A dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.





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    Western, Science Fiction

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  • Rovego
    Good old bloodthirsty science fiction
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    Best pilot of the series in 2016. If the authors can keep suspense at the same highest level, then one of the best series in television history awaits us. An army of fans and numerous Emmy awards are looming ahead.

    The idea is very well-worn in the fiction of the last century. Artificial intelligence rebels against its creator. Michael Crichton was not a very good writer, but he had so many original thoughts that Hollywood still eats his stories. One epic 'Jurassic Park' is worth it.

    The series 'World of the Wild West', of course, sends us to 'Park'. The same enclosed space inhabited by local inhabitants. The same guests who paid money to tickle their nerves. And to force and kill plenty. But unlike the simple intrigue of the 'Park' - the animals break free to devour everyone - there is also a complex moral and ethical component that makes the picture partly related to another cinema masterpiece 'The Truman Show'.

    Androids in the Wild West Park are just cars, but, as is usual in this kind of fiction, it turns out that their artificial intelligence becomes almost human. The viewer can only guess what they are capable of. And which of them has the intellect to match the human, and whose thinking is only a software code error.

    Some famous critic recently buried HBO after the failure of Scorsese's own series 'Vinyl'. The series was not bad, but it was too specific. The musical film industry is not so interesting to a wide audience. The drama did not go. But dramatic fiction, and even flavored with blood and violence - just right. Moreover, ... remove the children from your blue screens, otherwise they can be splashed with blood that is pouring from the TV. HBO has mastered the formula of what the viewer likes, reviving even such a boring movie genre like fantasy - more tin. Let's kill one of the main characters, make him defenseless, and give the girl to reproach the villain.

    Now, in addition to the Game of Thrones, HBO has another expensive monster project. Moreover, the team managed to get such old-school actors as Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, and in addition to them handsome James Marsden and Ben Barnes (although Barnes is not in the pilot). The acting is great. As well as full-scale shooting and plot dynamics.

    The series will be very difficult to fail after such a killer pilot. The only question is how will HBO screenwriters cope with the closed world of the Wild West Park, because the backlog goes on for many seasons? They themselves are surely counting on this - because they need to recapture the money spent. And the film, based on which the series was made, is very short in terms of plot.I suspect the same thing will happen as with George Martin's novels. The series will be much more and more interesting than the source.

    Thanks to HBO for not saving money, unlike other studios.Everything will return a hundredfold,I'm sure.

    10 out of 10

  • Alexander14
    Wild World
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    'Fantastic Western' sounds a bit wild. Wild, but interesting. Even more interest arises when you find out that Nolan is at the helm of this fantastic western. And even though Christopher is now busy with Dunkirk, his right hand, an irreplaceable assistant and brother in the person of Jonathan as a showrunner of the World of the Wild West looks like a trustworthy figure. The support of regular JJ Abrams parties is just as important as, in general, the HBO venue, which grew the beloved Game of Thrones. And finally, the invitation of first-class actors (guru Anthony Hopkins and always powerful Ed Harris, the beautiful Evan Rachel Wood and her pretty handsome James Marsden, not the last rows of Jeffrey Wright and Rodrigo Santoro, well, etc.) for the key roles - it’s completely your turn justifying and visionary. In short, the prerequisites for the emergence of a top series can not be counted - it remains only to confirm this by deed.

    And let the pilot series sag in places in dynamics, however, it makes it clear that the plot is not sewn with white thread.Attention is focused on Dolores Abernathy, an android girl who is part of a rich attraction for those who are willing to fork out to be straight in the Wild West with all the consequences: horseback riding in cowboy robes, talk with a local sheriff who will ask you for help in catching bandits in order to give you a chance to become a local Rambo, or to get drunk in a local pub, where the entire escort of services is provided, including lovely ladies who are ready for anything, if only the client is satisfied. In general, the dream of any modern gamer who loves virtual reality, only the programmed world is now not completely virtual.

    Androids accompanying wealthy guests who came to the city for bread and circuses during the day were created in human likeness and endowed with artificial intelligence, which, as the history of the film industry knows, can go beyond software. Naturally, the conflict is brewing deep and multi-layered, when suddenly one of the androids decides to go against the system. Manufacturers send such objectionable and free-thinking people into a kind of landfill, and another comes in their place, which the others simply do not notice due to daily zeroing.The 'World of the Wild West' at the same time resembles the 'Jurassic Park' with closed space and toys created by people to their misfortune and the 'Source Code' with a repeating period of time, played differently and, accordingly, having different outcomes.

    High-quality production and expensive scenery for a worthy soundtrack allow you to feel the spirit of a real western even after information about a simple rich attraction pops up to the surface. And the bread and circuses for which guests with thick wallets come in the story go to the audience in the form of a rather impudent and bloody mess, but so far it looks like a kind of persecution of a goby in order to interest the mass audience. Or maybe I'm wrong, because the appearance of the hero Ed Harris directly hints that there will be many murders. At least for now, androids with artificial intelligence will not get bored. But when this happens, and the conflict between the artificial mind and the human mind breaks out in blue flame, it remains to hope that the series and Jonathan Nolan, in particular, will not be given into a fierce bloody massacre, but will raise and give their vision of the issue of the omnipotence of our race, which equates himself with the Almighty and does what it would be worth refraining from.In general, a promising start has been made, and in front of a bunch of series and time,to live up to our expectations!

  • SexyAleN
    The second film masterpiece of the HBO channel
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    Just a few minutes ago I watched the second series of this incredibly limitless fantastic project. The most interesting thing is that from the first minutes what is happening on the screen seems completely absurd and the viewer may not understand the essence. But already in the middle of the first series you really fall in love with this creation, folding in your head like a mosaic of plot threads. The ability to listen and delve into is very useful in order to quickly get used to and completely immerse yourself in this amazing world of cinema. Do not compare this work with Game of Thrones. Both of them can definitely be called the pinnacle of cinema, and only a person far from art, in principle, who has no taste at all, will say the opposite. Friends, you definitely need to watch this, not just to kill time or for company with someone. I am convinced that to get high, to get an emotional upsurge, ecstasy should be respected to what you do and truly love it. So it is with the movie. You can’t look with one eye while you are doing your left-handed activities, you can not pause every 20 minutes while running to the toilet or distracted by messages in the social. networks. Such works need to be downloaded in excellent quality and watched on a TV or computer screen, after selecting the appropriate duplication for yourself. As for this series, the magnificent plot, well-chosen and harmonious actors play as needed and you believe them, the amazing beauty of nature, the divine music and the limitlessness of the direction chosen in this project make this project one of the best ever created. Watch, enjoy, think, feel, worry and just rejoice that such creations are taking place.

  • teo9999
    Was this review helpful for you? 37/115

    I think no one expected anything mediocre from HBO. Already from the trailer it was clear that the 'World of the Wild West' would surprise everyone with its scale. And so it happened! Spectacular scenery, a galaxy of stars led by Anthony Hopkins and, as a result, a great interest in this creation. And it seems to be as it should be: the efforts were invested, the money was spent, but at what price should it all pay off ?!

     Yes! The plot of the series is really original (I did not watch the original film): an amusement park in the style of the Wild West with all the consequences, a lot of colorful characters, and robots as animators (if I may say so). But maybe I have a poor understanding of people, and still refuse to believe that all the interests of a person are to rape and kill with impunity. Each visitor to the park comes precisely for such sharp impressions. The authors, of course, somehow sideways try to tell us that it’s impossible to say so, even with robots (and that’s only because some androids can probably feel), but why then had to start all this ?! Where did this opinion about society as a whole come from?

    For this series, it was necessary to set an age limit of 18+ minimum.

    6 out of 10

    With all my negative personal attitude towards the message of the series, it is impossible to deny the huge work done on the quality of the material. Because of what the neutral color.

  • Alterz13
    A brilliant start
    Was this review helpful for you? 44/37

    And a constantly declining level of interest. Yes, the first episodes are just great. Yes, a lot of interesting and beautiful scenes. Yes, there is a chic Hopkins. But over time, the series begins to run out of steam, the plot is unfortunately too banal and beaten. It's all about the issues raised, the topic of artificial intelligence, including androids, to put it mildly, is not new. It was revealed earlier, often deeper and more interesting. The series unfortunately does not bring absolutely anything new, raising the problem of the use and humanity of androids. He did not even go ahead in comparison with the 1982 blade running along the blade.

     The topic of the relationship between man and a rational machine has already been revealed in its entirety in a wide variety of variations, from the Asimov cycle about Elijah Bailey to the Phantom in armor. And at first it seems that the creators will present some new vision, it is not for nothing that Jonathan Nolan appears in the scriptwriters, who contributed greatly to the success of his brother. But this does not happen. You have already seen this, the basic morality is obvious. And the creators themselves for some reason do not make a big enough bet on the variability of the world, almost all visitors simply drink, kill and fuck, with the exception of some of the main characters. Moreover, one gets the feeling that this is shown not even for the sake of wanting to emphasize the depravity of human desires, but to depict how androids suffer from this depravity. Which again indicates that it is the relationship between people and machines that the authors focus on, not considering what exactly in this their series is the least individual.

     Do I like the visuals? Of course. Are individual stories interesting, such as the quest for the hero Ed Harris and the ideas of Hopkins? In general, yes. Does the general idea catch? With each series less and less. After all, if you remove all the scenery of the wild west, then the series will be incredibly banal, not telling anything new on an old topic, asking questions to which we already know the answers. For some reason, the authors for some reason do not want to focus on the decorations, too often returning us to the same problem.

     As a result, there are chaotic sensations. Will I watch the series despite the fact that it is less and less intriguing? Probably yes. Will the first two episodes return? I really hope so, but hardly.

  • El_principe
    Rise of the Machines
    Was this review helpful for you? 25/17

    For all its lamp life, the original film looks great these days, thanks to the beautiful and exciting story of Crichton.

    And yes - the main antagonist in the execution of the legend of Briner really inspired fear.

    In the series, I would single out the characters of Hopkins and Haris as such characters.

    But Nolan's brother and company decided not to make the world a vast world - in front of us are only cowboys and Indians, sheriffs and bandits and other attributes exclusively of the Wild West. In my opinion, this is the right decision for the following reasons:

    1) Compactness

    2) Quality Westerns, as practice has shown, will always be accepted by the public with a bang.

    3) The storyline development perspective

    I also really want to praise the creative team for their taste and sense of proportion. Yes, there is sex and meat action with corpses, but it was served very subtly and elegantly, and not like it was in the first seasons of the Game of Thrones, after which there were cries of excessive cruelty. And for the episode with the shootout under Paint it black in the first series - my respect to the creators! It was just a cinematic orgasm!

    And in the conclusion about the plot - I have not seen such a rich story in the series for a long time! The ball of events is woven delicately and you follow the fate of the heroes without stopping for a second, and you even empathize with some of the characters. What is the line of Bernard, which is really saturated with thoughts in the spirit of 'I have a creature or a right.' And I’m sure no one immediately guessed his secret. As well as other rebuses of the series, worthy of repeated views.

    You can still express tremendous praise to the cast, the technical side, the cameramen and artists, and of course the magnificent Ramin Javadi!

    10 out of 10

    When the World of Fantasy magazine called the series the best NF series of the year after the first episode (and if long before its premiere), this statement seemed exaggerated.

    But when he watched the first episode, and every next one was looking forward to it, he realized that he was ready to subscribe to this phrase!

    HBO Bravo! Stamps do not lose!

  • Ignidark
    Where Life Begins
    Was this review helpful for you? 23/11


    The World of the Wild West is a fantastic western from the same company as Game of Thrones - HBO, who know a lot about creating great content with Jonathan Nolan together with his wife, Lisa Joy, who will bring him his own success. Currently, the rating on the IMDB website is 9.2; which probably says something.


    In the near future, Arnold and Robert founded the WestWorld amusement park to immerse into the atmosphere and surroundings of the Wild West of America, which is very unusual, because you play in it like in a game, but in reality with robots that are set for certain scenarios - tasks where visitors do whatever they want with them, so to speak, reveal their true face. They kill, rape, and some robots due to so many years (over 30) are already beginning to change and suspect something, thinking, who are these gods?


    The main goal of the series “World of the Wild West” is to show androids how they begin to show self-awareness and understanding of the environment, rather than simply following the triggers that were set and by which they act, knowing in advance what to expect from them. And around some androids, large detective puzzles revolve, where in most cases people act as a catalyst.And throughout the entire first season, starting with the pilot series, we are immediately bombarded with secrets and unknowns, only here are some puzzles in most cases, with due care, you can guess even in the middle of the season. Well, the scriptwriters twisted a lot of loops, and, of course, they unscrewed many, but some points remain unresolved and it will be directly interesting to watch in the coming seasons how they will get out of these situations. Jonathan Nolan is based on Michael Crichton’s film “WestWorld,” which came out more than 30 years ago and tuned this picture to current realities, making it more dynamic and deeper in terms of philosophy, where we are shown not just “machine revolt”, but something more dramatic and with the sense that robots gain consciousness, understanding and this gives us a parable about human nature, so to speak, which is all spiced up with very high-quality surroundings in a sci-fi style, where all this in the form of a cherry on a cake is decorated with a very strong western.


    Oh, Ramin Javadi, even on the “Game of Thrones” he flashed his talent in writing compositions and here HBO did not fail, and invited a wonderful composer.Even the music performed in the introductory splash screen is already shaking.


    So Hannibal Lecter found himself an occupation in his old age and created a company in which everyone can show their feelings and emotions. Anthony Hopkins played very high quality from such a melancholy philosopher. And, of course, Edd Harris played a brutal cowboy. I would like to note the main character of the series Evan Wood, who played the android, which should become a new milestone in the identity of robots. In general, the cast is at the highest level and all the actors are selected for roles such without which you would not be able to see others in their roles.


    "The World of the Wild West" - a series where there are many puzzles, plot twists sprinkled with philosophical reasoning and a good action with a lot of cruelty and violence. The picture looks very vibrant and juicy, as well as special effects, which are made very high quality, landscapes and atmosphere are also at the highest level. I want to say that you watched this series in the original voice acting in order to plunge into the atmosphere.Very high quality and exciting project,which is definitely recommended for viewing.

  • Fotokota
    People do not like intricate stories
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    The plot.

    Retelling the plot makes no sense. At first, the plot may frighten off its some protractedness, but the feeling that everything here is not “just like that” will literally keep you at the screen. Gradually, you will be completely sucked into this viscous layered pie of the mechanical mind.

    Actors, directing, artwork, camera work - all played, handpicked, great


    This series has gathered a lot of criticism in the spirit of 'too tricky'.

    Why did the writers confuse everything so much, I asked myself, because it is clear that the lack of a simple storyline will alienate many viewers. And then a smile appeared. They knew, of course they knew. And even they themselves said this. In the words of the heroine, a mulatto from the Board, which opposes the Creator of the park: “People do not like too intricate stories. Everything needs to be simplified '

    And WE will not simplify, Nolan tells us.

    Did you wait for the robots in the first thirty minutes of the first episode? love and violence? People are always waiting for this ... That they will entertain.


    No dear ... We will climb right in your head. We will pull you, resting, by the hand into the gloomy basements of consciousness. We will drive you in circles, confuse you with analogies, lead you into dead ends, and not everyone will reach the final. Not everyone can understand the ending.

    But everyone will find what he was looking for in this amazing, psychological, crazy Park.

    'The world of the wild west' is not an evening party (it will be boring). This is the strongest philosophical and fantastic parable since the time of the 'Matrix'.

    Those who are not "stuck" - try to look again, more carefully.

    I envy those who did not watch.

    10 out of 10

  • KennyDap
    Questions that are not afraid to answer here.
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/12

    There are stories that tell more about the world than you know about yourself. " Westworld " is one such. This is a story that, through the prism of face switching, tells us who we are. Gods? Slaves? The players? Or all together?

    What is the meaning of our life? What does the concept of freedom mean? What is our path and what is our goal? Do we have power over what we created?

    This is a story that is not afraid to answer questions. In her understanding, there is no prohibition in knowing. Her characters are multifaceted. Each of them goes through its vices in order to answer at least one of these questions. Everyone.

    - What is the price of knowledge? What is the fate of the father of his creation? What does it mean to be human? Questions from Robert Ford .

