, remembered immediately. Nice to watch.

    Paul Wesley - well, let it be.

    And there will be secrets, riddles, mysticism, horrors, murders, vicious and peaceful vampires, tangled incidents, mixed with romantic relationships, sincere and not so friendship, family problems, jealousy, rivalry and age-old hostility, and many, many other things that are sure to and you will be drawn into a whirlpool of events. Definitely, you won’t be bored.

  • lawyer 86
    -You are dead dude, come to terms with this already! (C)
    Was this review helpful for you? 69/9

    Let's start with the plot : the beautiful girl Elena, who is not doing so well, lives in the small town of Mystic Falls , it seems at first glance, the girl's parents died in a car accident, after that she became isolated from everyone and only the diary knows about all her experiences, but suddenly gray everyday life is brightened up by an accidental meeting at school with a mysterious young man named Stefan. The guy reciprocates her, and everything seems to be fine, but then his feisty older brother Damon appears on the horizon, the exact opposite of Stefan, further on, the brothers, then our vampires, turn out to be like this for about 150 years. What can you do? And that's not all, the girl named Katherine, an exact copy of Elena, turned the vampire brothers. Here you are!

    The series is based on motives, friends I repeat on motives, novels by writer J. L. Smith. Because only the basis is taken - then the plot goes in the wrong direction at all. Honestly, I started reading the first book of the writer, but I left this disastrous affair; I like the script’s fiction more. Although maybe I'm wrong and true connoisseur of the talent of the writer, they think the opposite.

    As for the fact that all this looks like Twilight in places, this is only at first glance. Even watching the first episode you will see this. And one more thing, it was more likely that Mayer slammed Smith's idea, because the book was last published in 1991, and Mayer in 2003.

    It was general information, now about the series in general, - very high quality shot - special effects, surroundings, scenery, what else, soundtrack - everything is fine, everything is in the subject.

    Each series is vertical, that is, it reveals some kind of mystery, a problem, the heroes solve it, everything seems to be good at first glance, but the feature of the series, at the end of each series, is a new mystery that will be revealed in the next series. Here is the director’s move - forcing the viewer not to break away from watching.

    Let's go through the characters and actors.

    Elena (Nina Dobrev) - not blonde, already happy! The actress should initially be ready to play two different roles - the naive schoolgirl Elena and the feisty vampire Katherine. The first she succeeded, and the second seems to be the same, but something is missing. She does not hold out and that's it! It seems pretty, but it seems to me that it was necessary to take a more fatal beauty (after all, the two brothers turned their heads), well, or she needs to play so that the viewer feels all the passions. Well, let's see the second season!

    Stefan (Paul Wesley) - Elena's beloved vampire, all so positive that already ... annoying! All he has is the same moralizing on his mind, but still without good characters it is impossible.

    Damon, oh, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) - the find of the series, especially the actor who plays it! What can you even talk about him if most fans want Elena to end up with the bastard Daiman! His facial expressions, his gestures - everything shouts in him - "I am a vampire and I want blood !!!"Endless mockery of Stefan, ambiguous phrases addressed to Helen, Katherine's obsession - this is all Damon.

    His phrases are broken down into quotes, which are worth only these ones:

    - Damon - to Stefan: "Tell me, when was the last time you ate something stronger than squirrels?"

    - Damon - To Stefan and Elena: “I like our group, there is something perverted about it.”

    - Damon - Elena: “Vampires cannot produce offspring ... But we like to try!”

    You can print a lot for a long time, but it’s better to look at the rating of the series here, on the Kinopoisk site, “DV”, although the series, but still “Twilight” overtook!

    9 out of 10!

  • ildottore
    It could have been better.
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/42

    I watched the first series of Vampire Diaries about a year ago. Then this series interested me. Ian Somerhalder especially conquered me with his incredible transformation from Tikhoni Boone (Lost) into Damon's sexy bad guy. I did not expect, thought that he was an actor of one role. Having learned that the series is being shot based on a series of books, I started reading them, and in just a week I read all five. Inspired by what I read, I expected a lot from the series. But the principle of “never read books before watching an adaptation because you definitely won’t like the film” justified itself.

    With the choice of actors, the creators guessed only in the case of Damon. Having accepted that the plot was shoveling in full, I expected new interesting events. But the initial intrigue was cut short in the middle of the season. Then everything went into decline. The density of vampires per capita was growing, the heroes were replaced with incredible speed. As soon as they appeared, they either immediately died, or turned out to be vampires, or turned into vampires and immediately died. I no longer remembered the names and degree of kinship of this crowd. A little annoyed by the fact that every third hero had a diary. Actors, frankly, do not hit the game. It seems that not everything is as bad as in some Russian TV shows, but their characters turn out to be gray, unremarkable. Only Ian was pleased, and David Anders (uncle Elena), who appeared at the end of the season, was pleased.

    It seems to me that the idea of ​​Lisa Jane Smith could be made more interesting, livelier. The series clearly loses the plot to its neighbors on the channel. Something is missing all the time. Maybe the second season will be livelier? For the sake of the game, Ian can be seen.

    7 out of 10

  • Elvira1983
    NOT Twilight!
    Was this review helpful for you? 49/7

    I must say that with all my love (if you can afford to say this about vampires) for the genre of films about vampires, I discovered this series only a week ago, and I can’t say that he immediately conquered my heart, by no means! At first I didn’t even like him, but I was used to identifying specific shortcomings for myself that prevent me from enjoying this or that film to the full, so I forced myself to watch one episode somewhere from the middle of season 1, completely and completely unexpectedly got involved.

    In many respects, the attraction and interest in this series is the merit of the scriptwriters, it is to them that I take off my hat and say the most sincere words of gratitude: an interesting plot on a topic that seems to have been beaten by everyone, unexpected twists and turns in the fate of the heroes, good, thoughtful dialogues, often sparkling with sarcasm, as a rule, when Brother Damon comes in, they force us to watch without stopping and to be weary of the desire to see the sequel.

    In addition, the actors are a separate song: again, thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the casting! Nina Dobrev is an attractive young girl who also plays well, could well play Bella Swan in Twilight, having successfully replaced Kristen Stewart, however, here she is in her place. It is especially pleasing that, despite the difficult fate that the scriptwriters awarded her, she finds opportunities to smile or laugh and this is very attractive.

    Paul Wesley, a previously unknown actor to me, but also quite at the level of coping with the character of his hero, which is respected, especially considering that he plays the older brother, and he is somewhat younger than Ian.

    And finally, brother Damon, actor Ian Samerhalder - the younger brother, a handsome man with a magnificent body and a nasty character. It is this character that causes the most conflicting feelings, it is his viewers who love or hate, or all together a little, it is he who makes girl hearts beat more often, and, of course, he adds to the series that would be completely inexpressive without him, his the lion's share of 'sharpness'. My personal attitude to this character is completely open-minded, since I started watching the series from the middle. Damon has his own goal, in addition, he is terribly angry and angry at his brother, in every possible way poisoning his life, but in life there is nothing unique. Damon in very rare moments shows that he really cares about his brother, even if we assume that he saves him only so that there is someone to tread, you can notice him, excuse me for insolence, generosity. In addition, Damon is always honest, fearless, and although he almost always balances on the fine line of ordinary arrogance and rude rudeness, nevertheless he is always nice and manages to build such a muzzle that you will forgive him all for a hundred years ahead.

    Surprisingly, we managed to select for the role of two brothers actors who are so similar to each other and at the same time very different. For superstitious people, this may be a sign from above that the series, having received an excellent start, will only raise the bar of expectations and surprise its audience with new interesting series and riddles!

  • Daniellie
    The Year Of The Kat
    Was this review helpful for you? 48/2

    The Vampire Diaries. Like many, I came across quite by accident, and would not have looked if not Twilight.

    Now, actually about the series.

    I like the series very much. Just to nervous trembling in the knees and hysterical expectations of the next series. The plot is spinning famously, you won’t say anything (thanks, a lot to the screenwriters, I’m ready to kiss their beautiful heels ad infinitum)

    As for books, I did not read them, and I have nothing to compare with.

    Actors, for my taste, are selected very well. And Elena, and Stefan and the rest of the characters in their place. Of course, I can not help but mention Nina as Katherine, Bonnie and Damon. Hooked.

    The soundtrack is just wonderful. It is selected very well, and many favorite and easily recognizable songs. The presence of 3OH! 3, my favorite band, was especially pleased.

    I look forward to the next episodes of the second season.

    10 out of 10

  • BusinessBest
    A couple of thoughts about the 'Vampire Diaries'
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/28

    I think my review will not differ much from the others, but I will write until the impression of the series is fresh.

    I started with a book, and marveled at this blue turbidity. To be honest, it was just interesting how on a similar book squalor one can also make a series. Then I came across a couple of positive reviews, on the disc (and, by the way, I was surprised - Elena Gilbert from the book is blonde a la Barbie, and then a languid dark brunette). In general, it became curious why everyone was writing “boiling water”, and I bought a CD with the first season. However, after the first three episodes, she mentally said: “Is that all? ...” - and put it back in a long drawer.

    In the process, I looked at 'The client is always dead' (I recommend), 'Doctor House', 'The Lost Room' and the last season of 'LOST' - and now the turn has reached the Vampire Diaries. Attempt number two :)

    And strangely enough, either something interesting begins with the third series, or something was so easy for me, but the series looked in one breath.


    - Stefan 'snot' was openly stolen by Pattinson Cullen. With all due respect - you need to invest something your own, guys, huh ...

    - And in Elena there is a lot from Bella. Nina Dobrev is many times more beautiful, looks good on the screen - do not try to copy Bella, which doesn’t really shine there, you have to be yourself. Elena’s Elena is all the same to her Elena, and not from the book, for which she has great respect, because playing Elena’s selfish and petty blonde is not an ice. But she does make her 'her', Ninina - so why copy Bella?


    - The guys are nice, it was nice to watch

    - NATURALLY, Ian Sommerholder! I read before watching that he was considered the best in the series. At first he replayed, but still he is the most colorful and memorable character. Maybe the bad guys just look more interesting on the screen? ... Cam Gigandet from 'Twilight' is also remembered :)

    - I liked the music. Still, the composer was not in vain eating his bread :)

    - Cinema is not an example better than a book.

    - Still, in the last series, the guys managed to arouse interest - “What will happen next?”. A point to them for sparking interest in continuing.

    - Oddly enough, Matt and Caroline liked it :) There was simply no other more impossible pair in the film.

    - I also liked Jenna and Jeremy. By the way, he is a rather interesting character in the film. Well done screenwriters who replaced Margaret's younger sister with Jeremy's younger brother!

    TV show rating 7 out of 10

  • Suzaku
    Everything is new - the redone old
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/50

    As a lover of the classics of the vampire genre, I was very scared to watch this series. Another blow to my psyche in the style of 'Twilight' I would not have survived. But on one boring evening, when all the worthy films were revised, bracing myself and carrying Valerian and ammonia with me, I sat down to watch this series.

    Ammonia was not needed, although when I first saw the main suffering vampire Stefan, I was already ready to collapse because of the similarity of characters with Edward Cullen from a saga that I hated. It is already a tradition to make the main vampire suffering, but suffering to such an extent and even running to school - they made only two bloodsuckers known to us. Guess who I mean.

    Then Elena appears - a mortal girl and the great love of our martyr, and at the same time the love of a couple more people (how could it be without this?). The love between a mortal and a vampire is also an old topic, like Vladislav Dracula himself. Girls were superheroes, or vice versa, boring junk, but they did not exaggerate. A girl with a character, but she was not developed to the stage of a steep fighter. For this point.

    Then in sight came the sinister brother of a vampire in love, Damon. True, he was not at all sinister, but a very good guy. But here, the matter was not without plagiarism. The image was mixed from two famous vampires: they took the charm and cunning of the vampire Lestat, and humor was stolen from Spike (the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series). Nevertheless, I had fun watching this funny hybrid.For Damon 2 points.

    Then we found out the best friend of the main character, who turned out to be a witch. Really familiar? And finally, I want to mention Elena’s younger brother, Jeremy. The original image. I have not seen such a thing in vampire stories, and if I did, then such characters usually do not live long. A boy who has no one and who loses everyone he loves. Lively and realistic image. The actor plays a little shackled, but for the image I give 2 points.

    Vampires walking around the world are not new, but the authors came up with a good excuse, as well as an excuse for a vampire who is already under two hundred, but who fell in love with a 17-year-old girl. For this one more point. I would give two, but the story with the rings protecting from the light was also already in a number of other works.

    And I also want to give a point for the vampire Isabelle, the actress who played her like me from time immemorial of the movie 'Raven 2: City of Angels'

    So, watching a barrel of plagiarism and a drop of gag, I scored 7 points and watched the first season. The highest level for the series, where there is practically nothing new and unique, but the creators took the best of other books / films / TV shows. Apparently this is the secret to the success of this multi-part picture: “Why invent a new one if you can steal the old?”

    You can see, but you will not see anything new, and if you want to remember your favorite images and see them with a new appearance - this series is for you. And also this series for girls who love gloomy romance and do not really bother with the correctness of the vampire image.

  • 3Shade3
    “I am what I am” ©
    Was this review helpful for you? 62/7

    I joined the vampire theme thanks to Twilight , and since then I have been trying to watch more or less successful films about vampires, so I don’t I couldn’t see The Vampire Diaries (especially since there are so many positive reviews).

    To say that the idea of ​​the series was taken from "Twilight" is very stupid if only because "The Vampire Diaries" were written in 1991 , and therefore I will not particularly compare them. We can only say that the ideas are really similar, but the vampires themselves are different. If in Twilight vampires look more "fabulous" (they sparkle in the sun, are more patient with blood), then in "Diaries" bloodsuckers are closer to "real" ones (for example they burn in the light and die from an aspen stake). But I can’t say that any of this is worse. Looking at different ideas about vampires is quite interesting.

    The plot is probably one of the strengths of the series. The main thing here is not only the brothers' struggle for Elena. Of course, this problem does not disappear throughout the series, but closer to the middle it goes by the wayside, and the struggle between vampires and people for their hometown comes to the fore. And in order to understand the motives of both people and vampires, we are shown the events taking place in the 19th century, tell the stories of different families. At first, this all may look confusing, but towards the end everything clearly and simply falls into place, all the events and stories presented are directly related to each other, and after watching the series there are almost no questions (except for those that the directors specially left, to answer them in season 2.).

    In The Vampire Diaries, not only the main characters are interesting and unique - Stefan , Damon , and Elena - but also secondary ones. Every hero is important in the series, the plot binds all their dissimilar stories into one fascinating and exciting. And most importantly, the actors coped with their roles perfectly. It seems that each character was written under the actor playing him. I can’t say that one of them was boring, they all corresponded to each other and complemented the big picture. But most of all, of course I liked:

    Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) is the brightest character in the film. A mysterious vampire antihero with his secrets, in fact, turned out to be not so bad.

    Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) is the younger kind brother of Damon , a “vegetarian vampire” who defends the city from vampires. It’s also very bright, but I think now looking at the good and modest is not so interesting.

    Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) - well, there’s nothing special to talk about. Nina Dobrev perfectly suited for the role of not suffering from modesty of the main character.

    Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) - I don’t know how I liked this hero. Perhaps its simplicity, kindness. He is not a cool vampire, but solves problems that vampires cannot afford.

    Vampires in this series look pretty stylish (and everyone has almost the same style), despite the fact that they are at least 100 years old. They are closest to mythological.

    "The Vampire Diaries" can not be called an adaptation of the book, in the sense in which we now perceive the adaptation. In fact, these are two completely different works, except that the heroes are the same. Even the background is different. And most importantly, oddly enough, the series is much more interesting than books. Everything is more complicated and exciting here.


    "The Vampire Diaries" does not have flaws typical of the series, such as prolonged tediousness. There are not many series, but each complements the other, presenting a more complete picture of an exciting story about the ancient struggle between vampires and people (and, of course, about love).

    10 out of 10

  • Lindablin
    - She's a living person! - But not me! I don’t care!
    Was this review helpful for you? 67/5

    Having heard for the first time about the new series 'The Vampire Diaries', she reacted to him as another clone of Twilight - not too good. Long avoided watching, but flattering reviews from people skeptical of Twilight made me watch the first episode. And away we go ..

    Since, due to the obvious similarity of the direction and in some places, plots, a comparison with Twilight is inevitable, and therefore we will not shy away from it. So let's get started.

    From the very first minutes, the Far East conquered me with an amazing cast. Let the young and not well-known, performers of not only the main, but also secondary roles, coped with their task perfectly. Each character is shown multifaceted, realistic, which can not be said about Twilight heroes. Already there, if Edward is good, then he, damn it, is good to cloying, to a gag reflex; if the red-haired-not-remember-how-her evil vampire is bad, then, again, there can be no, absolutely no good human qualities in her. I don’t speak about secondary roles at all - they are something like furniture.

    A separate * bravo * I want to tell Ian Somerhalder - this is definitely his role! 'Highlight' of the series - impudent, charming, sexy, graceful, dangerous .. mm .. but what are his facial expressions, gestures, eyes .. I am delighted!

    Perhaps the question of characters can be attributed more to the script and directing, rather than acting. So, about the birds.Citizen Marcos Siga and others did their best. No busting, everything is very smooth, beautiful, exciting - even the moment of the bite of Elena by Stefan is amazing, despite the slightly poppy circular shooting and pathos music.

    Now about the script. I have not read Twilight nor The Vampire Diaries, but what I see on the screen is heaven and earth. In the "Diaries" everything is different - an interesting story, funny jokes, youth slang - and NO exaggeration, everything is REAL! Real experiences, real emotions, real stories - vampires do not shine in the sun, but burn out, a simple girl doubts and worries for a long time before saying "I love" and trust, and does not even think about being turned around! Stefan from a good hey guy turns into a beast, what he is, the villain Damon sympathizes and protects, the dummy Caroline suffers because of his superficiality, vampires look like ordinary people, and are not strewn with flour and do not sparkle with yellow lenses .. U guys have life, they go to school, talk about ordinary things, go on dates, solve problems .. Everything is as usual. Therefore, vampirism does not look so fake.

    The screenwriters' chic move - playing Twilight in one of the first episodes of what Edward found in this Bella? He's a moron 'and a terrific dialogue about vampires' - Crucifixes? - The props. - Holy water? “You can drink it.”

    Everything in this series is harmonious and no frills - incredibly sexy Damon for girls, beautiful Elena for young people, an interesting story for connoisseurs and easy humor for those who want to relax.

    Many thanks to you guys for another fantastic tale that you may not need to think a lot about, but you can relax and be carried away by miracles.

    10 out of 10

  • shvec 10161
    How it all ends ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 25/16

    I stumbled upon this series by accident. Naturally, I thought this was another interpretation of the Twilight Saga. But what was my surprise when the series was 100 times better than this film!

    I will not talk about the plot, as it has already been done for me. The only thing I can say is that the series is quite confusing and interesting for its versatility. With each series, we are both approaching a solution and moving away from it!

    Not in one of the films and series, I did not see that after a bite of a vampire, a person remains a person. Or in order for a vampire to get into the house, he must wait for the invitation. Verbena and rings and where is it interesting without them too!

    About the actors:

    Nina Dobrev (Elena) Of course, if you compare her with Bella, she’s both smart and beautiful ... But at some points she doesn’t play out, and sometimes it seems extremely boring ... The game is not up to par, but still decent enough.

    Paul Wesley (Stefan) Something reminiscent of Patinson ... nonetheless, it doesn't really bother. He’s a boring character ... sometimes annoying, of course, but oddly enough without him, too, no where! The game certainly leaves much to be desired, but still coped with the role.

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon) This is exactly the character you can’t complain about! The game is brilliant, the image is perfect ... Besides, just handsome, maybe due to the appearance of Damon in this picture, Stefan began to enrage me like that ... a very interesting character, with his own history and philosophy of life ... in short, sweetie!

    If Elena finally chooses Stefan at the end, I’m very disappointed in the plot.

    In short, I liked the series ..

    10 out of 10

  • Lady_Oksi
    Again vampires, but what vampires ... mmm ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 56/10

    At the moment in my life there are two works to which I relate with awe. These are Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. I watched both the screen versions after reading the books. Both books and the series with the film are completely different from each other. They are united only by the fact that there are vampires and love for man. But each of them is unique in its own way.

    As for The Vampire Diaries, the author made Elena selfish and a bitch. All her relationships with others were built on some kind of obligations. Allegedly, everyone owes her something and owes something. But as you read, everything changes. Toli, the heroine reconsidered her priorities and from a petty bitch turned into a touching creature who cares about everything in the world, or the author did not have the patience and imagination to complete the image of such a devil. Which, in principle, I'm glad.

    As for Stefan, I liked him from the first minute, he bribed me with his kindness. As for Damon, then this is a mystery hero. He seems to be evil, but on the other hand he has a soul that is deeply hidden from the eyes of people. But in the second book, especially towards the end, you get acquainted with his personality, and you begin to feel confidence in him. And the third book has surpassed everything. Not only did Elena become a vampire, but the two brothers of the acrobat are changing before our eyes, especially Damon. So every book is full of surprises.

    Now, let's get down to the show.

    When I learned about the film version of this book, I was very happy. But she was afraid that they would make a soap opera out of a good book, which would not be so exciting and interesting. After watching Twilight, I even wanted to put an end to this saga, because I liked the book more than the movie. But after the second part, everything has changed. Toli actors stirred, felts director well done.

    As for the "Diaries", I was hooked with the first series. But if you compare it with a book. Then there will be at least a thousand differences. In the series from the book there is only one name and the names of the heroes. Of course, I understand this series, not a single film, but it completely turned over my vision of the book. Now these are two completely different islands that are connected by a common name. Not only that, in the series Elena is completely different: kind, sweet, sympathetic, and in the book she is a bitch, we won’t specify that she is blonde with blue eyes, and Catherine is a product of evil itself. And in the book, she sacrificed her life for the sake of two brothers. It seems that the director did not read the book or “slightly” mixed up something. But this does not stop the viewer at all. And I don’t understand why everyone compares diaries to twilight. For me, there is a very thick line drawn between them. Even if you take the heroes and consider them, the difference is visible to the naked eye.

    Now about the heroes.

    Elena - as mentioned above, in the series she is just a darling. It is not only pleasant to look at her as a beautiful appearance, but also a good girl. And if we talk about the actress herself, then who would not say, but she coped with the task and played with a bang. And sometimes it seems that the director did not want the serial Elena to be similar to the book heroine. He clearly had his own ideas.

    Katherine is the bastard you want to get rid of in the series as soon as possible. I can’t wait for someone to put an aspen stake in it.

    Stefan - during the first season we managed to see two Stefans at once: good and bad. When you look at the good, you think: “Well, when will you stop letting nurses and start being a man?” But when a kind of Stefan appeared bad, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that you miss Stefan’s romantic and kind nature of good. I was very happy about his return. Although he looked excellent in the roles of a womanizer and a bad guy.

    Damon - did the director specifically choose this actor for me? The first time I saw him was "staying alive", and recorded it in my beloved men. And as for the “Diaries”, as it turned out, three more have tried for this role: Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino and Paul Wesley, but I am very glad that Ian Somerhalder passed. In his appearance there is something attractive and at the same time repulsive and even sometimes frightening. The point is not only in the game, but in its appearance.This image was clearly written for him. One has only to look at his smile and eyes, then everything is immediately clear. He is the one who was supposed to be Damon. So none of the applicants could play. They are too perfect for negative heroes, even Michael Trevino.

    Bonnie - in the book she was kind of weird, I don’t even know what was wrong with her. But in the series, she was very good, until she started making jambs after the death of her grandmother. You can understand everything, but you also need to soberly assess the whole situation. In general, by the end of the first season she went to the black list.

    Caroline - this book was that bastard too. But on the series, she did not throw such tricks, although sometimes she was a stupid blonde, but sometimes she also had enlightenment. And she became a good girl.

    Jeremy - if you do not take into account that in the book he was Elena’s younger sister and his name was Margaret, then he is a poor boy, he was always unlucky with his girlfriends. First Vicki, then Anna, I wonder who will be next?

    Tyler - never liked and not in vain, apparently felt that in the end he would be a werewolf. More precisely under-negotiable.

    Matt - I didn’t see anything interesting in him at all. Even Tyler evoked some kind of feeling, albeit not positive. And this hero is like an empty place. Nothing ...

    Alaric is a miracle man. Throughout the series, I can’t understand it. For me it has seven locks with a thousand-digit cipher.

    Meredith - I wonder where her business is?)))

    To summarize.

    I really liked the series, the actors shine, the game is super. I want to watch it and wait for the continuation. It has something that attracts, fascinates. Perhaps this is love and rivalry. We see how each hero changes and fights temptation. This is especially true for Damon. When the whole situation with Katherine became clear, I truly felt sorry for him and I was ready to go over to his side, but the charming Stefan with his kind and sad eyes kept me with him. So with the replenishment of the list of fans of Damon, I will wait. Let's see how events will develop further.

    For an interesting plot, for dynamics, for actors and their game, I bet

    10 out of 10

    Z. Y. I hope that Santa Barbara will not be made from this series.

  • Jul Lul
    Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Lisa Smith
    Was this review helpful for you? 56/10

    Let's start with the most burning question: Twilight or The Diaries?

    You can not compare them, these are absolutely two different stories, and completely different books. And to say that Stephanie licked at Lisa, or Lisa at Stephanie is simply stupid. The only thing in the series was really 'licking' a couple of moments from Twilight. This is a book - Wuthering Heights , which Stefan gives Elena to read (Lisa Smith didn’t have a word about her), some scenes. Also in the series mentioned the book 'Twilight'. It seemed that with the help of Twilight they wanted to attract attention. Although the series is absolutely not needed. However, these are two completely different subjects. The films have a different atmosphere, musical accompaniment. Twilight is more romantic , but the Diaries are more dynamic . Twilight rests solely on the relationship of Bella and Edward , and the Diaries on Damon .

    Lisa Smith and the series

    Quite by accident, I bought a CD with the first season, and mainly because of Ian. The series was so captured that I watched all the series in just 2 days. While I was waiting for the release of the second season, I downloaded books, naively believing that I would learn the further development of events. Yeah, I found out. At first, the book completely disappointed me, because everything was there, well, everything was completely wrong. I read 4 books, I didn’t have enough for more. Only the main characters remained in the series from the book, some of them even changed their characters.

    Actors, Heroes

    Ian in the role of Damon is incomparable, there’s nothing to even say.

    Nina in the role of Elena ... perhaps I like her. Compare Nina and Kristen, Elena and Bella idiocy, completely different actresses, completely different roles.

    Paul in the role of Stefan ... maybe he plays well, but I do not like the actor, but I'm already used to him. And if you compare Stefan and Edward, I like Edward more. And next to Damon, both Ed and Stef fade.

    Season Two

    Bonnie begins to annoy, and Caroline - on the contrary. Damon is still beautiful and witty - and this is the most important thing. I look forward to a new series.

    10 out of 10

    (Damon just doesn't let you put less)

  • longoria
    Really ... not like Twilight
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/6

    The Vampire Diaries ”is a love story about vampires and humans. It is vampires. After all, there is not only Stefan, there is also Damon (Damon). But! The story is standard, already experiencing more than one generation ... You just need to understand that a bicycle cannot be invented, it already exists and lives well, you can only be a bit designers and modernizers and upgrade it. Which is what the author of the books of the Vampire Diaries series did. Elena-Stefan-Damon is a mystical love triangle, with a wormhole in the base and unbearable wounds on the tops. In fact, her heroes do not have many happy moments in life - everyone has something wrong, something is wrong ...

