The exploits a team of people whose job is to investigate the unusual, the strange and the extraterrestrial.





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  • Minerva
    Was this review helpful for you? 26/7

    'Torchwood' - was for me the opening of this month, and possibly even - of the year. Yes, he has something in common with the '4400', maybe with the 'Heroes' who have not sunk into my soul at all. But in fact, it does not look like anything from what had previously been seen. Still, the British product has its own special aftertaste.

    Very intense and dynamic episodes. But over the action, human drama prevails, smoothly turning into angst. And all these aliens, secret bases stuffed with alien artifacts - it's just an entourage against which the heroes are fighting with themselves and looking for answers to eternal questions.

    At the forefront is a mystery man, captain Jack Harknes, who cannot die either from a bullet in his head, or from falling from a skyscraper, or in a battle with a prehistoric demon - and from that, so vividly interested in all the new-reposed - what is there, below the line; and dreaming of finding a doctor who will cure him of immortality. Damn charming in its strange overcoat and suspenders, with a soft smile on its lips; on a short footing with the presidency and special services - but not obeying anyone. Remaining a mystery even to his particularly palsy adjutants and ready to hesitate to take radical measures against anyone whose views on security will differ from his own.

    The Torchwood team is going through its deep-dramatic dramas - an attempt to combine their attractive secret service with the average personal life of Gwen, the loss of a loved one, a destructive passion with an alien from another planet near Toshiko.

    Invulnerable for 11 episodes, Captain Jack finally reveals his deeply personal secrets by the end of the season.

    The finale of the first season and the beginning of the second season. Passion, having survived the denouement and engaging in a new intrigue, remains at the same level. I look further and am going to look forward to the third season, which I hope will be Doctor Who.

  • Barrow Mara
    Was this review helpful for you? 27/14

    Torchwood is a series that shows us not just a group of people who are fighting alien threats in Cardiff and its environs, it shows us the souls of these people. It is as if you are watching these heroes, whose life is a whirlpool of events, passions, intrigues, something interesting and new in every day lived. This series does not build fictional ideas about people, it shows us them for what they really are: with their shortcomings, with their vices.

    Captain Jack Harkness, who leads Torchwood 3, is a handsome, enjoyable prankster, but at the same time he is a fierce fighter, rock-solid and relentless. He is always silent about his past. But this is forgotten when you look at his courage and courage, and the eternal torment of a man who cannot die. And they want to be proud.

    Owen Harper is a man who hid everything under the guise of hypocrisy and the simulated character of a cold block. But you forget about it, seeing what he had to endure.

    Toshiko Sato - a little girl lost in her life, but who returned to the original path.

    All of them are wonderful people who do not always have a good life, but they know that tomorrow will be a new day and that means new adventures. And this is what makes them live. And, looking at these people, you also want to look at your life and understand that maybe you are doing something wrong, that there is a chance to change something.

    10 out of 10

  • Tokagero-sama
    Every family has its black sheep.
    Was this review helpful for you? 81/139

    I started watching this series as a child series from 'Doctor Who'. At first it was quite interesting to look for the various intersections of Torchwood with the Doctor, but at one point this should have bothered me. And so it happened. After several episodes, I began to easily sacrifice watching Torchwood for some other business. Later I wondered why this is happening. The answer was found pretty quickly, it was on the surface, for the very reason that I started watching 'Torchwood'.

    I watched it as a child series from the Doctor, because if it was an independent series, I would never have paid attention to it. The plot is trivial, like a square: the adventures of an organization to fight and study paranormal phenomena. For comparison, I watched this series on TV, and at about the same time as Torchwood several similar series went on the same channel, and now they are advertising the series with almost the same name (if you take the television version of the translation), and judging by the announcement, this same storyline.

    Well, well, discarding the commonplace plot, because often this factor does not mean anything at all, and let us move on, again, to execution.

    Since, I repeat again, I tried to watch this series as a child series from 'Doctor Who', then I will compare it with him.

    Atmosphere. The 'Doctor' has a unique, British delusional, amazing atmosphere. Incredible charm gives a light touch of steampunk, which is present in most series.All this distinguishes the series from the mass of fantastic things. In 'Torchwood' this is not. The banal hi-tech again leads him into the status of 'one of many'.
    Humor. In the Doctor, humor is natural, very kind, a little crazy, there are a lot of it and it is always out of place. In 'Torchwood', the heroes are always serious to the tediousness, and if humor occurs, it looks as if the screenwriter, after reading the script again, said: 'Something was boring! Let there be jokes here, here and here 'and made a couple of notes with a pencil on top of the finished text.

    Characters. In Doctor, all the characters are lively and interesting, but in 'Torchwood' ... The main character is simply none. I can not name more than one trait of her character. Most likely, the problem here is the actress. After all, everything is in the same 'Doctor', the main character - Rosa Tyler - is about the same type: an average girl drawn into fantastic events of her own free will. She, like the heroine of 'Torchwood', makes mistakes that sometimes lead to global problems, but in Rosa it looks organic, mistakes only make her even more lively. And when Gwen makes mistakes, she just wants to put a tick in the column 'Unsuccessful' in the list of qualities that she does not have. And sometimes throw something heavy at her.

    But what is most surprising is that everybody falls in love with this faded character, with the light hand of a screenwriter! Well, if only she had been written beauty, and so ... It's just incomprehensible.

    Even Captain Jack in 'Torchwood' has become a bore. It seems that Jack from the Doctor and Jack from Torchwood are two completely different characters. In 'Doctor', he, again, is funny, interesting, alive , and in 'Torchwood' ... I would say boring. One could refer to the fact that time has changed it, but the action of these series takes place in parallel, and somewhere in the middle of the first (if I remember correctly) season of Torchwood, Jack again becomes a participant in the events of the Doctor, appearing in this series, and ... mystically transforms, transforming from the tedious head of the organization to combat aliens in the self-confident, ironic and living Captain Jack, Dr. Who’s companion.