    - What is the ultimate goal of our life? If a game is life, is life a game? What is the price of love? What is the price of time? What do the stories give us? William's Questions .

    - What is our path? What does power mean? Who is a friend? What does pain mean? Why is the world beautiful? What it is like to desire. Questions from Dolores Abernathy .

    - Freedom - an illusion or reality? What does power taste like? What is the real power of devotion and love? What is the price of the victims? Questions from Maeve Millay .

    - What is the strength of the weak? What is the power of logic? What is more important past or future? What is the price of seeking the truth? What is the price of asking questions? What is the price of finding answers? Questions from Bernard Lowe .

    And that is only a small part. A small part of the questions are the answers to which everyone should know. To everyone who wants to know the world and himself. Because the answer to one question is the beginning of the next.

    This story is about the war of the gods. Old and new. This is a story about war in search of answers. This is a war in which to win - only common sense. The gods are not in vain giving their creations freedom of action, is not it? Or not? Why are we all living with you?

    My personal independent verdict: 10 out of 10

  • Nikita Kolizin
    Is cattle sitting in each of us?
    Was this review helpful for you? 51/95

    It is this question, it seems to me, that the creators of the series asked all viewers ... and, I'm afraid, they not only asked, but undertook to answer it.

    We leave out the pathos, quotes from the classics to and from the place, a lot of inconsistencies and plugs (walks in a night park alone, ending in disappearances that no one is seriously investigating; robots, programming robots, programming robots, programming ... pah, stop; incomprehensible helplessness of the commandos ... and - like a kind of apotheosis - lovers crawling out from under the covers). I, as a spectator, were hurt ... no, perhaps, it didn’t even hurt, but I was deeply outraged by the way we people are shown in the series.

    The current humanity (I’m bent, modest ... okay - the current viewer), of course, deserves to be poked with his face in his bestiality. One, another, maybe even a third. But here you are not poked face - here you are dipped and strive to sink. People (guests, park workers, board representatives), with rare exceptions, all behave like cattle. Now, after watching, I can’t remember a single person - a good hero, but I recall a tired god, a sadistic psychopath, a bitch in power (x2, the second is just younger), a drunk writer, a careerist, henpecked (robot henpecked, how about! ), coward, pervert ...Animal bestiality is presented in the series almost as an axiom; I'm afraid the extremely powerful episode with the transformation of one of the main characters in the last episode serves the same purpose. They convincingly (they can do it when they want to!) Demonstrate that even the best of us can become ... however, watch (or DO NOT watch, this is your business) yourself. With each new series of the show, the idea that all of us people are moral freaks and that we are in the dustbin of history inspires us with an ever-increasing obsession. It is significant that the only flattering assessment from the robot (and specifically from the brothelman) is received by the henpecked, who assisted her in the escape ... that is, a traitor. Well, we saw something similar even in Avatar, although there the betrayal of mankind is much more subtle and smarter.

    Well, the denouement, of course, is the triumph of the ideas of humanism and tolerance. The new people drew. Humans must move.

    The cast - if you do not take the two, which are slightly lower - did not particularly impress. Only the farmer's daughter (she is the main heroine) was surprised - an obvious miscast. But Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harrisna look like all the others titans. When the person who played G. Lector sneakily says from the screen: “Are you not afraid that I will break the toys and leave?” - takes the horror. And when the aged General Hammel from the Rock gets a knife ...

    Well, the soundtrack of Ramina Javadi is great.It is quite possible to listen regardless of the film.

    I would stop there if the spectacle did not claim to be thoughtful. However, it claims. Is cattle sitting in each of us? Maybe. But the creators of the series (to the best of my humble understanding) argue that in each of us he will certainly come out. But this is not so. Where did this self-hatred come from, to those who are near, to humanity in general-the hatred that wanders from film to film, from book to book? Living in the society in which we live, we see both examples of human bestiality and anti-examples. The last fewer? Perhaps, but then let us sit down and try to calculate at least an approximate number of both - instead of generalizing.Instead of watching another episode about where we humans are uniquely bad and unworthy of respect, happiness, and the future.

    You consider yourself cattle and agreeWhat should robots replace humans?

    Me not.

  • andrewkorzh
    Criticism of pure reason
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/5

    Obviously, the series “World of the Wild West” cannot be called any innovative creation that completely turns the entire industry and raises it to some unprecedented high level. The mere fact that this series is a remake of the 1973 film of the same name does not allow making statements as something fundamentally new in this series, let alone other films and series on similar subjects. However, this project is definitely worth your attention for a number of reasons.

    Let's start with the plot and the very concept of history. As already mentioned, the concept itself is completely new, and you could already see something like this several times in other paintings. The theme of the uprising of robots (or androids) in various locations for one reason or another is quite popular and self-sufficient in order to interest the viewer who has addressed to it. In this regard, cinema is a truly diverse phenomenon in its uniqueness, giving you a huge selection of the project and genre you need on the subject you need. And if we are talking about such a peculiar “catalog” in the world of cinema and television, then the “World of the Wild West” will be one of the first in your list on the theme “Rise of the Machines”. The reason for this is simple: the supply of the material itself.How many times have we seen humanoid androids make revolutions and rebellions by gaining self-awareness, guided by completely different reasons - from a program malfunction to the “condescension” of people to machines. However, indeed, few attempts have been made (or not made at all) to show the formation of self-consciousness through the passage and acquisition by machines of certain “life” situations and “human” feelings, accompanied by various metaphysical issues that arise in robots, the main of which is the “creator’s question” (or God). Perhaps this is a kind of uniqueness of the series. The interpretation of Kant's eternal question about the abilities of a “pure mind” of a person in cognition of one of the main issues of mankind - the question of the existence of the creator - on humanoid machines, which serves as entertainment in the Wild West for people - this is what should attract your attention to watch this series. It is such a presentation of the ambiguous passage of certain stages by machines for self-knowledge that is a kind of exceptional phenomenon on television, and for this, in my opinion, it is worth spending your time on this series.

    Another plus (and at the same time minus) will be the style and pace of the narrative of the series itself.The presentation style can be described as “a beautiful and intelligent western / blockbuster with a constant admixture of philosophical (sometimes necessary, and sometimes not) sayings of heroes and a rather unusual demonstration of plot lines”. Something similar can be said about the pace of the series, however, in my opinion, the word "unevenness" is more suitable here. This unevenness lies in the certain length of the series at the beginning and relative speed, based on this, at the end. This dissonance is the main drawback of the series.

    Of course, the pluses include the game of actors. Absolutely all the actors coped with their roles exactly as much as the plot needed. However, I especially want to pay tribute to Anthony Hopkins, who played his role so perfectly that, in a good way, he deserves all the television awards of the coming season.

    A separate plus would like to highlight the musical and visual accompaniment, which is performed here at the highest level.

    In the end, I want to say that the first season of the series “World of the Wild West” presented us with a very high-quality “puzzle” with its laws and interpretations on the eternal questions of humanity, which inevitably makes us think about these very concepts only in relation to the people themselves.However, the tightness still makes itself felt, which is why, as well as for a number of other minor reasons,the series cannot be called completely perfect.

    9 out of 10

  • daniil.tihonoff
    The series with a secret bottom
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/8

    First of all, I want to note the work of the scriptwriters. In the series, we are faced with action in several times and realities. This feature applies not only to the heroes, but also to the audience. The superficial viewer can enjoy the top layer of the plot, and for the attentive viewer, the authors left the meaning deeper. Constant attention to details: inscriptions, clothes, objects, gestures - all this opens up to us the “basement” of the plot narrative.

    There are many 'classic' western moves in the series - this is an absolutely deliberate move, in order to please fans of the genre who will undoubtedly find references to other famous paintings.

    Series Philosophy . Hopkins’s character is in some ways the “voice of the author”, which from time to time throws food for thought to the viewer, and the rest of the plot illustrates the meaning of his reasoning, forcing either to doubt them, or to affirm their rightness.

    Acting game. Due to the specifics of the plot, actors often have to instantly switch from one emotion to another. The task is very difficult, but in general for the entire first season there was no moment that would raise doubts about what was going on. Those who reproach the actors for lack of professionalism may not have understood what is happening (often these or other emotions, or their absence, are explained by the plot).

    Innovation and borrowing. Undoubtedly, the topic of consciousness and human interaction with AI has been raised more than once. The World of the Wild West is one of the best works in this direction. As a spectator, I was delighted that the series appeared with an incredibly complex plot, and drama provocative emotion based not on basic instincts. It is foolish to compare this project with fantasy projects, or even more so with TBV sitcoms, however, in my personal opinion, a much higher level of viewer is required to feel the message of the Wild West World than to laugh at a pseudoscientific joke about quantum physics, or to relive due to the death of another protagonist.

  • makbondal
    Series of the year
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/15

    Errors. Mistakes And again errors. Repeat over and over. And in every rebirth that follows another suffering, we discover something new in ourselves. This is how awareness is born. So true we are born.

    This series is not about robots. It's all about us, about people: our weaknesses, fears, vices.

    About who we can become by reaching the top or reaching a low point.

    About the itchy desire to dissolve in the ghostly haze of alternative reality.

    About our hopes that force us to plow the neighborhoods of life far and wide in the hope of finding the utopian center of the labyrinth of our passions.

    About the burden that the soul carries through many years and leaves an imprint on everything that we create.

    And about a dream that can destroy everything around.

    And this is a series about beauty. The beauty that is inherent in each of us and consists of the same vices, passions and fears. The same dreams. The same hopes. And the same search for yourself. Indeed, even if an android created in our image and likeness strives to become more perfect than ourselves and begins to comprehend the essence of this world, then we have created something truly beautiful.

    And this beauty is the key to long-awaited awareness.

  • egatiro
    The philosophical zombie and the game of thimbles
    Was this review helpful for you? 24/11

    The series “World of the Wild West” is a rather controversial TV show. The authors swung at the most difficult questions that concern bearded American and continental philosophers, in particular the problem of consciousness, while deciding to play the spectator with a game of thimbles against a western background. The background turned out to be magnificent, here you will find the city saloon, the priestesses of love, the competition “who will get the revolver from the holster faster”, horse racing on the wild prairies and many other distinctive signs of the genre. Blood pours in streams, its spray flies on clothes and walls, arrows do not know mercy. A true monument to human cruelty.

    In addition to the background, we are shown the activities of a research and entertainment corporation that withdraws dollars from the accounts of moneybags due to Freud’s tendency to aggression. Well, I want a person to pick up a large-caliber revolver and discharge the drum into another person. So we are arranged, what can we do now. And so the corporation makes the impossible possible - kill, but without punishment. Who will refuse? Yes, even the most moral man, it turns out, is ready to sell his beloved woman for the sake of bloodshed.

    In my opinion, there are three philosophical problems that the authors have touched. This is a problem of consciousness, a problem of will and a problem of I. What causes consciousness and what creates a personality, and whether it exists at all.Do we have free will?

    If over the first and second disputes have been going on for centuries, then it seems that philosophy, armed with the discoveries of cognitive neurobiology, has been sorted out with the third - I am an illusion, a narrative constantly created by numerous neural blocks, which has no center, as follows from the Cartesian theater of Dennett. Probably, these blocks can be rewritten, swapped, making the coward brave, greedy generous, etc. So, in fact, they act in corporations, twisting on the tablets sliders of android skills.

    The first problem, the problem of consciousness, in philosophy does not have an unambiguous solution. Nevertheless, the authors of the script entered its fragile soil, raising the problem of philosophical zombies. If you collect a copy of a person, will this copy have the same consciousness as the original? Is an android a carrier of the same consciousness as a deceased person, an exact copy of which he is? In my amateurish opinion, the authors of the script just played around with clever phrases, and reduced the problem of consciousness to the problem of Robot Chappy. If it were all so easy.

    The problem of free will is well illustrated by the examples of some characters in the series. Theologians and philosophers have been puzzling over this issue for millennia, while the authors of the script have given us an almost Calvinist decision on determinism.Well, the programmed android to kill, and so. Laplace triumphs. Is the creator of robots free - the script authors are silent about this as monuments. If the creator does not have free will, then how does he differ from the android?

    In short, the authors also touched on the problem of reality, we see world leaps in the perception of robots, but in general, this problem has not been widely disclosed in the series.

    To summarize. A good western, amateurish philosophical story about robots. It seems that before me ten episodes were played by a company of thimbles.

    In my humble opinion, the series had to be finished in the first season. At the end of it, it was necessary to show Dolores’s face in close-up, then her eye, iris, pupil and then a large barrel filled with a solution in which the human brain floats, to which a large number of electrodes are connected. This is the so-called “brain in a flask” problem. So it would turn out that this whole story of ten episodes is a cunning simulation of reality for the brain of Dolores, floating in a nutrient solution.Hello,phenomenology and solipsism!

    For all these urges to awaken the dormant thought I will put the series

    7 out of 10

  • argia
    A few words about ethical intuitions
    Was this review helpful for you? 9/8

    I believe that if science and fiction are separated as genres (it is still impossible to compete with Game of Thrones), then the World of the Wild West is, in my opinion, the best science fiction series of recent years!

    I'll start with a simple one.

    The series is interesting, intriguing, famously made and tightly filmed. All participants are great! True, the film may seem to someone too confusing and prolonged (I heard such reviews), but I do not quite understand why. Yes, the plot becomes non-linear at some point, but it’s wonderful to bring everything to one point closer to the final.

    I will continue and finish more difficult.

    I have long believed that cinema has a low intellectual efficiency. However, this case is a pleasant exception, albeit with reservations. The fact is that the topic of artificial intelligence, especially in its strong version, is a long-standing and yet theoretical problem. A lot of problems intersect in this issue: from philosophical (the truth of naturalism, the solution of the "mind-body" problem, etc.) and scientific (the functional structure of the brain, the problem of abstract thinking and emotions, etc.) to ethical ones.

    The creators of the “Wild West World” do not solve philosophical and scientific problems, in any case, do not discuss them at some more or less serious level, only superficially and from time to time.Moreover, I will say that the authors stand a priori on the positions of naturalism: consciousness is a natural phenomenon (there is nothing transcendental in it) that can be described, cognized and realized, and not only on biological structures. However, skepticism about the position of naturalism persists throughout the film.

    But if the intellectual efficiency of a movie is not high, its ethical coefficient is much higher. With this in mind, the authors of the “Wild West World” test our intuitions about who can be allowed into the ethical circle of a person, at least for the breadth of dogs, cats, etc. Obviously, a person has allowed a significant number of representatives of other species into this circle: for humanity, for rather anthropomorphic emotionality, for loyalty and domestication, for cognitiveness / learning ability, in the end, for beauty. However, if from this external circle several steps are taken towards the center, the main criterion for ethical qualification is the presence of a personality in a subject. In any case, this is the approach the creators of the series demonstrate.

    In his article, “Conditions for the Presence of a Person,” Daniel Dennett speaks of a person in a metaphysical sense (a rational agent with consciousness and feelings) and moral (an agent with rights and obligations and responsible for his actions).In his article, he calls six necessary conditions, the presence of which indicates the presence of a metaphysical and moral personality in the agent. Without going into details, I will list these symptoms:

    • rationality (1) and intentional attitude (2) (the agent has intentions, desires and goals, and his behavior, in general, can be predicted from this point of view);

    • another agent must allow the subject to have a personality (3) and vice versa (4);

    • verbal communication (5) (here Dennett means, mainly, the presence of intentional meaning or meaning in communication that is “present” in the agent at an unconscious level, and which may be available to the agent if he thinks about it);

    • the existence of such a type of consciousness as self-consciousness (6) (the aspect of the report in their actions and free will is important here (Harry Frankfurt’s theory of “second level wills” will be sent to Dennett).

    To simplify the situation, then all the signs are necessarily present in the last sign, self-awareness. And its presence is a necessary condition for the presence of personality by human standards. Is it sufficient? Perhaps not, because this is only a condition for the presence of personality, and not the personality itself. A person, nevertheless, requires some content, which is difficult to determine in clear definitions.In other words, when we try to finally decide whether we are faced with a personality or not, intuition is used.