    The series emphasized this in an even cooler way. Instead of little sister Helen appears drug addict brother Jeremy. As an ordinary guy, he deeply in his heart experiences the catastrophe, the loss of his parents ... and as an ordinary guy he does not see a way out of the situation and prefers to drown himself in drugs. And what kind of guy at the age of 15-16 would talk to his older sister or aunt about his problems? He hoped to find such an “assistant” in Wicca Donovan, but something went wrong again. Elena rushes between her friends, between the aunt who became their guardian so early, between her drug addict brother, and now between her two blood brothers. Where to get her, not yet recovered girl, strength for happiness? She does not think about Stefan alone, yes, she loves him, loves him very much, but she understands that in addition to him, she still has a girlfriend, there is an aunt, there is a brother. She fights for everyone at once, because if there is another blow, he will be stronger.

    10 out of 10

  • Crazypoet
    Was this review helpful for you? 33/28

    And so, I have watched three flagships of vampire fashion, which has swept the fragile teenage minds in recent years. This, of course, is about 'Twilight', 'True Blood' and the subject of today's review. We will not say anything about the twilight saga, because about the deceased either good or nothing, and the crazy series from Alan Ball is also not affected, you want, yourself to join the beautiful. Here we go in order: first the plot, then the characters, and then the actors that bring them to life.

    In general, the whole plot fits into a brief description of the series, while with each series it is issued in a very metered way, so as not to overload the audience’s brain with all kinds of information and not distract from the contemplation of love lines, of which there are plenty. Everything that happens is very ambivalent, because on the one hand the ' Diaries ' are the ancestors of 'Twilight', and the creators did not dare to completely escape from the gloom and hopelessness that Stephanie Meyer put together in a hurry and was the first to to sell to Hollywood, but on the other hand, many thanks for the fact that there are some really good characters and scenes not for 14 year old girls.

    By the way, the plot’s absurdities are very striking, where it is clearly stated that the older a vampire is, the stronger, faster, has a more powerful potency, etc. But, however, the two Salvatore brothers are constantly beaten by newcomers throughout the series, and even then they are fast as the wind. when you just need to approach, they stand and watch how the stakes are driven into their chests, but apparently I'm too distracted from the love lines ...

    The characters here are also very ambiguous, there are a couple of main characters that cause yawning and irritation, almost all of the dialogues of which boil down to the following:

    - I love you !
    - I love you too, but we cannot be together, I am a vampire (eyes look away)

    Or second:

    - I will go to the forest, do not go with me ! (this clarifies the time and place where he will go, the heroine agrees, but then makes her face a “brick” and still comes, which is often beaten by everyone who is not lazy)
    - Why did you come ?
    - I could not leave you, Stefan! !!

    But they are dragged on by the evil brother of the protagonist, with the speaking name Damon, this is really a good character, plotted, the motivation of which does not cause questions, and black humor causes laughter. 5 points. Also appeared and the alter ego of Elena Gilbertova, which somewhat redeems her main character in the eyes of the public. Well, periodically various secondary characters appear, like visiting werewolves and vampires, who, without any regrets, are used up by the scriptwriters. Too bad ...

    Actors are selected based on the target audience, which is understandable. All the girls are slim and beautiful, all the young men (even those who are 200 years old) are athletes with a courageous look. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev have about 3 facial expressions each (gloomy, suffering and modestly smiling), though when the character Katherine is added, Nina still has a bitchy and sarcastically smirking, oh well, they have cardboard characters written in the script, while Ian The sommerholder seems to just pull himself back, playing his part, like some supporting actors, though also unforgettable to show suffering on his face.

    What is the outcome? A simple entertaining Sunday TV series, where screenwriters with varying success try to find a competent balance between a soap opera and a good series with lots of secrets, black humor and a fair amount of cruelty.

    6.5 out of 10

  • Zarrina La Beouf
    The Vampire Diaries. Glance N 2
    Was this review helpful for you? 25/5

    'Kiss me or ... kill me.' ©

    If after the end of the first season, I just could not curb my own thoughts and at least somehow connected to put them on the page, then after watching the first 6 episodes of the second season, I have already formed an opinion and am ready to share my emotions with you.

    So, the first thing I want to note is the interest of the plot and its unpredictability. I can’t imagine what will happen next, because every time I make some guesses, everything changes dramatically, and new lines, new intrigues and new questions appear. And it should be noted that this is not annoying, but rather arouses growing interest. Starting from the very first episode, such a flurry of emotions and emotions fell upon me that I look forward to new episodes!

    Regarding the acting, I want to fill in Nina Dobrev with compliments, because despite her young age and relatively small acting experience, she copes with two completely different roles, which is extremely pleasing to the eye.

    Paul Wesley seems a little more alive this season. It feels like all the actors have somehow ... grown up, or what?

    And of course, Ian Sommerhalder! This season is a little more responsible, more complex, with even more emotions and more charm. Just unique!

    The director's work is also quite good.

    But, if you add up everything that I wrote before, spice it all up with an excellent soundtrack and a personal good attitude, you will get a wonderful creation that you want to watch and wait to continue!

    Definitely recommend it! Even in advance, but for some reason I’m sure that from now on the series will only get better!

  • harerama
    Was this review helpful for you? 59/5

    Honestly, I didn’t want to watch this series. After much persuading my friend to watch at least one episode with her, I sat down in front of the monitor. - See, you'll like it! - I answered with a skeptical grunt and rolled my eyes. But after watching the series, I caught myself thinking that I want to watch more and more.

     Many say that the topic of vampires is driven to the extreme, that this is the lot of teenage girls, etc., but friends, the series is interesting! The theme of the struggle between good and evil is revealed, but then it turns out that evil is not evil at all . In each series, new puzzles and secrets appear, each character is a person, each has its own story and its own secrets. All actors are well-chosen and play well, some are even excellent.

    A few words about the heroes of the 'Diaries' :

      Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) - smart, beautiful, brunette, in general, she has everything in a bunch, only one trouble: her parents died in a car accident and she is very ill. According to the development of the plot, it turns out that she has a bloodthirsty double - Catherine Pierce (to be more precise, not Catherine Pierce is her double, but Elena is her double Catherine Pierce) In short, everything in the girl’s life is confused and she should be pitied.

      Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) -that is who will regret it. A handsome vampire with a dark past and fine mental organization. He should not be afraid, because he tied to eating people and switched to squirrel. Once he was in love with Katherine Pierce and it tormented him, so he decided to come to Mystic Falls and try his luck with her copy of Elena.

    Everything would be fine, but someone else laid eyes on the beautiful and clever Elena. Damon Salvatore (aka Ian Somerhalder) is the elder brother of the sweetheart cutie Stephen, who is hungry for blood and, of course, Elena. From Damon and overwhelms sexuality and wit. Plus, he is cruel and merciless. After his arrival in Mystic Falls, the city plunged into the past, in those days when vampires walked the streets and drank blood from anyone. Damon is going to take over Elena at all costs. And again, for the same reason as Stefan. Damon also had a love affair with Katherine Pierce and he saw familiar features in Elena.

     This love triangle is the basis of the series and everything revolves around this trinity. Well, in general, everything is like in a standard novel. I can not help but notice that the series was shot based on the books of Lisa J. Smith . Many people like to compare Twilight with Diaries and say that Diaries are licked, so in vain. Diaries were written long before the twilight ...

     Well, in the end I will say that the series is very good and interesting, the soundtracks are perfectly selected. Enjoy yourself! Enjoy watching.

    10 out of 10

  • ler-lerusenok
    There is no such hackneyed topic that could not be hit again ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/3

    The series 'The Vampire Diaries' I started watching only when I started shooting the second season. To similar films about vampires, such as 'Twilight', she was always skeptical. Therefore, for a long time hesitated to view the 'Diaries'.

    However, I can say that this series exceeded my expectations. On the one hand, the creators of the series did not bring anything new to the hackneyed topic about vampires, but the Far East win compared to similar 'masterpieces'.

    Firstly, the amazing cast. I note the excellent game of Ian Somerhalder, which, in my opinion, is the decoration of the entire series. This is one of the most important reasons to watch it.

    Secondly, an interesting storyline. Each series has its own story. The action is developing quickly and very exciting. I watched the last episodes of the first season almost without stopping and in one breath.

    Thirdly, a wonderful soundtrack. Most of the songs are well known and loved by many.

    I look forward to new episodes!

    10 out of 10

  • Kinohnica
    I fell in love with the first episode ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/7

    After watching several episodes, I realized that I wanted to watch this episode further! And now I will explain why:

    Firstly, this is the theme of the series - vampires! I love something mysterious and mystical, so the Vampire Diaries gave me this! The name itself speaks for itself.

    Two vampire brothers: one positive hero, and the second supposedly such a cute 'scumbag', 'bloodsucker', have loved the same girl Katherine for more than a century. Of course there will be conflicts, showdowns, but this is what the viewer needs. But then Catherine's double appears - Elena ...

    Secondly, this is love! As without her. It was then that Elena appeared, and it was up to her to decide with whom to be, with a 'sweetheart' or 'handsome', and she settled on the first - Stefan.

    Thirdly, the storyline. In the series, everything is so at ease, as if this is happening in our time, in reality. I want to penetrate into all the experiences and thoughts of the heroes, understand everyone or condemn each one. On the one hand, everything is going according to a certain plan, on the other hand, everything seems unpredictable ...

    Fourth, of course, these are actors! For the most part, I love this series for the actors. It seems to me that they have become so accustomed to the role that I just can’t imagine Damon not played by Ian, but Elena and Stefan? Yes, they all play very well. Their game seems lively and laid-back! With the heroes of this series I want to live every minute, worry about them.

    I watch the series with a certain pleasure, pleasure, and after each series of emotions splash over the edge! I love this series from the first series and look forward to continuing!

    10 out of 10

  • Rikki94
    I am 17 years old since 1864. © The 1st season.
    Was this review helpful for you? 62/6

    - Did you convert her because you liked her?
    - No. Due to the fact that I liked her - I slept with her. And he turned her because she begged me about it. ©

    So sir. Where to start ... I decided to see the Vampire Diaries in May, when the school ended, there was nothing to do. I was sure that this was just another Twilight plagiarism that I hate. But I couldn’t imagine when the first time I turned on 1 episode of season 1 that it would drag me forever. I’ll say right away that this series is a million times more magnificent than The Twilight Saga. The first season made a huge impression on me, I was dragged into the series from the very first series. It is because of this that I look forward every week and watch a new series of the second season.

    - Being a 150 year old teenager is what I always dreamed of! ©

    I repeat once again that I did not read the book - accordingly, I do not know how the author presents all the characters to us. And I can’t compare what the actors showed and how they were described in the book. I haven’t read the book, and I won’t read it - I’m just afraid to be disappointed, because it’s impossible to surpass the impression of this series. To begin with, Mystic Falls sunk forever into my soul . A very mysterious place, a little strange, a little scary, everything is magical, inhabited by vampires ... It’s just an ideal place, amazing scenery. Each episode is just great music.This is a huge plus. Episode 7 made me cry with Jeremy and Elena. In episode 9, when Stefan left, I was terribly sorry for Elena - but damn, how it sounds like Twilight. At the end of season one, I watched the magnificent dance of Elena and Damon at Miss Mystic Falls. Fine! I will save all my notes with notes that I made while watching. Relic.

    - I won’t go with you. You tried to kill me.
    “Yes, but you killed me.” ©

    Forgive me for comparing The Vampire Diaries to Twilight - I just have nothing more to do with it. The actors are great. I really liked Nina Dobrev - this is what I understand as a “real game”, live, the one you believe. Nina is just great in the role of Katherine. Especially in the last episode of the first season. I really liked this girl - when she cried, tears appeared in me too. She made me empathize with her, to believe. There is only one person - two roles - and it turns out that I see not Nina, but two completely different girls - strong-willed bitch Katherine and kind ordinary ordinary girl Elena. Now about Damon. I will write a little later about Stefan, because of these two I would choose the eldest. Why Damon? Well, firstly, I'm crazy about the Ian Somerhalder who played him. I liked him back in 2004 as Boone in Lost. Here he is also magnificent. Also, the damn negative charm of this self-serving psychopath - Damon - was just driving me crazy. > Brilliant game, wonderful character, oh and point. Bravo, Yen !!! At first he was Boon for me. And now - an established actor. One of the best. My teddy bear, Yen . Stefan ... such a right vampire, who is not a vampire at all. Why did Elena choose him? Oh, it doesn’t matter. Paul Wesley made me believe in him, the way he really is. Actors a hundred times better than the actors from Twilight.

    - So what is it with you - love three together? You and the Salvator brothers? ©

    I really like the witch Bonnie . To be honest, because of her betrayal, I wanted to strangle her. And then, when she corrected what she had done, I realized again that Bonnie as a character is a good friend. When she showed Elena the focus with feathers from the pillow - I myself wanted to become a witch. Just a little bit. Moreover, I recently watched the movie 'Trap for Parents', and with pleasure I noticed a baby who grew up in a magnificent Bonnie. Jeremy - at first he didn’t like it. Now, especially after the second season, I love him madly. So sincere, so real ...

    - You know, dude, nobody gave me the manual “How to Be a Vampire for Dummies”. So I studied on the go. ©

    Yes, I watch the second season. Those who don’t watch this series just because they hate Twilight or vampires lose a lot. I did not want. But I looked. 'The Vampire Diaries' is a masterpiece, where in each series a new discovery. After every 40 minutes, my emotions overwhelm me. I constantly cry or laugh. Well, the last - Elena, Damon and Stefan made me believe in the existence of vampires. It already seems to me that they are everywhere and at any moment can come for human blood. Edward and Bella didn’t succeed.

  • Morgan S
    The Vampire Diaries - The best cinema about vampires!
    Was this review helpful for you? 73/7

    A year ago, I learned about the existence of this series. At that time, I thought: “Nothing interesting, one more series”. Truth. Then I could not imagine that in a year, I would not only want to see The Vampire Diaries, but also sit on it, becoming a big fan of vampire history. So I decided to watch it, downloaded it all season at once, and I have to admit - I really liked the series - from the first seconds it is incredibly addictive, it’s completely impossible to tear myself away from watching, because almost all the series break off at a wildly interesting and intriguing moment, and until you know what will happen next, there will be no rest for you. And this does not mean at all that there is nothing to look at between the beginning and the end of the series, on the contrary, each episode is full of interesting events, active actions, heroes' actions, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, done competently and efficiently. In addition to the main storyline with the participation of Elena, Stefan and Damon, which occupies the lion's share of the entire timing, the series is filled with secondary stories that skillfully complement the overall picture of the entire series - this is the relationship between Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Anna (Malese Jow), Jenna (Sara Canning) and Alaric (Matthew Davis), and oddly enough, between Alaric and Damon, who, being sworn enemies, became good friends, albeit with mutual hostility, as well as many others. In addition, the series raised many acute social problems: the loss of dear people, custody, alcohol, drugs, which also added to the plot of sharpness.

    ... a few words about the actors that I liked :

    Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce) - she is Elena the Beautiful. The performer of the main female role in the series. She struck me not only with her external data - a true beauty, but also with a wonderful acting - in the series we see a beautiful, sweet, pretty girl who is very experiencing the death of her parents and has been depressed for four months now. She is kind - very kind, gentle, responsive - always ready to help her friends in distress and her brother who is in no less difficult situation. I really like Nina’s double play - from the second season she took on another role - the role of Katherine Pierce, and I must once again notice that she is really good at it, you really believe her. While Elena is a kind and gentle girl, Katherine is a merciless, narcissistic egoist, but so beautiful and alluring. Bravo!

    Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) - a vegetarian vampire, who deliberately refused the blood of people, the youngest of the brothers. Paul played well his role, through the chur of the “right” right vampire. He showed how hard it is to be a good vampire, when all of your nature tells you that you have to drink blood, how difficult it is to overcome all the troubles associated with his vampire essence - to restrain hunger, being next to the one you love, protect the one whom you love love etc. In his dark and thoughtful eyes you can see all the wisdom of his half-century vampire life, but at the same time these eyes are full of pain ... During the first season we managed to see two Stefans at once: the good - the true essence of his personality - the noble person in love with Elena and the bad - Stephen flew off the coils - his dark side of the coin.

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) - well, there are roles written as if for a specific actor, this is exactly the case. Ian, he simply invested a crazy amount of dynamics in Damon - you never know what he will do in the next moment, his facial expressions are amazing - countless options for smiles, facial expressions and raising eyebrows can not leave you indifferent, so I can confidently say that he copes with the role masterly, there is no other word to choose, the most multifaceted character. Ian plays a very bright hero - he wants to justify and admire, hate and curse. The life story of Damon is not as simple as it seems at first glance, each series reveals his personality in grains. At first, there is nothing valuable for him, he kills people in a fit of anger, takes lives because he so desires, does everything to harm his brother and no one can stop him. Throughout the series, he reveals his soul to us a little bit, and over time it becomes clear why he behaves like this. In the distant 1864, Stefan became the cause of his separation from Katherine, through his fault she "died" in that fire. But Damon, as it were, was not angry with his brother - he was settling accounts ... and promised to make Stephen's life a living hell. However, he does not hesitate to rush to save his brother if he is in danger and is ready to break the throat of anyone who dares to touch him. All his indifference is just a mask under which Damon hides the fact that he still has feelings.He does not want to admit this, he says that he turned them off, but this is not so, he has a bunch of internal experiences and dilemmas. Tormented by his own feelings, struggling with himself, he finds the strength to play a witty laugh and undoubtedly, Damon has some kind of dark charm that attracts his eyes.

    Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) is another interesting character to watch. Not a few trials fell to his lot - he lost his parents, went into a rage, moved away from his family, began to take drugs. But this does not mean that he is lost. All his actions are nothing more than a desperate struggle with the pain of losing his loved ones, with the world, with his injustice. And I'm more than sure - he will still show what he is capable of.

    Innovations : I really enjoyed a few new vampire rules

    1) To become a vampire, you must first drink the blood of a vampire and then die, in addition, the convert has the right to choose: to finally become a vampire by drinking human blood or voluntarily die.

    2) A vampire cannot enter the house without being invited - it’s just a find, because there are a lot of situations and plot decisions connected with this feature in the series.

    3) Verbena - again, many plot moves are tied to it.

    About the Soundtrack : - this is something incredible, here is the most diverse musical accompaniment that I just heard in the series and the fact that modern music plays in the series is definitely a winning solution.

    My Verdict : Without a doubt, “The Vampire Diaries” is a very atmospheric, vibrant emotions, high-quality movie, with just wonderful work of the director, cameraman, screenwriters and great acting.

  • EviL_24
    Not at all “Twilight” ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 59/8

    I started to watch recently, really like it, it’s interesting to impossible. The atmosphere is transmitted perfectly, what is needed on this topic, mystical, alluring and even frightening. To date, for me, this series has become one of the few favorite series. A delightful, gorgeous and simply wonderful soundtrack that surprises with each series in a new way.

    This series should not be compared with the movie 'Twilight'. The Vampire Diaries is not Twilight, definitely. I’ll explain why, in the series, the vampire theme looks more realistic and really interesting, in “Twilight” it all looks corny and predictable, even very predictable, that’s why I like the series, it doesn’t look like anything, it’s like that have it!

    I look forward to continuing, with impatience.

    Bottom line, be sure to watch.

    10 out of 10

  • Small Joy
    “Love sucks”
    Was this review helpful for you? 37/9

    The series 'Vampire Diaries' I watched TNT, was very happy when I found out that it would finally be shown on TV. Of course, many people compare this creation with the Twilight saga, which by the way did not impress me at all. But The Vampire Diaries, at least the script itself, came out long before Twilight, and so I don't understand the people who blame them for plagiarism. Of course, in this series, the same love triangle, except that both guys are vampires, but the Vampire Diaries impressed me much more, one might say, touched a living.

     17-year-old Elena and her 15-year-old brother Jeremy after the death of their parents live with their aunt, now their only close person. Soon Elena falls in love with the mysterious Stefan, not even realizing that he is a vampire, who is already very many years old. Moreover, his cruel handsome brother Damon, who also likes Elena, gets in his way. Both brothers begin to fight for her love, as she is a complete copy of Katherine, their long-standing love. And here the fun begins ...

     I want to say that The Vampire Diaries is a really worthwhile series worthy of attention, in contrast to the Twilight I mentioned above. Here, the actors play, really play, and not try to play stupid snotty scenes, and in terms of vampiresma this series is much better, and in terms of love, everything looks much more convincing. Especially excellent was Elena Gilbert performed by Nina Dobrev, while Bella is some kind of spineless creature with a stone face. Stefan and Damon didn’t let us down either, especially Damon performed by Ian Somerhalder, unlike Edward, who, due to his numerous makeup, looks like a gloomy drug addict without a soul. Therefore, I advise everyone who loves vampire themes to watch this series.

  • LeNoir
    Vampires are advancing
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/48

    Recently, vampire culture has experienced its rise. Books are written about vampires, films are made about vampires. In general, there is so much talk about vampires that only deaf did not hear about them. Well, I, as a fan of vampires and everything connected with them, could not miss the series “The Vampire Diaries”.

    What did I feel when I watched this series? I inadvertently thought that the Santa Barbara series of all time was revived! No, really, who would have thought that so much intrigue could fit in the series about vampires. High school vampires (damn it, even 170-year-old vampires want to continue their education), witches, abandoned children, vampire hunters are common here. And what did you expect from the series, which takes place in a town called Mystic Falls?

    The discrepancy with the book turned out to be big, the scriptwriters were clearly on the “rise” when they wrote the script. Throughout the first season, I could not understand where the brothers had an Italian surname. Obviously not to attract attention. It turns out that in the book the brothers were natural Italians and lived in the Renaissance. And in the series they, as I understand it, are Americans. And the replacement of the little sister of the main character with a younger brother, also from a number of innovations. Also, the main villain, the German Katarina, was turned into a Bulgarian Catherine Pierce. Well, this can be dictated by the fact that the performer of this role was born in Bulgaria.

    Yes, all this can be forgiven. But you can’t forgive the mediocre game of the main character! Oh my god, Nina Dobrev in the role of Elena Gilbert is just awful. And in the role of Katherine Pierce, she is doubly terrible. I don’t know what the decision to take her to the main role was dictated. Although I don’t know. Beautiful appearance. And that's it. But she plays so badly that there’s nothing to say.

    Two vampire brothers who fell under the charm of Elena (or Katherine, I got confused). The classic plot. One tormented and miserable. Another gets everything from life and is not tormented by remorse ... Boring, I'm already tired. Paul Wesley scared me all season with his eyebrows a la Brezhnev and his expression. Although Ian Somerhalder has something. And these are his green eyes. But the guy fit so much into the image of a bastard that he began to clearly replay.

    The plot is simple - the love of a vampire and a man. At first I even liked it. And even though the series is compared with Twilight, but here everything happens somehow more vividly. And the main three actors are quite pretty. Although gradually the main character annoyed me more and more with each of her appearances on the screen, and in the end I gave up the idea to inspect this creation. Mostly because of her. Well, because of all this fuss with abandoned children and the search for lost mothers. It’s like an Indian movie.

    4 out of 10

    I’ll go and revisit Dracula and True Blood.

  • Prue Stevens
    These are vampires!
    Was this review helpful for you? 58/12

    I have a strange story with this series. The first couple of episodes I saw a year ago, just when the excitement was just beginning. These series did not give me a ride, it’s boring, not interesting, even the posh big brother didn’t save the situation (well, you understand who I’m talking about). And here, on my free Sunday, I decided for some reason to watch all the season and a half. At first, everything seemed tedious, strained, and went more for the background. But with the fourteenth episode, there was such a drive that I involuntarily stuck to the monitor.

    This series, although created in the wake of the popularity of vampirism among the masses, is still very, very well done. The idea, unfortunately, has already been beaten up a bit - the love of a mortal girl and a vampire and all the obstacles corresponding to this, starting with personal cockroaches in my head and ending with werewolves and other evil spirits. But all this is very appetizingly packaged and served on the screens. Outwardly, it is typical for entertaining CW - a vivid picture, beautiful faces of actors who have long since left adolescence (others, it seems, are simply not kept on American television), stylish clothes, a soundtrack from fashionable and not so songs, perfect hair styling even after sleep. And also a mad drive, unexpected plot twists and the presence of the notorious chemistry between the characters.

    In almost every series, something happens - someone dies, someone tears off his head, someone gets bitten, and someone disappears. Scriptwriters do not give up.Also, that there is also a buzz - one plot twist does not stretch to an unlimited number of episodes, a maximum of two or three. Secondary heroes are gradually given a lot of time, but the main ones still do not fade into the background. Of the secondary ones, it is worth highlighting Caroline, who benefited from becoming a vampire, Alaric, a brave and militant historian, Jenna, a caring guardian of Gilbert’s brother and sister, Bonnie, a principled and harmful witch. And many are simply killed in several episodes. What can I say - the scriptwriters are not in vain eating their bread for one and a half seasons.

    The 'Culprit of the Banquet' in Mystic Falls is the modest Elena Gilbert, a very, very pretty girl. Of the qualities, there is a whole relying set - kind, sympathetic, courageous (although her courage often resembles banal arrogance and stupidity), loving, faithful and further alphabetically. I was impressed that in extreme situations, as a rule, she does not sit idly by her girlish hands, but acts by all available methods, and is always ready to support her vampire. Nina Dobrev did an excellent job. Then Elena's evil double appears - a certain Katherine Pierce, in the vernacular Katya Petrova. I can’t say that Nina showed everyone Kuzkin’s mother and jumped higher than her head in acting skills, but nonetheless not bad, although at first it seemed simulated.

    Her boyfriend, part-time vampire, and in the same series also an alcoholic, is one of the Salvatore brothers, Stefan. Eyebrows like Brezhnev, facial expressions like Pattinson’s, look like an eternally mourning.This is in the first series. There he is positive to the marrow of bones - he chases after the unfortunate rabbits, fights off his evil brother and takes care of Elena. And hereafter, he begins to develop as a character and acquire new facets. It is for a long time that it first tries human blood, it turns out that it was he who persuaded Damon to a difficult vampire share. Paul Wesley at first seems to be a refined bore, but then he corrects himself, so it’s definitely an offset.

    And the most delicious is the most interesting character, the evil brother Damon. It seems like a crazy nut, constantly looking for adventure on the fifth point (and he finds it, asshole!), Grinning disgustingly and raises eyebrows. He impresses me, first of all, with his sense of humor (often black) and the fact that he is far from being as simple as it might seem at first glance. In addition, it is very interesting to watch the difficult fraternal relations with Stefan. Despite the fact that they swear, fight and are ready to tear each other to pieces, they are also ready to save each other's lives, repeatedly and at the same time risking their own. And Damon, along with all his shortcomings, has an important advantage - when necessary, he will always be near: he will cover it from the arrow, he will replace the gentleman, and he will pull it out of the overturned car. I see the Sommerholder for the first time, but the role is literally written for him. It seems he is just plainly catching the buzz from his character.

    Vampires are depicted just as they should be. Greedy for human blood, dangerous and predatory hunters.No pink drool. True, it didn’t reach the classic look in the best traditions of Bram Stoker, but it will do.

    The acting is surprisingly good, and the most interesting, from series to series it is getting better, at times such sparks fly that you can safely sit down with a pack of cigarettes and light up every two minutes. Everything is laid out - from the main characters to the secondary ones. The plots are becoming more and more tricked out, the actors are revealed from bright sides, some episodes are simply swallowed (especially those where a lot of attention is paid to Damon and Elena - well, I like to see them together in one frame), the dynamics are more and more exciting. I sat, it’s called, on the day off to watch a TV series ...

    Well, now I just have to lay down my legs in anticipation of the end of January, when the twelfth episode comes out. And I really hope that the sequel will not disappoint. In the meantime, a solid nine

  • Alesinka
    Was this review helpful for you? 44/9

    Vampires, vampires ... How these creatures have become popular lately ... They somehow attract, fascinate, seduce, excite the mind and soul ...