    Moral. In each series of 'Doctors' there is an idea presented subtly and unobtrusively, the one who is interested in it can always see it, and the one who does not want to 'load' will just see an interesting story. In 'Torchwood', morality is imposed on us, if you like it or not, but eat it, and appreciate how smart we are, the creators of the series! Each series is filled with not always appropriate tear and pathos.

    Thus, for a completely independent series, 'Torchwood' is too unoriginal, and its unoriginality is not offset by a sufficiently talented performance. And as a child of the series, he is too behind the level of the 'Doctor'. This is my impression.

  • Cat
    Our service is both dangerous and difficult, and at first glance it is as if not visible
    Was this review helpful for you? 80/9

    There are at least two ways to find out what is hidden behind the intriguing name “Torchwood”.

    1. If you like travel, attractions and architectural monuments, then, once in Cardiff, England, be sure to take a walk around the modern Millennium monument. Admire the stream of the fountain, the area around and do not be alarmed if suddenly a tall man in an overcoat comes out of nowhere and smiles dazzlingly. Do not get lost, this is just Captain Jack Harknes, the head of the secret organization Torchwood, guarding our little fragile world from aliens and other troubles that can seep through the rift in time and space. (And he didn’t step out of thin air as it seemed, but simply took advantage of an invisible elevator.)

    Do not be afraid of this person. Of course, he is unusual, immortal and smells too good from him, but in general he does not threaten you. Unless, of course, you plan to bring the unplanned end of the world closer. Better follow the example of patrolman Gwen Cooper, and let the captain take you to a strange, wrong world, where bloodthirsty weevils live in sewers, aliens fly to Earth as sex tourists and the air around is filled with ghosts. Scary? Without panic, the Torchwood team coped and not with such misfortune.

    They all ended up in this dangerous job not from a good life. Heroes of the invisible front - cute, timid Japanese girl Toshiko Sato with an innate gift for dealing with computers; Dr. Owen Harper, a bit like the Kermit frog from the Muppets, a medical cynic hiding a vulnerable and selfless heart; a born coffee maker with the rare name of Yanto, the ordinary surname Jones and the appearance of an excellent pupil; Captain Jack Harknes, owner of an entertaining high-tech bracelet, immortality, mysterious biography and a smile from Tom Cruise.

    Watching the work of Torchwood, you will often see how scary it is to live in a world where you are a speck of dust, nothing in the maelstrom of an infinitely vast and powerful time. And you, as a person, can’t do anything, you just have to rummage in your miserable here and now, realizing that around you is an endless universe of all sorts of things, which does not concern you, but which is easy, by chance, or on purpose , can tear your head off, drive you crazy and forget about it right away, because she doesn’t give a damn. And it remains only to learn how to live with it.

    But without panic, everything is under control. The captain will lead you to drink beer, smile charmingly and answer any of your questions. And you, enchanted and pleasantly surprised by such cordiality of a secret special team, go to bed, and in the morning do not remember anything about Torchwood, or about temporary anomalies, or about a man in an overcoat. You did not think that drinking a beer with Captain Jack Harknes is not fraught with consequences?br>
    2. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to England and follow, like Alice, a white rabbit, a captain to Wonderland with a mandatory amnesia pill at the end of the trip, you can use the same method as I do . To do this, just watch the charming British series 'Torchwood'.

    As the annotation on the DVD box told me, this is an offshoot of Doctor Who. Only in a slightly different way, less comic, more action-packed, although with humor everything here is also in perfect order. An adorable series that I, a science fiction buff, delighted with virtually every episode.

    The main character, outwardly surprisingly similar to “our beautiful nanny” in the “Code of the Apocalypse”, police Gwen Cooper, is confronted with some secret special group called Torchwood and led by the mysterious captain Jack Harknes. Gwen, spurred by unhealthy curiosity, bogs down strangers, space-time anomalies, and other supernatural issues in her unusual affairs. This is where all the fun begins. Namely, a cool NF series.

    Like any quality science fiction, Torchwood is much more than a simple collection of stories about saving the world. Here we have heroes with their own fates, a complex inner world, their hops and personality. And, of course, the peculiar atmosphere of the Torchwood world, enormous and far from friendly. A world where you can be dragged into a temporary gap at any moment and thrown at the other end of the story.A world where you are alone in darkness and you are nothing. Horror. In philosophical terms, this series is terrible. There is no place for either God or hope. Life is just a fleeting flash in the darkness. And there, in this endless darkness, something is coming and certainly nothing pleasant. Against this background, the work of Torchwood seems akin to the fight against windmills. All the more surprising is the inexhaustible optimism that, contrary to everything, radiates Jack. And this optimism is contagious.

    I do not argue, “Torchwood” has its drawbacks, but not one of them is fatal. It remains an excellent, in some places scary as life itself, the series, where there is enough humor and drama, sex and violence, miracles and irony.

    10 out of 10

  • Rikki-mikki
    Chickens, toads, pterodactyls ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 42/108

    At the beginning of the viewing, I thought it was something as awesome as Doctor Who. I was disappointed in the first minutes of watching. With difficulty I forced myself to look at two seasons. The third lacked mental strength.

    I'll start with the heroes. Talented roles are crossed out by stupid scripts and dialogues.

    Jack Harkness - from a charming and witty swindler turned into a boring and nasty boss. I don’t argue, John Barrowman coped with the role in 'Torchwood' as well as with the role in 'Doctor Who'.

    Gwen Cooper - I will compare her with a stupid chicken. No interesting character, no talented performance.

    Owen Harper - looks like a toad. Cynical, stinging medic. Maybe there is something good in him, but I did not see this.

    Toshiko Sato is the only character about whom I can not say anything bad. A sweet, kind, loyal, smart and responsive woman.

    Ianto Jones is an errand boy. A young, secretive, secretary with no special mind. But faithful and kind.

    Now let's get down to the plot.