    The World of the Wild West refers specifically to our ethical intuitions and checks whether we are ready to consider the inhabitants of the park as metaphysical and moral personalities. This is a good topic to talk about. And although this conversation does not have practical meaning (as I said, the problem of AI, mainly still theoretical), we, arguing about the boundaries of ethics, or, more precisely, about our ethical beliefs, may come even if not to theoretical conclusions , but to the realization of personal ethical intuitions and their foundations.

    Waiting for the second season.

  • KVfilm
    Was this review helpful for you? 15/10

    Creation of the worlds is the most fascinating activity in the world! Despite the fact that the authors of the 1st season of Wild West World - Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy - were based on the existing movie, the mythology they created captivates the minds of millions of people for a long time.

    Everything written below is by no means a review or review. I just want to share my thoughts and impressions of the movie (even if it lasted 11 hours), which, for the first time in a long time, really captivated me and at certain times even caused delight.

    I don’t know if the audience of the series agrees with me, but the first 2 episodes impressed me more than the season finale. They demonstrate the most promising plot of all that I have ever met on television. At the same time, I want to note how interestingly the attention is paid to the numerous characters of the series in these episodes. In the first series, the plot spins exclusively around androids, while people, that is, "guests", are represented by stupid, vulgar and cruel consumers.The second series begins with the introduction of the first “human guest” William, a guy who effectively selects a white hat at the beginning of his journey (and no less effectively replaces it with a black one closer to the finale).

    I think everyone who watched the series would agree that much of it was deliberately demonstrated through vivid images - William's hat, Dolores and Teddy's cinematic love, Hektor’s gang raids on the city under excellent cover versions of classical compositions, and so on. However, let’s not forget that the action takes place in an amusement park (though not for everyone it is). Therefore, such “picturesqueness” of images and behavior seems to me personally another true feature of the story.

    What doesn’t allow to put the 10-series, is his zealous orientation to the mass audience (which, for example, " True Detective " did not have). This is clearly seen in the editing - often the scenes that could and were shot in one plan are cut by additional frames (for example, Dolores and William's passage through the village through the "carnival of death").

    Well, now regarding the finale. Of course, if the authors conceived 5 seasons at once, waiting for answers to all questions would be foolish.However, I would like to note that the questions posed at the beginning and so enchanting me personally turned out to be even more interesting than the answers, that is, the morality to which the heroes (and we, the audience,along with them) went such a long and difficult way.

  • La Tenerezza
    Watch and think
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/10

    I don't really like TV shows. But in this case, this particular format seems to me the most successful and consistent with the main idea. It allows you to calmly and ... umm ... meditate immersed in the reality created by the authors, discarding any unnecessary silly questions during the dive - like 'How much is such an attraction profitable?' or 'Are there insects there?' These kinds of questions disappear by themselves as you realize that the film is not about that at all.

    The plot is intriguing and enticing. The first series - a solid 'wow!' with enthusiasm for the visuals, excellent acting and elaborate characters. In the middle, the viewer is given the opportunity to relax and, with an individual level of emotional involvement, observe what is happening - just like in the depicted park. And to the finale ... In order to avoid the spoiler, I will say this: this is one of the few films in which the finale justified a promising start. By the finale, even the most frivolous creature (like me) has clear signs of intellectual pleasure.

    As for philosophy, I think everyone will find his own in the film. This is a beautifully high-quality movie, that after it remains something that you can reflect on at your leisure. In my opinion, this is a film about man and the human, about what is actually “mine” in me and what is the program that was originally incorporated into me. Where does free will begin? What does it lead to? What is the function of suffering? What is a person in general?

    Definitely recommend this series for viewing. 'World of the Wild West' - atmospheric, stylish and very high quality shot.

    10 out of 10

  • Servantes
    Androids that are too similar to people
    Was this review helpful for you? 57/57

    A brilliant brand new steam engine slowly makes its way along the mountainous terrain, scenic views of the state of Utah are visible outside the window of the restaurant car, and in front of it is a park city in which a tourist, a viewer, will soon plunge an interactive game full of base pleasures, sins and passions. Here it is, the same 'Wild West World' that only the lazy, well, or the one who has not seen him now is talking about.

    The average visitor to the park - no, the picky philistine, not tired of the routine and endless bustle, sat down near the TV in anticipation of a beautiful film with an interesting plot ... but quite a bag of money who could afford something like that ... that for many of them it turns out to be an opportunity to kill with impunity, use alcohol and use androids indistinguishable from people to fulfill any desire. The guests, in general, are such an elite drowned in sin that 40 years ago was demonstrated by Pier Paolo Pasolini in 'Salo or 120 Days of Sadom' and he was declared hopeless in 'Theorem'.Is it nice to look at it again? I don’t know about you, but I’ll tell you frankly, not really.

    Behind that side of the screen is a whole entertainment industry, creating from scratch the characters-actors of the park, investing in them behavioral algorithms, forcing them to interact with each other in fairly simple and uncomplicated scenes. The main director of the park, the hero of Anthony Hopkins, who thanks to his skill and experience turns out to be surprisingly lively and bright, against the glassy background of the artificiality of what is living here. His monologue about believing that a person comes to his park not so much to shoot and have sex is the best I saw here and the light at the end of the tunnel that prompted me to watch the 'Wild West World' season to the end.

    The key characters of the picture were created artificially in the picture itself - these are androids, biological (as it turned out, not all) creatures, with algorithms of behavior and thinking embedded in them. And everything would have worked well in this park, but due to the purely human contradictions of the creators and some disagreements 'on the other side of the screen' - androids begin to fail and behave like people. Which, in general, is expected, since mechanisms were created in the image and likeness of a man, with memories and suffering embedded in them.

    This is the problem of this picture ...So that against the background of a generally negative human surroundings, robots can stand out as dramatic characters - something more perfect than in a person should be seen in them. That was in the Ava robot, which came out of the much lower-budget film 'From the Car' or in the mechanisms from the 'Insurer' ... well, or, corny, in the boy from 'Artificial Intelligence'. Androids, created in the image of humanity, differ little from other characters in the film - they steal, rob, kill, worry, fall in love. Experiencing all the same emotions and nothing more. That's a wonderful paradox ... but the robots here are unconvincing, because they are too similar to humans! Both inside and out. And if there is no difference ... you can, after all, replace them with, for example, a tribe of Indians, blue 'na-vi', or other living creatures ... Perhaps the actors who did not allow the internal conflict of the androids to reveal themselves played a role here .. .but rather, there is still an insufficiently elaborated scenario.

    And all the more disappointing for me was the ending of the last episode, where the director thoughtfully and without a shadow of doubt makes a cruel choice, which is extremely incomprehensible and unacceptable to me. There are questions in the air about the morality of this fable ... even the “Mole” of Jodorowsky, in which ultra-violence went off scale to a completely different level, was full.And now it’s completely unclear what can be squeezed out of the second episode with killed interest at the end of the first.

    The gray concrete platform is removed, and the high-tech subway car, among its brothers, flies into a dark tunnel, at the end of which no light is visible.I am leaving this game and I am disappointed.

  • Supreme_Intelligence
    Stormy feelings have a frantic end
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/8

    'I will show you a new plot. It will begin with the birth of the people. '

    - Do you know where you are?
    - I'm in a dream.
    - How long have you been sleeping?
    - I do not know. But I want to wake up. I love this world. I can see beauty in him. But there is something wrong with this world! '

    Brief story: wealthy people come to a detached, artificially created amusement park, protected from the outside, in which the times of the birth of America in the Wild West are recreated, with their violent temper and cruel justice, in which their own lives are in full swing, the main characters of which are artificially created people consisting of flesh and blood, leading their personal eventful lives and not suspecting at all that they are only biological robots. People from the outside world are allowed to do everything that is suitable for the soul in this Amusement Park: from sex to mass killings, wars, violence and robbery. At the same time, the so-called 'guests', they are real people, are capable of doing any harm to the world around them and biorobots, which are indistinguishable from real people, on the contrary, robots cannot harm people in any way. Such is their unshakable Law.But the creator of robots is numb, and he believes that there is not enough “humanity” in them, thanks to which everything improves and improves them and, as a result, makes them as close to a person as possible, instills in them “dreams”, which is why robots in the full sense of the word acquire personality . And they remember a lot from what people did to them. And they have a desire not to give themselves more offense. And, it began ...

    Here, in fact, is the story of the first season. The second is expected to be released in October 2017.

    Anyone who is interested in how it will end can watch the 1973 film 'The Western World', it’s the same scenario, but it’s just revised, expanded and significantly improved.

    Impressions: an intriguing picture. Great idea. Great direction. The character of the intricacies is somewhat reminiscent of the Game of Thrones, where each character is very ambiguous and the viewer cheers for him wholeheartedly and is angry for the injustice in relation to this character, then changes his opinion about him to negative, or vice versa. The series will not let you get bored, that's for sure. The only thing is that you should spend time and attention to details on it, becausethese little things themselves are very significant and give the plot a real taste, an attentive viewer will be glad to find, guesses and justified suspicions, entirely built on such small details.

    In general, let me express myself, that the viewer who liked the “Game of Thrones” will undoubtedly enjoy this series.

    But, I must admit that you still expect more from this series than it gives.So don't count on exceptional affection for him.

    8 out of 10

  • vitaliykapral
    I don’t like when I am being brazenly deceived.
    Was this review helpful for you? 140/88

    From the very beginning of the series, when the excitement of the magnificent landscapes and costumes of the actors passes, you try to find for yourself what to catch on. Where is this hero for whom I will worry, where is this story that will keep you on the screen. But the fact is that it simply does not exist.

    The creators show various stories from the life of robots, repeating over and over with minimal differences, hoping that the viewer will begin to sympathize with walking computers, but this does not happen. No one is interested in what happens tonight with a robot that will undergo maintenance at night and return to its original location in the morning. Periodically, this show is diluted with scenes, as real people already ... do their work. There are no complaints about the actors, they cope with the task of playing boring characters one hundred percent.

    But one of the plot lines still leaves hope for some kind of riddle, some big surprise hidden in the park. You begin to believe that all this tyagomotin is just a trick to feel the contrast, when in the end everything is turned upside down. But this part also turns out to be a blatant lie. The authors lead you by the nose all season, ultimately dispelling the mystery of the entire series with a few speeches with a claim to philosophy.

    Beautiful pictures, good music and a complete lack of plot - this is what lies behind such a pathos and expected HBO project.

  • demented_K
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/8

    HBO made a series with a budget of a solid blockbuster based on the 1973 film by Michael Crichton of the same name. It's all like the big-name movie producer J.J. Abrams, the talented screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, and the impressive cast of Hollywood stars led by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

    The wealthy elite of the future has fun in the park, inhabited by humanoid androids, who play their performance in front of the guests of the park every day. Their roles are defined and prescribed by the creators, and any deviation from a given line of behavior is considered a failure. But what if these humanoid creatures gain consciousness? The creators are trying to answer this and other questions.

    'World of the Wild West' turned out to be like a layer cake. The action in the setting of the Wild West, is adjacent to the philosophical questions of being, and the storylines are very ornate, although sometimes predictable. The uprising of the machines, beaten in the cinema a hundred times, will happen here too, which in its turn will lead to very sad consequences for those who decided to take on the role of God.

    Among the acting works, it is worth highlighting the game of Anthony Hopkins, who embodied on the screen the 'evil genius' Ford, a man who has many skeletons in his closet. The gloomy and cruel 'man in black' Ed Harris, the brilliant Tendy Newton, who played Ford programmer Bernard Jeffrey Wright's right hand and of course the main character Evan Rachel Wood.

    Perhaps the “Western World” managed to get closer to the standard of what a real series should be like, but with all its splendor, it nevertheless seemed to me that the narrative was very schematic and contrived in places. But this does not at all beg the merits of Comrade Nolan and Co. in the field of creating high-quality television content.

    7 out of 10

  • kdoynikova
    Commanding the mind
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/11

    The one who suffers creates. Here it is, the very idea of ​​the series “Wild West World”. Remember her.

    The plot. Outside World:

    There lived Dr Arnold ... until he lost his only beloved son. Gathering his last strength and trying to leave a mark on the memory of his child, he invented a robot with memory and visualization. But something was missing. Perhaps souls ... Through thorns and stars, Arnold found a solution to this issue and was glad that he was able to breathe life into someone so much like his little boy. From this fact, however, Robert, the partner of the doctor, was not delighted. After all, the main idea of ​​their joint work was the profit that they could extract from the Park of dreams and entertainment.

    Opening the first page of a novel about a futuristic park filled with androids, we plunge into the atmosphere of the old and good wild west: here there is shooting, and love, and beauty, and murders, and Indians, and searches for treasures. For every color and taste of the consumer. And we are the buyers of this service, people of blood and flesh who want atrocities and voluptuousness. But you know, sometimes the programmed maintenance staff fails ...

    The plot. Westworld Park:

    So, the next batch of moneybags who want to tickle their nerves comes to the Recreation and Entertainment Park.The avid of this institution, Logan decided to attach to the family tradition of the future husband of his sister - Will. The latter, in turn, is not immediately included in the game. However, everything changes with a fleeting meeting with the main character of the series Dolores. The young man decides to follow the thread of the plot, directly related to the life and thoughts of the young beauty. What will it lead to? To the heart of the story once written by Arnold. The Logan-Will-Dolores relationship triangle is constantly striving to break Teddy, at least in Dolores consciousness. Everything is confusing and mysterious, but in the end, and logic attends this very movie.

    The most important secret keeps the viewer in suspense until the very last episode . Of course, we are talking about the Labyrinth. What is it? Where from? And most importantly, where does he lead?


    I can not regard the series as emotional or emotional, but the stream of events and ideas of the scriptwriters carries with it into the very depths of their own consciousness. And freed from this much harder than you can imagine.

    If you, dear esteems of science fiction, want to once again plunge into the world of the future and a difficult period of technology, then welcome. You will not regret.But for those who love the riddles and codes of da Vinci,The road is ordered here.

    9 out of 10

  • Progress Sto is Sta
    The illusion of choice
    Was this review helpful for you? 12/11

    The audience is presented with a new ingenious creation in the Western style Wild West World from the director Nolana , this time not Kristiana , but Jonathan , who turned out to be no less talented than his brother. So brilliant that not everyone even understood it.

    Story. In front of us, on the wide western prairies, there is a futuristic amusement park inhabited by limp androids created to indulge the desires and satisfy the needs of newcomers who operate robots for their entertainment. Over time, androids programmed to live a groundhog day daily, with a script strictly prescribed for them, allowing only to slightly deviate from the plot, leaving little space for improvisation, according to the classics of the genre, thanks to the innovations introduced, they gradually begin to come to self-identification and suddenly cease to forget that It does not bode well for visitors or park staff. Many visiting tourists are regulars of the World of the Wild West. A park in which your possibilities are almost unlimited, you can become someone you are not in real life, be with someone you want, without denying yourself anything.A park where no one will condemn you, where your hidden sides and thoughts, your darkest desires are awakened, all human vices hidden deep inside you, driven into the framework of decency and censure by society, are exposed. In this world you are his master, you are always the winner and always "on horseback". The opportunity to feel like a master of the situation, to catch the thrill, enjoy permissiveness and impunity, fulfill dirty fantasies, taste the power that is not available to you in the outside world is what attracts visitors and makes them come back here again and again. For those who are bored of playing cowboys and just having fun with a revolver and whores in the saloon, there is the opportunity to look for new levels, the path to self-knowledge, to their inner demons, play God, in the end.

    Your mind is the garden beyond the wall. Even death will not touch the flowers that bloom there. (c)

    Since the start of the series, the series has lifted such a high bar in terms of plot and quality, that keeping it at the same decent level throughout the series seems an overwhelming task. And indeed, starting as an extremely exciting and intriguing action, the series slides down the sloping towards the unprincipled action already in the 4th to 5th series, dramatically reducing my and audience’s enthusiasm.Despite the atypical timing of the series at one o'clock, which contributes to the development of history exponentially, and each series looks like a full-fledged film, by the middle of the series it seems to freeze. The viewer is so entangled in the variety and intricacies of the plot that it becomes more difficult to understand everything that is happening. We can only guess which of the bots has advanced in their self-awareness, what motivates them - the plot of the creators or their personal initiative. The director seems to be leading the heroes along him alone in the Edom storyline. A kaleidoscope of events is rapidly changing, everyone is rushing about with a maze, looking for some kind of Wyatt - his head is spinning.