    For a very long time I decided to write about the series, as it makes me think about the meaning of many words and actions. This is an intriguing story about a love triangle, love and hate, good and evil, friendship, the value of family ties and many other life problems.

    The atmosphere of the film is amazing, bewitching, mysterious, and attracts with its gloom and spontaneity.

    The soundtrack is excellent. Sometimes sensually, sometimes selfishly, sometimes boldly, sometimes lyrically, sometimes boldly and cheekily.

    Pleases the cast. Nina Dobrev is a wonderful and, in my opinion, very talented actress, but also just a charming girl! She so accurately and skillfully played two completely different, opposite personalities. Elena is such a sweet and brave pie girl. And Katherine is a selfish and narcissistic demon in a skirt. so different and so similar ...

    Ian, of course, with his charisma is irresistible in the role of Damon! I can spread about it for a long time. This is the one you involuntarily fall in love with, despite all his negativity.

    Paul also played well, but I do not like the hero himself. Too Stefan is courteous, polite and kind, like a vampire.


    10 out of 10

  • RocKsiJ
    The Vampire Diaries.
    Was this review helpful for you? 55/6

    The series looked just to understand why everyone loves it so much ... I watched the first episode until the end, and it was when Stephen’s brother appeared that I understood why everyone loved this episode so much.

    This is not a trivial love story, you really believe that here are vampires and not people smeared with make-up.

    Nina Dobrev - this actress conquered me, not only is she very beautiful, but also how she manages to play two polar opposites - Elena, who is afraid for her loved ones and is ready to die for them. And Katherine, who has been breaking destinies all her life, just to stay alive.

    Paul Wesley - I don't like his character. Nevertheless, he played well.

    Ian Somerhalder - he is beautiful in the role of insidious and cruel, and as we later understand and unrequitedly in love with a vampire. This is one of the few actors who know how to play with their eyes. And Damon’s gray eyes disarms.

    The plot.

    Another distinctive feature of the Far East from the Twilight Saga: that in the Far East everything is twisted not only on love, in each series, something happens for each character in the main characters and in the secondary ones. The plot is developing dynamically, there is no 'protractedness' inherent in series. Watching every episode is really interesting.


    The music is chosen very clearly, you really believe that the music was recorded just for this moment and not for any more.

    My rating: 10 out of 10

  • anna-maria-malif
    The story repeats itself
    Was this review helpful for you? 46/6

    I started watching this series on the advice of a friend who advised Twilight a year ago. I immediately expected that I would like him. Liked it. Highly. Strong.

    True, when I included the first series, discontent immediately appeared. I thought, 'There was one megapopular story about love between a vampire and a man, and now everyone who is not too lazy to profit from it, a similar plot, a love triangle, a small town, girlfriends ... only werewolves are missing. They found a replacement for prada - witches ... Maybe Elena will give birth to a daughter at the end and she will be happy with Damon? Don't you notice a familiar motive? ' It was so funny. When she saw Stephen, she thought: 'A pitiful breed for Edward. Something more ridiculous is to be expected. '

    It became interesting, what could a girlfriend like so much, did not turn it off. Pulled in from the third series. Most of all, from the beginning I was attracted by this conflict between the Salvatore brothers, sincerely worried about Stefan, and to the last episodes, for Damon. A big plus is that none of them is as perfect and unambiguous as Edward in Twilight (although, nevertheless, for me it is beyond competition). In general, this disruption of Stefan is shocking after Elena saved him by drinking her blood.

    Then I liked the fact that the plot does not have such a hint that being a vampire is very good or bad, Elena does not have an obsession with becoming the same as Stefan. Of course it’s great to be with someone you love forever, but I always hope that there is some other solution to the problem that Elena is a man and Stefan is a vampire.Although what else can there be a solution? ...

    From the very beginning, Damon is uniquely a universal enemy and life is poisoned by everything around him, nevertheless he is likable to everyone. And with each series more and more. I certainly didn’t want him to die. It’s good to be sure to be loved by him, but to have such an enemy ... I’m sure, although this is not shown in the film, that Elena still likes him. I waited until the end that she would admit it to him or that something would happen between them. I was really happy in the last episode when I saw their kiss and was somewhat shocked by her sudden change to Katherine. Such a strange feeling when you realize at the same time that Elena remained faithful to Stefan, they didn’t succeed with Damon, that he is not alone now, at the same time it’s not clear whether he loves Ketrin now, or if he needs Elena ... In short, they finished as always on the most interesting!

    The attitude towards new heroes is still changing all the time. And everyone can understand on whose side they were not.

    And now on the case: Actors played just amazing, competent dubbing is pleasant to perceive. Everything from costumes to sets is thought out to the smallest detail, the style and image of the main characters, everything attracts attention, I want to look and look at them. Faces, bodies as pictures, and without busting, beautiful, elegant.

    Special thanks as always for OST. I always pay attention to him. Not many films were shot on the background of the alternative. Sound caresses the ear.

    As a result, it turned out that this series is a completely independent work, albeit very similar to the Twilight Saga. He definitely gets into the piggy bank of his favorite films. I look forward to when the second season comes out completely, so as not to get on my nerves every time waiting for the next series.
    10 out of 10

  • Sweet-Girl
    It is impossible, I do not believe, I can not believe. But .. how can I deny the obvious ... Someone who is not getting old, who is impossible to hurt, who is changing inexplicably ... Girls with bite marks ... Bloodless bodies ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 47/4


    The plot of the series is quite interesting, although the theme of vampires is already everywhere in my opinion. Nevertheless, 'The Vampire Diaries' has become my favorite series. Everything is so unusual, everything changes throughout the whole season, for example, Damon, which at the beginning and which at the end, o4 interesting scenario! Watching a movie you can experience joy for the heroes, sympathy, and even cry with laughter.


    The cast is great, all the actors play their roles unmatched.

    Ian Somerhalder

    With his brutality, from the first seconds he conquers all women’s hearts. In him, I am most fascinated by his indescribably clean and sincere smile, combined with sparkling kind eyes!

    And his role played in this series is youthful. He could completely transform into his character, Damon ... Ian Somerhalder can only say “Brava, brava, bravissima!”, It was impossible to find the best actor for the role of Damon.

    Nina Dobrev

    Unfortunately, besides this series, I have not seen her anywhere. But judging by the Vampire Diaries, I can say that she is a very beautiful and talented actress. In the series, she plays two completely opposite roles and does an excellent job! Even her heroines can be distinguished from each other, she perfectly embodies both roles and at the moment has become one of my favorite actresses.

    Paul Wesley

    Paul was able to realize the image of a positive vampire, while not losing his sexual vampire appeal, which is not easy at all, given the nature and nature of the vampire!

    Other Actors

    As I said earlier, all the actors do their job perfectly. Each actor is charming in his own way ... All actors wonderfully play their roles and make the series magnificent


    The soundtrack of the series is very well chosen .. Each song is suitable for every moment.


    10 out of 10!

  • ValeriaBn
    “Love sucks”
    Was this review helpful for you? 58/6

    It all started a week before the New Year. I tried many times to download or watch this series on TV, but I lacked patience. Thought another parody of 'Twilight'.

    But everything turned out very differently, and now I downloaded the first three episodes ...

    And to my great surprise, the series turned out to be (and now I'm just sure) very high-quality and interesting. In general, to 'soap operas', i.e. to the series, I am controversial. It’s all about our Russian so-called series, where the heroes of five episodes in a row cannot finish one single cup of coffee.

    But let's move on to the Vampire Diaries:

    1) I was always interested in the subject of vampires and it was interesting that the scriptwriters came up with a new one, and again, surprisingly, everything turned out to be quite believable.

    2) Actors are young, beautiful, talented. Simple and without excess.

    3) Heroes. And here in more detail. Elena is beautiful and simple, but at the same time very deep and interesting, emotional, sincere and kind. Its qualities can be listed for a long time. She is worthy of the love of another hero (my very favorite) Stefan. Here he is a real man. There would be more of these (and again I will not add anything superfluous). I have always loved and love negative heroes. They seem very complicated and contradictory to me. So it is with Damon. In the beginning, he disgusted me, but in the second season he was pleasantly pleased. In one of the series was the heroine Lexi, I would really like her storyline to continue, but my dreams did not come true. The rest of the heroes have no complaints. Everyone who didn’t like (Vicki and some more), they are already gone.

    4) The plot in the beginning was, let's say, not very. But in the middle of season 1 I began to like more and more, and now I don’t know how I will live to see January 27.

    5) Very pleased with the soundtracks. When you have the right music and your mood gets better.

    Everything is clear that the review is positive.

    So, there would be more such high-quality series.

    Score 10 out of 10 (100% hit)

  • Gail
    Vampires also know how to love!
    Was this review helpful for you? 55/6

    I have long wanted to see a new high-quality movie about vampires, in this case the series, but this detail does not change the matter in the least. So I had to. Stumbled upon the 'Diaries' by accident, attracted passages, emotional, frightening and truly vampire. I began to look and was so carried away that I was waiting for a new series every time with undisguised impatience.

    The plot. It would seem nothing new, a love triangle, the rivalry of two brothers, good and evil for the love of a mortal girl. But this is only the foundation, which with each episode increasingly acquires details of the past lives of two brothers. And the triangle becomes a square.

    Characters. It's not that simple. And the evil vampire Damon is wounded in his heart in love, such a touching and vulnerable person, hiding his heart behind a mask of a selfish cynic. And the good vampire Stefan knows how to be cruel, finding excuse for a noble purpose. And the main woman, or rather two - Elena and Katherine, outwardly similar, they show us two poles. Elena is a simple girl, kind and responsive, and Katherine is a true bitch, living only by herself. But this is also deceptive and the heroes commit acts that destroy these stereotypes. In general, everything is mysterious and intriguing.

    As for the other characters, they are all beautiful and individual: sad, suffering from loneliness and misunderstanding of Jeremy; eccentric, light and so kind Caroline; true friend and just good guy Matt; closed and principled Bonnie ...

    Actors. Young, energetic and new faces, nice and fresh.

    Nina Dobrev did an excellent job realizing two so different characters.

    But the main decoration is Ian Somerhalder. A true vampire is sexy and intimidating. I saw Ian in 'Lost' in the form of an ordinary guy, but here is different. The actor does not just play, he seems to revel in the role, becomes Damon, gradually turning into a vampire. There are simply no words - you can only watch and you will be delighted!

    I put 10 out of 10 with rapture!

    Look and you will not regret, each series, as a completed chapter. The series is very dynamic, obviously you will not be bored.

  • Triffle
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/6

    Series for all ages.

    Firstly: the series is worth watching, if only because very attractive men play there;

    Secondly: a series about love;

    Thirdly: the series is not just about love, it has a lot of fights, action, there are terrible moments that make the blood boil, and you want to watch it further and further, without stopping;

    Fourth: in the series very often new heroes appear, which does not allow him to stagnate. (sorry for the excessive use of the word series)

    No comparison with Twilight. It is like heaven and earth, elephant and ant, universe and molecule. Forgive the Twilight Saga fans.

    The acting is impressive. Especially with what ease Nina Dobrev turns from good to bad. And at the same time you believe that these are different people. I like the plot, every episode something happens.

    Generally lovers of the supernatural come here.

    10 out of 10

  • Little Button
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/3

    The series began to watch without much enthusiasm, as the vampire addiction got tired of the hell out of it, but the film hooked me surprisingly.

    What I liked from the very beginning is the movement. I can’t choose the right word, but the film doesn’t stand still, it has development, but there is no departure from the main topic (which is typical for many TV shows). New faces constantly come, bad, good - not salt, the main thing is changing.

    The actors are certainly impressive. Somerhalder, who defeated a good half of teenage girls, dear Paul Wesley, who is not far behind his partner and, of course, Bulgarian Nina Dobrev, who became the main character and decoration of the series.

    In general, the series is aimed at young people, not mature people who know life, although fans appear among them.

    10 out of 10

  • kinolie90
    'The temptation of eternal life is the empiric of every person.'
    Was this review helpful for you? 59/8

    The theme of vampires has become progressively popular after the premiere of 'Twilight', and is currently the favorite of all teenagers and adult romantics. The bestseller of the same name 'Twilight' pushed me to delve into the flaws of the vampire theme. Of course, I visited the city library, where after reading all the latest works by Stephanie Meyer about vampires, I came across the work of Lisa Smith's The Vampire Diaries. After reading I realized that I was faced with the usual vampire melodrama, the work did not make any impression on me, but after the appearance of the series in 2009, after watching 5 episodes, I was stunned by the graceful work of the film crew.

    About the series. The plot of the picture and book had a high difference and the course of events, it also fascinated, inspired reality, an active farce. 'Twilight' and 'The Vampire Diaries' are similar in peculiar moments of some characters and their stories, but at the same time they are opposite to each other. In my opinion, The Vampire Diaries turned out to be more successful and original than Twilight. The reliability of mythology in the series led many to believe, including a certain utopianism woke up in me, in the existence of these amazing creatures. Also struck by the exact selection of actors, their makeup, and the characters they played, but mind you, the metamorphosis with werewolves turned out to be quite ordinary. Pleased with the soundtracks for the film, very lyrical and soothing.

    "I'm impressed ... I put 6, the technique is lame."

    I assure you, The Vampire Diaries is not plagiarized by Twilight, and the series is not subject to comparison with the saga. After all, as everyone knows, Smith's book was published much earlier by Meyer.

    So which one is labeled 'Plagiarism'?

    “Don't do this anymore.”

    Characters and Actors.

    Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert, Catherine Pierce). Irresistible Nina - amazing, uniquely played her two main characters: Elena and Catherine. Apparently, the actress enthusiastically got used to her roles. And yet, not every creative person is given so elegantly with the sincerity of maximalism to play two completely different characters: good and evil. My reasoning suggests that Nina Dobrev is a chameleon man, which is very important for people with creative fundamentals, as she is able to change, and unique, without losing her naturalness. It's damn sexy.

    Elena Gilbert is a girl with a cheerful past and with the status of a popular schoolgirl who lost her parents, but here she meets a mysterious guy, and after that a stormy romance is born that turns into a fatal relationship ... It’s banal, but the essence is banal. This heroine is kind and consistent in her actions. Everyone dreams of such a niece, sister, girlfriend and girlfriend.

    “We all know how this relationship ends.”

    Catherine Pierce is a sexy bitch, with a dark and secret past, passionately in love with Stephen. For me, Catherine is one of the apotheosis characters in the series and potentially dangerous.

    "Yeah, this woman knows how beautiful it is to return."

    Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore). Paul perfectly approached his role and did not disappoint. Played or even slightly outplayed with dignity. A 150-year-old vampire succumbed to the charms of a 17-year-old schoolgirl. A full physical copy of his ex-girlfriend, which, in addition to passion, he could awaken in himself. A sensitive guy who hates cute squirrels and forest animals so much and eats them for breakfast. But Stefan is a man of decency, he has a strong will, since he was able to abandon his naturalness and this is very difficult for others to understand. Whatever he is, unlike his brother, he always remains right. Just like guys dream of Elena, so many girls dream of a reliable guy.

    “Remember Stefan, it’s very important to stay away from affair.”

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore). Ian is an actor with potential and attractive facial expressions and wit for girls. Of all the actors in the crew, he alone is identical in kind with his character, that looking at his game is just a relaxation for the eyes. His presence idealizes the series and does not make it boring. Damon is an erudite, like his brother, and with direct, sharp humor. A typical bad guy abusing his vampire abilities.He always suffers from his atrocities, but against the background of the perfect, for him it is mild. Accepts its nature and enjoys the vampire life. He is cruel cold, but in the depths softer and kinder than his brother. This character is close to me in quality and character. There is a certain despair in him in all his vast senses and this is his fate.

    "I am a futalist."

    About the rest.

    Stephen McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert). McQueen is a young talent and played well. Miserable and the most unlucky, for me, in the series, a character who survived the death of her parents, beloved girl Vicki, then Anna. But the guy is gifted with talents and inclined to art, history and drugs, although he quit.

    "Finding a goal in life is just as obvious as tragic."

    Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes). A little dumb at the beginning of the blonde, but after a metamorphosis into a vampire - a confident, daring, sexy girl capable of repelling anyone who wants to harm her loved ones. In addition, she is a good friend and a girl, albeit a clumsy daughter.

    "She is terribly young, we have no future, and I think she will drive me crazy."

    Katherine Graham (Bonnie Bennett). Witch, psychic, but does not cause the sympathy of the audience, and indeed me. Attentive girlfriend and granddaughter. But obviously she doesn’t understand that her place is next to vampires.

    "Oh Boni is so faithful."

     ... new heroes come and go, new obstacles appear again and again, and this delays and resolutely converges to the single meaning of the film, but I think it’s still far from it. And characters like Tyler, Mad, Alaric, etc. and the actors who played them perfectly will always make us grab our hearts and popcorn while watching this series.

    "I do not want love, I was in love - it hurts, is pointless, exaggerated."


    The series is neither bad nor direct so stunning; for each, he is in his own way idealistic in his unique ideology, since each person thinks critically in his own way. But against the background of other films of the same topic, he deserves the maximum objective assessment.

    10 out of 10

  • Irka Kaimykova
    If you want to live with someone forever, you need to live forever.
    Was this review helpful for you? 39/4

    Now there are a lot of books and films about vampires. The list of such films over the past decade has doubled at least. Many say: 90 years are drugs, and the first first decade of the 21st century is vampires. And every time I want something new from each film with the participation of vampires. In principle, humans have always been attracted to these creatures and their history. Viewers are waiting for new interesting stories and facts that were not mentioned earlier in any other film or book.

    You are drawn into the series from the first series. Nice picture, great love stories. Vampires, puzzles and a beautiful girl - this is how girls like it. Each series is a new story, new people, new details. With each series, it’s more interesting and exciting to watch what is happening in Mystic Falls. The series is not at all, the case can not be called a soap opera, like many other confusing and incomprehensible modern series.

     Many say that the actors are bad, not at all how they say it is necessary to give way to the young. Each actor is interested in himself, which is important for each film, or in this case the series. Each of them is good, charismatic and charming with himself, and each of them is very good at playing a role, which should be respected.

    10 out of 10

    for a good game of actors, a great script, true love and sincere feelings, which is very important for each of us. The series is good-looking, and this can not be argued.

  • yanasalvatore
    'Unknown can be dangerous.'
    Was this review helpful for you? 34/3

    The series "The Vampire Diaries" was a real hit last year. Millions of girls and boys around the world are hooked on yet another vampire story, in which there was a lot of blood, love, unexpected twists and all kinds of inconsistencies. Like it or not, projects that featured vampires in love are selling well now. But The Vampire Diaries became at least bigger for me than their Twilight brothers. Surprisingly, the fans of Edward and Bella themselves, who can gnaw anyone for them, at numerous forums admit that the series turned out to be glorious. So what is the first season of the Vampire Diaries series remembered for?

    It all started with the hype around the series. For a long and tedious search for similarities and differences between "Twilight" and "The Vampire Diaries" and the series "The Vampire Diaries" and the series of novels by Lisa Jane Smith. After the transfusion from empty to empty, the audience began to go crazy over Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Although I admit that there is something to go crazy about. After the fan camp split into those who drool over Paul and those who dry Yen and those who love both of them, a discussion of the plot began. Talk about the plot and we.

    The plot is both simple and confusing. 17-year-old Elena Gilbert and her 15-year-old brother Jeremy live in the small town of Mystic Falls. A new student Stefan Salvatore comes to their school. And immediately passion flares up between them, but Stefan hides many secrets from Elena and the smallest of them is that he is a vampire.In general, it will not be boring. Although "The Vampire Diaries" did not escape the fate of most TV shows of our time, in which the plot rapidly begins to develop only in the last series.

    There are also many flaws and roughnesses in the series. So, for example, it may seem that in Mystic Falls every second inhabitant is a vampire. But if this can still be explained by the history of the town, then nothing is clear with Lockwood. In theory, they are werewolves, but this line was not reflected in the first season. Damon also turned out to be not as simple as it seems, but it’s difficult to talk about Elena’s parents. Too all is not clear. But I think that the creators of the series will cut everything in new series and everything will be transparent, the main thing is that the scriptwriters should not be too smart.

    As a result, the first season, in my opinion, was a success. At least it was curious to watch what was happening at Mystic Falls. The end of the season left many questions with answers to which we will look with curiosity and sinking hearts in the second season, which starts in September. In the meantime, I advise everyone who does not know what the Vampire Diaries is to watch the series, you will not regret it!

    For the first time on Russian TV, the series was shown from August 16 to September 14, 2010 on the TNT television channel (season 1). The series was later broadcast on the cable TV channel AXN Sci-Fi.

    9 out of 10

  • Too_Late
    'What is so special about this Bella? Edward is so stupid '© Damon
    Was this review helpful for you? 42/16

    Delight, and the series itself cannot be expressed in words!

    This have not happened before! The series keeps in suspense from the first second. This is not in any part of Twilight! (Well, still ... a cute Pattinson and a not-so-pretty Stuart, whom actors are hard to call. Rather, the heroes of a couple of films.)
    In the Diaries, the perfectly selected cast (Dobrev, Wesley, Somerhalder).

    I’ll say right away that this is probably the ONLY case when a series is better than a book, albeit shot 'based on'. ”
    The main characters admire:

    Nina Dobrev - it’s impossible to convey (low bow to her and eternal respect!) the way she played two completely different roles! It is something! This is a must see! Elena is a sweet, tender, sometimes naive girl .. And Katherine is a selfish bitch. Sometimes you forget that they are played by one actress.

    Ian Somerhalder is an unforgettable character! Seeing his game in the series, I was horrified (in a good way) .. It is impossible to even imagine that Boone from LOST and Damon from Diaries are one actor! Amazing reincarnation! It is unthinkable! I am delighted!

    Paul Wesley . I can’t say about him what I said about Nina and Yen. But I can say that I remember him by the fact that he does not look like the main character of Twilight, with whom they are so stubbornly trying to compare the series. And that's great! For me, the Vampire Diaries look even more beautiful against the backdrop of Twilight ..

    Love, murder, confession, betrayal - it’s impossible to resist! You won’t find it in Twilight!

    And in the end ... I really like how the myths about vampires, werewolves, etc. are shown here. When I watched the series, I immediately thought, “That's exactly what vampires should look like. That’s what can kill them, and it won’t do any harm. ” Now all the other versions of the myths about vampires seem childish and ridiculous to me, and the Diaries option is the standard.

    The musical component is also on top!

    The series deserves the highest rating !

  • Sheridana
    Was this review helpful for you? 54/11

    This series came across by accident.

    'Vampire Diaries' - the name did not inspire viewing at all. After the overwhelming success of Twilight, films about vampires began to 'breed' like rabbits, so she was expecting another parody. Moreover, the fact that the Vampire Diaries series completely discouraged me from watching him. And only enthusiastic screams (you can't call it any other way) of my older sister made me watch the first episode. I watched the first episode, and then immediately downloaded the second. And then the third, fourth ... And away we go. I can’t say what exactly caught me in the Diaries. Probably all. Actors, plot, atmosphere.

    Elena - Nina Dobrev

    In my opinion, this is exactly what Elena should be. It is very pleasing that she is not a blonde star of the school, but a brown-haired girl, the most ordinary girl. She becomes closer and more understandable, at least to me. Still delights her judiciousness. Upon learning that Stefan is a vampire, she does not rush to his neck with exclamations of "I do not care." She is afraid and consciously wants to break off relations, as she understands that this is dangerous for her (there was a small comparison with Bella).

    Stefan - Paul Wesley

    Contrary to the general obsession with Damon, I just adore Stefan. Sweet, caring, beautiful, with a good heart, what more could you ask for?

    In my opinion, the role of Stefan is more complicated. After all, good and cute vampires are not as easy to play as evil and sexual.

    Damon - Ian Somerhalder

    In my opinion, it was impossible to choose an actor for this role better than Ian. He is simply the very embodiment of stiffness and sexuality. What is unusual is the fact that with each series we see a new side of Damon’s character - sensitive. And the jokes addressed to Stefan in his performance make you just laugh.

    In conclusion, I can say that the Diaries is one of those TV shows that are worth watching. A dynamic plot, unexpected turns of events ... Yes, and just beautiful boys - look at least for their sake.

    10 out of 10

  • Wanted dead
    January 30, 2011
    Was this review helpful for you? 43/8

    Dear diary, I'm sorry I didn’t write for so long, you know, life does not let you relax. All the time you have to hurry somewhere. And there is no time to just stop and think about what is happening, where you are running and whether it makes sense to at least do something. But today is a special day. Today I met the most interesting and handsome young man in my life. His name is Stefan. It has something from Lord Byron and Louis from Interview with the Vampire, I understand it sounds wild, but it’s true. He hides something, and this secret drives me crazy, giving rise to the most incredible suspicions. But there is one problem, or rather two, but first things first, forgive me, my dear diary, but it’s so hard to think in a cohesive way, when I can only think of his tender and, at the same time, cold eyes. Stefan has a brother - Damon. He is his exact opposite. There is something evil in it, some kind of wormhole or damn thing, I can not say more precisely, but when he looks at you, there is a feeling that something cold and vile penetrates the very depths of your consciousness, giving rise to vague fears and excitements. And that's not all. The main problem is that both brothers are not living people, they are both heroes of the series “The Vampire Diaries”. I know it's so stupid to fall in love with movie heroes, but I can't help myself. I feel like an unintelligent schoolgirl, I even got you out of nothingness, my dear diary.

    There is something in this series that doesn’t just allow you to switch the channel or press “stop” on the remote control, and the point is not only that I missed the classic vampire stories madly, where the traditions seem more real than our whole real life. According to the same stories, where a vampire can enter the house only after receiving an invitation, and burns out in the sunlight. Stories where the immortal's love for the mortal is shown with that touch of romanticism that was characteristic of nineteenth-century novels. In The Vampire Diaries, of course, there were some jokes about superstitions and hairpins about other works on the same topic. But this series also provides more than just a love story. The creators of this tape, thank God, did not go along the path with a book, but came up with something of their own, something completely new and interesting. I cannot recall a single vampire story in the Gone With the Wind scenery. America during the Civil War of 1861-1865, and the plot of the story of the founder’s families’s story that is typical of the USA, like a breath of fresh air against the backdrop of all Eastern European legends, because a rare book or film about vampires does not originate in the legends of the ghouls and ghouls of Romania or at least Hungary. Despite the fact that the story later touches upon the history of another continent, the charm of the American south still does not disappear. The Vampire Diaries is closer to the works of Jordan and Coppola than to any of the cinema products of recent years.

    Speaking about this series, it is simply impossible not to talk about heroes and not only about handsome brothers or their lovely lover, but also about secondary characters, which of the secondary ones very quickly become main ones. Since the storyline associated with each of them is so elaborated that their fates and problems are no less exciting than the experiences of the main characters. And all because, despite the vampires, werewolves and witches, this film is primarily about people, about passions and life traps that await each of us. Whether it’s a difficult relationship with parents, the loss of a loved one, or banal as it may seem, love. But the main intrigue is, of course, the relationship of Elena, Stephen and Damon. Each of these characters is interesting, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and this makes them so real. And somewhere else, there was still the old love of the brothers - Katherine, a relationship with which at the same time resemble The Rasmus song “Living in a World without You” and Blok’s poems:

    “But you are calling me! Your Poisonous Stare
    Another prophesies paradise! - I concede, knowing
    What is your serpentine paradise - endless boredom hell. "

    Which of the brothers will Elena choose? Stefan, who refused to kill people, for the sake of humanity still remaining in him, gentle and caring. Or Damon, a real vampire from ancient legends and tales, cruel, ironic and treacherous. The choice is not as simple as it seems at first glance.After all, Damon has not yet lost the ability to feel, although he is trying to convince everyone, first of all, of himself to the contrary, hiding his real feelings under the guise of an evil court jester. Remembering the same Block:

    'Again at home ... Humiliated, angry and glad.
    Night, is there a day there in the window?
    Over a month, like a clown, over the roofs of communities
    Grimace makes me ...
    The daytime sun is away, remorse is away!
    Who dares to help me?
    Only the night will burst into a devastated brain,
    Only night will burst! '

    And Stefan’s past is not as flawless as his present life, a beast lurks deep inside him, worse than all the predators of the wild world and can Elena meet him without shuddering?