    Tediousness and pathos in each series. A bunch of inconsistencies. For example, the peak of stupidity to revive a corpse in front of the whole Cardiff. It would have been much more reasonable to transport the body to the headquarters, but thought of it after a long time. You can list for a long time.

    Do not get it wrong, but this series can only be watched because of Jack and Ianto's love relationship. Therefore my assessment

    3 out of 10

  • tianovna
    Crooked mirror
    Was this review helpful for you? 47/8

    Few people know that 'Torchwood' is an offshoot of the series 'Doctor Who'. I find the translation as' Alien Hunters' incorrect, as' Torchwood 'is the rearranged letters from' Doctor Who. ”
    Torchwood is the back of Doctor , a kind of crooked mirror . If in Doctor you encounter indescribable adventures, an intriguing plot, then in Torchwood there will be suffering, grief, sympathy, the pain of loss.

    But in general, the series is not bad and quite interesting. If you like melodramas with elements of fiction, then I advise you to look!

  • Caren
    Was this review helpful for you? 21/6

    Despite the fact that Torchwood is a subsidiary of Doctor Who, they are heaven and earth. Many people try to compare by one criteria and find that Torchwood does not have what they like in the Doctor. This is natural, because these films are intended for different age categories of viewers. Doctor Who, intended for children, or rather for family viewing, is full of good and soft humor, charm and splendor. But Torchwood is still a series for adults and on fairly adult themes, veiled in crazy adventures, as in the Doctor. Therefore, he does not look like Doctor Who, although it cannot be said that the Doctor does not have serious topics, they just are not so obvious.

       In Torchwood, the atmosphere is different, although there are also many urban landscapes, as in many British TV shows, it seems to me that it fully corresponds to it. There are not so many heroes, and therefore you can see how they are revealed during the series, although, unfortunately, not all. Yves Miles seems to me not fully revealed her character. Gwen Cooper seems stupid and helpless, but if you look at her: she is simply confused, and therefore makes mistakes, but she is strong enough and does not give up, she managed to show the actress well. There are a lot of things to say about the rest of the characters. John Barrowman and his character Jack Harkness are as good as always, although you can see that he is a little different than Doctor Who. It is understandable, with the Doctor, life is a real adventure, dangerous and exciting, it is in Torchwood, but they are fundamentally different. For the Doctor, it’s like a one-way trip, no need to look back, no matter what happens in the future, the main thing here and now is no responsibility. In Torchwood, under the tutelage of Harkness, there is not only his team, but the whole of Britain, so you need to be more serious here, here, if you do something wrong, no longer hide in a blue booth, you will have to experience all the consequences. As for the rest of the characters, they are all unusual, colorful, all with their own truth.

       In general, if you want a series similar to the Doctor, its continuation, then Torchwood is probably not for you. Torchwood - a challenge to social foundations, a worthy representative of the science fiction genre.

    10 out of 10

  • Elena Sapozhnikova
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/17

    Started to look, like many, because of the Doctor. Expecting something in the same vein. But my expectations were not met. Although it is difficult to say which way.

    I watched the first season somehow, rewinding, as it seemed to me, uninteresting moments. Perhaps that is why my first impression was not very good. I missed the second season and drew my attention to the third, which I liked. Everything was there: an exciting plot, interesting characters. And even Gwen Cooper, whom I had not liked since the first season, seemed normal to me.

    More recently, I began to review Torchwood from the first season, not missing a second. And my opinion about him has changed dramatically. The first season is wonderful, the second is even better. In the second, in my opinion, the characters completely begin to unfold. We see them already more human. In the first, a huge role is given to the plot, where each series resembles a movie. Yes, the creators stinted in originality, but the main characters ... Everything rests on them!

    Captain Jack Harknes is charming and sexy, but one drawback (or maybe a plus for someone) is gay. And both in the series and in life. Although I like a hint of the possibility of a relationship between him and Gwen, it introduces a certain intrigue.

    Owen and Toshiko are pretty neutral characters. I can’t say anything good or bad about them.

    Ianto Jones is Jack's lover. The most inconspicuous of all.

    I don’t want to say anything about Gwen, because it causes me conflicting feelings. On the one hand, she is positive, not indifferent to everyone (people, aliens), on the other, she confesses love to Jack and sleeps with her colleague, although she has a groom whom she “loves” very much.

    So, Torchwood is not just a science fiction series. Here we follow the life of several very multifaceted personalities, their fates and experiences.

    By the way, there is enough humor in this series, given its genre. The humor is quite specific, I would even say British. And I would also put age limits for watching this series, since there are a sufficient number of naughty scenes, sharp jokes and kissing men.

    If you are a science fiction fan, you have free time, then welcome! But do not expect something in the style of Doctor Who. These series proceed in a completely different way, although they have common roots.

    10 out of 10

  • J R-S-S-M
    Outside the goverment beyond the police
    Was this review helpful for you? 19/8

    At the moment I have very conflicting feelings about the whole series. It is difficult to give him an unambiguous assessment. In general, it is difficult to say anything unequivocal. Therefore, let's go through the stages.

    First. The atmosphere of the series is very dependent on the season. The first and second are one, the third is completely different. The fourth season is generally a completely separate conversation. However, the definition of 'not at all like a Doctor' applies to all four seasons.

    The first and second season . They very cool combined dynamic, emotional scenes and moments when almost nothing happens. They are so ... earthly . A small team, almost home furnishings, pizza, coffee, your life problems, feelings, emotions, real life. Even the aliens that their team is fighting with seem completely natural. After several revisions of these two seasons in a row, it began to seem to me that all the characters actually exist.

    The third season I remember with horror. So I was waiting for him, there was such an interesting promotional video, and then ... Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd series I realized that I did not want to know how it would all end. It was simply unpleasant to watch even those moments where no one was killed. A terrible disappointment. Moreover, there were not 13 episodes, as in any normal season, but only 5.