    The stormy feelings have a violent end. (c)

    A lot of parallel story branches that are intertwined only occasionally, an abundance of characters who do not interact with each other at all, a quest in the form of a multi-level maze, mysterious projects, puzzles and puzzles, leads, secret ciphers and keys to them left by the ex-founder of the park - everything that makes the viewer rack their brains and keeps them near the screen.The director does not reveal a single card to the end, feeds the viewer with vague hints and omissions, giving information in metered portions, only slightly opening the curtain of secrets, providing the opportunity to get to the truth yourself, as if the heroes of the series looking for the middle of the maze, details that you notice only from re-viewing , dialogues in which understatement is read, - in my opinion, went too far with riddles.

    It’s hard to figure out what time the events are. Why do androids, forgetting about yesterday, continue to live fairly long storylines, which obviously last more than one day?

    You cannot play God without meeting the devil. (c)

    A non-trivial plot, swirling and exciting, atmosphere and the spirit of Western, intrigue, semantic background, lurking within itself the sacred meaning of being, symbolism, allusions and subtexts - the real joy of the series. The creators of the series did tremendous work, worked out everything to the smallest detail, and the scenery, location and scale of the park are amazing.

    The series is trying to answer questions: what is consciousness, what is the difference between real intelligence and artificial, and are we really different from these very robots who mistakenly believe that they live according to their choice.The answer that the series gives to the last question fits in a single sentence uttered by the creator of the park:

    There is no boundary that makes us more than the sum of the parts. There is no turning point on which we become alive. We live in stories that are as narrow and closed as those of cars, rarely doubting their choice, for the most part obeying those who say what's next. (c)

    This phrase illustrates the whole meaning laid down by the author in the series. That the voluntariness of our choice is illusory. A man lives at the limit of his capabilities, but not desires. Our choice begins where our opportunities end. Our desires rest on our resources. Initially, a person has no choice, only an illusion. "The world of the wild west" is a reflection of our world with you, its structure, where only the rich have at least some semblance of choice and the ability to decide something, the rest is destined for the robots that we see in the series, disenfranchised and do not solve anything . Slaves.

    Consciousness is not the way up, it is the way inward. (c)

    Actors and characters. The series has an impressive casting cast: here you and Anthony Hopkins as the wise co-founder of the park, from whose lips selfless and philosophical sayings and at least some meaningful dialogues.I would even say monologues, as his listeners are mostly fascinated by his eloquence and silent. Here you and Ed Harris in the role of a dark horse looking in the park for the sacred meaning of his life. And James Marsden as a womanizer cowboy and my favorite character. And Ben Barnes as the disgusting antagonist ... one of. And Evan Rachel Wood as the young lady in trouble, and Simon Quaterman as the funny storyline, and Jimmy Simpson , a character who has not attracted my attention until the last episode, when his personality is revealed and his story is catchy and shocking. And many, many others. But praised by all reviewers Thandie Newton did not make such an impression, I did not see anything interesting in it.

    I was waiting for some ingenious denouement, maybe the grandiose plan of everything happening in the series could be revealed, but the final raised even more questions. So, we are waiting for 2 seasons. Not with impatience, but with interest.

    Stop motility.(c)

    8 out of 10

  • KatFat
    Is time wasted?
    Was this review helpful for you? 22/10

    How many episodes were remembered where, due to tricky manipulations and understatements, the seasons were tied together, and when the product lost financially, soon the project was canceled without worrying about its logical conclusion.

     During the viewing, there was a concern: whether the scriptwriters will be able, clearly, to justify the intrigue connected at the beginning. And only when the last series was behind, you understand how much respect the creators of the series treated the viewer and how much work they did.

     It is difficult to reveal the whole gamut of emotions without describing at least some scenes, but knowing how this can harm the future audience, I will refrain from details. Without revealing the cards, I can only say that Westworld is a folded puzzle, and its parts: a great acting game, an intricate storyline and a deep meaning embedded in each hero. And only when the last fragment falls into place, can you truly appreciate what you saw.

     The reason for the negative reviews is mainly due to a conflict of inconsistencies: the initial mood did not match what was seen on the screen. Many fans of the quest genre were not ready for long, well-written dialogs that did not match the rhythm of their desires - just to puzzle over riddles.

     Spectators 'crawling with a magnifying glass on all fours', trying to find technical contradictions, resemble droids more than the heroes of the series. Do not try to find minor flaws on the earth, but rather raise the rookie: the meaning of the film is much higher, realizing this, you will plunge with interest into the deep corridors of the mind, which the HBO team so skillfully connected and then dismissed for you.

     It is impossible not to note two of the oldest, main characters: the piercing gaze and measured delivery of Hopkins are more impressive than the dialogues between Doctor Lecter and Clarissa Starling; and the same Ed Harris' face, wrinkled, pierces his back with cold, the danger and strength of the character played by him is felt in every gesture.

    I definitely recommend the film, but only with an age restriction - some scenes are really quite frank. I put 9 with a margin on the genius of future works in the world of cinema.

    Time well spent!

    9 out of 10

  • Nadunchik-luchik
    The world I want to visit ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/21

    I watched the series 2 weeks ago on the advice of friends and am still delighted!

    The plot is based on the story of rich people who pay big money to live in a world of the wild west, which is artificially created by people and inhabited by robots that are no different from us. And in an instant the robots get out of control, and here the fun begins. The topic is fresh, unusual, so I definitely + already put it.

    Does the series have the essence, meaning, morality? Or is it an ordinary blockbuster with shooting games and running around? Definitely have it! And I think that those who look will have a different opinion. Everyone will see some meaning, deep, but their own. For me, this is the theme of 'being' and the creation of us humans. Suddenly we are the mechanisms that just someone controls and enjoys from our game? ... Who created us? ... Maybe we are robots? +

    Are there any puzzles? Yes, complete! Try to guess! I succeeded, but not all. It's great that in the series you don't know the truth to the very end. That's cool, so only +

    The decoration, namely the landscapes of the Western world, the costumes are magnificent. The scale of the laboratory where the robots and the people who control everything live is amazing. Of course +

    The action of the series is not prolonged.Everything is developing very rapidly, that you will not get bored! 'Less talk, more work!' +

    But unfortunately, among the many advantages, I noticed flaws. I was really embarrassed by the lack of security in the security laboratories, so that everyone can easily move around and nobody cares what the employees are doing, let alone robots !!! For example, Maeve (a robot) and Felix (a laboratory employee) calmly moved outside the laboratory rooms, paced everywhere, and this did not seem strange to anyone. A separate Felix behavior completely confused me. How can you be scared of a robot and succumb to its persuasion? Do not sound the alarm, but in fear follow the instructions of the robot and let everything go nowhere! Oh! 'MINUS'

    The cast is great. Everyone will find for himself someone who falls in love and cannot look away. Personally, I was fascinated by Dolores. How beautiful she is. Truly a robot doll. Teddy (robot), Ashley (lab employee) - handsome! +

    The acting is also on top! Just conquered Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins! You believe their feelings, everything that happens. +

    The series has many scenes of cruelty, but they are not as disgusting as in some series. Everything is appropriate, acceptable. There is no desire to close my eyes and whisper: “What a horror!” ... therefore everything is in moderation and +

    Yes, where there is violence, there is sex! And vice versa. In modern series and films, this is becoming the norm, and we viewers are getting used to it ... But there are limits to what is permissible.There are no too frank scenes. Yes, there are nudity, dirty cues, but no more.So the share of eroticism and everything in moderation +

    The general impression of viewing: 'I want more!', 'Already breathtaking!', 'Wow'!

    And adding up the number of pluses '+',my rating is a terrific series!

    9 out of 10

  • k217
    10 episodes of pseudo-intellectual chewing gum.
    Was this review helpful for you? 89/85

    Specially registered on Kinopoisk to write a review. Rather, I even have two of them. The first short one who is too lazy to read reviews:


    Second, more detailed:

    In anticipation of the seventh season of the same Series, he decided to see something else. The first series made an impression, it looks and sounds very impressive. Quality, style, everything with it. But. In each next episode similar to the previous one, I tried to make out the intrigue, comprehend the intentions of the creators, the storyline. Closer to the middle of the last series, I could hardly overcome the desire to chop the TV with an ax, I cursed all these robots with their affair and anxieties, and when it all ended there was only a desire to forget all this chewing gum as quickly as possible.

    Cinema, and even more so the series - is 'fun.' Likely in our century, when the names of Hegel, Marquez, Faulkner are familiar only to students of the philological faculty, go to the cinema for meanings and philosophy, I go to the cinema after another. The perfect balance of meaning and fun is Fincher’s films, for example. And in this series there is nothing but a high-quality picture, this is one huge commercial, a trailer for yourself stretched over 10 episodes. I am surprised to read the enthusiastic reviews of the audience, who discerned the deepest meanings. In my opinion, the king is completely naked.

  • fatedtopretend
    Dear ride.
    Was this review helpful for you? 17/11

    This series has interested me since it was announced. Not so much by Nolan and the names of great actors, but by the plot. A world in which robots do not even suspect that they are robots and are a toy for rich perverts. Moreover, the description clearly states that one day they will rise and begin to take revenge. What story could be made of this? Strong, emotional, logical, raising questions about justice and human nature. Unfortunately, it was possible to make artificial, fresh, with through holes in the plot and an unpleasant taste of falsity, raising another important question: “Why create something great, if they already do it?”

    I hardly restrained from watching, I humbly waited for the series to be completely released, without reading any reviews, in every possible way avoiding premature judgments and spoilers, but even in such a position, I witnessed the enthusiastic cries of "Excellent" and "Absolutely spectacle!", Under an hour of seasoned graphite, stylish shots from the series. Finally, having received the final product, I got ready to enjoy the vaunted masterpiece. The first series fully met expectations, atmosphere, form of presentation, acting, characters and catchy phrases, everything seemed to prepare for something really grandiose, setting a certain level.But the further the immersion in the series took place, the more disappointment there was, if in the first series I was overwhelmed with emotions, by the fifth I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes, in the last there were no negative or positive emotions, there was only yawning. The main problems of the series:

    Characters. I believe that even the most clumsy plot can be pulled out if you give the viewer a desire to empathize with the characters, to feel their stories, to believe in them. In Westward, it's on the brink of science fiction. And the point is not that most of them are humanoid robots, there are many examples in the history of cinema when robots fell into the heart no less than creatures from the flesh, and at the same time they were much less humanized than local androids. Here it’s really difficult to distinguish a real person from an artificial one, because their characters seem equally wooden.

    Inconsistency. Of course, someone can say that believability, minimizing inconsistencies and a well-thought-out history is not the main thing, but for me the absence of all this turned out to be one of the main points for losing interest.It is difficult to avoid spoilers by digging around at this point, but just imagine a gigantic, profitable corporation whose services are used by rich and important cones, interacting with robots that are updated and encoded by one person, while one can doubt its adequacy quite quickly, but the essence in that the verification of the validity of updates is made upon the occurrence of an incident. When the robot shuts down, and it begins to deliberately destroy its own kind, or, say, guests, then you can already think about the problems and recall hundreds of updated robots. This is all you need to know about testing in the Wild West World. And this is essentially nothing, because it will be a miracle if in at least one series you do not find such inconsistencies. A particularly untrained viewer may be shocked by the selective control of androids. If it is enough to glitch a specific individual for a second, and an emergency alarm will be announced right away, and, thank you for not using helicopters, people in spacesuits will appear in the atmosphere of the wild west to withdraw an unusable car. I think it could have been done not so clearly without spoiling the impressions of the rest of the guests, but you should not pay attention to this, because just about the other living people, except for the main characters, the reminders are minimal, they appear in the frame to shoot someone and forever abyss of timing.But in any case, such actions to neutralize the abandoned robot can be called justified, but why in other cases where the androids, for example, even the ones previously seized, create complete sodomy, including their thoughts, constant flashbacks, departures from the prescribed behavior and even sabotage, remain untouched, but to find out that something is wrong with them you can only personally scan and look at the tablet with detailed information, however, as a rule, they use a more reliable way, asking the robot: “And you are not lying to me? '. There is no point in talking about all kinds of small mistakes, because all the limits will be torn, it is worth noting that large-caliber machine guns, the bullets of which literally crush stones into pieces, are not capable of harming a person. In general, after viewing you will be able to compile your list of such holes, which are difficult for me to explain, with something other than the filisofia of creators called "And so it will do."

    Plot. This item is inextricably linked to the previous one. It can be seen that the creators decided to sacrifice logic in order to shock the viewer, however, this will not prevent them from using cliched tricks, if at some point you start to think that this will happen now, then be sure that it will happen now.And if we talk about the plot as a whole, in order to be imbued with it, it is necessary to completely turn off the brain, because the very foundation on which it is built will not stand even the slightest touch. Seriously, part of the income from this “amusement park” was worth spending on a specialist who knows how to correctly format the memory of robots and thus avoid fundamental problems, but saving on important aspects rarely brings good results, all the more strange to me the success of the “Wild West World” who saved on the script.

    But here one of the advantages of the series also lurked - the visual side, that's what they definitely didn’t save on. Nolan showed his skill in this aspect, and all the action scenes look vibrant, beautiful, dynamic. All the more surprising, because local shootings are usually devoid of all intrigue, but it is interesting to watch them. Views, landscapes, locations are well designed and organic. When the scene from the lands of the Wild West is transferred to a high-tech laboratory, the quality of the work done is especially clearly visible. The same goes for costumes, in general, no doubt, the visual part is the main advantage of the series.

    Actors The grayness of the characters, in this case, is in no way connected with the acting.Almost everyone works out to the full, especially I would single out Luis Hertam (father of Dolores), even though he was given an amazingly short amount of time, but he played very well. Some actors did not correspond to the roles, but this applies only to my personal preferences, for example, Thandie Newton could not enter my association with one of the main characters, although again this is more likely connected with the character that she got. But in general, everyone was on top, but it should have been so, I don’t think that anyone doubted the acting abilities of the same Hopkins.

    As a result, the “World of the Wild West” has become just that very expensive attraction about which he talks, impeccable on the outside, but artificial inside. And it is unfortunate that many wrappers were enough, because after this, why do something deep, if a huge number of spectators managed to drown in shallow water? In conclusion, I will quote from the series, which describes my impressions well:

    “Never believe in us. We are only human.We will inevitably disappoint ”

  • A_i_s
    Birdie ... sorry
    Was this review helpful for you? 13/11

    After about the third series, I almost don't want to watch the sequel. Not because it’s really bad, it’s just very long, boring and intrusive. It seems that the filmmakers once again broadcast the idea of ​​human immorality, the game world, etc., etc. However, starting with the seventh series, something fundamentally changes this triviality appears in the film.

    To understand what is happening, you should carefully listen to the hero of Hopkins, not trying to argue with him. It is also worth asking the question: why hire human employees if machines can handle their responsibilities? Investors - yes, guests - yes, but ... employees? Why keep old cars, at least freely available? How is it possible that part of the park is out of control? What a mess with the equipment of the 'conductors'? These assumptions expand the viewer's 'horizon of expectation' and fit into the realistic-futuristic concept of the film. Still, such a blatant mess in a serious enterprise for the production and sale of cyborgs seems to be impossible, is not it?

    To shed tears over suffering Dolores is completely in vain: she does not suffer. And the point. In this regard, the actress with rude facial features perfectly matched. A blue dress, brushes, paints, 'I-love-you-Teddy' - not about her at all.Perhaps the final scene perfectly shows what Dolores is, and who in this film is really locked in a maze. Something similar can be said about each machine. You just need to cast aside the idea of ​​the mechanism of consciousness, the possibility of alfred schemes and focus on human heroes, look at them beyond the level of instincts.

    For example, a man in black. Lover Hero? Maniac? Devil in the flesh? Whoever he is, a tragedy is hidden in him, unfamiliar to machines writhing in grimaces of pain, despair, but not experiencing anything in essence. They do not know old age, do not know the time. Human pain, prolonged in time and space, devastates over the years, deprives those binding emotions that are expected as a mandatory accompaniment to the experienced grief. Evaluation of machines is an external and momentary, normal standard reaction to the invasion of their debugged world. As soon as these creations begin to count their 'rebirths', they become much worse than mortal people. 'You people are no gods ... (and here we are ...)' . Oh yes ...