    I know it’s stupid to get involved in a fictional story, but my dear diary, sometimes I really want to forget about everything in the world and plunge headlong into the fictional world of other people's adventures. While watching or reading, asking questions about something other than what to cook for dinner or how to get to work tomorrow, if it rains again in the middle of winter. And the questions as the inhabitants of Mystic Falls immerse themselves in the world constantly arise about eternal life and the problem of choosing between good and evil, and what is it to glide through life without aging, to witness historical events, to see with your own eyes how the world is changing, reborn and at the same time remains the same. Thank you for accepting my thoughts and some of the emotions, the paper will save them for me, because "the memories are too important."

  • Anti_Mother
    Was this review helpful for you? 40/10

    'The Vampire Diaries' is a good example of a youth vampire spectacle. A wonderful series, each episode of which is in suspense. In addition, even someone who has not read the book will easily delve into what is happening. It’s understandable - the creators stretched a few not too long books to the whole series, which, my heart feels, will be removed and loved for a long time.

    Intrigues, scandals, investigations - this is the description of the series in three words. What is happening never stays long in one place - something new, interesting happens every minute, and the plot keeps you in suspense. Great advantage. Another advantage is the acting team, in which each of the actors does not dare to give slack and invests one hundred percent in the hero. Everyone. The third virtue is diversity. Damn charismatic guys, girls are one prettier than the other, an abundance of bloody scenes shot soundly and heartily, a “love square” that contains all the romantic feelings known to mankind, an excellent soundtrack, the classic set of “vampires-werewitches-witches”, providing a twisted mystical line in the series - just a few angles from which you can watch this series. And there are hundreds of such angles, among which everyone will find one that interests him.

    The only negative I think is Elena Gilbert, and even then it can be called a minus with a stretch. I do not like her positivity. She is so good that she can’t believe if she really is a person. She could have been made more interesting, added a twist to her character, something from which two vampires essentially lost their heads.She's too good.

    But Nina Dobrev, who plays her role, is much better. At first, she was a little annoying, since her emotional arsenal was rather meager, but when Catherine, Elena’s evil double, got on her track record, I realized that Nina is a wonderful actress. The reason for this is very simple - on the screen we see not a girl who plays two heroines at once, but two heroines. When you look at Elena and Katherine, it does not occur to her that this is the same actress.

    As for the performers of the main male roles, here, too, everything is fine, as it seems to me. A lot of good words have already been said about Ian Somerhalder, and for good reason - he is really good. But I like Paul Wesley more, mainly because of his character. On the screen, Paul is always frowning, but he smiles so sincerely that you can see a “good vampire” per mile.

    However, the series to the eyeballs is filled with other bright characters, who in the first season are similar to the "background" of a love triangle, for which they play in the second in full. Most of the secondary characters I love Caroline Forbes, this is a really interesting girl. Her character has so many different sides, it can irritate, and make laugh, and cause sympathy, and deep love. Candice Accola, performing her role, is not inferior to Ian Somerhalder in the acting, but, again, only in the second season.

    My advice to those who have time to watch TV shows - do not neglect. Stephanie Mayer, who created an aura of hostility around vampire themes in youth cinema, is not to blame for the fact that vampires and their mortal ladies of the heart may not be matrimonial.Beautiful, strong and interesting characters, blood, sex, an incredibly fascinating plot - this is what the Vampire Diaries have.

  • open4love
    Once, many years ago, in the small town of Mystic Falls ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/3

    First of all, I would like to note that in this story a lot of attention is paid to the city. His stories, local legends and the families of the founding fathers. It is interesting. No really! It’s nice to see how they try to keep somewhere love for their past, even if it’s just a series, and it is this past that causes all troubles. And so, Mystic Falls is a stunningly beautiful town, the elite of which is trying to deal with their own cockroaches, and hide in the closet on the next skeleton.

    But to bring the city to the front page is not worth it. Where is more important the role of each character. Moreover, in this picture, every minor hero matters. But, in the first place there will always be the main trinity - Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. I can’t imagine anyone else in their places! And now, in a little more detail.

     - Nina plays Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce at the same time, for which she has one big plus. These are two completely opposite characters, and it should be incredibly difficult for an actress to cope with two similar roles at the same time. She does her job perfectly well!

     - Paul, he's Stefan, he's a 'good guy.' Each film has a similar character. Perfect in everything - in character, appearance, manners - this is all of Stefan. He's someone like 'Prince on a White Horse', which girls of all ages dream of so much. True, at times all this “ideality” of him goes off scale, and he looks too unrealistic.Remembering Angela and Buffy, you involuntarily begin to wonder why all the good vampires make such martyrs of themselves.

     - And finally, Ian. His Damon has become something like a sex symbol in record time. An arrogant and self-confident bastard, a “bad guy” who for a long time sinks into the heart and soul, but, alas, does not remain in our lives. Moreover, his vampire is real. He does not empathize with his victims and does not tremble over every bush, he just humbled himself and enjoys life. More precisely, life after death. That is what they should be.

     In general, it was on these three, well, if you take into account Katherine, then four, and the plot of the series is tied up with the basis. The city itself plays a small role, as I have already said, but they are its face.

    And lastly, I would like to tell everyone: 'Stop comparing the' Diaries 'with' Twilight '!' To begin with, Lisa Jane Smith wrote her book earlier, and for those who read it is simply impossible not to notice that it was the sensational saga that “licked” it. I don’t want to insult the ardent fans of Stephanie Meyer, but ... we must take into account the facts!

     In general, Vampire Diaries is an exciting story, and for some reason I want to watch series after series. Unfortunately, they come out slowly. But from this, each of them is only more interesting.

    10 out of 10

  • Var_Vara_
    - It’s enough death, sadness and personal growth for one day
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/8

    Something I’ve recently switched to TV shows, I don’t remember when I just watched a movie, it’s time to tie it up, otherwise I’ll soon I'll get 'Clone' ... Anyway, I wanted to say about Vampire Diaries

     The first twenty minutes of the first episode disappointed me. Too similar to Twilight, I decided. Even a guy resembles Edward, only more sympathetic. And I don't really like Twilight. But after a while I realized that the series had almost nothing to do with Twilight. This series is better, only the main theme remains - vampires, werewolves and love. But not those pink drooling from snotty melodramas, but real love at first sight, serious and boundless. Who loves so much, you ask? It's simple, the main characters there are not many. And, unlike the same Twilight, where the whole plot revolves near the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle, there are several plot development lines in the Diaries that run parallel and sometimes intersect, which is a definite plus. Now about the heroes. You can write an entire essay about each, but you will have to do a couple of lines.

     Bonnie Bennet (Katerina Graham) The Witch. A beautiful, strong, kind friend and generally a good girl. Katerina looks very good in this role.

     Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) This girl aroused a sharp dislike in me, until that moment until she became a vampire. Strong, confident, more intelligent and kind.And generally my respect Candice, well played.

     Next we have Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino), Matt Donnovan (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy Gilbert (Stephen R. McQueen) all the guys played very well. Personally, I really like Tyler and sympathize with Jeremy, but Matt is not the best character.

     Special thanks to Rose (Lauren Cohen) and Lexi (Ariel Kebbel) - both actresses are beautiful and contributed a lot to the film.

     Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) - as an actress, Nina is undoubtedly good, to be able to play two completely different heroines so accurately - this must be not only talented. But the heroines themselves do not like me. Too extreme. Elena is too good and kind, and Katherine is too evil and mean.

     Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) is very well played, handsome and noble character. The real fruit of girlish dreams. But I don’t really like it, it’s a bit of a mockery, and also too correct and even boring.

     Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). I also knew Jena from the Lost series and the film in which he played a gay man (I don’t remember the name), so there was no doubt about his talent. But that he would be so I did not expect. A beautiful, sexy, charming bastard and villain is just a dream for any girl. In the second season, his image disappointed me - Damon is no longer a villain. So, sometimes he indulges in blood, but does not commit villainy and does not build evil brilliant plans.

     One way or another, but the cast is impressive. Thanks to all of them.

  • fb-100001004286879: Alice Wonderland
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/7

    in my opinion, the best cast. Actors are really BEAUTIFUL, and also, in my opinion, Nina is the most beautiful of all girls for vampires. I watched a lot of TV shows and films about vampires. Nina is the most beautiful. The plot is addictive. I tried to read books - enough for 1.5 and then with an interference fit. I didn’t like it at all. But the series captured my entire mind! With the Twilight Saga, vice versa. I read books with pleasure, tried to watch a movie with disgust, and never watched. The most disgusting work.

    Ian is just smart. I watched a lot of films with him, with a variety of roles. Amazingly talented person! But the role of Damon seems to be written for him! From the second season, everything has become even better. Every episode is bombed! Nina is most difficult to cope with two Roles at once, but she just copes with brilliance, especially recently. Katherine in her guise has become more relaxed and sexy.

    The series undoubtedly exceeded all my expectations !!!

  • cara61
    A dangerous love story
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/31

    This series did not interest me immediately, and for a long time I did not dare to watch it. A friend said, look sure, you like Twilight, and the Vampire Diaries is better and such a handsome man plays there. And I made up my mind.

    When I saw Ian Somerhalder, I immediately wanted to turn off (I do not like this actor), but still overpowered myself.

    As for the series, I was hooked by the plot. It’s quite interesting to watch the heroes. As a character, I like Stefan the most — in my opinion, this is a pretty strong person with a good heart, he was not always like that, but finally understood what he wants from life. A very interesting love line between him and Elena. I believe that this is a harmonious couple, and they must pass all the tests to be together. As for Damon, as a character he evokes only negative emotions in me, appearance is not everything that should be in a person, the main thing is internal content, maybe it is not as bad as it seems, but everything seems to suit him. I will be very upset if Elena still stays with Damon.

    Still pretty fun. I’ll look through to the end!

  • anutka_999_999
    Caution! The series is addictive! :)
    Was this review helpful for you? 53/5

    Girlfriend almost forced to watch. I succumbed only to the fact that Ian Somerhalder, who is familiar from LOST, plays there. The first and second series are not very hooked, but starting with the third ... there are no words! The plot is completely unpredictable, it is simply impossible to break away from the screen!
         Elena, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) - He plays very well. And she managed to convey the difference between Elena and Katherine so accurately! Elena pleases with a strong character, which compares favorably with the vaunted Bella, moreover, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty: the death of the Elder is on her conscience. A truly vibrant and interesting personality. Katherine is an insidious, cruel, intriguing heroine, perfectly played by Nina. You immediately notice how much older and more experienced Katherine Elena.

         Stefan (Paul Wesley) - At first I didn’t like it, but it was just created for this role. I liked the moment when he shows his dark side. And he doesn’t infuriate, like Pattinson: not a frozen, lively character, in his own way wise, I would say ...

         Damon (Ian Somerhalder) . He needs no introduction. By far the brightest character in the series. His gaze works hypnotically and from the screen. Ian’s game is fascinating, his smirk, mocking jokes ... no comment! It’s impossible not to fall in love with him!

       How else does the Vampire Diaries compare favorably with Twilight - this is the life of minor characters: Jeremy, Bonnie, Jena, Alaric ... Here the script is not fixated on the main characters!

     Bottom line: worth a look!

    10 out of 10

  • Love_Suck
    Do you miss real vampires? Then we go to you!
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/5

    A great game of heroes, an exciting plot - that’s what you can say about this series. Elena is a vampire girl Stefan, experiencing a huge number of adventures that have fallen on her head. Stefan is a good vampire girl who is madly in love with Elena and trying to reason with her brother Damon and explains to him how to live well. Damon - a bad vampire with a sexual appearance, always interfering with his "holy" brother to live quietly and restoring his order in Mystic Falls.

    Those who read the book The Vampire Diaries may be upset at first seeing the first series, they will soon realize that they were mistaken. So, my dears, put the book on the very top shelf so that you can’t get it later and enjoy the series!

    I think this series is worth a look and forget about the 'snot' from Twilight.

    10 out of 10

  • Silent_spring
    A breakthrough among soap operas or a challenge to Twilight
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/4

    The genre of the vampire saga is becoming popular day by day. The creators of 'Vampire Diaries' perfectly guessed over time with their film adaptation. Following the sensational and already quite annoying Twilight, a new tasty series bursts into American cinema.

    How is it tasty?

    First, as always, American TV shows are characterized by the fact that heroes live in beautiful houses, they dress stylishly, their parties are a sight for sore eyes, the food seems very tasty, all the actors are like picking handsome men and women for every taste. Secondly, there really is a plot. If in “Twilight” the story is focused on two main characters and their experiences: whether sexual or moral — we are more and more confused with each part, then in “Vampire Diaries” every hero, whether he is the main or episodic, represents an individual with my personal story. Thirdly, the excellent work of the director. We don’t see yellow school buses passing in the events of the 19th century, all the actors correspond to their images according to the scenes in which they play, the soundtracks are perfectly matched.

    Screen versions of this genre have never attracted me. But besides the above successful elements, I noticed something else - a very good game of actors. Namely, I was hooked by the image of Ian Somerhalder - Damon Salvatore .This devilish handsome person reincarnates in every scene: then tears are in his eyes, then he plays with his sexuality and style, then he laughs, then he kills everyone in a drunken stupor - a shiver runs through his body from his gaze.

    I would like to say a few words about Nina Dobrev . Elena in her performance turned out perfectly in the image of such a girl from a neighboring yard, but here Katherine is a devil with a breathtaking charm and a crazy woman in her eyes.

    Caroline Candice Accola at the beginning of the series seems to be a short-sighted, but very cute blonde. But throughout the film we definitely see her personal growth. She turns into a girl who is ready to sacrifice herself, to feel others, to help and protect the people she loves.

    Isobel performed by Mia Kirschner simultaneously causes delight, irritation, resentment, pity - this is talented, this is great!

    You can talk about amenities about each actor separately. But, it seems to me that everyone who has seen at least one series of the series has already made for himself the subjective and only correct conclusions. I, in turn, believe that this is a really talented, interesting and well-posed series with an excellent plot.

    9 out of 10

  • Lexie Talbot
    A story that you believe, despite not fiction ... People whom you sympathize with, although they are not real ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 25/25

    Elena, Stefan, Damon ... And 'The Vampire Diaries'.

    Helena. The girl behaved as expected when she found out that her boyfriend was a vampire. She was scared, but convinced herself to listen to him. Having learned his story, Elena did not stop loving him.

    Stephen. Not handsome, but pleasing to the eye, unlike the twilight Edward. Noble, but with a dark past.

    Damon. I like him, but I don't consider him handsome. And even more so I do not want to see him with Elena. (Fans of this couple - don't get angry).

    To be honest, I like the whole trinity of 'Diaries'. I wholeheartedly for Elena and Stephen. Damon is not a villain. He likes Elena, I think even more than just like it. But he loves his brother very much (Yes, yes. I believe that despite the strained relationship, the Salvator brothers still love each other). It's just that they are offended by Stefan. And yet, Damon does not want to get between Stephen and Elena.

    Of the other characters, only Caroline liked. Bonnie seemed evil, Jeremy sometimes resembles a 5-year-old boy. Jenna is good, but somehow it is not enough in the series. I will not say anything about the rest.

    The series goes to my favorites not only because of the excellent trio Damon-Elena-Stefan. Unlike the Twilight Saga, where I only giggled, here I really empathize with Elena. I also really liked Katherine, especially when I found out the truth about her life.


     10 out of 10

  • Poison Orchid
    Run yen, run! from this project, you deserve more
    Was this review helpful for you? 61/134

    I didn’t want to watch, but they started showing on TV and I couldn’t tear myself away .. no, not from the plot, but from Ian.

    In my opinion, he is the only reason to watch this series. Having played such a good boy in Lost, Somerhalder really hit. I watched only the first season, the character is gorgeous, if you exclude his 'love' for Elena, it feels that this goes against the character. But there should always be a 'love triangle' in the series, right?

    This ends the positive emotions from watching.

    Nina Dobreva , of course. the girl is very beautiful, but in the series so fresh and uninteresting that I have to rewind especially tiring scenes with her participation. Brother Damon , so boring that I didn't even remember his name. A dull character, besides (my purely subjective opinion), the actor does not shine with beauty, it seems that he is tall and his features are correct and his hair is laid like that of a guy from Twilight, but from all the same repels him, something unpleasant in appearance.

    But the last thing that convinced me that I can safely scroll through all the scenes without Damon's participation is the beginning of the second season. In the first, everything was about vampires, and in the second, * drum roll * werewolves appeared! Who would have thought! And, most importantly, it does not at all remind everyone of a well-known film, I will not remember in vain the name * Kkh-k-twilight * And I thought the latter is not particularly outstanding, well, everything is known in comparison.

    Serial - 2 out of 10, 100 out of 10 to Ian Somerhalder.

  • veronnika_17
    Vampires .. something new or boring old?
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/3

    b] Plot: In my opinion, the plot contains notes of something new and special, something that was not there before. Yes, each episode has action, development, and interest in watching the next episode. You look and don’t understand the horrors, a thriller or a melodrama is presented in front of you. I believe that this move is ingenious, maybe because I love movies or TV shows in which you can’t initially predict that either: the ending, genre or character of the characters themselves. But each work has its drawbacks .. The Vampire Diaries are a project of the CW channel .. and how much I do not watch the series of their production (Gossip Girl, Doctor House) began to notice that after watching about 10 episodes .. they start bored, because the plot blocks are repeated .. for example: first a love line, problems with Elena, a certain battle, a happy ending, it seems ... but in the end there is a bunch with a new problem. And this continues from one series to another .. and when you look at different pictures, but according to one pattern .. you understand that the series is not so unusual. But in defense, I want to say that these very “bundles” in the series are made very competently and well thought out .. this is of course a plus.

    "Vampire Diaries" captures you from the inside if you are really interested in the mystical theme, as the idea of ​​the series does not compare more than one movie I have watched. There is a certain story, but with each series it is revealed from a new perspective. This is the best in the series, in my opinion.

    Actors are well-chosen, Nina Dobrev perfectly plays two completely different characters. Katherine and Elena .. and I want to note, I, as an attentive viewer, over time even forgot that this is one person. I think Nina achieved the desired result. Ian Somerhalder is unique .. the creators of the project did not choose a cute vampire guy who looked like a thin, inanimate creature, but rather attractive, strong and even frightening guy. He perfectly plays Damon, who keeps in himself both the character of the Devil and human feelings. It’s quite interesting for me to observe the development of Damon’s soul discovery. Paul Wesley is also well matched by screenwriters. But I don’t understand why the audience is so cold with him than Ian. Can “negative heroes” become fashionable nowadays? Paul is a great actor. Looking at his character Stafon, confidence and warmth involuntarily wake up inside him.

    In conclusion I want to say that for today the series “The Vampire Diaries” is interesting to me and if there is season 3 (and it will most likely be) I will at least start watching it. But if the scriptwriters do not understand that the series should change the "backbone" of the action, most likely I will get tired of it. In the meantime, the series is saved by action, the game of actors and mystical stories.

  • maksimprosmushkin
    The Vampire Diaries
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/5

    Not so long ago, I watched the series The Vampire Diaries. The series is very good, it does not bother. It's not some kind of horror movie about vampires like Twilight, it's better.

    I want to highlight some heroes and their performers. Nina Dobrev had a difficult task - to play two roles - the vampire Katherine and the ordinary schoolgirl Elena. The task is not an easy one. After all, playing a strong and confident Catherine, she could betray a glorious and very cute Elena, far from vampires. But Nina did her job perfectly. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in the role of vampire brothers Salvatore became so accustomed to the role of their heroes, especially for Ian, who was charming, that it suddenly seemed to me that the boundaries of acting and reality were erased. But my favorite character in this series is Jena in performed by the gorgeous Sarah Canning. When I watched the series, I liked the scenes with the participation of Sarah. She is a wonderful actress. It was a pleasure to look at her. Clever, beautiful, a little funny Jena became so thanks to the young and very talented actress Sarah Canning.

    I also want to note the wonderful full-scale shooting. Nature is just wonderful represented in the series, especially the forest. It seems to me alive. The forest is here as an individual character who has a special role to play. A wonderful idea of ​​the authors. Only for this, and for much more, the series deserves the highest award, and he deserves it.

  • Babys777
    My first review
    Was this review helpful for you? 34/7

    The first time I am writing a review, so do not judge strictly.

    This series conquered me from the first series. Many compare it with Twilight, but in my opinion there is nothing in common. Even if you compare Elena and Bella. Elena is a decisive, charming, self-confident and brave girl, and Bella ... (sorry Belka fans)

    The series has everything and a twisted plot, you never know what will happen next interesting characters that you can quickly fall in love with and even if they are secondary and quickly disappear, then anyway then there remains some kind of melancholy that they are no more. And of course there is love. Love of two brothers to one girl. This is an evil rock or a curse, for several centuries to love one girl, and then meet exactly the same, only in appearance, not in character. And all the same, both of them choose the same brother, Stephen.

    And what remains for the elder to do. His life is ruined, he died because of Katherine. He had been looking for her for several centuries, and it turned out that she knew, but simply did not want him to find her. Damon was ready for anything for her. And then there is Elena. Although he shows that everything is so angry and pompous, sparks of true love for her often flash. The way he always protects her is trying to help when Stefan only reassures her. He just says something promises, and Damon does.

    I am sincerely rooting for Elena to be with Damon and wish everyone who has not yet watched this series to watch. I think you will not regret it.

  • gotfil
    How much blood does not pour, but love is still stronger !!!
    Was this review helpful for you? 35/2

    To begin with, I have long wanted to review a series that I like so much. But they still couldn’t get their hands on it ... and today they took it and started writing themselves and this is on the verge of 21 episodes of the second season (the very heat of passion).
    It would seem, what can attract this soap opera? And I’ll tell you how, firstly, no matter how trite it sounds, women's TV shows have always watched, and will watch! Secondly, the 'vampire' theme is currently quite relevant. Thirdly, this is not a simple love triangle, not from the realm of fantasy, like in Twilight, but more approximate to reality. And this is what attracts fans of the series! We go further ... in the 'Vampire Diaries' a more emotional and exciting plot that makes you watch the series up to the credits; and also, at the end of another story, it always leaves behind itself some ground for thought.

    This is precisely what shows the series’s progressiveness, its psychological depth, novelty and the great chance that this picture will not soon bother even the most sophisticated viewer. It is about such TV shows that they are eternal!

    And now let's go through the characters, I noticed that the cast was selected in such a way that now, having seen any other saga about bloodsuckers, I would still notice the features of Elena in every heroine, and in every male character - Damon or Stefan. And this suggests that the cast is colorful, strong and unforgettable.

    Take at least secondary roles, for example, the heroes that are played by Caroline, Bonnie, Jerome, Tyler. Looking at them, you understand that they are not so second-rate as it seems at the beginning. After all, it is they that allow the plot not to be one-sided and crumpled, which is the most interesting, sometimes I expect more episodes with them than episodes with the main characters. And if you think about it, this is a huge plus, because in other films or series, the whole bet is made on the permanent and main actors that loom before your eyes. And here even the 'dead', i.e. actor souls who have left the series still pop up before your eyes and in your memory. Well, it’s also the fact that the directors of The Vampire Diaries periodically at least casually remember them.

    As a result, you can say a lot and write no less, but dear viewers, it is better to see many times than to read many times! Of course, my assessment of the series is the highest, since I do not see more than one drawback. I urge those who have not seen him yet and are hesitant to watch or not, of course, look and then be sure to write a review in Kinopoisk.

    10 of 10

  • L_e_n_a1904
    True love is not true if it is not mutual.
    Was this review helpful for you? 34/10

    I would like to say right away that the Vampire Diaries is different from other vampire films. Indeed, each film has its own idea. Just don't like it when they start comparing with Twilight.

    Quite a bright, bewitching, unexpected scenario, each series is breathtaking. I just want to look further and further. I have reviewed the same series many times already and it doesn’t bother me, on the contrary it gives me pleasure! When you re-watch, you notice the hidden meaning of words, views.

    'Life is too cruel. If we stop believing in love, then why live? '

    Eternal Theme: Love Triangle.

    Stefan Elena Damon. On the one hand, Stefan and Elena fit together, but it’s a pity to look at the suffering Damon, it is clear that he sincerely fell in love with Elena, this is especially evident in the second season, the actions speak for themselves.

    The acting is very good. Everyone got along well in the role. Of particular interest is Elena Dobrev, who played 2 roles at the same time, I respect her for this, because not everyone can play two completely different people!

    Season 1 is a warm-up, acquaintance; Season 2 is new characters, a new spark, global problems, and the third season will be hot!

    My rating

    10 out of 10

    P.S. And separately 10 points to Ian Somerhalder for the role of a bad guy!

  • adellaide
    If he does not fight, she will fight for him.
    Was this review helpful for you? 18/20

    For the second year now, every week I watch the next series, and every time I get used to this series more and more. And when the directors so brazenly scoff at people taking breaks for a month and a half. Breaking begins.

    Yes. This series is like a drug. After watching episodes 10 you can’t stop. Those who say they hate him just didn’t look!

    Elena Gilbert.

    Well, how much can you be so stupid? Some kind of eternal thirst to die like protecting everyone. Constantly making this Damon suffer, which leads him out of her rut ... Can't she really calm down and live with whoever you want? Do not torture anyone! Of course I don't like her.


    She is Katerina Petrova. Our sweet Bulgarian. Wicked bitch. I liked what she did at the masquerade. For Nina, this role was extremely successful for Elena!


    Dear My Stephen. I must say that he, in addition to Damon, suffers in the series. He is tormented by the past, from which he cannot escape. He is tormented by love for Elena. Of course, I treat him better than Damon.


    When I see him, I don’t eat, I don’t spit, I don’t look in his eyes, and as they say “his hypnotizing look” does not affect me. This makes me different from Million girls who love this series. I don’t notice his games. So I can’t say anything ... sorry ...


    Uncle Klaus. After his bite, our Helen left two magnificent points on his neck! And the rest have such sloppy wounds ... That's what a professional means =) His appearance on the series is a little corny ... Lisa Jane Smith made it a little more effective, interesting.

    Bonnie and Jeremy.

    I don’t like this couple ... What a child it is ...

    Kerelain, Matt, Tyler.

    The new trinity. Vampire, Man, Werewolf. Three worst enemies in appearance. Matt Sneaky. It seems to be a man, I do this with Kerr ... Ker and Thaya are more connected. They always support each other. I wish they were together.

    Aunt Jenna.

    I will take it separately. Undoubtedly the only native person of Elena and Jeremy. However, thanks to Klaus, Aunt Jenna found out who Vampires were and what it was like to be. Now Our Lena and Jer are full orphans. Without a family.

    This is not Twilight! And do not dare to compare! Twilight parody of a vampire movie! Even 'Vampire hickey' is better. Better not.

    I finally found the series to my liking!

    10 out of 10


  • Heavenly
    The Vampire Diaries VS Twilight
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/4

    Often I see how the comparison goes not only on the film Twilight and the series The Vampire Diaries and this, frankly, leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, since Having looked at all the parts and series of both, I came to the conclusion that these are completely different things.