    Fourth season . After the third season, where everything was so sad, I was afraid to watch. Moreover, in the promotional video there was a mocking 'no one dies'.But no, this season was amazing. Torchwood 'moved' to America, but that only made it better (which is surprising to me, because I'm a fan of Britain). American actors - the highest score. The action has become much more dynamic, the picture is brighter. (Apparently, the proximity of Hollywood is so acting) In a sense, this is generally a different series. Of the previous heroes, only Gwen and Jack (well, yes, Rhys) remained, the main scene is far from Cardiff, all the series are united by one plot ... In short, the format has changed. And I like the new Torchwood. I won’t add anything else, decide for yourself.

    Second. Jack. His role also changes with the seasons. If at first it was a key figure in the series, now there are other interesting and important characters besides him, which is good. Of course, he is a great character, but sometimes he gets too many. And all these jokes about immortality or omnisexuality have already traveled in order. There is one more 'but.' Without him, it would no longer be Torchwood. Now the creators of the series have managed to observe the middle ground, I hope they will continue to comply with it.

    Third. The ideas behind the series. It’s easiest to say that this is a series about aliens. In my deep conviction, this is not so. Aliens here play far from paramount role. This series is about people, about their psychology, about social (and not only) problems of modern society and the world as a whole. There are a lot of topics that are raised, so you can’t even say about everything separately.

    Constantly in the series, the idea pops up that people are not ready to meet with an alien mind. People care too much about their benefits to notice anything else. All these alien technologies and various life forms are attractive and not very ... Not everyone is able to see beauty and miracle in this. Many immediately begin to think how all this can be used, instead of just accepting something for what it is. I see a double bottom here. Firstly, it is undoubtedly a reference to various forms of racism and the lack of tolerance. This problem is one of the leading in the world. And the second problem is a possessive attitude towards everything that is around you. A reference to all environmental disasters. Actually, everything was already said in the 12th episode of the 2nd season of 'Doctor Who': 'Everything is alien - ours.' This is the motto of London Torchwood. If corrected, it turns out the motto of a real person: "All nature is for the human race."

    Another idea that I will mention is to show human psychology. Just as accurate as possible. I don’t know whether this can really be said, but subjectively it seems that yes, this is exactly what the creators wanted. I liked how they described the actions of people after the advent of the Miracle. Indeed, the essence of man becomes understood only in critical situations. In general, I believe that in reality everything would be a little wrong, but I like the attempt to present possible events and reactions.

    Fourth. Comparison with the 'Doctor' ... The first three seasons of Torchwood are completely lost to their 'paternal' (or maternal?) series. With the fourth, the opposite is true. No, not the whole 'Doctor', only his new series. It is very significant that today (and a week ago) I was waiting more for the release of Torchwood, and not the Doctor. I will not add anything else, this is just a subjective assessment.

    And there is still such a moment that Torchwood is tougher than the Doctor. This is due to the ideas behind the series (about Torchwood - see above). If we talk about humanity, it is impossible to imagine it without weapons. Apparently, that's why there are too many deaths, weapons and blood in Torchwood. This is logical for the embodiment of the idea, but sometimes the creators of the series are too keen on this. So thanks to season 4, where they tried to keep the middle ground. And yes, almost no one died. (just 1-2 deaths per square series ...)

    So, to summarize. Not all the seasons I like the same way, some other points, such as the ever less organic Jack and the gimmick Gwen, are controversial. However, the last series, in my personal opinion, are somewhere in the middle of the golden mean for all the tense and controversial moments, so ...

    10 out of 10

    (and the third season is '5', but outside the brackets ...)

  • Star3110
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/8

    Inconsistent series. I, unlike many, first watched 'Torchwood', and only then 'Doctor Who'. Perhaps that is why after the harsh atmosphere of Torchwood, the atmosphere of the Doctor seemed to me, though, undoubtedly, interesting, but more childish and frivolous. The doctor looks like a slightly sugary children's fairy tale, where there is a kind positive positive protagonist and outright bullish villains whom he defeats. Torchwood is life itself, where every hero is far from perfect, where people are just people, and they make mistakes.

    Torchwood's flaws are of course the slowness and simplicity of the plot, especially the first two seasons, I would say, in their banality. But now, starting from the third season, it is already turning into something more intriguing, dynamic and interesting. But the fourth season I frankly applauded.

    The heroes of Torchwood can evoke a variety of emotions, there is a mixture of the aversion of some to the unconventional orientation of the head of Torchwood, to the fact that all of them, in principle, are far from white and fluffy. Ordinary.

    Jack Harkness. The head of Torchwood and the most intriguing personality. From time to time, even the rest of Torchwood’s employees openly do not understand him. And this is not surprising. When you live in the world for a long time and you cannot die, then you are worried about completely different values, other priorities than ordinary mortals. I see a strong personality. Because no matter how you look, endless life is far from an easy path. Constant physical reprisals, burial alive, misunderstanding - and all this he suffers, and he is also able to smile, he also loves life and people.His sexual addictions do not bother me much, because I value him, first of all, as a person. With whom everyone satisfies his needs is his personal right. But the fact that he is able to go and stand in front of the monster in five minutes, defending the world and people who shot and hated him five minutes ago is an indisputable fact. Such people delight me.

    Gwen Cooper Torchwood's second permanent character. This woman evokes a variety of emotions. From time to time you want to kill her, and sometimes you want to enthusiastically clap your hands. Strong, strong-willed, independent woman. She always knows what she wants at the moment. Her speech in the fourth season about 'though the whole world thinks so, but I am against it!' aroused my complete love for this character. As well as her very interesting explanation of the same season in a car with Jack in the style: "I love you, but that will not stop me from slamming you." In this scene, the willpower of each of the characters is visible, they are ready to sacrifice even their loved one for the sake of what they consider important, but at the same time both are not without deep humanity. I like it because it is of this type of people that move the world forward in a good way. I like this lack of snotty romance, such love can almost be called ruthless. Jack and Gwen’s relationship is perhaps Torchwood’s main attraction.