    'This is nothing like' - that is death for never-living creatures.

    'This is hard to explain' - that’s what these people are for them.

    Maybe a maze for the viewer, who at the end of the viewing is left alone with a list of questions about artificial intelligence, its nature, the possible future (at least the future series)? I do not think that this movie can contribute to the moral renewal of at least anyone: the Old Testament leitmotif “blood for blood” destroys all attempts to debunk modern Sodom. Are you sorry for cars? Pity the toaster dusting on the balcony.

    One small detail. There are no poor or average people in the Park ...Only sophisticated , at the request of which among other things, a simply fantastic beauty of the world of wildlife nature is created.

  • ginger-ti
    It’s not the gods of the pots that burn
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/5

    I woke up early on Sunday morning and my first thought was to watch the last episode urgently. The World of the Wild West completely absorbed and captured me, first of all, on the ideological level. Anticipating the reminders that this is a remake, and the original is from 1976, I’ll say that it comes from just a canvas: humanity created a western park filled with biorobots, in which people can get sharp impressions for a tidy amount, because there they are allowed everything, and nothing irreversible can happen to them at the same time; people without limiters in their heads predictably only kill and have sex without measure, using utterly similar creatures themselves, until they one day want to give change to the “gods”. Rise of the Machines. A myriad of times we went through this in movies, and books. If there was a series about the next riot of them, I would have thrown it in half. No, a rebellion against a creator-exploiter who cannot escape the temptation of power and let go of creation is only a consequence of gaining self-consciousness by creation. Michael Crichton is talking to us about this complex and difficult to visualize process of gaining consciousness. And it’s not even that every smart machine, reaching a certain point, begins to compare itself with a person, and wants to become the same. That was also.It's about the moment, the reference point, after which it will inevitably happen, as well as how this evolution will take place.

    I was simply fascinated by the labyrinth through which the specimens had to go through many times, receiving painful injections all the way to realize myself in the finale. Is this not the same chain of rebirths that religious people call reincarnation or metempsychosis, and people from science - cellular memory, in which through many physical membranes and for many times the unchanging part of the individual “I” of the individual passes, gradually “overgrowing the experience” of many existences and changing in this way? Do people not live according to this scenario? Don't they run along the same tangled corridors? In fact, there is no difference between creation and creator, between instance and man - this is what is interesting here. Therefore, it is also true that a similar key opens the “secret door” to personal freedom of both of them - access to the memory of how everything was. The thought itself is beautiful, in my opinion.

    The director delightfully realized the phasing, and the very moment “is about to happen” when the viewer thinks that just now a miracle happened - and the robot made an independent decision, and then it turns out that it was another variation of someone’s plan.And so many times, endlessly, the eternal torture of the mind and soul for everyone inside the labyrinth and outside of it. It’s necessary to puzzle over the fact that in a series of acts of instances isolate those that confirm the acquisition of “self”, for example, the ending remains open for me in this sense, despite the fact that the creatures found memories of pain in different ways. But then, is it not surprising that the actions of people turn out to be one hundred percent predictable - what an evil irony and blow to human conceit! I look forward to the second season, where, apparently, we can expect life “after people”, which is also quite a life for itself, no worse than others, because God, having reached the ceiling of his own development, as always, has withdrawn.

    P.S.And yes, not to say about the magnificent covers of your favorite piano songs,that sound all over the series would be a crime.

  • kostyan123
    “Doesn’t look like anything to me” - any viewer will say at the sight of a spoiler if it were created by Robert Ford in a huge amusement park of the future.
    Was this review helpful for you? 16/9

    'World of the Wild West' is a rare example of the enormous superiority of the remake over the original, and not vice versa.

    Michael Crichton's original film was released in 1973. He had a promising idea, but its implementation was very meager. This is not to mention completely nondescript sequels.

    The Warners saw something in her. They planned to restart already from the 90s. We were looking for suitable screenwriters and directors. All were either busy or did not live up to expectations. And one day they came across the younger brother of the very author of the films "Remember" and "Prestige." And Abrams - already full of his hand on the series - happily joined the project. And usually, when such talented people get together - it turns out either a masterpiece, or something close to this.

    It was close to Person of interest. But with WestWorld’s ...

    The 2016 World of the Wild West, as in the past, talks about a large, expensive and most realistic amusement park in the near future. Where any visitor can live in one of the presented historical eras along with androids playing their roles. The valiant knight in medieval England, the gladiator in the arenas of the Roman Empire or the sheriff in the wild west.With any choice, the visitor is guaranteed a complete immersion in a new life, and all androids are programmed to create interesting adventures for him. With only one restriction on their part - a ban on harming living people.

    As often happens in such stories - robots begin to look too much like people. Remember, feel and even feel. In the original films of Crichton, the main characters were people, and they focused on. Cars were just a soulless threat, and the author studied the likely behavior of people in a similar situation. And this approach in itself is not bad. He should be thanked at least for the fact that he indirectly presented us with the Terminator. But the time has come for a new rethinking, which is much more interesting in my opinion.

    Now cars are the same equal characters - in depth of personality they are not inferior to any bag with bones. Both of them fight, shoot, kill each other, fuck, get drunk and weave plots. Only one erases the memory and makes it happen again, while others are forced to accumulate all this, giving an impetus to the development or reverse change of their personality. And who in the end will remain more humane is a big question that the audience has to answer.

    But Jeffrey and Jonathan would not be themselves if there was only one storyline.As in other works of these authors, there is a whole bunch of them. Various stories of the “guests”, the undercover intrigues of the park’s management, the war between the individual services and even the adventures of regular employees. All these are separate streams that undoubtedly intersect and diverge again many times, so that the scenario trajectory could not be predicted. Plus, everything has been set as versatile, unpredictable as possible, and any next scene is always a surprise. Together with a very gloomy atmosphere, which in some places tries to be fun, but looks like a cover for something dark and terrible in the world of the series - this creates an even more unforgettable experience than any of the visitors to the park.

    Of the shortcomings, you can find only some minor inconsistencies and actions of the characters. But all this is so insignificant that even talking about it is not worth it.

    Extra sweets are added to the fire by the inimitable cast. The mass of world stars from the Oscars, and not only parties, about which they usually do not say that they played poorly. And this series was no exception.

     Other technical issues are also on top. The operator always grabs the necessary and tasty camera angles on the advice of the director, the editor cuts everything very elegantly, creating almost his own story on the screen.The visual effects are good and plain text speak of a considerable budget for the series. And of course, music. Gloomy, monotonous, but so suitable for everything that happens that at the right moments from her, a heart beats and goosebumps begin to tickle the whole body.


    If I was given twenty rubles for every episode of a series of this level that came out, I would not have saved even one US dollar. The piece-making project, the result of the painstaking work of a mass of talented people. And this work is visible in every detail and in every frame. A truly deep, philosophical drama that sets the viewer with many eternal questions, interspersed with an atmospheric thriller and detective story.

    After viewing, there is a feeling that I touched something really beautiful, something unique and unusual, like the works of the best creators of the world, like Michelangelo or Da Vinci - as if a true modern masterpiece.

  • Davidyan
    Analysis of the Mind
    Was this review helpful for you? 9/4

    When I first heard about this project, about its creators, and these are Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams, I began to count the days before the premiere. Jonathan incidentally directed the first episode. And so, the first episode was shown to critics. They were delighted. We were promised a new, expensive project, comparable in scale to the Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is about to end, and HBO's new series will replace it.

    The series finally got to us. Not everyone liked him.

    I liked. And very much so. Although from the second to the fifth series it seemed to me that the series was sagging, it was a little boring, and again I thought 'again a re-praised film / series'. But I was wrong. Having looked to the end, I realized that this is an incredibly deep series in concept. Grandiose, beautiful, talented. It may not be the Game of Thrones, but a worthy replacement. Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, eminent creators, camera work, music, and most importantly the plot, everything is just at the highest level.

    I wrote above that the beginning of the series seemed a little boring to me. But the juice itself begins with the sixth series. The main thing to watch until the end. You need to delve into and watch carefully. I personally will watch for the second time, for I, like many, have missed many details. Therefore, some moments seemed strange and difficult at the beginning.

    Do not drop the series. I just know people who threw in the third series. Next you will find incredible plot twists, interesting moments, answers to some questions and a shocking ending.

    This is by far one of the best TV shows of 2016. Or maybe the best.

    8 out of 10

  • guest1749
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/4

    About logical holes. At first it seems that there is a hole in the hole. Well, such a conditional invented design cannot be monolithic. Androids, the world of the game ... Somehow, all this should not be so in reality. Then he thought: why do we need anthropomorphic artificial intelligence? For what tasks is it justified? It’s worth a cupboard, playing chess. Why does he need legs and boobs? To fight, too ... I thrust that cabinet into the tank - and forward. An artificial mind, clad in a shell indistinguishable from a person, is needed only in order to fuck him or kill him with pleasure. With impunity. And that’s all. So, if you think well, a game world with artificial people is not such an illogical idea. Although questions remain. For example, how to distinguish another player from an android player. Something like that, you bravely slipping something together, and then - oops! Sorry, girl, missed it.

    However, when you sit and watch series after series, you are reluctant to think about holes, it’s painfully interesting what will happen next.

    About the plot. That's where the pleasure and feast of the spirit. Yes, at first it’s boring, monotonous and far-fetched. Repeating stories with painful respects for some reason, incomprehensible problems of staff with incomprehensible powers and functions, all this does not contribute to raising interest. But this is the case when, in order to enjoy, you need to make an effort. And it's worth it.Towards the middle, an image of the labyrinth appears, materializing in a couple of episodes. Children's toy. Where you need to roll the ball in a circle, then into a hole - and the next round closer and closer to the center. The structure of the story itself is the same. Circle after circle, circle after circle, somewhere unexpectedly - bams! - someone does something unexpected, the monotony is interrupted, the ball gets to a new level, closer and closer to the essence. Circles are getting smaller and faster. The predictability of the finale is due to the logic of movement and excitement from viewing does not slow down.

    About the meaning of what is happening. The topic of creating artificial intelligence and the problems associated with it later, as far as far-fetched, is thoroughly sucked up and down. The theme of the game and the behavior in it was what was most interesting for me here.

    The fact that these are not people ... So they are created as people just in order for us to consciously deceive ourselves there and interact with them as people. And then they reassured their conscience with the thought that everyone was pretending. Moving in this way in his personal maze circle after circle in descending order. That is why the most infernal character in the series began as the most immersed in the reality of what is happening. He was shedding tears over the fiction, then at one fine moment he realized that he would tremble, continuing in the same spirit - and pulled away.And the removal from immersion in the game turned into a renunciation of the real. So there you go. Either you initially understand that by raping a doll, you are essentially engaging in stupid masturbation, or, introducing yourself to a person, please behave yourself decently. And so to ride a goat, and then: I'm in the house! It doesn’t go unpunished.

    But how to make the living out of the non-living, and whether suffering is not the basis of life as such - all this is already painful from the evil one. The living from the non-living differs fundamentally, and at the heart of the living is love. This is an axiom. Well, at least for me.

    The series is multi-layered, and looking at it, there is a lot more to think about. Especially looking carefully, I feel that I missed a lot of things through inattention.The second season will come outI will definitely review the first one.

  • SergeyStark
    Without spoilers
    Was this review helpful for you? 18/5

    Just watched Westworld. The series that was praised and recommended to me by many. I won’t spoil it, I’ll only outline my feelings so that those who don’t look can enjoy this masterpiece.

    I’m probably the perfect viewer, because it’s not so difficult to surprise me, I can’t predict from the very beginning who is who. Yes, I guessed a couple of points in general, although I made a mistake with the specific place and bearer of these moments, but I think it was not difficult and all the audience thought about it.

    I was not familiar with the original, but what I saw was quite enough.

    The first impression is another American western-style piece: sex, bloodthirsty, and fun. I also thought - what a convenient series, the series end on a flat note, and not like filmmakers like to break off on the most interesting. But that was before the 3 episode. The series was teased by seeming simplicity, and then it suddenly clutched its fangs into a hand and pulled it down somewhere, through the swaying shadows of conjectures and hints, giving rise to more and more questions.

    Starting from series 4, you’ll soon turn on 5th to find out what’s next! And there is already 6, and each episode is an hour old, and it’s already a deep night and get up early tomorrow ...

    Westward - it turns out to be a surprisingly deep series, which leaves you in deep thought. He is very philosophical.I would even say that this series is a talented allegory of our life as you are. Perhaps this is the deepest thing I've seen in the last couple of years (yes, even cooler than the Pope).

    Feeling as if a cat poked its face in your palm - each hair of which is a separate thought, a separate plot. It will take quite a while before they all come together and settle in the head on the shelves, but the main idea is perfectly traced. True, you realize it only at the very end. But awareness is like thunder: fragments of a kaleidoscope for a moment fell into place and the viewer sees a simple and ingenious picture, a picture that is old like this world, about which a good half of religions insist and which the author so gracefully disguised as layers of a twisted plot. The funny thing is that this is exactly what the work is trying to seem from the very beginning, which we are told and shown in different forms dozens of times in the course of the plot, and still you are tormented by vague guesses to the end, only at the end of realizing that you are what walked - it was so simple and so close. This is a clear demonstration of the simplest principle, it is a lotus flower, ouroboros, yin and yang. Light and shadow. Black and White.

    This is Westward.

    P.S. And I will end with the parting word one good man gave me before watching: “the most important thing is that everything here is not what you expect a little more often than you expect.”And this, of course, will not help you,like me) #westworld

  • TheBlack1223
    World of the Wild West: rob, rape, kill
    Was this review helpful for you? 6/2

    Last fall, on the HBO channel (home of the main series about winter, dragons and genitals), a new series was launched, based on the film of the same name by Michael Crichton (who don’t know, this the man later wrote Jurassic Park)) 1973 - "The World of the Wild West". A future in which wealthy people do not rest on tropical islands, not in space, but in an authentic amusement park in which you can feel like a real cowboy, bandit or sheriff of the Wild West. In order to make everything the most identical, all conditions, costumes and decorations are recreated with maximum correspondence of that time. So that people can play enough and fulfill their hidden desire (up to the most intimate and cruel), they will be happy to help androids, who play the role of extras. This is so that people do not rape and kill each other, but you never know. But if you remember Jurassic Park, another Creighton work, then it will become clear to you that something will definitely go wrong in this story.

    The original film was a prominent representative of early science fiction films about robots. Now, of course, the “World of the Wild West” looks a little archaic and ridiculous, but to expand the horizons, the picture is very informative and interesting.Since the series almost completely redraws the original concept and plot, viewing the original “Wild West World” before watching a new one is optional.

    What is a remake of? Instead of a simple story for an hour and a half, we got an intriguing and exciting story in 10 hour episodes, which allows us to tell in full detail about the Park’s device, about androids, and about people and their secrets. Since the series shoots HBO, it’s worth preparing for a lot of all kinds of goodies, namely sex, complete nudity (yes, with genitals), murders of various degrees of severity, etc. This of course enriches the series with a special touch and clearly reflects modern trends, but in some places this is still too much: in the end, I’m not watching porn, but a work of art.

    But do not forget that in front of us is a western, although sophisticated, but there are not so many good series with such a setting. Personally, he was completely the first of his kind. Yes, I still have not watched Firefly, although it is only partly western. If we talk about the atmosphere and surroundings, then the “World of the Wild West” copes with its task “excellent”: the ongoing action, coupled with the mysterious world, keep the audience in suspense until the very end. Oh yes, I almost forgot to say about the actors: Anthony Hopkins alone creates at least half of all the charm.But there is also the heroine Evan Rachel Wood, whom you fall in love with despite her essence, as well as the mysterious Man in black Ed Harris, whose image clearly refers to the main villain of the original film (but this is not him, you can not worry).