    Actors. To begin with, the actors ’play in Twilight and in the Far East is different. Although there are differences - the main characters. Bella's look is always perplexed, as if she was being dragged along all the films, but they did not say what to do. Elena plays lively and interestingly in Far East. And how did she sob when they killed Jenna? Emotions are felt, pleases.

    Story. Predictability? Predictability? There were times when I knew what would happen because the spoilers had heard enough or because the main characters in the first episodes didn’t die, but in order to predict everything at all ... and even half ... this applause was insightful. The directors, in my opinion, gathered well, simply virtuoso. One would like to say, “What did the author smoke?”, But no, not in the sense of complete nonsense, but in the sense that people are able to make a meaningful completely unpredictable chain of events. This is about DV something I’ve talked about. As for Twilight, I don’t remember what was there, I don’t remember the film (the series of films) for so many.

    Books. Both 'series' are based on books, but who said that they should be fully consistent with them? Do you really want to see something new after the book? When reading a book, the imagination will outline everything in the best way.

    Conclusion. In my opinion, it may be (though why maybe?) an unprofessional look, the view of the audience, for which the actors actually shot and generally invented cinema, this series is inhumane to compare this series with Twilight. In general, a film for an hour and a half and a series are very many hours - these are different things and making the series interesting is much more difficult. I hope to continue to get the same pleasure from watching the Vampire Diaries, thanks for your attention =)

    10 out of 10

  • TinaRok
    My first review of the series about vampires
    Was this review helpful for you? 99/157

    I began to watch this nonsense with the submission of a friend. She, as a passionate lover of cinema, having learned that I had not watched the series, decided to enlighten me. Say, and the plot there is dynamic, and the actors are talent and mysticism, and vampires and witches and a whole bunch of evil spirits in addition.

    Let's start with the plot. Yes, he is dynamic. Yes, and this is the only plus. Although, with all magical creatures, the creators clearly went too far. Although this eternal love triangle, I was alerted. And not in vain, because in this regard, the series does not bring anything new. The beautiful girl loves the good vampire who has stood on the path of correction since the time of “stormy youth”. Mr. Good Vampire loves his Mary Sue, an exact copy of his ex, but unlike the former, Mary Sue is kind, more modest and her hair is more direct. But in order not to feed the audience with this “raspberry in syrup”, we are presented with Mr. Evil Vampire, who bites everyone in a row, who kills right and left and who deep in his heart, somewhere very deep, hides a good vampire.

    “And in general, Mr. Evil Vampire is not so evil at all, , a friend told me,“ he just has it all from an unhappy first love with the beauty Miss Vampire, who marred him and left him ”

    Actors I was completely uninterested in looking at them. Template characters. Template actions. Miss Mary Sue (I hope you understand me) is a classic example of a beautiful little fool with hidden talents, who every time becomes the target of murderers unknown to her. In one of the reviews I read, actress Nina Dobrev was praised only for her chic hair.So I completely agree with that. Because watching 40 episodes of her attempts to portray “fear”, “fear”, “regret”, “surprise” is unbearable. The same gestures, wringing hands and gorgeous facial hair. And that's not it! Miss Mary Sue is the look-alike of a certain Miss Vampire, who was completely improbably pacing the floor of the first season in historical outfits and seducing the Salvatore brothers.

    In general, the historical side of the series, in my opinion, is the weakest. Miss Vampiresha once again proves to us her talent, or rather, its absence. And sometimes I had to rewind scenes with her participation. All actors look in 19th-century costumes, to put it mildly, not very much. And for some reason, it was these moments that reminded me of Russian historical series produced by A-media or series on the second channel. Just a bunch of modern "actors" dressed in old costumes. There can’t be any talk of the spirit of time; the creators just wanted to dress Nina Dobrev and Jan Somerhalder in a beautiful dress and suit.

    Now I’ve watched all the episodes that have been released, they say that there will be a third season, but no persuasion will make me start watching it.

    1 out of 10

  • fucking girl
    They have something to talk us
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/4

    So much has been said here that, it would seem, there’s nothing to add in principle. But, perhaps, I will also contribute to this discussion.

    To begin with, as many have already said, the Far East really have nothing to do with the notorious Twilight. These are absolutely two different things. Twilight is a film about love (here the truth is a deeply controversial issue). Throughout the whole action, we see snot / drooling / sweet mercies / he offended, did not see tears / etc. Twilight tells the story of how hard it is to be with a vampire, being a simple Chukchi girl with her mouth always open. In my opinion, even in American Pie there is more art and meaning than in Twilight (now all fans of Zucchini-Pattinson will throw me slippers, but it's worth it). Of course, I can always be indignant on this topic, but back to the subject under discussion.

    DV, in turn, is a film not only about the love of Stephen-Elena-Damon. It is about friendship, about family, about betrayal. I can not help but appreciate the good work of the writers. Honestly, the first half of the first season is rather dull, not exciting, not in suspense, just boring. What I can not say about the second season, which I watched literally with trembling knees. Everything is very dynamic and interesting.

    The cast does not require comments, everything is matched perfectly, with taste. And the main thing is that the series will appeal not only to lovers of blood / vampires / mysticism, etc., but also to ordinary lovers of quality movies. And indeed, it’s really high quality.

    The series stands out from the rest of the consumer goods in that it really makes sense and even some kind of charm or something. You see how the heroes lose loved ones and really sympathize with them, worry. Particularly sentimental ones have a chance to shed a tear.

    As for the book, I did not read it, but according to rumors - these are two different things. But all this, in principle, is not important, the series, no matter what, certainly has the right to life. The creators of the series have something to say.

    p.s. cutie Jeremy and Damon's bottomless eyes are really worth a look, so

    10 out of 10

  • your smily girl
    Obviously, not everyone will like the series ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 32/6

    But for those who know how to consider in the film not only blood, fangs and violent imagination, but emotions, life, feelings, this series will become one of the most beloved stories.

    The beginning of the series is not so interesting, the first half of the 1st season is real boring, but if you go through these several episodes and start watching the second half of the 1st season, you can drag out. In the 2nd season, his plot is addictive with his head, legs and arms, it is in no way possible to come off.

    Indeed, this series shows not only vampires, werewolves and witches, with their terrifying properties of nature, and people's attitude not only to life itself, but also to friends, acquaintances, relatives and relatives. This series, for sure, will teach each person in his own way to perceive the world in which he lives. This is a real hit, especially for those who are obsessed with Twilight. These are really completely different films about completely different things. But I think it was twilight addicts who began to watch DV first.

    I recommend watching this series to those who have not watched it yet. It’s even possible not from the very beginning, I’m sure that without a beginning everything will be clear, and very interesting.

    10 out of 10

  • Insect
    Was this review helpful for you? 27/7

    Well, so I watched the second season. They are planning to shoot the third one, but something I'm not sure that I want to watch it. In the beginning, everything was so good: the love of Elena and Stephen, his malicious brother Damon, who killed someone in almost every episode, the memories of the Salvatore brothers about their love for Katherine, an old-old vampire, the protagonist’s best friend is a witch, and so on. etc. But here is the second season ... Yes, all the same wonderful actors, to whom I will return a little later, a great soundtrack, which many have already talked about, but which I didn’t like from that anymore, but in the plot they’ve twisted it so that the Diaries are bigger reminiscent of some Mexican series. These ancient vampires, eager to sacrifice Elena, Damon, suffering from love for his brother’s girlfriend, and Stefan, who are struggling to save the same main character, the Tyler-Caroline-Matt love triangle (or the werewolf-vampire man) and many more all-all-all. I don’t know, it’s possible that someone already mentioned this, but some Internet users suggest renaming the series “Everything for Elena”. Some might not like it, but the truth is that!

    I said that I would return to the actors. So, they are all very talented, I like all of them. But now I do not quite understand the thoughts of some fans of the series regarding Ian Somerhalder. I must admit that I once was 'sick' with him, especially after watching the first season. But why do so many of my friends shout that they want to marry him, spend hours on sites dedicated to him, call his girlfriend ugly (and what does his girlfriend really care about?) And do many more things that I don’t understand? Why do this? I guess I will never understand them. I think that many others have said about the others and will say a lot more after me.

    In general, it’s even clear why the series is so popular. It is understandable to young people, it is about teenagers with their usual - and not quite - problems.

    I do not regret that I spent so much time watching the Diaries. I think that they need to be watched by all fans of this genre, unless, of course, time is not a pity.

  • Ma Es
    Generational succession
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/9

    Their ancestors fought with vampires, and they fell in love and made friends with them!

    Indeed, only a century and a half have passed, but how has everything changed. Their ancestors exterminated vampires and defended their city from evil spirits. But times are changing. A girl from the Gilbert family falls in love with a vampire, the sheriff’s daughter becomes a vampire, Lockwood becomes a werewolf, and Bonnie is a hereditary witch. Not a town, but a diabolical spawn straight.

    Love Triangle

    The storyline is built on love triangles. The main one, of course, is Stefan-Elena-Damon, which is very interesting to watch, and there is sympathy for each hero. Also as minor as Matt-Caroline-Tyler. Although the role of the love triangle is exaggerated here, since here is the relationship between Matt and Caroline, and Tyler has only unrequited love. Pay attention to a couple of Bonnie-Jeremy, I believe that their role is also important.


    I do not want to talk about them a lot, as has already been said enough. I won’t say that Paul Wesley plays so well, constantly watching his gloomy face, of course, is boring. But Ian Somerhalder is able to show his hero as a cold-blooded vampire-killer and vulnerable going crazy from unrequited love. His facial expressions are simply excellent, this is a smile that is applicable when something is wrong or a forced smile. Nina Dobrev is a beautiful girl, a good actress, but she failed to play two different characters.What Elena does, that Catherine has the same manners, only the hairstyle and stiffness in her eyes change, and the fact that one of them is a vampire.

    I want to note the image of Damon. From the viewer, I am truly sorry for him. Two similar girls tell him the same text: 'I do not love you, and do not hope for reciprocity, I love your brother!' Yes, here any roof will blow away from what they hear. HE cannot find his love and suffers, but hides behind his image of a strong, insensible villain.


    Comparing with Twilight, however disgusting it may be, I really want to laugh at Twilight. In the series in more detail is described and described about all these creatures. If while watching the series I had any questions, the hero himself gradually clarified. Nothing is clear at Twilight, and we won’t talk about them.

    In general, I advise you to watch this series, especially to those who love movies about vampires. I think this series will please us with a couple of seasons, and I hope they won’t delay it and logically end it.

    10 out of 10

  • Gilles
    Season 2
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/8

    Such a strange phenomenon happened that the Diaries pulled me in very tightly. Probably, you should look right away for half a season, so that you have the proper effect, because the first half of the season was watched serially every week and it was completely boring to disgrace. Watch 8 episodes a day ... This has not happened to me since the Supernatural, when I literally “swallowed” the first 4 seasons somewhere in the week. I didn’t even think that some series could drag me in now, but no. Either it was so disgusting the first half of the season that I was bored during the series, or I really have to watch it in one gulp.

    As I said, the beginning of the season was mildly bad, the middle is mediocre, the ending is super. As far as I remember, the situation was approximately the same with the ratings, towards the end of the season the ratings began to grow, naturally the cool 5-6 series at the end deserved it. A little unexpected was the fact that the authors of the series dealt with not the last characters, I won’t give names, maybe someone has not watched the final, it’s worth the praise, although they will be missed in the third season.

    The situation in the second season is very similar to the first, when the epic series went to the end. I hope in the third season we do not have to wait so long and the fun will begin with the first series. Otherwise, the ratings may fall even more and reach the level of the rest of the SyDab series, but you still need support for the newcomer to The Secret Circle, which will be released after the Diaries.

    7 out of 10

  • anicma
    Was this review helpful for you? 18/5

    View 'Vampire Diaries' was advised by a friend. After much persuasion, I decided to look at a couple of episodes. At first I looked without much enthusiasm, just to be in the know. And then it somehow dragged on. With each series, the fate of the heroes worried more and more, there was less patience to wait for a new series. Exciting storyline. Perfectly selected acting team. Unfortunately, I have not been able to read the book, so I can’t compare.

    Elena Gilbert is a golden girl, but at the same time a wounded teenager. I lost my parents in a rather difficult relationship with my brother. And after a while she finds out that her boyfriend is a vampire, her parents adopted her, her best friend is a witch, in addition to everything, an ancient vampire is chasing her to sacrifice her. The heroine is a strong, courageous and at the same time fragile and vulnerable girl, makes her empathize with all the events of her life.

    Caroline Forbes is a sweet, bright, fresh personality. By coincidence, become a vampire. In the series, more attention is paid to the cheerful character of Caroline than to her inner feelings. Mother hates what she has become, her boyfriend is also not enthusiastic, and her friend just leaves. She is alone with all her problems and worries. She is a good friend. She will come to the rescue and do everything for her friend. I think she deserves someone more than Mat.

    Tyler Lockwood is a spoiled teenager, the son of a wealthy father. At one point, it loses everything. Father, girl, myself. The very idea that he is a werewolf is disgusting to him. He cannot tell anyone, no one can help him. Everyone leaves, turns away. And only the enemy remains - Caroline Forbes. Vampire and werewolf. What kind of friendship between them? I wonder if something can be between them ...

    The series is wonderful, I do not regret that I watched. Hooked, the beginning is strong. I want to know what will happen next. What tests await the heroes in season 3. I believe that sincerity, faith in each other and friendship will help to overcome everything.

    10 out of 10

  • Karapuzzza
    It was in the evening ... ©
    Was this review helpful for you? 44/2

    ... it was boring, and on the TNT they had been advertising the series “The Vampire Diaries” for a month, impudently hinting at the movie “Twilight”. I have never been a fan of The Twilight Saga, so the desire to watch fell off in the bud. In addition, bold posters of the series that were browsing the Internet, to put it mildly, evoked aggressive emotions.

    But! Having studied my nature perfectly, I understood that I would watch at least one episode, so why not start from the beginning? The first series did not produce absolutely any emotions, I spent these forty minutes of the pilot in a spatial state, then the second, third ... so what? Nothing. Due to the lack of patience, I acquired the disc and watched the series to the end, and imperceptibly it was not just me that dragged it on, absorbed it. The incredible atmosphere, the good play of the actors, and most importantly - the plot did not leave me indifferent.

    Trite? Yes, it’s worth recognizing that the Vampire Diaries starts stamping. But as the plot develops, the characters' characters are revealed to the viewer, the plot line is twisted, the turns of which sometimes cause shock. It is for the plot, for the excellent work of the scriptwriters, that I love this series.

    Love triangle? Or a polygon? Lovers of love geometry are provided with a wonderful figure in the form of Stefan / Elena / Damon, where, as already mentioned, “a good and bad vampire fight for the soul of a beautiful girl,” but it should be said right away that this is not so. There are no bad or good characters in the series, each of them has their own skeletons hidden in the closet.A sweet, modest girl is that little thing. One cannot fail to mention the “same” Catherine, who perfectly dilutes this company.

    Boring minor heroes? No, and again no. Even episodic characters have their own individual story, their own drama, which is wonderfully intertwined with the plot. Who would have thought what would happen to the dumb blonde Caroline? Or with the rich spoiled guy Tyler? And how sharply and mercilessly the scriptwriters pull the characters out of the series is terrifying. Separately, it should be noted the original vampires who were brought to our attention in the second season. The play of Daniel Gillis and Joseph Morgan is impressive. You believe them from the first second of appearing on the screen.

    The atmosphere? She is beautiful. It seemed that there was nothing particularly in the small, quiet town of Mystic Falls, however ... Lost in the forests of Virginia, it has its own unusual story, closely intertwined with the existence of vampires, werewolves and "servants of nature" witches.

    Almost a year has passed since the moment when I first discovered the Vampire Diaries. Honestly, I have never regretted choosing a television channel on that hot summer day. To each his own. Someone prefers Twilight, and someone prefers Vampire Diaries. I understood one thing for sure: you should not be aggressive about work when you know nothing about it.

    10 out of 10

  • kanawa
    Vampires live forever, as do films about them.
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/3

    Recently, the topic of vampires has become very popular. Over the past 5 years, a lot of films and series have been shot on the topic of vampirism. If you are also hooked on the 'Ghouls' I advise you to watch this series in order to brighten up the expectations of 'Dawn'!

    Why is this series better than analogs, such as 'True Blood' and 'Supernatural' (although it focuses not only on vampires, but also on all other evil spirits)? There are many unexpected turns and not so much hard violence, as in True Blood. Heroes are cute and more - less friendly and they don't look like rebellious zombies.

    Damon: the pearl of the series, a bad boy and a smoothie. No matter how much he does evil, we will still love him. Ian Samerhalder is fully revealed in this role, so we love him more than Stefan. Behind the cover of cruelty and indifference lies a truly open and kind person, and it is a person, he has a soul and protects the one he loves. He wants more for Elena than eternity. He understands that she needs a mortal, unlike Stephen.

    Stefan: (his fans - sorry!), an unusually boring and predictable character. He is stupid and uncomplicated, when he does something right, I fall asleep. He often confuses his duty to Elena with silly things that cherish his pride. About him we can say: "He wants to do the best, but it turns out as always." The actor was picked up, in my opinion unsuccessfully. Sorry, but not at all!

    Elena: the actress was chosen successfully for the role of Elena. Elena, as a character is charismatic and stubborn. She does not want to become a vampire, thinks about her future and understands the “heaviness” of eternity. Unlike Bella (Twilight), she cares not only about herself, but also about loved ones. Lively and beautiful are the best words for her. I want her alliance with Damon, although I think she will find a mortal.

    In general, the series needs to be watched and enjoyed. Even Stefan didn't ruin my impression.

    10 out of 10

  • TakeN
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/5

    After watching somehow a couple of TNT series, I decided to immediately write a negative review of the 'Diaries'. But then I forgot about it, and after another half year, for some reason, I decided to watch the whole series. Although in truth, I began to look only because of Ian. And she continued and finished for the same reason. But, one way or another, the film left more positive emotions than negative ones. So, first things first. I'll start with the bad.

    First: rebuke to the screenwriters. I can not say anything bad about the storylines themselves and their development. There everything is as it should. However, one strange plot move was a little annoying. In the small town of Mystic Falls, every day is a party. Now a ball, then a masquerade, then at school, then at the town hall. In short, although I love this kind of party, watching them 10 episodes in a row is a little boring. Minus 2 - too complicated mystical stories about vampires / werewolves / witches and company. Too much information that is hard to read. Too many subtleties that seemed superfluous. With the fantasy of the one who came up with this, everything is clearly in order. So it’s kind of finished with cons.

    Now about the pros. It should be noted that I did not read the books of Lisa Jane-Smith, and I am not going to. So I can’t evaluate the series by comparing with books.

    First about the plot. Tolerant. You can even say interesting. But there is some difference between the first and second seasons. First season: the beginning is not prolonged, this is a clear plus.Although the viewer is only brought up to date, they try not to torment them with the expectation of an action. The second season is much darker and bloody than the first. Like it.

    I will not describe actors and characters for a long time, I’ll say a few words about everyone. Elena / Katherine as a character is not bad, Nina Dobrev convincingly plays two completely different people.

    Stefan as a character is a little boring, maybe because of his ideal character, but Paul Wesley plays well. I just want stylists to fix his hairstyle.

    Damon is just the hero because of which I watched the series. The bad boy, Ian, was a good success. Moreover, the viewer watches his personal growth, which is quite exciting. Of all the characters, Damon is the most obscure and mysterious, it is interesting to watch him.

    As for the other actors, there is no one to complain about. I did not watch other films with their participation, but in the 'Diaries' everyone came to their place.

    Separately, it is worth mentioning about music. I was definitely bribed by the song Within Temptation - All I Need. I was glad to hear one of my favorite bands in the soundtrack. I liked the soundtrack overall.

    So, the impression of the series is positive, and on CW mostly show films worthy of attention. Now it’s interesting to see season 3, judging by the end of the second, it should be even more interesting.

    Rating: vampires burning in the sun, which can be killed with a stake and injured with wooden bullets; witches, werewolves; beautiful landscapes, a good soundtrack, well-chosen actors - I liked it. But there are still a couple of minuses, so I put

    8 out of 10

    P.S comparison with the Twilight saga is absolutely inappropriate, as well as claims to Mayer for plagiarism or to the creators of the Diaries for having decided to promote the series after the success of Twilight. I have a good attitude to both. I advise you not to lose time to look for cons in the "Diaries", just look, not comparing with anything. So the impression of the film will be much better

  • Love adventure
    Favorite series
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/4

    Almost all the series that I watched and watch are advised. And this series was advised to me by my sister. I didn’t even expect that I could love the Vampire Diaries series. I didn’t like it because I recently watched Twilight and there were vampires in fashion, namely because the series is not like other vampire stories.

    What wonderful actors.

    Ian Somerhalder - I didn’t even know who it was. But now I already know a lot about him. Frankly, I didn’t like his hero - Damon, I respect good heroes more, and he was a bad vampire from the first episodes. But now I love him. He does not take up beauty, smiles and sexuality !!! “Such a sweetheart”

    Nina Dobrev. Most of all I liked how she played Katherine than Elena. But it is Elena who is in harmony with whom ??? of course with Damon. So strange, I’m talking about one actor, and the characters are different.

    Incomparable Paul Wesley. He played a wonderful role. A kind good vampire, a true friend and a loving man.

    I liked many other actors, unfortunately I do not remember their names, so I will write the characters; Elijah, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Jenna and many others.

    I had fallen in love with the series so much that every Friday after school I ran home to watch the series, even with subtitles, and always waited for the series with great exposure when it was delayed for weeks.

    But it was worth it.

    I really liked the series and I will watch it in the future and wait for the long-awaited Delen.

    10 out of 10

  • Dream_Fan
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/8

    The Vampire Diaries is definitely one of the best youth series. From the very first episode, the plot captures you, I just want to know: What will happen next? I did not look up from the screen, I watched the first season, and then I waited with awe for the second, when the second came out I was delighted.

    Now about the plot. In the first season, the main character, recently orphaned Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) , falls in love with vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) , living on earth for a century and a half. A romantic relationship with a real vampire is a difficult test, but the heroine’s life becomes even more difficult when the insidious Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) arrives in Mystic Falls. Damon wants to destroy his brother Stephen and take possession of Elena ...

    This is not the first time the brothers have a passion for the same woman: in 1864, they fell in love with the beautiful vampire Catherine Pierce , whose bites made both immortal. Modern high school student Elena looks like a vampire, like a sister.

    In the second season of the series, Katherine will unexpectedly return to Mystic Falls, and by no means with good intentions ... The role of the immortal Katherine is also played by Nina Dobrev .

    There are many sidelines in the series, the heroes of which are Elena’s younger brother Jeremy (Stephen R. McQueen) , her best witch friend Bonnie Bennett (Katerina Graham) and the daughter of a local Sheriff Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) . Mystic Falls also has its own vampire hunter, who is also a history teacher Alaric Salzman (Matthew Davis) .

    Also in the series, music and special effects are very well chosen. The play of the actors is very pleasing.

    Definitely 10 out of 10 and enjoy watching!

  • Blondinko_v_sinem
    “The most famous vampire on 'D'?” - Damon. “Maybe Dracula, after all?” “No, Damon.”
    Was this review helpful for you? 38/4

    I don’t remember, maybe I already wrote a review of this series, if so, I want to add something.

    Nowadays, films, series and books about vampires are becoming more and more popular, in which they are presented not as evil monsters and nightly horrors, but as creatures that are characterized by human emotions, which can be different: kind, evil, selfish, loving .. . etc ..

    Here, perhaps, is another series of this kind of subject. But Vampire Diaries is not just another series, it is, in my opinion, one of the most successful series in recent years.

    Why is it so attractive? The answer is simple - an exciting plot, a good game of actors. And the actors are really very talented. Take, for example, Ian Somerhalder and the much-loved image of Damon Salvatore. Well, isn't he talented ?! His facial expressions, gestures, intonation of voice - everything conveys the mood of the hero as well as possible.

    And Nina Dobrev. Isn't she talented ?! She was able to play two completely different, I would even say the opposite, by the nature of people.

    And the plot is quite interesting. Although he is again about the vampires that are now popular, he is not hackneyed and is something new and fresh.

    In addition, the music for the series is perfectly matched.

    Well, what do I put an estimate:

    10 out of 10

  • geraldic
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/5

    About the plot as a whole:

    The first thing that strikes in this series, of course, is the amount of action. This is really exciting because you do not know what can happen in the next series, the director removes and introduces new actors one by one, and the head of the viewer is not torn from the flow of information. All the actors strangely enough fall into place and everyone has a completely understandable role. Also in the Diaries they use good special effects, which certainly pleases the eye and makes the plot even more realistic. The musical accompaniment was very pleased, all the music perfectly conveys the desired mood of a particular scene.

    About the actors:

    The actors in 'The Vampire Diaries' are perfectly matched, many thanks to the creators for this. When watching scenes with Elena or Katherine, you don’t understand that they are played by the same person, Nina Dobrev more than coped with her task. I’ll say about other characters that they are also well embodied on the screen. Their role in the series is well thought out and played, there is no desire to remove someone out of sight.


    10 out of 10

  • The Diary for a Vampire
    The Vampire Diaries and Twilight 2 different things
    Was this review helpful for you? 29/9

    I liked the series itself. Nothing like I see with Twilight. Actually, I read the book The Vampire Diaries and the fact that there was a series, to be honest I had a shock (as I did not know). More sympathetic characters to me are: Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy, Tyler, Katherine, Damon and Elijah.

    So personally, they make the series so exciting. Stefan and Elena are always whining. Elena builds herself a martyr - I will save you all, but I will die. And Stefan 'I keep my atrocious essence under control, and it’s so hard for me to restrain her' is already angry!

    Damon is a real vampire. He doesn’t care what Stefan is building out of himself there, if Damon wants blood, he will drink blood. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love with him. It infuriates sometimes that he is much better than Stefan, and Elena chose the last one.

    Caroline and Bonnie are fun too, and Jeremy is just a sweetheart.

    Tyler I always liked vampires and werewolves. BUT this werewolf turned out to be the best from my side.

    Elijah - from one side looks like a noble prince, the only noble vampire during my searches in the world of books and cinema.

    If someone believes that the Vampire Diaries are licked from Twilight then they are deeply mistaken ...

  • Light_Dreams
    Personal rating
    Was this review helpful for you? 42/6

    'The Vampire Diaries' is more than just a series. It has very few banal scenes, which in our time is very rare, therefore impressive. Actors, music, style, landscapes ... Everything is selected very beautifully and tastefully. Another plot. Personally, the topic of the 'Diaries' touches me ... Mmm, not the main topic, but the fate of various heroes. For example, the development of Caroline’s relationship with her mother, the tragic rock Anabel with her parent, life and death (both deaths) Vicki ... Of course, I also really like the main idea of ​​“vampires”, “witches” and other science fiction, otherwise I hardly became to watch 'Diaries'

    As for the couples, then I 'ZA' with both hands:

     - Damon and Elena (as a crazy fan of Ian, since the second series I have determined for myself his place next to Nina);

     - Stefan and Katherine (by the principle of 'opposites attract', this principle, by the way, played a small role in determining the first pair);

     - Caroline and Tyler (I have united them for myself since Car began to help him cope with the fate of the werewolf);

     - Bonnie and Jeremy (to be honest, the events inside this couple do not really concern me, but together they are a nice couple. I hope that next season Jer will deal with her ex).