    Of the remaining heroes, I note only Toshiko. I am sincerely sorry that this Japanese woman was brought out.Very sweet, smart, cordial. Her death and a farewell letter caused tears in her eyes. The remaining characters are quite ordinary - bad, good deeds, but there is simply no such frank magnetism and power, as in Jack and Gwen.

    Only in the fourth season does a female doctor and the CIAshnik appear, which caused my sympathies. I generally fell in love with the latter because of his diving with Jack and the unfading sense of humor in such a terrible situation. Even the hero of Bill Pullman caused a certain strange sympathy, because against the background of what people can do, even the pedophile rapist turns pale.

    Very unusual series. Here you have the past and the future, monsters and aliens, cleverly inscribed in reality, as if they were there. But mostly just people in different situations. And, it should be noted that mankind cannot be loved more from this series, because it very cleverly notices and highlights their flaws for the understanding eye. The series, undoubtedly, is only for adults, because the problems and throwing of heroes are likely to be understood only by them. I believe that it is even necessary to watch it, and did not regret the time spent. There is something to ponder, laugh at, something to see, and even something to bring out for yourself. I put it for it

    9 out of 10

  • BenderReview
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/5

    'No, the first time I hear!' That's exactly how a year ago I answered all my friends questions about this series. Feeling left behind the civilized world, I decided to see this product of English thought.

    From the first minutes, the series seemed boring to me, the dialogs were far-fetched, and the actors wanted to shout: 'I do not believe it!' Being exhausted with the first 4-5 episodes, my desire to watch this 'miracle' disappeared, so the series was sent to a long box, as it seemed to me, forever.

    But recently, having finished watching more worthy (in my opinion) series, I had a problem: I didn’t want to look for new series, but old ones were watched and memorized. And I thought of 'Torchwood' (or 'Alien Hunters' - glory to Russian translators!).

    Following the principle of 'better than nothing', I resumed viewing from the second season. And gradually got involved. The acting did not seem so annoying, and the dialogues were boring and artificial. Well, Captain Jack and Toshika are generally a different story.

    Jack (John Barrowman) with his too Hollywood smile (although the series is English) at some point makes you stupidly smile back at him. And his sarcasm and eccentricity seem pretty sweet.

    Well, Toshika ... A supporting character, but for me she is much brighter than the same Gwen (frankly, annoying to cramps). A computer genius, a cute girl capable of sacrificing herself ... I wonder if there are such girls in the real world?

    The love line of Jack and Ianto deserves special attention. Here she does not look quite straightforward, and, importantly, it didn’t work. Quoting Yano Jones (a botanist and an “eternal student”), one must say: “Jack for me is not men ... This is him ... He is alone!”

    I can confidently say that the series was a discovery for me, although I did not expect anything like that from him.

    10 out of 10

  • Levanevel
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/11

    Honestly, I'm homophile, or whatever it's called. In general, I love gays :) Why did I start watching 'Torchwood': 1. This is the spin-off of Doctor Who, and there Jack, after all. 2. Gays

    Now everything is much deeper in terms of my love for the series. Watching the 4th season. But first about the previous three.

    The first and second, in principle, represent the same thing. That is, the same atmosphere, characters, something common is visible between all the series. But this is not a negative quality at all, just a fact. I cannot but note that personally I did not dislike any of the main characters, which is not characteristic of me at all. Each — Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, and Ianto — is unique. The action of the first two seasons takes place in a cozy Cardiff, which creates a certain sense of reality of what is happening.

    The third season was amazing, I think. Firstly, what is only one idea worth. Secondly, its execution. The plot was adequately carried through all 5 episodes. They showed the whole human essence without embellishment, it's just excellent.

    Fourth ... After many years of passion for the 'doctor', as well as 'Sherlock', I developed a love for everything British and some neglect of the Americans. And the fact that the series moved to the states is immediately noticeable. A bald black man and a blonde with a silly expression and a large bust appear, which is quite predictable. Too few indigenous 'Torchwoodists' became, and this was insanely distressing, but I cannot but admit that with each series everything was getting better and better. The joke has become more. But Gwen made like Zavorotnyuk, excuse me)

    And a few words about the series as a whole. If you are sentimental and sensitive to movies - before watching, buy a box of scarves. If you know English, in no case do not look in the translation. The Russian name alone hints at a 'talented' dubbing and translation. And if you don’t know English, look with Russian subtitles, because the intonations and accents of the actors are unique. In no case do not meddle on Wikipedia in search of information, spoilers-spoilers-spoilers. And one more thing, many write that the series is 'tougher' than the Doctor. This is obvious because the creators initially positioned Torchwood as an adult series, Doctors as a teen series, and Sarah Jane's Adventures for children.

    10 out of 10

  • Bartholomew C
    Torchwood. And who are the strangers here?
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/4

    “Torchwood” is a British science fiction series about a secret organization fighting aliens. Hence the plot typical of such films - from series to series, the heroes prey on aliens and, depending on the situation, destroy them or help them return home.

    But this is only at first glance. In fact, aliens, government conspiracies and more are just the backdrop against which human dramas unfold. While watching, you can both laugh and cry with the heroes, and sometimes it’s great to get scared. Meeting with enemies from outside makes you look deeper into yourself. And in the end, we conclude that the "alien" earthlings are not so scary. The main enemy is the people themselves, selfish, ruthless and indifferent.

    Heroes Captain Jack Harkness is the head of Torchwood. Smart, strong, brave and damn charming. And besides, it’s also immortal. It seems to be the happiest person in the world. But each medal, as you know, has two sides. Jack almost always looks cheerful and carefree, but sometimes sadness slips in his gaze. He is forced to spend eternal life alone, watching his loved ones die.

    Gwen Cooper is a police constable and new to Torchwood. However, it quickly becomes indispensable. At the beginning of the series, a girl with childlike directness reacts to unusual guests from outer space and tries to discern something good in each and every one. Gwen then becomes colder, prudent and stiff.In my opinion, the creators of the series overdid it with the “coolness” of this heroine - she runs with a bullet in her stomach, and shoots herself from enemies with a child in her arms.