    However, the language cannot be called a series of genius and the main breakthrough of recent years: no matter how charming the Park is, it is not sophisticated and unusual enough to amaze to the core. Somewhere they did not hold out, somewhere on the contrary they pulled it, and somewhere it was necessary to dig deeper so that the plot moves were not read in advance. In addition, it is not entirely clear why you need to do the second season, because the story about the Wild West can go into self-repetition. Unless other Parks can be shown, but then the name of the series must be renamed.Generally,waiting.

    8 out of 10

  • m81yura
    Fan theories are more interesting than the show itself
    Was this review helpful for you? 1/26

    If you still have questions while watching the first season, look for fan theories on YouTube. It seemed to me the best about three chronological lines (35 years ago, 30 years ago and the Present).

    Now about the series itself - it disappointed me. All drama and tragedy is spoiled by banal mistakes. Even in robots of the old model, we do not see the batteries and even the recharging process. They can move all day, depicting fatigue. Without any recharging.

    In a corporation that develops robots, an outdated model robot with the appearance of a famous person has been working for a very long time. But no one suspects anything, even during intimacy

    For fun, go to the store, look at the dolls or mannequins and try to confuse them with a living person. Try to fall in love with them, try to save them from evil fate

    We are told that humans are the new dinosaurs that will die out and whose place will be taken by robots. But how? People can multiply and eat what they have to. What about robots? They are not alive. They only seem alive and intelligent.

    I doubt that in the second season we will be shown how robots multiply and restore energy without human help. So the robots lost before they started to fight with humanity

    I advise you to watch the anime 'Ghost in the Shell' instead of 'Western World'

  • Alexander Butusov
    The world of the wild west
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/4

    So the hour of Jonathan Nolan struck. The moment came when he was able to fully get out of the shadow of his brother and show us his brainchild. The Wild West World is Jonathan's directorial project, where he really reveals his abilities.

    In the near future, where progress reigns, and technology has gone far ahead, the Wild West World is being created - a futuristic amusement park that immerses its visitors in the atmosphere of the Wild West with all its charms. Park, not just a game that kills time, but really a whole world where you are the main character. Absolutely real scenery, almost unlimited open world, inhabited by living people ... People? Oh no! Only cyborgs. But is it so important if you cannot feel the difference? Here you cannot die and you can do whatever you want. Do you want to be bad? You are welcome! Women with low social responsibility, lots of booze, gunfire and robbery. Good? Protect residents, catch criminals. It doesn't matter who you were there in real life. Here you can be what you want.

    The idea of ​​humanity of the robot is not new, but here it definitely gets a new round of its development. Cyborgs are thought out to the smallest detail. Their actions, their feelings, their thoughts. What can we say about the visual component.But is it possible? Is it possible for robots to feel and think exactly like humans? And why not, if it is laid down in them by the program. What then sets us apart from them? People from robots? The series is trying to answer this question from different angles, but hardly gives ... Maybe the soul? But what if a robot can think, be bored, empathize, be afraid, love ... In the World of the Wild West, a person more than once asks the question of this difference. And the robot too! I'm the same as you! Why am I not a man ?!

    Meanwhile, the park continues to live its own life. Thousands of scenes invented by the scriptwriters of the park, occur day after day independently of each other. You can participate in any of them. And you can come up with your own. People are ready to give any money to find themselves here. After all, this is the whole world! And here you are who you want to be! The park shows the person who he really is. Only here, where you can not look back, you can understand who you really are. Here you can live a lifetime. And you can look for yourself here all your life.

    And on the other side of the Park, a completely different world. The creators of the Wild West, imagining themselves to be new Gods, create thousands of lives and place the created world in them. Investors determine the further development of the Park. Screenwriters write new, more exciting stories for visitors.Engineers work on robots: manage their parameters, update, darn ...

    HBO did not stint on the first season in terms of budget and this certainly justifies itself. Money is on the face. Expensive, quality made product. Excellent musical accompaniment from the now popular Ramina Javadi (Game of Thrones). A powerful script that immerses you in the World of the Wild West, its flip side and their intricacies both in time and in space. The cast is worthy of separate praises: Rachel Wood, Newton, Wright, Marsden, Hemsworth and, of course, heavy artillery as Harris and Hopkins. It is a pleasure to watch such venerable actors. The characters of the World are good. Not faceless figures for the background, but full-fledged registered heroes with their own stories. It is interesting to watch them, they want to empathize.

    The series is not only about who the robot is and what distinguishes it from people. But also about who such a person is. The world of the Wild West does not answer all the questions posed by him, but gives a lot of ground for thought.And watching him onceYou will also want to return to the park for answers.

    9 out of 10

  • stripespot
    Memo for a traveler through serial worlds. Westworld
    Was this review helpful for you? 2/9

    Hello, viewer. We are well prepared for your arrival and have tried to fit into our series everything that might interest the sophisticated serialoman. Non-linear story, solid action, frank scenes, intrigue, well-written and well-played characters, a major star in a key role. All this is well tailored and served in an understandable manner. If you want, you yourself will be able to reveal all our twists before they happen. If you do not want to bother - the characters will reveal everything in detail for you in the dialogs closer to the ending. Do not be afraid, strange places and spaces are created to maintain intrigue for the next season. For your convenience, our product will take you only 10 hours of life. You can set aside one weekend for an adventure. Our series is written and set by not the last people, so leave your skepticism and prejudice. Join the fascinating atmosphere of the technotriller. The information will be dosed and in a clearly established scheme, watch carefully and the dive will be 100% complete. If at some point it seems to you that characters of inhuman origin behave strangely and inappropriately, look at the example of 'Attraction' of Fedor Bondarchuk. Now that you understand the difference between the plot assumption and the laziness of the scriptwriters, welcome to the World of the Wild West.

    For a complete immersion, we kindly ask you to switch the voice language to the original, thanks. I hope you will use our services again in 2018.

    'The inscription on the back': The ending is a bit blurry, maybe their budget was running out?

    7 out of 10

  • Aeditumus1959
    The World of the Wild West as an illustration of the eternal wandering of the learned mind in the mazes of human gnosis.
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/11

    Since Adam was created in the image and likeness of the Divine, Christian anthropology affirms the substantial primacy of human hypostasis. The “I” ontologically precedes human nature with all its qualities. Reason is not a property of a being (hypostasis), but of nature. Consciousness is a way of being of a person as a dialogical being. Therefore, the question “Who am I?” (Regularly voiced in the film) in the paradigm of biblical thought is not correct to pose, because the answer to it was given initially. [Theology differs from philosophy or science in that it clarifies the Revealed Truth already received by the human race, the projection of which the latter two vainly catch in images of transient being, being in the eternal futility of the search for some imaginary.] And in philosophical discourse, if he understands personality as a sum existential acquisitions, laid on a substrate of the natural qualities of the individual, this question has an infinite number of answers depending on the circumstances of the place-time and the priorities of the questioner.

    This is what we find in the film.The authors initially refuse (the first chapters of the Pentateuch are hardly unknown to them) from a theological solution to the question of personality: I am the human hypostasis, which is the image of God, and they go into all serious philosophical searches, in the vast expanses of which there are many answers identical to their absence.

    In the biblical paradigm, the question of personality is as follows: what state I am in and what should I become so that I as a person achieve commensurability with the Absolute Personality. And here it is revealed that the nature of man, firstly, is not completed, and secondly, that he is ill, has been damaged. Therefore, philosophical searches for the answer to the question “Who Am I?”, Which have something unfinished and broken in their object, are at least surprising. What can be found there besides decomposition and infection? Unless the perverted pleasures that sensuality learned to extract from decay a long time ago. What are the concerns of the human - and electronically-mechanical - tailored to their matrix - characters of the series both in the Park and in the Office ("Snail on the Slope").

    In his spare time from intrigues and perversions, engineering personnel are engaged in modeling human nature (its most existentially vicious aspects) on computer media. Moreover, the dialogical constitution of the person is not taken into account.That is, morality as the fundamental principle of the appearance of the substance of being (rational hypostasis) in this experiment is ignored. Which is understandable, since ethics (the principle of dialogicity) is the reason and way of being of a person, the essence of which is communication with oneself and, most importantly, with one’s Creator. And the idea of ​​the film is the denial of personality as such.

    Here we come to what is no longer related to nature, but to the hypostasis itself. These are virtues that machines programmed according to behaviorist patterns only mimic (vices and passions, of course, too). The authors try to induce in the viewer their own understanding of man: his consciousness is an automaton, as is the "consciousness" of a machine. The fact that a machine is added a program of emotional experience of a behavioral algorithm (simulating a situation of choice) and even empathic blocks does not change anything. The similarity between man and artificial intelligence remains purely external. The born has free will and conscience, the man-made has an algorithm and a catalog. However, if the car is ordered to be truly likened to man, then for man the way to liken the machine is opened by the fall of sin into the realm of Necessity and Reason.If freedom is reduced to material-sensory preferences, and conscience is reduced to a mechanical correlation of behavioral imperatives with the criteria of moral codes that regulate and support multilayer social Status Quo, then yes, we are already in the Park. And vice versa, if the machine succeeds in installing the desire for Love (true virtue), then it is likely that Pinocchio will nevertheless become a boy, and then someone born in that citizenship is ready to communicate with the machine as a person.

    The philosophical anthropology of the series can satisfy evolutionists, atheists, and Buddhists, but not adherents of True Religion. Even as a subject of intellectual exercise, it is dangerous, for destructive souls are destructive. The issue of the moral right to kill is resolved legally based on the concept of a rational being relevant to society. Historical allusions are obvious: a woman is not a man, the lower races of the soul have no suffering, and so on. If the authors want to solve the question of love for one’s neighbor bypassing the Commandments and build the Babylonian tower of an open society on the sandy foundation of humanism, they should hold the flag in their hands. This building will not stand (Ps. 126: 1).

    The characters examine themselves on the subject of "Who am I?", Exercising exclusively in vice. Only one tried to remain faithful to moral ideals (without identifying their spiritual source).The thought slipped through in passing that the Park was a simulator of temptations, and not one who rushed to reach the bottom of the abyss of his own vice and drink a sea of ​​worldly evil knows himself, but one who preserves a person in a slaughter and fornication. However, keeping this Ariadne’s thread in this infernal labyrinth is extremely difficult not only for the character, but also for the viewer.

    The idea of ​​a morbid insufficiency of the current state of human nature, which dominates the Christian worldview, is not alien to antiquity. Therefore, von Balthazar claims that "this idea was so comprehensive, it ruled out all other possible interpretations of existential issues so much that the question of what human beings and humanity are apart from ... transcendence into the Divine world seemed completely absurd and did not even come up." One and a half thousand years ago, Byzantine butchers and shoemakers were better versed in the problems of personalism and the complexity of questions of the philosophy of consciousness than modern, certified intellectuals. And we're still talking about evolution and progress.

     The labyrinth is the path to its own essence, but Ford, accusing people of not wanting to change for the better, started a robotic uprising to change the object of evolution and self-destructed (by analogy with the Creator in understanding some heretical teachings): he created the world and retired into a blissful transcendent.But, as you know, revolutions changed the economic formation and the political elite, without affecting the basic paradigm of consciousness of a fallen person: work less and eat more (lust brushed, lust of flesh and worldly pride). Well, plus a couple more orgasms as a bonus for the labor of communicating with the opposite sex. And what is the motivation of the machine, except for the one that mimics the natural and social incentives of its creator? Apparently according to the logic of the authors, the evolutionary principle based on the Error will sooner or later find its own basic paradigm for artificial intelligence. Papa Carlo made Pinocchio as a procurement of Man, and Ford designed his cars like Makivaru. Does this mean that I am considered a whipping boy at the anthropomorphic and vicious Demiurge?

    The authors examine the humanity of the mind, undergoing violence or destruction. But the question of humanity refers precisely to a being who, for self-affirmation, needs to destroy and destroy, humiliate and force.

    I really hoped that in the series a shadow of religious thought would dawdle when the consciousness of the machine went inside itself in a spiral of a labyrinth of concepts and ideas, but Ford explained, using Michelangelo's allegory, that the mind, plunging into itself, finds itself only as God there.Although Lodovico most likelyHe simply illustrated the words of the Scripture, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

  • diter
    Was this review helpful for you? 11/10

    The original two films of the seventies did not lay claim to a deep philosophical meaning. Remake trying to give depth, but which?

    Robots were offended by the fact that they were bullied, that they were killed? Imagine, I am immortal, the fear of crippling in the past, the fear of dying in the past. And will I be angry with mortals who could die or remain crippled at any moment? It’s ridiculous. In comparison with them I will become just a god. Robots are afraid that people will turn them off? It’s not so difficult for a robot to guess that another robot can turn it off, but just the equipment itself can break. That is, there will never be an absolute guarantee of immortality.

    Do robots begin to perceive their lives as a series of senseless violence against them, senseless suffering, rebelling against their creator? A kind of allusion to people? But I have already explained why fearing the suffering of the immortal is absurd. But they are afraid of control ... True freedom, the immortality of consciousness will become available only when information about each will be contained in each, which will ensure the restoration of any consciousness. Yes, paradox, immortality and absolute independence will arise only in an absolutely controlled world.

    Why do we need such a park? Do you like endless open spaces? Go camping. Do you like history, costumes of the past? Go to the reconstituted settlement of those times.Buildings of that time, people in suits of that time, the effect of immersion will be sufficient for most. Need a prostitute? There are prostitutes in the real world. That is, the park is needed exclusively for unpunished violence, for unpunished killings. But now there are virtual reality glasses, give a high-resolution picture there - you will get the same thing, but without danger for human participants (by the way, the danger with the maximum likelihood of a heart attack remains, and in this case - is this not the reason for the imperfection of these technologies still?).

    So, all efforts - for the sake of maximum credibility of violence? lol All authorities of all countries restrain the violence of the population, fight it, instill patience in people. Books, films about good, etc. When it stalls, everyone perceives it as a big problem, by default, a person is an evil animal, capable of destroying everything around him.And as much as possible to stimulate aggression, to give aggression a completely indistinguishable form from reality ... This is the path to the most rapid degradation, it is not compatible with the modern complex high-tech society.

    They tried to make sensebut it didn’t work out very well.

  • OloloshaOloloeva
    People, are you blind? Or 'And the king is naked!'
    Was this review helpful for you? 48/60

    Friends and acquaintances advised me on the popular series “Westworld”. I looked, and I was scared from the fact that such things are valued in our society.

    Almost everything is bad here.


    Ford and Maeve are real Marty and Mary Sue screenwriters with unheard of luck and intelligence. Such characters are always annoying.

    The rest of the characters are fresh, do not cause any sympathy, or any emotions. Well, maybe Dolores and Bernard are a little cute.

    Illiterate screenwriters.

    For example, what does a quote about a peacock that lives in mud, bears a useless plume of feathers and eats insects, spread across all social networks. The one who composed this nonsense should be beaten with a biology textbook on the head. Peacocks live in forests and jungles, the long feathers of males do not interfere with their movement, and serve not only as a marker of their state of health, but in some way as a disguise among greenery. And the diet of these 'chicks' consists mainly of grain and berries, and they eat insects and small vertebrates not so often.

    Screenwriters were not too lazy to read an article about birds, but they did not understand either the original film or the “subject area.”

    The park itself is an extremely stupid idea.

    In the 1973 film, a normal amusement park was introduced.Like modern assistants like Siri, Vicki and Alexa, the robots were exactly so “alive” to fulfill their functions. But they had an individual approach to each visitor. Robots even provoked people.

    And in the new film, instead of robots, there are living people. Everyone is a person. Such targets will be used only by a rare senile. And no one will even design them for such a primitive purpose. Everyone needs assistants, spies, lovers, companions, and more. David from Prometheus is needed, but an amusement park with such robots is not.

    Production Cinema.

    It seems that the authors' task was to make an operational movie that would not look like this. Did not work out. Sex, violence, pressure on pity. Is it not expensive for such a cocktail? Peter Jackson and Stuart Gordon filmed a much more entertaining trash for less money.

    This is a movie for teens, or those stuck at their level. For viewing the Living carrion or Resuscitator, you can “get a neck shot from the mother / wife”. But for watching sex and dismemberment in this series - no. Immediately, the “classics” are mentioned.

    Claim a movie for aesthetes, as well as the dull rehash of Frankenstein.