    If someone was not too lazy to read my boring scribble, then I think it’s clear that I set

    10 out of 10

    And ... To be honest, I didn’t read the previous comments, so for sure my opinion coincides with someone else’s, but you know, I’m not a plagiarist, I just don’t like to read lengthy comments, although I write such ones myself;)

    P.S: if you have not watched this series and are considering 'To be or not to be', then I recommend it to you :)

  • valark
    'Love Sucks'
    Was this review helpful for you? 34/6

    Today, the series have flooded the air, the Internet. Some of them are too protracted, some are banal, but at the same time there are TV shows that really drag you into the thick of things.

    "The Vampire Diaries Ra" is one such.

    Having accidentally stumbled upon a trailer about a couple of years ago, I downloaded 5 episodes of the first season just out of curiosity. I really like the vampire theme. And, as it turned out, I was right!

    Having watched the first 5 episodes, as they say, in one gulp, I was looking forward to continuing. The series turned out to be interesting, well filmed.

    The only thing that confused me was the pilot series. Only the blind man could not notice the resemblance to Twilight. My surprise was great when I found out that Lisa Jane Smith created Vampire Diares long before the twilight saga appeared.

    Season One turned out to be really high quality.

    Nina Dobrev is a very young, but, as it turned out, insanely talented actress. She was tasked with an almost impossible task - to portray on the screen the expressive seducer Catherine Pierce and the sweet, responsive Elena Gilbert. The roles were not just opposite, but polar. Despite the lack of rich experience, Nina did an excellent job!

    Paul Wesley was also a fresh face. I did not see him before the series. In principle, Paul coped with the task not bad, but the hero himself - Stefan Salvatore I initially did not like too much. Dull, dull, sometimes even depressing.

    Well, Ian Somerhalder bewitched at first sight! I remembered his pretty face thanks to Lost. His hero Damon , I'm sure, fell in love with the entire female half. Immediate, with an amazing sense of humor, energetic, purposeful, and most importantly, loving. In the first season, his love for Katherine is unlimited. Ian is a born Damon Salvatore. He coped with the role for 100!

    The entire first season pleased the soundtrack. Stunningly suitable music gave the right atmosphere for each episode. I especially liked the tracks "Anberlin - Enjoy The Silence", "Stateless - Bloodstream" and "Anya Marina - All The Same To Me". Great songs.

    Scriptwriters are a different story altogether. As soon as it begins to seem to us that we somehow figured out the thick of things, something happens and an infinite number of questions arise again. Very captivating.

    Humor sparkling. The number of moments that caused a sincere laugh was countless.

    The first season flew by for me imperceptibly, in an instant. I waited for the second with great impatience: the end of the first season gave me a charming intrigue. I was waiting so ... And I was disappointed.

    It seems that there is plenty of action, and the actors play at the level, the thick of events amazes with its originality, but ... the series has lost its charm.When viewing, I no longer experienced that awe. Sorry.

    However, the first season is worthy of a standing ovation

    10 out of 10.

  • Lady Hell
    The Vampire Diaries (Season 2)
    Was this review helpful for you? 36/6

    Frankly, I don’t know where to start. I just watched season 2, my impressions are never fresh and I really want to somehow collect them into a review.

    The series is awesome, perhaps the best I've watched. Merit is a director, screenwriters, actors, and a bunch of people who make TV shows for us - entertainment after a hard day or a way to escape from reality.

    The Vampire Diaries is a very exciting story, with an incredibly dynamic plot development and a huge amount of action, which I really appreciate in such films and which they often miss. But not at this time. The speed, power of vampires is shown literally at every moment, their heightened feelings, their experiences. People and werewolves are not far behind.

    The plot is a separate issue. It is twisted so famously that you can not guess what will happen in the next second. The peculiarity of the series is that you sit down to watch one series, but you are so addicted that you hardly stop after the third. In this case, the third one was the last for me and I really want to find out what is next, I look forward to season 3.

    Honestly, I thought that season 2 could not be compared with the first and could not be better. But he exceeded all expectations. It was the last episodes of season 2 that made me cry, I believed the actors so much, I even forgot that they are actors and this whole story is fiction. If the series continues to develop in the same direction (which I sincerely hope), then season 3 promises to be a bomb, you can’t say>
    I want to note Damon, that is, Ian Somerhalder, who played him. Yes, like the entire female half of the audience, I am fascinated by him in the first place. But behind his appearance there is also a great talent - I enjoy it when I watch how he sincerely worries about Elena, how he loves her. Who would have thought that this cruel, arrogant and cynical brother of Stephen, as he appeared in the first episodes, would be able to experience this.

    Elena, that is, Nina Dobrev, I also really liked, her acting is very convincing. She plays two opposing personalities and she manages to cope with the task. I seriously do not like Katherine, but I also seriously sympathize with Elena, although I see the same girl on the screen. In my opinion, this is talent.

    Stefan, Paul Wesley, also plays well. I won’t praise him because I don’t really like his character, but nevertheless I can’t imagine any other actor in this role.

    Of course, there are still many different characters and they are also in their places. I really like the fact that there are a lot of people in the frame, that events do not have time to take turns, that this story draws you in, you don’t want to get out of the water and get out.
    My advice to those who haven't watched The Vampire Diaries yet - you should do it! The first few episodes are tedious, but then there will be no shortage of plot twists and action. If you like high-quality films, then I think this is exactly what you need.

    10 out of 10

    p. s. We look forward to 3 seasons and what else the scriptwriters will come up with to surprise us. )

  • Chameleonka
    “If you wake up as a vampire, I will kill you myself.”
    Was this review helpful for you? 39/0

    Now there are a lot of films, TV shows and other things about vampires, because such “themes” are very popular among young people. Not all of these films are high-quality and good as we would like. You look at one or the other and after watching it remains the impression that it’s commonplace, too supernatural vampires, except for love and stupidity, nothing about vampires, etc. These are the well-known disadvantages that can cross out a lot, for example: a good game of actors.

    About "The Vampire Diaries" I can say something completely different. There are no disadvantages that I have listed above. High-quality script, as well as excellent directorial work. In this series harmoniously mixed such genres as fantasy, melodrama, horror. It may not seem too long or too short, each series is quite interesting. With each series, the secrets of the past and the present are revealed, new characters appear (enemies, friends, victims, werewolves, witches, first-born), the essence of vampires is revealed.

    Excellent acting game despite the fact that many actors are not so experienced in such genres. It is worth noting such actors as Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Katerina Graham, Michael Trevino, who pretty well "joined" in their characters. The most difficult role went to Nina Dobrev, because her task was to play two completely different characters: the bitchy, daring, sexy Katherine and the calm, friendly, sociable Elena. Nina perfectly managed to separate her two characters, show with her game that the two girls are completely different.

    Story about two blood brothers, Stephen and Damon, who once became vampires. Before losing their humanity, they had a common love, and indeed a common love for one girl. They did not know that they were meeting with the same one. This is a girl named Catherine, who was a vampire, circled them around her finger, in the name of entertainment and whim, inspiring them, with the help of her abilities, what she needed. As a result, the brothers paid for this with the love of loved ones, humanity and strong brotherly ties. All this is only the past, but the Salvatore brothers remember these days, as if it were recently. After many years of lawlessness, Stefan wants to establish his life, live like an ordinary person, no longer be the monster that he was. Meanwhile, Damon lives and does whatever he pleases, trying in such a way to live with pain and in the depths of his heart, continuing to hide his anger at his brother, facing a choice, revenge or not. But then one day Stefan meets a girl named Elena, who is like two drops like Katherine, he soon falls in love with her. Damon cannot leave this unnoticed when he meets Elena for the sake of lust, revenge and interest, why she looks like Katherine, but soon, following in the footsteps of his brother, he falls in love with her. The question is, whom will she choose , Damon or Stefan, or will he treat them like Katherine?

    Stefan is a positive character, and Damon is negative, but throughout the series they will change roles . So who is negative and who is positive of the brothers? Elena, a 17-year-old girl, despite her so young age, is quite smart. Since, in spite of the fact that her boyfriend is a vampire, categorically does not want to be a vampire. Elena remains unconvinced , believing that normal life is a family, children and all periods of life.

    As many people know, the series was shot based on the book The Vampire Diaries, which was written in 1991. It is commendable that the scriptwriters of the series did not copy all the details of the story from the book. They took only the main idea, corrected the characters, or removed the extra ones. Thanks to all this, something new and fresh came out.

    Finally, I saw a normal story about vampires. In general, I really liked it, because it is exciting, unpredictable, high-quality and interesting.

    10 out of 10

  • Tartaletka1
    Waiting ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 43/2

    I looked through all 2 seasons and I can say for sure that I was not disappointed. Here, many have already said that against the backdrop of Twilight, the Diaries clearly win. I fully support them. Twilight is something naive, designed for adolescents and people who have not come out of this green age, but in the Diaries you can feel real intrigue, passions and a desire to get to the truth. This is what collects people from the screens.

    The topic of vampires is, of course, pretty hackneyed - I don’t argue, but since they’re being removed, then of course there is a demand for vampires ie they’re not so tired of the audience. Personally, I still calmly relate to films about vampires, if they were shot without fanaticism and have at least some sense. These are the Diaries. I assure you that you can emphasize a lot of useful things in them.

    The cast pleases me more ...

    Elena - at first, namely in season 1, she was not very nice to me. Somehow I did not look closely at her and probably underestimated it. But by season 2, her acting talent opened to the fullest. Admired by her game on 2 fronts. The image of bitchy Katherine was a success to her fame.

    Damon - I can’t keep silent about him. It was his charisma that caught on from the first episodes of the series. You hate and love his hero and pity at the same time.

    Stefan - for me, this actor has not yet revealed much. It plays well, but something is missing in it. Maybe he just reminds me too much of Edward from Twilight, to whom I don’t have a very positive attitude.Although I confess, at the end of season 2, when Stefan was forced to sacrifice everything for the sake of saving his brother, she finally noticed something worthwhile in him. I hope this spark does not go out in such an expected 3 season)

    I especially want to mention a couple of Caroline and Tyler in the series. Hooked by their sincerity. The love of the werewolf and the vampire is something new for me in the cinema (apparently it has not seen anything like it) and the touching nature of their beginning relationship causes such emotion ...

    About the sad ...

    There were, of course, many deaths in the series. It is generally filled with unprecedented tragedy from the very first minute of viewing. But most of all I personally felt sorry for Aunt Elena and Jeremy. Partly due to the fact that they had a beautiful couple with Alaric, whose character is also very charismatic, and partly because throughout the series, Jenna was a rather interesting character with a personal drama. And although in the series she was not allotted so much time, I want her to be returned. After all, they had real love with Alaric ...

    As a conclusion

    It is necessary to watch, if only because it is not just a naive series about vampires and the hardships of their eternal life. Each hero there is a separate person with a past, present and future. The whirlpool of events invented by the talented scriptwriters (for which many thanks to them) will drag you so deep that you will not be able to emerge.

    I think season 3 will be no less exciting. Apparently, Elena and Damon are approaching us there (which viewers have been expecting for 2 seasons) , Caroline and Tyler’s obviously uneasy relationship and new and new mysteries of the vampire’s dark life.

    P.S. And personally, I want to finally find out how Damon became who he is. After all, if you recall the story of their life with their brother, then initially the roles were distributed differently. Stefan was an evil and cold-blooded killer, and Damon was a good kid. After all, we followed Stephen’s re-education, but how did Damon get to such a dark life? I really hope that the writers will not forget this key point ...

    10 out of 10

    I recommend it.

  • Yana_tanner
    “If anyone is going to kill you it will be me.”
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/0

    I don’t understand when people say that the series The Vampire Diaries is all about love. For me, he is primarily a series about relationships: fraternal, family, friendly, and, of course, love.

    My heart belongs entirely to the storyline of the Salvatore Brothers. Only a blind person will not see how multifaceted, confused, complicated, painful, but, at the same time, their relationship is strong. How wonderful it is to watch their scenes in the library, but how painful it is then to see the sweet excerpts from flashbacks: 'The Salvatore brothers .. best friends ..' But still, in the same way that they are at odds, they really love each other. Their characters love each other. That is why it is an interesting dynamic. They say one thing and mean another.

    For the rest of the storylines, I do not feel such truly puppy delight (they are more like a pleasant, and sometimes not very, addition), but it would be unfair to deprive them of their attention.

    Let's start with Stefan and Elena. The first two episodes of the first season, to be honest, if I didn’t spit, I obviously wrinkled my nose - I saw such a clear parallel between the Diaries and the Saga (I was still glad that I noticed the series by accident when it was on MTV in the midst of the second season, otherwise, I would never have watched him). But, since I knew that soon everything would spin-turn around, I safely got involved, and by the first episode of the 2nd season, the Diaries were in first place on my list of TV shows for viewing, and, at the same time, in my heart.

    About enchanting: I love the bromance of Damon and Alaric. Well, where else will you meet such an interesting team - a vampire and a vampire hunter? Together they are simply stunning. It's incredible how so different and distinctive people can be so natural with each other.

    Of the less impressive, but no less interesting - Tyler and Caroline. It is clear to everyone that if Carol was still not a vampire, but a shrill shkolota from the first season, and Tyler was not the worst enemy of vampires, but a "stupid roll", then nothing good would come of them. And so - a nice couple trying in their free time from the call of nature to solve their love questions.

    In the end, we can say that the series is simply fantastic! So many different feelings and characters are mixed up that poison could have turned out, but a real drug has turned out, dragging it harder and harder. Special thanks can be made to the scriptwriters Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec for real emotions while watching. The Vampire Diaries is simply impossible to take lightly.

  • alinchic_all
    If he does not fight, then she will fight for him
    Was this review helpful for you? 40/2

    “The Vampire Diaries” is a special series. You do not fall in love with him from the first second, this feeling comes much later. You, along with thousands of spectators, will explore this world full of mysticism, magic, horrors and, of course, vampires.

    Each character in The Vampire Diaries is interesting in its own way. If we talk about Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), then it seems to me that she completely coped with her role. Nina is certainly a very talented actress if she was able to show the full range of feelings of her heroines. Only, I would like Elena to smile more often.

    It is impossible not to say about another idol - Damon Salvatore. At first glance, he is cruel, cynical, selfish. So why do millions love him? The answer is simple: Damon's remarks are enthralling, and his actions are surprising. Yesterday he hurt a man, and today he’s close to help ... Behind the thick mask of a bloodthirsty and selfish person lies the soul of a thin and vulnerable person. What can we say about his appearance and, especially, his look. In other words, no matter what he says, the main thing is how he looks ...

    Summing up, I advise you to watch the Vampire Diaries for people who have a place for mysticism and magic in their hearts, for those who seek adventure and love.
    Thanks to everyone for the reviews. I really liked what you wrote in them.

    10 out of 10

  • Ok_Nadya
    And again, vampires ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 14/4

    I do not like the movie "Twilight" and I do not like when the "Vampire Diaries" are compared with them. First, Lisa Jane Smith wrote The Vampire Diaries much earlier than Stephanie Meyer her Twilight. Secondly, if in the twilight the love story is too predictable and uninteresting, then in the vampire diaries everything looks very dynamic, bright, interesting. Although the book was completely redone.

    Very well thought out characters. I can only find fault with Elena. It seems to me that she lacks character, her friends and then he is much better manifested. I would like to note the most interesting character: Damon. It is interesting to watch how he makes mistakes, and then tries to correct them, but sometimes he later realizes that he did something wrong, but that does not make him worse, but only better. Plus, the whole series is based on his sense of humor and charm.

    Of the actors I want to mention Nina Dobrev, who was able to play well both the good Elena, and the bitchy Katherine and Ian Somerhalder, who adorned his character with magnificent facial expressions and acting.

    I boldly add this series to my favorite list and look forward to the third season. This story about vampires is the most interesting of all modern ones.

    10 out of 10

  • svetkastar
    Mysterious Mystic Falls.
    Was this review helpful for you? 39/4

    Initially, the name 'Vampire Diaries' caused a negative reaction in me, it was also with the vampire saga, I promised myself that I would never watch it. I had a certain rejection on the topic of vampires, as it occurs more and more often. I don’t know who originally licked from whom, but the films with Pattison, The Vampire Diaries and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer are absolutely similar. Everywhere the same subject-vampire fell in love with a mortal girl, plus there are also werewolves, etc. I do not like similar, I do not like banalism. But the Vampire Diaries just shocked me. The decisive factor for watching was the fact that Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone in one of my favorite series, Lost, plays in this series.

    I do not know what to say about the script, it is not very commonplace, the actors play amazingly, wonderful music, beautiful landscapes. The second season is incredibly interesting, but so confusing that I could hardly understand what was happening there, a lot of flashbacks, a lot of new faces, conspiracies and ups and downs. And an unexpected end.

    So, let's go through the characters. Elena is certainly a very beautiful girl, but so cute that she just makes me sick sometimes, I don’t know, I don’t know. She (Nina Dobrev) is more likely to play the role of the evil bitch Katarina. Here she plays simply impeccably.

    Stefan, aka Paul Wesley. I like Stefan (than Damon) more, but he is also so correct that it seems unrealistic. I can’t praise Paul’s game, because he has a stone face all the time, 1 facial expression, perhaps this is due to the fact that he has a very specific appearance.He does not play, his face does everything for him, but for his character in particular, this is not bad.

    The evil brother Damon. Many people like bad boys, of course, you can’t help falling in love with someone like Damon. But what, in my opinion, is better than Stefan, is that Stefan has more human qualities than Damon. But Damon is so alluringly attractive in this anger and cruelty that you want to feel sorry for him. I think that after all something human (love for Elena) remained in him and he is not as hopeless and cruel as he wants to seem. Oh, this Yen! In the legendary series lost, he didn’t have such a colorful character! Bravo, Yen, it’s such a genius to play! From him it still blows with mortal danger, and these magnet eyes, in which there is so much cruelty and pain, must be very talented to play such a complex character, play so that everyone believes and falls in love, so that your every move, word, facial expression reflects your character.

    Excellent series, all actors without exception are perfectly selected, this is at least

    9 out of 10

  • kinoman16
    This is not Twilight, do not even try to compare!
    Was this review helpful for you? 33/6

    - Does Elena know that you drink human blood?

     - I drank her blood

     - Hm ... it's so romantic

    I remember how at the beginning of last summer in the internet I came across The Vampire Diaries . After reading the description, I thought that they took Twilight and remade it in the series. Too much he resembled the same love triangle as in the saga. I watched the first 4 episodes that were only on the site. They seemed to me the best. Probably due to the fact that I was influenced by Twilight, and I wanted to review it almost every day.

     But in September last year, she resumed viewing, thanks to a friend who was fan of this series. And fell in love ... with this story, the heroes (Damon, of course).

     The series is very interesting, dynamic. The plot is designed in such a way that does not leave you indifferent, and you want to look further. The characters of the heroes, their experiences, internal changes are clearly drawn: so in season 1 Caroline was a spoiled dummy, and in the middle of season 2 she was a faithful and loving girlfriend; and Damon changes on his face - blinded by his hatred for his brother in the beginning, and in the end - love for Elena , which forced him to change and show his positive qualities.

      Damon , performed by Ian Somerhalder , turned out to be the most vivid and memorable character. Sexy vampire!It is hard to add anything else to this :)

      Nina Dobrev did an excellent job with her roles. Someone, but she had a hard time. It was necessary to play completely different in character people. But she did it, well done!

      Paul Wesley is a good actor, although I don’t really like his character and externally, but he played with dignity. It turned out such ala Edward Cullen, by the way with the same haircut.

     Well, all the other actors and their characters turned out to be interesting and memorable.

     I believe that the big plus is that all the actors are very cute and charming, and this is one of the components of the success and such great popularity of the series. I myself continued to watch him only because of Ian’s charm.

     Diaries are always compared to Twilight. But when you consider that L.J. Smith wrote her novels long before Twilight appeared, then rather Art. Myers stole the idea than the other way around. I would rather compare him with Buffy.

    The only negative is that the series is released once a week. For America, it’s a common thing to stretch the season for the whole year.

    Thoughts aloud
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/2

    As an opponent of Twilight, I would hardly have watched The Vampire Diaries, constantly hearing about their common features, if not for my best friend. She was so enthusiastic about this series, talking about it all day long that I decided to watch, at least to have common topics for conversation with her.

     Honestly - the beginning seemed to me very boring and nothing outstanding. Again - Stefan, terribly similar to Edward, only instead of a werewolf enemy appeared a harmful brother. But that way from the 11-12th I looked already with interest, and as a separate product, a new story about vampires. And now I can’t wait to continue!

      Of course, the main characters are good - Elena, Damon and Stefan. But for some reason, as it is not surprising, I always liked it more ... Caroline! Yes, at first such a boring, right fashionista ... She seemed a much more lively personality than others, with minuses and pluses, and if you look at Elena and Stefan, it seems that they are truly perfect and they have no dark sides. Sweet, at times funny and naive Caroline gives the series a second wind, and to me personally - the desire to look further and further. That's who I have always been following and will be looking forward to! Particularly interesting, I think, will be watching the apparently uneasy relationship between Car and Tyler. Well, wait and see!

      What more i can say? Well, in the series, very good actors, in my opinion, are the best - Nina Dobrev, Ian Somelholder, Candice Accola and Michael Trevino. The series is more and more interesting each time, and the entire second season is much more exciting than the second, more thoughtful and adult. I really hope that the third season will not yield, especially since one of my favorite actresses - Claire Holt should appear there.

      Personally, my opinion - look, I think that you will not regret it. This is an interesting series, maybe it is not better than other vampire sagas, but still deserves attention.

       8 out of 10

  • Dot Matrix
    Love triangle
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/3

    My first opinion fell on this series on TNT channel. I decided to look, because at that time I heard a lot of positive reviews, and did not regret it. It was not possible to watch until the end, I had to look for the series on the Internet. Now both seasons are on the shelf among their favorite films. I decided to read the book, but it only caused persistent disgust with its snot with saliva. And only the series, with its unpredictability and plot twist, is very attractive.

    The characters are interesting and cute. And from sad events sometimes tears come to my eyes. It is not necessary to say that the series is purely for teenagers, I consider this incorrect. My mother even got hooked on him and she really likes it.

    Stefan, Damon and Elena (and then Katherine) are inside the love triangle and events developing around only spur this relationship.

    Elena likes her judiciousness, self-sacrifice and love for others, Stefan mystery, kindness and understanding, Damon magnetic sexuality and willpower.

    The plot is diverse and built not only on the main characters. There are secondary ones, but they do not become uninteresting from this. Each has its own story, and each of these stories is fascinatingly told.

    Do not compare all the same long-suffering 'Twilight' and 'Diaries' are completely different films.

    My rating:

    10 out of 10

  • Hey_Oh
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/2

    'The Vampire Diaries' - a series that really captures so much that I do not want to miss a single series. For all the time there was not a single boring moment, with each series everything is more interesting. After watching 2 seasons, I look forward to the third.

    Firstly, the series liked the plot. He is very exciting, dynamic, unpredictable. Secondly, the game of actors. All are well-chosen, but I would especially like to single out, of course, Ian Somerhalder - his Damon has changed over the course of two series, from a brutal vampire to become more human, but at the same time does not lose his charm and sense of humor; Nina Dobrev - who equally well plays both calm good Elena and bitchy selfish Katherine; Candice Accola, whose Caroline at the beginning of the series is an ordinary dummy, eventually acquiring a character and the very inner depth that she lacked; Michael Trevino is a werewolf Tyler struggling with his essence. Other actors also played their roles perfectly.

    Thirdly, the huge plus of the series is its atmosphere as a whole: music that is always suitable for the moment, landscapes, houses, costumes. Everything is very realistic.

    10 out of 10!

  • Marina_Orekhova
    Love sucks
    Was this review helpful for you? 41/2

    I can honestly say that I am a loyal fan of this series, despite the fact that in principle I'm not interested in TV shows. The first time I learned about the Vampire Diaries was when the 10th episode of season 1 came out. After watching the first episode, which did not impress me too much, I abandoned the series, but then my friend persuaded me to watch a few more episodes. Then I got so involved that I look forward to every new series. And I think that the Far East stands out among a huge number of TV shows.

    The plot

    The plot of the series is very happy with constant changes and constant turns. Thanks to this, DV does not become a simple monotonous series. The scriptwriters amaze with their imagination. There are a lot of interesting flashbacks in the film, which makes the series even more exciting.


    Tracks from the series are also very pleasing to the ear. Many of them have been playing in my player for a long time.


    The actors, I think are matched just fine.

    Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) is a fairly young but incredibly talented actress. In the series, she plays the role of 2 completely opposite characters, and she does it superbly. His heroines, like herself, change with each series.

    Paul Wesley (Stefan) may seem a little 'inhibited' and not make much of an impression, but due to his young age he managed to perfectly show the long-term experience and wisdom of a 150-year-old vampire. His character does not change for a long time, but in the 3rd season he will show himself in a completely new>
    Ian Somerhalder (Damon), well, there’s nothing to say ... a smart man, a smart role. At the very beginning, she appears cruelly in the image of a brother, but his character constantly reveals new facets, becoming tender and brutal. And little by little, the reasons for this or that of his actions are revealed. In fact, this character is probably the most beloved in the Vampire Diaries. At least for a female audience.

    Just as I like about the Vampire Diaries, everything doesn't revolve around the main trinity. A lot of secondary characters who also develop, change and give the series even more mythology and vice versa reality.

    I didn’t even start reading books to be honest, but I know that despite the fact that the series is based on the novel The Vampire Diaries, the plot is completely different from the plot of the book, and events are developing on their own, which I also consider a huge plus.

    I can say that this is the first and only series that causes me so many different emotions and experiences while watching.

    10 out of 10

  • Girl from the Mars
    For the love of vampires
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/41

    Tell me which films you watch and I will tell you who you are. Well, based on this statement, we can conclude that only a stupid schoolgirl, who simply has nothing to do in anticipation of a new part of the twilight saga, can watch a series such as DV. That's what I thought, after watching the first couple of episodes of season 1. Then the Far East seemed a real nightmare. Vampires who drink, eat, wear stupid rings and are terribly afraid of weed called verbena. No it's not mine, I thought and forgot about this series. Until I accidentally stumbled upon season 2, in which she saw Katherine and was no longer able to tear herself away.

    1. Characters:

    In the series there are many terribly banal characters. Here you have a classic blonde and a classic good girl, and a hero, and a bad guy. But they are banal only at first glance, and upon closer examination turn out to be not so simple at all.

    Bad guy?

    Ian does not know what a bad guy is because he plays him very frailly. His Damon is rather a pity, he is weak. Yes, cute, but not sexy (these are his tricks, idiotic jokes) No, Boone from Loct was much sexier.

    Good guy?

    I learned the name of Stefan only at the beginning of season 3, so he is not a hero, but simply no.


    It was only thanks to her that she began to watch the series. The only truly vibrant and vibrant character with an interesting story. Dobrev plays her well, as does Elena.

    2. Style

    This is perhaps the most compelling reason to watch the Far East. Stylists and make-up artists separate 10 points. And when you consider that Nina and I have the same height and figure, in the face of the Far East I got a good and, very nice, free stylist.

    3. Contents.

    The classic fight of vampires and werewolves, plus a bunch of small witches, people fighting vampires, etc.

    4. Good girl Elena?

    Funny, but this character, if you look closely, is very interesting. So competently driving Damon's nose, so skillfully manipulating everyone around, so gracefully pretending to be a victim. 10 points by Elena.

    Bottom line:

    Better Twilight? Mostly yes. There would have been Robert and would have been a complete 'masterpiece', and just one of the best series about vampires.

    7 out of 10

  • Elizabeth coolgirl
    Impossible Love!
    Was this review helpful for you? 39/5

    Frankly, at first I thought it would be, something similar to 'Twilight', a lot of friends advised me to watch, but I all promised that then somehow. And literally about two months ago, I searched the Internet for what kind of book to read and stumbled upon the Vampire Diaries, decided to download it and started reading right away. I swallowed the first two books right away, and then I didn’t have the patience and I started watching the series, and yes, I liked it, and right away. If you’re tired of dusk, check out The Vampire Diaries, it’s much more interesting.