    Ianto Jones is a tracing specialist. A modest, helpful young man whose face almost does not leave a polite smile. With this smile, he will serve coffee, and feed the pterodactyl, and shred the monster in pieces. For a long time it remains in the shadow of other characters, but then we will learn more about him and his tragedies.

    And Ianto is Jack's lover. Yes, yes, the brave captain also does not have such skeletons in the closet.

    Owen Harper is a gloomy, cynical and narcissistic doctor. Sometimes he behaves frankly in a swine, especially in relation to Tosh, who is in love with him. At the same time, she can sincerely experience the tragedy that happened to a completely unfamiliar girl many years ago.

    Toshiko Sato is a computer genius. Hacking any code is not a problem for her. But to establish relations with the opposite sex does not work. Yes, she is smart, caring, selfless, but she lacks self-confidence. Work is the only meaning of her life.

    Personally, I am impressed by all the characters by the fact that they are, in fact, ordinary people, with their problems, complexes and fears, and not universal soldiers who do not know defeats.

    1-2 seasons "Favorite"

    Here we only get acquainted with the wonderful world of Torchwood. Each series is a separate, fascinating story, the general storyline becomes visible only at the end of the 1st season, but this does not spoil the series at all.For two seasons, I had a feeling that I got into a kind of fairy tale - a kind of science fiction fairy tale, sometimes funny, sometimes cruel. There are no princesses, kings and dragons and other fabulous attributes, but magic is in the air.

    Season 3: The Most Tragic

    It most fully reveals the theme of the confrontation between "strangers" and "friends." Aliens are alien invaders demanding to give them the children of the Earth. His - brave military and reasonable politicians trying to find a compromise. But is it? Does danger really come from outside?

    And this season also reveals the topic of choice. Not only the main, but also secondary heroes face a difficult choice. And the decisions that they make are often ambiguous, contradictory, as happens in real life.

    Oh My God Season 4

    No, well, Americans are able to ruin everything. And this I say with all my love for American cinema. But in this case, participation in the filming of the Americans went to the series only to the detriment. This is doubly offensive, because the idea was not bad - on one day all mortals become immortal, and the only immortal becomes mortal. But the further development of the plot personally did not please me. Chases, shootings, spectacular explosions and fights ... And where is that unforgettable atmosphere of Torchwood? But she was not, apparently, not passed through American customs.

    Most of the new heroes are perplexing, Gwen finally turns into a battle-woman and a super-soldier, and even Jack himself is not his own. In general, for me, Torchwood is three seasons. Point.

    1-3 seasons score

    10 out of 10

  • AuroraCold
    Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. So many times, and it is only today.
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/4

    After watching the Doctor and several stumbles on the name 'Torchwood', I nevertheless decided to see what this very 'Torchwood' is.

    I must say right away that I did not expect anything good from this series, because I have a categorical attitude to spin-offs, since they are rarely better or at the level of the original works. And what ultimately happened:

    Season 1 TV Series is swinging.

    2nd season- RTD decides to play on the nerves.

    3rd Season- RTD decides to kill a sentimental viewer.

    4th season- 5 episodes could be dispensed with.

    In fact, the series can be watched for the sake of interest and general development, there is nothing terrible in it, the actors play very well, even if the plot does not always pamper the viewer, it is something remarkable and interesting, and there is a lot of ambiguity, but it’s fascinating to watch the characters of the characters who change throughout the series, as it seemed to me.


    Captain Jack Harkness - the first impression is that he is completely different than in DC, yes, I understand that the series are different, but I thought that his kind of enthusiasm would continue. For some time she was disappointed with this, but not for long, because his character is much older than in the Palace of Culture, which is more out of place. Captain Jack is shown here as a lone wanderer with a difficult fate, who sometimes looks callous in the eyes of the staff and remains a mystery to them. And of course, the same charming, conquering thousands of hearts.

    Owen Harper - the most incomprehensible character for me. I would like to see more of his character and himself, I watched the series not so long ago, but Owen, as a character, is difficult to remember. Unfortunately, he is himself only at the end of the 2nd season, before that he was only a cynical physician, letting go of funny enough jokes.

    Toshiko Sato - the cutest girl, quiet, shy, smart and kind. In the series, she plays the role of a gray mouse, which, in general, you don’t notice much, but she obviously cannot cause negative emotions in her place and in her plate, in principle.

    Gwen Cooper - in a season, she began to annoy me wildly. Then she loves one, second, third. At the same time, choosing one, she doubts the other two. And so, strong, strong-willed, will never leave you in trouble and will come to the rescue no matter what. It is impossible to stop her, as if she is immortal, but some of her jumps are still annoying.

    Ianto Jones - a century to be touched, there is no other way to call it. In fact, nothing is known about him in the series, he is at first completely inconspicuous, just an errand boy. But then, you fall in love with this childishly cute coffee deliveryman. If Jack couldn’t resist, where should we go.

    'Torchwood' is interesting in its own way, if you have already watched 'Doctor Who', then you should not miss this creation, unless of course you are a homophobe.

    7 out of 10

  • Through the ages
    What is what?
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    When you start watching a series - feelings arise mixed. More and more storylines arise throughout the entire first series, so that it’s hard to grab onto something. Get lost right away and don’t understand - What is it? An action movie about shooting incredible monsters, or an action-packed drama with an unexpected script? Is it worth watching?

    My answer is worth it.