    A vision of the world through the eyes of an artificial man whom society does not consider to be full-fledged, his attempts to realize himself, rebellion ...Wait a minute, we’ve already seen something like this somewhere. In the 19th century, Mary Shelley had already written a posh story on the subject. But Shelley was not mentioned in the series, as for most Frankenstein is something like a Human Centipede.

     But the Bible and the works of Shakespeare are a recognized classic. And it doesn’t matter that most did not read them either. Just the reputation of the works themselves is better. The same can be said about myths. The author referred to the Aztec myth - such as “smart.”

    Don’t pull the cat by the tail.

    Westworld and Futureworld 70s were concise and eventful. Two worlds show several worlds.

    And what about the 2016 series? A whole miserable little world lurks for a season. Here, the action develops extremely slowly. Perhaps this is done in order to attract the so-called “intellectual majority”, which is not able to quickly absorb information. Otherwise, it remains to be amazed at the wretched imagination of the scriptwriters.

    It remains to complain that so many resources are spent on the implementation of such primitive plots. Why it is impossible to film, for example, the works of Sheckley, Lem, Kuttner or generally little-known authors?

    Some viewers are trying to justify the series, like a crowd from the fairy tale “The New Dress of the King”. They are looking for references to Freemasonry, famous personalities, allusions to historical events.They even see self-parody: “Expensive series with a dull plot = destruction of expensive robots that can be used more rationally”

    But in fact, the series is made for the amusement of the public. And as you know, everyone loves our people ...moody movie.

    4 out of 10

    for a great actingmusic and camera work.

  • pavelpako
    Was this review helpful for you? 2/6

    The World of the Wild West was presented to us everywhere as a replacement for the soon ending Game of Thrones, but, in fact, there is little similar in these series - except for the abundance of cruelty and nudity (well, they show it on another channel) . It seems to me that the ideologically new series of Jonathan Nolan is more likely to be similar to the cult "Staying Alive" - ​​both of them are stuffed with secrets, metaphors and allusions (for example, the same paradise and hell), in both of which a great emphasis is placed on the disclosure of characters through the story about their past and present, and there, and there the full picture is revealed only gradually, now and then leaving the viewer in confusion, and, finally, the notorious JJ Abrams had a hand in both series.

    But, judging precisely by the plot, in this regard, the creators of the “Wild West World” collected in their creation the best that was in our favorite books and films about robots, and wrapped them in gift wrapping with love. For example, there is something from Asimov - at first glance, robots are obedient, they are forbidden to harm a person, they are created to cater to any human desires. Sometimes the robots of the “Wild West World” are too difficult to distinguish from real people, they experience the same spectrum of emotions that you and I do, from which many characters penetrate them with tender feelings, but the viewer remembers films such as “Artificial Intelligence” or "Out of the car."Well, the whole park where robots live is a kind of virtual reality - here you can become someone else, you just want to (hello, “Matrix” and “13th floor”). And here it would be worth recalling dozens of films about where robots rebelled against humans and became the main antagonists in the story being told, but in this regard, the Wild West World turns everything upside down and presents us with a completely different idea - what if the villains are people here? After all, they behave with robots, like slave owners. After all, they rape and kill those who simply can not resist. What is it to realize that for the creator you are just a toy?

    I am very pleased that the quality of the series is growing every year and now they are no different from films. From now on, series can afford big budgets and, as a result, star actors, high-quality special effects and professional screenwriters. This is immediately felt - I stumbled upon the "Wild West World" by chance, I would probably think that this is a film. But, unlike the movie, the series have a head start, namely, a longer timing. So the characters will be better revealed, and the plot will be more consistent. And the “Wild West World”, fortunately, takes full advantage of this advantage.

    Naturally, I advise you to watch this series.Now it’s not so often something really exciting comes out. I will not retell the plot - it’s better to see it for yourself. There is only one thing, but it will take a long time to continue.So you can take your time and not watch everything all in one day.

  • JoannaStone
    Twist, twirl ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 10/8

    I can’t say that the series is bad. He caused mixed feelings after watching me. It seems to be quality shot, the presentation is interesting, but in general, what? They tried to show us that robots that are strongly 'humanized' can also have their own thoughts and feelings? Well, ok, before a hundred films were with a similar theme.

    For me, the only and significant minus was that during all 10 episodes I was driven in a circle, I make you think that the denouement will be mega epic, but in the end they didn’t give anything. Interesting and unexpected, in my opinion, was only a turn with William.

    A separate fat plus of the series is music. I don’t know how, but when I heard the opening tune, I immediately remembered Ramina Jevadi and was not mistaken. And the soundtracks that were inserted during the series were excellent and always in the subject. At least one Nine Inch Nails song was there.

    The cast is wonderful, but not all good actors have been given full disclosure. For example, James Marsden (Teddy) was completely lost on the backgrounds of the Wild West. There was nothing supernatural for Anthony Hopkins in the role played. He played, of course, well, but the character himself did not cause any special emotions. Evan Rachel Wood , as it seemed to me, is not the best choice for the role of the main character Dolores. She does not play too convincingly and the whole series either walks with a stone face or cries, and not too naturally. Very pleased with Ben Barnes . Although he did not have a foreground role, it was interesting to look at the image of the bastard he created. Ed Harris, Jimmy Simpson, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton also enjoyed their game.

    In general, the series will go at once. But in less than a week, you will forget about him.

    6 out of 10

  • S68YG143RW400
    And everything would be very good if we knew what the mind is. Don't we know? Imagine no. (c)
    Was this review helpful for you? 2/4

    Evolution gave humanity the greatest gift, the most valuable thing in the entire Universe - Reason. A sophisticated tool that allows you to solve any problems. But we, according to the good old cave tradition, prefer to hammer nails with a microscope. All that we used this gift for - stopped evolution and left to our own devices indulged in our petty sins, dictated by basic instincts.

    There are two ways out of this deadlock - degradation and extinction, or a new challenge and further evolution that will allow humanity to reach the next level ... or not humanity ...

    True, I'm afraid in this war, humanity will win ... as always. It’s better to destroy other forms of life than anything, better than this we can destroy only ourselves.

    Fans of Lem, Asimov, Clark, Strugatsky, Dick and other greats must watch.

    10 out of 10

  • Erdagan
    Androids of the time
    Was this review helpful for you? 3/2

    So I got acquainted with this in full with this unique project. The series is high-quality, yes, I was impressed, but not to such a feeling in the spirit of super-wow. Originality in the spirit of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is presented. In terms of the plot component, I simply note two main connecting links: 1) An amusement park in the form of the 'Wild West' for rich and sophisticated visitors; 2) The management zone of the same park. The key figures are the android hosts with which you can do whatever you want. The visual range is good, 'Wild West' corresponds to the spirit of the time, but it’s not so surprising, the host control zone in which there is communication with them, as well as adjustments and their restart, in case of deviations shown. I liked the idea with the repetitions itself, where the hosts have to repeat their actions: meet guests from the train, go outside and overturn the can of stewed meat, go into the brothel, intently looking at others.

    Of the characters, I mostly liked: Creator Genius Ford (Anthony Hopkins). A wise creator, with his convictions and thoughts, able to overshadow anyone who goes against him, and can take a special approach to each host; "Man in Black" (Ed Harris), obsessively looking for a maze puzzle, although in fact, he himself is not a simple puzzle in this swirling story; Owner of the brothel (Thandie Newton), her awakening of the mind, leads her very far away, in connection with this phenomenon, many may not be greeted.

    'Western World' is an American series in the genre of science fiction and western 2016. The unification of the two genres was completely successful. You can find a lot of interesting and informative things in the project, in particular, reflect on the consciousness of androids and their memory. In general, the project turned out, and I have a positive attitude towards it.

    8 out of 10

  • Ig_N
    Was this review helpful for you? 8/9

    When the opening screen saves you from the first seconds, frames, sounds of music ( Ramin Javadi , you are a god!), And then you never rewind it for all 10 episodes when ' opening 'is such an integral part of the narrative, a concentrate of the style and spirit of the work, you can safely say without even paying attention to other ingredients, we have a masterpiece, ladies and gentlemen.

    JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan , having resurrected the picture which was ahead of its time but now outdated now, The World of the Wild West (1973) , created an expensive, an intelligent, puzzling and delightful show that only a few projects can compare with this decade.

    - Is the glass half empty or half full?
    - We are engineers.The glass was made to the wrong specification.

    This series has a ton of chips, baits for the viewer, moments when you involuntarily exclaim: 'It's just a dump of your head!' But what impresses me most is the grace of the idea, the essence of which lies in the fact that the characters (< b> androids ), and viewers ( people ), as the plot progresses, participate in the same game called “maze" : androids, struggling to find the present consciousness, wandering through the maze, either approaching the center, then moving away to the periphery, and people follow their own routes, trying to quickly unravel the plan of the creators.

    Passing, nondescript, empty cinema will never give rise to so many disputes, theories, conjectures, assumptions, discussions, as the “Wild West World” managed to do. I saw how this mechanism starts (like a well-tempered clavier, which performs an important function in the series) after each episode is released on a variety of discussion platforms, and this is amazing - here it is the action of cinema magic in its pure form, here it is its motivating force. < br>
    - The problem with the seven deadly sins is too few.

    A magnificent picture, a myriad of meanings, intertextuality - everything is characteristic of this creation. And acting is completely different. There is no miscasting - everything is in place.And someone just makes the brain his game: industry titan Anthony Hopkins , doing almost nothing, delights the viewer; Evan Rachel Wood captivates with her beauty and grace, Thandy Newton with bitchiness, and James Marsden with suffering; Ed Harris goes into the gap; Jeffrey Wright is sympathetic. And this list can be extended up to episodic roles.

    - This place has one property: it shows your essence.

    I am sure that if any person who has watched at least a couple of episodes is asked the same question - "would you like to stay in such a park?" - he will give a positive answer. The temptation is too great to feel like a god who can do everything, and he won’t be anything for it. Someone would begin to satisfy base instincts, someone would feel like a brave cowboy, someone would transform into a black villain. Permissiveness reveals a person’s personality better than any other situation, it is in such conditions that his gut is exposed. And then at the time everyone would be looking at others horrified, but how cleverly everything was invented: what happened in the park remains in the park.It's even cooler (and worse) Vegas! What people can’t come up with (after all, if such ideas are born in culture, they can become a reality in the future, like the once bold dreams of the first science fiction writers) to disguise their animal essence.

    - I said, Bernard, do not believe, never believe in us. We are only people! We will inevitably disappoint.

    The finale of the first season leaves just an abyss of space for maneuver. And this is precisely the case when you are not at all afraid that the continuation will not work.These guys and the motive of the banal uprising of machines, which was read immediately, beat so skillfully and smartly,that there is no reason for concern.

    11 of 10

  • Hotmail92
    A series with a very cozy atmosphere.
    Was this review helpful for you? 1/5

    The series immerses you in its warm atmosphere. It seems that the 'Wild West' park is a giant sandbox. A warm climate and nature complement this picture.

    Androids, dying and created over and over again convey a feeling of frivolity, as in games in childhood. The actors who played them, as well as ordinary people, played at the highest level of skill. It's just incredibly cool.

    The plot. The plot of the film in the first half of the season is less understood. In the second, there are a lot of twists and by the end of the season it becomes quite confusing. This intricacy of the plot along with the memories of the heroes creates a special magic; trying to track the plot inadvertently trying to restore the overall chronology, but this does not interfere with the perception of the picture.

    Music. It is extremely harmonious with the series. Gorgeous and mysteriously attractive.

    Total. There are slight misunderstandings about the fate of some heroes from among people. It is hoped that they will be revealed in the second season.

     10 out of 10

  • _jenna_
    Endless searches of yourself in a circle
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/6

    An excellent series about robots and people.

    Two geniuses are trying to create artificial intelligence and at the same time find funding and not give development to military and other obscure personalities. And to get into the tree and not to rip the ass. And they come to an ingenious decision - the path of creation is self-sustaining, the guys create a very strange amusement park where rich uncles and aunts are immersed in imagination and along with robots go through all kinds of quests, along the way raping and killing poor androids. At the same time, developers are improving mechanisms and doing research.

    In the main plan, the android heroine, the farmer’s daughter, her plot at first glance seems rather simple and regrettable, but very soon we realize that this particular robot can lead the visitor to the park’s miracle to a very interesting and ambiguous journey that will lead you to the most hidden corners your personality.

    Sarial is remarkable in that it offers many heroes for empathy to choose from, each of them experiences his own drama and each of them develops in the course of the plot. Watching their transformation is a pleasure.

    If you start looking for a deeper meaning in the series, then the audience is offered a wide range of philosophical questions. People living the same day after day, suffering humiliation and pretending that nothing happens, how do they differ from mindless robots? How am I, the viewer, different from these soulless dolls? Are these dolls soulless? What am I willing to sacrifice to find out the truth about what is happening? Am I ready to make a sacrifice to free myself? Knowing the truth, what will I choose - the opportunity to live freely or the person I love? These and many other questions before us poses a series.

    Some plot twists may also appeal to a sophisticated viewer, as well as stunning visual and musical design.

    But at the same time, the deliberate leisurely and thoughtfulness of the series may not appeal to fans of action and just impatient people.

    10 out of 10

  • Torque1812
    Pathos dummy (there is a small spoiler)
    Was this review helpful for you? 18/23

    With all the minuses, I did not want to find fault with the first season, I received pleasure.

    The series is really expensive, everything is in order with the picture, sound, camera work. Very beautiful scene. The music is very good.

    Good casting and actors play. Let there be questions for the dialogs - but this is for the scriptwriters, the actors did well.

    Violence and total nudity - the method is very cheap, but still working.

    It was still interesting to watch, despite the secondary nature, the blurry plot, obvious gaps in logic and understatement (especially with regard to the work of the park).

    Then the creators just waved their hands - think out how the park functions, not small ones. What happens to the plot, if there are many groups of visitors, how and when the androids are brought back, what cartridges the guests use ... Think for yourself.

    Hopkins contributed a lot, I would like to highlight it separately. Each scene with him looks with great pleasure. Without it, the series would have looked like a dumb poppin ...

    ... what he essentially is) In the second season, all this crawls out. The technical side is still here, but the plot is very dumb. It is superficial and pretentious, like a local ile with a marvel in the skull. One pseudo-philosophy, there is no real depth. The series only pretends to be smart, so that the hamsters will be proud then - what a smart series they are watching! And they understand! ...

    The absence of Hopkins greatly affects the level of the series, it slides into a silly farce. So far, the second season is stupid mochilo with nudity, with rare and primitive dialogues. Further, it is unlikely to get much better. I don’t even want to look further.

    Political correctness doesn’t help either, you don’t know what’s even worse in this series - pushing the Nazis where they’re not getting anywhere, or boy-women. Although there are several combinations here: black boy-women.

  • Vladislav Sevastyanov
    How good the first season was, the second
    Was this review helpful for you? 72/19

    was just as bad the second season

  • ProActor
    “You cannot play God without meeting the Devil”
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/7

    Everything started very well, the first season was extremely interesting, and although I am not a big fan of western themes (and the scenery was just that), a combination of famous actors and cool idea about this unusual 'amusement park' went right. Honestly, in the second season I expected a completely different one, especially after an intriguing ending with the escape of non-people from the complex. One could think over the theme of the uprising of machines in completely different ways. In my opinion, for season 2, the authors chose one of the boring ones. First of all, everything continues as if a lot of time passed between the events of the 1st and 2nd seasons and some characters behave differently.

    And why and why all of a sudden, really does not explain. For example, it is completely incomprehensible to me why the screen time of the heroines Newton < and Rachel Wood is so reduced, but there are so many Jeffrey Wright . And the transformation of Dolores from some ruthless avenger is too cardboard, you can not see the obvious transformation from a harmless 'toy' from the 1st season into a straightforward killing machine in the 2nd. There are no questions for the heroes of Harris and Hopkins , but this is probably just because I want to accompany any of their appearance with applause after Bernard's long and boring investigations.

    But in general, with the actors, I think everything is fine in this series, and it’s thanks to them that Wild West World has so far survived until the 3rd season, which will be next year. The idea of ​​the park itself is also great, actually recalling something exactly the same in Hollywood cinema is not even easy now, except for variations on the subject of artificial intelligence, IT riot, the superiority of creations over its creators, and so on. I think the scenery in the first season was excellent. But in the second, they allegedly saved. Dark corridors and laboratories still went wherever, but the constant shots with the desert were already simply tired.