    Well, the plot is known to everyone: Elena and Jeremy lost their parents, but with the advent of the new school year, they decide to move on, and here attacks on people occur, and the strangest thing is that all the corpses are bloodless. The mysterious Stefan also appears, who is not completely frank and his smug brother Damon.

    Actors ! I liked all the actors, you believe everyone, and in general the series is breathtaking! Well, now more about the characters:

    Elena is a golden girl, everything should be right for her, VERY highly values ​​the lives of relatives and friends, she’s ready to give her life herself. Climbing wherever they ask her is very stubborn. She loves Stefan, but when she found out that he was a vampire really real, perhaps, she wanted to run away and hide from him. Nina Dobrev did an excellent job with her character, I can’t imagine another Elena.

    Katherine is the exact opposite of Elena, the only thing they look like, except for their appearance, is that they both love Stefan. Nina also played her well, although it is not so easy to play two completely different characters in one show.

    Stefan is the right vampire who does not drink human blood. But when he just became a vampire he was a real 'butcher'. And he regrets it very much. He loves Elena, it’s not strange. Always moody. Paul Wesley is well suited for this role.

    Damon is an evil, smug, merciless, unbalanced vampire, but underneath it all lies the fact that he is sensitive, he has a great sense of humor and he is terribly cute! And he manages to fall in love with his brother’s girlfriend for the second time. Ian Somerhalder played Damon so well that it is not realistic to imagine anyone else in this role.

    Well, I’ll name other favorite characters: Jeremy , Anna , Bonnie , Matt , Caroline , Tyler , Jena and Alaric .

    The music is good too, especially I want to highlight: Jason Walker - Down , Howie Day - Be There , Plumb - Cut .


    10 out of 10

  • Lyofik
    Watch everyone!
    Was this review helpful for you? 48/5

    I decided to look at this series from nothing to do. I decided to download a couple of episodes and see what this series is. What I want to describe in this review: the plot and, of course, the game of actors!

    The plot really liked! The first series, as in many series, were not very. However, further it became better and more interesting. Most viewers, having watched the first episodes, think that this is some kind of banal youth drama with vampires. But this is not so! Look further! 'Vampire Diaries' just sucks us into their events and keeps us to the end. Everything is thought out to every detail, which I really like: vampires, werewolves, witches, rituals, crypts - everything is perfect! I didn’t know that I would like him that way. I am delighted!!! With pleasure I 'swallowed' two seasons, and now I am suffering with the third season, since only one episode is released in a week. It is sad. Watch this masterpiece, you won’t regret it! This series is very serious, dramatic, mystical, addictive. What else is needed for happiness? I watched a lot of films and series, and all the time after watching there was some kind of emptiness, as if something was missing! But here it’s not at all like this: I don’t see any mistakes, the director’s flaws and the “emptiness”. Everything is great!

    Actors just great! Played very well. Everything was natural. I would like to note that the main character is simply charming. I'm not a fan of melodramas, but I want to write that the heroes of this series gorgeously played lovers! It was 'written' in their eyes that they love each other. I didn’t expect this from myself, but I even liked it; in other series did not notice this. Well done!

    A very good series, which is worth watching . I give a well-deserved mark

    10 out of 10

  • sof6421
    'So cool is not getting old. I like to be forever handsome. '
    Was this review helpful for you? 40/3

    Once I could not even think that I would be a fan of a youth series. Skeptically listening to my friend’s advice, I decided to look right from the first episode.

    The first thing I noticed was that all the actors are incredibly beautiful. What are the main characters, what are secondary. 'How could that be?' I thought, and immediately after the first episode I turned on the second one.

    Over the next days, I watched five or six episodes at a time. I was captivated by the plot, everything is twisted to the impossibility, there are plenty of unexpected turns. I already in the middle of the first season decided not to even think what would happen next, but simply to enjoy.

    I was impressed by how wonderful Nina Dobrev can change for the roles of Elena and Katherine. They are just completely different and very easy to distinguish. I really like her as an actress.

    Ian Somerhalder is certainly a charming man, from the very first moments of the appearance of his hero Damon you understand this. Handsome, but not sugary. I would not have seen anyone better in the role of the elder Salvatore. And his excellent sense of humor also cannot be overlooked, so I immediately decided to put his expression in the headline.

    Yes, and Paul Wesley, in my opinion, brilliantly coped with the task. I really liked him in the first two seasons, and in the third he became just my favorite. Perhaps Stefan may seem a bit of a "mess", but love does not tolerate a cold relationship. Some actors are really overdoing it, but Paul and Nina masterfully show the feelings of their heroes.

    A wonderful series, it combines not only love, but also mysticism, and horrors, so many different characters, colorful, interesting. My assessment is already clear.

    10 out of 10

  • i-movie
    Almost “BEVERLY HILLS - 90210"
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/11

    Now they create countless series about vampires, which is not least connected with the success of Twilight. And if the annoying relationship of Bella, always eager for depression, so hungry for vampire life, and the eccentric Cullen have already become bored. And the pale mines of the aforementioned “masterpiece” are only pale copies. In my opinion, one of the most interesting series of 2009 is “The Vampire Diaries”. And the point here is not at all in the “hackneyed” vampire theme, as it might seem at first glance, but in the storyline itself.

    Vampire Diaries is a youth series, almost like BEVERLY HILLS - 90210. Party, booze, drugs, first love and betrayal, problems with the law, hormonal imbalance, disobedience and recklessness - these are the components of the life of an American teenager, about this in general, and the series, but not really. There is a vampire, as an outside observer of another human life, unapproved in it. He is trying with all his might to coexist nearby, and perhaps someday become one of them. How the settled life of the city of Mystic Falls and its inhabitants will change, or rather the youth of the inhabitants, with the appearance of an uninvited guest. And what will bring home to his life. The big secret ... Of course, it could not do without a romantic line - the mysterious Elena and Steffan are a wandering vampire who, for obvious reasons, hides the true origin. And each other’s spiritual wounds can heal. And Steffan’s evil brother Damon, a brutal bloodsucker, will not let anyone get bored and “tickle” the nerves of the inhabitants of Mystic Falls more than once, forcing everyone to turn in horror in the twilight of the night ...

    As a result, the proportions of romance, mysticism and intrigue are observed in the right proportions. The life of young and nonchalant, seasoned with a mystical background, has a positive effect on the plot. It turned out to be a good youth action-packed series, which will captivate you for a couple of hours.

  • elena11-88
    I love to look at beautiful people!
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/11

    It's already the third season of The Vampire Diaries, I don’t remember where I found this series, but it’s not important anymore, but what’s important is that after watching the first series I couldn’t tear myself away from it series, and to this day I'm like an abnormal waiting for a new series with great impatience.

    So why SO attracts this series? For myself, I probably already found the answer to this question. I don’t like vampires, I don’t like blood, I don’t like it when bites, bloodied bodies are shown, but I stop paying attention to it because of the actors who play here, and because of the theme of love, which is very clearly shown here. I am attracted to insanely beautiful and charismatic people who play the main roles, in particular, Ian Sommerholder, who plays one of the vampire brothers, I adore him, and I can not take my eyes off him, I always want to be shown more often. I’m very touched by the relationship between Elena and Damon, from the very beginning, from the first episode of the first season, I wanted Damon and Elena to be together, and now when the third season is on and it seems that Damon and Elena are close to being together , I have reached the peak of love for this series. Just today, I watched another incendiary series, and under the impression decided to write a review.

    Of course, the success of the series, it seems to me, is due to the charm and beauty that Damon and Ian have, and the very beautiful relationships that Elena and Damon show us, I think looking at them, one can not remain indifferent. Personally, everything inside me is worried when Damon touches Elena, something gently tells her, I just love these scenes, and I want to have more of them.

    Personally, I think that between Yen and Nina there are real, sincere feelings in life, because what they show on the screen cannot be simply played. Their manifestations of feelings on the screen are so real, you can’t describe it with words, you need to feel it by watching the series, and it seems to me that it’s just impossible to play, you can only live and feel it for real.

    And I am very happy for them. They are an insanely beautiful couple! I love them very much :)

    10 out of 10

  • Last_Rain
    - I have a diabolical plan - And which one? “Well, if I say, he will lose his diabolical meaning.” ©
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/2

    Vampire themes in the cinema are quite popular, but I will not compare this series with 'Twilight'. Because base 'Twilight' this comparison will not stand. I do not even admit the idea that here you can compare something. This is not for fans of the Stephanie Meyer saga.

    So, The Vampire Diaries. I really heard a lot about this series, around me it was discussed, if not all, then very many, and most recently I finally decided - I wasn’t, I'll see. I downloaded the first season ... And I did not lose. From the first series, the plot is exciting. And many moments are kept in suspense. Let's walk through the heroes ...

    Stefan (Paul Wesley) - Vampire, the right vampire. I would even say the character is too right. Honestly, Stefan does not cause me much sympathy. In the third season, he changes, but inside he is still the same, in fact, though it seems to show itself from a different perspective.

    Damon (Ian Somerhalder) - This character conquers. He conquers almost immediately with his 'Hello brother' at the end of the first series. I'd like to note that Ian has just amazing intonations. Damon's speech wants to listen and listen. In addition, sometimes he makes some sarcastic remarks and jokes, which dilutes the atmosphere. He is the exact opposite of Stephen. And, honestly, the most beloved character to me.The rest lose against him, but nonetheless, the actors are perfectly matched.

    Elena (Nina Dobrev) , I’ll also note here her second image - Katherine. Nina is certainly well done. Elena is calm, modest, quiet, right, kind, understanding, sympathetic. And Nina in this role is just exactly what her heroine should be. Katherine is completely different. Here's a strange thing, the actress is the same, but in the role of Katherine, she seems prettier. Here she’s more assertive, more confident, more selfish ... In general, the difference is in the face, and in the frame, Katherine’s look from Elena’s look is quite easy to distinguish right away. And Nina for this is a fat plus for being able to play like that.

    Alaric (Matt Davis) is also one of my favorite characters. Pleasant appearance is combined with his kindness and intelligence, plus his friendship with Damon is not said to please me. At first, of course, it was impossible to do without hatred for each other, but then there was respect, and Alaric willingly helps Damon in difficult situations. He is certainly a bright character with his own storyline.

    Caroline (Candice Accola) - at first a stupid blonde, a dummy, one might say, nothing special from herself; she is a doll for Damon. But after some changes, she becomes very interesting, with character, and in my opinion even more beautiful in appearance. It's amazing how it can change character.

    She noted those whom she considered the most significant. Although, among the rest there are characters that I like - Jenna and Tyler.

    I would also like to talk about the love line in this series. More specifically, about the love triangle Stefan - Damon - Elena. Stefan and Elena have a relationship similar to a big sweet cake with cherries. Romance, one hundred percent understanding of each other, support, everything is pretty even, except for interventions from outside - various dangers. But this peace of mind someday bothers me anyway. And everything in a relationship cannot always be good.

    But Damon ...

    He is different. There is fire, and there is still fire. Damon loves, it seems to me, he loves with all the best, but at the same time he does not forget to be himself. He is much stronger mentally than Stefan, he is not afraid of risk, even if Elena hates him for something, he will still find a way to save her, he will always choose her, which would not have to sacrifice for this. He is much more interesting than Stefan, and I would really like to see this couple together.

    This series has almost everything - friendship, love, betrayal, choice and much more ... Of course, it's worth watching.

    The soundtracks to him deserve special respect, the music is wonderful.

    10 out of 10

  • Victoria_Black_Pearl
    It's never been too long for a vampire ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 26/2

    The first time I started watching this series was in the middle of this year, i.e. when the second season was already in full swing. The abundant propaganda of this action on social networks did not pass me by. So ...

    The action takes place in the town of Mystic Falls. Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) has just lost her parents, the new school year begins and she needs to learn how to live further with her aunt and brother. At the same time, after many years of absence, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) returns to the city and goes to study at the same school as Elena. There is sympathy between the young people, however, Elena does not know the terrible secret of Stephen. He is a vampire. And he has a vampire brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) who is eager to resurrect his love and avenge his brother.

    I would like to note that at first I was not very interested, but curiosity prevailed, I continued to look and did not regret it. An exciting plot, unexpected twists, a beautiful picture create a feeling of comfort, as if you yourself are next to the heroes and empathize with them.

    If we talk about the actors, at first I did not like only the character of Paul Wesley - Stefan. It was painfully the same, but now amazing changes have taken place with his hero, which makes me very happy. Nina Dobrev pleasantly surprised me in the role of Katherine. Not even surprised, I literally fell in love with her character. Amazing ability to transform from Elena to Katherine, well done. Well, the most important treasure of this series (if I don’t say about it, it seems like I wrote in vain - Ian Somerhalder. That's who opened up, opened up to the full. As an actor, I knew him only in the role of Boone, and this role is not for me made a special impression. But Damon is a direct hit. In my opinion, no one could play this character better than Yen.

    I cannot but note the remarkably selected soundtracks for each series, many of which have already settled in my player.

    My verdict is: 'Vampire Diaries' is a very solid youth series with beautiful faces, sincere emotions; I understand why this show is so popular right now. It's simple: in it, each person will find 'his' character, which will be close to him. That’s the whole secret.

    10 out of 10

    P.S. my character is Katherine;)

  • Anna_Divinity
    Not “Twilight”
    Was this review helpful for you? 32/3

    I was never a fan of snotty melodramas about comprehensive vampire love, but this series caught the interweaving of storylines and situations that the characters fall into.

    If in the first episodes everything revolves around the three main characters, then by the end of the first season the plot begins to delight with its versatility. All new characters appear, entailing unexpected and exciting events. And the main characters also begin to open up to us from different angles ...

    Stefan (Paul Wesley) . Initially sickeningly positive character. His image invariably reminds us of Edward from the sensational saga, it seems like a carbon copy: he is a vampire in love, ready to turn mountains for her, the only one. At first, this image justifiably seems very banal, but the writers' further ideas provide an opportunity to shed light on its true essence. The plot is developing rapidly, and with the help of flashbacks in the past we learn that the hitherto correct and even perfect Stefan is not at all so simple and hides many skeletons in the closet (you can even literally say). In terms of acting, in my opinion, Paul plays well, but slightly fresh. Is he missing some kind of zest or something?

    Damon (Ian Somerhalder) . In the first episodes, we are faced with the impudent, slightly vulgar and narcissistic vampire Damon, his character has a brightly colored negative character. At first, he only prevents his brother and his girlfriend from living, constantly doing various nonsense and demonstrating that he is completely alien to human emotions and problems.He appears to be a predator obsessed with blood and murder. But gradually his other side begins to open, which he has been consciously suppressing for a long time. And after some time, we understand that he is not as hopeless as it seemed. He can love and feel kindred feelings, and even empathize. Ian copes well with his role, in which he should be given his due, but still it should be noted that the villain is easier to play, because you do not need to invent a “highlight” if it is already in the role itself.

    Using the parallelism technique of the characters of the two brothers draws the viewer more and more into the ups and downs of the plot. It is interesting to observe how the brothers change places: white turns black and vice versa.

    Elena / Katherine (Nina Dobrev) . Elena is an exceptionally positive character, and she should be such, because everything revolves around her, she is the central axis of events. For her age, she is very reasonable and wise, although, under the influence of emotions, she can still make rash acts. She is able to do anything in order to protect and protect her loved ones. Katherine is her alterago: a bitchy vampire who loves to put things in order and play games without rules, she is not interested in anything and no one but herself. She weaves intrigues, adding tension to the already hectic life of the heroes. As for Nina’s game, the line between Elena and Katherine turned out to be slightly blurred. In some scenes, she plays quite monotonously, making the same gestures.And although this is a difficult task, through his acting abilities to draw a line between two completely different images, you can still see her efforts.

    I would like to summarize. The richness and fascination of the plot is a great merit of this series. He keeps in suspense from series to series, and personally it was difficult for me to stop without knowing what this or that event will lead to. In general, if you are looking for something to see and the main thing for you is the sharpness of the plot, this series is perfect. The effect of a temporary loss of reality is guaranteed to you!

    10 out of 10

  • Luiza Dark Lady
    Another Twilight ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 28/5

    In fact, I thought exactly that when I read the description of the series. But very soon I changed my mind by 180 degrees.

    And it all started just with the fact that I watched one fan video on VKontakte and then it started.

    In less than two weeks, I watched the entire first and half of the second season at that time. And I want to say, I did not regret it.

    For this, special thanks should be said to Kevin Williamson and Julie Peck , who created this, I’m not afraid of the word, masterpiece. For a long time, the series continues to delight us with its cool plot twists, intrigues and complex characters.

    I would like to mention the leading performers.

    First, Nina Dobreev .

    I want to say that her start was not entirely successful, in my opinion. In the first episodes, Elena turned out to be rather dry and monosyllabic, but progress began by the beginning of the second season. What are her reincarnations from Elena to Katherine worth? Frankly, I even thought that it was her twin sister. I have no complaints now.

    Secondly, Paul Westley .

    Again, not a very good start. I can say about all the moments of the first and even many of the second season - I DO NOT BELIEVE!

    However, towards the end of the second season, his game has improved markedly, and about the third season I generally am silent. Stefan the Ripper is something.

    And third, Ian Somerhalder.

    Perhaps the only character who from the first series pleases more and more. If at the very beginning he was just good, now, after showing 2.5 seasons, I can say that he is simply amazing.

    It is also encouraging that many supporting characters play an important role in the plot. I would like to mention the self-taught witch Bonnie, teacher-hunter Alaric, Barbie vampire Caroline, the hybrid Tyler, the sad younger brother of Jeremy, the most evil and old Klaus and many others ...

    And of course, like many modern paintings, the series is not deprived of humor. Of course, True Blood is still a long way off, but overall it’s not bad at all.

    “Barbie the vampire said she could handle it all, and I thought, why not? I imagined that she would scream, he would bite her and so I would get rid of two problems at once. ”

    Well or

    “Don't pout! It’s not for a woman of your age ”

    In general, I put the series 10 out of 10 possible for many reasons that simply will not fit here.

    And friends, please do not make a mistake thinking that this is another Twilight. Take a look and you won’t regret it.

  • Natalyuscha
    Diaries ... the second time in my life I thought that I was going crazy
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/3

    The second time in my life I thought that I was going crazy, everything turned out to be normal. Usually I never read previous reviews, so God forbid, does not affect my freshly baked opinion. I think that it’s not biased and fresh - it is the most truthful. It turned out to be crazy for me for a long time, since it was the exact same emotions that the series caused in other people. I squinted at him for a long time, but somehow there was no mood to get involved in long views. Now I understand how I was right - the series turned out to be narcotic, looked at all the episodes available today for a couple of days, and now I review it every now and then until they return from vacation.

    About the series. An interesting story over the course of two seasons was breathtaking, causing a flurry of emotions to tremble in the body, not just a beautiful picture shown, but unthinkable experiences filled with meaning deep dialogues, nevertheless not devoid of humor - always to the place and to the topic - just take it and compose a brochure of jokes from the Vampire Diaries. I think that if the success of the film lasts for many seasons, in each of them the scriptwriters will find something to tell the viewer. Very good dynamics, filling events to the very edges in each series. No water and snot. But at the same time, how complicated the situations in the love triangle are shown, many of which make you think, and not just sigh with a pillow on the couch. I consider one of the main reasons for success - a successful scenario.

    Actors . It’s clear that even the best storyline can really distort the game of actors. So, the success of the whole film will also go downhill. The composition is perfect.

    Such a young Nina Dobrev and such a talent. I see one face on the screen, but I immediately understand where Katherine is and where Elena is. And it’s not at all the difference in the color of lipstick. The girl so successfully presents two opposing characters that you marvel at it - she thinks she is only 22. In addition, she is very beautiful, just touchingly beautiful. You can see the development of her heroine, who in the end gets tired of watching and shy away from the fact that someone else would want her death or take away someone from her relatives. She begins to fight, shows the core, which is difficult to compare with those events that she came to experience recently.

    Paul Wesley. Here I will say briefly - a great difference between Stefan the good and Stephen the bad. It feels like he really became a different person .. I apologize - a vampire. Beautiful worthy of Elena's love. But let the fans crucify me - if there weren’t the personality of his brother Damon in the series, then the Diaries could turn into the same Twilight. If he does not - the film will lose its meaning. And the funny thing is: the main character is Stefan, a movie about the love of Stephen and Elena, but the whole world is eager for the opposite - so that a couple of Damon and Elena converge. If this does not happen, probably half the world will feel huge disappointment. But why is this happening ???What is wrong with Stefan? I know the answer, I understood, after some deliberation. But I don’t want to voice it, it’s better not to read it, but to see.

    Somerhalder praise separately. Because he depicted Damon fabulously, it is unlikely that anyone else will ever repeat this. I scolded Tom Welling (Smallville Secrets, Superman Kent) who has had three facial expressions for 10 seasons (!). You can go crazy! Damon has every eyebrow movement - meaning, every look - yes you can look at and admire it without sound. I don’t understand English and all that I feel from the transmission by the actors is that they give me Russian-language voiceovers and a picture. Damon can be understood without translation - every experience - joy, pain or humor - everything can be understood by face. This is all depicted on it, as if automatically displayed from the soul on the screen (face). What a game! I did not expect so much emotion from the boy of the model appearance. This is not just a cute face in the spirit of 'ah! it's Brad Pitt! ', this person is strong and interesting, frightening and bewitching. Vobschem huge respect for Yen! Keep it up. Not for nothing they say that for one look Damon can sell his soul.

    She tried to express her impressions to her mother, but by the way she looked at me suspiciously and noticed that I was not 15 years old, she did not continue. Hmm, I’m twice as much, and this caused her bewilderment, how can I get involved in such a movie with such force? I'm actually a Twilight fan, well within reason, but still.This saga, even in the absence of time, made me swallow several books at one moment, because I wanted to know, and what next, I reviewed and so on and so forth. In general, a summary: if I wanted to watch Twilight to the end with the same enthusiasm - it was not worth watching the Vampire Diaries. The film is so bright that Twilight did not lie there. I haven’t read the Diaries book, I can’t compare. But probably I won’t. Because with all the weight of the film, they will be two different things for me.

    10 out of 10

  • bloodymary56
    Too much bad
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/32

    Before watching this series, I read 4 books. I can say for sure that there are very few from the book in the series: characters (not all) and basic concepts of all creatures.

    In the series, the plot is so twisted and everything changes so quickly that you need to separately understand what this or that action means. I was very interested to see how the characters will develop relationships. What I did not like is that it is all too easy for everyone to die and kill. Also, the series itself is not realistic - everyone is constantly walking there, having fun, and at the same time, 'type' are studying at school. How do they manage to combine this?

    There are no normal people left in this series, everyone is involved in mysticism and the dark world. And I'm sick of the fact that bad creatures (vampires, werewolves, witches) in all films and series are made good. Where to go the world! Who is pleased to look at how they drink blood, are killed and bullied, and ultimately they repent or take the side of the good ?! The main thing they all forgive! And at the same time, all negative characters are always shown so that everyone understands that they are victims.

    In general, I don’t know what this series teaches, but it provokes conflicting feelings in me: interest in characters and what will happen to them next and at the same time alienation to this forgiveness and all the “good-bad”.

    6 out of 10

  • _Kristya_
    Everything in bits.
    Was this review helpful for you? 21/8

    Something I decided to write reviews of the different series that I watch. So the turn came to the 'Diaries'. Get to the point.

    The series is good. The idea is good, the implementation is good. I am glad that the creators did not copy the books of L.J. Smith, because I did not like them very much. In general, in the series we have a love triangle: two vampire brothers (Damon and Stefan) and their subject of adoration - Elena. I especially like Damon (Ian Somerhalder), he is so cute. In short, the whole series is tied to this trinity. Well, there are people in the series. But this is not so important, and there are not so many of them in fact. But all this you yourself will know. In the course of the action, we learn that in addition to vampires, the town of Mystic Falls is inhabited by witches, werewolves and, possibly, someone else.

    I will not say that the creators invented the bicycle, no. But they all serve so beautifully and interestingly that the series is addictive. I still like the first and second season more. The third has its advantages, of course. For example, the new Stefan. But the story itself, on which the first two seasons were based, is more pleasant for me. In the third, the creators began to delve deeper, and, it seems to me, the series became a little boring. In general, 'Vampire Diaries' should not be delayed for many seasons. Of course, there are TV shows that do not lose their grip for 6-7 seasons, but I will not attribute this series to such. Three seasons is enough. But we continue to watch it, continue to make ratings, and, therefore, the series is unlikely to finish. Then it remains to hope that he does not slide into a sad abyss.

    There are actually a lot of advantages to the series. This is an interesting story, and a good game of beautiful actors, and music, and special effects. Transformations of werewolves or changing faces of vampires do not look pathetic. Everything is on the level, no frills.

    For myself, I noted several actors that I liked the most. In addition to the Ian Somerhalder I have named, I will highlight Nina Dobrev (especially in the role of Katherine). Candice Accola and Sarah Canning were also remembered. Katerina Graham, it seems to me, sometimes plays out, and Paul Wesley - plays out. Although now he is corrected.

    I recommend the series to both lovers of stories about vampires, mysticism, and lovers of dramas and melodramas.

    Previously, I undoubtedly put the series ten, but now, perhaps, I would not be so categorical. Therefore, stop at:

    9.5 out of 10

  • Sakhnovskaya
    Banality and unpredictability.
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/1

    Well, to begin with, I stubbornly did not want to watch this series, because I was afraid that it was very similar to Twilight. And then one day, out of boredom, I decided to look. And what can I say. I am pleased. The similarity with twilight is only in the plot. Not even in the subject, in vampires. That's all.

    To say that it is exciting is to say nothing.

    He is amazingly exciting. A lot of unexpected, touching, scary, different moments just goosebumps, although usually I rarely feel any kind of feeling looking like this.

    The game of the actors is also excellent in comparison with twilight. Personally, I believe them, there is no desire to say “what nonsense, what are you talking about?”

    And the story itself, I would not say that it is commonplace. Two handsome brothers, an ancient double, a beautiful girl, witches, werewolves. Well, personally, only half seems commonplace to me. It’s interesting to see. There wasn’t one that started watching the series and immediately guessed how it would end, which is still quite a rare occurrence for modern series.

    Humor is also not absent, easy dialogues, some ironic phrases, again interesting. Of course you can’t call a comedy, but you don’t feel like going for a ride. There is something easy and interesting.

    In general, I quickly got involved.

    Also, I would like to note that here, unlike most TV shows and films, there is no kind of stupidity. All the same, they’re not stupid enough and quickly guess what is happening and don’t spend half a series to get to the bottom of what’s on the surface.

    I am pleasantly surprised. I advise.

  • citronzvezda
    Damon believes that everything he has done, every act he has committed, is all for the sake of love. This is strange, but also sad ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 31/4

    Since 2009, the planet is full of rumors about the Diaries. But I, like many, did not get to this MASTERPIECE right away. It all started during the school holidays. One evening, I just got the word vampires on the Internet, suspecting that the omniscient Google would give me a full description of Twilight stories to which I (to put it mildly) cold ... But no! These were the Vampire Diaries. So, maybe it's worth a look? I read the description ...

    The decisive factor was the love triangle: two pretty vampire brothers in love with one girl. So, I started to look ... For four days I watched all the episodes that were released. I did not sleep and did not eat, I just wanted to know what was next? The narcotic properties of the series are undeniable. Addictive, seductive, attractive ...