    Imagine that aliens, extraterrestrial technologies, a bunch of olfactory gays and a huge amount of drama suddenly appear in your ordinary life. Naturally, you have to effectively drive bullets into the mucus and scales, wear a cool (preferably black) suit and have simply amazing astonishment and awesome endurance. But against the backdrop of all the strangeness and phantasmagoria, the elements of real life are not lost - the feelings of heroes, difficult life situations and problems that arise in personal life. The series in many ways sets an example, teaches not to lose humanity and love, pity and compassion. You must admit that it is difficult to retain these qualities in the Torchwood Institute. We feel all the plot lines, as if they were lines on our hands - we suffer together with Ianto Jones, we are surprised and learn like Gwen Cooper, we find positive moments with sarcasm, imitating Dr. Owen Harper. And most importantly, we continue to live. We continue to live as Captain Jack Harkness.

    I am delighted with the interweaving of storylines - they all interact with each other. What to choose - Saving the world from bloodthirsty aliens, pacifying the nightmarish creatures of the home planet and feeling the cold metal of weapons in your hand or your own wedding? birth of a child? night with your beloved?

    Torchwood employees have time for everything! One of the first phrases we hear on the series is 'None of us has a personal life in Torchwood.' But this is far from the case.

    Personally, the series had a great influence on me. It showed that there is nothing wrong with same-sex relationships, that sometimes humanity saves its humanity, and I had never felt such fear for my loved ones before. After all, everything earthly is not forever.

    I’ll take one point for a little confusion, but otherwise

    8 out of 10

  • RockPrina
    Because ... Doctor.
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/5

    We all, pretty girl, are just a universal joke. Evolutionary chemical accident. And the only consolation is money!

     So, I came across the series 'Torchwood' after watching Doctor Who. All that I learned about him after half an hour of searching the Internet is a good spin-off, high-quality and exciting, with a simple storyline and lack of logic as such. Of course, I strongly generalize, but most of the opinions agreed precisely on such a short conclusion. Everyone else, as one, mentioned the homosexual relationship between Jack and Ianto, which could not but arouse my interest. In the end, I still decided to spend time watching Torchwood, and was absolutely amazed.

     If 'Doctor' is an excellent British series, recommended for viewing persons over 12, then 'Alien Hunters' on most TV channels is broadcast only with a rating of 18+. They are true - Torchwood is full of heavy, 'bloody' scenes, and of course a gay theme that always confuses people. The appearance of some aliens does not cause much delight, these are not the cute angels from Doctor Who, they are disgusting monsters with a repulsive appearance, which will not be particularly pleasant to look at. Unfortunately, there were almost no bed scenes, such as a perverted viewer like me, except for a wonderful moment in the greenhouse.

     And now directly to the series.

    The plot.

     Not at all boring and not primitive. Chases, explosions, hunting for aliens, drama-drama and, of course, endless references to the Doctor. What else does a viewer who has sat down to watch fiction need? ..


      Jack Harkness - the pathos head of the department. Despite his ambitions, he has a sense of duty and responsibility, and even manages to flirt with Ianto without a hitch. Changed, matured in every sense of the word, matured, ceased to be a cute boy, but continued to suffer according to the Doctor. And whoever tells me that this is just friendship, and Jack has no attraction to the timelord, I will laugh out loud.

      Gwen Cooper - was at the right time in the right place. That’s all I can say about her. Without experience in Torchwood, she extended the longest, without ever catching a bullet. But is magic forbidden outside Hogwarts? ..

      Owen Harper - womanizer, medic. It becomes a truly interesting character only in the second season, before that it seems like a funny gouging with the wind in my head.

      Toshiko Sato - who really deserves to be a member of the Torchwood team! To the best of kind, excessively smart, with a dark past and not very bright future. A good person and worker, not only knows how to deal with computer codes, but also suffers from unrequited love.

      Ianto Jones - this character is worthy of an entire article. Because he is amazing.Just amazing. His character, his feelings! .. Couple Jack / Ianto became a favorite for a short time. Praise to the creators who did not vulgarize their relationship. I do not want to spoil it, but if you really like them, you better not watch the third season. At all.

      John Hart - appears only a few times. Despite the small role in the series, more than a few years are remembered. Brutal and cool, with a big ... manipulator and a chic grin. I would pull on a talented villain, but, alas, because of his love (under a question mark) for Jack, he chose the side of the angels.

      Fourth Season.

     I will speak about it separately, because all the previous flattering comments were only relevant for the first three. Just two words - don't look.

     And so the series came out alive, intriguing, dramatic and exciting. After watching one series, you can not tear yourself away from the screen. The story is addictive, and for these thirty minutes you will find yourself far from your comfortable room, you are in the thick of things, in the pursuit of terrible monsters, next to the friendly Torchwood team, ready to defend each other until death.

      10 out of 10

  • saken
    Fantastic love for the doctor ... pah ... for the captain
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    The organization was founded in 1879 by Queen Victoria after her meeting with the Tenth Doctor and the werewolf at the Torchwood estate. Realizing that Britain has enemies beyond the borders of the Earth, the Queen founded a secret organization to study and combat alien threats - the Torchwood Institute. The doctor was enlisted in the Torchwood Charter as an enemy of the Crown. In 1882, Victoria added to the authority of the Institute the search and capture of alien technology. Soon a hole was discovered in the space-time continuum in Cardiff. As a result, a small department called 'Torchwood Three' was also opened there.

    In the near 2011, when the Internet was just connected at home, it was already decided by me before that I would start watching TV shows. I searched and suffered from a choice. But, when I had to choose something from science fiction, I decided to start watching this series. The reviews were good, but at that time in England was also planning to start the fourth season, together with America. It was a staggering find; he could not take his eyes off the monitor. The plot was so twisted, so many events that it was difficult to digest everything that I saw. Each episode is interesting, each character, especially Jack Harkness, was conscientiously worked out. I would return at that time, but even now, when nobody is at home, I switch channels on TV, and when I find this series, I watch it without fail. No way without it.

    The cast.

    John Barrowman I met this actor when I watched season 6 of the series 'Desperate Housewives'. The negative character that drove Angie Bohlen to flee and settle in Wisteria Lane. In this series, he played an immortal man who was tired of living. He was the head of the Torchwood department. Who is he - not a single member of his team knew. Enclosed exterminator of all extraterrestrial. Jack was also a smoothie, because he is gay. Transformations in this character of John Barrowman forever left only positive emotions. No matter how dangerous the events were, I would be ready to follow him.