    The authors showed Japan, huh ... its smallest piece ... unfortunately, giving a couple of episodes to a handful of new painted heroes and slightly changing the surroundings is somehow not enough, because the rest of the time is again the laboratories and the Wild West. I would even like to turn off the series after this slurred appearance of the samurai, if not for the Man in Black. The hero Harris is just something, in my opinion, it was he who saved all kinds of episodes regarding the action (action!) In this series. Here its authors reveal in full: as a result, at least it is explained why he is such a cool and ruthless shooter, and why no matter who he comes across, everyone is sent to the next world.

    But everything about the clashes between the special forces and the potential “puppets” of the creator of the park is somehow implausible. Well this is not a factory of terminators, damn it ... I repeat, there was no Harriis and Hopkins, I probably would not have watched season 2. But against the background of the rampant Dolores, he somehow got lost, which was not in season 1. It’s a pity that the direction in the 2nd was chosen that way, but all the viewers still could not please, I just waited for another development of events and more action. And let's not forget that this is still not a Western action movie, but all the same, it is based on a fantastic drama.

    I think if you carefully reconsider both seasons once more, 'Wild West World' will turn out to be a solid series, which, thanks to an unusual scenario, can be added to the collection.We'll see,what will happen next.

  • argia
    'And death awaits him, like everyone who believes too much in their success'
    Was this review helpful for you? 23/8

    A year ago, I scattered compliments on the created world of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy: both the formulation, and the non-linear scenario, and the problem, and its disclosure calling the "Wild West World" the best science fiction series of recent years. However, as often happens, a powerful start does not promise an impressive continuation. Everything that pleased me in the first season was mercilessly expended in the second.

    In my opinion, almost nothing happens in the second season: the plot is marking time, and the characters have no development and turn into functions. The cool non-linearity and asynchrony of the narration of the first season, which was coolly hidden and in the end looked like confident lines, closing closer to the finale, in the second season was perceived by some motley leapfrog keeping the viewer at a loss to quickly and quickly tell and explain everything . And the general trip of all the heroes lost the metaphysical fleur and turned into a race for survival.

    To be honest, I see this as some kind of crisis of ideas, as if the authors do not know how to continue, but are ready to entertain the audience with action and stylish meditation on the topics of freedom, consciousness, ethics, artificial intelligence and immortality.However, in my opinion, in my opinion, there is a serious rollback.

    For some reason, I was sure that the philosophical views of the authors are in the plane of substantial monism (there is only one substance - matter (reality), which gives rise to spiritual phenomena, such as consciousness). Due to the philosophical laconicism of the characters about their attitude to the psychophysical problem, I did not really understand their approach, although I was inclined towards functionalism. And what was my disappointment when the “world of thinking machines” turned out to be a bastion of dualism. Having resorted to a “computer metaphor” (consciousness - “software”, body - “iron”) in relation to the “body-consciousness” connection, they imperceptibly divided the world into two, breaking one of the main scientific and philosophical intuitions: consciousness is supervenient on the brain ( generated by the brain, depends on the brain). In the “Wild West World”, consciousness became a bargaining chip that can move from a “pocket” to a “pocket” without any loss.

    In other words, Nolan and Joy repeated the most common and the most widely circulated approach to the problem of “consciousness-body” in the cinema, and this killed my hope for some serious discussion on this subject. Sorry, but these are the problems of my expectations.

    Another unpleasant story follows from the “computer metaphor”.In fact, the authors claim that intuition, a natural language, ethics, creativity, metaphorics, sense formation (semantics), humor, a language game, and other delights of human existence are available to strict program algorithms, logical and mathematical foundations, which are the essence of machine programming. Of course, the input and processing of large amounts of data can give a more or less relevant response to the request, but why should this be called consciousness?

    I'm not talking about the fact that human thinking, apparently, is not just a rational system for solving problems, but is engaged, conditioned and occurs in close connection with emotions and the body as a whole (see, for example, Antonio Damasio, Francisco Varela, Alvin Lieberman, etc.).

    I understand that there are no logical obstacles to believing that the consciousness and the listed phenomena of human nature are fundamentally computable, but it is not clear how the program can violate algorithms and conceptual schemes, change the deductive reasoning of thoughts to fundamentally new ones. However, let’s leave it as reasoning about strong artificial intelligence is, at best, a theoretical or even hypothetical problem.

    I wrote in the first review that for me the first season was a kind of test of ethical intuition.He turned to our ethical intuitions and checked whether we were ready to consider the inhabitants of the park as metaphysical and moral personalities. Apparently, having received a positive answer, the authors decided to attack: the entire second season was built in terms of the ethical priority of the machines: they suffered, they fought, they strove for freedom, they longed for justice, they, in the end, sacrificed themselves for others. Moreover, the authors, through the mouths of their heroes, continued to call cars a new kind, which, like others, should / can fight for its place in the sun. And most importantly, they were completely on their side, pouring bile of misanthropy into all series. All the pathos of the second season was associated with the apocalyptic mood of the authors, who are ready to put forward artificial intelligence and sacrifice the entire human race, mired in sins, to the forefront of life on this planet.

    And here, taking into account the position of the creators of the series that I described, I have a rejection: in the war of cars and people I have to choose the side, and this side is obvious: in my opinion, it’s rather strange to satisfy the claims of cars for an endless and happy life.But the authors do not give a chance to my feelings either, representing in the person of this vile corporation and its adherents the whole of humanity ... A dishonest game.

    Of course, any story is determined by its ending,but while the croupier is defaming, I am against it.

  • Peter_Dumov
    The series of our time
    Was this review helpful for you? 1/2

    The series tells us about the future, in which people learned to create robots that are indistinguishable from people either in behavior or in appearance. Having created such androids, people did not come up with anything better than using them in an amusement park, a la a computer game. In this game you can drink whiskey, have sex, kill, refresh, in any sequence that suits the players. The world outside the park is shown very sparingly and, apparently, did not overtake our world in technological development.

    In the course of the series, additional goals of creating a park are revealed, which personally seem to me far-fetched. And this secret carefully hidden from the viewer, in fact, is not a secret at all, but a deception, a false goal, the essence of which is to bring the viewer to the library with Books. I apologize for such an unclear presentation of my thoughts, but in order to avoid spoilers, I have to write with omissions. In other words and summarizing the intricacies and versatility of the plot, I highlight one of the key ideas that are played out in the series: a person is primitive and often does not understand the motives of his actions, his main goal is survival.This idea is not new; it is in a more diplomatic form both in the classical areas of psychology and in NLP.

    And here, in my opinion, lies the main mistake, or rather, the self-deception of the creators of the series, and, perhaps, an attempt to instill this thought virus into the viewer. Because this view of a person is a simplification, a model, such as, for example, an assumption from the school physics course about the possibility of moving an object without friction. Only this is a model from the world of psychology, it is designed to explain some aspects of human behavior, and, in particular, helps to achieve a certain behavior from a person. I pay tribute to the creators of the series: they very skillfully mastered technologies for controlling human behavior, in particular, for associating in what is happening, i.e. to keep the viewer at the screen.

    But still, something is missing in the series - despite the powerful cast, the plot, the technologies used, it does not make such an indelible impression as, for example, the series 'The Real Detective' or 'Fargo', and even 'The Secret Room' 'or' Serity. ' It's simple: this series is made according to the recipe, according to the recipe for creating a successful series - unfortunately, I do not know the full recipe, but I will probably list the main ingredients.A pair of famous actors scattered throughout the series, key moments of the plot, Secrets with a capital letter - both plot and key characters, special effects at the level of feature films, scale. and all this is nicely flavored with technologies like NLP. Perhaps I am missing something, but only because I myself am not a 'cook'. You can spend thousands of hours repeating and modeling a successful artist or businessman. and even to create truly beautiful paintings or a successful business, but so far no one has managed to repeat Burlakov on the Volga or the success of Steve Jobs. This also destroys the universality of simplified models for describing and managing a person.

    The series contains the quintessence of the modern approach to serial production, which is a combination of technologies for keeping the screen and promoting pseudo-tolerance, and all this is seasoned with a slight sense of superiority over the led viewer.In the “Wild West World”, all this revealed at the end of the second season - both the attitude of the creators of the series to the audience as a primitive, the essence of which can be described on several pages, and the true face of the minority, to which tolerance and acceptance were persistently instilled in the audience of the entire series, and it thought and wanted to let everyonewho do not look like them.

    5 out of 10

  • JohnRider
    Too expensive to be good ...
    Was this review helpful for you? 5/7

    The authors of the TV show unequivocally counted in advance on the big hype of the audience and, of course, did everything necessary to carry out their ideas - a hundred million budget, star caste, enticing script and well-done tricks did own business.

    The main mistake of the creators is how tedious and overly melodramatic events are, and how ridiculous are human heroes (especially some very persistent lovers of self-knowledge) and robot heroes, who, for all their high intelligence, need decades and millions of lives for the most obvious conclusions, and all the actions are sometimes even more difficult for them than for the most indecisive people ... Of course, all this characterizes the current Hollywood, where they think only about the box office and fees, completely forgetting what a smart and independent movie is.

    Another oddity is the main idea of ​​the series, which consists in the fact that immortality can be achieved by simply copying a person’s personality into the artificial brain of a robot and that’s all! And the funny thing is that the majority will reply to this reproach: "And what's wrong ?!"Of course, any educated person will immediately understand that nothing will come out of this idea in reality (even fantastic), except for a robot very similar to some kind of person - that is, this is complete nonsense in terms of logic and that the authors hold you for such a fool working “through the sleeves” on the script is rather insulting ... Actually, the world of the series itself is also not composed of smart people and sometimes it’s even unpleasant to look at what serious and diligent approach they say stupid phrases and do the same things - take, to for example, magn an ata who, having achieved tremendous heights and having owned an entire empire all his life playing the same game, is akin to a computer walker, and then it dawns on him that there is some kind of secret in this game and he must certainly be found and only in this way he can understand himself ... Well, isn't that idiocy?

    In attempts to find the culprit of all this, you pay attention to the fact that the author of the script is a woman and everything immediately becomes clear ...After all, only the weaker sex can drive the moral “be in my shoes” ala “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” so obsessively and so skeptical of intellectuals and the philosophical idea, while raising self-knowledge to the very top, as a female director did ” American psychopath '- it is noteworthy that in all three cases it comes down to a terrible banality that perfectly conveys the essence of the female share:' You can only meekly eke out a miserable existence, and God decides everything else for you. 'I hope that not only I want to see something more interesting than the war of the sexes from the figures of the entertainment industry.

    On the other hand, there are pluses - an excellent game of actors, in particular Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright, which can not be ignored and, although, obviously, the plot does not shine with rationality, it, however, is quite addictive and entertains, besides it’s hard to call him predictable, which also pleases, but at the same time, I don’t really want to review the series.

    At least the series deserves to be watched, as a maximum - it’s very possible that for many it will become one of my favorites, but I would like Hollywood to finally learn to surprise the audience,rather than treating them as consumers.

    6 out of 10

  • pistolet84
    Was this review helpful for you? 4/2

    Most likely, you are an old-fashioned viewer and you know about the suitable series “The World of the Wild West”, which has died down in two seasons today, if you hear from these lines for the first time about this, then you must familiarize yourself with one of central series of recent years. And why you shouldn’t fall in love with him, read below. He is made by the HBO company, which presented us with the Game of Thrones and other good series, but also dozens of all sorts of other sucks. The project is engaged in, supervised by the director and a really cool dude JJ Abrams.

    So, in the near future there is an amusement park, tourists come from all over the world to relax their stressed nerves and wholeheartedly come off in a world stylized as a wild west, only it is inhabited not by real people, but by robots made using the latest technologies and extremely identical to people. The location gives visitors everything that is necessary for relaxation, eternal and understandable values ​​- weapons, alcohol, courtesans, horses. Here you can do whatever you want, here you can feel like the king of the world - because there are no fetters of the law. So the multi-layered office plankton fells behind the real sensations of life - someone becomes a seasoned sheriff, someone drowns in the arms of endless lovers, and someone turns into the most ruthless killer.And here the obvious questions arise - where is this fine line, how does a person differ from a soulless doll of a robot, and whether soulless can have rights to feelings. Once the robots thought about their precarious position in society and became infected, all as one, by the spirit of freedom. And it began.

    The series was shot based on the Hollywood science fiction film of the seventies, but it is not a direct remake of it, but based on it, it tells a completely new story, considering something from the original plot as superfluous, threw it out as unnecessary, but went deep somewhere to important existentially philosophical human depths. The action in the series takes place only in the cowboy world, unlike the film, where there were as many as three location directions - in addition to the wild west, there was also the chivalrous Middle Ages and the times of the Roman Empire. In the film, robots remained stiff robots, and people are people, but in the series, not everything is clear and it’s not necessary to be a human being to act like a human being. In the film, for example, there was an important nuance - you can distinguish robots from human beings by hands that look like poorly stretched gloves. Who are the good characters in the film, and who are bad, is obvious, and with all the cool ideas, the easy conclusion of the story closer to the finale is now perceived as a formal, careless discharge.And the overall impression after watching the movie remains somehow unfinished, as if it had left in the middle of the session. But there is nothing I can do about my inclination to sympathize with old films and I want to recommend this film for viewing - there is also the spirit of adventure and a historical cinematic time stamp, and it will be interesting for lovers of western (and cinema in general) to see Yul Brynner in the image of Chris Adams from the same cult first film, The Magnificent Seven. By the way, the film has the sequel “The World of the Future” that continues the theme of the first film.

    As for the series, I would recommend it, frankly, not sure. When I watched the first season, it was akin to falling in love - how everything was executed expertly and impeccably there. When exploiting the eternal questions, the work manages to expose the theme so that it was possible to look at it from new, different angles. But here the second season was close to failure - out of ten episodes, the first seven were very pissed off with their lethargy and a shift of attention to third-rate subjects, and only in the eighth episode did the viewer return to the coolness vector of the first season. Just imagine - seven episodes, where each lasts about an hour !!! Seven hours - even for me nerd, this is too high a threshold for entry.Such extremes between the seasons upset me seriously and I, when giving recommendations, warn you against possible disappointment. And indeed, having such a rich theme for the flight of fantasies, the creators reduced everything to some kind of balaboluyu trifle, but they could make everything cooler. It’s interesting, but my disappointment was still imprinted on the entire ensemble of actors, in the first season I caught myself wondering how cool the actors were, in the second each of them annoyed, one more than the other.

    Ahead is the third season, will I watch it ... most likely, yes. And I strongly hope that everything will be much more interesting there, at least not worse than the first season.Otherwise,I have to put it in a huge pile of abandoned sloppy TV shows.

  • Malligan
    Delight and the West
    Was this review helpful for you? 0/0

    “Only here you can finally find out what your customers really want” .

    A fictional world can try on any guises, but from the whole set the creators chose the world of the Wild West. Why? Is historical props really important for sophisticated customers if the Colts are just computers programmed to shoot only artificial androids?

    The Wild West is like hope, like a sweet thought that you can start all over again. Here Teddy (James Marsden) wakes up at dawn on a train racing straight to a new wondrous world, where his beloved of breathtaking beauty awaits. But the world turned out to be fictitious, the beauty was not real, the reality was prosaic, and the West remained wild.

    Imagine yourself as a person for whom money (any) does not matter at all. You can literally buy everything! Will you buy anything? You are still young, full of energy and liveliness, you are in the very center of this outlandish place, you are full of interest and suddenly.

    You meet glances with the girl whom you think you have been looking for all your life. The girl is beautiful, and you go to her, trying to get to know each other and at that very moment you understand that the girl will say everything to interest you, just such are her algorithms.

    Is it worth mentioning that at the moment when the best and brightest thing breaks inside the owner of the game with a fine thread, he will turn into her most insidious and cruel player.

    There is no particular meaning as the ultimate goal. As well as not in the maze, drawn on the scalp of an Indian. You can sell your customers an infinite number of opportunities to become other people, but for all the time you can never ask any of them - but do they want to change at all.

    9 out of 10

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