    "These creatures are from the very depths of hell. They can control your mind, captivate your soul. They are merciless. They must be destroyed. Those who are with them, who dishonor their families, will also be destroyed .. " (Giuseppe Salvatore)

    First of all, special thanks to the scriptwriters making it clear that Elena and Katherine are different. Thank you for the fact that the Salvatore brothers understood this. Thank you that neither Stefan nor Damon love her “similarity” to Katherine in Elena.

    And now I will pass to the most pleasant. Actors and characters.

    Nina Dobrev is perfect and charming as Katherine . Perhaps this is why Elena sometimes comes out somewhat dull, uncertain and weak. At least that was before. Indeed, now with every episode, Gilbert reveals more and more as strong, brave, sometimes tough, but that’s just even sweeter. She stopped wondering at everything (even when she sees Damon on her bed when leaving the bathtub), she has become more prudent, she can make decisions and be responsible for them. Finally, she allows herself to enjoy the love of BOTH brothers. Thank you for the personal growth of Elena Gilbert!

    Paul Wesley looks very much like Edward from Twilight. This is probably what a vampire should look like - pale, blond hair and such a "mohawk." His game bothers me a little. I do not believe, excuse me. He does not touch me, I do not empathize with him ... Sometimes he is frankly boring. But I like it when he is "evil" Stefan. Then - this is a real vampire! Bloodthirsty, cold, insensitive ... He perfectly conveys the whole "bad" gamut of feelings, but with the rest ... Sometimes his face is frozen, and it does not fit with the storm of emotions that his replicas convey (try to convey).

    And ... Damon . I never thought vampires were so human. In less than 3 seasons, Mr. Somerhalder made Damon my favorite "bad" idol along with Claude Frollo, Scar and Severus Snape. I will not become a fan of Somerhalder, but I will join all the fan clubs of Damon Salvatore.This is a killer, and a seductive man, and in his own way a caring brother, and just in love, while being sarcastic, but no less tender, cynical, smart, stubborn, arrogant, tactless and incredible ... Vampire. Oh what is he! Of course, it was he who conquered me.

    As for the supporting actors , I won’t sign it in detail, but they are all good. I, who at first confused their names, now I can not imagine anyone else. They are they. For the first time in my life, I have a feeling that these are not actors, they are real people with such difficult destinies.

    Music ... Amazing. Emphasizes what needs to be emphasized and smooths out sharp corners.

    10 out of 10

    Masterpiece .

  • MondoCritico
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/2

    I started watching the series 5 days ago, and have already reviewed all the series. And this is not out of curiosity why everyone loves this series so much, but for one simple reason- Amazing ! < br>
    I am not a big fan of long series, but there are those who leave a mark on our minds. After all, when I watched this incredibly exciting series, I began to think about vampires, about their existence. There used to be all kinds of snowstorms, such as Count Dracula, Twilight ... But this ... This is a completely different level . There is something magical about this series. Because the plot, remarks, poignancy, intrigue at the highest level.

    Separately, I want to note the game of 3 actors. Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley , Ian Somerhalder . Bravo! The cast is carefully selected, no one cares, and the actors have joined the role so much that you start to “believe” them.

    Watch this interesting series, and believe me, you won’t regret it. Oh yes ... Exactly, I almost forgot ...

    10 out of 10

    Enjoy viewing gentlemen.

  • Violet flower
    Provincial vampire stories. Season I.
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/29

    Having started watching the series, what will you pay attention to first of all? The first thing I noticed was the identity of 'Stefan and Elena = Edward and Bella' and many other 'twilight' moments (although the series of novels by which the Vampire Diaries were shot was written long before the Twilight Series, but less ... it's not about books that I have not read, but about the series that came out after Twilight). But here's what I tell you, unlike the fresh and naive twilight saga, this series is spicy, not snotty (but relatively emotional), more like a drama (rather than a comedy, in the case of twilight), to say nothing of charming (and not only) Damon, Stefan and Matt ...

    But let's forget about other vampiric tapes and move on to the pros and cons of a particular series.


    - Atmosphere and style. Elements of mysticism. Antique surroundings. Theme of legends, myths, family trees, history of the city.

    - Sound.

    - Retrosexuality of male images.

    - A line of relationship between two brothers, or rather vampire brothers.

    - A developing plot, gradually becoming interesting, fascinating. Good turns.

    - A convincing view of being a vampire.


    - The biggest minus of this series is that most of the Vampire Diaries is a solid cliche. Almost all of this we have already seen somewhere. And it makes you bored.

    - Absolutely uninteresting and empty female images. Not only are the heroines faded, boring, boring in nature, they are outwardly the same. And they were deprived of their outfits.

    - Weak, homogeneous, unemotional game of many actors.

    7 out of 10

  • titojay
    the most
    Was this review helpful for you? 33/6

    Finally, I decided to write my review for this wonderful series. Watching the first episodes was a little boring, but then everything became very interesting and it was already impossible to tear myself away from viewing. I was very pleased with the ending of the first season, I confess, it was unexpected. I want to praise the writers who still do not cease to amaze me! Suppose that at the beginning of the 3rd season they noticeably lost their grip, but closer to the middle they began to gain momentum, and with each series, everything was more interesting and interesting. What did they cook for us at the end of the third season? I’m sure it will be a shock.

    The acting is just amazing! Many have become like family to me.

    Caroline (Kendis Akola). It really surprises me so far. In the very first episodes, she was 'empty', a silly blonde, and I absolutely did not like it. And now she has changed so much that she won my sympathy. After turning into a vampire, Caroline became completely different. It is impossible not to note.

    Stefan (Paul Wesley). I really liked the protagonist in the first season, very kind, sensitive, caring. A little standard role at first glance, but then this character underwent changes, though for the worse. But the actor’s game is still good, whether he is gentle and sensitive, or a bloodthirsty killer.

    Elena / Katherine (Nina Dobrev). This actress has already registered in my favorites. Her game is just amazing.It is not easy to play two characters at once, especially to ensure that they are completely different. For a while you forget that the same actress plays it. Elena is a pretty, kind, open, friendly girl. Katherine is a sexy, cheeky vampire that makes many goose bumps, but regardless of her cruelty, somewhere far inside, she has tender feelings. Everyone will choose for himself who is more to their liking: Nina - Elena or Nina - Katherine.

    Damon (Ian Somerhalder). This actor surprised me, it was very unusual to see him in such a role. After the role of Boone ("Staying Alive"), a sweet, handsome boy, he turned into an impudent, sexy bastard with taunting, sometimes funny, phrases. He hit me. I can’t even describe how I love him. But this love did not come immediately. At first, I was a fan of the Elena / Stefan couple, and frankly, it was a little boring to watch their relationship until Damon (Stefan's older brother) appeared and tried to separate them in every possible way. I definitely don’t remember which series I was shibling at, but I just could not resist. This character is so multifaceted and interesting that it is impossible to resist his charm. In addition, Damon is the only character who has changed so much. It was very interesting to watch his inner struggle. Some things make you cry ...

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan). He is awesome. His game is fascinating, just smart. Klaus is the embodiment of evil. Very cruel and treacherous vampire, besides the original. It’s not easy to kill him, he keeps in fear the whole city and threatens the most basic characters. But what do I see when he shows sympathy for our blonde Caroline? The love of women in this series changes a lot.

    Soundtrack. Great! Half of the songs in this series are my main tracklist. Music for every taste.

    This series is worth watching. Vampire Diaries is the most versatile series I've ever watched. There, mysticism, and a detective, and a thriller, and drama, and humor are enough. It is worth watching for someone who just wants to have fun, but cannot relax.

    10 out of 10

  • She-ra
    D. Salvatore: 'All or nothing. You don't know how to live, brother! '
    Was this review helpful for you? 26/3

    For a long time hesitated to write a commentary on the Far East, because everything has already been said and retold. And about the boringness of season 1, and about the similarity of season 1 to Twilight, and about the 'stone' face of Stefan, excellent directing, a great script, awesome soundtracks, pleasing to the eye appearance of the actors. So what happened?

    And the bad Stefan happened. Bravo, Paul Wesley! Nobody expected this. Does anyone remember who Stefan is in season 1? Did anyone remember Paul’s game? Another thing is season 3. We remember exactly when Stefan “snapped the switch” in his head, and Stephen’s personality “appeared” to the world. I wonder how long Paul rehearsed this scene. The success of the initiative was entrenched in the "killing of girls" in Tennessee. That's where the devil came down to earth. A story of friendship with Klaus in the 20s. You really believe in friendship. But still the main catalyst for me was the dinner scene of Damon, Stefan, Elijah and Klaus. “One more word about Elena and dinner will be finished” and I believed what was happening. This picture is overshadowed by only one fact. Well, I do not believe in the love of Elena and Stefan. There is no fire between them. For some reason, these scenes are not very successful Paul.

    Everyone says that Damon is such an interesting character, multifaceted, constantly throwing between good and evil, so he is bad and vulnerable, and good and evil. He is such and such, but in reality he is .... What's so special about that?An ordinary person (after all, ordinary people are described in the series, mysticism is only for interest) with his interests, passions, thoughts, feelings. An ordinary person does not have to be only bad or only good. A person has the right to any feelings. Damon knows this simple truth. He is face to face. He knows the truth about himself. He has long accepted the rules of the game (existence in this world). He gives vent to feelings, without making himself a neurosis and somatic diseases (well, if he were a man). Many should learn from him. And Stefan in the first place.

    Sometimes it seems to me that Stefan’s behavior is deducted from the behavior of an addict or an alcoholic. He is not allowed to “take the dose” in small quantities. Either it is “encoded” or not, no third is given. He is too critical of himself, does not recognize himself as he is. Becoming a vampire, releases aggression and kills everyone indiscriminately. Probably, being a man, restrained anger, resentment, aggression (wanted to be an exemplary son?). Having let off steam, I decided to eat rabbits, punishing myself for excessive liberty. Then again the butcher breaks free, then again and again and again and again. Has he ever come to terms with himself? As the saying goes: "Parents are gone, but I no longer need them to punish myself."

    My diagnosis -

    10 out of 10

  • JaNE MooNlIGHt
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/4

    To date, 'Vampires' is probably the most favorite subject of scriptwriters in TV shows and films. And here is another series about vampires, blood and love. It would seem, well, what else have we not seen about vampires there? Love triangle? - Already somewhere there, brutal murders? - eh, and they saw it too, but the Vampire Diaries brought something new, fresh and interesting to the vampire world.

     When I watched the pilot series, the series seemed to me somewhat second-rate, with a banal plot and not quite rich cast, but later, with each new series, he fascinated me more and more. The plot became dynamic and exciting.

      Actors . Of course, vampires are associated in everyone with beauty, sexuality and extraordinary sarcasm. The scriptwriters and producers of the film were not blundered here either.

    Stefan is a positive character, which at first glance may seem strange, because he is a vampire. He is beautiful, charming and kind, which incredibly soon attracted the main character Elena. Stefan supports people when they feel bad and for all else does not drink human blood.

    Elena is a kind, pretty girl who always took care of her relatives, especially after her parents tragically died in a car accident. She has a best friend, a teenage brother, with whom she is trying to improve relations, but the pain of a big loss will not replace anything. She is trying in every possible way to again become that carefree girl that she was before.With the advent of Stefan, it will begin to flourish, but later everything will turn out to be more complicated than it was.

    Damon - well, that same conqueror of the female half of the audience of the series, the one who leaves no one indifferent, the one who makes our hearts tremble. It’s impossible not to fall in love with his character, because he is the exact opposite of common sense and his brother. He is impulsive, strong and charming. Damon always achieves what he wants, does what he pleases.

    The series itself is very well thought out, sometimes it may seem that everything is very confusing, but this is what makes the audience watch it with such pleasure. With each season we see more and more powerful villains. The scriptwriters, led by Julie Plec, are doing a very good and high-quality work, because it was for them and the team of directors that the series rose to such a high level. With each season, the series will more and more change for the better, as well as the characters. They will become more mature, their characters will grow stronger, and the passions in the love triangle will increase.

    In conclusion, I want to wish all viewers a pleasant viewing of the end of the third season, and I am very envious of those who are just going to start watching the series, because you only have to get acquainted with this mysterious and alluring town of Mystic Falls!

    10 out of 10

  • His British lover
    Big problems in the small town
    Was this review helpful for you? 38/2

    The life paths of successful television series are usually similar - they win the love of viewers, pass the peak when the level of interest is maximum, and the plot has not yet begun to repeat itself, usually it’s somewhere around the second season, and then - if the producers and directors do not stop during that time - even the best stories usually slide to the lowest level and until new unexpected (unnecessary?) characters appear, all the main characters sleep with each other , someone turns out to be someone's illegitimate son or daughter I’m watching, viewers watch an interesting series by inertia, and even that is not eternal. Whether the good source material or the writers ’talent is to blame, but the Vampire Diaries only evolved with each season.

     I admit, after the release of 'Twilight' I honestly thought that 'DV' is just Twilight in the form of a series. For the sake of interest, I looked at a couple of fragments on YouTube and decided that besides the pretty actors, there’s nothing to look at. And so, one evening, two years later, I suddenly wanted to read something in English, and I decided to see the 'DV' in the original, and was simply amazed that Mayer basically had to invent nothing. So many similarities, where is the copyright? Well, okay, this is not about that, but about the fact that after 7 hours of reading the first 2 books and all the fragments with Damon in the 3rd, I finally started watching the series, though from the third season.

     First, the Vampire Diaries for the third season evolved towards a dark beautiful and deep story , which touches on topics such as the loss of loved ones, eternal life and the meaning of such life, loneliness, issues of good and evil, dependence (even on blood), self-control, the right to judge someone for their actions, and of course, love - brotherly, parental, inseparable, selfless, hopeless. So many types of love as in this series are difficult to find and classify, and why? Instead of another story about how hard it is to love a beautiful vampire, we got a long and confusing tale with myths and legends, with well-written and motivated heroes, each of whom has its own philosophy and is not uniquely 'bad' or 'good' .

     Secondly, characters . Vampire Diaries is a series with the perfect cast. The dark-haired sweet and responsible Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) instead of the blond sex-addicted book Elena, in my opinion, made this story a little closer to real life. Elena is a simple schoolgirl who learned too early what death is and, ironically, immortality. She is not a superhero, she makes mistakes and sometimes behaves like a child. I think this is one of the most successful female characters in the series that have been released recently, Elena is real, she could live next door to you, run around in the mornings near your house and go to your school and never know about vampires. It just so happened that she was born in Mystic Falls.

      Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) is the perfect boyfriend. He is caring and reliable, capable of eternal love, he has a difficult past and an even more confused future. But not everything is so simple and with the development of history, another, more rigid side of his character is revealed to us. This character in my imagination has a lot in common with a certain Edward Cullen, either because of the appearance of the actors, or because of the character of the characters.

      Damon Salvatore (Ian Sommerholder) at the beginning of the series seems like Mr. Hyde of his brother. He is completely without brakes, cruel and seductive. But like everything in this series, Damon’s character turns out to be much deeper and more complicated than just an evil older brother and at a certain moment you begin to sympathize and empathize with him if you don’t have warmer feelings.

     A real fighter for survival Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) was also performed by Nina Dobrev. The actress almost masterly transforms from a pragmatic and serious Elena into a frivolous and cruel vampire, and you can absolutely always say who is who, just by looking at the face of Katherine / Elena - in my opinion this is the main indicator that Dobrev succeeded in this trick. Regarding the character - if the bookstore Katherine can not cause anything but hatred, then in the series Catherine appears on the screen as a party.

     I also want to note the excellent game by Candice Acola ( Caroline Forbes ), which sometimes re-plays the three main characters, although in the first season her character is often annoying.

     The Soundtrack in Vampire Diaries is a separate character. Tracks are always in place, complement and decorate. It was nice to hear my favorite Hurts in a couple of moments.

     P about atmospheric and reasonableness . I love vampire stories, and it was nice to see in DV some kind of tribute to the traditions of this genre. The main location is the small old town of Mystic Falls with the cult of the founders, it is in such schools that they are built on old Native American cemeteries, and your house may have an entrance to the cave with rock paintings. Vampires in "Diaries" do not shine in the sun, but simply burn out, they do not sleep in coffins, do not disdain human food and alcohol (mostly expensive), they can hypnotize with their eyes, and you can kill them with a good old heart stake. And they look pretty good.

      In general, if you have free time and a desire to briefly escape from reality into the grotesque and mysterious world of Mystic Falls - welcome.

  • LikaJena
    "Twilight" or "The Vampire Diaries"?
    Was this review helpful for you? 9/24

    How did it all begin? To answer this question we are led by the incidents of the series “Rest”, in which Elena often plunges into the past, where her parents and aunt Jenna were still alive, and her own problem was relations with Matt. In general, the girl had the most ordinary human life with teenage problems.

    Why is the series so huge success and ratings that allow it to reach the 4th season? Well, first of all, there are Stelenovtsy and Delenovtsy who will watch the series and quietly hate each other and Elena for her wrong choice.

    All these pairs are in pairs, but over the years that the series has been going on, many have already forgotten what is its main idea. It seems that even the scriptwriters themselves have forgotten. Although not. Even in the last episode, we see a desire for family reunion. Elijah, no matter how much he hates Klaus, wants to pick him up because he is his brother. And to say nothing more. Also with the Salvatore brothers. And Elena, who is struggling to protect her family, that she does not succeed at all. The theme of family and friendship never leaves this series. And many look only to see their beloved Forwood, Delena or Stelena. BUT! Well yes! There is Claroline.

    The theme of love rises in the series quite often. The topic of trust, the topic of difficulty in determining how to do the right thing, the topic of growing up through the loss of your closest people, the topic of friendship, the theme of partnership ... Damn! Yes, here is the most ordinary life!Just brighter and more saturated with supernatural events.

    Let us recall once again, because of whom, in fact, the whole story began. Helena. Katherine's double, which Klaus needs to break the curse and create a new race. Then Esther used it to bind her children, and then to convert Alaric. Everywhere they use Elena. I would have done in her place a long time ago what Jeremy thought! Well yes. On the other hand, trying to escape from the original hybrid and his family is a futile affair. So, ultimately, if you think sensibly, Elena should have become a vampire. The only question is whether she knew that she had vampire blood when she insisted that Stefan save Matt first. Did Tyler know that Bonnie was using his body to exchange with Klaus? Something tells me that he knew. He called up Bonnie the whole series, met with her. I think he decided to quietly save Caroline. And his desire coincided with the desire of Bonnie to save his mother from death.

    When Katherine turned into a vampire, her life continued on the run from Klaus. Elena, in fact, does not need to run from anyone. She performed the function that Klaus needed. What will happen in the fourth season?

    Plec spoke of a new villain. Many believe that this will be Tatyana. Well, I do not believe it! What if the new evil is Elena? We don’t know how the conversion process will affect her. Surely she will put up with her new existence for a long time. I think even Stefan will live with the Gilberts for some time, since Elena will be afraid that she will eat Jeremy.It seems to me that Stefan will have to sweat pretty much so that Elena gets used to her new new essence. Caroline put up quite quickly. So Elena has so much stress in life, and now she will become a vampire. Although I read somewhere that the new villain will still be a man. For what? Here is my question. Why will this villain appear? What else will he need from Elena? She is now a vampire!

    I think there will be a lot of magic in the new season. Bonnie will look for a way to return Klaus to his body. It seems to me that after Elena’s appeal, Bonnie will begin a new stage in the desperate development of complex and, possibly, dark spells. There will be new heroes, as in any other series. I would like to see Cola more often. There is no reason for the original to hide anymore. Just like Katherine. Although ... This is their own business. No one forces them to live in the MoF. But for some reason it seems to me that Katherine should come at least because of curiosity about what happened to Elena. She loves to poke her nose everywhere.

    I read a lot of reviews from the audience that the 3.22 series is the most tearful. I did not utter a single tear. Well, yes, the series is full of drama, however, I am almost not surprised at anything. However, I did not expect Elena to recover quickly. Meredith so confidently told Jeremy that everything would be fine. And then I was struck by the thought that Meredith, after all, brings vampire blood to people. And Elena probably had this situation. However, this does not mean anything. Here flashbacks oppressed me.A return to ordinary human life, where Elena herself was a man ... I felt that these flashbacks are associated with more serious changes in her life than just choosing one of Salvatore. She fell from the bridge, but survived then. She lived among people. After the accident, her life changed. She had to join the vampires to find eternal romance with Stefan ... Or with Damon. In general, from the series where Damon confessed his love to Elena and inspired to forget everything, I knew that she would become a vampire. This is the law of production! Then, not one person spoke out that once the suggestion was shown, then Elena would become a vampire and remember everything. But now we find out that this was not the only suggestion from Damon that she had to remember. And remembering her words that if they had met earlier, all Delenovtsy clenched their fists and hope that she will change her mind. The fact that Klaus would not be killed, I was sure from the very moment when he was drained. I was 100% sure that Bonnie would return him already in the last episode of this season.

    It seems the series has become predictable. I’m not so excited about the next season. I hope the fourth season will be the last. We will be shown how Elena will survive the transformation, get used to her new self, shed tears, that Jeremy was the only person in her family. I think she will want to protect him for the rest of his life. Now he is the only thing that connects her with humanity. A family.Here is the main theme of this series. And even if Elena will be hard, she will not allow herself to die, even for Jeremy’s sake. The only living brother who, through her fault, was drawn into all this. She will forever blame herself. She will only blame herself for the fact that Sister Jeremy is now a vampire.

    In general, if before the series I really liked and intrigued, now everything is very predictable. Anyway, for me.

    6 out of 10

  • abaitalgatov
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    First, it’s worth starting with what to note - 'The Vampire Diaries' is not a retelling, it is not a remake, it is not a twitch to the world famous saga 'Twilight', it is something else, something fresher, tastier, more impressionable and drawn out, for that matter.

    The Vampire Diaries is a completely new creation that the human eye has never met before. This is a whole world, a whole story recreated by real creators and figures.

    There is absolutely everything here! Actors play their roles beautifully, they reveal themselves in them, put their soul in. We observe them and believe every word, every look. It is as if we are experiencing their past and present with them.

    The series draws its viewers right from the first series and inspires to watch the next one. Here is a beautiful plot, by the way, if you think about it, the storyline here is far from even more than one. A wonderful atmosphere of a small town is created here, where the hectic life of teenagers boils during the day, and at night bloodthirsty predators get out for hunting. Well, you think and say: “So many pluses, but where are the minuses?” You are right, the minuses are appropriate here. For example, to be careful, you can meet a couple of movie mistakes, but it’s not so important, the viewing experience will not decrease!

    I will not be so original, for without the following couple of words this post would be worthless. you can’t ignore the game of Ian Somerhalder! His damn attractive appearance, his charisma. He certainly directly got used to the role! Honestly, I sometimes got the feeling that I was watching the series only thanks to Damon (Role of Yen)

    To summarize and once again say that the developers did their best! Here, without much thought, you can set the maximum score for the best image of vampires, for an incredibly fascinating plot, for magnificent and tearing soul emotions, for an idea ... yes, for absolutely everything!

    9 out of 10

  • Idaresay
    Each city has its own story ...
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    Everyone will probably agree that vampires and everything connected with them are today a favorite topic of filmmakers, series, and book authors. So much has been written and written about vampires that even a little more, and we will believe that they really exist. The vampire theme is especially popular among teenagers. Such dangerous and therefore so attractive, bloodsuckers make millions of girls of transitional age all over the world joyfully scream. Although I personally am interested in watching stories about real relationships between real people. But, despite the fact that sometimes I want to see something new and unbroken, The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite TV shows. The characters in this story are very bright and different, and everything that happens on the screen is unpredictable and intriguing.

    Having looked at all the existing three seasons at the moment and, expecting the fourth, I remember how the series began. At the very beginning, he looked like another movie for teenagers: the action takes place in a school in a small American town, where a handsome vampire comes and ties up with the main character. Trite to horror. However, after a few episodes, to my delight, the series ceased to be exclusively teenage, so I can safely recommend Vampire Diaries to those over 20. Unlike Twilight, with which, excuse me, the comparison begs the comparison in the series more drive, the plot is developing rapidly, and the characters, unlike the "Saga", are all worked out, each has its own story. New characters are constantly appearing, some of which do not linger more than a few episodes, but add variety to the series, preventing the viewer from getting tired of the same faces.

    The cast is excellent. The Salvatore brothers, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley , create the perfect combination: they are very different and very complementary, it reminded me of the Winchesters brothers. When I started watching the series, I was immediately glad that Ian Somerhalder got this role, which allows him to reveal himself and show what he is capable of as an actor - and he is capable of much. And yet, I can not help but notice that Ian in the series re-plays a little. Yes, his Damon looks spectacular, but his looks and facial expressions are sometimes slightly exaggerated and unnatural. But Paul Wesley plays impeccably, and his character is no less interesting than Damon. The younger Salvatore develops, changes, suffers, we recognize its dark sides, and Paul all this clearly shows the viewer. All other actors are also excellent in their roles.

    In general, the series is worth watching for those who love exciting stories with fast-paced events. You can watch the series especially impressive - on the screen, killings are made and the effect of surprise is periodically used, but there is nothing terrible in the series, but there is a lot of interesting and intriguing. By genre, I would say that this is not horror or a thriller, but rather mysticism and fantasy. The first three seasons were all on the level, one can only hope that the fourth will not be worse, and the series will not follow in the footsteps of many modern epics, which continue until the producers suck all the juices out of them, when the last seasons are much inferior to the first ones and you watch the series only from old memory, because it’s a pity to quit and I want to know how it will end. In this case, looking at what is happening on the screen series by series is becoming more interesting and fascinating.I recommend for viewing to people of all ages and film preferences.

    10 out of 10!

  • ShenDao
    The brand is not for everyone
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    It is possible that I will repeat a lot of what has been said here, but at first I thought it was some kind of copy of the movie 'Twilight'. But then I still did not understand that Twilight and DV are two completely different things. By the way, the book 'The Vampire Diaries' (according to my sources) was published earlier than Twilight. So, before watching the series, pay attention to this, because a premature reaction is not always a clear matter ( well, you understand, yes ).

    So what is the Vampire Diaries? Comparing 'Twilight' and the L.J. Smith series of books, I can say with accuracy that they have nothing in common.

    Firstly , it struck me that the plot was twisted around two brothers (Damon and Stefan Salvatore) and a girl (Elena Gilbert). For me, frankly, this played a big role. It’s humanly interesting to watch how two siblings, between whom the hatred from the past is raging, fight for a beautiful girl whose heart is doomed to choose not simple solutions.

    Secondly , I was very struck by the historical moment of the series. Each character in the series has a story, an example of this are: Damon and Stefan, Elena, the Klaus family, Katherine and the like (and each one is completely different).

    Regarding the acting game:

    Ian Summerholder - got a gorgeous role, played a gorgeous role. Something like that.

    Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev ( Katherine Pierce ) - why did I write them together? They reminded me very much of Eudard and Bella, whom I cannot stand. But in their game there is a certain gram of grace that the latter do not have. Although, if you take into account the fact that Nina got the role of her double (absolutely opposite in character), then by the standards of the film industry - she plays a little less than awesome.

    I will not describe all the main and non-main characters of the series, I think it will be enough if I say that each of them has their own identical, thoughtful stories that fit perfectly into the series (the actors play the same way - at the level).

    I also want to add two important things. What will never be in Twilight is intrigue and dynamism. At the moment, I have finished watching 3 seasons (I watch fast TV shows quickly - 'DV' (all 3 seasons) I watched in 5 days). Something is constantly changing in this series. Some die / resurrect, someone communicates with ghosts, etc. .. The ending of each series is extremely difficult to predict what is intriguing. To all this, stories of a thousand years ago are also attached.

    In general, watch and evaluate. Well, I, but what about me? I hope for the release