    Eve Miles played Gwen Cooper. I have never been acquainted with Eve before, it was my acquaintance with this actress. Gwen is an inquisitive girl, she likes investigating and exploring everything new, whatever it is. In the first frame of the series, due to her character, she ends up in Torchwood, of course, the shocked girl did not even think what would happen next. And this will be followed by an incredible event of becoming her fateful woman, who can take on her shoulder the largest machine gun and shoot it from a helicopter. But, since she is, in comparison with other colleagues from Torchwood, a family girl. She has to solve the most difficult dilemmas from time to time. This is what makes her character interesting. A girl from whom you can expect anything. Yves Miles played unbelievably believable. Although sometimes she annoyed me because of her rash>
    Minor characters are also unforgettable. Owen, Tashiko, Ianto - I would like to have such different and interesting people in my colleagues. Rice, forever in love with Gwen, his romance of the soul makes touches.

    Excellent work done, each frame of the series is well-directed. Great storylines that make you empathize with the heroes. Special thanks for the negative characters. By the way, because of this, you need to thank the make-up artists. Indeed, it is believed that such alien creatures really exist.

    The series that made me watch Doctor Who.

    I will always wait for season 5 ...

    P.S. Watch only decent TV shows.

    10 out of 10

  • Valeslina
    The most controversial series
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/1

    For the first time the series makes me have such a diverse experience. For the first time in one season I want to turn it off and forget it, but in the other you can’t tear yourself away from the screen.

    I looked at Torchwood (the original name by the way, aha) before I tried to start Doctor Who and join the above-stated opinion - against his background, so beloved by millions of viewers, the Doctor really looks like a clichéd fairy tale.

    Despite everything, the main plus of Torchwood is that it shows ordinary people with real problems, each of them has his own story, and none of them is guaranteed a happy ending.

    But perhaps it was in an effort to make the characters more realistic in the first season that the bust came out. Almost every episode in the first season, one of the characters falls in love with an evil alien, then begins to suffer from lost love, which can be returned with quite life-threatening means, then he simply decides that the main character is not worthy of trust, and it’s time to arrange a showdown no one was waiting.

    In all this fun, fresh season madhouse, the main character, Captain Jack Harkness, is a bit like an orderly.

    Comrade in itself is insanely interesting. Yes, he is not so cheerful here as in the Doctor, but listen, from the moment of his first appearance he has more than enough survived. An ordinary person without superpowers who cannot die, but who is capable of feeling pain and has endured countless attempts and tortures, can be said that people like him rarely come across in cinema.Gradually, throughout the series, it is more and more striking that it is how differently he is forced to look at the world, and how often he has to make difficult decisions.

    In general, returning to season 1, he passed under the sign of “a cool British atmosphere, periodically interesting ideas, a pretty protagonist, but the rest are infuriating.”

    Season 2 was marked by the appearance of James Marsters. In my subjective opinion, this is an amazingly talented charismatic actor who can decorate any project. So it happened here - and suddenly the characters revealed themselves on a completely different side, and the plot became more exciting. I suspect that nevertheless to a greater extent this is the merit of the scriptwriters, and it just coincided)). In any case, thanks a lot to Torchwood for James' outstanding role.

    This season, it was insanely pleasant to watch absolutely adequate characters with a sense of humor, who without hysteria do their job and do not suspect their bosses of all mortal sins. And yes, this work is sometimes so terrible that they have to make many sacrifices, and even death does not always become salvation.

    By the way, the creators of the series have a fat plus for not being afraid to show their theory of death - rather unexpected, cynical and tough.

    The problems of what happens to a person who has returned to life and all the consequences are also quite clearly reflected, but not new - at one time this was a very strong move from Jos Whedon.

    If the second season was good, then the third one can be called one of the strongest episodes in movies / TV shows in general. Dry and businesslike, without embellishment, the entire ins and outs of humanity is shown. On the one hand, those in power are ready for any meanness and human sacrifices in any quantities to save their skins, on the other hand, there are enough ordinary people in this world, no heroes who will fight for salvation to the end simply because they cannot stand and watch cattle for slaughter. The image of John Frobisher stands out very strongly against this background - a modest employee, a "little man" who at the end refused to play according to the rules indicated by scoundrels and scum.

    The most interesting thing is that this season almost never showed the main evil, that is, aliens. There is an invisible presence and a slurred shadow in the cockpit giving orders, but here as never before you can see that the main root of evil is in the world of people.

    I don’t want to write about season 4, because I consider it a frank failure. Yes, the basic idea is strong enough, and at first glance the cardboard characters reveal themselves and turn out to be deep enough, but in the end it all ends up with so many blunders and pulls by the ears that there is only one question left: “Who am I mistaken for in this hotel?” (With )

    Bottom line: an incredible emotional carousel led to disappointment at the very end. Sorry.

     8 out of 10

    the lion's share of the rating is for season 3.

  • knigars
    Captain Jack and his team (about the TV series Torchwood)
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    Alien Hunters or Torchwood - your favorite series! He first met him in November 2008, when he was broadcast on TV-3.

    I think that "Hunters ..." may be of interest not only to young viewers, but to all those fond of science fiction series. I like it because it fully shows the relationship within the team of the Cardiff branch of the Torchwood Institute, a scientific organization to combat dangerous alien creatures.

     All five are good: Jack, Owen, Ianto, Toshiko and Gwen. But I personally like Ianto Jones - the secretary and farm manager of Torchwood. It’s a very business, executive and romantic person, with a fine mental organization!

    By the way, in this series over the course of all seasons, one of the key topics is service novels. Those who watched will understand.

    And so, here you can find many stories on the topics of global problems of our time and human personality, which are decorated in the genre of cinema science fiction.

    I recommend it to everyone!

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